Apprenticeship Product Awareness webinar - Business

Apprenticeship Product Awareness webinar - Business

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Good. Afternoon everybody. Welcome. To the. Pearson webinar. On, our apprenticeship, product awareness webinar, for, the business sector my. Name's Nathan Cookson and I'm the sector manager here at Pearson, for the business sector my. Responsibilities, at Pearson is. Primarily. Around product, management of our suite of business sector. Products which includes, qualifications. Apprenticeships. And. A range of products. Services and content that support, those, apprenticeships, and qualification, products. The. Purpose of this webinar today is, really, to share a high-level overview of, the products and services available from. Pearson, in the business sector to. Support you and your apprentices, around their apprenticeship. Journey we've. Had some feedback very. Recently from customers, who are various, stages of their apprenticeship journey, really. That they would value some high-level. Guidance, around the products and. Services. That are available for you to. Acquire. From Pearson whether that's free of charge or our, paid for content, so really the purpose of this webinar is to present. A high-level overview of those we're not going to go in a great amount of detail but. There will be an opportunity for you to ask questions, and. To. Talk to your, account managers and BDMS, after, this webinar before, we go into the, webinar just a tiny bit of housekeeping. The, slides will, be available and the video of the slides will be available after, the end of this webinar if. You have any questions, please do type. Them into the, chat, window and, while, aim to do is when we, get a sufficient number of questions. Built. Up I'll pause the webinar, and spend some time asking, those questions please. Do ask any question about the products and services we're talking about today I will. Try my best to answer those if there's anything that requires additional, information, we'll go away and. We'll provide the responses, perhaps in in a Q&A session or to you directly, so. Within, the business sector there, are a number of Prentice ships new apprenticeship standards, appears and are approved for on, the apprenticeship, register. Of apprenticeship assessment, organizations. And those, standards, are highlighted, in. This slide so for example in the business administration route. We have three specific, standards. The ones you would expect to see business administrator, ops, manager, and team, leader in.

The Sales marketing a procurement route we have the customer service practitioner. And the retailer. We, are also engaged in the customer service specialist, standard. We. Do offer a number of other, endpoint. Assessments and apprenticeship products in other areas, for example we. Delivered a health and social care and health sector, new. Standard, update earlier today we. Do offer in various, service sectors and like I said please do contact your, point. Of contact - Pearson - to talk about those but the, purpose of the day is to really highlight the the, products, that we've got available to support you around. On program, and endpoint, assessment, in the, business, sector specifically. Specifically. The the the top form. One. Mode I'm just going to pause. Apologies. For that we've just had a couple of questions around, difficulties. With. With some people on the webinar hearing, if you are having any difficulties please do follow. Fire those in the chat window and my colleague. Who's supported on this webinar will try, and resolve that for you so apologies for that. Picking. Up where we left off our, solutions, around apprenticeship. New apprentice standards primarily focus on how we can support you on, program, and endpoint, assessment, and within this webinar we're going to talk about those various different solutions, in. The main they, are the use of qualifications. And to, support one program, and learning, resources, and content, structured around both, the on program, and endpoint assessment. And. As I certainly in the earlier slide you've probably seen this visual, a number of times but really what it does it just highlights the end to end. Apprenticeship. Journey for an apprentices, for, your apprentices, and. The specific, blue box is really look at the areas, where we aim to provide products, and services. And content to, support you in the delivery, of um program learning and. As you'll see there in the main that's qualifications. Paid, for digital learning resources as. Well as your functional, skills English, and maths. We're. Slowly building our training, support offer and how we are supporting. You and your apprentices, from the beginning with endpoint assessment, in mind all, the way through that. Journey to assessment. Gateway and successful. Endpoint assessment, and. Inclusive, in our offer is is as you would expect endpoint, assessment, high-quality and point assessments, that. Are bespoke, to each new. Apprenticeship standard, that Pearson are on the register for. In. Regards to one program delivery, the three areas that we're going to cover in terms of highlighting our available. Products and services to support you are to look at our own program qualification offer. How. We've built apprenticeship. Handbook, so essentially. Learning. Textbooks. To support both, the, apprentice standards, but also the on program qualifications, that Pearson have created, and are continuing. To create and. Also to look, at Anna citing digital. Platform, that, the pearson are working, on called apprentice, 360. Which. Is essentially it's coming soon but it we think it's going to be an excellent, tool. To support you in the delivery of um program. Learning and preparing, apprentices, for, Gateway an endpoint assessment. It's. Important to understand that these. Are not mandated. Support. Products, for that you have to undertake. When. Working. With Pearson around apprenticeships, but they are designed to be complementary. And, flexible. And allow, you to deliver the learning in, a tailored way to meet the needs of your apprentices, so what, you may do is take a pick-and-mix approach you may decide, that actually, all three solutions really, work for. Your organization, and your princess. So. Touching, on unqualified, unprogrammed qualifications. As you'll be aware, within. The majority, of business, sector, new, apprenticeship, standards. Qualifications. Have not been mandated, into, the apprenticeship, standards, the. Feedback we've we've, been receiving from customers, essentially, since the start of new apprenticeships, which is several years ago is that there is a demand still from, employers, and from providers and certainly from apprentices, and parents, of apprentices, around, the. Value and the currency that on program qualifications. Provide. Apprentices. So. What we've been doing over the past 12. To 18 months is creating, a suite of. I'll. Call, them optional, qualifications. For the business sector because they are exactly they're optional qualifications.

That Are designed to, support the, technical, knowledge skills and behaviors within. The apprenticeship, standards. In. Terms, of those qualifications we, focus, on two specific areas, we've, designed a certificate, size qualification. And also a diploma size qualification. So for example if you are working with a business administrator, level 3 apprentice, there are two qualifications. That that. Sit and align very nicely to, that apprenticeship, standard, that you may think or you, may deem actually, are really, valuable to your delivery but also to to, recognize that the skills knowledge and behaviors of your princess. The first one being something, we called certificate as you would expect, the. Certificate, has been aligned to, the 20% off the job requirements. Of, the. New, apprentice standards, and what we mean there is. That it's. It's a small sized qualification. And it's designed, specifically. To cover those areas of the standards, that were typically aligned best to, the delivery of off the job training and, what we mean there is is the technical and behavioral, knowledge and that, underpins, the job role so what we've created support for all of those. Standards. Highlight at the beginning is a certificate sized qualification. That, supports. Technical. Behavioral, knowledge and. Understanding. Of the apprenticeship standard and the size of them approximately. Equates, to what you would expect to see in a 20% off the job program. Based on the size of the apprenticeship, and its duration. Extending. That further we've. Also created diplomas. The. Diplomas, again they they cover the same, elements. Of the certificate, so they cover and the. Development, and application of, technical. Behavioral. Knowledge and opens a job role but they also align, to the full apprenticeship, standard so this they cover those skills, areas. Within the apprenticeship standards, the. Feedback we were getting from customers. Were engaging with is actually, the. The apprentice standards are brief and there is very nice to have those assessment, plans that support endpoint assessment, but what's required really is a it's a structured, framework to. Support, delivery. Of apprenticeship, standards, and the, deployment is exactly, that I mean when you look at either, qualifications. You'll see they're very much. Designed. In the qualification specification. Way but, they will support, you should you wish to choose them in. Creating. A framework for the delivery, of your full apprenticeship, program, leading, up to Gateway in. A very familiar way, to what, a lot of training providers and apprenticeship training providers, are used to in. Addition, to the. The, skills and knowledge there are also some really good units within those qualifications that touch upon. Behaviors. And. We've, noticed when kind of reviewing, competitor. Offerings out there that behaviors tend to off be be, missed so we've built some really interesting units, specifically, in the certificate. That. Look at embedding, behavioral. And recognizing, Haverhill. Knowledge. And skills very, early into, the qualification, so please, do have a look at those. And. Some of the benefits of those qualifications, for. Both providers employers, and apprentices are listed here I'm, not going to go through them all because you've got the slides, in. Front of you and you'll, be able to access the slides post webinar, but. Just picking out a couple of those, they, provide the evidence to meet the 20% off the job and so they said what I what I mean to say these they support, you in evidencing, the 20%, off, the job and they're also a great, tool for ensuring.

That Apprentices. When they get to Gateway. Can. Demonstrate through successful, I guess. Formative. Assessment. That. They're ready for endpoint assessment, that they actually are, achieving, what's required when the apprenticeship standard, so it's a really good way to structure. Delivery. In a phased way leading, up to Gateway in. Terms of benefits for apprentices we spoke, about this earlier but I think one of the strong. Benefits. Here is actually that formal, recognition and certification. For apprentices, yes of course they achieved. That upon successful, endpoint assessment, and but, this is also a really good way to recognize their achievement, achievement for a qualification, and the currency. That. That qualification, offers. Particularly. At a time where there. Still is that that. Sense of nervousness around, the currency, of the apprentice certificate, and. While that recognition, is growing these qualifications, support that I think one of the things they also do they also offer and that benefit for phased, recognition. So you've got your functional skills English and maths accreditation. And recognition, you're then progressing, to a qualification. Recognition. And finally, then I guess the pinnacle is is your as your apprentices, achieving, their endpoint assessment, and their apprenticeship, certificate. And. Just. To highlight a few of those qualifications. And that are, available on our website and the link is also included in this slide we've, created them for the administration. The customer service practitioner, team leader and. Operations, department or manager, these. Have been mapped. To the. Content, of the apprenticeship standards, and. They. Are available on our on, our website for you to to. Access and seek approval for. Expanding. Our offer further we've. Also created in, partnership with artists and publishing, team or something, we call apprenticeship. Handbooks, and you see the visual there on the, right-hand side. These. Are very much we, would call course, companions. So, they're designed to support. Your. Apprentices, by providing engaging. Learning content, there's map to the standard, and. Within that learning content, there's also assessment, activities. Around. Skills, knowledge and also how to apply, behaviors. And those activities are included in the workbook. Essentially. It's an enrichment, tool, for, your apprentice and what we do know is that. Even. Though Pearson. And many. Organizations are shifting to a digital offer there is still a significant. Proportion of the market that do like to hold a physical, textbook and they're certain some certain, sectors, actually wear it it's safer, and more, practical, to hold a textbook in the workplace, and potentially, access an online or, digital platform, so these have been designed. For. That purpose they're really good and, again the link is there for you to to, go and have a look and download. A sample of these handbooks, and they, can be purchased in a one-off basis, for your apprentices, both. In hardcopy, but also via active, book, which is essentially a digital copy, of the textbook and. You can also purchase. A, license. To acquire large. Volumes, of the. Active, learned book that, obviously. Relates. Then to kind of as a small discount based on bulk but. We think they're really good and we think they're really valuable at. This moment I'm just going to take. A pause to see if there's any questions. So. The the first question is. When. Will the business and administration handbooks, be available, business, administrator. Published date has been moved from April to May and today still not available to buy so that's a really good question and I'm, gonna follow that one up for you because I had, a, dialogue. With Pearson, publishing our colleagues who, advised that actually from. Yesterday. From Monday, these these workbooks, these handbooks, will, be available, to order, from our warehouse I actually have one right in front of me now so. So please do try. Again to see if they're available if, they're not please, do send us an email or. Contact. Us directly and the content details will be at the end of this webinar and we'll follow that out for you but just to reinforce they are available, now they came into the work into sorry the warehouse literally.

Monday Of this week. Another. Question do the qualifications, provide stretch and challenge for learners who have been in the role for sometimes, really. Really good question again I would. Say absolutely whilst. They are. Aligned. To the content, of the apprenticeship standard, one of the purpose of the qualifications. When the research we done was, to. Ensure. That the qualifications prepare, learners. To. Be. Be, competent, in the broader sack term what I mean is to have that transparent. Transfer, ability when, they potentially, leave their employer, which I'm not I'm not recommending, by the way I mean that's, not the purpose but what weight does is to ensure they've got that transfer, ability, for. When they leave their employer and to go and work somewhere else, which is likely to happen at some point so it's about offering, broader. For. Example Christmas OA so if it's broader skills, and knowledge and understanding. In. Customer, service that it's also externally, facing and not just internally, facing within the organization, but at the same time they will still, aligned to the apprenticeship standard, and support. Your, apprentices, leading. Up to gateway. What, I would say with those qualifications is, please don't. Use those qualifications as, the only source to, prepare learners, for endpoint assessment, they're designed to, support. Apprentices. In. Knowledge. Skills and understanding, and job, competence. What, what we do recommend strongly, recommend, is that they are delivered. Alongside, the, endpoint, assessment, specifications. We've created because, what, you also want to ensure and it's absolutely critical is that your, apprentices, are preparing for endpoint assessment, from from the onset and. To do that once, one solution is absolutely, used of qualifications, but in parallel to the content, within our endpoint assessment specifications. So I hope that answers a question. Okay. So to move on so please like I said the beginning if you do have any more questions please do send them through and we will pick. Them up. Similar. To the qualifications, there are a number of benefits for providers, and employers and, apprentices. Again I'm not going to go through all of these are there for you to to. Look and. Share. Within your organization's. At your. Own time but again that they're visually appealing, textbooks. They're not just words that there's there's visuals, in there there's activities, there's, various different, learning resources, that you can refer to. Like. I said they are designed, to drive the, technical, content, for the off the job training but. There is a element of skill and activities, in there so. I hope they're useful for you. Apprentice. Apprentice. 360, so you've probably heard this being, batting around for quite some time but. It's an area there where Pearson are significantly. Investing, in the next few months and have been in, the previous months and what, apprentice 360, years it's a digital learning platform, that's, designed to deliver. Engaging, accessible. Interactive. And personalized, learning experience. For apprentices, I, was, recently at the. AAC, conference, where there was a number of different, learning. Management systems, on show. Which which were fantastic, but. What they what, what, they didn't include was, actually that learning content that, learning content that bespoke off-the-shelf. Learning content, that you can use to deliver. To. Your apprentices, and that's one of the purpose of apprentice 360, we we are creating, align to both the apprenticeship, standards and the, qualifications. The. Digital, learning content, that you can use you. May have heard this organization, before skill PO they're. They're a market-leading digital, content. But, who. We're working in partnership to, create. This. Digital, learning content, for you and, we've been up three six sixty I bullet. Pointed a number of different things there that it will include its animated videos, infographics comic. Strips, quizzes. Feedback, and various, templates, that you can use to.

Provide That blended, learning experience and but, similar to the qualifications, what I would say is, using. Apprenticeship 360, is not going to completely a prepare, your apprentices, for any point. Assessment, it's an additional, tool that, you can use to supplement your. Your, existing, learning program, that you're delivering to apprentices. And. There, are a number of benefits for the various different stakeholders, that I could probably put on about five or ten, slides. But a number of them are here so for providers then map to Pearson's. On program qualifications. The content, is bespoke it's been designed by experts. There's. Also some great, functionality in, there around tracking, learner progress and, achievement, which you would expect to see and, and. What, we're going to do we're not going to sit on our laurels with apprentice 360, we are going to continue, to build new content, and improve its functionality as, it goes and. Benefits, for employers a number, of bullet points there but again managers. And workplace mentors, can access this material, they can look at the tracking, of you love the learner progress and they, can be involved in the, apprentices, journey I think. A really strong point of at 360. Is that much. Of the kind of content, the core content, can be delivered via, at 360. Meaning, actually that the employer can spend more time on. Those high-value. Direct. Contact, learning opportunities, as opposed to the delivery, I guess, that chalk and talk, Tyco. Activity, for. The apprentice, as you would expect. It's. Accessible from a desktop or a mobile, device it, has to be visually, stimulating, so. There's a good blend of of. Text. There's, a good blend of animations, and kind, of knowledge. Transfer in those videos and we'll show you a real small snippet in a moment. And what. We're what we're focusing, on as well in at 360. Is is, behavioral, content, so at Pearson we've designed a behavioral. Framework that, supports, pretty much all of the new apprenticeship standards, we're seeing, was. Written in different ways we're seeing the same kind of behavioral, elements those transferable, skills, and personal effectiveness skills that, are needed in the modern workplace across, all of those standards so in. Addition to supporting the niche, of the new standards with bespoke content, we're also creating a behavioral. Digital. Learning content. Actually that will, facilitate all, apprentice standards it's really exciting stuff and and, we can't wait to to. Share more information with you about that, so. I'm just gonna show you a it's, literally, a forty second video now it may, whet your appetite, but. After this after, this presentation what, we'll also share with you is in, our communication, to the link where you can access it's a five-minute video, I believe of app. 360, and will give you a good, taster, of what's. To come if. You do have any questions around. App 360, at this. Point in time it's probably best to direct those to your, account manager or your business development manager so that we can have a more detailed conversation. With you and to talk about timelines but I'll. Click this video and hopefully it works for you. So. Like I said a very very, bout, to play again for you let me get rid of that you don't see again a very. Very short. Taster. Of what's, to come around app 360. And that and that essentially gives you a good indication of the styling, of the way these videos these. Kind of digital learning content will will, support you and your delivery to apprentices, but like I said they're, not going to prepare appearances, for endpoint assessment, completely or ensure job competence they are a. Mentary, tool to, support you in your high. Quality learning program you're already, delivering, to your apprentices. So. Moving on moving. Onto endpoint assessment, and. As you would expect Pearson, we are a es FA approved endpoint assessment, organization because, if we weren't you wouldn't be here, today listening, to some, of the supports, we. Have available for you and. In terms of that support it's. For real kind of areas we're focusing on at the moment our EP a resources, documents, and guidance these are the, the support you get when you sign up to Pearson as an endpoint assessment, organization, essentially. The free of charge support, that will support you in preparing your, apprentices, for, endpoint, assessment, and again this, is designed to be used, at the onset, of your. Learner's apprenticeship, program from day one to. Prepare them for an important, assessment from day one so that when they get to that.

Gateway They are ready they are familiar with, what's required. For. Endpoint, assessment. Also created, some. Digital learning content, called practice and prepare that I'll briefly cover an. Overview of why we. Think Pearson, endpoint assessment services is the is the best endpoint assessment, service there on the market and. Smart, epi is the, operational. System the management system we're using to, ensure their endpoint, assessment, is a smooth process, from start to, finish for, you and your apprentices. In. Terms. Of the documents, and guidance so. When. You as an organization commit. To Pearson's, endpoint, assessment, service and if you haven't already done so please do contact your, account, manager or Account Services team for. Every standard, that Pearson engage with in terms of endpoint assessment, we, have created. Already an EPA, specification. And an additional, resources, document, and, these are critical, documents, because it contains all the information that you, as an apprenticeship training provider, will need to, prepare your apprentices, for endpoint assessment, it will also contain, all the information that, apprentices, need. Around. The evidence that mean they need to share with their endpoint Assessor to make their assessment, decision so that they're critical, and they should they should have real, strong visibility. And very, early within your, apprenticeship learning program, what. I would say is is employers are, different. The different beast altogether often. They don't, relate directly to. Specification. Type documents, so actually as an, as an apprenticeship, training provider, my. Feedback would be to actually look at those specifications, and think about how they can be translated into, a, more employer, focus, language. For your, employers which may be different from, employer by employer. On. Our website you will see the EPA specification. Document, and what that is it's a it's an overview, of the, apprenticeship, standard, and. How Pearson, will. Assess endpoint, assessment. It's. A document that's visible to everybody and you don't need to be a, registered. Organisation, with Pearson to access that but, it but it essentially covers everything, that's in the apprenticeship standards, everything. That's in the assessment. Planning is really that high-level tool. For, you to, view Pearson's, approach to endpoint assessment, free standard, really. The real kind of value, Gritty. Document, is that additional resources document. And this, document is, only available once, an organization is committed to Pearson. For endpoint assessment, and it's available by a via, smart EPA which we'll talk about briefly, at the end within, that additional resources, document, what, it does it contains that level, of detail that's not contained, in the. Apprentice, standard in the assessment, plan it contains the detail around actually, what, will the endpoint Assessor, be looking for from your apprentices, and how would they be assessing them so. In in that respect, it contains the evidence requirements. We've. Also included in their content, to support delivery, and this is particularly important, where there is a tested, element. Of endpoint, assessment, so when, I mean content, it's really that knowledge content that may be, included in the tested, element of endpoint assessment, so typically a multiple-choice, test. Well. As a portfolio of assessment, in. The, endpoint, assessment for example within, the management, standards, we've provided the portfolio, guidance, so actually what should a learner be including. Within their portfolio to, best prepare them for endpoint, assessing but also various templates to help them formulate their. Portfolio. And. In. Those standards, where there may be projects. Again. Thinking, level five ops manager and level three Business Administrator we've also got those project, and assessment, briefs. Within. That additional, resources document. So, just to kind of reiterate they're the EPA specification, is that high level overview of Pearson's. Approach and is available for everybody the, additional resources document. Is that high value document. That really articulates. Our. Endpoint. Assessment will will, take place and what the endpoint Assessor will be looking for and it's that document, you really need to use with your apprentices, and familiarize. Them with and support them with from the onset to. Be best prepared for, endpoint. Assessment, where. There is a on, screen tested. Element we will create. Sample. Assessments, and what I mean there is a practice, test that replicates, the real-life test, in most, scenarios will only create, one practice.

Test The. Reason there being that. There's. Only so many there's only a finite amount of questions that you actually can then cover in on-screen paper, or. An on screen test so we need to ensure that those practice tests don't give away potential, life test items hence why there's usually only one and. Like. I mentioned before something we are building upon is our online training events, and our face-to-face training, prevents to help you prepare, and please do contact your account manager for, that I probably. Should've stopped earlier but at this point I'm gonna pick up a few more and questions. So that we can cover them. So. Going back to the qualifications. Are. The mapped qualification, is different to the current certificates, and diplomas they, absolutely are so my, understanding what you perhaps mean by current certificate deployments are those qualifications, that were created for the seis, and SAS were frameworks. They're. They're completely, different to those qualifications, at the onset of new standards, what we did was, we mapped, those seis, qualifications. To, against, the new standards, to identify. Coverage, really, as a as a as a stopgap to, support you if you really were, delivering, in the very early stages new apprentice standards, the. Feedback we had received from a number of different stakeholders was actually there's, a number of gaps in those qualifications, that sometimes. Required additional time or didn't, fior you didn't feel that they. Aligned closely enough, to the standard, so so, these new qualifications. Are lying directly to the, new standards, and. The mapping document, is included, in the specification, so brand new qualifications. Launched. Within the past six months and we, will have a development, cycle to continue to support new standards, with. Similar qualifications, and. There. Another, question. Pearson. Had been slow in producing, resources, to support standards, and EPA are they substantial, thank. You for your candid, honesty and and. I wouldn't, disagree I think. One of the reasons why our. Our speed, to. Market, has been slower than what we like is that we wanted to ensure actually. That, the content, we produce the learning content, replicates. Endpoint. Assessment. Locates the skills knowledge and behaviors, that. Learners. Are going to need to demonstrate for competence, and learner's are going there pencils are going to need to demonstrate for endpoint assessment, and as you would expect when the, apprentice standards and assessment plans were first published they're so light. In terms of content, it's. Difficult, to create meaningful. Learning resources, at that point without. Having the. The. EPA specification. The additional resources document. To support, so, so, granted. Really good point but. We are moving fast and we are looking at how we can become more agile in the way we create learning content I think you'll be pleased, when. We go to market with specifically, a 360, of what we've produced but. Please do look at the qualifications, please do look at our EPA specs, in. Comparison. To what is out there in the market the quality of those specifications are I believe is a is a completely, different standard. They don't replicate this as the, the, standards word for word they actually give, you meaningful, information, around what, those, skills knowledge behaviors, mean and what. Apprentices. Should be showing and what the endpoint Assessor will be assessing. Ok, so that's the only question the last question so we'll move on we've got a few more slides left, and, so. Practice and prepare is one of the earliest learning. Content, we created, and to, support new apprenticeship standards, these are really designed, at, a time when, the standards, were very, new and there's very limited information in. Terms of the additional content that being said there's still some fantastic, resources, within. Practice and repair we've, created a number of activity, sheets that can be used and for your apprentices to kind of generate that formative, on program. Learning Garrity's that they can put into their portfolio and we, also have those PowerPoint, presentations.

Which Essentially support you in the short there those areas of the standards where you think that, kind of chalk and talk. Delivery. Is required really those knowledge areas so. Those are included they had a number of other things such as multiple. Choice questions, to support those. Endpoint assessments, whether I tested, elements, and in, addition we've also got some sign up so not to test videos, and what these are designed, to do is to give you an indication, give you apprentices. A feel, for, how things such, as observations. Might work how professional, discussion might happen that content, they can kind of look at in their own their. Own time or and they're off the job elements within their apprenticeship to familiarize, themselves with. Endpoint. Assessment, and we, support those in a number of areas such as customer service team. Leader business, and administrator, I don't, care those you can see on the. Visual. And there's. A link that to the bottom other bottom of this page where you can access. More information on, the practice and prepare resources, I think what I would say is over time and practice, and prepare is likely to be phased out and replaced by, our. App 360. Learning. Content, platform. So. Hopefully after kind of listening. To me speak for 45 minutes you, have a good idea of actually what some of the benefits are of Pearson's. Endpoint. Assessment, service and what we're trying to achieve with. Our offer and and some of those are a bullet pointed here and what you can be assured of is receiving the high-quality consistent. Reliable service, so that you can support on. Concentrating. On supporting, your apprentices, essentially, that the mantra uses, allow. Us to. Do what we do best so that you can do what you do best and you. Can be confident, that, the. Endpoint Assessors we use for endpoint assessment our occupation. Of competent, people. Within the workplace we don't simply use existing. Standards, verify us who and, are. Fantastic, in that role but may not have been in the job role for extended. Periods of time we think it's important, actually that your employees are confident, that, our endpoint Assessors are occupational. Competent, in. Terms of rich feedback and results our results, time is five working. Days and. You will receive rich feedback from your endpoint. Assessor and. Around. The the successful, or additional. Work that needs to happen, for your apprentices, to achieve endpoint assessment.

I Often. See out there in the network a number of endpoint assessment, organizations, advising. That we're, fantastic, we do remote. Assessment. And it saves time brilliant. So, do pearson but our approach here is actually its customer, first we're. Flexible enough to offer remote endpoint, assessment, but at the same time we're more than happy to do face to face endpoint. Assessment, I think it's about. Understanding. And working with you from a very early phase around, what assessment, approach meets the needs of your. Employers and your apprentices, and. Having underpinning, all of that is smart, EPA which is our, apprentice. And management system, to support and the, planning, of EPA from start, to finish. And. Again here is the those details, on what's mark EPA is around how it can. Support online endpoint. Assessment, delivery, Kure administrative. Efficiencies, I think, the important thing to point out actually is that all, of the free. Of charge content, we've covered in this webinar is hosted on, smart APA so it's all in a single place available, for you to download, the. Caveat, being there is actually smart APA is only available today centers, who have committed. To pierce. And endpoint assessment, services with the exception of the EPA specification. Which you can download, from. Our piece, and website. So. Finally, if. You do have any questions around, anything contained, within this webinar that our contact, details are here, and they're also dotted, around the webinar.

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