Any Lab Test Now, Triton Franchise Financing and Chicken Salad Chick on Franchise Business Radio

Any Lab Test Now, Triton Franchise Financing and Chicken Salad Chick on Franchise Business Radio

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It's. Time for another episode of, the franchise, business, radio show, broadcasting. Live from the pro business channel, studios, in Atlanta, sponsored. By franchise. Intellect. A full-service. Franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info at franchise. Intellect, comm, also. Made possible in part by social. Joe the, social media experts, that provide a hyperlocal, presence, for your franchise, more, info add social, Joey com and, now. Hello. This, is Pamela curry the host of the franchise, business radio show a platform. For bringing together franchise, professionals. And resources. To connect educate, and collaborate, to serve the franchise, community. And consumer. We, also have. Our. Co-sponsor. And host Mike in the studio with social Joey social. Joey is the media social media experts, that provide a hyperlocal. Presence, for your franchise, and they're, not the only ones in the studio we are going to have a. Rockin. Show. Today we've got some. Excellent, franchise professionals so much to learn and I just want to welcome, our, first gas, Lamantia, please do an introduction of yourself. Lamont, just since it's right in business group so. Excited to have you on the show we're going to talk about funding, all. Right thank, you also. On the show we have Clarissa. And I call you a boomerang or because you. Are here for my inaugural. Year that, was over two years ago Clarissa, I know it's been a long time but it's good to be back I know, it's so happy to have you back well, let's find out a little bit more about Clarissa. Carissa, has a deep, and rich background, in the franchise, industry, she is the CEO of, any lab tests now and she, is proud to lead the franchisees, in their goal of providing, an exceptional experience, for our customers interested. In clinical toxicology. And. DNA, testing, that's a mouthful. In. Addition, Clarissa comes to us is the chair for the southeastern. France choice forum, and she, is on the IFA, Women's. Committee, and. On a fun note not, only was she here over two years ago for. The inaugural, year of franchise business radio but, she did a brief stint as a stand-up, comedian. Come. On come on just much. Like. My. Producer. Rich I thought he was gonna start playing welcome back. You. Know what's really exciting about this show is we're just coming, off a franchise. Conference, the franchise consumer, marketing conference, and it's. My understanding that, you were a guest speaker yes. I was a moderator, of event that with, my operations, background, the, topic was integrating. Marketing and operations so, I moderated. Some fantastic. Panelists, and hopefully. Everybody walked away with some good content it's a couple, of ideas for, integrating. And getting teams to work better that's. Great any any, highlights, to share from the conference oh boy, it was just fantastic, lots. Of great information and. I tell you what there was just a few things that were new that we're real exciting, for us to hear about and and, one was that Apple is coming, out with the the, new operating system with a business. Messaging. Platform. Which, I immediately, wrote. Our VP. Of Marketing she's. Actually out, of town this week and and told her about it so we need to get on that so you, know you walk away with some. Re-energizing. Thoughts and then you walk away also with some new things that you didn't even know we're out there so it. Was just a fantastic, event and staying, current I would say that that's, one. Of the greatest challenges with technology, constantly. Changing. So to stay current is really a big, deal and, so kind, of to go back to years ago you, were, really. You are the vice chair for the southeast franchise, forum and now. You've moved into the. Chair for a southeast franchise forum yes it is such an honor such an honor talk to us about that yeah it is a fantastic group.

The Southeast franchise forums started over 30 years ago, supporting. The franchise community, here in Atlanta which is a very large community, so. We meet once a month either. A breakfast meeting or a lunch meeting and have, people. Like the people you have here today that come and talk about franchising. Best, practices, and it's a great way for franchise. Doors franchisees. And also, our supplier members to network and get to know each other and it's. Just a great group to work with so it's just a real honor about. How many just. Generally speak about how many members do, you think the southeast franchise forum has now and oh we have over 200, 200, yes, it's just fantastic it has to be one of the largest chapters, it, is yeah it is we are and, every. Year we have Robert Asante who is the CEO. Of the, International Franchise, Association, he. Comes and speaks he's going to speak this December with us and really. Excited about our next event which is going to be July, 11th. It's a luncheon and we, are going to have Roger dr.. Roger Tedder Oh from Kennesaw State is, going, to talk about the the economy, here so wonderful. And, you know when, I think of Atlanta. In general I always kind of call it the hub of franchising. For the South. Georgia. Right through so many year and. Another great, committee. Is the, women's franchise, Network and. You are heavily involved with that talk to us about that yeah I'm involved in that and it's a little, bit of a different set, up because the Women's Committee actually, we, meet in the evenings four times a year so, there's a little bit of wine to a little bit of a difference. But. It's a great group and again we have some fantastic topics. And just, fantastic. To start to build the community because some people with. Atlanta traffic we were just talking about that find. It easier to come to evening events the morning event so I'm just so honored to. Be able to work with both of these groups to, help broaden, the, goal, of building franchises. And franchising, and in the Atlanta market, wait. What. Got you into. Franchising I mean, you're so, involved. What, got you involved in franchising, that is a great question one, of the reasons I'm so passionate about franchising. Is that to me it's community, based, you. Know our competitors, for our brand are very large for billion-dollar companies, and we're. Out at a very community, level making, a difference in being involved and the, other thing with franchising, is such a core component of our economy I mean, how many careers, started, by people. Working starting, in the franchise with franchise businesses, and. I'm just personally honored that with. Our particular brand you know we have employed, hundreds. And hundreds of people since. We started franchising in 2007. So it is a passion of mine and it's. Great to be really involved in the community and, your, particular brand of you are the CEO of any. Lab tests, now what. Does any lab, test now do we. Are a retail. Laboratory. Testing, so folks can come into our facilities, we have over 165. Throughout. The US and you, can get clinical, lab testing, like a. Thyroid. Test for example we. Do toxicology. Testing for employers, we also have, and especially with, the opioid crisis, we have a trust but verify program. For, parents. That can bring their children in to be drug tested and. Then we do what we call DNA relationship, testing, which. Is paternity, immigration. And, infidelity. I. Think. That's really it's like a CSI. Okay. We're talking about wine and infidelity. Let's, talk about being a franchisee. For any lab test now what's a typical day. In the life of a, franchisee. We. Like our franchisees, to be again. Involved in the community and going out and making building relationships, so. They have their staff there that, servicing. The customers that walk in for the the test we. See a lot, of people that are coming, in just for for ongoing wellness, and maintenance so, we like our franchisees, to go and reach out to physicians, because. The physicians now with the high deductible plans. Out there with insurance they. Have a lot of patients, that are really, being squeezed by laboratory, testing because. They're having to pay basically, out of pocket so. They refer, their, patients to us so we like our franchise he's not knocking on doors, working. With physicians we, also, have. A lot of products that work for, example with attorneys, so. We like them to be out on the, street you. Know making relationships, building, relationships, and really getting the word out because we are a unique brand people don't really know. What we do so, that's the most important thing I would agree your unique, brand, how. How. Big is your system, now you guys have really grown, yes, we're so excited we are, over, 165, locations, now across the u.s..

Congratulations. And and for our listeners, out there that. Is, I think very often if they're not familiar with franchising. You just think of the big brands, but, really. When, you reach that level number. Of units and a system for a big brand I know isn't that exciting and yes I started with any lab back in 2007. When we just. Started franchising so. To, see it go from from. A, couple, of corporate units, which. At that time I think we're 10 or 11, to now over 165. It it's, it's so rewarding absolutely. So, if anything. You would like to add before I, ask. You for your contact, information for your future, franchisee. Oh I. Just reach out we, love. Having people that, come. Into the system even, though we're medical it's. Not required that you have a medical background the, majority of our franchisees, have. A business, background and. We teach you the basics of what you need on the, clinical. Side of the business and how to set up the infrastructure, so that's, great if someone wanted to reach you what would be the best way to do that that C W, Brad stock at. Any. Lab. Test. Now. Calm. Would. You like to repeat that okay C. As in Clarissa W. Brad. Stock BR ad. CK. At any. That's a and Y lab, la, B test, tes T, now. In O W calm, excellent. So happy, to have you back on the show oh thank, you it's wonderful being here labs with lots of great. Great updates and news I'd. Like to kind. Of bounce over here to our co-sponsor. And host Mike I know Mike I know that you were just the conference as well yeah. It, was it was a great time and I guess. To start thanks, to franchise update media for putting that on because it really is and, I think we'll, agree it, really is the premier marketing, Expo. For Expo. Event, training, session, for franchising. And. It was a unbelievable. Show this year so wow great, and, anything. I mean if for, listeners who might want to attend, or, it, you know walk. Us through your experience I think, one of the one of the best things that I take away and. Really loved about it is it's, kind of like you said you know things like that a lot of people don't know Apple introducing, a business messaging, system or it, just just really anything innovative. In marketing, it's, just great because the thing I love about the franchise community, is is nobody's ever scared to share here's what we're doing here's what's working you, know one, of the last sessions that. We had there was a panel and it was two food companies, that weren't complete, competitors, but they're in the same space and they're sharing, ideas with each other on a stage with everybody, else in the audience who are food people and they're saying here's what's working here's how to deal with mobile, ordering here's how to deal with all these new delivery. Uber eats and all this different stuff and you. Know things that a lot of people are thinking through and and really to, me it's just hearing. These brands at that high level think, about that for their franchisees. To. Be prepared when these changes come so that they. Don't miss a bead and they don't fall behind the competition, it, was just a really great thing because you, know at the end of the day your franchisor is there for those franchisees. To give, them options and and and do things like that and it was just a great show that. Showed the the loyalty. That those, guys have for their brands, and saying we're going to be on the cutting edge and we're going to do all the, things to make our franchisees, successful, so it was really great to see that and people come together to discuss. That kind of steps yeah and, not, only to make sure their franchisees, are successful. The remaining current but the the, desire to be collaborative, oh absolutely, yeah. Hmm and that's I think that's what takes you to the next level for, sure. Well. Thank, you for for being back on the show again we need to welcome back harder, a song here. There's. Realty rights with that yeah quarter. Million, yeah. Well. We can all say or actually we have a collusive sing for us whatever. And. You don't want me to sing either. Rich. We have another great, guest. On. The show and it's in, La Mancha first time to be on the show it so excited to have you. Welcome. To the studio, and. This, is no reason to be nervous it's a great group La Mancha Sims, is, the CEO of. Tritton. Business, group, triton. Thank you oh. But, thank you for correcting me triton, like the sea so triton, business, group let. Me share let me share a little bit about you to our listeners, la mancha is a former. Naval officer. Thank.

You Very much for your service by the way absolutely. With. An extensive, background in finance business, development, and franchise. Wealth building, model, currently. You're the CEO of Triton, business group incorporated. The leading alternative, franchise business leading firm in the southeastern. US, you. Develop Triton's certified. For you are the Triton you developed write and certified franchise adviser program, I did, I want, to hear about that. You. Also have a BA in, economics and, masters, and franchise, or, finance, I'm sorry Six, Sigma management. Expert. You. You've, got some credentials okay so Triton but now what Triton does is try and works with entrepreneurs, who need to obtain funding, and are interested in the franchise industry, to, build wealth and financial freedom. And. The franchise, model is a great. Vehicle. For our class to get into and, it's more. Specifically. For veterans and, that's our concentration. And what, I seen when I came out of the Navy and trans, into the civilian world, it was kind of hard for me to figure. Out what I wanted to do how, I wanted to grow what I wanted to be and. A, lot of veterans are like that, so, trying. To start up a business from scratch where, you got, no. Help, you. Have no support the. Franchise, industry, and model it's just the best place to be five, veterans and, we. Got a group of investors together, and we. Started, to match. Those veterans. Up with great opportunities, find. Those opportunities we. Had lost a dime since, 2010. Working, with veterans when. They got, a chance to buy those. Different. Franchises, and it's just a great thing because as, a as. A veteran. You, used to having a standard operating procedure, that. You're used to just following, those type of directions, so it's a natural fit for veteran. Absolutely. Well you know and not only are you helping veterans make that transition, then. As. Well as build wealth and financial freedom. You're. You're providing, in my opinion, a very important.

Service To, those who have served well. Mission, is all about building. Wealth at. The same time having fun doing it so working, in the veteran community and we actually find outside the veteran community too so you don't have to be a veteran to work with writing but that's kind of our primary, mission. To, help. Those veterans out there I always say there's no need for any veteran, who want. To are. Looking, for an opportunity to do something great not to come to us we'll get you the money absolutely, that's the easy part didn't get, the money it's the easy part, well we got a good veteran, that's looking for a good opportunity okay, well let's talk about that whether you're whether, you're a veteran or not a veteran, what, are some alternative. Ways to access business. Capital, well. Everybody, go through the traditional it's, hard if you don't, have. Any. Collateral for. You go out there and get a bank loan get, an SBA loan with things like that but you come to a company, like Triton, where, we're, alternative, finding, a funding, source well. We have a group of investors, okay. That we were able to cut, through the red tape get. Some other money get some good money, for you. You're. Not gonna start off buying the million dollar franchise so don't. Come. Up with the million dollar franchise would, have split you. Know a few hundred thousand, dollars two to five hundred thousand, dollars kind of sweets quiet and that's really get you get you in a good franchise get, you a good start get working capital to do some great things with, and. Then, from a veteran, standpoint, yes so many veterans, programs. Out there that will. Give. Access to some really good capital, so, it's just no need five veterans to be out there on the streets not doing anything or scared, or lost. Or, looking, for opportunities, and don't know where to go come on a train and we'll, find a place for you absolutely and and many franchise, doors actually provide, a, discount. To. To also serve which is great so, what are some simple strategies for choosing a franchise, opportunity. That, investors, will fund well. We, we, like funding. Senior. We. Like to funding a healthcare organization, franchises. That deal with health care specifically, senior, health. Care okay we, like pets. Organizations. Franchises, out there to deal with pets, we, are like franchises. A deal on educational. In. That educational, space those are the type of franchises that easy. For our investors, and we're quick to fund those types. So. When, you're coming in to us we. Do a nice evaluation. To find out what your strengths and weaknesses are what you. Really love doing what you want to do and we try to match you with a great opportunity and fund that opportunity, for you I always say and I tell my partner's this and I tell everybody I come in contact with chase, the opportunity, not the money. So. If you, chase the operative busy opportunity, that's out there not the money the money a calm later mmm, very well set and, I believe, that and. You brought up something else I think that's really important, for our listeners. Anyone. That's considering, franchise, ownership, there's a lot more out there than just food related concepts. Yes getting. Them thinking outside that, box very, very important. So. You developed, right and certified franchise advisor program, for long term wealth building, tell, us a little bit about that. Traditional. A lot of people call them finding. Franchise. Consultants. What, we did was for our veterans, who came out and could not get the long could, not our. Investors, didn't feel comfortable getting, them into, that. Particular business. Model where you buying a franchise what, we did was that these, some great people out here guys. And ladies who. Are still, looking. For something and we. Took that we put together a nice little program, where. We are certifying, work through them and. Matching. Buyers with sellers matching. Franchise. Sellers. With. Franchise, buyers and. That whole concept about, them being. Able to make some good money get into the industry learn the industry, figure. Out what they want to do long term in. That process a lot of them actually figure, out a franchise, they want to buy it after working with us six six, months to a year then. We feel comfortable with them and we'll. Land to, them at that particular time, so, multiple. Screening income you can still like get that Commission. You. Can also make, money only, on franchise, we like multiple, revenues. We love it. So. How, to survive, and Excel your first year advice, there I think. My, first advice is first. Year, when. You getting into something find your passion first of all find. Your passion. Focus. And my, whole thing of focus follow, one course of action until, is successful, get, into that get. Into that screen move, down that path and.

Build. A good professional, team around you net professional, team consists, of a good CPA, mm-hmm. A good. Franchise attorney. And. A, good business. Advisor those. Are the three key, people I think that every. Franchisee. Or business. Owner, or scribe. Entrepreneur, needs to get, into that first year with gotta. Surround yourself with some good people you got to have your head in, the, game sort of speak and. Focus. Yes. And and, I would second, that I mean the value of. Not. Only getting, within, your system with you know whatever system you know but also getting into the community and. Above them it and and. Even. Your competitors, right because, there's, so much value and, coming, together and, connecting. Collaborating. Because. We all learn from each other. So. Um what, is Triton's website. Tridon. You can reach us at triton, business. Calm. Or, triton, franchise, calm so triton is t RI t. O n, franchise. Calm, or triton, business calm i get you to the money site. That's. Where everybody wants to be right. And. I just want to clarify Triton. Is t RI t om. Yes franchise. Calm so that's Triton franchise, calm, and. Imagine. This you have a presence, on Facebook shocker. So. Obviously, we can also find you on Facebook and you're out there tweeting as well are. You so brave to hand out your cell phone number I give. The office know that's even better. If. Anybody. Calls in to. My assistant, and they, said they heard about us from heard, about us from the pro business channel then, those people be put in directly to me so you get a chance to talk to me not a another, consultant, on our team or one of the partners, so, if you call seven seven zero two, four nine two three five seven again seven seven zero two. Four nine two three five seven, tell. Them that you heard, about Triton, from the probe isness channel and you'd get a chance to talk to me and you'll get thirty, three minutes no obligation. Let's. Figure this thing out consultation. Accent, well la mancha Sims CEO, of, Triton. Welcome. To happy on, thank you so much thank, you and. I've got a I'm gonna balance back over here I know, we're gonna have another guest joining us in a second, and believe it or not I'm getting really, hungry yes. Because, we're being teased, with, some really, good food in front of us by, chicken, salad, chick but, before we go to chicken salad chick I want a backpack bounce back over to Clarissa and Mike and, just. You, know after, hearing a little bit more about Triton, being, at the conference. Just. Learning, from others we were kind of in this concept. Of learning and collaborating. What, I mean what would you like to add around that what would you share Clarissa. Well I agree with what was previously said, I, tell, you what the franchise, community, is. So gracious and open and sharing lots of great, ideas, so. When you get together you'll be right across the table from your competitor, and it's. A friendly, camaraderie, and. Engineering. Best practices so, it's it's a unique, kind of a world out there in franchising, great, I sometimes I call it cooperative. Competitors. Learn. From each other we learn from each other absolutely, Mike. Anything you'd like to add to that yeah no I mean I think I think that's really it I mean I think that's such is such a good piece and again. I still, think for, me the thing that always stands out at that conference is just the innovation, you. Know just. Some, of the big things that were brought up that people mentioned over and over again and they, were talking about some of the new bot features, that are coming in Facebook and Auto responding, and that plays into Apple as well because some of that stuff will will, work there as well but there's so much on the horizon, and if you're, not a part, of of, groups, like Ceph women's franchise, network if, you're not a part of those groups a lot of that stuff can pass you by I mean you, know especially a lot of franchisors, are so busy you don't have time to keep up with all this stuff and and even your team members are so busy a lot of times running that they're not staying, on the cutting edge of here's, what just came down the pipeline that may be you know 50 people know about but those conferences, are such a great place to go to, hear man here's what we're looking at not, just for today but, but you know two and three years from now because you know some of the things that they were talking about, you know and to play off the Apple thing the, the big step into augmented, reality you, know and everybody kind of saw that with pokemons go and they talked a little bit about that but but that's gonna become the new norm for marketing, and what does that look like and how do you prepare your teens who, you.

Know A lot, of times we're traditionally built, for for, a newspaper radio. You. Know even Facebook, all right how. Do you prepare them for a world that is now turning into you've. Gotta have people that know how to program and build technology. And. Finding, either partners, or bringing people into your team that understand, how to take your your, business your franchise into that next step in the future and and that was the thing that really impressed me is is the people that were so forward-thinking, there, and. The speakers too and I don't I don't know how you felt about the main sessions but the the general sessions were so good and one, of the big things I walked away from is company, culture, trumps, everything right, I mean that was that was probably the the heart of the keynotes I think and. They talked, about that because it, really it. Starts at the top level but but marketing, really, plays a big role in that I think because I'm sharing, your brand vision, you know making sure that your goals from the top level to the bottom you. Know whether it's if, you're in the food industry whether it's that employee that their job is to bus tables or, it's. The person running the local store or a franchisee, or you, know your head of marketing. If those core values aren't present and they don't understand, that you know you can lose your brand very quickly, and. A lot of times I think people, get so busy working, that, they forget like man there's core values at the heart of this why are we here and, there were some excellent stories one of the my favorite pieces of the last session there were some excellent stories about great, customer, service that related. To you, know what are the the four main points of your franchise why are you doing this and, how that reflected, itself at employees. And stuff and so it was just I think, those were the things that really continued to stand out to me every time you. Know we go to the these conferences, and things like that but but. But just the ability for, everybody. To come together whether you're you know fighting, each other for space in the industry or whether, you're in totally complete different markets and just share and say here's what's working here's the things to look at it. Really, is such a unique, thing that you would never see from. Fortune 500 companies they're never gonna do that kind of stuff right so a, little bit more of that entrepreneurial, spirit that's, right and. By the way I do for just for our listeners I want to let them know that this was the franchise consumer. Marketing, conference, and, since we're talking about marketing, and social jelly.

That. Is your area of expertise. Obviously. Your social media experts, tell. Us a little bit about that yeah, yeah you, know we've got an opportunity to talk about it a little bit over, the weekend and what's happening but you. Know really one of the big things that we, care about is that local store marketing, people. Really. Don't. See, how quickly that's changing, but you. Know again, and we've said it a couple of times now but but Apple messaging, that's not just gonna happen at the corporate level it's, gonna be at every single local store. Facebook. Everyday is releasing new tools that say hey if there's a Facebook page out there they can live message, you know one of the things they rolled out last week is, you're going to a business page if they have message or turned on a little button pops up in the bottom right hand corner of your phone screen and says talk, to this business right now and you can immediately message, them and, it's built because, Facebook. Google, Twitter, everything. Is saying we, want you to be in conversation it's, no longer about just the brand sending. A message out it's about that conversation between, the brand and the consumer, we. Talked a lot about that this weekend but you. Know for us as social Joey you know when we talk about innovation and staying on the cutting edge that's a big piece of where, our business even has to go is what, is that communication. Gonna, look like when maybe. Maybe the local franchise, actually, doesn't have the personnel, to be able to respond in real time on Facebook how. Are you gonna do that are you gonna use live chat BOTS are you going to have you know employees at a third-party. Company who are sitting there typing brand related. Messages back to these people who are asking questions, and in building, that out and that's that's probably the biggest thing, social.

Media Wise or local, store marketing wise that, franchises, need to be prepared for in the next I mean really very, soon I mean Facebook's already rolling it out but as it's coming in the next year that's gonna be a big piece of it's. No longer, marketing. Customers. Service is no longer about from. The top level you telling, customers who, your brand is what your brand is about it's. A conversation now, and, you've got to be there and be present, and be active, in talking, back and forth with your customers on these various channels so I'm just curious and this is a this, is a question for both of you at. The conference, we, had things changing. So, rapidly and. You. Know a little bit of a generational, gap did, they get into training, or how to stay current. Course. I'll let you take the first stab at that yeah absolutely and the great thing is is, that many of the sessions where, with panels, of. Marketing, experts, and operational. Experts so they shared their best practices on training and I actually, moderated, a session that was on integrating. Marketing with operations, and, how you work collaboratively, together, so. Just a lot of real-world. Examples. So it's not just. Somebody, with the PowerPoint, just telling you what to do is people sharing, ideas and, we. Actually sent our newest marketing hire she started two weeks ago and. She. Recent. Grad from Kennesaw State University and, just, was blown away, with all the things she learned over the two, days at the conference so these kind of events are are, really wonderful, and also as a franchisor. When, you go to the conference's you also get best practices on how to run your own conference. Because franchise ORS have. Meetings. Either annual, meetings or biannual, meetings and it's. Really good to learn and experience from the best, because. It's. Real important, for franchisees, to get together because, it's the same kind, of perspective, of being collaborative, sharing best, practices, and they, learn so much from each other so, it really is a good example for us but I call peer exchange. I. Understand. Anything. To add around how to stay. Current and with things changing. So rapidly or. Or that came out of the conference no yeah I mean I think, the biggest thing I would say is you, know if you're in any type of leadership role. You've. Got to constantly be googling what's the next thing right, I mean it, Google is your best friend when it comes to cutting, edge whatever, it is I mean if you're not you. Know if you're in the technology, space if you're not following, apples keynotes as they're happening live you're gonna be behind the next day follow CNET, those, things in social media Facebook's telling you about this stuff if you're following their blog about what's coming out and what's going on so. In the marketing space I mean I would just encourage you and get connected to those channels that are sharing the breaking news but, I think that that's true in operations, I think it's true in anything there are always channels, that are saying here's. The thing to be ready for, and. Just being on the cutting edge of that I mean it's as simple as typing it in Google right yeah you know what's the thing I need to look, at when it comes to you know ubereats, right, I mean that was it was something people talked about and especially in the food industry and I know we'll get to hear from chicken salad chick here in just a second but one.

Of The one of the things that, they talked about in the food industry is just uber eats and how that's changing, the dynamic, of pizza, delivery or you. Know even even, companies that never delivered, food before and what the, you. Know positives, and negatives, of that kind of a thing are it really is. Cutting. Edge it's breaking, and it's things that people in these organizations, are are, wrestling, with and what it looks like to to. Stay, current and something. That's always going to be evolving and so yeah, just just Google, I mean it's it's your best friend make sure you know what's coming and, and. That's probably the best advice I could give anybody so that's, great advice so. I I mean I by, the way again, so many great topics, that we're covering, today and appreciate you basically, paying, forward what, you learned at the conference and, it. Sounds like a lot a lot came from that but. We've been teasing. Our. Listeners, about. Chicken. Salad, chick, and. Really. Excited, to introduce this, brand along, with our next guest which by the way is, another, what, I said, earlier boomerang. Or welcome. Back to the studio Lauren. Oh. My, gosh you. Know like my mom likes to say she, goes these, years come by very quickly and it's, so true where time has worked with, Lauren before we dive, into a chicken, salad chick I just want to tell our listeners a little about you and I'm really excited to have you back in the studio. Lauren. Fernandez. Is the president, co-founder, of, origin. Development Group as, well as the developer, of the rapidly, growing local. Chicken salad, chick which we've been talking about we've. Got some great food sitting in front of us which is making, me even hungrier. Obviously. Lauren's driven by the desire to serve others you, have a fearless, leadership entrepreneurial. Vision and have. Really catapulted, the, restaurants, into the hearts and appetites, of all Atlantians we, thought with a heart for quality, southern fare. Right. Right, cuisine I, know that you have background you're an experienced, attorney and. A veteran brand developer, you. Also have, experience, across a hundred, and forty countries establishing. Franchise partnerships. Licensing. Distribution. And supply chains Wow. We've. Got a lot to share. Lutely. Well, in addition to your role at or, origin. You, also lead the Fernandez, company right right you help clients generate, revenue but what we're really here to talk about is, a, chicken, salad chick. That's, right and. Tortured. Yes. Clarissa has already pointed out her favorite. Well. Let's, start off with this what, is the founding story of chicken salad check so it started in Auburn Alabama with. Stacy Brown and she was, a young mother with, two kids trying to support her family and, she. Had a really, great chicken, salad recipe it was a family recipe and, so she started a small catering, business let's just call it serving, chicken salad, delivery. Out of her car and, it grew so fast and so rapidly, she became known as the chicken salad chick that's where the name for the name comes from she. Was driving around town in her car delivering, chicken salad everywhere you. Know in the south we have an affinity for all things southern food especially for, chicken salad pimento, cheese egg salad and Stacie really, had caught on to something and then she got a call from the health department one, day and, they say you need a license, to sell arcade. Which, then became a you, know a later partnership, with her. Future husband Kevin Brown and they, started the first chicken, salad chicken Auburn Alabama and, that's, just where it really exploded so they had this tiny tiny little kind. Of grab-and-go, kind, of concept, that became a full-service, restaurant really, in the Auburn market and then rapidly, over the last eight years has been one of the fastest growing franchise, brands in the country so. What makes brands special, that that's I've, seen many flavors.

Here, Well. A couple things one is absolutely our southern hospitality you come in the door everyone, knows your name there, we really could take the time to get to know our customers we come and talk to you at the table so, it almost is like a full-service dining, experience, in, a very fast casual, environment which is unique we really put a huge emphasis on, the not, only the service, but also the quality, of the food it's probably the second thing I would say we, make all of the food fresh daily in the restaurant which would release that's us apart from other places. That you can go eat lunch so, I mean you haven't lived until you've made chicken salad until 2:00 in the morning. These. Openings, are so popular and so exciting. For the communities, that they come to that we have such an incredible volume, we cannot mess up and run out of chicken so, we were up pretty late making chicken last night for Buckhead. Okay. There's, a reason why you were up late making chicken oh yeah. I mean these openings, take a lot of love and effort we have a phenomenal, team here with origin, and all of our vendors and our partners that help us make this happen and we've been waiting to come to Buckhead for almost a year this, spot has been in development for a very very long time where. Where, is this Buckhead, location, that we went into the Roswell. By Yuka shopping center right over there in the heart of Buckhead some people might call Chastain but it's right there if smack in the middle, zactly, where you're right and it's next to the Ace Hardware right, then yeah. Oh that's. A great. It's. In the sweet spot well yeah so what's, going on is obviously a grand opening on yeah yep, we'll be open next Tuesday, so we're in the final countdown, here and so the neck look out for us if, you're out and about and you would like some chicken salad and a catering kind, of sampler brought to your business give us a call today at eight four four four oh one chick, and, then he will come by and drop you a sample, and a catering menu we'll be driving all over Buckhead, the next two days but. You're regulated, down. Right. Now an. Official catering. Director who, really knows their stuff and, we we have concierge, catering it's really nice when you call the number we talk you through your whole what's, your event about how do you when it served and, really, take the extra time to get to know our customers even in the catering context, so then when we show up with your food you, know us by first name and you're gonna be a regular with us okay. So I just want to get this clear oh so we got the black kept location, that's getting ready to open up to the general public this, Tuesday, yes okay, and I'm gonna, try to attend friends and family on Saturday, yeah come and get a sneak peek yeah.

Absolutely. Love that and. Obviously there's a couple revenue streams here it's not just coming in I'm catering. Right. So we do a lot a lot of catering at the check it's a phenomenal. Phenomenal thing, to bring to your parties, it works well as a dip we, have all again all of our food is made fresh daily so that we do broccoli, salad pasta, salad grape, salad which i think is actually more like a dessert but who's counting, it's delicious. You know we have garden salads, and of course we have our we have our flagship product of our chicken salad it comes in twelve flavors so, there's something for everyone you can have a sweet fruit, one you can have a savory, one you, have a spicy, one we have a couple ones have a little bit more heat to them and. There's there's always something for everyone, we even have vegetarian, options, and gluten-free I mean all of these chicken salads are gluten free which is a huge dietary, concern for a lot of people these days so, it works really well for a lot of different folks at a on a buffet, or prepackaged. Bunch LOX a bunch, like lunch box a little you know kind of executive box lunches, those, are great too so okay, since we are on the radio, obviously. People are not seeing the studio, but. Correction. We're on Facebook live here Wow. Body weight yeah. I'm. Looking, at this as well as everybody else can you pass around some to the, other. Guests have already spoken so we can we think we can eat yes oh you're, talking yeah yeah. I. Have kicking Caitlyn is that the spice that's the hottest, I'll. Take the mildest, yeah what do you have for. Me. - I haven't even tired yet, bacon. Ranch and cheddar in it right it's, so delicious it's a very savory kind, of really yummy bye everybody, grab one in a for now who's uh with, what is Fancy, Nancy Fancy. Nancy is, gonna be Apple Stevie what do you want cause it's a top seller. Salad, like in a chicken salad it's just I love, these names, we've, got fruity, Fran yeah there's so every, chicken the story right Stacey felt very strongly, that all these women who had supported her in her life and had made a real impact in her career should. Be recognized, in the names of these brands so every chicken salad is named after someone who was very influential, to Stacey, oh so, I was wondering, that is really cool I was wondering I get this question all the time there's a Lauren's lemon basil and while I would love to take credit for it it is not actually, me. We. Would love to think that we're influential, on Stacey but it's really the other way around we're just really blessed, and honored to be a part of the development for this brand in the Atlanta market and we also develop, Augusta in Athens so I've, put a lot of miles on my car the last two years yes, and it's, just kind of funny because I'm, when you were mentioning, Lauren's lemon basil I actually picked. It up they, they spell it differently then yes he's got a y in there instead the Y in there we won't judge for that it's still my. Gosh I can't wait to trial well you got to try one of these I will talk while you try one of these right this is amazing, the. What. Are you guys trying I'm trying the esse, Scotty. Risa. What do you have. BBQ, tell me about barbecue, brian has a really, mild hickory, smoked barbecue, sauce on it that's a really popular one amongst, men and I should mention this we, do actually have a lot of men who come into the check yeah. Protein. Meal it's all white meat chicken it's, never frozen again we make everything fresh daily so, everything you're eating right now we made, last, night oh yeah, that's right yes fresh because I don't wanna I don't want to run out of time because I want to talk about something, else and that is not. Only how great the food is not. Only. You're, missing. Everyone's. Indulging. And I have to talk but save me some that's all I ask, I, want. To talk about what, you're doing on the development. Side this is a franchise opportunity. It is a franchise opportunity. I believe that you can find their franchise, development on chicken. Seljuq calm okay so we came to the so as you mentioned I'm a former franchise, attorney I still practice and I also have a consulting, practice and that's how we first. Ended up on the radio almost two years ago absolutely, during, that kind of consulting, process I met my current partner Darren Devore and he, and I decided, to start a fun now we call it origin development group and, our first investment, was chicken solid chicks so we're the Atlanta developer, for the Atlanta DMA Augusta, and Athens mm-hmm, so this will be our seventh chicken salad chick we're also in America's March so for those of you who shop the Mart we have three sometimes four locations, in the Mart regularly, congratulations.

And We have at least eight maybe more a little more like 10 of these restaurants come into the Atlanta DMA, so, we're very excited so have you already, do. You already have agreements signed or are you looking, for additional franchisees. They do look, for additional franchisees, they, absolutely do, they, are signing up people they just sold someone in Gainesville, Georgia so Gaines will just open this last Tuesday I believe right, so there's there are still territories, available, and again I think you can just inquire on chickens I'll check doggone okay. Well what is the best way I mean who if, you are interested. In chicken. Salad, chick, yes. I am. Well. So the first thing I want to say is don't knock it till you've tried it right so here here I am we've netted 40 something brands we were looking for our first investment, for origin. And someone recommended, chicken seljuq to me I'm like who does that. And. I went in I tried it once I'm like I get this need. To make this investment. So. I would suggest first of all call give us a call we're, happy to help you okay and we have seven locations coming up now with Buckhead all over Atlanta, we're probably near you somewhere give us a call at eight four four four one chick check. Us out on the chick Gators comm we've got a really robust catering, platform, where we can help you and try, it out just, come to one of our locations we're in Alpharetta kind of saw Roswell. Buckhead, Augusta. Athens, and Peachtree City I know that's a long list can you put a pop-ups down, in our lobby. Do. Lobby lunches, and we will drop, your catering for like you know large groups and you know any order over $125. We'll drop it for you we need to talk after the show cuz we're gonna do. Lobby. Conversations. We're gonna do pop-up studios in the lobby for the media for, different shows and we're looking for a I've. Never I have to say I've never had chicken salad, for breakfast before. Yeah. But give it a try I mean I really can't encourage people in that one of the things that makes us brands so incredibly, special is that it's so much love and care goes into the preparation of the food we're very health conscious very. Fresh and obviously. We don't want to drop the, football right before the end zone so we we really deliver that food with exceptional. Service and if you don't feel, that when you're in a chick I'm the person you call it literally is me so when we have customer, complaints I answer them all personally because we take it that seriously and, so, we really want y'all to come and experience, a chick over in Buckhead or any one of our stores in the Atlanta market excellent. And I have to say I think, this name is so memorable chicken, salad chick you're like visit us at the check it is such a great, ring to it right absolutely. With Lauren thank you I'm so happy to have you back on the show and, congratulations. You, obviously. Incredible, concept, everyone. Else is really. She, said football I mean talk about tailgate, right, what. Are you trying to barbecue, I'm. Good, I'm, sorry intern has taken two so far whatever yeah. We. Do catering, tailgate packages. Yes. I'm not surprised, you, still got about ten minutes here left I did maybe, a roundtable question, I got for everybody Michael, was talking about earlier about why. Right, and, I'm. Trying to leave the guys named simon, Sinek. Whatever, it was right. Yeah he's, gotten thirty million, downloads on, his talk about starting. With why or why why. So. We. Got some extra a little bit extra time and I know we want to talk. About Pam and your. Services, and and how you help, folks were at right but, do.

You Want to do that or go into the the why or I go. Why. Not yeah so, maybe a closer. Who wants to start out kind of what's your why behind what you do maybe there's more than one, you, know why but share. With us maybe what, kind of drives your business and uh, what. For us the why is. With. Health care now they're. Consumers. Are really concerned about transparency. And pricing. And access. And. So the why for us is really, being there, for them when they need our services, and. And, making it where it is a fantastic, customer, experience, it's, not your typical going. To some. Of the major brands out there to get lab work done and again you can walk in and and one of our tag lines is take, control of your health and and. That's the why we want to empower, health. Care consumers, to take control of their health seventy. Percent of medical. Diagnosis, or based on lab work so. It's, a real important, foundation, so be proactive yeah, absolutely. Lamont. You I'm. Gonna let Pam eat here for a second I. Think. The wife or Triton is we, want, to support our veterans that are out there that. Are. Looking for opportunities, don't, know how to get the funding, we, want to be that. Nice to go for them so it's just that simple and like, I said last, part of the mission have fun doing it. Michael. Give. Their why. Mike. Witty sure why yeah yeah I think, he. Goes right along with kind. Of our tag line because, hyperlocal matters one, of the the core things that our business is we know all business is local especially when it comes to franchising, right so. Never losing sight of that the Internet is people, at its core and even more than that social media it's people that interact with other people and your business has to do that and so it's because hyper local matters and the Internet is people and all business is local so that's why we do what we do and. Lauren you're why so I recently, finished the simon Sinek book because I watched, the TED talk it's it's long but, I did finish it and. We. We do, two things with this kind of concept one is we always tell our customers to ask the why ask. The why behind the complaint ask the why behind why, an employee is late like, just just get to know the real cause of the problem and I think there's, 90%. Of the problem-solving that we do every day is because, we, take the extra time to ask the why question, behind the issue mm-hmm. You know secondly, I get this why question, a lot because I'm an attorney I'm a former former general counsel and from, a French sorry about that yeah right six. Brands, and so I get asked, why a lot especially when our customers, figure out that, that's what I used to do even, just two years ago and, the answer is people, I what. I love most about this job and, franchising. In general is that, it creates opportunities, it's created a wonderful opportunity for me and for my partner's to start a business with two people and grow to over 200, employees in, less than a year and a half we've. Opened four. Restaurants bought. Three you, know it really has created huge economic, impact not, only for us as a development, group but also created, jobs I mean and and, anyone on my team will tell you I get a little misty-eyed and we lay out those 50 uniforms, and we start training and give everyone their nametags and welcome them to the check family, that's, the best moment for me that we have an opportunity every day to wake up and with positive. Leadership, really. Make an impact not just on the brand as a family, but also our restaurants, as a family, Wow great and you know a and I've got to share my why. Because. It's a lot of I mean hit on so many important things, my. Why is actually, educating, I I really. Enjoy. The. The. Privilege, of helping. Individuals who, are seeking, out business, ownership because. It's very, confusing, out there there's, so many different industries there's so many different, offerings and to, be able to have someone, that you can go to and, guide, you through that process and, navigate, those waters is. Is. Really my why and passion, around and actually it's the reason why we put together this a radio show is. You, know it was it was a natural platform. Because. The purpose of the of the franchise, business radio show is to be a platform to bring franchise. Professionals. Resources. Together to, connect.

Educate. And collaborate, to serve the franchise, community, and the consumer, so. You. Know I really. Appreciate everyone. In the studio today, and the, contributions. You've made to. Obviously. Educate. And inform, our, listeners, thank, you. Well. Having said that actually great segue into you. Explain to your why but how, would people reach out to you and, you. Wear a couple of hats right as a trainer, but also your, services. Are, free, people. Can meet with you that are considering a franchise opportunity. Right that's, that's right and just, just, to wrap up if, anyone is interested in, being, educated, and learning a little bit more about how to move into franchised business ownership please. Do not hesitate to reach out to me my number is eight four seven nine, seven zero. Eight seven six five again. Its Pamela curry and you can always go to my website which is The franchise, business, radio show sponsored. By franchise. Intellect, a full-service, franchise, consulting, and development, firm more, info and franchise. Intellect, comm also. Made possible in part by social. Joie the social media experts, that provide our local, presence for your franchise, more, info at social. Joey com, use. The social media links here to share today's show and check out more episodes, at franchise. Business,

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