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well hello my beautiful aquarians welcome to my channel this is bobby jolie here with your mid-month career reading i'm just cleansing your space here and i've meditated on your cards for those of you who are returning welcome back to my channel thank you so much for your wonderful like shares and subscribes i'm truly grateful for your beautiful energy just a little reminder that this is a general reading it may not resonate for everybody so please take what is for you and leave the rest behind this is your general career reading from the 20th of january right through to the 20th of february 2021 let's get straight to the overall energy thank you so much spirit guys going angels can you please guide thank you so much we have the will of fortune wow beautiful energy this is a turning point in your career this is your protagonist energy so that suggests that good fortune is on your side and you're leading with lady luck by your side okay thank you so much for it guys great angels uh it's about time right aquarius we have the sun card beautiful this is an energy that is in the antagonist position so that suggests some sort of delay that was there towards your happiness uh it's a temporary delay just to let you know but the sun has shown up so that indicates there is success on the board here for you and a brighter day is on its way for you in terms of your career uh thank you so much for it guys grant angels can you please guide uh just to let you know i was doing uh i did a pre-shuffle and uh meditation there and what came up for you was the judgment card before we move on the judgment card but also um the temperance card so some sort of patience is required we got the hermit energy so it's virgo energy spiritual illumination and truth there so you may be taking a bit of a time out from distractions in order to get the job the job done and we have the death card okay so that's endings bringing new beginnings so obviously it requires a super focus there with regards to your career this is the unified position so this is an energy as like an outcome so there's definitely a new start here but it's almost like illuminating the way can you see that star there illuminating the way to happiness in your career you're not just um sitting back and taking it i feel like you're there's some sort of lucky break or uh the hand of fate is intervening in your situation whoa to bring you something that you truly truly deserve and desire okay um let me see how you want to receive this is the base card okay nine of earth so this is uh this is uh you being very self-sufficient aquarius this is the heart of the matter financially self-sufficient and it looks like going solo you do a lot of the hard work and the heavy lifting by yourself it pays rewards but there's an eye on something better okay so this is a solitary kind of energy we will cross it and clarify it when we come to it underneath we have the aid of water so this is the challenge the challenge is walking away from anything that does not suit you emotionally that does not uh bring anything that is emotionally fulfilling so this is you withdrawing from something or retreating moving on from something because there's something better on the horizon can you see that there but the challenge is knowing that um there is something better for you standing in your power knowing your worth as you can see that sun card represents a slight delay so it is on the horizon but you have a lot of knowledge with you the pros of wisdom by your side but you're definitely turning your back on anything that um really kind of um doesn't stretch you is not authentic is superficial uh you're just walking away from that it's almost like a journey of discovery um but we have how would you like to receive okay ten of earth okay and the horror front okay so the tent of earth is below you this is an energy of um you know deep down your underlying feelings um you know how you feel about the situation there's there's more money to be had there's more financially secure opportunity coming that pays a lot more money so the 10 of pentacles is a lot of affluence wealth and it looks like they're really highlighting that wolf we will clarify these cards when we get to it but they've shown me this lone wolf kind of energy so perhaps you're going off to do something by yourself aquarius in order to make finances grow uh you could be being an entrepreneur um let's go deeper and find out but we have the hierophant now this is um your recent past this is what lies behind you uh this is the hierophant so some sort of spiritual truth or illumination definitely the hierophant is about spiritual practices you're closer to your higher power to your higher self and you may have been gaining some sort of wisdom there to help you proceed with the future now that's about trusting your intuition and knowing uh the right path to take also there's a high level commitment um it could be a higher level commitment to a partner uh someone that you deeply love you may have got married um there's also an energy oh we got a little bit energy joining so someone they're giving me an energy of some of the collective have gotten married recently and they're looking for their career you may be thinking about partnering up with your person that you married in order to move forward and create some sort of business so by going solo i mean in terms of not working for an establishment okay or a company setting up your own company with your soul tribe so we will clarify that as we get to it um but the hierophant energy is uh basically learning as well so you may have done some recent learning online courses et cetera et cetera that allows you to walk away from one situation and go for something better that is more financially rewarding there's opportunity coming towards you okay now interesting uh what lies above you is temptation this is a possibility okay uh interesting that this has come up here um now we will clarify that so it looks like there may be a really financially tempting offer that is on the board for you but it may not speak to your soul okay because we have the opposing energy here all the glitters is not necessarily gold okay aquarius so be mindful of that anything that makes you too comfortable makes you they give me the word lethargy uh so it makes you feel tired stuck in a rut okay gives you no inspiration so i feel like there's a couple of offers that are coming along um they're very tempting but don't be attached to the outcome because it's almost like i feel like there is an opportunity that pays really well but may pay a little bit less than something else but it the other thing that pays a lot of money will make you feel stuck and will not really stretch you as a human okay so we will come to it as we come to it six of air so this is the journey the near future this is either some sort of travel or movement um but you're moving away that sixth error is a necessary transition of uh moving forward either relocating physically or spiritually away from a situation now it could be that you're moving away from something attempting offer but it looks like you're moving away from anything you know you're feeling that fear and do it anyway you're moving away from something that is not emotionally fulfilling um so let's see what is coming here for you the six of air i really like it because it's an energy of moving you out of anything that is emotionally tumultuous or any anxiety and it moves you into calmer waters and as you can see there's another ship there so it's almost like you're moving towards the ship that is coming on into in your horizon you're moving forward towards it and it's moving towards you so you're joining together so what we got here is um your position of how you feel you know uh in this situation and the two of pentacles indicates uh choice multitasking weighing up your options so again we got that weighing up of options uh there for you uh also i i should have said that the judgment card came out for you when i was meditating as well i don't know if i said that but if i didn't it did that two of earth is a reminder that yes um oh they're giving me a song they're giving me a song run rabbit run run rabbit run okay i like i know the song i know it's a famous song but i don't know the words of the song i'm so ashamed to say that i'm so so sorry i mean it should be something that i've carried some childhood or something but uh it's not something that i know so if you know the the words i'll look it up as well but there's an energy here of um perhaps you're running away from one situation and i don't mean running away because there's anything wrong with it it's like you're so done there you're moving on to the next with speed but there's an energy here of remember to enjoy your work and your play find that balance between the two it's very very important um when we have it run what is that maybe you're dodging a bullet in some way in where you were and there's a lucky opportunity a lucky break coming your way to pull you out of your situation and help you uh in terms of um your goals and your dreams and your finances thank you so much for it guys going angels i feel very much like this opportunity that's coming your way is really taking you off a path that doesn't really serve you okay it's really not very um there's no growth in where you are and there's a lucky break coming anyway we got the four of air so this floor of air this is your circumstances right now this is your x you know your external environment and the four of air is rest recuperation perhaps you're feeling a little bit um you know you're in a suspended energy but even though you're in solitude or in some sort of recovery kind of energy or you know maybe because the pandemic has made a lot of people have to be at home either work from home or just um you know some people have lost their jobs because of it there's an energy of suspension with this card and it's almost like what do you do with yourself but what i'm getting here is that spirit's saying um the four of air comes just before uh how can i put that opportunity okay so be ready to act that sort of energy because it's almost like a renewal of your energy and because there is opportunity coming towards you oh my gosh right there so here we go hopes and fears so if you've been hoping for a job opportunity the ace of earth there is an ace of coins and that indicates a new job maybe a promotion or a raise some sort of financial um offer or gift from the universe it's something that you're not expecting aces are often unexpected and uh they are as i said a gift from the universe it raises you up after a rocky time so just when you're suspended in this energy feeling like nothing's happening or you're given up or this comes along to help you now it's interesting because hopes and fears this is in this position so there's an energy here as well about being a bit worried about going into debt in the meantime so if you're looking for a job um the energy here is um you know you will be moving forward there will be an opportunity that presents itself but i can see the flip side of the energy of you know worrying about money or even there's an energy of um it's like again they give me this energy aquarius and please don't shoot the messenger when i say this i feel like there's going to be two opportunities that come your way one pays a really a lot of money and because um because there's been some sort of conflict with your work situation in the recent past i'm just feeling this energy of being stuck um and things you know being stuck in a rut there's a temptation to take the opportunity that pays a lot of money but at what cost so there's this energy here um i feel like um it's so interesting because when i was doing a pre-shuffle some of these cards came out as well for you but um i don't like to talk about these ones what came out for you before is the three of earth the the ace of earth and um the four of air as well with the three of earth this is the outcome okay this is an energy of um building a solid foundation but also teamwork so moving perhaps even into a new team if you work in the same space you're getting some sort of promotion i feel like there's group group efforts here dedicated my words are all of a sudden going can you please guide me why that happen okay they're just actually showing me a mouth so um i mean maybe someone's got a speech impediment or a stutter or something um because obviously as soon as i address the energy it's gone but i mean a lot of people just say well it was just you bubba just you know you stumbled over your words but i know the energy when an energy hits me it's not my energy so i if if if you've got a speech impediment or a stutter in particular i feel it's a stutter then there's something in this message for you if you do not does not mean this is not your reading it just means they want that person to pay close attention to the message and when you get the three of earth the message here is um there's some sort of learning that helps you be the architecture of your dreams your dreams start to become tangible on the physical plane and you've started building that foundation already for uh finances so i feel like a step in the right direction has already been gained but there is an opportunity that comes to help you build even further it's almost like you can see a very solid financial future because of it really strange they often ask me to go one more but they have so i will thank you so much guys grant angels can you please guide my beautiful aquarius what do they need to know regarding you want another card as an outcome can you please guide me thank you so much i'm truly grateful ace of fire wow i said there were two opportunities so they're giving me the two opportunities okay one brings a lot a lot of money okay ace off earth one is an ace a fire so one speaks more to who you are and something that you're really passionate about something that you've tried to achieve for a long time or that you've hoped to achieve it does come with a large amount of money absolutely um but it's more a job or an opportunity or you know some sort of new project for example that helps you i don't know be passionate about what you do you're more enthusiastic about this opportunity okay an ace of fire is so beautiful it's um a transform it's a transformative kind of job opportunity or um project and by transformative i mean this sets you up for the future okay big time um yes like fake meeting destiny but there's like a i feel like it's the will of fortune this is the will of fortune moment okay it's nice to have this opportunity because it's grounded um and it's dependable you know but this opportunity it's almost like it's out of the park okay so um we will clarify this reading and see what we got going on there um i feel like there is some sort of team or there is some sort of teamwork some sort of collaboration that helps you get to where you want to go but at the root of it seems to be some sort of knowledge you're learning so if you've been um employing some new skills getting some new skills there destiny is going to meet your skill set and that's when the opportunity arises for you to become quite successful because eight two aces i mean that's a lot of success a ten of earth success okay uh anyway i keep seeing the king of uh pinnacles i'm not sure why let's see if it comes out but i just keep seeing they just keep showing me the king of pentacles okay anyway we have the wheel of fortune so this is opportunity this is destiny meeting synchronicity this is your protagonist energy so luck she walks with you this month the time period i've set this is lucky breaks things turning out perfectly the way that you'd hope for but it does require you coming out of your comfort zone it does require some sort of leap of faith as it were or risk okay they just corrected me risk now there's an energy here of trusting your intuition but the star is so prevalent uh in this energy which is about uh you know hope and faith that miracles are working and i know a lot of people say i don't believe in miracles and uh that's fine if you don't believe i'm not here to convert anybody to anything you got to believe what you believe because we all ask for proof in our own day-to-day this is not some sort of you know highfalutin kind of stuff that is um unreachable airy fairy there's an airy fairy it's not every fairy kind of stuff it's more of a grounded opportunity um that you're going to be like whoa i was hoping for this to happen and i never thought this would ever come to me and here it is so it really feels like an opportunity that um it's unexpected that's for sure um it's like your luck is changing it's almost it's you're going to look at it and go this is destiny i've it's almost like you were born ready for this moment aquarius and you've been waiting for it you've just had this whispering in your soul that something better was coming um so just just pay close attention to that also we got good karma here okay so you're getting the opportunity that you truly deserve and he's gonna lead you to the big one okay the big one is the sun this is the happiest uh card in the deck my favorite card in the deck is the nine of water because that is your wishes coming true exactly the way that you'd hoped for my second one is obviously the sun card um there's an energy here of abundance of success of things blossoming for you not just in terms of your work situation but also you know your relationship with your co-workers and things like that um it feels like this is victory some sort of successful energy coming towards you the sun is affluence and joy flowing towards you okay but it is in the antagonist position which is resistance so that indicates you know there is that delay there with that and it is temporary it's a temporary delay it may have been a temporary delay so that you could get some learning going on there okay um now we got the the hermit energy virgo energy oh just to let you know we got the leo energy here as well scorpio a little bit of aries um so with this energy you may have taken a bit of time out to refocus now either refocus on where you want to go or uh you know just regroup your energy because you've got the four of air as well that suspended energy so you're having that time out for inspiration because we got the star there but also you're recognizing your endurance in this situation the bear the bear represents strong ability to have courage endurance to go the distance and you can aquarius but it's been tough i'm seeing that a lot has there's been some obstacles okay that you've had to overcome they just said and then some uh yeah and then some so definitely but as you can see the spiritual illumination there's the sun there on the outside it is bringing you to the path that you truly desire which is the pursuit of happiness okay now happiness looks different to everybody so it's your own personal idea of what happiness or success looks like for you but it does require you having a new start of some kind the death card um i love this death card because it doesn't even name it okay there's an energy of um you know just having to cull anything that is not healthy it's not even spoken about it's necessary it's meant to happen so this death card energy is big changes endings bringing new beginnings and as you can see the clouds over that sun are starting to look golden so uh they're really highlighting here that there is change there is transformation but you willed it so you're making this happen okay you may have to go solo in a solitary energy to do that because they're really highlighting that wolf that wolf keeps illuminating at me so and you're in a nine of earth kind of energy which is a solitary energy going after your dreams hopes and trying to make your finances work as well now at the root we got the nine of earth which is self-sufficiency also that nine of earth energy is um it's leveling up okay you're one away from the big ten you're on your way okay so you're still on the right path so if you've been wondering if you're on the right path uh don't wonder too hard because uh you definitely are where you're meant to be even if it feels like you're stuck there is growth here there is potential there is possibility and there is confidence to do it alone okay you've accomplished a lot aquarius it's interesting they're giving me this um we don't often acknowledge our accomplishments we rarely look back and see how far we come we're always looking forward and walking away but we never look back and say huh you know what we did good we got to a place where you know we survived a lot and patience and hard work will get us the rest of the way but when you got this this energy it feels like self-sufficiency uh there's financial gain here so there will be some money coming on in but then the the the challenge here will be looking towards a new dawn and sort of walking away from perhaps you're walking away from a job that pays you money to be self-sufficient and you're thinking about walking away and you're a little bit nervous because the challenge here is to walk away the aid of water so i'm going to pull a card on that with the nine of earth and see what we're going on what's going on there but there is an opportunity on the horizon that you're not even aware of yet so let's see what that is um yeah i'm gonna go here it's a rite of passage you know that this is necessary um and also you may have taken yourself out it's almost like you may have cut yourself off from your work tribe uh where you are or if you've left your work situation you may have cut yourself off from distractions um because um how can i put that you needed to really refocus and see what it is that you want to do um i'm just feeling like a not an m.i.a kind of like energy but it's almost like knuckling down now let's see we got the king of cups so it's making you nervous maybe you're feeling a little bit insecure now you may be working at the moment where a boss is emotionally abusive because king energy is a boss type energy okay that's the kind of boss i'd want to work for and that's definitely not a boss i'd want to work for a scorpionic energy there so there's an energy here of um emotionally feeling a little bit unbalanced now this could be you aquarius because of someone who is either abusive or is making you feel quite uneasy in a position where you're at at the moment we also have that four swords energy which is turned up again pay close attention to synchronicities four swords is full of air okay so there's no communication here you're taking yourself out you're knuckling down it's almost like you're staying under the radar and replenishing your energy getting some sort of rest renewal but you know it comes after some sort of heartbreak so perhaps you had to walk away from this job or position and didn't want to um but you've had to go solo to make money work for yourself king of swords now king of swords energy it's in the reverse so this is something that was uh underhanded perhaps in this situation i mean two kings either side i mean that's a tough situation to be an aquarius okay so i'm sending you out a lot of love there this is narcissistic kind of energy so you may have been work there may have been that two people at your work space who were making trouble for you or doing something underhanded trying to make you feel um how can i put that trying to make you feel like stuck trying to make you or block your ascension trying to block you at work in some way and um they're just giving me this energy they gave me something similar for a gemini reading which was uh you know people don't knock you people often don't knock you unless they feel like you're above them okay people don't generally look down upon other people and knock the people who are no threat to them okay they only knock people or try and get in the way or get in the way of people who have potential to take their position or do better than them okay so they knock people and project feelings of uh you know unkindness they manipulate them and they make them feel stuck so that they cannot move up and be a threat to them that's the energy i'm getting from this now this could also be one person embodying that same energy could be a boss or something where you work and uh it feels like you're constantly having to protect yourself and when you come home or if you're working from home you're walking on eggshells because they're actually showing me an egg lots of eggshells on the floor and some someone's feet kind of doing this on their heels like you're not completely comfortable in that energy i don't blame you to be honest uh we got six of swords okay six of swords is in the reverse so stagnancy this these people or this situation has blocked your movement in the work space okay now whether uh that is to keep you stuck in the same position with no reward or whether you're feeling um you couldn't get away from this position because you feared um walking away from something because it allowed you financial self-sufficiency okay um there's it feels like you you're in a rock and a hard place that's the energy i'm getting but here we got the four cups which is beautiful energy this is just when you're feeling unfulfilled and fed up stuck in a rut in the situation the universe comes on in to bring a gift okay a surprise so that's the will of fortune right there so the the four cups brings you something more emotionally fulfilling but also something more exciting something that gets the juices flowing gets you wanting to jump out of bed in the morning and action it okay um you know they give me this energy here of um the first opportunity that's tangible it brings you you look at the it's almost like you look at the pay of it and go yeah that's a lot of pay i could do with that um but it's almost like just when you're about to think about taking it you're like why am i still feeling fed up why am i still feeling like this isn't what i'm meant to be doing it's because it's not there's something better okay so anyway use your intuition on that um it will never lead you astray but we're going to move on from that energy because we got the 10 of earth okay 10 of earth is the big one this is you moving up to the next stage leveling up and into affluence okay so there is money it is coming um but you may be walking away solo in order to do it uh the tent of earth as you can see it's got that wolf there uh so it feels very much like mastery but also wealth of knowledge um something you may have gone to do yourself if you cut yourself off to learn something or take courses online um you're going to be very successful because you've got um you're becoming more attractive in terms of employment i don't know why they're giving it to me like that but that's what they're giving me here um okay uh they just said a very well very unusual name very beautiful name uh it may not be your name um if it's not it doesn't mean it's not your reading it just means that whoever's name it is they want you to pay close attention to this reading the name is anushka anushka very unique i don't think i've ever come across an anushka before anyway if that's your name then there's something in this message for you um a lot of um financial opportunity coming your way uh money that will lead you uh having a large sum of money for uh to put away for a rainy day okay that's the energy i'm getting there now this is the underlying feelings you know that you're capable of this aquarius but it requires you walking away from something that gives you this so walking away from something that gives you something where you're comfortable and you're self-sufficient but there's more on offer should you wish to come out of your comfort zone so that's the energy uh obviously apply it to your situation the hierophant i'm feeling is um very much knowledge okay i'm going to pull a quick card on it see what uh energy they're giving me with that card thank you so much they're just showing me a a slice of bread and butter so is it what is that the emperor in reverse so um you may have gone to get some skills or some sort of knowledge online courses or are currently researching because it's in your recent past so this is something that was like in the last couple of weeks or months there that you've been doing because maybe you felt like uh you weren't ready to action an entrepreneurial career or something but it feels like it feels very much like you are starting to acknowledge that you are rising to that point of epiphany to get you to that point so the emperor in reverse indicates um you know not feeling like you're standing in your power and you need to get some extra wisdom there or you can't move forward uh and take the next move and be in that state which is an entrepreneurial energy uh you know you feel like uh you need to get some extra learning extra knowledge skills set to your bow there craft it feels very much like that allows you to then move forward but you had to do it because you're in a state of um you can't proceed without this information uh they asked me to go again so i will thank you so much for it guys great angles whoa okay just gonna go get that card one more please judgment card yeah perfect perfect the judgment card um now this is about you wondering what it is that you're meant to do and realizing uh how far you've come where you want to go and where you are now and getting extra knowledge to help you along that journey so it's it's almost like you've you're obeying the call to your soul you know that there's something better out there for you and you're making a final decision here this is your life's purpose this is your life and there's an energy here of absolution recognizing that where you are maybe is not where you wanted to be or uh you know there's a renewal of hope here there's also freedom when you get the judgment card it's a self evaluation and it shows up when you're really wanting to make some sort of change you're reaching for a new life and it's almost like you need to purge things and and release things that hinder you or let you go but also you need to gain knowledge here in order to make this situation sorry this situation turn into this situation okay to own it and rise up and be who you're always meant to be so if you're trying to be an entrepreneur it looks like you're gaining knowledge in skill set to pull you forward propel you forward there so beautiful energy also if you're not thinking about being an entrepreneur there's an energy of still getting uh having some learning or having a skill set that helps you get some sort of raise or promotion or move forward for something better uh that's what i'm getting here now i'm gonna have to pull a card right on that temptation card because when i touch this card there's an indication of attachments now as soon as i touch this card as well they're really holding uh it's like they're holding my lower neck into my shoulder blade and there's a lot of straight instant tension right there so if you've been feeling tense you're holding all your energy and your tension right there okay so maybe do some stretches because they're showing me that it's getting quite stiff in that area uh now this is not obviously going to speak for everybody but perhaps it's nervousness anxiety that may be making you feel like that um but let's get to the temptation card anyway they're just highlighting that energy for somebody out there um it's almost like release anything that is not healthy for you that's the temptation card to reach for your goals oh they don't want to give me this page of cups okay to follow your bliss when you apply a career reading to the page of cups there you go look at that when you apply a page of cups to a career reading this is about following your bliss and finances will follow from there but when you when you move from a position of this uh it indicates there's a surprise opportunity that comes that speaks to your heart but may not speak to the pocket as much as the heart so um it's a choice here but it is as you can see a desire to go higher okay so you can see you wanna this person wants to raise up through the ranks and you might be feeling there's a temptation to feel like that'll never happen or you're not good enough or uh you know the circumstances are not right as you can see um this these are his trousers okay now male or female not a gender-specific reading it's about the energy and the page of cups often comes with some sort of surprise you know um the in the traditional right-of-way to row a fish pops out of the cup so it's a surprise now as you can see this person is dreaming about going higher especially in their career and there's a pig there that's flying so it's almost like pigs might fly it's that energy of doubt that comes on in um and you know it's almost like you've given up before you began so the temptation here is to believe either that you feel sometimes my beautiful aquarius that you're not good enough or that you're going to fail before you even start so what's the point okay uh you might as well stay where you are so that's the indication about feeling um lethargy okay now that's not gonna apply to everybody but this is the overall energy i'm getting from the collective energy which is the temptation to either stay where you are because the money is good or uh temptation to stay where you are because um if you reach for something better you feel like you may fail so that's the energy i'm picking up here uh they want you to move away from that mindset okay don't be thinking about the outcome obviously you got to pay your bills obviously you got to do something that uh you know you really want to with all of your heart and your desire and the finances will flow from there but it is a transition now the six of air is your near future and this position is a rite of passage it's a necessary change here a necessary change in your thinking to create to sort of gain some sort of great greater wisdom here okay um can they give me that stutter and they're showing me a mouth so um again please take it as it resonates there but the six of air is movement from um a place of instability or uncertainty into a place of uh calm waters peace harmony okay and independence because the next card in this deck is the seven of uh air which is about independence and non-conformity living life on your own terms so you're on your way to something better and that is for sure okay your ships are just on the horizon there for your success the two of earth now whenever you're having to weigh up multitask make choices weighing up your options there the two of earth reminds you to have some fun as well as work because you need to find balance between work and play your efforts will bring you joy and um you know but they they're reminding you to do something that you love because plan work often they are not combined you know only the lucky few who manage to make it work they enjoy their work and they make money from it there's an energy here of you working out what it is that you want you how you feel you want to do something that speaks your passion speaks to your heart that you make finances out of that you can live a self-sufficient kind of life and spirit recognizes that okay so it feels like you're finding something that brings you something better but isn't the norm i feel like it's something left field it's definitely a surprise because you've got the will of fortune there also with this tour of earth they're just giving me here that there is an unexpected opportunity that's coming here for you um i feel as i said there's two but one is financially more lucrative the other one is absolutely financially lucrative as well but maybe a little bit lesser but it speaks more to your dreams and um there is one way or another that you're going to manifest your dreams there's determination in this card i'm feeling strong determination okay so maybe that's why you went uh under the radar a little bit and that hermit energy because it's like you're laser focusing your way out of this into something better the four of air beautiful energy as well this is rest and recuperation this is a recognition that there needed to be some healing whether that's your healing from the bombardment of day-to-day anxiety of what was going on around the world you may be implementing a little bit more meditation as well into your daily life but it's almost like what do i do with myself this is your external circumstances okay so i feel like everybody's kind of in the suspended mode of maybe lockdown for example or everything is just kind of suspended for a little while whilst you may be still working away but also how can i put that it's like finding a balance when you're working from home sometimes it's harder to switch off than just going to the office and then leaving it behind and then coming home and being when you're working in your you know your front room is your office there's sometimes you feel like you're always at work so they're kind of it's almost like well what do i do next what do i do next i'm going to pull a card on that energy just to clarify queen of cups yeah so um this what do i do next what do i do next energy uh we got the page of cups here now even though you're an air element aquarius this is the uh energy that you're embodying which is peace serenity uh you know loving nurturing home and um sort of just trying to find that that balance um in the storm as it were and out of it you're manifesting this the page of pentacles so this is uh patience this is capricorn energy uh this is cancer and energy so this is about your emotions um but this is a new job a raise a promotion there is opportunity abounding towards you okay so you're gonna hear some news pages bring news about finances so uh you're just trying to find that balance and uh manifest what it is that you truly desire and deserve and you're calling it in okay in this solitude you're calling it in so it's the same energy over here you're in your solitude you're calling in a new start but it starts with big changes that you are actioning yourself okay and here it is here is an opportunity that comes your way this is your hopes and dreams getting the right job for you getting the right opportunity for you the one that brings investment that helps you be self-sufficient financially and it's arriving here so new job raise promotion after a rocky time you're being raised up okay now this is about moving forward there is growth in the situation as you can see there's sprouts on those antlers so the antlers are protective mode okay being through battle having some sort of um you know tough time it's it's been you know there's been a lot of challenges um but they're indicating that after a sparse time there's growth even in the strangest of places you will find growth now with this ace of earth is destiny meeting fate in this particular deck it's all about prosperity in its purest form being manifested on the physical plane you're going to start to see that abundance physically in your world okay this is your hopes and your dreams here and it will happen this is a tangible amount of money or a tangible offer that brings a large amount of money it's from the material world and it feels like there was an opportunity just at your fingertips but there's something better coming okay now obviously trust your intuition when it feels right it's right okay aquarius so um you'll know when the right opportunity comes in here the three of earth is about building a sort of architecture for your finances so teamwork building upon whatever you've built already it's also about using dedicated collaboration so you may be working into team and moving into a different department uh with a new opportunity that speaks more to your soul so your creative output suits that kind of department and you get more of a kick out of it and financially you know it it's almost like how you feel about your job and you enjoy it it's nice to get the finances but you want to get your mojo back so that's the energy that i'm getting here this three of earth is a beautiful energy because it is an indication that you're finding security you i think your dreams are starting to take shape before your very eyes okay now it may have started though with some sort of learning because when you get this card it is about teamwork it is about collaboration and there's a strong energy of being either teaching growing or building upon your skill set to look towards the future okay and finally we've got that ace of fire i love this this is access to your dreams your hopes your wishes dream big when you get this card because it indicates whatever it is you're trying to achieve that you're passionate about and that you want the universe is bringing you an ace of fire which is um your dreams made manifest um it's it's a step towards victory okay so weird they're showing me a heart with two um it's not weird but and there should be a heart with two white wings on either side okay so red heart and two white wings either side now i feel like that's probably a very famous kind of picture or something so maybe you're looking at that i feel it's also got like some sort of written slogo slogo written logo or slogan across it but i can't see what it says oh maybe aladdin is flattened is it yeah maybe latin there okay if you've got a picture that's like that or you're looking at it as you listen to this reading then there's something in this message for you maybe you've got a tattoo that's like that um please take it as it resonates there's white wings and a red heart uh it feels like peace of heart you know um you're rising up and your heart is gonna swell with joy and happiness and it brings so much peace but you're definitely rising up here with this opportunity so a lot of success but i feel like the beginning energy there's the transition okay and uh if they could give me a date that would be great but they're not giving me anything right now okay 16 16 of uh february 16th of february okay this is when this lucky break comes your way an opportunity or you'll be actioning it you'll actually be physically moving towards it uh but look out for the 16th of february there now i'm just going to give you any advice before we close your reading thank you so much fire guardian ignite your passions so same energy the power for your future is within your hands aquarius and you are the master and the mistress of your destiny so uh igniting your passion the money will flow from there in in time it will actually rise up to this energy okay um so because they just keep showing me a king of earth i'm not sure why but that's like an enterprising kind of energy or philanthropy you know the ability to attract abundant energy um we've also got the wolf winter take care of your needs so it is a self-sufficiency uh kind of energy now aquarius um they're showing me someone moving a chair i'm just gonna get a little bit energy joining it's got really cold they're showing me someone moving a chair so whether that's you as you're listening to reading you're just dragging the chair across you're lifting it feels like it's dragging i'm hearing the sound um so if that's you then there's something in this message for you okay just to clarify it's not going to be for everybody um but they just want someone to pay attention to this part of the reading so winter take care of your needs okay because there may be a slight pause in this transition period a slight delayed waiting kind of energy but look what is to come something that is very very exciting there okay but the wolf indicates you may be going solo on this or you may um have to be self-sufficient for a little while until this opportunity comes along now before we close i'm just going to give you a wisdom of the article thank you so much spirit guys great angels can you please clarify do you want that card no thank you so much guys great angels any final messages for my beautiful aquarians we have by the book but it's in the reverse okay it is number 11. so uh it's upside down so that indicates you know 11 is the soul path so perhaps you feel like you you haven't been able to action the soul path that you feel like you should have been on maybe you feel like your soul path is delayed slightly and that you haven't been able to go by the book when you get the by the book in the upright it's about making your next move moving forward okay with strategy with purpose but also doing it's almost like looking at others who've gone before you and looking at uh the way they did it but you got it in the reverse so perhaps you're being a bit of a maverick that's why you're getting the winter okay that solo kind of energy maybe uh you people have not done this before and you're the first in your family to do this thing and it feels like you're going solo let's read from the book because i won't i didn't want to tell you anything wrong there let's see number 11. okay so number 11 and you have the protection message which is now is the time for a real change in consciousness as you are incited to revolt challenge the structures that are limiting authentic progress it is not enough to rebel in small ways this is a call to revolution focus on what you really want to achieve regardless of whether it feels so far outside the box that the established order may reject it genius invention and transformation are rarely comfortable and less likely to be accepted by the mainstream it may be time for you to say no to the way of your group take a stand make real changes it could be that the structure of your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul this is a time for transformation so let go of the fear of change your intuition will lead you through the darkness there is no turning back now trust that the light will dawn epiphanies will surely lead to miracles beautiful energy so they're completely clarifying that energy there you know about going solo as i said here you know going uh off the radar solo in order to make big changes so uh you're bucking trends and um maybe you're being a maverick in the field that you you want to go in you're going to be very successful don't be tempted okay i'm just going to get a drink before we close thank you so much guys can you please guys my beautiful aquarians what do they need to know wow so we have the angel so this indicates you are not alone uh you are being uh you're guided um so anything you feel like you've been rejected from or was not right for you you're being uh guided to the next uh opportunity uh this is a god's protection and redirection so the angels are with you in this situation where would you like this okay they actually want it on the wheel of fortune so they are guiding a lucky opportunity to come your way and we have the symbol for peace so this situation will bring a lot of peace here for you okay um there there's just serenity it is really beautiful uh but there's two opportunities coming for you make sure you take the one that uh speaks to everything about who you are that authentic energy they want me to put this on the sun card because a lot of joy coming towards you a lot of peace and a lot of abundance okay my beautiful aquarians i'll leave it there i hope something resonated in this reading for you if it did please like or subscribe to my channel completely free for you all you have to do is press the little bell apparently that's important it lets you know when to update my next message lets me know that you resonate with the reading which is very very important for me thank you so much my beautiful aquarians love and light

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