AOPA Live This Week - October 18, 2018

AOPA Live This Week - October 18, 2018

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Coming. Up from the NBA convention, in Orlando a big deal for some big jets some, new airplanes, out of Brazil the, future is electric, and something, new to keep your passengers, entertained a okay alive this week begins in just a moment. Celebrate. 20 years of Sonic's, aircraft, by building, and flying your dream. Quick. Handling fun and capable kid aircraft, models to suit your flying passions. Get. The best performance per, dollar with sonex aircraft. This, is a opa lie of this week with, Tom Haines and Melissa, Rudy. Welcome. To Orlando and the national, business aviation Association, annual. Convention, and exhibition this. Is the premiere gathering, for corporate aircraft operators, and a showcase for, the staff well most of us can only dream about but. This year there's a focus on emerging technologies, that will affect pilots no matter the size of their wallets, and the. Future is electrifying, more, on that in a moment but, the big news on the business front a big order for Cessna. NetJets. Inked a deal with Cessnas parent Textron for some three hundred and twenty five jets, and so this morning we're we're, very excited to announce that we will not only build a new technology but the relationship, with NetJets as we've come to an agreement on, delivery. Our the agreement. For 175. Longitudes. To, go into the net jet fleet so, today we're excited to further expand, the relationship, with Cessna and Textron today. We are announcing the net Jets will be the launch customer of the, citation, Hemisphere with. An agreement to purchase up to 150. Aircraft and most. Importantly, I think to many of us is that this will be the first aircraft that, we actually, be and. Quayle we've already, been Co designing, this airplane we there have been some development, issues with the new saffron engines for the hemisphere, no, timeline yet or and when the large jet will be certified meanwhile. Longitude. Certification. Is expected, within a few weeks as, Cessnas newest aircraft the longitude, was front and center at texture on static, display lots. Of lookers not me though because well, I had the opportunity that, the lookers can just dream about I, got, to fly it.

The. Longitude is large, high-tech, and comfy, on my recent flight with Textron I experienced, all those attributes. Startup. Process and pre-flight, checks are largely, automated. Go. Ahead and do our flight controls and we have a lot. Of. Exotic. Instrument, so we got sensors out there so when you do click until suite you can see your sensors move so you can go ahead and do the picture let's go to see your roll spoilers and your alarms coming up power. Is. One. Two three air speeds alive. And. A maximum takeoff, weight the longitude can climb to flight level four three Oh in about twenty two minutes that. Cruise I saw four hundred and seventy two knots or a Mach of 0.8, to seven while, burning about seventeen, hundred pounds, per hour, after. Descent to fifteen thousand feet I crank the longitude around for some steep turns and, a few stalls to the shaker no. Surprises, as you might expect on a par twenty five airplane, what. I notice most from the flight is just how well the longitude, treats the pilots and the passengers the. Garmin g500, mark. Ibly advanced, the, 314, inch displays, plus four touch screen controllers, allow access, to all major systems on the airplane. Textron. Aviation officials, knew they had one chance to get it right for the person paying the bills so. They put a major emphasis on the cabin especially. On acoustics, the. The quiet cabin is second to none, makes a huge difference from, a comfort factor low. Cabin altitude best. Legroom in this class more. Than ten percent more legroom than any any, competing, airplane, in this segment and so it looks like the longitude, the largest, cabin ever to carry this us in a name will, be a big hit with customers, but. There is great demand for the airplane and, and, we're ramping up the production line it's fully flowing, right now with. Units all throughout the build and completion, cycle. So. Lots of fun I don't have a lot of time in swept-wing jets and, so. It's always fun to be able to experience something new and different you, would get all the good stuff and, that. Was a particularly, good one, the. Longitude, falls into the category of, super, midsize and that's what most corporate, buyers seem, to want now at least according to Honeywell aerospace, every, year the NBA a convention, kicks off with. The Honeywell forecast, for aircraft purchases, over the next ten years and things, are looking up well, it's like the I hear I mean we have about 50 more aircraft in our ten-year forecast this year than last year ok 50 doesn't seem like a lot but considering, how much some of these costs a cessna citation longitude. Is about 27. Million so, you're talking some real money and most, buyers are willing to pony up at least that much yeah, if you look at the overall mentions. For a new aircraft in the survey 62 percent of them are for super midsize or bigger aircraft if you look at dollars spent on new aircraft. Purchasers about eighty seven percent over. The next ten years will. Be on super midsize or bigger aircraft so this is quite significant, some 61, percent of biz jet buyers are in North America, things, are also looking up in Europe Asia, and Latin America. The forecast is down except, for Brazil and, speaking of Brazil manufacturer. Embraer, was the only one to announce new models at the show this year AOPA. Pilot editor large Tom Horne has the details, Embree are kicked off this year's show by announcing, two new jets, the. Mid-sized Prater, 500. And the, super midsize Prater. 600. The. Prater named bound, to attract attention, is. Derived, from the name of high-level military and, judicial, officers in the ancient Roman Empire, often. I've talked about our aircraft, DNA. Ultimately. Being that Butler with the wings experience, where technology. Feeds our information, without you having to ask for it at, a glance well, when. You start thinking of who's. The ultimate Butler, imagine. You're the air Emperor, Rome, the, prey torque was the ultimate servant. So with, that kind of mentality that's, that's, a name was Sol the. Prater models, are based on the embraer legacy, 450. And 500. Models, but. Both have significantly. More range, more, powerful, engines and winglets. So. The freighter 600, and 500, are truly. Now the, best-in-class midsize, and super. Midsize because. Of the range and if, you're going to spend a lot of time in an airplane the, interior, matters. With. The praetor Embraer. Is rolling out its Brazilian. Fired bossa, nova, interior, bossa, nova is that genre of jazz music, it, was made. In the 1950s, in Rio. Rio. There's beautiful designs, from, Karl Burle Marx and the walkway patterns of tile the in Panama Beach and Copacabana. So. What. Can we do that tells that, James. Bond, 1960s. Goes to Rihanna's, db5. And Meets The Girl From Ipanema, interior. The, Prater models, are currently undergoing flight, test.

Delivery. Of both is expected, to start next year. Tom. Horne, AOPA. Live one, thing that has not significantly changed. In decades for business aviation is, top speed, Ariane. Is working to change that with their supersonic, business jet concept, the as2, and now, the engine that will make the as2, possible, is getting closer to reality GE. Aviation, announced it had completed the initial design of the first supersonic, engine, purpose-built, for, business jets called the affinity, this is a combination. Of our. Military. Supersonic. Experience the. High reliability of. Our commercial engines because, we're using a commercial engine core and. Then we've added some advanced technology, we're excited I mean this is it's, a new future right I mean, you look at all the airplanes out there they've, gotten bigger right. But they've only got a little bit faster so, really. The next step on business aviation is going to be speed. Ariane. Is also collaborating with Lockheed, Martin and Honeywell, to develop the as2, the, company says that the first flight of the as2, will be in 2023. With, certification. To follow in 2025. But, back to some aircraft that are more likely to be flying before any business, airplanes start breaking the sound barrier Cessna, showed off the first cabin mock-up of its turbine twins since the conquest the. Sky Courier is designed, to carry up to three, large shipping containers, or 19, passengers, as we've talked to customers about. This airplane what. We've learned is, there. Are all kinds of different markets, for this both purely, cargo, purely. Passenger. Combinations. Of them special. Missions applications. Met of back applications. The, list, has gone on and on of the different potential configurations. That people, have asked about airplane, is still early in the design process FedEx. Has already placed an order for fifty of the airplanes, also. In mock-up out of the static Cessnas. Turbine single, the Denali the, Pilatus pc-12 competitor, is getting closer to its first flight ge continues, to drive forward at their new catalyst engine that's gonna power the Denali. From, the development, side at Cessna we've got several static, test articles, that are now built and complete in Wichita that. Will start to do loads. Verifications. We're already working with some of the landing gear drop testing, so. Still proceeding well with several of the test articles, and, our Wichita facility, all. To, get ready for first flight of the aircraft next year the Denali will seat, up to 11 passengers and features Garmin, touchscreen, G 3,000, avionics, ever been flying and wondered what that was below you well now you can find out using the no go, G box the small device plugs into cabin, Wi-Fi and gives passengers, an interactive, look at what, the airplane is flying over, with audio stories, pictures and a moving map I mean the trend today is that, the. Passengers want their entertainment, on their own devices so we cater to that we. Provide an, entertainment, that they can't get anywhere else it's again, it's it's it's. Produced by, the entertainment, industry. And. It's available on their devices and, from. An aircraft operator, perspective, there's not a lot of infrastructure, weight and cost, to, put the system on. The. Go G box is on sale now with deliveries, starting next, year, pretty nifty even, if to help the kids pass the time in the back of their business jet right so G, what is that learn. Something about geography absolutely. We. Come back there crying for pilots, and technicians and, just, about everything else in aviation and our electrifying, future, you're watching AOPA, live this, week from Orlando, you. Always knew it was your perfect airplane now. It can have the perfect panel garmin.

G500, TXI. And Garmin, g600. TXI, the, next generation, of flight, displays, welcome, back to the NBA convention, in Orlando there, was something heard but not seen at the convention electric. Aircraft no. Actual, flying machines, in the static display or on the exhibit hall floor but lots of talk warned Morningstar, has more, and, you, have your big. Propeller. Is turning, with electric engines. You. Have no noise no noise. You, have no pollution. You. Have no fuel and there's. A moment where you think wow, I'm. In the future. I'm. In the film of science, fiction and, then. You think, no no. It's today this. Is what the technologies, of today allow. Us to do today, and, then. You understand, how much the. Rest of the world is in, the past at, this year's NBA a convention. It's clear, that the, future, is, electric. Multiple. Keynote, speakers, talked about how electric, power is, going to revolutionize aviation. So, distribute, electric propulsion which, is taking the same technology, that's driving drones the same technology, that's, allowing electric cars become, a more and more meaningful form of transportation can be applied to make new type of aircraft that are radically simpler. And. Thus much much cheaper to operate and, also, have much more, efficient, operation through the use of all-electric. Power trains and presentations. On electric, vertical takeoff and landing, vehicles, or Evi tall's say. That the future will, be urban. Air transportation. For. Years and, we. Are not talking just about a key policy. From. Boeing, the belt Embraer, major. Companies, are buying into Ebers vision, of evey, tall's providing. On-demand, aerial. Transportation, at. The click of an ant so what we envision is a world of aerial. Ride-sharing where. There are vehicles, that can take up and land vertically like a helicopter but. That can fly quietly, and efficiently like an airplane. Utilizing. New technologies, from, electric propulsion from, electric cars and from drones, to. Make a this new form of mobility that is accessible, to many people and. That can really transform the way people move around cities and, Allison. Says an uber, air flight will. Be affordable, our analysis, shows that for a typical helicopter. Used in a charter type of an operation we're. Talking about nine dollars per passenger mile, we think that the electric VTOL technology, alone can. Reduce the cost to something around six dollars per passenger mile and, and. That's, roughly, equivalent to, what it costs to take one. Of our uber black premium, products, right now and we, think that by then applying, more technology, that we are actually already developing, and using in our ground business of kind of aggressively, pooling, and matching. Matching. People into, these vehicles so kind of really leveraging, that idea of ride-sharing. We, call it ride share economics, we can actually further reduce the price. To. Something, more like two dollars per passenger mile which, is pretty close to what are kind of everyday, product, uberx costs. Right. Now for ground transportation brave. New world. Warren, Morningstar AOPA. Live, so. Pretty fascinating, stuff that, uber is contemplating. At least we'll, see where that goes whether we're all sort, of ubering. Around in our uber, air aircraft, in, the next few. Years it could be as soon as 2023, apparently well stay tuned I think electric is in our future where there was a reference to the Jetsons you see how that turns out and, there's plenty of talk about something else to the pilot shortage I was, talking with a friend of mine who recently started up. A start-up. Airline a, low-cost, airline and I. Asked him how was it going he said things are going great except I can't find pilots, and so, it's a shortage, across the board force and not only just with pilots, but over in the maintenance side of the house and the logistics, of the house in a flight attendants, the whole enterprise, is, one with.

A Human, what I call the human factor, and we really have to work that very very hard and, not just a shortage today the, e-vite all visionaries, say the demand for pilots, and technicians is, going to expand enormous, ly because, there will be so many more flying machines. Huge. Kids. It's, good time to get in aviation if, you follow the news and politics at all this, already seems like a distant, memory but it was just two weeks ago that the President, signed the FAA reauthorization, bill. The first long-term, bill since 1982. An, important. Part of the bill is that it kills air traffic control privatization and user fees for the next five years and, a. Key congressman, in the fight told the convention, that you were key to the victory, without. The. Large team, that I'm looking at here the. Team of NBA. Gamma. EA. AOPA. And all those other aviation organizations. We. Would be having a completely, different conversation, than we're having today so. Once again thank. You stay. Vigilant, stay. Persistent, and stay. Very passionate, but that reauthorization. Bill just, isn't enough according to the FAS boss the, acting FAA Administrator wants some money guarantees. Of course, while, the bill gives. Us the, authority to exist, for, the next five years, it. Doesn't. Give. Us the money to keep the lights on. So. While we get a respite, from living under one short-term. Extension. After another we. Are not out of the woods on funding, being, a short of available, funds for multiple years does make planning easier and definitely is better when, working on long-term capital, projects, like next-gen they, will just take an act of Congress to get there apparently, but. Here's an act of the FAA that could put some money in your pocket as we first told you last week the ad SB rebate has been resurrected that's. $500. You can get after you install and verify, and approved a DSP out solution. The details are on the FAA s website. Seems like we're always traveling next, week we'll be moving a bit west for the AOPA fly into Gulf Shores Alabama presented. By the Alabama Department of Transportation Aeronautics. Bureau, the. Event caps off a great, year of lions but the work isn't over yet it, Opia lives Paul Harrop has a look, at what's happening to get things ready to welcome thousands, of pilots. The. Ramp is quiet now but, there's already abuzz our staff is super excited we're very excited for hosting this and having the opportunity Gulf. Air Center is one of three host FBOs, they're hard at work rolling out the southern hospitality we, are getting the hangars ready for, exhibit, hall and mainstage, and things like that. This. Area's economy is driven by the six, and a half million, people who visit each year so the whole town gets it the. Support we've gotten from, everybody, and. We always have with this city and go. Shores, in Orange Beach but, I. Think, when we had our kickoff, meeting here with AOPA, we had an auditorium, we had close to hundred 80 people there that are here to help there's, a Barnstormers, party on friday night and great programming. Throughout the day on Saturday and did I mention the beach it. Might be worth coming early or staying, late for the miles of clean sugar, sand in. Gulf Shores Alabama paul, europe AOPA, live, if. You're planning to fly in be sure to visit our website to review the procedures, there's a pilot, information, packet a copy of the NOTAM and a link to an arrival, and departure safety. Video there, are always lots of awards handed, out at a convention, like this but, this is one we think is really, well deserved NBA, a presented, its ally Ulchi, award for humanitarian. Leadership, to Sean D Tucker and, the Bob Hoover Academy, for at-risk kids and, this is what it's all about. What, it's all about is this family out there, letting. Our kids of America whether, you're. Rich or poor black or, white, it doesn't matter in America, your dreams are valid we, have a high school and. We're taking these kids and we're.

Believing In them we're. Given we're giving them something. To, believe in and. They. Have someone, to believe in them and I got to tell you it's transformative. It's probably the greatest thing I opportunity. I ever have in my life to, pay a bat that's such a special, and inspiring, Academy. And I think Josh, did a story on it back in Nam what was it June yeah it was and it really is Sean is so into it and he's he's, he feels such responsibility. For these kids that live in, his neighborhood out there and being able to give them a better future truly, inspiring it is and. One. Final award to mention our own Tom Horn got his this week in Orlando for setting a world speed record from, Portland Maine to Farnborough, England he did it in a legacy 450, of course one way to get a speed record is, to find a city pair that doesn't, have a record between the two and then fly it one. Of our colleagues set a world record between Phoenix, and Bakersfield, in. A tri-pacer that's. So it, can be done that, sounds like an El Marche adventure, to me I know everybody else been with us many years. And. That's a wrap from the Orlando next. Week the AOPA, fly into gulf shores and, we hope to see some of you there and we hope to see all of you back here next Thursday for another edition, of AOPA, live this week. The. AOPA, world, MasterCard, delivers, competitive, cash back rewards, in all of your favorite aviation. Categories, that's four percent, cashback on, a opa purchases. Three, percent back on select, a opa partner, purchases, two percent back at FBOs, plus fuel and taxis, and one, percent back on everything, else everywhere. Every, day apply. Now for the AOPA, world, MasterCard. The best card for, pilots.

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