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Hi. Guys my name is Jordan and in this Antrim tour we're, taking a look at my four foot long Bavarian. Currently. Home to a colony of Australia's, iconic. And notorious. Giant. Boards. Originally. This cloning of giant blades scientifically. Known as mummy co-pi, reformers, raised. Up from a single, queen housed. In a tubs and tube setup as. The. Colony grew I progressed, ofthem. Into some larger white dog nests to match. Here's. The colony around 18 months later, at. This point they had around 40 workers present. Typically. The larger the species, is the longer its growth rates are from egg to worker. Given. These Giants, are one of the largest species in the world measuring. In at around 30 millimetres, in length this. Was some pretty impressive development, I. Fed. Them almost every, day making. Sure that the developing, young always had something to chew on. I also. Kept this Connie warm during, the cold winter months here in Melbourne using, a heating, mat this. Allowed the colony to produce new, generations, of ants year-round. Amongst. The crowd here you can see the Queen and mother. - all of these ants. It's. Pretty safe to say she's, done very well for herself a. Little. While later I decided, to create a new more. Spacious, setup for them a naturalistic. Viv, area containing. Soil, plants. And a. Cleanup, crew in the form of springtails in isopods, I. Made. A video tutorial, on how I both set this up and. Introduce. Ants into it in my latest how, to build an ant nest video but. Just to quickly recap I started. With a 4 foot long glass tank then. I added in a layer of clay balls for drainage. Followed. By a meshing to help this areas stay clear of debris. Some. Charcoal, for purification. Some. Soil from my backyard. Then. I added in some driftwood, rocks. Plants. And. A. Layer of red sand and. Finally. Secured, on a custom-designed, acrylic. Lid to, prevent the ants from escaping. After. Placing the ants inside they, quickly got to work, eagerly, digging into the soil to construct, a new nest. Here's. What the setup look like just, before the answer rival and. Here's. What it looks like today around, a couple of months later. They've. Certainly been busy all. Of this uplifted, soil you see here is the work of the, ants. Early. On in their constructing, the ants had created, multiple, entrances, to their nest. Under. This piece of wood here and. These. Rocks above. But. Today they've, reduced themselves, down to just a single hole positioned. Here, perhaps. This was to do with efficiency, the, more entrances, that they have the, more work it takes to maintain them. And/or. It could also be for safety reasons with, less entry, points for potential. Threats like. Other ants for example, the, easier, they can defend their home this. Makes sense given how blintz, out in the wild are often found nesting, nearby, some highly, competitive ants, like. Me dads and. Sugar. Ants. Unfortunately. For them being, harassed by these guys is often the norm. I. Rarely. See this colony shifting, soil around anymore - and if, I do it's, only for small maintenance work often. Shortly after I've given the setup a spray of water for example I'll. See a little bit of activity as they quickly repair, any damages, but. That's it really so. I think they must be fairly happy with what they've created down there it's. A shame I'll never fully know what their nest structure looks like. However. I have been able to get a little glimpse into their home if. You remember from the previous video, I positioned. Some power packs which, are used to run the lights above against. The side of the enclosure the. Heat. Which these power packs Radio has been keeping the surrounding, wall of the tank nice and warm and it. Didn't take too long for the ants to notice you.

Can See they've borrowed out a chamber, right up against the glass. Unfortunately. There's lots of fine dirt particles, stuck to the glass making. The view inside fairly. Cloudy but. Of course it's better than nothing I. Find. They often use this chamber, for storing their pupae which does best in these dry and warm conditions. All. Ants, go through four stages of metamorphosis. Firstly. An egg laid, by the Queen. Then. Eventually, this egg will hatch into a larva the stage which they do all of their feeding and most, of their growing. Once. It's big enough the larvae of some ant species like, these blance will, spin themselves, into a silken, cocoon like these ones have this. Helps protect them during their development into, their third stage a peeper. And from. There they'll, finally close, and reach, their final stage an adult, int. You. Can see the answers starting to get a little irritated, by my bright filming, lights here so, let's leave them be for now. Both, above ground I've noticed, lots of these empty cocoon casings, lying around. Check. Out this tiny baby I support, making, a male one so. Cute. An. Empty. Cocoon of course means, that a new workers arrived I've counted. At least 10 of these casings, so far so. Based on my last count back when the ants were first introduced, to the setup that, makes at least 50 workers now. And. After getting a small glimpse into their nest it's clear there's lots more to come very soon as well the, corny is really growing nicely now. You'll. Probably have noticed some other things growing pretty well too lots. Of weeds they're. Springing up all over the place I. Dug. Up this soil from my backyard where, I did notice some weeds present, I didn't. Sterilize, the soil at all so, it's no surprise that started, sprouting. But. What did surprise me was, how especially, abundant the weeds formed, in and around the plants nest inside. This. Is no coincidence as the. Ants have slowly been expanding. And maintaining, their nest structure, they've been inadvertently. Shifting, seeds hidden, deep below the surface to hire more, idyllic conditions. Giving. Them an improved, chance to Germany and spring, to life just, one, of the many reasons ants, are so important. Within ecosystems. Although. I'm not really a fan of these weeds it, kind of ruins the semi-arid. Theme, I was originally going for when I created, so. I might need to do some weeding at some point. During. The day there's, really not too much happening, with this Claudie I only, ever see the ancestors, sticking, their heads out from their nest entrance, and.

Maybe Occasionally seeing, one or two workers venturing, out for a fee. Here's. One enjoying, some Brule honey, one. Of their favorite foods. The. Reason they're so inactive, is because, these plants actually, are nocturnal, species most. Active during Twilight hours, when. Compared, to closely, related daytime. Foraging, species, such, as mummy C&E grouse kappa these, guys have a slightly different structure, to their eyes making, them roughly 20 times more sensitive in, a lower lighting conditions. So. During the day it's, pretty rare to see more than two workers out and about and, even then they never stray too far from their nest. So. To really see these ants in action we, have to come back after duck. It's. Around 9 p.m. now and the, lights above have now shifted from. Day tonight. This. Blue light here is designed to, simulate moonlight. And so, allows, the ants to forage with very little disturbance, and gives. The ants a distinct, indication. Of night and day so, that they can better follow their natural biological. Clocks. The. Vivarium really, comes alive after, dark almost. Like clockwork all, the isopods, and crickets come out from their hiding in search for a meal. And. Shortly. After the, ants follow. Blintz. Rarely, lead their fellow colony, members to a source of food, instead. They forage alone. Which, is quite unusual for ants. So. It's only by coincidence that. All these workers here have discovered, this Apple. And. Again. Unlike. Most ants who, navigate, by following scent. Trails and travel, in lines these. Blends mostly, use their acute vision to navigate, and rely, on visual, cues like. This central, log here so, as to orientate, themselves and, find, their way to and, from their nest. As. You can tell these, blends love their sweets, mostly. I offer them fresh fruits, I found. That ripe pink lady apples seem, to be their favorite by far. The. Ants don't actually eat the Apple but rather lap, up its juice using, their labels, basically. The ant equivalent, of a human tongue. Sometimes. Their technique, for extraction, can look rather comical. The. Ants also require, a source of protein - especially. Important, for the development of their larvae, for. These guys this usually comes in the form of crickets once, every few days I'll add some in, as. I'm. Sure you can guess these, blends are very, efficient, hunters with. Their massive serrated, mandibles, potent. Venomous, stings and incredible. Eyesight these, ants and not to be messed with. Despite. This they're actually far more interested, in getting their sugar fix, often. They'll completely, ignore crickets, passing, them by and. Sometimes. Even drink, with them side by side. Although. They're not always in the sharing, mood occasionally. Lashing, out at their unwanted companions. A. Quick. Bluff charge is usually, enough to scare them off. And, then. It's straight back to business. It. Kind of reminds me of dogs competing, for a bone, the, buoyance are the top dogs baring. Their teeth and feeding, on the choicest, parts, and. The. Crickets the underdogs, which, only get the leftover, scraps which the top dogs don't care for. Or. If they're daring enough they'll sneak their way in and chow down whilst they're distracted. Quite. An interesting, dynamic to observe. The. Ants larvae, almost exclusively. Rely, upon insects, for their nourishment. Whereas. The adult workers, mostly, one of sugars so. Perhaps there's, not that much larvae, present, within the nest at the moment and so, no real need for hunting, insects so. At this point in time if the ants have a choice between apples. And crickets, this, is almost always the end result. Here's, one that I found that finally, decided, to go after her cricket. Her. Lodge specialized, eyes allow, her to spot, and precisely, track, its movements. Once. She gets close enough she, grips on with a huge, serrated, mandibles, and injects. Her victim with a potent, dose of venom. This. Particular species, event has some of the most toxic venom in the entire insect, world and so, even, a tiny amount is enough to quickly incapacitate.

This Cricket here. Even. So the, ants are still very cautious around their prey and often, look rather timid. But. Eventually it gets carried back to their nest where, it'll be fed to their growing young helping. Ensure the survival of the carnies next generation. So. What do you guys think of this colony of. All the ants in my care these, guys are probably my favorites to observe their. Sheer size. Excellent. Vision. And rather, quirky. Characteristics. Just, makes these ants stand, out from all the rest. Even. The cat seems to enjoy watching them it's, one of his favorite pastimes, that and, sleeping, on the couch. Before. We get on to our regular, contest where, I give away what about custom-designed. Forma carrier I just, wanted to let you guys know I've, just launched, a patreon, page, Narrated. Filmed. And, edited. By me alone. So, if you enjoy my content and want to see more of it more often, please, consider tipping it any, contribution. Vastly, exceeds, individual. Ad revenue, here on YouTube so even just a single dollar goes a really long way plus. Depending, on your pledge you'll, have access to exclusive patron. Rewards, such, as behind-the-scenes sneak peeks on future projects and early, access to my videos. Regardless. Of whether you choose to make a pledge or not I'd just like to take this time to thank you guys when, I created ants Australia, all those years ago never, could I imagine it would come as far as it's come today you guys have really inspired me, to pursue my passions, I feel. Incredibly, privileged, to have such an amazing, supportive. Fanbase again. Thanks, so much guys. Now. On to the contest in, last videos contest, I asked, what made you want to keep ants or if, you weren't keeping ants why, not. It. Was really interesting reading, your responses and, it, was great to hear that actually, watching some of my videos had, inspired many of you to give and keeping a chance in the first place, for. Me I originally, got interested in and keeping a while back as long as I can remember I've. Always been fascinated, by nature by, all animals, big and small but. For some reason I took a great interest in the small things I think. I must have been around 10 when my parents bought me my very first and. Father one. Of those plastic Uncle, Milton ones at. The time I had no idea what I was doing I remember. Collecting, up some worker ants like, it said to when the instructions, and, then putting the myth I recall. Being incredibly, underwhelmed. By what came to follow the, ants just sat huddled, in a patch of sand barely. Doing anything and within. A few weeks they, all started dying off. Unfortunately. This experience, was enough to put me off and keeping and my, Uncle Milton ant farm was quickly shoved under my bed to collect dust. Fast-forward. About 10 years later and while sorting through some old things I stumbled. Across it again and thought I'd give it another shot but, this time I wanted to be a little bit more pet now, with access, to the Internet a quick search made me realize there, was a lot more to ants than I originally imagined, and much, to consider when trying to successfully. Raise a Connie, before. Long I was hooked and caught, my very first queen ant back, in 2012. This. Is that same Queen here a rainbow, and riddim, MX SP, if. You look closely you, can see our laying your neck. To. This day I'm still actively, keeping hands and constantly. Learning new things about them which, is one of the reasons I just love keeping them there's just so much new to discover it's.

One Of those things where the more you know the, more you know you, don't know so. The winner of the contest is. Lisa. Mail who, answered, I've, only just become, interested, in the intricacies, of an QP and would love to set up for Mac areum in my classroom, so much so I've begun, my DIY, Hebel nest today by, trying to secure the next generations, interests, in all things nature if, I can just get one child a year to love nature as I do I'll, be happy sounds. Like a great initiative Lisa congratulations. You've. Just won yourself one of our size small outwards. To. Enter next videos contest, simply, answer the following which. Of the ant colony is featured here on my channel is your favorite and why, is. It these joints. My. Big headed ants. Or. Maybe the trap jaws. Or. Something. Else. Post. Your answer in the comment section below I'll pick out a single comment and announce, them as the winner in my next video and a. Special thanks, to my very first supporters, over, on patreon, shout, out to my top tier patrons, Jon Overton, and Nicolas, Atkins, thanks. So much guys it really means a lot, as. Always thanks, for watching this video and I, hope you enjoyed. You.

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my favourite ant colony of yours is your pheidole for sure. i love pheidole and sadly they arent native to my area so whenever i see them on your youtube channel or other ant youtubers i get super excited. i like them because of their beautiful orange colour and the awesome looking soldiers. your colony has three queens too which is super cool! and they are producing alates which is also terrific!

My favorite colony is giant bull ants because of their size and their way of observing with their big eyes and with intelligence their environment and their way of moving and how they chase and hunt their prey.

Personally I absolutely love the big headed ants. All of those super polymorphic species with such large size differences I think are super cool to look it. Marauder ants are my absolute favorite despite not being able to have them where I live but the enormous difference between super majors and minors it's just amazing to me

I love AntsAus I've seen every video as far back as i can remember and my favourite colony is definitely the bigheaded ants. the bigheaded ants have come so far and watching them and there formicarium grow and change over time and develop further. I recently got a colony(Camponotus novaeboracensis) to grow to the point were they will need to move out of there test-tube setup. they are a really amazing and beautiful colony so wining this prize wold really help me in the growth of the colony and if you pick me I promise to tell you how they are doing. thanks and keep doing what you do best.

Good job Jordan Excellent macro shots as well. How was the video captured ,what camera did you use and what was the setup? Thanks

I personally enjoy your Myrmecia species, as they are so unique and quirky. I like all of the featured colonies, really. The reas Pom that I like them is because of their rare ability to have Gamergates, and their unique, one in a million eusocial behavior. I believe that Myrmecia are quite beautiful and easy to look at, due to their large size, and I also believe that there could be many more unknown quirks about Myrmecia ants. I also believe that many of your other colonies, such as argentine ants are very cool. WARNING: inessential information ahead I believe that argentine ants are very interesting due to their ability to fuse together, and their extreme polygyny. Argentine ant are also quite invasive and cute. Honestly, I like all life, from mushrooms, to ants, to ferns, to Protozoa! I love your channel and hope your channel will be a raging success. Thank you, -Vinson C. Brundy PS: have a nice year, just because

My favorite colony from your channel would definitely have to be your Odontomachus, Trap Jaw ants. I find it amazing how this small, insignificant creature can accelerate it's jaws to over 120 mph, slicing through anything in it's path! And while they're great for defense and combat, they can also throw themselves many times their body length, like an acrobat, with their mandibles! I also found your miniature Trap jaws to be really cute! If I had a second pick, it would have to be your Bull ants, because of their intelligence, size, and their active, worm like larvae.

Great video. My favourite ants you feature are the camponotus consobrinus, they are the first (and only) species I have so far and I always love learning more about them through your videos and seeing them featured!

Finally a new video!

Did they ever bite u

my favourite of your featured colonies has to be the trapjaws, those guys are seriously scary!

my favorite colony of yours is the giant bullet ant colony. i find them the most entresting. also, they are my favorite species. currently i have no colonies. i am hoping to convince my mom to let me get one. your chanel is what got me interested in ant keeping anyway. Thanks!

I’m getting your nests for when my colony grows bigger

weekly vids pls

Did the shop die?

My favorite colony of yours is your Argetine any colony. Even though they are highly invasive , you do a good job keeping them in. The reason I like them because the're are a lot of Queens. I really like polygynous species.

praise be, the master of the ants has returned

Well I like the 20 seconds of de dracula ants, first i saw an internet articule about these ants, after that i see your video and wasbeatiful ( I really want a video about that ants ) after that, i go to ants canada and i see a colony of thet ants ( recent video ) i really want to you catch differents dracula species.... Maybe you will discover a new ant dracula species.

Those ants thicc

I actually think that your Bull ants are my favorite ants. Their unique size and shape just make them so outstandingly different from other smaller basic ants. Their big eyes look so cool as well. The only thing that could make Bull ants better is if their bites and stings didn't hurt so bad.

We miss you :`)

My favourite colony you have is probably the bull ants. They are just so intresting to watch and I dont have anything like them where I live.

My favorite one of your colonies is the camponotus festinatus you own.I keep a similar species Called camponotus Ceastenus.They are extremely gargantuan,and will soon need a nest!Im hoping that I can save up to get one for them,but it will take some time.. You can see the c.festinatus at 18:42

i just love the bull ants, their big eyes make them so expressive and cute. the way they move their heads around to look at things makes them seem full of personality, they're adorable.

My favorite ant colony on your channel is the big headed ants, because they are very polymorphic. I find it intrusting to see the difference in size of ants in the same colony.

They’re so cute

The big headed ones are definitely my favourite. We want to keep them one day :) we currently keep a chameleon, a couple tarantulas and we breed some insects like crickets as food for them. I don't need to win the challenge, just wanted to say that I love your passion about ants and I wish everyone would admire nature and all the little crawling insects that are out there. Keep up the great work and videos. Sending greetings from France!

I’m so jealous the us banned shipping ants


myrmecia nobilis is my Favorit ant. over this Ant is nothing know. i love your content Make more viedeos and good night Form germany.

my favourite ant colony is the trap jaw ant. this is because I'm astonished by the speed at which they close their mandibels.

I like the Argentine ants due to their huge impressive colonies and hundreds of queens. I don't like that they are invasive, but they're still pretty cool because of their global supercolony structure.

Fantastic video mate!

You don't know no but I a big fan I always hated ants until I watched your video then I started ant keep it was a real journey your videos help alot I hope you see me more oh and my favourite colony is bull ants

Amazing job man. Big fan of your work. Keep it up! Greetings from Cyprus. And please I would like a tutorial from you about Crematogaster, since I have a 20 worker colony and I could use some tips from you.

Nice video again. My favourite colony on your channel is your jumping jack colony because of the way they're so aware of their surrounding and study you as they study you.

How do you get rid of elites

Why only one video per month? Dx Your content is very interesting.

My favorite colony of ants is the colony of traps jaws, because they have a really fast bite (the fastest bite), and this makes hunting more interesting to watch, and have interesting jaws of 180 ° and this makes this Ants how the most interesting of the rest, to me. I wish have this ants, they are awesome.

My favourite ant colony of yours is the meat ant colony, although I love many species under which Pheidole and Odontomachus, these guys really stand out. With their quite impressive size coloration and fast growth, they should be a great species to keep! Hopefully one day I manage to keep a colony of them myself!

My favorite ants is your Pheiodel colony! Watching them made me expect what my Pheiodel colony . might look like in the future! Also they're so dang cute.

Polish plis

I absolutely love your trapjaw ants, I just find them so interesting. With their amazing snapping jaws, which are truly unique to the antiverse. Their appearance makes me happy all the time, making me smile if there's a new video about them on your channel! The other ants are amazing and interesting too, but the trapjaws are just my favorite, especially with their funny 'mustaches'.

Man i wish I was in the main land there no one intrested in ants in Hawaii

My favorite colony of yours is your odontomachus one.

I absolutely loved this video. Last week I bought my dream species Rhytidoponera metallica, or as you call it, green headed ants. The info about the Myrmecia pyriformis was very helpful and interesting, especially because I'm planning to keep Myrmecia sp in the future and have to decide which exact species it will be.

MY favorite has to be the bull ants! it is incredibly interesting to watch how they hunt, especially compared to many other ants which hunt through smell over sight. sight can be so unimportant in the ant world that one of the most proficient ant species, the African driver ant, is completely blind! so to see something like this is awesome. especially cool since there aren't many, if any at all, native bull ant species in north america where i live!

My favorite colony of yours is the big headed ants due to the impressive polymorphism and interesting diet. Watching your videos encouraged me to buy my own when with brood and so hoping for my first workers too! Thank you for the chance to win and thank you for educating me on a vast number of ant species. -George

I was going to say my the fascinating trapjaw ants that I saw on your channel but instead I would say my favourite ant colony would be my lasius niger colony which has just had it's second generation . Even if I don't win I love your content and think you are so enthusiastic about ants and I hope one day I can share my love of ants in a channel of my own.

I love your trap jaw ants because they can use their jaws for so many functions! And i hope i can keep one one day

to be honest im favorite ant is a trap jaw ant but the thing is all ants have a type of amazing skill .

My favourite colony of yours is definitely the big headed ants. Seeing the vast differences in their caste sizes inspired me to find my own pheidole queens. It was my first time looking for queens and I managed to find just two. So far they have laid a few eggs, but I am hoping to see more development now that the weather is warming up

I love the pheidole ants bcs they are always up tot something they are always active and they are always hungry just like me

My favorite colony is Camponotus Pennsylvanicus! It was the first colony I was able to keep and has introduced me to the ups and downs of ant keeping. The colony started strong and reached 10 workers. Then there was a worker death and only one worker was left. Now the colony is up to ~60 workers and going strong! It is the colony I introduce to friends and family to show the wonders of keeping ants! Love the channel and keep the updates coming!

I would love to find out about all the ants you keep. When you show the shelves in your videos, there’s so many! I’d love a video with a quick summary of all your ant colonies, maybe part 1 and 2, or if that’s inconvenient maybe make a pdf. Thanks!

I think for me it has to be a tie between the big headed ants and the giant bull ants. The big headed ants are so polymorphic, and such a unique colony. Likewise, the giant bull ants are super unique and unlike any other ants!


I love the trap-jaw ants because they are native in my country (my country is on southeast asia btw) and these ants always remind me with their related genus called Myrmoteras, if you don't this genus yet, this genus can be only found in my country (which is Indonesia) and this genus containing some species that are related to trap-jaw ants, these ants can spread their large jaws 270° wide

My favorite colony would have to be the rainbow ants because of their different bright and viberant colors.

I think i like yout giant bull ants best as there kinda like me in a way, as we both like going out at night more than the day and we dont like to share our food with pests

Trap jaw ants becouse they are so interesting at hunters and I even recently discovered they have one of the strongest bites for their size

I like best your Jack Jumper bull ants, because they´re so deligent as working When they get into trouble, they jump around and try to save themselves. The larvae of them ar the most moving, I know Because the queens are semiclaustral in founding her colonies, they havn´t the ungainly looking like most other ants. And the Jack Jumper ants are the only bull ants, I´d try to keep, because I´m to afraid of the other onces.

My favourite ant colony in this chenel is bull ant because they are so much different for me, because i live in europe, and i neved see any ant like thease befor.

Thease australian ants are cool

By far my favourite colony is the Pheidole. I love the fact they’re accepting of multiple queens and I love that they have different sub species like workers and majors. I would love to start my first colony with these.

I enjoy your videos more than antscanada

Myrmecia are just so different form a lot of other ants, they’re more independent and I think that makes them more intelligent on their own and less in groups, that’s why watching them is very entertaining, like a paper wasp nest

I like the pheidole ants because I personally love polymorphism in ants and that they can have multiple queens so they grow faster.

My favorite colony is the trapjaw colony. I really like their ability to "teleport" and their amazing skills to detect threats. And I just want to say thanks for introducing ants in my life. I was starting to get into depression, but this little friends helped me see that the best things in life are often under our noses, and we do not even notice.

I'd say I love your bull ants the most because they act so different from other ant species. They look and act like they have a mind of their own which really intrigues me and makes me wonder how much so do ants work like an instinctive hive mind or a being on it's own. If i could i would definitely keep these ants but since they are not native i won't. I have quiet a few species but none of them have a mind of their own like the smart bull ants. I also love their size, big beautiful eyes and cool mandables. I hope they thrive and grow even bigger if possible.

hehe the rainbow ant going to be how first go at ant keeping

My favorite ant colony by far are these very same bull ants. They're big and strong with a nasty sting, but they're also curious and slightly timid - it's a wonderful dichotomy that makes them fascinating to watch and study. Plus, the fact that they can see you, and react to you and your actions makes me want a colony of my own something fierce. Alas I cannot get them in the US, but thanks to your videos I have been able to enjoy them to my hearts content. The fact that they're in a gorgeous terrarium is icing on the cake. I'm like a kid in a candy store every time I get to see them.

The colony I love the most belongs to the species Odontomachus a.k.a. Trap Jaw ants. There are three things I love about them. First of all, I love their unique mandible that can snap at the speed of light. I also love how they use their mandibles for offence and defence. And last but not least, I love their size.

My favourite ants are trap-jaws. They have a superquick attack. :D I don't have ants at home, because my wife. XD ¡Saludos desde España!

I loved your pheidole colony, your video was so informal!

My favourite ants are actually these; Myrmecia Pyriformis. I find them fascinating because they are basically prehistoric, I think you can tell that by just looking at them but gee they really are something compared to my own local garden ants. I myself have only today caught my first Lasirus queen, i love the idea of having my own ants which are native to my street (they are still in there hometown kind of thing). But these Myrmecia are just gorgeous and one day i hope to keep a colony of these myself. I would love to learn about what Myrmecia might be around sydney and how I could potentially setup something grand and naturalistic like you have shown today. Cheers James

Thank you for posting again I realy enjoyed this video

My Favorite is by far the TrapJaw ats, They are super fascinating! Thanks for a great channel and all the hard work you put in.

Rip to all the people that died on 9/11 T_T

My favourite colony of yours, is for sure the giant phiedole colony you have, it’s amazing the size difference of the minors to the majors, it’s also amazing all that muscle in there giant heads. The phiedole colony is very interesting to watch for sure!

Awesome video! Loved every minute. My favourite one of your colonies is the Bull Ants. Their huge size, interesting and unique behaviour from other ants and also that each species of bull ants is different, some aggressive, some timid, different colour etc. I have watched them several times.

I love your big headed ants becuse i like there majors but i have no ants conlonys but im going to buy one

Wicked video Jordan! I really need to get back into keeping ants. All my set-ups are sitting empty. I doubt I could ever release a colony like that into a natural dirt set-up where i could no longer watch their every move.

My favorite would be the Giant Bull Ants because of their hunting skills.Their eyes help them catch food unlike most ants they still need to smell it.Another thing why I like them a lot is because they hunt like tigers their cautious behavior and how they stalk and strike makes me glad i'm not a cricket.They're also semi-claustral so those tiger-like movements can be seen early!That's why they're my favorite ant colony.

I really like your big head ant colony, it really inspired me to get my own big head ant Queen and have a go at starting my own colony.

You had me at rainbow ant!

I want to start an ant farm as well. We have plenty of bull ants around and this video has made my mind up. Thank you. A night time pet is perfect for my heavy work days.

Hi Jordan, will get into my favorite Ants in just a moment but first of all i would like to say THANK YOU! I stumbled onto this channel by random couple of weeks ago and from the first video i watched i have to say i'm hooked and i'm in the process of sorting out my own ant colony as i type this. The information you give and the way you give it has inspired me to pass the knowledge i have learnt so far to my own children and my youngest is looking very forward to our first arrivals within the next couple of weeks. My favorite Ants based on your videos have to be the Trap Jaw Ants, a species i never new existed till i watched your video. The fact they look like small raisin's makes me laugh but the size and speed off there jaws i think are amazing. Again thanks Jordan and keep up the good work...

my favourite species that you have featured on this channel is myrmecia nobilis because they are so rare and unknown :)

Your other bull ants video got me hooked and now I have two of the same bull ants in this video but only one I laying eggs (so far) I also have Carpenter ants with one worker (because the other died like a week ago☹️), some eggs and a queen and also some red and black ants that have some eggs. All because of u that lead me on to start watching AntsCanada which is also a good channel but....... your always going to be the number one for me and probably many other people (also little disclaimer AntsCanada doesn’t have any bull/inch ants on his channel. Like come on bro, get on your level)

May a ask something. You and antscanada know each other

ive always wanted big red bullants ever since i was a kid but ive always been scared of them escaping

Love this channel

Why’s this feel like a parody of ant Canada?

My most favourite Colony is the “Giant Bull ants” because there big,dangerous,aggressive and more! And they also look cuter

Great video man, When I am more experienced with ant keeping I too hope to keep some bull ants they are definitely my favorite ants. Keep up the awsome videos

I am really intrigued with an update on that rare bull ant you showed less than a year ago

I like your big headed ant colony, I've always been fascinated with ants ever since I was a kid, I could sort of sense that there was more going on with them than other bugs, the way they organize around tasks despite being essentially unthinking. I like the Big headed ants especially because of their polymorphism, one of the most fascinating traits of ants is how they have specialized forms for different tasks so ants that feature majors and super-majors are especially interesting to me. I've recently started considering trying my hand at some ant collection and keeping and found that being in california grants me local access to some truely unique ants like desert leaf cutters (didn't know they even existed) and several species of 'honey-pot' ants with their replete workers.

Damaging winds to hit Victoria on Saturday up to 100 ks an hour

Beautiful Just Beautiful!

Wait but why don't you hibernate them

My favorite ant colony on ants aus are the rainbow ants because there is always something going on and the amount of workers one queen can produce is an ant keepers dream at least in my perspective.

How do catch a queen in Nevada? I need some help

I like your Linepithema humile colony due to their massive size, it makes them really fun to watch. ALSO: keep up the great work love all your vids!

i really love the rainbow ants but my favourite is Giant bull ants

The most fascinating ants for me are the bull ants. Big size, strong toxic and the most impressive thing is that scientists have observed that these ants secrete a special chemical that kills pollen. They are testing this secretion to check if it can be used to cure human diseases.

My favorite one of your ant colonies is your trap jaw ants. They are not kept by many people so we don’t know much about them. I’m young and your videos have inspired me to get into ant keeping. At this moment, I have a Formica fusca queen with many eggs and pupae. I hope it works out I’ve been trying to get a ant colony for the last three years!

Hello there bootleg antscanada

Love your channel so much better then that "other" ant channel on youtube.

The big headed ant and why the big soldiers

Wow! How long did it take for them tibgrow to that size?

The Pheidole/ big headed ants are my favourite ant colony of yours. I love how they have HUGE super majors and tiny minors and how they organise themselves when foraging for food. Love the video!

Oh antsaustralia my most favorite species in your channel are bull ants they are so fasinating to look at they make me happy I also liked there hunting instincts the problem is we dont have any bull ants species here in our country Philippines. Even though I still like wacthing your videos wich help me get closer to nature itself im also trying to have an ant nest but I cant afford it thank you for the information you gave us about ants biology and characteristics.

we need giantants


I have always enjoyed watching you're trapjaw ants videos as i find them very helpful as i am new to ant keeping. I find them fascinating and enjoy watching them feed and protect their colony fiercely.

I'm from Bendigo, just over an hour away, and it's great to see some local YouTubers with my interests. It's coming into spring and I'm looking forward to getting into ant keeping! My favourite colony would definitely be the giant bull ants, I found a worker wandering around a few months ago and was so surprised how big they were! I've been subbed for about 6 months I believe & I'm looking forward to more.

I have always liked your trapjaw ants because ik think they are te moste facenating because of their big jaws end their wild behaviour I only have a colonie of lasius Niger and they are doing very well but I don't always have something to gif them to eat end a struggle with finding a salutation so maybe you can do a video about that Next time

Bad sugar ants, no presents for you

Also I really want to see the spiny ants in your next vid

bull ants


i love all of your colonys and i hope that i have so many ants as you do one day but my most favorite colony is your bullet ants i love how big and beutiful the are

My favorite ant colony is your giant bull ant colony. They have a very distinct color and are absolute giants. I also want to keep that species, but I love in Europe.

YOUR BACK!!!! YAY!! okay my favorite ants are going to have to be Camponotus floridanus. I don't have as much time to take care of fire ants right now but my carpenter ant colony is doing quite well. They are still in test tube setup and have about 10 workers. They are growing quite slowly but thats fine with me. i just hope to get a big colony someday.

Pretty cool man... keep making more content, your videos are really enjoyable to watch - youve got some skills...

I love the big headed ants because i think its facinating that there workers can be in difrent sizes AND i love ants #antloveforever

I like the Big-Headed Ants Because they look so Funny!

i realy love your jumping jacks, i think they realy cool. they can jump!!! and they big and ther look is amazing. i wish i had this species here is israel

I know they have never been properly featured, but the gold tailed sugar ants, hinted in the naturalistic setup tutorials was so amazing, as I love gold tailed bull ants, but aren't quite at the stage of keeping them yet, but those little gals just look so awesome

By far your bullet ant's colony. They are so big and beautiful i wish i had this kind of sp. here in Belgium :)

this is easily the best ant content on Youtube! AC could really learn some stuff from you!

My favourite ant colony is the big headed ant colony because I love that the colony has 3 gueens. I also love the way that your realising the elates from your tank and your stoping the species from being displaced from your area

Does things jump :/ and they hurt a lot but cool af I used to kept trapjaws (Odontomachus infandus) but they died from a fungus that just sprowted out of no where

my favorate ant is the bull ant because for 1 they are one of the largest ants in the world and they look awesome An in my opinion their the best ant in the world

this is my first time watching your videos but my favourite out of all your ants would be the big headed ants cause they are very fascinating and are my favourite ants

Welp insta sub because I love ant videos! Can't wait to hear many stories about the colonies!

My favorite ants on your channel is the Pheidole sp. I am really interested by the extreme polymorphism and polygynous habits of this species. I was fortunate enough to catch my own pheidole sp. this season and its just about to enclose its first workers. Your channel was one of the first I stumbled across last year and has helped me immensely, Keep up with the good work. Look forward to many more of your videos.

I always enjoyed Jumping Jack nests more than Bull ants, they are so much more active and agile, also numerous.

this is awesome

I think the thing that made me want to keep ants was the fact that you could watch a society grow, slowly but surely. It makes you feel grew when a new worker hatched or the queen lays eggs

I don't really have a favourite ant colony and i'm very new to ant keeping. I think that there is always something new to discover about ants.

can you post weekly

tu cat esta visco

for ants sorry

try to make a big jar for ant fill it with dirt or soil or if you want to see them build put a smaller jar in the middle i had ants in it and its cool i even toke it to school . I like the bull ants bycause they are the best

you're the best ant photographer, amazing video!

my favorite ant colony of yours is probably your huge three queen pheidole colony because 1, pheidole is my favorite species, 2, they are kinda rare where I live, 3, you are my favorite ant youtuber because your vids got me into antkeeping and now I even have my own pheidole colony. Thanks for your vids!!!!!!

The bigheaded ants are my favorite, because I just love how cute they look. Also the majors look impressive

Your Big-Headed ants are the coolest. I love ant colony's which have large numbers of ants, and are not too small. Also the variety of sizes between the ants is what i love about them. I really like that they eat almost everything you give them. Because that's the main reason i keep ants, watching them bring insects inside their nest.

My favorite species in your ant room are the bull ants, They Are My Favorite because they are so big so that means you can see every action they do clearly. I grow a colony of Tapinoma erraticum and the workers are only about 4mm long so it's hard to see sometimes all of the actions.

i'm getting camponotus cruentatus

I prefer you more than ants Canada now because your videos are mostly about the ants, and they are not full of click bait. Your videos are mostly about the ants. Ants Canada videos are full of click bait and they are more about the formicariums, and the creatures living with the ants, more than the ants

My favorite ant colony would have to be the sugar ants also my favorite type of ant the reasoning behind it is because I love the orange color on them I have a colony of my own that I started a few months ago and there doing great i love learning new things about them everyday I find them so fascinating and i lose hours of my time watching them my mum even checks up on them everyday thank you for all of your amazing videos whenever I see you upload I jump out of my chair with excitement anyways sorry for the long comment and bye keep doing what your doing ❤️❤️❤️

Nice video

The bigheaded ants cause they look like bobble heads

BEST ANT ROOM TOUR BY FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I can tell your influenced alot by "AntsCanada" the youtube channel its your chance to showcase some Australian species because he cant

Amazing video

The way u explain really rules this into one of my favourite ant colony

Love this video keep up the incredible work!!! Where did you get the spring tails?

Your so quiet

or maybe the green-headed ants because of the colour and texture to the exoskeleton

Try keeping some green headed ants!

I have a 6 queen lasius supercolony in a test tube set up but it needs more space. I tried moving them to a bigger test tube and it's already been 3 days. Do you have any tips?

We have some very basic ants in Iowa lol but I have bee hives! I love bees it’s amazing to grow colony after colony off my original , making queens, or nucs to sell and don’t forget the honey! And there are many types of honey bees ... I love when I visit my girls and they know I mean them no harm and they just put up with me poking around lol

Honestly, this channel is much easier to watch and enjoy than AntsCanada because it's clear and there are no clickbait-ey titles or overdeveloped (but non-existent) plots. It's just ants! Great video!

My favorite colony of you're is probably you're big headed ants. I'm a sucker for polymorphic ants and pheidole are a personal favorite of mine. I don't have any of the genus in my area so I'm stuck with camponotus for polymorphic ants but I still love them for their size.

Ever since I started ant keeping thanks to watching your videos for almost a year now, I have been interested in Odontomachus. I hope that some day I will be able to keep such an interesting creature along with my Tetramorium. Thanks to you Jordan, I look a little closer every time I see a creature out in nature.

My favourite would be the myrmecia or pheidole myrmecia due to the large size and their large menacing mandibles and pheidole because of their majors and super majors. Great video

the trap jaw ants they will the fastest bite in the world

Black crazy ants because the Queens can make male ants with none of her DNA so there can be Breeding inside the nest

I have a giant bull ant nest in my backyard - at least I used to.  I haven't seen any activity there for several years.  I hope they are ok. I have noticed that giant bull ants are much less aggressive in the suburbs than they are in rural areas

Wait... AntsCanada, and Ants Australia? Is there some sort of connection here?

Hello from the northern Midwest, USA. This video reminds me of a an Aussie friend who visited here some years ago and made fun of our tiny ants. I've never seen an ant this large in person. Thanks for sharing!!

My favorite is your Giant Bull Ants

My favourites are definitley the trap jaws, i find it so interesting how fast they can "bite" with their jaws.

Welcome to the AntsCanada ant chan... Wait...

My favorite spicies are your giant bull ants i just love their big eyes they are cute to me n also becus they are so big and are mostly active at night like me :D

Great vid! my only tip is that you could talk a little bit slower and quieter

Love them

I have become intrigued by ants a year or two ago and only recently discovered your channel. I personally love your Argentine ant colony, the sheer size of the colony baffles me that coupled with the massive amount of queens ants. It has always amazed me how intricate the ants social system is that colonies that big can function as almost one unit.

There's ants Canada ants Australia what about ant America or ants Africa or even ants Europe

Favourites... How do I answer this I have 2 'favourites' 1. Trap jaw Why. Ever since I watch your trap jaw video they got me hooked, especially those super fast moving jaws.. Wow did you miss it? 2. Bull ant Why. Well there are different types of bull but I like them all I ready being like 6 I was careless of everything but I did love animals, I saw a ant colony (bull ant) and started poking it instantly they all attacked me so I had around 5-15 wotkers/solders crawling up my legs. And from that day on I always respect the ants Those would be my favourite but I love all especially the colourfull ones like the green headed

No clickbait, no drama, nice calm way of talking This channel is so much better than AntsCanada lol

I remember playing with these ants in my yard as a kid. My god did their stings hurt. It's so cool seeing them now in a vivarium.

I like the golden bulls, for I had a mishap with one when I was little and it took a chunk out of my arm and ever since I have been intrigued

you and ant Canada should do a collab

I really love your Myrmecia pyriformis colony i think they are amazing. They are really true Australian giants. It was first through awesome education videos (especially yours!) that i got interested in this fascinating hobby, i now keep a colony of R. Metallica's!

My favorite ant colony is the bull ants! i live in the UK so we only have small lasius and the occasional fire ant. Its so cool to see that ants can grow to such sizes and have such cool mandibles. I also love them as they are rly interesting

I feel like I need a collab AntsAus and AntsCanada

My favourite ant colony is the trap jaw ants. Its so fascinating when they jump back when there shocked. also the size of them and the way there jaws are shaped

I had Queensland green ants in primary school. Been watching Ants Canada for years as I did not know of any ants I liked in Aus till I saw your videos. Now my wife is planning on getting one for our kids to watch. Keep up the great work.

My favorite ant colony is that of the bull ants. I enjoy the sizes of all the ants ranging from the super majors to workers, it amazes me how each ant has its own role. That role is then performed to perfection through the body shapes of each of the ants.

Hi there I'm from Brisbane.. where abouts can I get a queen bull ant?

Amazing video! Ant room is awesome!!! Keep go on and good luck))

your sugar ants i you dont see them a lot but they are still my favorite they are my dream colony, people think i am weird when they see me during school looking and telling them all different any species but my friends find it interesting i just wish they find it as interesting as i do.

Welcome to the a.c. fam


Ant tank clean up crew = spring cleaners comfermd¿

Can you do the Myrmecia Piliventris, they're my favorite.

Somebody make a gofundme to set up a meeting of ants AU and ants CA for ant battles!

Ants Canada!

Hi, I have a quick question what do you use to make the acrylic formicarium (name of the machine) and will u make a vid about it? Ps. Keep up the good work you make great content!

Who came first, you or Ants Canada and did either of you mind?

Your trapjaws and your giant bullants are really close to a tie for me but I have to go with bullants as I’ve always liked them. They are just so fascinating and wonderful and it really does increase patience lol. I’m also a bit biased cause I have my own bullant queen aswell but bullants are just fantastic. Hopefully one day I’ll get my hands on some trapjaws to tho

Waited it for so long

Well, I think your Myrmecia colonies and queens must be my favourites. I'm european, and altought we have a a vast amount of interesting specie and families (like Formica and Messor ants) the idea of enormous big eyed ants really interests me, and I would love to keep something similar, but for now I prefer having my ant keeping experiences with local specie. But I love all your colonies and your way to show them!

Promise me man. I have been bitten by one of these buggers at a school camp and I was literally dying it hurt soo bad.

Lol be original why did you copy the concept of ants canada

Thanks for the video.

My favorite colony that you have featured, are your Trap Jaw Ants. They have such powerful mandibles and they look so menacing. They kind of remind me of some sort of gadget, Batman would have, as he scours the streets of Gotham. I also find the evolution of them so intriguing. What environmental circumstances, made them evolve to have that kind of jaw and power? Maybe fast prey? Hard exoskeletons of prey? Predators? I love thinking about these things, and I ponder this every time​ I watch your videos! They're the best!

Ever since you did your video on bull ant room tour your jack jumpers have just amazed me. The way they cautiously creep around looking almost ancient like they belong in a Jurassic park movie and how they seem to have a personality just enthralled me since then it's always been my dream to keep a bull ant colony.

Awesome video! But I think you should change the title, because it is too simalar to your other bull ants video.

not as good as AntsCanada, but Nice!

I think the vibrant green weeds contrast nicely with the red ground

My favorite ant colony are the big headed ants. I would come with a big long reason but I just think they look funny and are so quirky.

My favorite colony of yours is the ones in this video. I love these ants because they are very large and their life style. I live in America so I can’t keep this species. If they were where I live I would be looking for these all month. I love how the larva moves around and eats the food, unlike the my 2 camponotus colony’s where the eggs just stay in place. Finally I love this colony because of there nesting style.

My favorite featured ant colony are the trap jaws. These are my favorite because they just are sooo cool. It’s amazing that such a small creature has that much power and the speed all packed in its jaws. It also fascinating that they have the fastest bite in the animal kingdom. Finally, I like how they’re very timid..... until their favorite food is introduced. Just like me, lol. Anyways, I enjoy the videos and keep up the amazing content!

My favorite colony has to be the Argentine ants, I love how massive their colony has grown, and even though the're an invasive species, I still find their massive super colonies to be incredible.

finally back

Show us more about that lid!

my favourite ant colony is the trap gaw ants because the gaw opens wide and gaws can go 240Km and trap gaws works a team

My favorite is the bull ants because of their amazing vision and excellent hunting skills.Their huge jaws slice through any exoskeleton and their sting is not to be underestimated.I also remember feeding flies to a wild colony of big headed ants.I loved how they communicated and how the majors would come in with their massive head and powerful jaws and drag the fly down into the nest!Thank you for all your videos,which are filled with passion,love and gentleness.I hope everyone can learn from these videos and be interested in the world beneath our feet.


i dont you if you ever try to raise a bullet ant colony? it will be legendary one

Wait there’s an Ants Australia and an Ants Canada

So glad I found this gem! You're like a better ants canada, given his often clickbait-ish titles and over-enthusiastic voice. A stunning contrast I love a lot. Keep it up!

I love your pheidole colony. It looks like a jungle in the formacarium. Also they are so cute with they’re massive heads and so many of them! I wish I had them here in UK.

Hey mate great video, where about’s could I get a queen of this ant ?

Rip off from ants canada

I fell in a colany of them and got bit 7 times and it killed

Whoa you‘re totally copying Antscanada

Hi! I live in Russia. Do you sell ants? Do you send them to other countries?

Your Rhytidoponera are my favourite as they were my first go-to when thinking of an ant colony to raise. After spending a weekend investigating several highly populated green-ant nests I lost a lot of hope due to finding none of the ants raising their gastors, or even any drones flying around. The next day when I returned home, I arrived to find a large mass of black crazy ants having their nuptial flights, hoarding the areas around my home. I decided to investigate further and follow the mass of flying ants around as the wind blew their mass around the property. At one point I stopped and sat on the ground to see if I could find any nearby nests or to find a queen who had already lost her wings. I was so surprised - you could say blown away when not even a minute after sitting on the ground I saw a large, winged ant crawling among the dappled covering of the grass. It was a queen green-headed ant! I was flabbergasted as I looked around, desperately trying to find a green-head ant colony in my immediate area. There was no prevalence as I couldn't find another green-ant in sight. I assume this ant is from a distant colony who were having their nuptial flight as a gust of wind scattered the ants, allowing me to find a lone queen ant. Why wasn't it flying though, looking for a mate? I'm not sure. Maybe there is a nest very close by! So as a result, green-headed ants are my favourite, and regardless of this competition I would love to see how your colony are doing. :) Thanks for reading~ !!

Also I don't know why, but I love how they can't climb! They seem just as successful as any other ant species I come across, yet they are so heavily hindered! But then again, I suppose in nature, the need to climb smooth surfaces is really not that essential! :P

+Ants America I'm going to Subscribe

787 unity I’m starting my ant channel soon o

I love the bull ants, they're so tame.

answering the contest question. i dont keep ants. i actually have a phobia of them in an uncontrolled situation. a meat ant managed to get under my shirt while doing work experience for the local shire and left stings under my armpit. ever since, any sort of insect outside of a controlled situation has been avoided. though being able to own and manage one would be nice if i had the space in my house to do so.

as much as this is just an antscanada ripoff, i still had to subscribe because: 1. ants are to fucking interesting 2. fucking straya

hi i got some yellow ants im in nz but the are very small can you find out what the are plus they have major ants XD

Bull ants by far hit the top for me. I grew up with these painful meaty ants and have always found a respect for them where others find fear or hate. They are truely not to be trifled with, but when given space and respect you get to meet their calmer more inquisitive side. :)

I think bull ants are amazing. I've always wanted a colony of these!

They have a real intelligence and emotion in their movements

I really like the Messor Barbarus because they store seeds!

Knock off ants Canada

Good to see someone giving these guys some love, everybody I've met has said they hate bull ants

This is an awesome Ants Canada episode

They are so beautiful I really like how they r like nah we vegan rn smh.

Your trap jaw colony is my favorite because of the sheer ferocity the colony gives off. They can jump away using their quick jaws that are said to be the fastest in the animal kingdom and the way you show them just interests me even more! Thanks for your content and I wish you good luck.

My favorite colony is your Trapjaw ant colony from the genus of Anochetus, because i love trapjaw ants but the big ones are too big for my ant setups and the small ones are way cooler. In my country the ants are really small and im used to seeing small ants.

Mine are Tetramorium immagrans because of their aggressiveness, these were probably the first Ants I actually researched and I was hoping to catch one of the queens in a nuptial flight but never found one, there is a massive colony in my backyard and sometimes I can even hand feed the workers. I also love how calm they are. Some other workers of different species usually run like crazy if I get close to them but the Tetramorium immagrans workers stand their ground.

My favorite is the bull ants. Their size and physical features never fail leave me in awe. And the fact they use their vision alot makes them so much more cool

Your channel is the reason I recently got into ants. I too had a plastic ant farm kit as a kid, without much success. But after stumbling upon your videos, I was inspired to explore the fascinating world of ants. Your giant bull ants are my favorite colony, because who doesn't love an ant that will look back at you!

My favourite ant that you have is the big heads because I think that there personality is interesting and they are one of the most unique ants I have seen. I have just got my first ant queen and will need a bigger nest area soon because I am still using one test tube and a tub as and out world. I would be amazing if I could win this contest it would be extremely useful to me. Thank you ant Australia for AMAZING videos!

My son is only 4 and he loves the big headed ants. We often get queen ants flying into our condo and he's fascinated about them. I think it's time to get a little formicarium.

Man I remember the first time I got stung by a bull ant as a kid as clear as day. Extremely painful stinging that seemed to last forever.

What Hymenopteran has the most toxic venom

I really love the trap ants. They sems like a bear trap or a mini crocodile.

is it me or they look very gentle and placid? they move slow and steady, i love them

Do you watch antcanada?

For me it really has to be youe myrmecia nigriscapa Queen, i know it was not a Colony when You featured her on your bull ants showcase but i loved her still. She is my favourite colony of yours because my very first succesful colony was raised from a single caugth trapjaw Queen and she has a very similar personality, she was always on her outworld when i returned home from school and when i Saw your Queen memories came back and refreshed me of how antkeeping gives to me a huge hapiness

I personally Absolutely love you giant ants Myrmecia Pyroformis because I keep 3 colonies myself I'm trying to sell two of them but I'm not having any luck. They're so interesting to watch and lose track of time. I'm also trying to build a outworld for one of them if any and I mean any of you guys are interested in buying one just reply to this comment or go to my YouTube channel Ants in the South I'm based in Adelaide but will go to Melbourne to work with ants there.

Camponotus is my favorite since they make you feel achievements along the way because you wait so long also because they are multiple sizes of workers

All ur ants r really cool, but trap jaw ants r some of my favorite ants. So, I guess the traps. The bulls were a close 2nd

My favourite colony is the Myrmecia Pyriformis colony since they are so large feisty and aggressive.

Love these videos. I'm always checking back for more.

My favorite ant species on your channel definitely has to be the big headed ants and I absolutely want to see more! Just like you said, the more you know you don’t know with these species and there’s always something new I learn about them and their activity and variety of workers are eye opening and keeps me having interested.

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Dan Killam I’ve them cry

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Exploding Squid do they use fairy up liquid, if so, hit me up

My favorite ant colony on your channel is the big-headed ants because they are a super large colony, really active and are successful enough to have Alate’s.

I'm so glad to see some footage of my local massive bullants! I can't exactly keep them, but I can provide the wild with extra foods and such.

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awesome ants !!!

Nothing like steal a whole channel design and style good one

Myrmecia nigriscapa because they remind me of red ants but in super steroids.

Bulldogants Because they'r look so special and they are an very old antspecies.

The big headed ants are my favorite , becose i was all ways interested in species with different worker sizes i even love tose tiny pest ants from me backyard becose of (drumroll) ye guessed it different worker sizes . The reason i want an ant setup is becose i had three queens, and they all died because i was away and asked me parents to keep e'm hydrated and they forgot. A month passed i came back and they died, all of them. After that i was depressed and gloomy all the time and it followed with bad grades, and more of my dad yelling at me and repeat.

Do you ship to serbia

the trap jaw ants

I like your bull ants because they have a unique way of doing things.

These ant room tours are really good and I love ur ytong formicariums

hi guys .take from me these little bullys pack a good punch living in bush in new soth wales we often ran across them

Bullants Because they'r look so special and they are an very old antspecies.

Cool,very nice

Anyone who has spent any time in the bush has probably seen these big buggers if not been nibbled on by them,they certainly make their presence felt! Forgive me if you have already done a presentation on them but l would be interested know about those ants that are found in Tasmania that are capable of killing a person if there are multiple bites. Heard it mentioned on doco years ago and have been curious ever since. Anyway,keep up the good work.

Yo, can you make a video about the dracula ant queen

Do you hibernate your ants? If so how do you do it?

I really like your big headed ants colony because: They're polymorphic They live in a tank, which is my favourite ant housing type I just find the small Minors to be some of the most beautiful ants ever One day I want to keep Pheidole myself, but their a bit hard to find here in Germany

Great video, as always! Also for the giveaway I think my favorite ant colony of yours must be these Bull ants because of their huge size and distinct foraging method.

this channel is kinda like ants canada (im not saying it in a bad way) keep the great job up

My favorite ant colony on your channel probably are the bull ants. I mean just look at their massive size and awesome looking body. Its the one species of ants I would love to keep but unfortunately I live in Germany and those ants cost about 600 euros if they are available that is. But yeah Bullants are my favourite ant species on this planet. Great video. Keep up the great work☺

My favorite colony that you have featured is the Big headed ants because I love watching the majors crush up the big food and how they eat everything.

acrilic lid ... the perfect episode of escaping bullet ants ...

Been waiting ages for your next video Jordan! That setups amazing, looks great and your content is great too. I think the big headed ants have been my favourite colony

Your really brave setting these up anywhere near your house they sting like a b****

My favorite ant colony on this channel is probably your myrmecia piliventris ants. I love their brilliant golden tails, relatively gargantuan size, and overall appearance. It might have something to do with the fact that bull ants don't live here in Miami, unlike the trap-jaws and the big-heads. I get to enjoy their presence without being anywhere near them.

My favourite ant colony is your big headed ant colony because I love all the food they do and I love there small ants and big ants just like how in the human life there are small people and big people

My dream ants.....


Im most fascinated by your massive Bull ants. I knew they were big but watching crickets wander amongst them makes me realise how big they actually are, its insane. I also love how they are a bit different than most other species, the way they hunt and feed their larvae is super fascinating. Id love to visit Australia some day and witness the size of them and also watch other species and different animals native to Australia. You are partly the reason I love ants as much as I do :)

My favourite colony has to be those giant bull ants. I just find them so fascinating, and I like how because bull ants have great vision they seem curious once they spot you. Bull ants are so cool, and their size is truly something to marvel at.

Can you make a vivarium not just any other bogs like a ecosystem

Lol now we have ant australis means ant canada now more

You and AntsCanada should do a collab soon enough!

ants canada ripoff. i like it though

I love aus ants you have got me interested in ants. Originally I used to hate them they always raided my cupboards but you showed me their are more to ants and I just want to say thank you I now have a Lasius niger colony of my own. My favourite ants on the channel are definitely the trap jaws just because how aggressive and cool they look I wish I could keep them one day

Sorry if I'm wrong but this is almost a replica of AntsCanada

Ants Canada's better

Hey you have probably gotten this comment a lot but have you ever talked with Ants Canada, cause I feel like you two would get along. Also a neat thing would be a colab about the different ant species native to each of your regions and their differences, or you two could just have a video of you two just talking about ants in general and both your experience keeping them. Either way I would be satisfied. Have a great day and keep up the great work.

Already i prefer you over Antscanada. Followed him from the beginning it's clear he now sets up disasters and kills off colonies of his ants

If this ain't a rip off of ac

Did u get inspiration from AntsCanada? if so... well done for noticing a great Youtuber.

I love this channel because it is as beautiful as ants canada, but without all the bullshit and clickbait.

So how long does their queen and workers live? I mean a black garden ant queen can live for decades, so i was wondering how long these queens live

I had an ant problem in my bathroom. Instead of freaking out, like my gf, I started watching their behavior. I thought it was so interesting when they would run into each other in line, and talk really quick, then move on down the line. And now, I'm hooked on YT ant videos lol. They really are so cool, and you guys on YT make these videos so well.

If this happens then praise *insert belief pillar* because it would be EPIC!

Could you do some Bullet Ants.

My favorite ant colony is the bull ant colony as they are so large and easy to observe. Their behavior is different from most ants which makes them very interesting to me. Also, there are no bull ants where I live so they just naturally pique my curiosity. Love the vid!

Just curious, are these also known as Jack Jumper Ants? Thanks!

What do you think of Nordic Ants? Quality content btw!

I like the bull ants, they are extremely interesting and smart! I also like how they run the crickets off from there food! I currently have a species of camponotus in a test tube setup and looking for a suitable nest.

I love this channel!

In my oppinion I think pheidole ants are my favorite because there heads are only muscle and there abdomens are orange sort of color when they hatch

The best ants are the big headed ants. I love seeing them move around a work together as a team. They are also really funny with their big bobble heads. Thanks for the awesome content jorden!

Are nurser ants real

My favourite colony that you have had is the enormous Argentine ant colony, because of its awesome size. I would love a super colony of ants.

Trap jaw ants are my favorite. Their amaxing weapons are truly unique and unlike anytging ive seen in nature. I also like them because I once had a colony of them myself and they are fun to watch

Hi guys! I've just posted my channel introduction video on my new ant channel and it would be amazing if you guys could check it out and show some support! Thanks!

Lots of elites out today.

my favorite are the Pheidole ( big headed ants ) i started one myself and love the fact that if i put in a worm they will instandly swarm it and cut it up with super majors. and they are cute as hell right ;)

When you are addicted to ants and you accidentally click and then subscribe before it starts #relatable

My favourite ant colony featured on the channel are the Giant Bull Ants! Man i love watching them eat and hunt. When I was starting up my own ant colony I used tips off of your videos to set up and have a thriving Formica Fusca ant colony now! around 6 months old. You were my inspiration when I thought I didn't want to keep them but watching your vids gave me a boost of confidence and It was so cute to see them moving in. :D

Reminds me of ants canada man i should be ants hawaii

I always find the jumping jacks very interesting, I had no idea that ants could jump and when I found out I became more intrigued I loved the fact that they look soo cool with their yellow pincers and ho big they are, I like bigger ants as they are much easier to observe. I then decided I wanted to raise my own colony and so I went out to look for a jumping jack in it’s nuptial season and I started raising them it was such an interesting journey and I even once thought I lost them and started freaking out I thought o lost my favourite type of ant but then one day I found them inside one of my biggest colony of ants, they had managed to escape and go into another out world, I managed to get them back out and into a new enclosure they’re my jumping little trouble makers

the pupae looks like corn dogs

I like your trap jaw ants because they are extremely fast and fascinating!!!!

Are there any day active giant bull ants?

I come here after I watched ants canada. No regret at all ❤❤

I think your funnel ants are my favorite, they have a unique design on their back and seem to be small and fast moving, which is something I enjoy in an ant colony.

When do you ball and fly and when do jumping jacks fly does anyone know plz let me know ??

Bull Ants because it looks like a dog

I have just. Got really into ants resently my favourite ant is your trap jaw ants because there jaws can go at 180 degrees it is so cool I would really love a nest so I could get started

Please make more videos they are so awesome!!!!

My favourite ants are the bull ants because they look so cool with there mandibles and their unique hunting style

Goed video please make more!!

My favorite ant in your collection would have to be your strobe ants I love strobe ants and have been searching for a queen for quite a while and sadly have not found one although it's bound to happen soon as they are the second most common ant in my area (after polirachus austalis) I love strobe ants movements and the way they act in the wild

The bull ant is my absolute favorite! The size of it makes it like the king of the ants...or queen if you’d rather. Anyway, the majesty of it reminds me of when I saw an elephant up close in Africa for the first time.

The giant bull ant, because they are just so big and interesting and you can see them develop from egg to worker

I really like this species. Its too bad there isnt more action to watch. Their slow deliberate movements are so much better to watch than the spastic crazy ants! It makes them so endearing, i wonder if they move how they do because they go by sight instead of scent? They make me think of a more gentle version of the Black Panthers, or Asian bullet ants, from Ants Canada. I love watching those guys hunt, its like they are tiny lions and the spring tails are gazelles or something.


The trap jaw ants. They are the predators. When somebody see my ants for example my messor colony they don't know why i keep this ants. But when they look at my trap jaws they know why i keep this monsters.

The trapjaws because they are just badass

35 dislikes = cricet's family

Hey there Jordan /Ants Australia, I am looking to start my own Ant Colony.. there are lots of ants in my area. I am just not sure where... Where should I look to find queens, and specific types of queens... the Hotter months are coming on... so I know that in general Iridomyrmex, monomorium, solenopsis and Aphenogaster longiceps are bound to be around... I'm just not sure where to look... I try to look after rain, but I don't seem to find any... Usually there are Tonnes of sugar ants around but, can't find any queens of them either.. Any tips??, I have watched your videos on catching a Queen..

My Dream setup is Golden tailed Bull Ants or any myrmeca ants in an australian outworld and AAC Nest Chamber

I've always been Fascinated By your Bull Ant colony Because They are so Interesting to observer In my taste and Act Like The upper dogs and I love to see a Young bull ant colony develop Into a Big one.

My favourite ants where originally the bulldog ants, however after learning through time and care required for the queen was not going to be good, however I cannot stop loving the camponotus genus and the most favourite of all are banded sugar ants who have a deep black with a bright orange, alongside all there features the colony actually is polymorphic with arrow shaped head stay the majors have, what I do love about them is just the fact that they work as a small town not a family. If I can recall in your older videos the ants actually have social teachings by tandem running and teaching new workers the tasks they must take on like foraging and defending the nest. Another appearance I adore of this ants is there size, I don't need i microscope to observe them, (like pheidole) on the other hand the ants are so large and round and plump with a addiction to sugars. These ants i Personally just adore them and thwy continue to just be fascinated by these animals who are evolving new tactics and techniques, that will soon be passed down to the next generation..

gday mate im from nsw and having problems finding queens i was hoping to find out when .. i could find some polyrhachis ant queen as i have some in my backyard with many golden shades, and i was also interseted in sugar ant queens also as i have them in my yard also

all beacouse I don't have that all. I have trap jaw ant queen but it died. I have only here is fire ant Queens. I love your channel to beacouse the graphics is to awesome and the voice,sounds,your video is awesome. and that's all thank you

Giant Bull ant is my favirote because I have always loved big and dangerouse ants

Why is the queen red.

I like Pheidole rhea ants the most because I am fascinated with ants but they get my attention the most with their giant heads filled with muscle!!

Awesome, beautifull ants! Is a handpan music?

I don't have a nest when I caught a queen I put in my back yard I have went outside catching insects to feed my

I have always been interested in bull ants because when I use to live in Puddy road there was about five nests near me I was so fasnated in there size and there bite because after there nupshil flights my dad's trainee came over and they where killing the kings and queens and I tried to stop them while I was getting bitten ones I sat down one bit me with no body but alive and bit me and when I was bitten it doesn't feel poisenes the tunnels and homes are so cool and how they effect nature and other animals. And if I win can I get a medium size

did you copy the name ants Canada or did ants Canada copy the name

My Favorite Ants featured on your channel are probably your Gaint Bull Ants, because they are so big and so slow growing, that it makes Ant keeping more special. Where i live the ants are so small, that colonies grow so quick and it doesn’t feel very special. But at the same time, i love all of your ants, as well as pretty much every species, for being unique and specialized for there workplace.

My favorite ant colony are the giant bull ants featured here. This is because of their size and nocturnal nature. I would someday like to raise an ant colony of these and find them extremely interesting. Thank you for everyone these ants and I subscribed to this channel.

I looks Antscanada’s channel. Is this a good channel that posts? Are the videos all quality like this one?

My favourite ant colony you own is your Aphaenogaster logiceps colony that your have in that mini all in one nest from how to make an all in one, these ants are my favourite you have because I caught a queen of that species 2 months ago and put her in a test tube set up, she has a giant batch of eggs and a couple larvae.

You should make a QNA

My favorite ant species must be Atta-Chephalotes ( leaf cutter ants) I really love how they are capable of making different kinds of leaves into an huge eatable fungus. And it’s really cool how they can walk so long distances just to get some leaves for their fungus but here in Sweden where I live there is no kinds of leaf cutter ants :( but very close to where I live there is a big zoo called Tropikariet and they have a huge ant colony of Atta-Chephalotes and it’s so fascinating to watch and on my last birthday I got an private tour of this ants even though they don’t usually have tours for the ants so I was the first one in the world to get a private tour of the ants which makes me like them even more.

dude this video deserves so many more views than it has

I love how much more informative this is compared to certain other channels

Australians be like "EEEEEENTS"

Love to have one

i love trap jaw ants they are just so cool and awesome with their lightnig fast jaws.:)

I'm rather envious of your superb, diverse formican setup. One day I'll have more than Tenebrio molitor to play with and raise... Great stuff mate keep it coming :)

Best part in the video 4:33 yaay violence

My favorite ant colony is the giant bulldog ants because they are slow devoloping colonies so they are easy to keep and raise.

Antscanada inspired me too do ant keeping.

Put some wild ants in the formicariam so the bulldog ants would hunt them.

Biggest ants is camponotus gigas

Mate you got bull ants I respect you from a former Aussie

I love the trap jaws. They look so interesting

Thanks a lot Ants Australia. Your videos help me cope with anxiety.

If you want to see the nest is thermal imaging possible?

Wow these ants are so common where I live.

Its unbelievable how many channels try to copy ants canada but fail to measure up. You can replicate his ideas but you'll never replicate mikey's raw talent, originality, or dedication.

Is it just me or are these ants surprisingly cute...

most ants cant see red light so if you want to view your ants without bothering them maybe try putting a layer of red film like the ojnes used for lighting and stuff around the area they have burrowed out near the glass

Your my new teacher

insane tank design .. cool :>

Giant blants

You got ants and a cute cat! Starting to make me jealous.

I prefer you too ants canada and that's a bloody big ant

Their bites hurt ssssoooooo bad!

The weeds add to your enclosure! Pleasseee Don’t get rid

Do you know of any ant species that can’t climb glass?

does the colony smell? & where did you get the queen?

Do ants ever sleep.....

My favorite colony is Camponotus Saxatilis and Turkestanus. They are so beautiful

Why do you copy AntsCanada format?

bull ants are the bane of my big toe

So what are the symptoms if someone was sting by a bull ant and that person is allergic to the venom?

Same as someone who is allergic to bees and stung by one.

My favourite colony is definitely the meat ants. I just find them so fascinating. I tend to watch them in the wild. But I love how quickly their colony can grow.

I didn't answer it on the video but I suppose I'll answer here. I don't keep ants because the species I'd like to keep are invasive to where I live. It's not just dangerous to keep an invasive species, but morally irresponsible. Even if I take every precaution imaginable an accident can happen. Murphy's law. I love animals so naturally I don't want to destroy the ecosystem locally or abroad.

I love this giant bull ants they are so Australian and so interesting thanks for getting me into this hobbie

Huh, we have a similar species just up the road from me. Myrmecia Desertorum. . . we call em bulldog ants here in Perth (as they are big, ugly and wont let go once they latch on. . . although i think theyre gorgeous, from an evolutionary stand point). They have the same body shape (related old world species) as your ones except mandibles are a yellowish beige and a maroon exoskeleton. . . and considerably larger aswell (their nuptial flights are fucking terrifying lol. . . although fertile queens are worth $150 a pop, so worth risking). Workers are 2.5cm+, and if my memory serves me correctly, second heaviest species on the planet, second only to Madagascar dinosaur ants. . . fellow myrmecological hobbyist here if you couldn't already tell :D oh, and they can jump like jumping jacks. . . not the full 2ft, but still a good 10-15cm. . . i learnt that the 'fun' way as a kid (goddamn they hurt, pain doesn't last longer than an hour, but it is INTENSE). They are diurnal but seem to prefer day time (so excellent for ant watching/filming). Next nuptial flight is in roughly 6-7 months time, so if you want a queen i could get you a couple without much issue. . . they prefer soil with a high clay and iron content (something with very little sodium, they like aggregated soil peds, them being freaking enormous and not being able to pick up individual sand grains with their mandibles). you will need a deeper formicarium though. Not longer, just deeper (or maybe not. . . i know they dig deep for escaping heat, so im wondering if that temperature change can be counteracted in an enclosed environment. . . hmm, food for thought). But yeh, awesome to find a channel about my favourite form of fauna on the planet, dedicated to the country i live in, with the largest and coolest types of ant on the planet :D you absolutely get a subscription from me

Awesome! Scary, but cool!

The Bulletants because they can see and they are big ants and I like big

i have a colony of 11 workers and the queen of compontus i just fead them a faily big blob of honey and they all rushed over and its made me realised why i truely love keeping them

Please crematogster and Messor videoooooo

Nice touch catching your subs go to 66,600 ;)

Gosh, this is impressive! Well done.

Make Vietnamese subtitles, please

bull ants are very intresting ants since one might be able to live on its own

NIce set up man, real nice. I can't wait to get my own Bull ant colony going. What else is even worth doing in this world?! lol

Jumping jacks are probably the best bull ants to raise in my opinion, they develop faster and are comfortable with much larger colonies.

very informative, thanks for your work

Ants Canada would be proud! Amazing work! You truly are a talented ant keeper and vivarium developer!

To the video creator, have you ever put a cane toad in with bull ants or jumping jacks? I feel like those 2 ants will be able to kill cane toads easily. Im sure Army ants are what keeps them under plague proportions in their native South America. You might even be able to get a grant from government to develop a way to keep the toads down. I Love your work!

I live in SA and now and then I get visited by one of these giants at night whilst I am on my computer. I am a Bee keeper and after seeing this im tempted to offer these individuals a bit of raw honey. Is that a good Idea or will it go and tell its mates. Also, I have become interested in Formicaria...especially these Bull Ants....something that's easy to see, slower moving and they live here anyway. Any advice on the "Tell my mates" thing? P.S. Love your channel Bro, keep educating.

I don’t understand why no one builds a larger flat bottom so you can see the nest and have attached to a large out world

It makes you really wonder how these different species evolved, and when you see bull ants with small colonies and a not-very-distinct queen, to the highly polymorphic leafcutter ants you can sort of see a progression of how their societies developed :)

Absolutely fantastic mate, awesome high quality documentary style videos. Please keep up the great work!!

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