Answering Your Print On Demand Business Questions Learn tips & tricks to grow and increase sales

Answering Your Print On Demand Business Questions  Learn tips & tricks to grow and increase sales

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In this video I'm answering your  questions about print on demand let's go   thanks for joining me on this video my name is  Juna with Detour Shirts the channel all about   helping you design and sell t-shirts online. If  that's something you'd like to do don't forget   to hit that subscribe button well i think i  got a control over the camera for this video   got some good light today uh hope everything  works out today i'm gonna answer your questions   for print on demand so i made a post on instagram  recently where i asked you to ask me questions   that i could answer on a video and this is it  this is the video i'm not going to be able to   answer all the questions that were submitted but i  picked those that i think i could answer and that   i think would help a lot of people so let's get  into those questions you're going to want to stay   till the end to hear all the questions and answers  and of course another edition of trend credits   so let's get started the first question is this  what do you think about zazzle and spreadshirt   so the best way to answer what i think about  zazzo and spreadshirt is to look at zazzle and   spreadshirt first all right so here we are on the  internet on the homepage of zazzle and i have uh   spreadshirt here let's talk about zazzle first  to answer the question what do i think about   zazzle and spreadshirt overall i think they're  great uh they're great options for print on demand   i wouldn't put them in my top five but i would  probably put them in my top ten um and here's the   reason why zazzle doesn't work for me particularly  um you can see here when you go on their home page   you can see kind of the products that they're  pushing so for example zazzle look on here try   and look for how many times you see a t-shirt and  that's basically what i do i do a lot of t-shirt   stuff but you can see here they're mostly pushing  weddings baby shower invitations gifts clothing is   here but clothing is everything it's not like the  main thing and there's lots of different things   in clothing right so t-shirts um sweatshirts  and all that kind of stuff and you can see here   even on their continue thing they have invitations  and bowls and things like that so that's really   what zazzle is kind of pushing so just be aware  of that when you're on zazzle that's probably   what they're going to be pushing if you're good at  designing and want to design things other products   besides t-shirts zazzle could be a good place but  you can see business cards hand sanitizers tote   bags they have a ton of products again here date  mark the date invitations right so they have a   lot more things than just t-shirts which is fine  uh if you want to do that again so masks aprons   right uh date cards those kinds of things so you  can see here t-shirts is not like their highest   selling thing so i don't get a lot of sales on  zazzle for t-shirts and the next thing here is   spreadshirt spreadshirt the names shirt you think  they would do a lot more shirts and they do you   can see uh best sellers stickers they're trying to  promote that because it's new and you can see here   t-shirts is one of their their main thing is  on the site too the first thing is shirt but   they also do stickers which they're trying to push  more shirts here than zazzle does right and their   products are really good i bought a spreadshirt  one before and it prints out really well so   i think these are great like any other pod shop  though you're gonna have to keep adding more   and more products more and more designs to more  and more products so that you can get more sales   in the marketplace it's simple as that  and i don't upload enough to these two   print-on-demand sites because i concentrate more  on the ones that are making me more money which is   merch by amazon redbubble t public those ones  but these these are great i think some people   do really well here and of course if if they're  catering to the audience that is there they'll   probably make a lot more sales all right so for  the next question thanks for these questions by   the way do you use any pre-made graphic if  yes from where most of the time i don't do   any pre-made graphics a lot of times i would say  95 99 of the time i draw my own stuff because i   i'm a illustrator artist graphic designer that's  what i did for a long time so the few times that   i have used a graphic have been for videos or  trying to show other people how to use it and   there's three places that i've shown already on my  videos and i'll show them right here right now so   if you watched all my videos on youtube and if  you did awesome thanks a lot but you might have   seen some of these places um so here is creative  market i've used that for a video on how to use   graphics from creative market uh just search in  here for what you're looking for i believe i did   a leprechaun st patrick's day one so st patrick's  day clip art is what you can do right here   and then i think in the video i picked one of  these things and made a t-shirt out of it and   that's what you can do make sure to pick the right  one it's not for personal use it's for commercial   use uh the other thing is merchant former if i've  shown this as well if you signed up for merchant   former and they're having a great sale by the way  but uh you can go here merch and former graphics   and get free graphics i mean free for the  subscription right so as part of the whole deal   when you're subscribed you get these and you can  see it goes all the way back you get all of these   right so they started this back in november 2019  and so when you sign up you get all of these and   they add a new one each month each month so in  march we're going to get a march 2021 soon and   you'll you'll get access to those too and lastly  place it not only do i use it for mock-ups but i   showed a way that you can design t-shirts on  here and you can see designs t-shirt designs   so it took a little while to load but you can  see here lots of designs that you could use as   part of signing up for a place that you can use  these on t-shirts i wouldn't use this exact one   i would use it as a guide to kind of create a  new one because i mean how many people will sign   up to place it and they can just download this and  make it into a t-shirt so make try and use this to   as a starting point to make yours just a little  different than what's shown on right here so but   those are three places this isn't an exhaustive  list by any means there's lots of different places   online but these are the three that i showed uh  in videos if you look at some of my videos and   go through it all right time for another question  let's see this question tier 10 any advice   please so the question is about tier 10 on merch  by amazon that's the first tier you start off with   when you're accepted to merch by amazon and that's  probably the hardest tier to be on because you   only have 10 uploads that you can start with i  have a merch by amazon four-part series tutorial   on my channel if you want to look at that for all  the tips but basically it boils down to this you   want to upload your best designs for things that  are going to sell because you only have 10 slots   i would suggest trying to go after trends that  seems to be the easiest way to get sales so my   suggestion would be to make your best designs  for trends and your designs have to be better   than what's out there already so that people  will pick yours and price yours really low   only do it on standard shirts only do it on dark  shirts 13.99 and see what happens if it doesn't   sell in three weeks take it down and put something  else that people want to buy amazon is the best   place to get data so look at bsrs look at what's  trending look at the results give yourself the   best chance to make a sale don't just put up any  designs and hope for a sale use the data so that   you can have the best chance of getting a sale all  right time for another question this question is   society6 is better than redbubble question  mark question mark question mark question   mark so in order to give the answer for that  one let's take a look at society6 so here we   are on the society6 website this is also a print  on demand site there's a lot of them out there   if i were to make my top 10 i think society6  might make my top 10. it's pretty good but for   me for t-shirts it's probably not the best you  can see here like we've shown all the rest what   they're pushing or what they're saying on their  front page really tells a lot about the company   and you can see here wall art home decor furniture  bed and bath tabletop office tech apparel t-shirts   is buried inside of apparel and bags right outdoor  and lifestyle star wars collection so is it better   than redbubble for me it's not redbubble is better  than society6 but that's for me personally but if   you do wall art or home decor or furniture or bed  and bath you probably like society6 better so it   all depends on your art style and what you what  you do but for t-shirts i think it's probably not   as good but you can see here if you do this kinds  of stuff uh this is your art style then maybe yeah   um you can see here a lot of good artists here as  well patterns and you can see uh the things that   they're pushing are posters mugs tapestries  shower curtains and t-shirts very last so   lots of different things here some really cool  stuff that you don't see anywhere else i don't   think i've seen a apple watch band printed before  that's that's kind of neat they do covers as well   what is this a yoga mat haven't seen that in a lot  of places so they have some really cool products   right acrylic tray things like that so i would  say take a look if you want to do something   other than t-shirts and want to look at some  put your designs on other things that normally   aren't in print on demand spaces then yeah give  society6 a look it's a great place it's free   as well so i i do sell some t-shirts here but  it's not a main thing for them and it's not   a main thing for me for selling t-shirts here as  well but it's nice to have another print on demand   site so that is society6 to answer the  question again uh better than redbubble for   me no but for other people maybe yes all right  so let's keep it going here's another question   how do you overcome creative block wow  that's a great question i've heard this one   a lot and so every artist out there every creative  uh so writers as well as photographers i'm sure   will have a creative block that means it's times  where you don't know what to create you just   are drawing a blank and this happens to all of us  and the there's a couple of things that i do when   i have creative block so the first thing that i do  if i can't think of anything to draw or anything   to design i usually go to the internet i like to  go to my favorite t-shirt sites and that would be   busted tees snorketees i also like to go  to shertoyd they have a lot of different   designs from other artists i'm there to look at  trends to see maybe spark some ideas brainstorm   pinterest is also a good place to do that there's  lots of designs out there lots of ideas so that's   one way for me to get over creative block is  just to flood my brain with lots of different   ideas out there so the other thing that i do to  help with creative block is if i can't think of   anything to do i actually do something else so i  do the opposite so there's lots of other things in   the print-on-demand business that that you can  do besides uh drawing uh you can work on your   uploading you can work on looking for seo words  keywords you can do research on uh what things   are trending so i just do some of those things in  the meantime until my creative juices start going   again so that's what i do when i have creative  block i do one of two things i either go looking   for more creative stuff to help my brain start  thinking of creative things or i turn it off and   actually do something that's non-creative until  i feel more creative again so hopefully that was   helpful for you those are the two things that  i do that help me when i have creative block   all right these are really fun hopefully these are  helpful for you here's another question that i got   how long did it take you to make sales i feel like  dying and failing help please and this crying face   wow um yeah i know in the beginning it feels  like it takes a long time before you make a   lot of sales and it took me a while before i got  a lot of sales on merch by amazon as well you may   have seen some of my other videos it actually took  me about three months before i got out of tier 10   and so i i feel you it's it takes a long time it  feels like it's forever and you just want to go   you have lots of aspirations of of being in the  top tiers and making lots of money so how long   did it take me to get sales i actually got a sale  in the first two or three weeks but that was my   first sale but i needed 10 to get out of merch  by amazon and so it took me almost three months   to get those tent to get out on amazon if  your design doesn't sell in three weeks   on merch by amazon take it down and figure out why  it didn't sell and put something else up that will   have the best chance of selling you always want  to give yourself the best chance of making a sale   and that's by making a difference stand out  and have something that people are looking for   and want to buy hopefully that helps all right  let's do another question here's a question how   to organize your designs to not get lost between  them so one thing i like to do is i like to just   name my designs what they are something that i  would call them usually my designs have words on   them so i would type that so let's say i did  a design with that sticker back there oh well   right there i would title my design oh well and  that would be it and so if there was another oh   well i would name it oh well one ol2 and so when i  look for those designs those are the only designs   that are going to pop up right oh well oh well one  or l2 and and so on if it's a color i would say   oh well blue or well green those kinds of things  that's kind of to help me see what the differences   are if there are no words i kind of describe it so  if there was a like you can see right here there's   a cholula bottle i would write that chalula bottle  or a mask right here this one i would say luchador   mask blue and so i would just describe what it is  if there's no words on there dumps fire 2020 right   kawaii that kind of thing i just label it  what i what i think i know that's not the   probably the best way but i just do  all that i put all of those in a folder   uh in my finished folder and i can search  on in that folder for all the things that   i've made and it works out for me it hasn't  hurt me at all whenever i need to look for   a design i just type what i what i think it is  and i'm writing it in the way that i think so   probably not the best organized way to do it  i'm sure there's lots of you that organize   it a lot different but that's what works  for me and it's been working since 2005 so   no need to change it now all right that was fun so  next question what is your price strategy on merch   so my price strategy on merch is pretty simple  i try to get less than a dollar for each product   at first so for example my standard shirts right  now are priced at 13.99 every time i upload them  

and so when i get a sale after a sale on my 13.99  standard shirt i upped the price to 17.99 if i get   a sale there i up it to 18.99 and usually stays  right there which gives me above a 4.50 profit   sometimes i mark it up to 19.99 but it's usually  18 or 19.99 is where i stand for standard shirts   and the rest of the products follow the same kind  of plan i mark it low for the first sale bump it   up to a kind of a 350-ish profit for the next sale  and then up to a 450 yes profit on the next sale   and and continuing sales after that so i try to  make sure that all my products on merch by amazon   are bringing in 450 or more profit except for the  pop sockets or the phone cases those are priced a   lot lower so i make sure that at least i get 350  from those and that seems to work well for me   and that's just for me i i've heard other people  make sure that they get five dollars worth or some   people mark really low but that's the strategy  i'm working with right now i try to get a sale   right off the bat and i might change it in  the future but that's what i'm doing right now   all right so here is another question from you  guys this one says do we need to care about fonts   if they are for personal use  or commercial or our shirt   yes you do have to worry about fonts they should  be for commercial use if you're buying fonts off   the internet make sure you're buying those  for commercial use that's what we're doing   we're selling t-shirts online so that's commercial  use personal use is just for you to use and make   things at home just for you and your family and  maybe friends but if you're selling something   and making a profit from it that's commercial use  so there are some free fonts for commercial use   so make sure you you look for that but overall  if you're buying fonts uh two you need to   look at what it is and if it's for commercial  use do not use things for personal use for   print-on-demand sites it's it's pretty simple  so hopefully that answers your question   all right so here's the last question i have  today hopefully this video wasn't too long for you   lots of good questions i'm sorry i couldn't  get to all of them but here's the last one   how to find trends niches for mba so there's lots  of different ways uh that you can find trends for   amazon there's lots of different apps so i'm not  going to tell you all the different ways i'm going   to tell you the three ways that i use or three of  the ways that i use but of course this isn't an   exhaustive list of ways to find trends on merch  by amazon there's lots of different apps that   will tell you and give you data i'm going to show  you the three ways that i do it all right so here   we're on the internet i'm going to show you the  three ways that i do it so two of them are free   one isn't free so let's do the free ones first so  basically i've shown these on youtube before but   here i'm going to show you the quick version so  amazon here just type in a niche so let's say   since mother's day is coming up mother's  day shirts right so this is the big niche   so you can see over 50 000 results  that's too big you never want to just   do happy mother's day on there i mean you  could but it's that's going to be hard so   you can see here this one says mom's favorite  getting a low bsr i'm gonna do mom's favorite and you can see it's not pulling  up anything when i'm searching   so that's probably not a good sign  that people are searching for it   so i want to look for things that people  are searching for up here let's say mom life look that's pulling up so that's a good  indication that people are actually looking   for mom life shirts and look mom life  got me feeling like hey hey okay that's   that's a good one we could look at that or mom  life no days off so amazon is actually telling   you what people are searching for that so that's  one way uh no days off 200 results very low let's   look if there are some competition here so no  days off it doesn't say really say mom's life   no days off but getting kind of low busy sorry  i'm like to look for something under 500 000 so no this is a no we're not going to find it the  first time but that's that's kind of what you do   just go in here type in you know start looking as  you as you search for some of those big niches and   niche down you can do mom life um what was that  got me feeling like hey hey i'm i'm guessing   this is the bird that's why i didn't so heihei is  the chicken from moana you can't use that chicken   so that's why i didn't look that up  but there may be some ideas here that   you know you could do maybe it's uh i'm in charge  here and do something like that so that's one way   to find trends it's a long way to do it but if you  got the time and you got ds amazon quickview which   is free by the way you can see the bsrs that's  one way to do it another way that i like to do it   is to use this merch research and if you do  us and t-shirt you can do other things here um   but i'm going to do just usn t-shirt and this  is just slash merch dash amazon   listings this is free by the way you don't have  to have merchant former to do this and you can   just hit search and now it's just searching  all the merch by amazon shirts you notice   none of these are the other shirts you can  see all the shirts kind of look the same layout because these are merch shirts now and  you can search by feature this is going to show   you what's the most popular merch by amazon shirt  but what i like to do is go here and look at the   newest arrivals and sometimes you can get a good  idea of the newest arrivals because some people   know what the trends are and are putting those  as their newest arrival and i like to look at   the low bsrs here so let's say this is one i eat  meat but i identify as a vegan so i'm gonna type   that in let's see if it pulls up i eat meat no oh  i eat meat shirt but what did we see before that   i eat glitter for breakfast that's kind of cool  right so that's how you do it you just kind of   type it in here get some ideas look for low  bsrs and so on so i didn't find any in those   quick three minutes there but you could keep going  until you find those things it has to show up here   it has to have low results and it has to have  low bsrs and that's what i look for for trends   low results doesn't necessarily say it's a  trend you could have a trend that has high   results but low results are just for competition  so i want to look for low competition something   that's showing up something that people  want to look for and buy and low bsrs means   it's selling right so this is telling popularity  competition results and people want to buy it so   last thing that i'm going to show you  is through merch informer so if you   i've shown this before it works really well  you go to keyword research then keyword cloud   and do a search and then just look down here  you look at some of these words and stuff   and you can find usually find something really  good here either this one or or the trending   phrases too they're both kind of the same so i'm  gonna look at trending phrases here so you can see   here all these uh words and stuff so all you have  to do is just click on one of these so let's say   we did mother's day already let's do one of these  autism awareness let's just do that and you're   going to see all the t-shirts and gives you some  ideas so in april we wear blue that could be one   there's another april we wear blue peace love i  wear blue for my son autism mom so then go back   into merch by amazon after finding these and do  that same thing again type in the search and see   if these are are trending if it's pulling up and  and you can use these again and again right so um   let's see uh don't do disney that's just pulling  up um maybe it's a girl who loves just a girl who   loves sketching an anime anime and ramen uh loves  cats right so look for these you can see this   shirt is selling 42 designs but it may just be  for that shirt so that's why i go back on amazon   and see if other shirts like this are selling  then that means that's a trend if you only see one   shirt that's selling like that that could be ads  that could be something else that could just be   somebody that really knows the audience and it  can drive traffic to it if you see a whole bunch   of just a girl who loves cats maybe you see 10 of  them and they all have low bsrs then that means   that's a trend that people are buying and looking  for those things and buying those things okay   so that's how i do it these are the three that  i use for finding trends all right so that's   all the questions i had for this video thanks  so much for staying all the way to the end and   hopefully all these questions were helpful for  you i had fun answering them let me know in the   comments if you like this kind of video if you  want me to answer more of your questions i'm   sure there's lots more questions out there i just  wanted a way to i could give back and answer as   many questions as i could in one video i know a  lot of times my video is kind of one centric one   just answering one thing so i wanted a video where  i can answer multiple things and especially from   all of you who have been supporting me this long  time uh i did it on instagram i might do it again   on some other platform but instagram has been just  really good for me in the past few years and i   know a lot of you have come in from instagram uh  got a huge following there and a huge following   on youtube because of it i'm sure so thanks so  much for your questions and for your support   and your reward for this video for staying till  the end is another edition of trend credits Thanks for staying to the end for  the trend credits here is your trend,   "Dear math grow up and solve your  own problems". So you can see here,   first of all just like I said in the video when  you type in here you can see it is auto completing   there's both a women's t-shirt and just the one  that I'm showing right here in fact let's click   on that so you can see it's the same one um next  results um 500 results which isn't the greatest   but it's pretty good it's under a thousand I like  to have something above 200 and around two to   five hundred this is just a little over than i'd  like but it's still good and then looking at bsrs   you can see some of them are really low sub five  hundred thousand so there it is there it is again   um there's some there's some other ones so and  some higher ones so the reason i think these are   trending right now is because it's recently been  pi day so you can see pi right here 3.14 right um  

math uh you can see here on Merch Informer  it's getting an A. Lots of people selling these   you can see 51 sales on that one and and so on  so math humor math puns those kinds of things   are going to do really well right now and if you  don't have Merch Informer I have a link in the   description for Merch Informer they're having  a big big sale right now so probably one of the   bigger ones of the year so if you don't have it  now is the time to get it again here is your trend   dear math grow up and solve your own problems a  lot of text on this one but i would suggest adding   a little bit of graphics you can see how these  have some graphics and not just text and they   do pretty well so that is your trend for today  thanks so much for watching don't forget to like   and subscribe if you like this video and it gave  you some value make sure to give it a thumbs up   and if you're not subscribed already hit that  subscribe button i have one right here in the   bottom right corner you can do that right now  if you want to thanks so much for watching again   and as always guys keep creating and keep  learning i'll see you on the next one bye

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