APB CPB Group Interview 2018

APB CPB Group Interview 2018

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Thanks. For doing this guys this is our first, meeting. That we've had without the ladies in. The room which is kind of interesting kind, of weird but, we've got we've, got through the day so it's kind of awesome but for. The ladies were listening we need you back so, looking forward to seeing you back. In, boardroom very very shortly. Before, we get started we. Did. Forget, through the busyness of the day. To. Award the, top, professional, builder for. This particular quarter, and there has been a very big. Standout, performer. Always. Very close especially for those of you who. Are in the other boardrooms at the moment who may be watching, this or you may not be watching this. But. The winner is from team, mana this, particular boardroom, this time round so pull up your socks guys. But. A massive congratulations. To this particular builder, who has. Put. In an astounding, effort, in. Terms of work. Leads. Has. Just, gone through the roof lead, acquisition, systems, all that type of stuff, as. Well as sales the, number of contracts, being signed. And. The, it's. Nice it's nice to have lots of leads coming through it's nice to have lots of sales conversions, and that type of thing. But. It's also nicer. When. The profit margins, are, unbelievably. High, so. You. Know without going. Into too much detail, and that kind of thing I did want to congratulate. And guys please, join, me in congratulating Matt and. The team at rain by building solutions that you are ready. To. Yourself--and. And, the team I know how hard you guys work and special. Mention to some of the team. There in particular to Paul Fe. If he is watching and that kind of thing give him a nice pat in the back, so, well done well done. So. Mastermind today guys. Some. Of the guys might be looking in and wondering what we do all day, it's. Not drinking and just eating and lounging about that kind of stuff we actually do get quite, a bit of work done I. Guess. You know enough of me I'm sure we might sort of soon they're going shut up. Tell, us what's going on and. Let. Some of the other guys get a couple of word in edgeways. What. Do you like about boardroom. What is it for you guys that keeps you coming back every Porter flying in here sitting. Down putting yourself through the pains of planning, and trying to work out what's going to happen in the next quarter, planning ahead for the next 12 months planning, ahead for the next three years what, is it that brings you guys back what is the the key thing for you that keeps. You in board room. Thanks. Brett for me it's, it's a it's like a road map yeah so by, looking at our figures and our KPIs, we can see what, we've done in the past but more importantly, where. We can take it to in the future which. Helps, with expansion but also helps the profitability and. Making. Sure as the business grows the profits grow so it's worthwhile during business, expansion. Of profit profitability, is what I heard over there excellent, excellent and. Roadmap as well on Brett so, when, you talk about roadmap, for you is. It a question of you, know you've, got really good business instincts you've done very well, what, does boardroom and being in a group with you know guys like this give you the ability to do that perhaps you may not do if you're on your own and being, you. Know I guess in. Word in terms of the business and focusing so much on the company itself a lot of confidence so. Because. You're around other like-minded people, with, similar businesses. You. Can see what you're doing and the daily problems you have a similar. Throughout the industry yeah, so with that you have the confidence to to. Move forward and drive and, you're not insular. In what you're doing yeah and. I. Personally, just take so much away from these guys and what you learn from them yeah it's incredible isn't it you pick up even one thing that you pick up could actually do you know major changes, for you thanks.

To That very awesome Toby what about you I like, the fact that we take. Song away I just from working in the business and working. The. Good old cliche but it's true isn't it to. Do what you need to need. Yes, they focus you then always stay, focused died today and at least when they come up here and you're talking yeah without other bosom you guys helping. Us along the way we, get to work on the business and, every. Time I came up he just realized how important, it is to do that, you. Might lose track every now and then when you get that time I get stuck in the day-to-day running at the business and dealing we need to do we put coming. Up here you get a day where you just you don't worry about those sort of things you know if I caused I need to come the emails you have to worry about the, little things you get to work on the business and then you take you. Take all that information that you learned today and just take it back and integrate that into the business sometimes. It takes longer than yeah there are some items taken others some tasks too but like, the fact that you're at, least you're focused on that and then we have the you know the. Accountability. Ratings, online as well so it's only six weeks later normally so we can to refocus and recalibrate, there as well, yeah we important, to refocus isn't it important, to refocus important, to to take ourselves out of the business force, ourselves because, I know that there's a lot of people. Who'll be watching this in the future will be thinking I can't take a day away my life is too busy right, and you guys know all about that right it's not that you guys are sitting here going well. I've, got nothing better to do you know the companies all systemized, and what summated, I can, sit here in on the beautiful Gold Coast and take time away you guys often. Talk about how you know how busy you are how stressed you are you. Have the same challenge as everybody else has but you you do challenge, yourself I would say force yourself but you, challenge yourselves to come away step. Away and. And, work on on important. Things in relation to the business and we'll come back to that in a moment in terms of I, guess, I'll ask you guys in a few moments about, you know what was it for you today for example that you you know had some Epiphany some aha moments, was it something new that, you actually picked up and learned or was, it being. Reminded of something else, that perhaps is important, which. May be causing, you problems on site may, be causing your problems internally from administration, or perspectives, you, could be bleeding profit, cash whatever it is you know because everyone's in sort of different situations, and quite, often we'll find ourselves in situations in this quarter where two three quarters ago we're, completely different but it's so interesting isn't it how things change met, for yourself tell us a little bit about, a little, bit about rainbow in in, in Tazzy and you, know what you guys enjoy about.

Boardroom. Sessions and being part of the certified, professional, building program well. For boardroom for me it's really a rejuvenation. That's, getting. My steamed back to get going again yeah by the end of the quarter of yeah. Running again it's a realistic look through. All yeah what you need to get done yeah it's. It's really that refocus, yeah. Thinking. You know working, on the business obviously yeah I mean really focusing, where we where. We've got a big where we take from the business for the next three months and beyond. Yeah. To. Adjust to ensure the business grows and biz is successful, and that's our safely and securely yeah yeah, definitely add some yes. It's really it is the Enrico from the Florida to get going yeah again for the next the next three to six months yeah hundred percent not a percent totally get that so, you guys all pretty passionate. About. Your. Building. Companies and what, you offer and what you do that kind of stuff take. A moment to tell us you know one two perhaps, three try. To keep it nice and short of the. Things that, make. Your specific, companies so, different. Why. Should people turn around and say you know I want to build with, Matt. And the team at Rainbow you know with Toby and the team at high water with, brick and the team at Bray would you know what is it about your particular organizations. And Brett I'll start with you and that why. Should people come to Briarwood what is the difference of Briarwood we. Work in the, volume. Builder market and in. That market, generally. Most the builders in the market work with set plans mm-hm. We, believe that every family should. Have a different plan yeah and basically. Every, every, project we build these custom lists right but, just to have a customized, house doesn't mean it needs to be sixty squares and over four million dollars you can do that with a twenty square house, and that makes so much difference to a family, of work what their family live the king sized bedrooms, are living rooms you know et cetera so that's, the main point of difference and, you know what I've. Gone through that myself recently, if I can just share that for a moment I've gone through and had a look at what some of the the project home builders do and some of the guys are magnificent, love what they have on offer but. When I started asking about you know can I do this and could I do that a lot of times it was I'm so sorry we can't we kind of tend to do this and, the guys accepted you know as is so from, your perspective if I were, looking around and wanting something different, I could go to Braille wouldn't say you know I still want and, Andrew, level you, know home, but.

It's Kind of like ours it's exclusive, it's slightly different but we're not going to break the bank on it we've got a really good budget to work with then, bright wood would be a wonderful option then absolutely, with we basically, never built the same house twice Wow and it's not because we can't film. Two clients that want the same design Wow. Yeah. Awesome. Stuff awesome stuff that great great story love it love it Toby. What about you guys I mean you're always on Facebook you're showing people through homes and, you know you've got some incredibly, different designs. And. You can see people really enjoy the kind of stuff that you do you well known in in. Camden, why. Do so, many people choose to build with high water and the team there I think. We, believe in how, we do things within. Our company but we we, like to think the experience, in doing your home is just as important as to her myself so. As a builders we can all we can all build high and say, well. I'm. A better than others but I. Think. The experience that class go through because it's not just like buying a car buying there's, something about a little sandwich and a three to four week process right you're dealing with clients for you know 12 18 sometimes 24 months by the time you well call all. The way through you've got the handover then you've got the warranty. Period for you yeah you're still talking to clients okay we, pride ourselves in knowing that you know we're still we're based in Canada which is still a small chance of growing towns short small town yeah, you better walk down the street I'll jet I talk, to clients if you run into them running scared. You. Probably got a proud of that the fact that you're Camden you know born and raised in your local and you, don't want to go to other parts of Australia you love where you live you're. A part of the community and you want to build people beautiful homes over there it's important to you guys both in the grocer's, there's a country town but we've seen it grow the surrounding suburbs they're crying yeah very quickly we'd, like to offer you know the. Product of the clients but also that experience, knowing that we are locals, we know you. Know where. We've come from where we're heading, where, Candice heading as well yeah people, take that on board they, appreciate it yeah, yeah. So we like to we like to think that the experience we offer yeah. Is. That, there how. Are you guys able to have such high quality homes, I mean we've seen we've all seen it on Facebook and you know people haven't gone on Facebook to see what you guys are doing they should go because. The houses look incredible, in terms of quality and that kind of thing how are you able to deliver that time and time again on, time you. Know all, all the things that you do I think because we we. Concentrate on on a smaller number of build so I still, like to have I, can never walk away from the on-site I still, want to go see the homes getting. Yeah, save them go up and, we've, got a small-timer capitis. If clauses yeah I stuff that we work with we we. Handicapped, rights and I tried, subcontractors. We've we've, gotten rid of the bad, ones out of these and we've got a good core group. Of triads yeah so one, of them was just recently nominated in, the Master Builders Award for Apprentice of the year weren't they you're talking about awards and that kind of stuff that's really cool to see and not, to see that apprentices. Are actually getting recognized, as well. Yes. It's not something. You. Go study on the board oh yeah I think if you put the time in yeah you. Look, long term and realized a few years after you finish the time you're going to be pretty successful in that we do it and it's nice to have a building, company that brings people through and, can show them that they can have a career.

Be, Safe be, taught properly that kind of thing it's really important isn't it yeah. Okay. Awesome awesome stuff what, about the guys in in, in tears you met what about you. Know what do we do differently at Rainbow and what makes people turnaround ago you know I want a rainbow home and we you've certainly got the, the number of projects, you. Know happening and on the rise and that kind of thing why do so, many tears, manion's choose to build with rainbow. We. Sort. Of work with a little bit within the project, market, yep but. All I build as a desk the cake you know all our staff although guys Tasmanians. And, are unemployed well. Cap'n, while. Employed. By rainbow, so we work them up from, from saying it oppresses, all, the way through so. Now we've got our house. Our senior senior, capital's a senior builders that that guys that started with us from day dot from being first-year apprentice Wow, we build them all up and then create, more and more crews to so we can expand the business further further we. Just started to New York furnaces last, week and. Again we hope the seen in three or four years time these guys will be running their own crews and. And making. A business more successful even, further so, that's. That's what I think a key key, to seeing us, overt, above anyone else and within the industry then it bent as you that you. Get that attention to detail you get that quality because they're, not working to a square meter price that had it working nearly right now they're getting the job done the way we want it done and, and the way the client expects it to be done so the, quality is really, up most priority for us within. Well. We have such a strong focus uniformly. On clients, we want to make sure that our clients, are. Happy with the quality of the bill the selections, that when they walk, into their homes you, know they're going to love it for years to come but, there is such a strong focus in terms of making sure that they also enjoy, the initial interactions. The you know leading up to it before way before contracts, assigned that kind of thing and letting. People know that there are a lot of building companies out there you. Know they will look after them and make sure that they have a great experience as, well so that's important, and then. Often when we talk about profitability. Zazz builders and cashflow and sales, and marketing, and all those things sometimes, people may sit back and say well you know these guys may, be a bit more expensive because of that or you know whatever the case is which. We know is just simply, not true it's not the case why. Is it so important, for, leaders. Such as yourselves you know entrepreneurs who, sit back and say I'm successful, I've done really well why, is it so important for you guys to. Continue. To learn to continue, to be part of groups where you, can rub shoulders with people who will teach you stuff you know mentor, so to speak that kind of thing why. Is it so important for you to, be able to do that in. Terms of for yourselves and also for your clients.

Well. Basically the world never stops turning so, what. You doing this month might be different in six months time as far as. Since replaced Google AdWords or lead. Generation. All. That that, front end of the business spring and leads in now that's it's so much different to maybe five years ago where you put ad in the yellow pages yeah and you waited for the phony room okay now it's it's very it's, complex. But. There's a lot of people out there who still get great jobs. Out of their referrals, and their projects, and that kind of stuff and you guys do I know you enjoy a lot of that as well you know in terms of your businesses why, is it important, to be involved, in digital media these days and, the social, side of the business as well social media I mean. Why. Should we actually focus on that side of things why is that important. Well. It's, anyone's base isn't it really now everyone's, on social media just about these days I mean people, nearly every every, single day yeah. It's. A great interruption, lead yeah, we knew you're always there always in people's faces yeah, I think people want things immediately, these days and yeah when our clients, or prospects. Of looking online, and, looking at something they can they want, information at. The kick of button happen and so if you're not you know I'm. Social media or any or all these platforms that are available yeah. If. You start now before. You developers this applies before on they did this is too like me playing catch-up except for us no yeah, the guys I mean out doing that now we're on, top of that we're, still learning offers another Lisbon bonnet we've got our. Yeah. Well. People are following you guys on social media they're watching your videos they're reading your your, content, your blogs I mean everyone says go out and put a blog out and do a video and that kind of thing but without much structure or strategy and you guys are doing it and you know in some cases getting some incredible. Results. In some cases some of the things need to be amped. Up not everything we're doing here is it's close to perfect we know let's let's be you know open about that one but. You guys are out there you know you're learning your triangle we were talking about it at lunch today and yes, we did have a wonderful lunch. So. That's one of the perks of being here, but, you. Know one in four people will make a decision today based on what they're reading about what other people say in social media anything from buying. A new phone to buying a new heart is an amazing, so trying. To occupy that space and, being leader, in that particular space is becoming so much more important, isn't it yeah. Yeah, awesome, stuff awesome stuff guys. So, we said in the room today we. Picked up a couple of things I'll go back to the initial question, just. Picked it before we wrap up and ask. You guys what is the biggest epiphany, for you today what was the one thing that you're gonna walk away with out of the strategies, you know you've got two nice big quarterly strategic planner what's, the one thing that you're gonna go and focus on you, know over, the next quarter to bring the young you know home strong, and make, sure that you set up a nice platform, for, for next year because you know we're always at APB, we're always looking for our personal best you know what is our personal best both internally, as as.

As, Building companies but also in terms of experience, for our clients because we want to make sure that we're, better and we're better for them right because it's all about them right in the end you know it's it's all about them so for, yourself Brett what was that epiphany what was that aha moment was that something new was it kind of like a you. Know a. Reminder. Just. That we're now ready to start working on the next section of the business we haven't sort of worked hard on our generation. Every generation and, different, minutes of that and getting the funnel correct and. Now we're really ready to start really cranking up the brand side of it and go into that next level yeah. I wasn't, thinking. Not really at that level yeah, yeah yep done once. We laid it all out yeah that's were you. Just think interesting. That you know we said, that you know we might not be thinking of brand at the moment a lot, of them and you've been working with us with you know thoughtful with us for quite a while now right I mean how long's I mean nobody thinks about two years or just under two years and it's. Only now we started to talk about branding. We're so often you know a lot of people want to jump out of the, starting. Blocks and do it first and we've learned that there's so much more they, need to come before branding. A heck of a lot more in terms of systems, you mentioned funnel before, for. Those who, don't. Really know what that means other than you know their old party. Tricks and stuff like other people used to do it you. Know at school or whatever it was what is a funnel from your perspective, explain it to me like I'm a seven year old the, funnel is basically, a, method, oh gee we're clients, come in the top of the fund yeah and they, work their way through the funnel and as I pop out at the bottom of the funnel there at the positive client and there's the many stages on the way through them that that worked yeah and is. It to make life easier for them and. Also for us yeah absolutely yeah so, what are some of the challenges that we face as builders today, probably. The biggest challenge be cash flow yep and if you have a funnel that's working correctly you'll have cash flow all the time right, and you have confidence that your contracts, next month or already in the back mm-hmm, and the month after that and any, funds working for the month after that mm-hmm, so it's. Continuity. Your work mm-hm continuing, to work because cash flow yeah well, said well said so the funnel is a, system, of bringing people through. Into. Your business introducing, them to your business letting, them know whether they are a good fit or a bad fit giving. You more time to work with that putting, them through those particular processes. And when. Is a good fit. People. Will end up you know signing a contract and, ending up with a great, home is that is that it in in, some simpler. Terms it's. Okay. Awesome, great thanks Brit Brit appreciated, Toby, you're, our harm oh your epiphany for. Today um one, of the moment is systemising. The business others areas in our business we need to focus on to systemize, that and that they.

Will Help out with their time management I find. That one of the biggest struggles with our companies is the way we manage our time, day. To day really good yeah I know it changes as builders to changes of the phone call or an email or something that I might happen during the day Sean, but if we've got some structures in place and got it in and got some things having in the background which. Sometimes they seem all that important, if they're happening on their own we have the need for us to do. A formative, in the tasks now it's going to free up time to focus on on. More important things with the business yeah so I think that that's gonna help I don't. Know when we when we system Austin possibly do this we have some big, plans for next year as well which. We. Wiped the other yeah. Go through those plans successful, if we don't have a few things happening in the background it'll take care of time. Management yes, I think, that's that's the big thing over the next three four five months they're more than just to concentrate on that yeah okay get, those things in line or get, those things happening this, is the most business, in. A good way so we're, talking about glass ceilings really, in many regards, setting up platforms, to be able to go for those next levels that we want to and. For you that next level is I can't, do it unless I free up certain time, here's 168, hours a week for me just like there is 168. Hours for other people how, are they able to scale, up the business how, are they able to hire other people and take, some. Of the stress and pressure off. Them right, that's. The kind of stuff and it's, nice to make a lot of money let's not let's not kid ourselves and, that's what businesses is all about and people want to build, homes with successful. Builders otherwise. They. Could end up in some serious trouble so that's that's an important thing that goes back to cash flow of course. So. Those particular structures, are important so systems, to. Make sure that you're making your life a lot. Better because we spoke about it and I hope it's okay for me to raise it you know in terms of work-life balance you've, got a wonderful, family I'm, sure Elizabeth. Will at some point you know be hearing this and listening to this and she's awesome in terms of how she's. Assisted. In the business over the years and you, know been such an integral part of it but you guys are so big on spending time with the kids and not missing that time. With the children and being, able to look, after them from a financial, perspective but, being able to be there as parents, and enjoy. The, time with raising the kids so that's a major driver so when you're talking about systems, that's, a major component of that too isn't it sure. That's that's the focus where you, focus on work but yeah I'd, like to think that I can walk away from work and at a certain, time of the day where. The keys become the main focus and we don't always have I definitely don't have yeah not. As much as I need to or beautiful ugly so, I. Yeah. There's a there's a long tail go up with the long term girl to realize that potential you know when. All these things. If systemize within business that's gonna. Be a product by product of, that achievement as little girls you know just to go spend time, with. The family, yeah yeah. Way from work obviously, this work always gonna be there it's not I mean it it's the importance of family it's, always been I, think we all know how important, family and keeps extended. Family and all that, is about. To be either cost and try that and then maybe. See, the. Light, at the end of a time would just say did that girl can be realized. That. Planning they're planning for that and in, our case it's pretty just not being you. Mentioned before great about growth and, expanding. We're in the same sort of point where we we, can see that potential, for growth and really. Not be scared of it yeah so embracing, yeah go. Forward and they, can, agility, which as you know there's. Something I've worked off the many ease and it, was slightly getting ready just a, few, signs sometimes yeah otherwise, you can't do the same thing you. Guys. Try and just have a little giant I don't have to be beat the time if. In the plane threatened them embrace the growth that we, can experience. As. The directors, has the owners as the leaders of our business quite often it's a question of leading. And leading means get out of the way sometimes, get out of your own way, you, know stop trying to control everything and. Just actually plan, for it and then allow it to happen and giving.

Yourself That opportunity to do that yeah no great, to create awesome stuff thanks, thanks. The. Perfe knees, Matt what was very soon would have Brett really I mean yeah, the businesses got, to the point where. The, leads and things of working nice your contracts are being sawn but we need to get that next level to get to the growth that we wanted to get yeah, so. In terms of. Now, our brand there's a bit more. More. Very focus more push. How. That happens, is basically my, next three months of setting, that up. To. Break through that glass ceiling we talked about it's. To, get the business to the point where. We. Get our three year goal and in the ten year ago its. These are big turning point for the next next three months and setting that up to actually achieve it so that's that's where no. My views really it's just it's pushing that brand you know getting the more awareness out there to hit it our targets, to push, us through that next level because you guys have the platform now yeah okay as you say it's the springboard is safe you know it's just a question of jump. To that portal and grab it what's the questions the last twelve months of working but. In this boardroom, yes that says to the point from turning around from basically. Tibet. Defiled yep. So. Going, to really kills levels because, you guys have been around for a long time you are a majorly. Established, brand already. And. It, was you, guys got yourselves into a bit of hot water during. Growth, phases wasn't it yeah that's that's that was the danger, and. Seeing the numbers now being more specific in terms of the numbers because, I mean you're always able, to look at the numbers quite well but, these structures and strategies have turned it around quite nicely and you know it's not, anything. To do with what, we've done is what you've done in, terms of sitting at setting, up those particular protocols. So. As. I, guess a last. Moment. Of motivation, if anyone is sort of looking out or, looking in in terms of you know this conversation. There. May be successful, builders, there may be winning awards, they you know may be making a lot of money or certain, components, of the business of working great others maybe not working so great they may lack in digital, media or social. Social. Media that kind of stuff or whatever, the case may be for certain people some of challenges, and then we've got some broad brushstrokes, in terms of some of the discussion we've had here today, if. Anybody's ever looking at you know working with mentors, working, with. People who can help them, what. Do you guys like about APB. What makes it gel. For you what makes it work for you man I'll start, with you, well. It Brett said earlier minutes it's the like-minded builders. Getting. Together, and. You could be talking about something completely different you get up in one a minute that's gonna work for me or. It's. From you or from Russ or any of the other guys discussing. Certain things it's just if you get that good mono always, be related, but it's it said oh yeah, a seed, yeah, it is so now what it's about I mean openly. Honestly. Over that without being, without. Having you guys we wouldn't have a business any more visible, closed no thank you for thank you and reading would off so. Yeah. If. That's a little peak enough read, and then I don't know what you say early yeah.

It. Would be, well. If it, makes you feel any better and I think the the kudos. Deserved, by met is the amount of work that he does and. Everything. We've ever suggested, of putting plans together Matt. You implement, fast and furious. And you do it well and. You. Know it's just incredible to see how you just accept it and you do it and by. All intensive purposes one, of the smartest. People we've ever worked with as well so well done well done that is a great turnaround, and. That is you. Know one of the most deserving, awards. Anyone could ever you, know put, their hands on so well done on that one that's that's pretty awesome so thank you for those kind words much appreciated. So be what about yourself, you. Know someone looking out looking in saying you, know what is it about this mob you, know everyone's, the same you, know business, coaches, and consultants, and memberships, and that kind of stuff what is it about AP, because I know you were recently approached someone else try to poach yeah maybe. They knew about of area there did it you know what made you stay what makes you stay what makes you return you know quarter after quarter and and put yourself through through. Through this stuff. Every. Bit that's, that's. The best if another. Like, what I like about this and I, have ever since for join many years ago is this de planning behind a lot of the playing to. Planning, from yeah you're, on, your side of things with you on us and David all the time yeah but, just the planning for us I think as a builder and particularly, my own like to know I like, to know where we're going to be and we can see with what you guys offer with all that yeah there's. This producer and the tokyo's and all the things we're doing the background but, just where we calculate bordered meetings and that the online meetings, as well we, just get the focus on planning so as we've.

Talked About the roadmap and that's to, me we can look 6/9 or months in, advance and in the building game that's so important, because we're like I said before we're not by a car or something that last if you went to Italy with we're. Offering some of the last tour, when in 24 months and then longer so we. Need to know we're live in the book so we I can look at things up you know that back in the office anytime I look next. Here yeah. The next six months nine months there's a mode where we're heading and, I think it gives you confidence then to plan, for, any growth that we might be experiencing, if, you don't know you know if, you don't know where you're going you've got no idea you're. Gonna be able to plan for anything so just flying blind, as. A just, my personality, I couldn't. Operate a business like that so you need to know yeah. You're, able to learn and, focus on where you're going and you guys doing, your sisters who provide us your. Point, us in the right direction so we often have a look at this you know what born up here and, we might set some goals and often they get changed because now that your Russell, stand up now and then you've got the girlfriend the runway and, then you could you explain it it's not just now you go do this is always an excellent explanation behind, it there's a reason for it it, makes sense to us and then we come back three months later and we see you, know the benefits of those goals being. Implemented, in the visitor into the business and I think that's that's. Important, and so those, also allows you to have that confidence when we come back and say yeah the work the, ideas that you guys present to us and then we've or met them into our business and that's all about implementation, any voice - definitely the. Idea, of you guys learning you're not just learning and taking on the scene you're actually implementing, those things yourself yeah so you sort of point us in the right direction then it's up to us to make, sure we. So. You could learn it and then it becomes yours you can't unlearn it Canyon. The. Idea of these order ignore the help you guys give to, me is all the planning that, takes. Place for your in but also the claim that we. Yeah. Well we've enjoyed watching your journey your progression and the kind of work that you yourself, and Elizabeth have put in so it's been awesome you know keep meant and may you long keep it running Thanks so be appreciated. For. Your breath. What. Is it what is it for you guys you, know what's it what's it been for you personally Brett well. The. Reason, this is successful this whole boardroom thing is because we're dealing with real people so. When. You, and Russ talk to us about doing. Something there's. Always the evidence behind it how it works you've tried and it's been tested so. Often. You get advice from your accountant how to do something but your accountants never build a house in his life right nor has he created leads so, that advising. Is, like textbook advice all right this is like real. World advice. And then if that is the absolute, cutting difference so the people we are unlike, we learn from each other as well but the people we're talking to, are, actually are in the trenches and they're. Generating, their own leads using the same philosophy, using the same systems, using the same everything yeah and that's, why this is so successful Wow, awesome.

Thanks. Guys that's that's, that's. Really quite humbling and as always you know we we we never take that lightly. Or for granted so that's massive, and. What's massive is that you'll put yourselves up to to be in, this video never easy but we, want to say thanks thanks. Thanks. For doing that. And I'm really sorry that we couldn't turn, the weather up for you here on the Gold Coast this time, with. All the rain but have. An awesome, quota for finish the year real strong and set, yourselves up a personal, best for 2018. And again well done Matt thanks. For it well done Toby, thanks, a lot back much appreciated, thanks, Britt cheers guys.

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