Analisis XAU Hari ini Senin 15 Nov, Menguji Batas Risk Manajemen || Daily Trading Analysis (XAUUSD)

Analisis XAU Hari ini Senin 15 Nov, Menguji Batas Risk Manajemen || Daily Trading Analysis (XAUUSD)

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Good morning traders wherever you are now! Who are monitoring XAUUSD chart today is Monday, 15 November 2021 at 07.24 A.M WIB (Indonesia) In XAU, there was 1 finished candle and 1 running candle Before we analyze the market, for you who like utilizing morning opportunities, always pay attention to the budget capability, money and risk management Whatever analysis what we made are probabilities. And we look for the biggest probability Even it still has chance to reverse. So, we must prepare the simulation of it Where is our loss limit? Where must we do something? Now, we look at larger time frame then, we zoom it in and out. Is there any indication which strengthen Buy position? or is there any indication which weaken Buy position? Based on the trend, Buyer is still dominant with high up trend even Seller candlestick hasn't showed up yet. It's just in form of wick However, it doesn't mean that Seller doesn't have power to push Buyer If we look at the left side, it's far from the psychology level There is still opportunity in the psychology level even though there is bump in 1861 area Look at the left side, there is Support Then, there is Support which changes to be resistance here There are many wicks in those areas which I marked It means that it there is important level. We must be careful there

Even though there is psychology level at the end At least, we can utilize the correction opportunity to take profit We can order it for the best Then, in D1 time frame, we see how's the candle structure formed Look at the candle journey From big momentum to Seller rejections Then, it went down at 1821 It means that Seller starts to show up there Next, it still tried to press but it's closed under the previous highest price It means that there is still Seller which press Buyer Then, we look at Friday's candle Seller showed up as big power This means Seller pressed it Even though it's rejected by Buyer, it's closed under the high of last 2 candles It's still same like the previous psychology level Then, pay attention to the Body volume It's getting thinner So, it indicates that Seller pressed strong. buyer momentum starts to weaken It's in the psychology level. It means that Seller will be dominant there If we look at the candle pattern which is formed at the left side, there was hanging man It means that reversal Why it doesn't rise? Because Seller pressed the Buy candle until 1845 area In the strong trend, suddenly, Seller pressed it strongly. It indicates that Seller had more power The ability to hold Buyer Moreover, itwas closed by small volume Then, it couldn't pass the psychology level The big possibility is it will go down Then, we look at the lower time frame to see the opportunity The first opportunity which we can see is the opening candle there is long wick at the top and forms a shooting star It's in the psychology level, it has chance to go down So, we can order Sell here, but we are late We can take the top correction If it's closed by red volume, we can order Sell on the next candle Maybe it will be closed here.. We try to make a simulation Let's say that it's closed at 1863. We can take Sell position there We can take Sell/Sell Stop at 1863.55

Because the biggest possibility is it will go down, we take it from the closest psychology level First, we put it at 1863.55 When it really goes down and pass... We draw green line to make the order point and psychology level different At top.. if we see it.. It's at the bottom, we can see... We measure the distance We make it lower We make it lower We can order Sell again here We order Sell Stop at 1861.39

Don't only think about the order but also learn to monitor the movement We monitor the strong pressure and important level If we only follow Sell Stop and Buy Stop numbers, we won't find the best opportunities by our own selves Because if we get profit, it's just lucky The most important thing is not the number, but we understand the concept I give you these points to make you have overview in determining the order and it won't guarantee us to get profit It's just a simulation and we still pay attention to the risk and how to cover it For example, when we order Sell here and suddenly the market rises We can do recovery at 1866.06 or we can take it 500 Pips from our order point We can do cut loss there The most important thing is we understand the pressure Then, where does the dominant direction go? Then, we must monitor the number Not only the order number but also the floating How long it runs from the order point? then, we pay attention to the main direction and candle intensity So that we really understand it. We measure the important level Then, when Sell is passed, it will try to touch the next psychology level We can take Sell position Before we order Sell, we enter limit quickly Buy limit at 1858.27 There is important level at the left side. We take it from the correction point.

So, I take Buy Limit and hope that there is correction for a while and we must close it directly When Buy limit is touched, it rises, then we close it directly Make sure we must finish it quickly to get the profit When the Buy is touched, we close it quickly We hope that the potential is Sell. In the large time frame, it indicates that Seller is strong Then, when it's touched, we focus back The Buy is touched, then it rises There is correction, we close it turns out, the market goes down back. So, we focus on Sell Because the main direction is Seller We can take Sell Stop position here Don't only see the number If we haven't understood it well, we'll be confused.

Try to learn recovery later Learn to control the reversal market Measure the retracement area If it resists the big capability, there is retracement here As long as it's under it, the big possibility is it will go down When it's really there, we can wait for the strengthen again Because it's in the psychology level, we take the limit position first We change the Buy Stop and Sell Stop with Limit Buy Limit at 1856.88. It's for correction When it touches Retracement area It means that it becomes habit when the market touches the important level, there will be correction There will be correction here It doesn't continue there. We test it back later If it's only small correction (go down again), and pass 1856 area, we take position here We take position under it using 1856 breakout as the basic We can take Sell or Sell Stop position, depends on the market condition later Both of them has potentials Next, we take a lil bit longer here because the previous market was wild We take Limit opportunity at 1850.09

What we take is the fast opportunity. We take it quickly so that we won't left behind We hope that the market will bounce and finish Next, pay attention to the next important level There is important level We can take Buy Limit at the important area 1846.15 We take the Limit there. Utilizing correction potential when the market starts to go down In the saturation point Next, we'll see where does the breakout will go then, we'll order Buy only when it passes the opening red volume We can order above it We can order Buy Stop here the buy Stop is at 1866.54 When it's passed, our target is at this top. You may stop it at the body or the wick If the body is hard to be reached, we close it directly If the body is passed and it has chance to rise, we'll continue it until the wick Then, we can put Buy Stop above it If it rises, it passed the important level We can see the top We can put it again when the candle passed 1868 We can take Buy Stop again at 1869.44

we'll see how's the candle progress First, we focus on Sell because the main trend still has chance to go down It's in the resistance level in thee large time frame It was rejected twice (couldn't break out), the biggest possibility is Seller will show up and be dominant there That's all about my explanation. I hope it can help you to determine the order point Thank you. Good morning! Greetings of two-way profit!

2021-11-16 01:52

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