Andre Below, The Dream Shaman - Guided Meditation, Healing Music 432hz

Andre Below, The Dream Shaman - Guided Meditation, Healing Music 432hz

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So, we have, Andre. With us today he, goes by the dream, shaman, or he is the dream shaman, so he. Is our member, of the week for tribe finder this week he's, awesome, you guys I'm gonna let him tell you about himself, and, what he, does and, I'm. Gonna take myself off the screen because you don't need to see me while that's happening and, then I'll just come back in but, as you guys are having questions, go, ahead and pop the questions, in we would love to be able to answer your questions, as they come up for you okay so, go. Ahead Andre, you take, it away sir. So. Hello, everybody from the, tribe finer. Yeah. I'm Andre from, Germany. And. Yeah. The. Dream shaman, so that's, the name that's. Well. It came to me last year by. The end of the year. In. A dream a. Little. Dream my, little my. Bigger. Brother came to me in the dream and he said to me you are a little shaman. Like. We were children and I woke. Up and thought okay maybe. I've been, born. A shaman, so I'll take this and. Yeah. So the I that's, when I chose this. Title. Kind, of, because. Our. Healer. Also, Reiki. Master, and, spiritual. Healer and. We'll. Get. My knowledge from. Courses. But, also from, my own self, experience, with the spirit. World and. Yeah. Shaman, for, me shaman, is someone who communicates. Between. The realms so between, spirit. World. Humans. And, nature. Making. Communication. Making peace with the world. It. Doesn't have to be. This. Cliche, that I'm always drumming. Something, but I like. To drum but I'm not this I'm, not the cliche. I'm. Not that showman. Right. I'm not the shaman you are looking for exactly. That. Is too funny so you, said that it came to you in a dream hey Carol I see you there I see, you Jennifer, hello, Katie. Oh hi, rookie, rookies there too. So. What whenever, somebody, comes to you. What. Do they because I know you're a musician too so, I know you say you don't always drum and such but, what. What, kind of things do people come to you for like specifically. What kind of things do people come to you for. Right. I think, it depends because, I'm. Doing so many, different things and. Sometimes. It's like somebody. Comes and says oh I needed massage or, somebody. Says and comes I. Want. To play keyboard, or. Or. I have. These, spooky. Energies, or. Something. Somebody says, well. I have this curse and, can you remove it and different. Things right. So, it's, almost like people are just drawn to you and you have this toolbox that, you can go to right. To, be able to to. Help whatever they whatever, they need so, what. Is this, so. I've heard you talk before about, like Twin Flames songs, tell, me about that. Well. I think we all. When. You start your spiritual, journey I think you sooner. Or later you'll get to, know about this topic. I. Think, it's that for most of us and. I. Really. Started. In. I. Really. Started to dive deep spiritually. In, 2015. In. The year, and. Then. I started, to learn everything about angels. And, Reiki, and all things. I was interested in and. Was. I started, to watch youtube videos every. Day like. For hours and hours and, then. Of. Course there's, there. Are often teachers who were. Who talk about these things and then. I think by the end of the year or something I, heard about these twin.

Souls And Twin Flames and. It. Started to resonate something, inside. Of me because when. You hear those things it's I, think. It's not something, for everybody I, think, we are not not, everybody's, meant to meet. The. Twin flame in this life or, to be with the person sometimes. It's like a spirit. Guide or something, and. Yeah. I guess it's it's a thing for. Very. Old souls. Then. It started, and. Yeah. I stopped this journey and. Discovered. More and more every time. Yeah. That's, cool. So. Whenever people. Are saying stuff let's see what's going on here so. Ricky. Said hi Martha and Andre. Carole. Sorry, haven't been around as have had the flu Oh everybody's. Got that thing, Ruki. Andre is so fair oh I love his skin tone please pass it on energetically. Ruki would like your skin tone there you go oh. Man. Andrew. Said hi guys hey Andrew, and. Then he said I agree so he's probably talking about the the. Twin flame, stuff. That you were talking about yes. So. For. The people that don't know because, sometimes people that. Sort. Of well stand creep on tribe finder, right are looking, around and trying to understand. Different you know sort of esoteric ideas, or. Things. Sometimes. They don't understand. Energy, healing like they just date it's it's, like a mental block right and and for for people that are just entering. The process. It is like this new thing that's hard to understand. How, would you explain a Reiki, session that you do with people I think, it's something that you have to experience, because. Before. A. Before. I knew about these things I. I. Didn't, know them well and, until. I experienced. Those things on my, own so when you really feel these, energies and. You. Gotta feel these sensations. In your in your body I think. And. When you start to think. About in. Your. In your mind what's what's happening there and I think. You're more like blocking, the energies just got, there Lao and, feel. And, I. Think. Mostly it's like a warm, sensation on, the body like. Someone. Said you're. Holding a little light but. Using. This image like, I have light. Bulbs in my hands, and, so. Right. Well. Then for people that don't understand, what Reiki is is the. The individual. Or us in our human experience right. Now right yeah. We, channel, source God. Universe. Whatever kind of, divine. Word you want to use for that but you're, channeling, that so you're almost acting as a hollow bone for.

That Energy, and then it's. Not my own energy so, I'm not like I don't. Know if it's I think, it, exists, something like Chi healing, or yeah. Well you use your own. Body. Allergy, but Reiki is just like channeling. From, the cosmos, from the universe. Universal. Life energy. Force. Right, and passing. It on so I'm just the channel and it's not. My own. Right. Energy. Cool. Somebody said let, me see here. Jenny is here hey Brooke is here hello. Ruki. Said haha about, the the. Skin the, skin tone, transfer. That's gonna happen. Ruki. Said just curious, so our Twin Flames, and soulmates, different. Yes. From. My experience, I mean you, know. You. Always have to find your own your. Own truth so I. Like. To quote Oda I don't believe me. Don't. Believe what's, in the books don't believe what anybody tells you don't believe me find, your own truth and. For. Me it's, soul. Mate is some somebody, that you're. Closely. Connected to so. It could be. I. Tend. To a sing it in a romantic way but I think it's also, kind. Of friendships, could, be soul mates, somebody. In your family. It's. A close connection and, you have some. You're. Learning, things together so you have some lessons that you share and you're, growing together with your soul, mates that, you meet and. From. My perspective there's, only one twin. Soul. It's, like when. The soul is born it's. Divided. In two parts and. So. It's like a tree like, a twin yes and this is called the twin soul and because it's once. You feel that it's it. Feels like fire in, my body when, I connect with the energy I can really understand, why it's called twin flame because. It really feels like. Burning. Yeah. Yes. So you only have this, one. Other. It's. Like a mirror it's, it's. Like yourself, but also. Complimentary. Yeah. And soulmates. Are, an interesting thing right because soulmates, there, can be many of them kind, of like a soul tribe right before we come in like, that who we have our contract. Yes we're all soul mates in the tribe find a community it's, yeah we had a big tribe coming in. They. Were like thousands. Of us from the outside looking, in like we're going, in and we're doing this, we're. Changing. The entire, paradigm. Drive. And, it's gonna happen it's gonna happen. Let's. See oh man, gosh. There's all these peoples, Lucas. Hey Lucas Carroll. Said hey James I see you too Carroll said good question Martha well thank you ma'am, Jenny, hello, everyone, hello Jenny, Ruki. Like, my soul grandma, Martha, yeah thinking. About this. Oh. My. Gosh that's so funny, Ruki. Oh wow I love the way you described, twin flame never thought of it that way makes sense thank you for clearing the doubt I had, well, perfect, see. Let's. See Katie how, do you navigate if. You met your twin, flame, didn't. Have the awareness of, twin, flame and then they pass over. There's. A question, for you right there well. Like. I said you always have to find your own truth and, we. Are all on the different paths so. Everyone's. On a different path on the. Individual. Individual. Journey, and. For. Me I'm, still on the. Spiritual. Connection, and. Not. Get on the physical connection, but I feel it coming closer, so. It's, it's. Crazy. On. My path it's crazy and I think it's for, that for many other people as well so I have, not, met someone, somewhere.

Physically. Some, woman. In the human body form, and I thought ooh that's. Her for. Me it's the. Other way around. Like. When I'm in meditation, or. Doing. Some travel. In, trance. Or. Astral. Travel or what you want to call it like, doing light work and. I'm just, visualizing, doing, energy work and. Then. You usually have. Your spirit, guides with you. And. Sometimes other soul mates might, come, in like sometimes. I'm in the meditation, and the face of math or just pops a. Sword. Right. She. Just pops up in my meditation. Gives me her tooth. He. Told me about this about what a month ago or something yeah. And he has an extra tooth. This. Is the funniest video. That. I. Mean. You can do meditations. Where you connect with your twin flame there are guided meditations, on YouTube, you can find tons, of them I think. And. But. Get away when when. I'm not like. Grasping. For something it, runs, away I. Experienced. That a lot but, when I'm more. Focused. On my own journey things. Come naturally to me I, mean. It sounds easy but it's. Difficult sometimes. When. I focus on my own journey, focusing. On healing sound thing and. I'm. In this energy space and then. She just. Comes. And comes and comes again and she always. Comes, with a similar. Experience, so, I know. Appearance. So, I know okay. It. Must be her and we're on. The an energetic. Level we. Talk it's like you talk to an invisible friend right, but. To. Know that it's not a fantasy it's just that, that. You feel it so, when, she's talking to me or, like. I have this image that we're holding hands over here I mean, when we're kissing it's like it's, like, an explosion and, you. You feel it you can feel it and that's that's. Where fantasy just stops, and. I. Recognize. Her by the feeling, that, I get. Man. Like, I have all this, left. Side is just. Burning. That's. Crazy. This. And. Then I have to keep the trust that we. That. We'll meet on the physical, one we're supposed to be. Getting. To get on the physical because it's got to be. Yeah. A big thing. Yeah. You're. Probably gonna have that same feeling times. Infinity. Whenever. That happens, Ruki. Said I never understood the difference until today awesome. Carol. And Oh. Carol. Would like to know as you said and twin flame is what type of relationship, so. Can. Be everything. That's. What I read. And some optic, but. I'm. Open-minded. Yeah. That's. I think we'll, we again in our human experience right, we try to define a lot of things we try to put things in our body and stand everything all Silla that's, our I mean that's our minds, right it tries to make sense of things whereas, really our spirit and our soul is, like just roll with it just wait whatever, it's soldiers. Experience. Just feel it and my mind all my I. Want. A definition, I want to label and I want to file it away right yep. Hey, Rob. Teresa, hi, hello, ma'am Ruki, that's so powerful awesome. Andrew, shared energy, so yeah, the twin Delana shared energy. Ruki, is it possible, your twin flame and soulmate are in one person, I think, so but. What do you think. And. Again you guys were talking. Question. I. Thought. You she asked can, it be can, twin flame be one person, that it's it's, like you, have the twin flame in you but, you asked. All. Right, if. This soul and when you get this feeling that the. Other one is in you you, stop. Looking, that's. What I'm going through right now that, I'm stopped and I stopped looking on the outside because, I know she's always there.

When I need her integrity. Underwear. Out too but you have you've, asked if I'm so mad it's, a trip I would. Different. Differentiate. Between this two. Yeah. There. Can be people. I've. Heard about. Mere. Twins or, cutlass twins and. Who. Are really close I think it's all kind. Of a preparation for, me. It feels on my journey it feels like I'm preparing. Preparing preparing. To. Get. To the woman. It's. Almost like it but you in your heart you you can say you. Can really feel if it if you've reached, your destination or. If. You're still preparing, and we meet the preparation, otherwise we would just explode. Right. How. Embarrassing right. Disintegrated. Just. So you guys there's also a, very. Cartoony, today. So. That's a catalyst right. Right. It's Owen you've got a cartoonish. Mario. Brothers in a child yeah. Right so. The, catalyst, that he was referring to is there's there's. An idea of a catalyst, flame to which I want to talk about her because she's in the group oh. Okay. Ruki, then said inking, is it possible. Oh wait she already said that sorry I hope your answer is good, piece. S says. When. You know you just know it's indescribable right. On yeah Alexis. Here hello miss Ruki, yes soulmate, and twin flame in one person, that's what she's asking I think, that can be a thing because, your soulmate is in your soul tribe right and you're all coming in together your twin flame is likely also in that that soul tribe right I mean, that's that's how I see it and again, this is just for. Conversation. Purposes, only we're, humans, putting things in boxes right, now, we. We can't be the end-all of information, but that's my take on it so. Katie. Said in my experience, we can have many soul mates because, they are in the same soul contract, group with us twin flame is something deeper right, on yeah so like also in that group but it's it's a totally, different it's not a soulmate, it's it's, something. Completely. Different and, it's also something. That in my, experience. Is sort. Of and I go to tumbled, crystals, here right or, tumbled, stones the, polishing. Of the tumbled, stones it seems, like the the, twin. Flame also. Sort, of polishes, it's like you polish, each other so, there's there's, that you supplement each other right but, then there's also the, the making each other better that, happens, um, and, that's that's, something, that I mean that's a very very big that's a that's the job of it right. Andrew, says totally, possible, awesome, rookie said okay thank you awesome. Well, oh shoot, were at the end of our half hour and then that went fast. Twin, Flames song I think, right. Yeah. Do. You want to tell them how they're able to reach out to you how do they, how. Do they find you how do they talk to you how do they work with you all of the things. Well. The, Facebook. Page I. Mean. Because, the, dream shaman, the Facebook, page.

The. Dream, shaman, and. My. Website, I think it's also linked. Somewhere, on the, Facebook. Page and. I, have the YouTube, channel but. It's still. The. Channel names sound alchemy, with and Roberto. Because. I think I changed it so many times I. Tend. To reinvent. Myself a, lot so, I changed your name a lot and I couldn't. Change. It to the dream Simon because YouTube said you are changing your name to off. Sound. Outta me anyway. That's. Funny, he's got a good youtube channel you should check him out he does a lot of numerology which we didn't even have a chance to get into today, you. Also have a numerology. What's the name of the numerology, group. Numerology. Nerds numerology. Nerds see you, gotta love it you gotta love it well, it'll be just a short description, of the. What. ICS, sound, alchemy. Not. Only this numerology thing, but mmm, well, I think it's more more important, is the, connection. Of music. And energy. Healing so. Any, healing, music, would. Be in my from. My perspective perspective. Sound. Alchemy, because. Music. Is the the thing that I. Have. My education background, and, before I started healing so, I. Wanted. To become a music teacher and then I found, out that school, sucks a lot. Then. The long, story short the combination, of this music. And healing. So. Then I had my my, healing music with. The. Album, and soul. Song and trueflame song this is just, connecting. Things that I have learned. Yeah. That's. Why I mean music is vibration. Right I mean it's vibrational healing it's. A good way to connect. The souls yeah. That's, to communicate, that's, awesome, music. Is invisible. It's. True. Andrew. Said twins are about self-development, and then sharing, and teaching each other a heck yeah. Okay. Cool well. Yeah. So you know where to reach out to him he's on tribe finder, of course, and. Make. Sure that you, work with him he's ridiculously. Ridiculously. Talent. Talented and he said that he keeps changing his name and stuff but that's because like he's, a truly, forward-thinking. Person. So, if. You're if you're wanting somebody like that in, your tribe if you're wanting somebody like that to, work with Andre. Is totally, your guy so thank you Andre for being our member of the week you, have a fantastic, day everybody, else, we will see you next time thank. You bye, bye bye. You.

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