Animated Disney Channel Villains: Evil to Most Evil

Animated Disney Channel Villains: Evil to Most Evil

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Disney may now be known for its cutthroat  business practices, but it was known for its   villains at one point. In modern years, people  have complained about villains in Disney Movies.   Still, most people agree that Disney’s shows  have had some of the best villains in recent   memory. But which of these villains are the worst  of the worst. Which of them are not nearly as bad? I’m Anthony with WickedBinge, and this is Animated  Disney Channel Show Villains: Evil to Most Evil. This list has a couple of criteria. As the  title implies, this list only considers   villains from Animated Shows. But these  shows and the villain we’re talking about   needs to have premiered on Disney Channel, not  Disney XD, Disney Junior, or Disney Movies.  

Secondly, only two villains per show; otherwise,  this list would be much longer than necessary. So let’s get started. Today we’re be starting   with the least evil and working our  way down to the most reprehensible.

The least villainous character on this list  is Dawn Swatworthy from The Buzz on Maggie.   Dawn is the main antagonist of The Buzz on Maggie  and is a bully towards the main character Maggie.   She is vain, shallow, and  selfish. She sees herself   as a celebrity and is sometimes carried around  on a throne by two strong flies. She ranks here   because she’s vain and snobby but doesn’t do  anything villainous. She’s just an antagonist.

In a similar vein, Jocktopus Ludwig Vandenbush  from Fish Hooks is up next. Jocktopus is a   simple-minded bully who thinks learning is  dumb and goes to the same school as Milo,   Bea, and Oscar. He has been called the  strongest and most aggressive sea creature   and is generally feared amongst the school.  Jocktopus is known for punching people,   putting people in “punch later” boxes so he’ll  remember to do so. However, he’s not all bad.  

He kept his promise to stop stealing everyone’s  candy during Halloween and ran away crying when   everyone laughed at him. Jocktopus may be  a bully, but he’s not much more than that. O.W.C.A’s public enemy number three Dr.  Heinz Doofenshmirtz from Phineas and Ferb   is next on our list. Doof may be the  head of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated,   but he’s not evil in the traditional sense. He is  over-dramatic, eccentric, and generally clueless  

in his attempts to take over the tri-state area.  This inator-making L.O.V.E.M.U.F.F.I.N member has   a goal to take over the tri-state area, but his  incompetence stops him from being successful.   He is constantly foiled by Perry The Platypus,  usually because he puts a self-destruct button on   his devices. However, the main reason he doesn’t  fall to the more evil side is because of his   love for his daughter and his turn to the good  side. He becomes a science teacher and a member   of the O.W.C.A. He even invents time travel and  becomes Professor Time, helping Milo Murphy and  

his friends against the Pistachions. Doof is  very popular and well-known for a good reason. Amphibia’s Captain Grime is the next villain on  our list. Captain Grime is the leader of the Toad   army who feels he must always be respected,  leading to him being a cruel captain that   berates his soldiers. Grime is cruel, intending  to feed Hop Pop to a giant carnivorous plant.   He even goes back on a promise he made  not to do and still tries to do it anyway.   On the other hand, he became friends with the  human Sasha after she saves him from a giant   heron. He then would return the favor later by  saving her from a falling tower. He considers   Sasha his only friend and treats her as such. He  follows her advice to be nicer to his soldiers,  

but he is branded as a traitor for helping  her. Grime is one of the few villains who turn   over a new leaf and helps the heroes,  or at least a small portion of them. Moving on, we have the supposed entrepreneur  Gaspar Le Gecko from Brandy and Mr. Whiskers.   Gaspar is the self-proclaimed dictator and musical  director of the Amazon Rainforest who strongly   desires to eat Mr. Whiskers. Le Gecko is the only  person who can help Brandy get home but refuses   to do so after her betrayal. However, Le Gecko  isn’t all bad. He will work with Brandy and Mr.  

Whiskers when it benefits him, and he is shown to  have a hidden softer side. Le Gecko is worse than   Captain Grime because he doesn’t shift sides,  remaining a villain by the end of the series. Evil scientist Dr. Drakken from Kim  Possible is the next villain on our list.   Drakken is a self-proclaimed megalomaniac and  evil genius who is the archenemy of Kim Possible.  

Drakken has tried on multiple occasions  to take over the world. However, he is   shown to be highly incompetent, as most of his  successes would not have been possible without   Shego or others. He is shown to be a coward when  dealing with someone strong and confident. He is   also shown to be scared of Shego when  she is angry. He ranks this low on the   list because he helps Kim and Ron defeat  Warmonga and Warhok during the finale.  

However, had he been smarter and not laughed out  of college, he may have been more of a threat. In a similar situation, Lord Hater from Wander  Over Yonder is the next villain on our list.   Hater is Wander’s mortal enemy  and the leader of the Watchdogs,   whose goal is to rule the universe with an  iron fist. But, much like Drakken, he’s too   incompetent to be a consistent threat to Wander  or anyone else. He is said to be a whiny, selfish,   and insecure crybaby while supposedly being a  power-hungry, cruel dictator at the same time.  

The reason he ranks lower than Drakken is that  not only is his goal worse than the doctor’s,   but he can be a threat. When Hater is fixated  on something, he will do anything to claim it.   He destroys the entire Fist Fighter army in one  punch and defeats Emperor Awesome in less than a   second. Hater can be a genuine threat, unlike  some of the previous entrants on this list. The secondary antagonist of  Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures,   Cassandra is up next. Cassandra is the biological  daughter of Mother Gothel and the adopted daughter   of the Captain of the Royal Guard. Gothel picked  Rapunzel over her, abandoning her, which caused   Cassandra to repress the memories of her mother.  Cassandra is described as tough as nails, snarky,   and sarcastic. When she remembers what Gothel  did, she grows a grudge towards Rapunzel,  

easily manipulated by the shapeshifter Zhan Tiri.  However, after she betrays Rapunzel, she does feel   bad and tries to reconnect, but she is constantly  manipulated by Zhan Tiri. We have a reason why we   can’t rank her any lower. While she does betray  Rapunzel and leads to the rise of Zhan Tiri,   she was manipulated to this end. She does rank  higher than Lord Hater because she is not as   incompetent as him. She can easily destroy things  in anger and shows confidence in her skills. Similarly manipulated is Ludo from Star vs The  Forces of Evil, who ranks next on our list.  

Ludo is the arch-enemy of Star Butterfly who wants   to claim Star’s wand as his own and  use it to take over the universe.   Ludo is the smallest member of his family and was  treated poorly by his family during his childhood.   This caused Ludo to lock his family out of their  castle and take over, also gaining an army. Ludo   is malicious and selfish, but he is also childish  and naive, which causes him to hire Toffee.   Ludo is manipulated by Toffee after he is kicked  out of his castle and is eventually completely   possessed by the other villain. The reason he  ranks here is that he ultimately stops being  

thoroughly evil and reconnects with his  family. However, unlike Cassandra, he is   evil even before the manipulations from Toffee,  which doesn’t make him less evil than Cassandra. The second richest duck in Duckburg, Flintheart  Glomgold from the 2017 DuckTales reboot is up   next. Glomgold is selfish, sneaky, and incredibly  greedy. He wants to be better than Scrooge in   every way -- richer, more famous, and more  Scottish. He is dishonest and will cross any   line necessary to beat Scrooge, including cheating  and murder. Glomgold is aggressive, cruel, and  

unhinged. However, he is also dumb as dirt, which  is shown when he is duped into losing his fortune   by Louie. He’s tried to destroy McDuck Manor, even  after helping Scrooge beat the Moonlanders. He   pretends to be Scottish and wears a fake beard,  with his whole outward appearance being fake.  

While he’s stupid, he is not manipulated into evil  like Ludo or Cassandra, landing him this spot. From the tent of telepathy, Lil’ Gideon Gleeful  from Gravity Falls is our next villain. Gideon is   a self-proclaimed psychic and a wealthy tycoon  who uses his cuteness to get what he wants.   He is spoiled, ungrateful, selfish, and  abusive to his parents and those around him.  

The only person he doesn’t abuse is Mabel, whom he  have a crush on. He nearly killed Dipper because   he thought that Dipper was getting in the way of  their relationship. He spies on the townspeople,   tries to destroy or own the Mystery Shack,  and is the one who summons Bill Cipher.  

The only reason he doesn’t rank any  lower is that his love for Mabel   is enough to make him help Dipper. Yes,  he’s evil, but he could have been worse. CEO of Wholesome Foods Chip Whistler from Big  City Greens comes next on our list. Chip is cocky   and arrogant, only caring about money and his  vanity. He feels the need to surpass and destroy   the competition, gloating over his victory  against Cricket who was no longer fighting.   He was initially friendly towards the Greens,  even ordering a case of vegetables from them.  

However, after biting into a fake  apple, he vows revenge on them,   especially after chipping his tooth. He tries  to take down the Green House with a Wrecking   Ball and then fakes his apology to the  Green Family afterward. He makes up a   fake petition to kick the Greens out. Even  after he fails to boot them out of Big City,   he tries to kill all of them with his helicopter,  only to be booted himself out of the city. Chip   truly hates the Greens, and he goes way overboard  all over a chipped tooth he repairs repeatedly.

First Order soldier Tierny from Star Wars  Resistance is the next villain on our list.   Tierny is an agent of the First Order Security  Bureau who was tasked with tracking down Team   Fireball. She interrogates Tamara Rayvora and  manipulates her into joining the First Order by   driving a wedge between her and her employer.  She tries to kill Team Fireball multiple times   and manipulates Tamara in numerous different ways.  She is also responsible for the bombardment of the  

Aeos System, killing hundreds of thousands  of people for supporting the Resistance.   Her body count is one of the most  expansive on this list. However,   her actions were all under orders, which  saves her from falling lower on the ranking. Kim Possible’s Shego is the next villain on our  list. Shego is well known for her explosive temper  

and is known to react to things with violence. She  is very abrasive, teasing, and outright berating   those around her, especially Dr. Drakken.  Unlike the previous villains on this list,   she takes great pleasure in being evil. She is  probably the first purely evil villain on this   list. She is also the only villain on this list  to have eleven different countries with warrants   out for her arrest, which pushes her ranking  towards this half of the list. She may not  

have Tierny’s body count, but her propensity for  evil is ten times that of the previous entrants. Ranking next on our list is Obake from Big  Hero 6: The Series. Obake is a cold-hearted   scientist who desires to leave a mark  on the world by destroying San Fransokyo   and rebuilding it in his image. Obake wants  to cause an apocalyptic event to be seen as  

a famous figure. He tries to accomplish this  by having surveillance all over San Fransokyo.   He hacks into Alister Krei’s computer systems  and tricks Honey Lemon into giving him the diary   of Lenore Shimamoto. He creates a device  strong enough to destroy San Fransokyo.   He imprisons Hiro to make him watch the  destruction and turn him into his student.   He eventually dies alongside his work, satisfied  with his care from Baymax. He isn’t in the bottom   three or any lower because of the explosion  that started all of this. He built a device that  

exploded and damaged the part of his brain that  tells him right from wrong. He literally can’t   tell right from wrong, making all his horrendous  actions slightly less intentionally evil. The big bad of The Owl House Emperor  Belos is the next villain on our list.   Belos is the omnipotent and megalomaniacal  emperor of The Boiling Isles. Belos is   strict and impatient towards failure but lenient  towards important minions. However, he is a liar,   promising Lilith something he didn’t intend to  keep. He is shown to not understand loyalty.  

He takes care to protect his image of strength,  shrugging off Lilith’s betrayal. Belos doesn’t   rank lower because he is doing what he thinks  is best for the Boiling Isles, having ended the   Savage Ages from many centuries ago and expressing  no interest in invading the Human World. Our next villain on the list is The  Huntsman from American Dragon: Jake Long.  

The Huntsman is the leader of The Huntsclan whose  life purpose is to kill dragons and other mythical   creatures. The Huntsman is the fourth greatest  threat to the dragon world. He is obsessed   with slaying mythical creatures, especially  dragons, who he considers freaks of nature. But,   his hate extends past mythical creatures,  killing humans he believes are “traitors”   and feeding failing students to a creature called  “the Krakken.” He is also not against kidnapping,   having stolen Rose from her parents when  she was young and then threatening to kill   them when she was older. He is shown to be more  consistently threatening and evil than Belos.   He is completely sure of his actions,  unlike some previous entrants.

Son of King Pistachion Derek from Milo Murphy’s  Law is the next villain gracing our list.   Derek is a Pistachion, a sentient race  of Pistachio trees accidentally created   by Milo Murphy. He was knocked off of the Time  Limo and into the Timestream in the year 1955,   where he plans to overtake the human race  by incorporating a long-time scheme that   goes relatively well. He brings Milo, Dakota, and  Cavendish to 1965 as part of his scheme, where he   builds his army of Pistachions to overthrow  humans. Derek is bent on world domination   and tries his best for revenge. However, he  is eventually erased from the time stream.

The very recognizable Magica DeSpell from  Ducktales 2017 is next on our list. Magica   was an old enemy of Scrooge and tried to  steal his number one dime before being   sealed in prison that she meant for the richest  duck in Duckburg. She is entirely motivated by   her scorn for the McDuck family, creating a  sentient shadow named Lena. She forces Lena   to serve her attempts on the McDuck family  and her attempts to steal Scrooge’s dime.   She hates that Lena befriends the McDuck children  and tries to manipulate her into not doing so.  

She is one of the only villains on this list to  complete her goal. She traps Scrooge and takes   control of Duckburg for a moment before being  stopped by Donald and co. After her defeat,   she loses her magic but still tries to  control Lena and get revenge on Scrooge.  

Her plan goes much better than Derek’s,  which puts her slightly above Derek. Starting off our bottom five, Toffee from Star Vs.  The Forces of Evil is next. Toffee is a mysterious   being and the arch-enemy of Queen Moon Butterfly.  He is hired by Ludo as an evil efficiency expert   to help Ludo capture Star’s wand. However, Toffee  overthrows Ludo and takes control of his armies,  

which leads to his battle with Star. Toffee was  able to kidnap Marco and orchestrate Ludo’s firing   of Buff Frog, leading him to manipulate Star into  destroying her wand. After his supposed death,   he manages to manipulate Ludo through his wand  and takes possession of him. He manages to destroy  

parts of the High Magic Commission while in Ludo’s  body. He was even able to destroy most of the   magic in the universe with his powers until he is  defeated by Star. He is evil and has done heinous   things. However, at the very least, he is a good  host. He offered Marco a sandwich after all. Right outside the bottom three is Zhan  Tiri from Rapunzel’s Tangled Adventures.   Zhan Tiri is a power-hungry demon sorceress  who wants control of two mystical stones.  

Long in the past, she got into a war with the  engineer and her friend Lord Demantius for the   power she gains from the Sundrop and Moonstone.  She corrupts the magic of the Great Tree and makes   it her magic base before she is forced into  a prison of her design. Even from her prison,   she tries to destroy the Kingdom of Corona and  manipulates Cassandra in many ways. She manages  

to manipulate Cassandra into freeing her, which  causes her to start her plan of vengeance. Even   after manipulating Cassandra, she betrays her.  She destroys parts of the kingdom and an entire   army with the Decay Incantation. Zhan Tiri was  able to manipulate her way to power. However,   unlike the bottom three, her manipulations  are not as strong as the evil power they hold. Moving on to the bottom three, the bronze medal  of evil belongs to King Andrias Leviathan from   Amphibia. Leviathan is the king of Newtopia  and, on the surface, seems to be a goofy,  

fun-loving newt. He promised Marcy, Sasha, and  Anne a way home to Earth. However, he doesn’t rank   this low for no reason. He is a massive liar and  his entire persona is nothing more than a lie. He   promised not to throw Sprig off the flying castle  after he got The Calamity Box but does it anyway.  

He tries to kill Anne and impales Marcy  with a flaming sword as they tried to leave.   His body count may not be the most  massive. Still, his repeated lies and   manipulations make him a much larger threat,  especially since he wants to take over Earth. Grabbing the Silver Medal of Evil is Wander Over  Yonder’s Lord Dominator. Dominator is a silent,   intimidating figure that is feared throughout  the galaxy, at least when she’s in her armor.   Outside of her armor, she’s a fun-loving maniac  who is ecstatic about her evil accomplishments.  

She can force all of the galaxy’s villains to  be subservient to her and then imprison them.   Her goal is not to control the galaxy but to  destroy every planet in it because she loves   watching a planet shrivel up and die. She manages  to destroy most of the planets in the galaxy and   grows depressed because of this. Dominator is one  of the few villains whose plan comes to fruition.   While Lord Dominator is the  number one villain in the galaxy,   she’s overshadowed by one particular Dorito.

The Gold Medal of Evil belongs to none  other than the evil Dorito himself,   Bill Cipher from Gravity Falls. Bill Cipher is an  evil demon who is older than the universe itself   and has been manipulating people since the  beginning of humanity. Bill is determined to   spread chaos and anarchy throughout any dimension  he resides in. Bill has the highest body count on   this list. He has destroyed an entire dimension  just because it was filled with “flat people with   flat minds.” Even after destroying them, he  tricked Ford into making a dimensional portal   so he could arrive in Gravity Falls to  spread chaos there as well. When he arrives,  

he traps Mabel in a bubble and turns most of the  townsfolk into statues. He also later turned Ford   into a golden backscratcher and threatened  the wider world. Bill is a pure maniac   who lives only to spread chaos and has no morals  to speak of, which easily hands him the gold. With that said… Let’s award some Sinner Medals. The Darwin Medal belongs to Flintheart  Glomgold. Glomgold was tricked out  

of his fortune by Louie Duck and is  described as dumb as dirt, which is apt. Grabbing The Sloth Medal is Captain Grime.  After Grime is labeled a traitor, he decides   to stay inside and would prefer to watch Mystery  Island over doing anything else, very slovenly. But The Gluttony Medal is the property of  Gaspar Le Gecko. Le Gecko’s whole goal is   literally to eat one of the main characters.  You can’t get more gluttonous than that.

The Lust Medal belongs to Lord Hater. Hater  falls in love with Lord Dominator as soon as   she appears on screen and follows most of  her orders out of a non-reciprocated love. The owner of The Envy Medal is  Obake. He desires to be loved and  

is envious of those who have achieved this  goal, which is a pretty cut and dry example. We’re giving The Wrath Medal to Jocktopus.   Jocktopus is perpetually angry and  punches anything and everything. The Pride Medal is going to Dawn Swatworthy.  

Dawn literally sees herself as a  celebrity. If that isn’t pride, what is? Finally, The Greed Medal is exemplified in  Chip Whistler. Chip is a whiny brat who cries   when he’s cut from the company, and every  action he takes is for money to some degree. But that’s all for our list. Let us know in the  comment section if you agree with our ranking.   And tell us what we should cover next.  Remember to hit that notification bell   and binge our Good to Evil playlist.  Where we break down the morality of the  

characters in your favorite cartoons, shows,  and movies. But most importantly, stay wicked.

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