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Morning, good afternoon or, good evening depending on, what part of the world jewelry I'm just, gonna go over to YouTube, and to make sure that. We actually do. Live so I'll wait I like, this new bit software, got all the comments coming, up so I don't even have to view it on YouTube, which. Is a great thing so I'm just gonna mute myself over, there which. I've done and, what. I'll do is I'll come back over to the. Hangout and I. Want to say thank you very much for joining us I'm, a big. Sigh T today, because. We've had some major major, breakthroughs. Okay and. Some great milestones. That we've got - and first. Off I want to just, sort of give. You a little bit of background to arbitrage. Trading okay. And how my. Own experiences. Arbitrage. Came about and show you the the problems, that you're going to come up against there's an arbitrage, trader, okay. And how, Johnny, blockchain, is going to cure all, of them and beyond, okay, and I. Just want to say Barbara, because I know you're watching if you could just say in the chat you don't have to say what you've done but, did, you do that task that I asked you to do today if you could just let me know that, you've done that because obviously I want to cover that in the hangout a little bit later and. So, I'm on the call with Darren you can't actually see him at the moment because he's uh he's, off he's, off screen. But, where is he let me just try and find I don't know there he is he's there so give us a wave Darren you're on the screen now there you go so we'll, be I'll be handing over to down in a little while so we go I want to right get moving, on rather than the ramble, okay so I'm going to share my screen and. Hopefully. Yet, so that's taking me to the Hangout now what. I want to do is I'm going to take you to coin market cap, okay, so hopefully you could see the screen let. Me I don't know why I'm hopefully, you've not seen all these boxes on the screen that I've got as well so I'll just check that you only see, my screen let me just check that you only see my screen if, you've got any questions about the Hangout then. Let me know in the live chat okay, in. Capital, letters and then we'll try and address them yeah it looks like everything's, great, so I'm gonna go over the coin market cap now, on. Coin, market cap what I've done in the past is, I. Want, to find an arbitrage, trade this is where I used to start so used to start with a coin. Maybe Bitcoin, or a theorem, or a light corn or any coin that I happen to have. So, I'd search for a coin on on. Coin, market cap so you know to come over to coin market and, I've searched for this coin which. Is the I don't know you pronounce, that the mythril, the, so. The M ith, coin the short for the code for that okay now when, I look, on here it. Says to me that, I can, purchase, the, lowest prices, on assist. The lowest price that we just check this again yet the lowest price is on this rabbit. Bit okay. And the, highest, price is. Well. I'm gonna same. This one of this coins n at the top there but, you know you can see that this one here what 84, cents and if I go down this, end of it it's, not even it's not even a cent for. It okay, now, so. I know that I've got some of this coin sitting, on hit BTC. So I could buy it I've, got it on hit VTC already so what I could do would, be to transfer. This coin that's on hit BTC. Over. To another. Exchanging. And I'm a member of this exchange - look I could, put it go over to okay X for example okay. I could sell it on ok, X for. A higher, price than what it is on hit, BTC. So, as you can see coin, market cap a telling, me to do that, trade they're saying it's okay, for me to do that trade okay, but. I did that trade okay, I did that trade and I want to show you the problem that, I came up against so, here, I am on hit, BTC, and if, you can see there I've got. 7422. Of, this, myth coin here, you see this myth here, there's the coin I've got, them and, if. I want to withdraw those coins or that happened there I click that never were of animal children, than the internet some except endorsed shouldn't be clicked it might be, but. Why would want to do is withdrawal, that so if we come back up here and go to the deposits. Deposit. And withdraw screen, so let's just click that again so I'll do apologize, about that I clicked, it it's taking me to the trading screen no, no I don't want to be there because what I want to do is do what coin market, cap is telling me and that is to withdraw.

From. Hit BTC. And send it over there so let's just get the coin again it's there my th. MI. Th, there. It is so, I've got. 7422. And as you could see I've got. A couple of crosses. Against. My, withdrawal. Okay, because, what I did was I wanted to withdraw this, coin and send. It over to. Ok. X but, the problem is with okay X it says here sorry, currently. We do not support, smart. Contracts. Or book and, rewards, coin, based deposits. What's. That mean look, at the deposit, address there. Is an e rc 20. Deposit. Address and Barbara says of course thanks, for that Bob so. What, does that actually mean so it means that that. Coin is traded. Or transferred. From one place to another fire. The, etherium. Network but. I know that. This coin isn't, is on the process. Or in the process, of changing, over from the. Etherium, network over to the finance chain, network, so, if I go over to here look at that it starts with O X which, means it's on, the, etherium. The ERC xx, network but, if I go to. Deposit. This, coin look, at what the address is if. I show the address. It's. The. Env, so, these two, coins according, to the coin market cap they, are the same coin but, they're sitting on two different each to two different networks so. I can't, trade. With. Khoi market, cap is actually telling me I could, do okay, and you'll find, this with, practically. I don't know if any other, company. Or, website. That, give you the correct, information. Okay. So right, now I've, got, this. Coin, sitting. In a. Hit, BTC. And if I come over to. Portfolio. Let me just. Let. Me just get, the portfolio, up sorry its reloading, because it wanted to reload, itself, so if I go over to the, portfolio screen. Okay. And. Now I've got this this, coin. That I don't know what to do with so I'm gonna go to hit BTC, and I'm. Gonna scroll down and there's my myth coin okay, so, at the moment I've got this coin stuck. In, hit. BTC, what, do I do with it well, I could, use coin. You. Know coin market cap as a reference, but I've already found out that, they give me the wrong information they're, not giving me the correct information because. They're saying to me it's the same coin it is the same coin but it's on completely two different networks. But. Johnny blockchain, if, I go there and I. Click, on the MILF I get this pop up and it, shows me now what, I can do with the coin so it's same to me if I if I sell, my, MILF. I don't how you pronounce, it on hit. BTC. For Bitcoin, I'll get this right here this this right here but, if I want to send it to another exchange, in that exchange is hidden I can. Get. 12.8%. More. Bitcoin. The what I would get if I sold it for Bitcoin, on hit, BTC, if I, want to go and unlock, this root I could. Sell it for another seventeen, and a half percent. I'm. Not even going to go there with that one two. Thousand, three hundred percent, this, one if I want to liquidate. It four dollars if I did it on hit BTC. I've get, this rate four, dollars but, if I send it to another exchange I. Would. Get, 46%. More dollars, than what, I would if I liquidate it on hit BTC, so the put phone, your screen that. You're about, to get access to and, I'm gonna tell you when you can add your access to it at the end of this hangout so you want to stay tuned for that ah the portfolio, screen is just. Mind-blowing. Completely. Pletely mind-blowing. Of what, you're gonna get access to ok, now. This. Screen, that we're working on this.

Screen Here is in. Its in the it's in what's called the wireframe. Okay, so there's no design there at the moment it's just the wireframe, because, we've won around a lot of functionalities. To it now if I if I go back to hit BTC, let me just show you some of the functionalities. That you've got already okay, so first off you've got you, can liquidate. It and as you see if I am ticked this move this slider over, it shows me the places where I can lose money as well not want to do that so. It's telling me if I sell it for, Bitcoin. On another exchange I cooked, on that the exchanges hidden I'd lose 25%, well obviously I'm not going to do that so I only want to see the profitable, groups I would leave, that slider, across. There but it's telling me I can liquidate, if I come there I can liquidate in Bitcoin I can. Liquidate, in $2 I could, liquidate into, aetherium. And. That's it so it's showing me those free now it could have shown me TEVAR as well and. It could have shown me the light coin but obviously, it's, not showing me because there's no trades available. For that okay so, that's, showing me if I put that slider back across it's. Showing me the local rate which is the rate on hit BTC. Let. Me just Darren's. On skype now I know you are that's obviously an old message. If. I, liquidate on, hit BTC. My. Mill for Bitcoin these, aren't the rates I'm gonna get here if I, liquidate if for dollars this is the rate I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a better rate if I go to another exchange if I, liquidate it for aetherium, on hit. BTC, I'm gonna get that rate but I would move it to another exchange, because, I'd get more it dear iam for it you see and. There I'll get 20 percent I mean it's just mind-blowing, that and then also you'll, see under here there's a little arbitrage. So basically, what you do is if you click that if. It salts. To, see if there's an arbitrage, for that particular, coin. On. From. That currents, from, that exchange search these could cease fill, it with automatically, the milf and it's, filled would not matter you hit BTC, so it's saying you've got milf, or. Myth on hit, BTC. Is there an arbitrage, route, available and, as you can see there's not okay. So. It saves you it, gives you one-click. Movement. To see if there's an arbitrage available. Obviously. What we're gonna do is we're. Gonna put numbers, next to this you know so, that you don't have to click it but. That's what, we're why we've left it with the the, the, wireframe, design because we're still working on this but what you've got access to right, now with this my portfolio. Section. Is, just mind-blowing because every. Coin that you've got listed, on all your exchanges. So, if I come up to finance, here and I've. Got some, some. Coins here let's just have a look at the GTO sometimes. You there you go so that I've got GTO that, coin. There if I sell it on Finance. You know I exchanged it for a Bitcoin I'd get, this right but it's telling me if I send this GTO, to. Another, exchange I, would, end up with more, with. More Bitcoin. Than what I would if I sold it for Bitcoin, on by Nets 24. Percent more so imagine, you. Know if I got if I had enough to buy one Bitcoin, I'll, end up with which, is what about 8,000. Pounds now freaking is I've end up with 25, percent of 8,000, pounds you know which is another 2 grand which, is a lot of money ok um, so as you could see this portfolio is a brilliant, tool and if I owned slide, that it, shows me where I'm gonna lose money will obviously I'm not interested, in using money I'm only interested in making, money so, it's telling me if I exchange it for a, theorem.

On By Nance this particular coin that I already have I'd get this right by, if I send it to another exchange I'll get, 17. Nearly. 18 percent. Inferior, than, wooden if I would have exchanged, it for aetherium, on by Nance if that makes sense and then the bottom there is TEVAR, so I'd probably myself, I'd be interested, in this one I'd want us to do that one the robots, not available, for that but I don't care I would do that manually I'm happy to do that manually, because, the. The, system will give me the, instructions, of what I've got to do okay so I. Wanted to show you the my portfolio, screen and stay. Tuned for the end of the Hangout because. We're we're. Gonna tell you when you're gonna get access to that now what I want to do is come back over to. Here. And stop sharing, if. I can go back to camera and I'm. Gonna, hand you over to Darren, and. I'm. Gonna, have a swig of water because, I've gone drive with the excitement, so where's Darren. Let me provide him on the screen here he is let, me change the, the. Lower third so it now says Darren's, name at the bottom look. At this watch of this technology, when. When, it works, he, says. God. Knows what's happened there it's still showing me so let me take that off ah there you are because it was showing both of us there you go so I've got Aaron now perfect. Darren's, on the bottom of the screen, he's. Night so over to you Darren, okay. Just, before you go, carolina's. And just pops a question in there and don't. Read it to it can you see that on your screen I could see it actually I could see so the. The. Very logic, what's that say you read it to me Kazan so, theoretically. Our. Theory could use it Johnnie, blockchain, to build any particular, coin, that we want to. Concentrate on, yeah. Basically. That's. Yes. Yeah. Yeah yeah yeah, and then, something, that German. I was talking about. Not. So long ago actually was about the fact that. Finance. Certainly. Have a plan let's, put it that way and you can interpret that and you know we're not sort of give me any buy signals, or sell signals well. They. Certainly got a plan. To. Take over the world shall we say and you. Know they're obviously. Settled. There their. System, - obviously, except their own point and I. Know a lot of exchanges, have introduced, their own point but, actually buying outs are literally. Doing something, with that and also encouraging, other exchanges, to accept, their. Blockchain, and obviously that blockchain, obviously uses their coin and so. You, know you. Might want to sort of stick a little bit away and start.

Looking At you. Know gradually. Investing, a little bit of finance coin that's, just my opinion it's not an. Educated, opinion, it's, just a just. An observation of what's happening out. There at the moment okay. So. What. Am I going to show you I'm going to show you something that we're now again it's, something that was all been there but we're actually starting. To. Not. Necessarily revisit. It while certainly adding on a lot more functionality, or. Information, to it so, I'm just going to quickly share screen, which. Hopefully you can now see. Let. Me just do that I get rid of that and now. I'm on Johnny. Blockchain, and back. Off this that's, that. I'm. Gonna put put, you down there Jeremy, okay, so among them the back office of Charlie blockchain, and I'm. On, you'll. See here that we've got our, trade button and, when you click on that and on the getting, started page, so. If we click, on that and. You. Can now see that we've started, to get a lot more information onto this page and, now what, was with the, wire. Framework. That Jones just explained, to you about the. Portfolio, page this. Page here, is, also, going to be revisited with the designer, so don't. Concern, yourself with the way that it looks at the moment it's going to look a lot different once. We've finished. Deciding. Exactly the sort of information that we want to have on this, page and obviously the chilled. Child, pages, which, run off off, this as well so as. You can see we've, got information here. Out Johnny. Blockchain, after you getting started we, have got a video that's going to be inserted, in here which, is going to do a bit like an orientation, so, we'll show you and. Basically. Walk you through the back-office show, you where everything is. We've. Now also got here you can see here if you want to know where all the exchanges, are then, now on this page yes I've just opened that up in a new window so, you'll remember that we had a mass of icons. On here so, we're going to move those over to, a separate page so. You've got here at the top all of, the icons which, will be which are now currently, integrated. With the box okay so there's no to. Be integrated, they are now integrated. With the bot so. Those are the icons, that pull the exchanges, that you'll probably want to prioritize. If, you haven't already in. Registering. Getting. Verified, and obviously getting those API, keys and logged. In you. Then have below. That all, of our other exchanges. And obviously, there is an awful lot of exchanges. It's 70 odd exchanges, there for, you to work to work through, again. Get, yourself, registered get, yourself verified, and then, as we go through you. Know the next weeks. And months will, be gradually, adding, these. Exchanges. And to, the bottom as well but as you can imagine you. Know there's a lot going on there's a lot of integration. That we need to to. In to put in place and then also there's a lot of, people. Checking, that needs to be done once that's happened so, get, yourself on here it means you can then still use the information that joined blockchain ease providing. You but, also you'll be doing this, manually. Through, the instructions. That Johnny blockchain, is going to give you and, then. Down, at the bottom if you are stuck, at any point then, obviously you can access, our video tutorials. And we've, got a huge via veneto got, a huge, YouTube. Channel which is now dedicated to, Johnny, blockchain, and again, there's a link for that at the top here so if you just come over to here you. Want to make sure that you subscribed, and also you want to make sure that you've ticked this, Bell gear. And, that will obviously notify, you once we upload I, know a new videos new training. For, you to look out so, as you can see. Loads. And loads of videos. On there and it's just about Johnny, blockchain, so there's nothing else on there for you to to, worry about and, again if you're looking for something in particular just. Use the search bar okay straightforward enough because, like so you know them there's going to be there's.

Going To be a video on here potentially, for every exchange that way they'll be connected so, there'll, be a lot of videos to search through so. Let, me just go into that and. That. And. We've. Then got our Facebook group here, obviously. You can connect to it directly here. It's. Purely, about, crypto. It's, not necessarily. Specifically, about Johnny blockchain, though obviously we're talking about Johnny blockchain, and arbitrage. On there but, it is about crypto, and totally. So does anything you want to know about crypto. There's a lot of people and there a lot of experts, on there they'll, be able to answer questions and you, know help you through any, particular hurdles, or challenges, that you've got with, crypto, in general so again, just a little heads, up on that. Again. Another. Sort. Of signpost. If you like for our youtube and our. Telegram, and then. Here at the bottom we're. Going to start - we're not. A relaunch, for certainly real. Men. Or reawaken. Your awareness of the referral, program we are now getting very very close to where obviously, you guys are going to have full access to, all the functionalities. That we've got that. We've tested so far I, am, then, we're going to be just a short, hop and skip away from actually opening this up to to. The public general, public to come in and do some be testing, and obviously, Jonah's going to talk a little bit more about that later on. But, again, it's we're, going to have obviously our referral, program and, then. We're going to have some. Marketing. Swipes for those of you who want to use, emails. Or videos or banners rent like that and they're going to be on here as well now like, I say don't, get too. Hung up about the way that this looks were, just about trying. To get all the information we have we can get onto the page the, designer will then redesign. It and we will then obviously have a more. Attractive and easier, to navigate system. Once the designers, got through that but, at the moment he. Can't design what he doesn't know so. We need to tell it not to know what, we, need to make you aware of what he, needs to decide and then, I'll see he can then get off and design it so. This is again just a reminder of the referral, program. Now. I'm the. Cost. Of coming in to use the arbitrage. Bot, remember. Now that we've got two, features. Okay so, the first one is the arbitrage. Botton. The information, that's surrounding. That that. Is going to be three. Three. Hundred and ninety nine dollars for, twelve months to access. And if, you usual, referral link then you'll get 25%, Commission on that we've. Now got the portfolio. Which. I've seen you guys are going to get access to that shortly, and now. He's going to be saying prop right maybe, three ninety-nine, so, again if somebody wants that tool. Then. Again you're going to get a 25% Commission on that now, imagine, if you if somebody is going to want both of those tools and who isn't gonna want both of those tools again. They, you. Know if they buy them individually that's, they know a 200 pound iso. 200 dollar commission that you got coming your way if they bound together initially, they've, got the opportunity to buy those at a discount, and again, we'll release those details, to you shortly, obviously, when, we're ready to release those details, to you on top, of that okay, we've got credits which are effectively. Very. Very reasonably priced at the moment you, will also get a 10% commission on those again, as more people use those. Credits, those Commission's will build up as well, if. You want to know where your referral, link is you can find it in your account settings, page opposite, of button is, here to show you where that is and then, like so we're going to be building out the email, swipes banners. And I'll see promotional, videos you can use any videos which are mature on there unless you're of course you want your own home and creating your own videos then which, is always going to be a lot more powerful so. You've got those options, there for you and that. Is all in that's, getting, started, Pat so. What I'll do is I'll just reawaken. This just to make sure to see if we've got any questions. On on what I've covered so far. Wait. What what I, will do is I'm just gonna add. This. Little comment here. And. It's from Richard. He's. Joined us for the very first time so, we want to welcome you Richard, to, the Hangout I don't know what time you joined it we normally do these hangouts every.

Friday We tried to do them they're, an hour long, so you you, know some people love, to study hours, some people nip. In and out but. They're they're obviously recorded. So you can go back but they're mainly to give our, our members, or our potential, members a good update of what's going on so that's, Richard. Comment. There which you'd see on the screen and. I don't see any questions. Actually. Darren, I'll just see Caroline's. Questions. Are hopefully that answered, Caroline's, question, I don't see any more just looking through, the chat there so if you have got a question if you, put it in capital letters. Then. We'll. We'll try and get to that question. As, we go through the hangout so. Did. You did you did you want to carry on Darren or if you've got just. One more just, one more thing and that, I wanted to talk about which was obviously, if. You, are a zukul. Members gonna say hold zukul, member but if, you had an existing zukul, member whether you are a currently, a paid member or not and you. Do have the. Option of getting access. To Johnny blockchain, via. Zuto, and if, I just come over to zukul. Packages, just to make you aware of that. If you, are part. Of a Gold, Package Platinum, package or diamond package then, not only do you get access to, obviously. The relevant, boss. Which are already there you'll, also get access to the. ARB to Johnny. Blockchain. So again if you want to get access to where to perhaps the arbitrage, then, obviously you can access that from the gold level platinum. Level and the diamond level and, the advantage, of that if you like is, the fact that you're paying monthly as opposed, to paying. And. You, know our larger, what twelve, faith, so. I, just wanna I just want to say there Daren is why. You've got that on the screen, the. The the zukul price there Daren shown Ian pounds but it if, you live you know it could show in dollars or Euros but it's payable in Bitcoin, okay, but, that. Price, has, not, gone up because, before. Johnny blockchain, was you. Know launched. You. Know that was the price to access, the robots, the crypto trading, robots, that, are inside, we got crypto, - Krypto, crypto - fair crypto, and gold those, robots, are. Inside. Zukul so actually. If you go fire zukul, you get access to johnny blockchains, arbitrage. Section, free. Because. It comes you the package so there's. No extra cost and i've, got another comment, here from this. Guy i. Don't. Know can you see that on there it's, ma, our cin. Order now you pronounce, that so i'll do apologize.

Might, Be maths in or it might be march in my, I do apologize, marcin marching, sorry we can't pronounce your name correctly I'm, Dyslexic, so I can't pronounce anybody's, name correctly, just, about just. About read my own name he, says looks, everything, looks, impressive, are you planning a free trial if, so, when, can I expect that, this option what, will we are planning. A free trial okay we're going to be doing a 14-day. Free trial and that's gonna be coming available I'm. Gonna, say within the next week to two weeks okay, it's not going to be that far away I. Will. If you subscribe, to our YouTube, channel, Marcin. Or come, over to our Facebook, group. Yeah. I don't know if anybody's got the link for the Facebook group maybe you could put that in the chat but, if you come over to the Facebook group we, will be announcing, when the the. Free trial is available, so we will have a free trial, but. Your you you. Can actually access the, list of, exchanges. So you may want to join some of the exchanges, so that when you do get the free trial that you're, up and and. Ready to rock and roll seek. So. Anything. Else you've got there Dara Force I, know. Just. Noticed Carolyn saying what's the reason, for the slider, to show the losing trades and. I, would. Stay that if you are really. Looking to, liquidate. And whatever coin it is and, the. Profitable. Alternatives. Are not suitable, whether. You not, suitable for the exchanges, that you can't connect to or it's. Not the right coin, but, you absolutely must. Liquidate. Your coin. That you want to liquidate just provide. You with all of the the option, that you've got the, slider, really, is just I suppose really just to cut out the noise so where exactly will. We bring back the data anyway, because obviously they've got a look at all the data so, rather, than not show it. Obviously. I don't want to see it so, we by default we, don't show it but if you do want to look you can okay. So. It's. Not something, that you that, you have to do okay but. We show, the information not on the weapon there it sort of took you off the screen which is did, you stop sharing your screen time stop short show now right so technology, this is what I like so if. You go any questions, then make sure and it says helmets I'll put this question up on, the. Screen it says how long does it take. To buy and sell, with the robot, in an exchange, that sure, well that again is, the. Robot, when it makes a trade a cape there's. Two ways that you could do a trade on an exchange a day or two main ways there's what's called a market, order where, you place your trade, and. You take an. Average price, what's, in the the order, book you know if you're let's just say you were, trading with a. $500. And there, was a five. Lines, in the order book all different. Prices all with you, know $100. Worth and, they. All read it so you would buy all. Of those, orders, up, one. After the other and, you'd, get an average price then there's a limit order where, you actually place, her an order in the order book for, the exact, price that you wanna get okay now if you, place a market, order providing. The exchanges. Telling the truth and it's not filled its all the book with false, orders. Because, that can happen we found that and we've we've, turned, off those exchanges. But, if you place, if it's a good exchange you know by now to hit BTC. Okay. It's coinbase, Pro if, it's one of those you're all the films fairly, quickly with a market order if it's a limit, order if, their.

Price, Hasn't, reached that price. Then. He won't execute, it quickly, so what we're doing at the moment we're, only placing. Market. Orders now we will, be introducing. A robot. That places. Limit. Orders for that arbitrage, trade okay. But, we'll be executing, them in a different way but so. It. Goes unfortunately. Charles it goes it depends, on the exchange, top. Exchanges, like buy notes hit BTC. Coinbase Pro they. Tend to fill you. Know you. Start the rope the robot starts and it's. It's. Not executed. Straightaway and what I'll do is if I can I'll just take you off the screen there and I'll. Share, my screen and. Let. Me see if I can share yeah so if I go over to Johnny blockchain, and I. Go to let, me just see if I'm sharing the right page. Yeah I am so I'm gonna go just. Move some of this stuff and you probably guys can't see this but if I go here, and then go down to my roots. For. Example, I. Want. To show you some. Trades that I did so, I've got a couple of trades here so I've got a trade here did on the 25th, of June when we were building stuff, got. A return on investment of, 3.1, percent got, another trade on the third of July was. Out on July yeah that one was on June 3rd, of July. Nineteen. Point one percent ROI, the. Fourth of September the. Robot did a trade for me and that. Was a, hundred, and eight point, four percent and then. I got on the 6th of September, one, that was eight point two now, if you look here on the 18th of, September. This. Trade. That's, not completed, and you're probably looking at the screen with 18 that's two days Jeremy, and that, is because, at. The time when we did the trade we. Are, the robot, didn't, know about, the. ERC 20. And the finance, coin and so, on so, it assumed, like. Coin. Market cap did it assumed, it was, on the same network it, knows it's the same coin but it didn't know it was on the same network so, we're, actually now, getting. To the stage. Which, would be Monday, that. You won't have ox, you. Know nine times out of ten obviously, we can't be a hundred percent, correct. But, you won't have a robot, that would start knowing. That. It's, that, the coin, is on. Two different networks you. Know an e rc 20, coin and on, by Nance coin, so. That's. What, the. The, robot, will, we'll know in the future but these trades, that I did down here it, bought the first coin. On the first, exchange. Within. Five minutes I would say five, minutes bought the coin then I got the information, that I would have to withdraw, the coin because you do the withdrawals yourself, send. You over two, and. The second exchange and then what, it does is what it does this you see it says waiting for deposit, well this deposits, never gonna arrive, because, I can't send the.

Coin, From hit BTC, over - okay X because they're the same coin but they're on two different networks so, it. Would just be. Looking at this stuff here okay so. Let me come back or, what else was I going to show you is there anything Darren that you needed to cover in particular anything, else that you wanted to cover. Before. I go, - there. Was some stuff I want to just cover. And. The, there is something, that I've said just want to sort of own. A ram home a point if that's possible, and. So. If you just get indulge, me for a couple, of minutes and, right. Guys now I've got. It's. Very easy for you so you could anybody can do this and you could do a Google, search for. Crypto. Arbitrage, bar I've just done done. One you've got this. Point. Arbitrage, bot calm. Okay, so it's a free bot and it. Looks on the, face of it pretty good in the fact that you. Know it's got a good range of exchanges. You. Can select your base currency, unfortunately. You can only select US, dollar or, BTC. Or. Just US dollar and BTC, so, very. Very limited information and, you. Could select, how. Much profit you want to make so between. 5%, and, 60%, so we'll be conservative, will go with well, what's, happened. It's. Me clicking too much on the bar there. We go there, we go so. Let's go with 10%, and then, click Submit. And. You can see that, it's not providing, me with anything, any, information, at all, so. Let me try again BTC. 5%. Let's, try again. There. We go so, it's given, me that. Sort of information, now. There's. A lot of this. Effectively. Must be a bit, of code that. Arbitrage. Systems, use because, it's a format, that we're probably familiar with with other other companies, and, other platforms but. As you can see there. Isn't a great deal of profit to be made in any of these and this, is without knowing. So. For example you've got here. OMG, BTC. Between. On. This. Exchange here you can bite at that price. Which. Is, 1010. 980 and you, could perhaps sell it here for. Let's. Call that, 1107. 2 so you could make a bit of a profit between bit, Mart and bit, for next however. As with. A lot of these platforms, there. Is no liquidity, information. There's no volume information. There's, no confirmation, that that's OMG, point is the same oMG trade on BitFenix. And bit mark and also. There's no information, to sell you the OMG is. On an, ELC. 20's on. Finances. Blockchain, fred's, blockchain, or Larry's blockchain, so, there's a lot of missing, information that. Makes this really. Useful. So. Let's get rid of that, and. So, as you can see there's. A lot of information that. Is missing, from this now. There is a company, and you. I would say is probably. The. Market, leader, I, have, to lead to the information, from this company so this is their. Packages. If you like and. We're going to go for this package here now, what you need to understand, is that there. That, $99. Point. $0.99. Per month. Is only, is. A representative. Figure. It's. Actually only, that if you buy the annual. The. Annual. Package, so, if you buy the annual package you're looking at $1,200. $1,200. If you miss that ok. $1,200. And it's. Also going to be more if you decide to go on a, month-to-month basis. Now. What do you get from. This company is, you. Get. Their. Crypto feed ok is basically, just information. Coming through to you you. Get. No. Added, fee trading, basically. What it means they're not going to charge you for using, their system, well, they've already charged, you $1,200. So, but. Basically it is all that is all that means, automatic.

Portfolio. Monitoring, so, you're. Going to get portfolio. Management. System. With Johnny blockchain, now if you just want the portfolio, management. System. Is. $399. The equivalent, adoption in BTC. And not. $1200. As it is with this company, then. You've got one two, three four, five. Six. Seven. Fill. Fillers. I would call those fillers, basically, that, is all about charting. Okay. So that's, just telling you they've got certain things about charts. And then, you've got priority, supports well all support, is priority, Johnny clock chains support. Is priority, you know so why, that would be a feature or a benefit, I have no idea, and then. You've got here, at the bottom you've got the our matrix. System now, they're our matrix, system. Looks. Like this okay, looks fancier, than this grunted, what basically it looks like this so. If, you can imagine that. The. Market, leading company. Is. Charging, an awful lot of money. For. A system. That isn't complete, with the arbitrage, system, and also, the port phone ring. System it's, not a portfolio. System. Like ours is now where. It's going to give you the level of information that, we have currently it's. A portfolio. System that's just going to tell you where your coins are and just. So you can keep track of them that's, essentially, what that is and, it will also be automatic. Because, you connected it by its API so if you should happen to sell a coin or buy a coin then obviously it will update it but, it's not going to tell you where you can profitably. Trade. That coin or give, you suggestions and to. Use those coins in an arbitrage, so, you know this system here that we're building with Johnny blockchain, is. Absolutely. Groundbreaking. And. Once. You've got access to the bits and pieces we have now it's. Going to blow everything out of the water with. The major companies that are out there so, with that in mind and. What. I need you guys I need some homework from you it's, also what we're building up a list of, JV. Partners, okay, you can see here we've got a bit of a list now, what I need from you guys and I'm just stop sharing now and. What. I need from you is basically. Contact. Information, that you might already have or. At least if, you don't necessarily want to share that information with me personally if you, could let me know if you know people. Who are I'll. Say bloggers, people. Who do believe you blocks okay, so you. Know the crypto world is and, the Forex world and the financial, world is full, of, bloggers. And vloggers. Those are people who do obviously. Video blogs, and who. Do reviews, of companies. Like. Ours and, what we want to do is start to make connections, with those people so. We can get those guys to. Start to do reviews for Johnny blockchain, and it's really important, because we want to start to look at different. Communities, and that, are out there different, tribes out there so, we're looking for bloggers, we're. Looking for reviewers, we're. Looking for bloggers. We're. Looking for. Instagram. Influencers, and. We're looking for top, tweeters, or. Twitter's, on Twitter I don't know what they call themselves but, whatever they are twitchy, people, people, use Twitter okay, and, any, of those sort of social media platforms. YouTube, as well there's. Lots of people who do a lot of use and so. We need a stop, in information. Or if, you want to keep up to yourself because you want to build, a team then that's absolutely fine and. What we're going to do is start to put together and. What. Would you call it like. A news broadcast, or, a news. Update that. We can start to package, it you can send out to those people and, I'll see they can get access to Johnnie blockchain, they can do a review they can use it and then. Obviously hopefully. Do positive, reviews that WY, they wouldn't. And then obviously we can start to access, different. Communities, through the through the marketing system I'm, going to be doing that alongside a, lot of the other stuff so, so. Just to bear that in mind all, right thank. You I'll get off Mia and little soapbox now thank. You for that so. I'm just gonna take your and, put myself on, there, right. So I want, to share my screen again because, I want, to show you some stuff in, the back office of Johnnie blockchain, and what. Exists. In founders, have got access, to okay, so, if you're not a founder, you won't have access to this unless you pay but the founders, get accessed, completely, free we've, got 49 people watching, we've, got 26, thumbs up and one thumbs, down what, anybody, would see, by giving a thumbs down what they don't see is good value.

I've Beyond. Me but that thumbs down was before we started broadcasting very. Strange anyway, so, any. Interaction. Is better than no none. None this word so let me let me share my screen and I'm. On Johnny blockchain, so what I'm gonna do now is I'm gonna come up to trade and I'm gonna narrow down to arbitrage, because I'm gonna show you what we've done on here. Now so. Just wait for that to load and, I'm. Gonna, click the the. Advanced find. The best rates okay, now, straight. Away what you'll see is that I've. Got a trade here with the the, Japanese, yen. It's. Eighteen, four point four percent ROI so, if I had the Japanese yen that, may be a trade. That I'd like to do and, it's. Telling me that Japanese. Yen is going to be traded, on, crackin, and on. BitFenix, it, doesn't tell me what it's going to be trading, with because that's why you'd have to unlock the trade by, buying, either. With, two credits, or with, one two, credits is with the robot where the rope is a robot-assisted. Trade. Or with. One credit. And. And and that would be a manual, trade okay now you have here, this, trust, line. Okay, the trust, now. The, trust, line is a system. That we've put in place and. Up. Until right. Now it's working. Part, from the final phase the final. Phase is what, we talked about earlier was, where it identifies. It. Knows whether, it's, the same coin. Plus. The. Same network. Like. I showed you with that milf it was this it was milf, on both exchange, or meth on both exchanges. But on, the. Myth, on one exchange was traded. In you. Know you could deposit and withdraw in ERC, 20 coin which is back, to on the etherium. Smart contract, and the. Other one was on the B & B which. Is Bitcoin change Network so you couldn't actually deposit. And withdrawal them to. One another okay. So that, would stop the trade so we, will have that, traffic. Light system. For. Those ones as well but right now if you see an orange alright. Okay, if you see an orange light that, means the, admin. Have checked, that. It is. The. Same coin okay the, same coin now what we haven't, checked at the moment because that part's not finished is if it's on the same network which, will be introduced, I think no later than Tuesday next week okay, so if you see an orange light you, feel fairly. Safe the, admin. Have checked that coin out on the, exchanges. That it is the same name at least because, some of them have the same code but. They're different coins and then, there's Bitcoin, on some of the South Korean, exchanges. Have a completely, different code they don't call them, BTC. But, you can trade, it with BTC. Okay. So. The next thing we've, got is if, you go down you would, see well there's not none at the moment because nobody's done it you would see a yellow light okay and that means that somebody started, to trade with a robot, okay, that a trade.

Has Actually been bought by somebody else and it's actually been it's, in process of being trading, if you, see a green light okay, that. Means, but. Somebody. Else or another robot. Has completed, that trait successfully. For, those particular players don't mean this particular train but, successfully. So let me look now what happens when you click this Buy button we're going to rename that Buy button because it's not buy here what you're doing is you're looking at the information you. You. Put your you, click on that button it gives you this pop up okay, at, the top here it tells me that it's crackin, and it says with the. Japanese, yen it says I don't have any Japanese, yen so. It's, showing me that the vibe buttons are greyed out because, there's no point me buying this trade, if I don't have the currency, on crackin. If I don't have the Japanese yen sitting, on crackin what's the point of me buying this trade so what I could do if, I was Japanese or I happen to have Japanese, yen I would, think well before. I buy it let me deposit, some, Japanese, yen into. That change now, if you did have Japanese, yen on the exchange this blood these buttons would be blue but, as you can see here is telling you that the minimum, amount of Japanese, yen that you need is. Two hundred and eighty four, so if I put that in there let's just see if that is correct. 284. No, that's not enough. So. It's, telling me here there's, the amount of Japanese. Sorry deaths the jack that's what it seemed value in dollars sorry, so, it's telling me I need this many Japanese, yen to, trade and I'll make the equivalent, of sixty, eight dollars, on four. Hundred and twenty-six. Dollars worth of Japanese yen if that makes sense okay so, it's telling me the ROI, 16.8%. If, I had Japanese, yen I'd be able to buy that the, minute I click buy if, I'm. Buying a route with a robot, you know that. Will start the robot immediately. I don't have to go and do anything myself the. Robot, will go and buy the, currency it wants with the Japanese, yen and then it will give you a notification to, tell it to withdrawal, that crypto, currency, out and send. It over to the second exchange in this case BitFenix. Okay so let's now go and have a look. Refresh. The roots again now, I'm going to go over to the, crypto. Roots so. Let me just come up here and I'll go to the filter and I'll filter for robot only because. Not all of our. Roots. Are connected, to the robot so if I look at this one here that's, up here it's 15 percent ROI, okay. So that's not a bad, he's. Telling me minimum, investment. $94. So if I clicked and I wanted the robot to do that and I. Can see here that. Admin. Have checked that this is the same coin on both exchanges, but, I can, see there's not a light at the moment because it's not in place that, it's been checked that, it's the same network. So. At the moment you won't know if it's the same network but again if I click this. Now. I don't have, any of this coin again so the lights are the, buy, lights buttons, here of greyed out so, it's telling me don't buy it because you don't have any balance at, the top there as you can see I. Don't have any balance but if I did I'd need, this many of the whatever that coin is the zero coin which, is equivalent, to twenty five dollars, or ninety four dollars sorry, and I can make a trade with ninety four dollars worth of that coin and make twelve, dollars an 81.

Cents Profit which is a thirteen, point six percent ROI, and, the robot, could do ninety. Percent of that trade for me okay so, coming down a little bit further let's just see if I can see there's. One here with Bitcoin, okay six, percent so let's have a look at this Bitcoin. Now. This is telling me I do have a Bitcoin, balance, okay so I do have a Bitcoin, bank so I'm going to click on here use. Balance and it, populates the, top but, as you could see I only have two cents worth of Bitcoin, so, it's telling me if you did buy this trade you can buy if you want but, you will actually lose. Money, so because. Of the fees and everything because, our our calculator. Here, is taken. Into account the. Trading, fees the withdrawal, fees if there's any deposit, fees and so on okay, so. Let's just have a little look down, here's another Bitcoin one there and if you could see below it says online. So this profitable. Route is been available for, five, hours okay. So it's been online for five hours so if I click the Buy route again. Again. It's showing me unfortunately, I don't have any bitcoins sitting on kuu coin but, if I did I would, need a minimum, of one, hundred and twenty six dollars to make twenty four cents so I probably, wouldn't be doing that trade would I because. That's, after the obviously. The fees have come out and I've paid the trading fees and the withdraw and the deposit, fees if there's any I've been, left with the twenty four, cents, profit so, you, know that's not a trade for me but, that's, how this. Screen, works okay, now, let. Me come back over to here because, I want to come back over to the camera now we got five minutes left if there's any questions. Let's. Just say I'm late, yes you are late you're very late. Let's. Just see have you a solution, for, let me just add this comment. It, says have you a solution, for wallets, that, are in maintenance. On exchanges. Yes of course, we've got if. We, we have a system, that checks the, wallets we do a lot of stuff manually with our team but, if a wallet can't be withdrawn, for some reason, we. Will know about that and obviously it updates, the system accordingly our system, it checks every two minutes okay but what you also have if I go back to sharing my screen there, if I. Come share my screen and go, over to this time my, portfolio. So. Jealous of there hopefully. You can see that in the bottom my. Portfolio, is loading, but, what you do have here, is you have a wallet balance, so if you've got wallets, that. Are not connected, with api's, you, can set your wallets up this screen is by a long way not finished because I've got some great little features that are gonna be on here to, show you where, to liquidate. Stuff like I've got an exodus wallet with 56, Bitcoin in it I've. Got, wallet, with a you. Know near on a million, of the sub-point in, there I've got. This. Once attack I got token, pay wallet with you. Know over. 300,000. Coins. In it as well, so. But we will so you can add your wallets, here, the, external. Wallets, you can add the wallet give the wallet a name you, know could be Exodus could be your treasure wallet my e4 wallet you know it there list, your coins that you've got on that wallet, but then when we do build this section, we'd be giving you a place, where you could actually see the best place for you to go and liquidate, those coins that you've got sitting, on those wallets and if, there's arbitrage, opportunities, so I wanted to show you that's, something that's coming a little bit down the line and if. I come back over to here, and. I. Come back to the camera is there anything you want to cover Darren while I'm before, I make. My couple. Of announcements. Oh. No. There's nothing now nothing, that I want to to, go over and, obviously I don't want to delay your announcement, so no these these, guys are gonna be chomping at the bit okay. Right so we still we got 34. We. Got 47. People watching, 34, thumbs up you know if, you still watching this hangout and stayed this long for, an hour I think, what I'm about to tell you should. Give me 47, thumbs ups, founders. You, now can, go into the back office and, get, access to my portfolio screen, it's there ready waiting for you to get in if you don't have access to it sending a support ticket Barbara. And earth and the support team will organize you access. ASAP. Okay so you've got access to that and inside. The my portfolio screen. You've got access to the trading robot, so you can actually do trades, with the robot.

Founders. If you. Go to the, arbitrage, screen, you, now have access to the robot you can actually do trades, with the robot, I would, give a word of caution we. Have not finished the trust system okay. So, there, may, be trades. That are in there we, know they're the same coin because we check the coins but they might not be on the same network okay. So, if you want to be, really, cautious then. I would say buy the manual. Trade and check it first before. You bought the the, the robot, trade but, if you want to be really, over, over cautious and wait until we've got the final. Part of the trust system in place, okay so, founders you, basically, guys have access, to everything, okay. Looks, available, now so, go in there have, a play have a look get. Excited, getting. The founders chat if you've got questions you've. Got remarks. You've got things that you think we should be doing or what we shouldn't be doing put. Them in they're not gonna say that we're now what sitting hour what's that the founders what's that chat. Put. Them in there and let. Us know not, saying we're going to do everything that you said suggest but we certainly I'm gonna listen I'm gonna read and I will answer every. Suggestion. That you have if you're, not a founder, if you're not a founder, and you want to become a founder, you can. Still, become a founder, contact. Us either, go. To zukul, comm and say. That you want to be a founder send in a support ticket go. To Johnny blockchain, calm if you've got an account they're sending, a support ticket or of course you. Can make a you. Know because if you don't have an account on either of those coming to our Facebook, group and search. Out for Barbara, Darren, or myself and, send. Us a private message or, send us a message. On, what's that Skype, telegram. Saying, that you're interested in being a founder we've got some positions, available, what, does have found of me well first off it means that you're gonna pay, two for.

The Privilege, you're gonna give us some money that helps us to get through this pre-launching. Stage this development. Stage and I can't thank the founders enough for, the support they've given us so far we've got 200 founders. Given. Us you, know they've all positions, allowed, us to get where we are now we've. Got a long way to go so, we need to raise more investments, that's why we're looking for more found. But. Founders. Get. Access, to everything. But. No extra charge they they have to have an active zukul, account, Zuka comma cow okay, and they can choose any account, from ten dollars up to the two hundred dollar package depending, on what they like but, they will get access, to everything. That we bring out at no extra charge okay. So, they, want access to the robots, they get, access they get free credits, as well trading, credits, they. Get lower, profit. Share because we've got we've got crypto, bots we've got crypto turn, to. Gold box we've got crypto, to fiat bots we've got an arbitrage. BOTS, that you've seen now we've got the my portfolio, management we've got a binary, options, robot. And I've got a couple of robots running at the moment and I'll be sharing that information of. How I set them up and our making profit already and I'm, gonna show you how to set up your binary options, box what. I believe is the correct way to do it so we've got trading. Robots, for, every type of trade, that you want to do I think the piece of the resistance, is the portfolio, section. Because I think that's mind-blowing because it works with the coins you've got the, arbitrage. It's. Great but, I don't think it's as good as, what the portfolio is, is and it's gonna be I think that's gonna be mind-blowing, but that portfolio is gonna be able to do but, if you want to just do normal trade in with you. Know buying buying, low and selling high then. We've got those types of trading robots as well so we've got you covered on everything, I, want, to thank you for joining us my. Name's Jeremy rush as you could see on the screen my, colleague. There, who's now on the screen he's got my name underneath in he's not Jeremy rush he's Darren Barton and. While. I want to thank you all for joining us and found. Us getting, enjoy yourselves and we'll see you on the next hangout have, a fantastic, weekend, Tata bye bye now.

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