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Hello. Tribe. Finder. Happy. Friday, to everybody. I am, here. With, Angelique, Mercier, she. Is. She's. Our member of the weeks she's stinking, amazing, oh there's. My voice again, can you guys hear that. Good. Night um, anywho. I'm sorry I don't know if you guys could hear that but I just heard myself over, the top of everything but, as my browser, came out sorry, if that was confusing, so. Anywho. This. Is angelique Mercier, I'm gonna let her tell you, all. Of the things that she does and, especially. Why she, does it because we all know that, our why is the most important. Thing right the reason why we, do what we do is the most important, thing and just, like normal you guys I'm gonna take myself off, the screen while she's talking, and I'm gonna share it in a couple places cuz, I don't want to look like I'm not paying attention and then I will pop back in as you guys have questions go. Ahead and say what questions, you have and we'll feel them as we go and we'll just kind of have fun here okay and you. Take it away ma'am, okay. Thanks, Martha, hi. I'm, Angelique, I I. Was. A person, who grew up with some tremendous. Anxiety I, battled. Depression for, over. 30 years I avoided. Things in life and. Just. Really wasn't living and then, I had my second child and, my. Second child is my guru he, came into this world and this world wasn't. Working for him the way we were doing it he. Regressed all the way up until age three he pretty much lost all the skills that he had at 18 months and. You. Know I just knew that that wasn't okay I knew, that he wasn't living I knew that I wasn't living and so, I hit, the ground running I started. Looking at diets, and what was happening to the children in the, world right now and the children that are coming in here, currently. And we. Did biomed, so we did nutrition, we did a lot of supplements and, things like that and we were blessed with a very receptive child, and he wonderfully, but, there was still that part that wasn't there anymore and, some. Friends turned me on to homeopathy, and, we, saw a homeopath, for a while and, my. Child came back I. Can. Still get emotional he. Came back and that that spark, that excitement, that. The. The sarcasm, all, of it's it's it's all there now and I, knew after seeing that happen, that. We were so fortunate to.

See. Him do well and for our family to be able to thrive like that that, I had, to do that. In return so, I. Began. Doing that, just. On a small scale helping, other parents, with lifestyle, and that kind of stuff and tuitions. In tuition started, coming in and. As intuition started coming in it was I. Was being told remedies, and. So. I would be in a Reiki appointments, with somebody and the remedies are being given to me guidance is like throwing. These pictures, at me and I'm looking it up and I'm like yeah that's it and I look at the symptoms, and I'm like holy cow yeah that's it and, so. Just on the side of doing this and it's, working and people are getting healthy, and people's children are doing well and. I decided to take some courses the. Traditional. Route didn't, really appeal, to me because. I was, so. Much into the intuitive, part of it and it was just coming to me that way, so, I took the courses and, I kept going and a. Little. Over, two and a half years ago I said, well I guess this is what I do for a living this is this, is Who I am. From. That it's. Been a wonderful, journey I learned, that, working with families, a huge. Part of it is like, it was for me is empowering, those moms, the. Kids want the moms strong, and healthy and happy, probably. More than they want anything else so. It's. A family journey it's it's not a it's. Not a quick fix but it's a family journey and it's beautiful, to watch and. Mmin, women celebrate, each other and celebrate themselves it, just fills, my heart with just all, goodness, and. So. Yeah that's that's, how I got here I'm, dabbling. Now with making essence they've channel from. The sensation, process, that I normally use for homeopathy and, that's, where I would ask. You, to go into, we're in a meditative, state and. I'm gonna ask you to go into, where. It is in your body you're holding on to this emotion, that's. Keeping you from moving forward and, the. Mother does this for the child is well she, goes, in to that child and looks to, see what's going on with. The channeled, remedy or the essence. We. Do that we process it, we acknowledge, it we give it love. Sometimes. It turns into shifting. The relationships, or the, situation, that happened at the time and seeing, it from a different way but, then we also take, that that, unique experience of, whether. It's something wild, like this rock that just stays in my stomach or, something. Very normal like I just felt so alone in, this, dark room and we channeled, that experience.

That Your body is holding onto into. That essence, so. We open it up we give it love we give it space we stop, pushing, it down we, allow it to feel and, then, we encourage, it to balance with itself with. The essence after that Wow. Holy, smokes. I'm. Gonna I'm. Gonna see who's saying stuff hi, Stephanie, Theresa, and Robin is here. So. Let's. Talk about cuz. I'm always. And. I think that a lot of people especially when they just start learning, about different modalities, right are always, very they. Want to learn about the, before and afters, of situations. So um. Can, we talk about your son a little bit more in the before and after. Stuff. That he went through so what was um. III. Think, I understand, the before if anybody has questions about the before I think I get that before but what. Was it what, was it like. To. Help heal him like what was the actual, situation like. When you when. Worked with him was it what. Was that like, um. You, know in he. Is a guru in the, very beginning it was I, have. This remedy this homeopathic, so many give you this remedy my child will be fixed and it. Did well but, there were times that he came back and he you know he was like no that's not where I'm at and you could see if this isn't where I'm at I'm not here to be fixed you're not seeing this mom there are things you're not seeing that you need to heal and. So we, did a lot of that we did a lot of meditation we, did a lot of hack. I did a lot of on my knees. Just. Show, me tell, me tell me what to do and. Following. His lead there were times when he needed a lot, of whether, at the alternative, therapy or otherwise. And there were times where he was saying no I'm integrating, or I'm accessing or I'm accepting, myself at this time and I, backed off and I had to let him do that and then later on we could go in and work on his immune system and, he could come back a little bit more. It's. Always been led by him I didn't. Have a choice, if I, tried to if, I tried to be the leader it didn't.

Work Out right. Right. I love, that you call him your little guru isn't. It so fun the people that come into our lives that. We. Just I have I have, goosebumps and I'm crying right, now. I'm gonna go up screen, again doggone it, but. I mean, it's just so amazing especially, when it's our kids because, I mean. When. You said that kids. And their moms like, they just want their moms to be good like they just want their moms to be happy and like. And vice versa, right like we just want the best for our kids, in. Whatever, capacity, because. Capacity. That is right like, it's it we just want them to be happy. That's, cool do you want to oh people. Are saying stuff. Stephanie. Said Stephanie Barry said I love, love loved, my, session, with Angelique. And. Absolute. Delight, and inspiration. Oh that's freaking, awesome heck. Yeah. Stephanie, oh she's. Great, yes. So. Let's. Talk about homeopathy, a little bit for people that aren't familiar with. It I know that my my my own doctor. Recently. Suggested. Something for Nora which. Is, why I go to that doctor right, but. She suggested, something for Nora instead, of putting Nora on antibiotics. She had ear infection, or the. Beginnings of one or something like that and instead. Of putting her on an antibiotic they, just it, was soft, and, I can't remember the name of it but. It was something. That's basically, a homeopathy homey, homeopathic. Um. It's. A lot of syllables, in there um, it's. Basically a natural, antibiotic. And, it did the trick and she's totally fine but do you wanna kind of explain to people what that is, sure, so. I I think it was coughs off that she suggested this for you because I can remember being like yeah. Especially. When they're so young but, yeah, so basically what happens with homeopathy. Is we, take the substance and we dilute it so many times but there isn't any physical, substance, left it's. Just the vibration, and that vibration sort. Of it's like a pebble dropped in water it creates this ripple effect, an.

Example, Of how you would select a remedy like that say. You have a child who when, they eat certain foods, a lot of times the salicylate, or phenols, they. Eat a certain food in their ears when their cheeks become red and it's really quick and they're hot to temper and inflammation. Is a thing for them there's, a remedy that's called belladonna and that's actually deadly. Nightshade if you go out into a field you're not going to eat this okay. You, don't, want to eat it makeup done, won't do that, when. It's diluted, in succuss, over. And over and over again we're talking hundreds of times until you literally cannot, measure, the physical, substance. In there anymore then, it just becomes the vibration, and that vibration, from. That plant is the exact same symptoms red cheeks hot temper, inflammation. Really. Quick quick quick quick quick quick and so. That drops that little pebble in there and says hey see the vibration, that you're not noticing see, this hot quick swollen. Fast. Anger, vibration, it doesn't, belong here it needs to be balanced, and the body goes oh and. Then. The ripple effect we can and. So with that they're, different there are different potencies she, probably gave you 30 see because. It was a physical level when. Something. Has been held in a long time like with the clients that I work with we. Generally, end up going up in potency, and the the, higher in potency, generally. Is the, older the symptom or the deeper the symptoms so deep, traumatic, events, are going to go up in potency you're you're gonna be up here lower. Potencies. Like. Arnica, you're in a car accident and, there's a little shock or trauma and, a, bump on the head arnica. Is gonna treat that shock and trauma but it's immediate, and so you're gonna do about a 30 C maybe a 200, C if you're really emotional, about it wow. This. I I. Could, sit and listen to this all day. Just. Because. It I first, of all I had never heard it explained, like that before you just explained, it better and I'm a research, person so, I go. On the Google's right and then I research, stuff and then I read it but like I couldn't I couldn't wrap, my mind around it. Quite the way that you just explained. It and I think there's a quote from Einstein that, said you don't quite understand, something, if you can't explain it to a small child will. Consider me a small child right now because you absolutely just, explained a pretty, tough concept, to me. So thank you for that but, good. Okay. So I. Didn't. Realize now I knew that you could use. Homeopathy. For. For. Like anxiety, and, things like that but I guess I didn't realize that it. Really. Affected. That many. Emotional. Things, like. What are all the things that it can work for. There. I mean, it's, used and, I don't I don't like making claims because right, we also have our soul contracts, and all that other stuff that we go on with but I mean homeopathy is used for cancer homeopathy is used for Lyme disease homeopathy, is used for, the diagnosis, of autism for, vaccine injury for food. Sensitivities. Sleeplessness. Grief. There's. So much grief in this world we're not allowed. To express, our grief and we hold it and hold it and hold it and hold it and. Ignatia. Is great for that and it's perfectly safe to go pick up at the vitamin shop if you need a little help. Yeah. That's, it's. Really limitless.

Just. To. Give an example like, with my son Hunter the sensation, method is it's really, fun in. His sensation, in his first initial. Intake. Where I had to go in and. Experience. What he was experiencing, it, was really wild it was this, it. Was this crazy dark, area, and basically what it came down to is, this feeling of used, up and abandoned, which. Is a really, deep emotion for a three-year-old. And. That gate that led to the, remedy business thing and, that. Was the remedy that brought, conversational. Speech so. Yeah. Any. Of it that. Emotion, that's held in is very revealing it, doesn't mean that that is exactly why this thing is happening but that is exactly why you're holding on to it and. So, yeah. I has. Anybody, calling you right now because, like I would imagine that people watching this right now would be like right. Now I'm, reaching out to her um. Wow. Like you're blowing my mind um. Shane's. Here hi Jane Jane. So. We okay. I don't even know let's. Get more into this and do you want to talk more about the sensation method, and yeah, that actually, is in like how, that works what I want people to understand, is when they, they. Do make an appointment with you and do work with you I kind of want them to understand, what. The process is like so it's so, it's so much easier to say yeah I want to take that stuff right now okay. Yeah so, we'll, sit down and. I'm. Gonna begin you know we'll go over I send you an intake, and, it's pretty detailed or, as detailed as you, want to be and that's. Gonna have your history it's gonna have, any. Significant. Things that happened in your life either growing up during pregnancy, during marriage you know all of those kinds of things and we're going to talk about that for a little bit probably about 30 minutes total. Time comes, close to three hours because. We do dig deep so. We talk for about 30 minutes about that and what I'm looking for there are those moments where, I hear you choked up a little bit or I see, the body language that shows me this is that that's that's. The sweet spot that's where we're holding this stuff in and, once, we've gone there and we've we picked up on a few of those I walk, you through a guided meditation that's. Just grounding, into earth and then, we connect above and we create this space that's safe to feel this stuff that we haven't wanted to feel or maybe even haven't, felt safe enough to know, that it's there and while. We're there I'm gonna ask you like I would say Martha I want. You to, tell. Me where in your body and my, eyes are closed too so I don't make you do this and watch you. Because. I'm trying, to watch what you're going through -. So. I'm gonna say Martha tell me where in your body you feel, XYZ. And you, might come back and say you know what it's in my lower back I, don't. Have lower back problems that's weird and I'm. Gonna say okay good. Can you go in there and tell, me what that looks like for you what is that feeling like for you and I'm, looking for you to tell me things like it, feels really tight as if it was being wrung out a remedy description, would be being wrung out well, what is being wrung out feel like for you well it feels like somebody, is ringing me out so, I'm now listening, to you tell me you feel like it's happening to you rather. Than you. Feel like you're doing it to yourself and that's the difference between one remedy or another it goes further.

But, Those are the things that help me pick, up on what remedy, makes. The difference, yeah. So. We do that for awhile we walk through we look through. The. Energy work part of it's fun so. While, we're in there you know a lot of times will I see this too well okay is there something we can do with that. Your. Angel team whatever whatever I'm feeling like or, you're, feeling like you, need to call in in that moment does. It just do we just need to turn on some light in there and say hey you're, good. Do we need to just consciously, say I let it go or I forget. Or. Ask. You don't show, me the big picture, if I'm, in there you if, you're, in there and you've had this experience and. You know that it's a past life or something happened and or family trauma and you're only seeing, that part of the trauma that affected, you we're. Gonna take a bird's-eye view and see. The whole picture and see if there's a place there where we can throw compassion, you, know could it have been that those. People didn't have a choice could. It have been that. It. Ended. A wait what you went through it ended up helping somebody else so we can bring a little bit of love or light into the situation, but it's not just, all doom, and gloom and. That. Helps open that up a little bit, we. Do that for like I said sometimes close, to I mean the meditative, state isn't all, three hours but it takes a little while and, when. We're done with that I walk you back into your body so you're fully grounded and don't want you feeling all disoriented, for the rest of the day, we. Go over anything that came up during that. Any. Other suggestions. That might come up you know guidance, might come up with lifestyle, changes that would be good, for you and. We. Finish up there I followed. That with an email which is of you know with the recommendation, of the, remedy or remedies my. Goal is always to start, with that one constitutional. Remedy I want, that deep match for, you I want, the one that's, gotcha. People. Have layers many, many layers, sometimes. That, constitutional. Remedy is also, going to need an essence, to go with it because yes. It's gonna go in and tell you to let go of that grief you're gonna need a little bit of a hug from an essence, to feel safe to do that. Or. Chronic. Affections sometimes we'll add in some what's called a nose out and nose, are, made, exactly the same there isn't any physical, substance, left but it's the vibration of, that pathogen. That may, have been suppressed, with antibiotics, or something else many times or, many years ago and, that's, considered sort of a block and, the. Body just can't push things out until, we work with this block and then it can continue to, to. Rise Hey. How, did you first learn about this. To. Even try it with your son. It. Was honest-to-goodness. Um if you're in the, autism world at all. Therapies. And supplements. And ideas are, galore, and I, was, really lucky I knew some women who you know have been down the road a couple of years like I had and they were trying it and their, kids were just flying. You, know these are kids that have been biomed, and you, know sunrise, for years and they're, taking these remedies and flying, like speech is coming and things like that so I definitely I was like a man, yeah. What. Was I just I have to ask this because I can't even imagine, what. Was it like I'm gonna cry when I ask it what was it like to see his speech come back or to see his communication. Come back there. It is yeah I know I can't even say it hardly there. Are two moments.

It. Was the most amazing beautiful thing in the world I've ever seen there. Are two moments that I knew everything was going to be okay. One. Was and. And. I think. You probably need a child who. You, know may. Have some challenges to fully understand, it but the first time I called his name because. I had to ask him a question and receptive, language is, challenging, and I, was used to have him to say his name repeatedly, until I had his attention I most certainly wasn't, getting eye contact, I called, his name one time he stopped, what he was doing he looked me in the eye and he's like what mommy. Fallout, just, nice all out, and. Then. The. Other time because speech, at that point was still pretty robotic. So. You would say, you know do you want a cookie and I would either get back the word cookie or I would, get a yes and that would be it. If I were to bump into him or something like that it was almost unnoticeable, you, know he just it's it's just didn't it wasn't in his realm and we. Were in the kitchen and I bumped into him and I, said oh I'm sorry and he goes oh no that was my fault I was too close to you. With. Effect, in the voice and, I, mean that just complete, expressive. Awareness. And, yeah, mind-blowing Wow. Oh. My. Gosh. Um. But. I think now is when we say this how are, people able to get a hold of you let's let's, leave it at that cuz that's amazing. And I, can't handle much more of this because I'm just gonna cry here on. A. Hold of you Angelique. Mercier calm is my website. Angelique. Inner balance at, is. My email you. Can always call it's eight five nine nine nine two five, six five one and, I'm. Always happy to discuss, if that's gonna work for you know if you have questions if, you feel like that would work for you and it's okay if you don't feel, like that would work for you right now I like answering, questions, and. Then, maybe down the road you decide to go that path who knows but. I'm, always open I, freaking. Love it I love it thank. You so much for being. On tribe minor but thanks for being our member of the week and thank you for doing what you do and sharing. Your story this, is all fantastic, and, what this does you guys have no Craigan what. This does you guys is it it. It, gives other people, permission. To do. This stuff as well right whenever, we stand in what we do we stand in our own. Truth and we do these. Things, unapologetically. And we just do them right it just, gives everybody, else permission. To do what they feel is the right thing to do as well and if that's healing the world you guys it's healing the world that's what we're here to do in so many different capacities right, so um thank, you again and everybody. Have an awesome weekend okay thank, you Marla bye guys, bye bye. You.

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