Analisis XAU Hari ini Selasa 09 Nov, Dimana Titik Entry, SL dan TP nya || Daily Trading Analysis

Analisis XAU Hari ini Selasa 09 Nov, Dimana Titik Entry, SL dan TP nya || Daily Trading Analysis

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Good morning traders wherever you are who are monitoring XAUUSD chart now! We'll try to evaluate yesterday's analysis and read today's potentials We'll try to map the biggest possibility of running market, determine the order point, and risk limit Before we enter it, we evaluate yesterday's market first This is yesterday analysis. I haven't deleted it It can be evaluation material when we want to determine it later The market had potency to rise I drew the trendline. It rose Then it went down in this area It was in this psychology level. It had potency to bounce

When it passed 1817.99 area, it had breakout potency We had determined our order point using Buy Stop and Sell Stop The Buy Stop was at 1817.99. We got the profit When it was in the third candle The Sell Stop at 1811 wasn't touched. 1807 area and retracement were also not touched At night I gave you analysis in the group The potential still rose and bounced when it passed 1819 Turned out, it rose back. So, the order points at 1819.41 and 1822.75 had chance to be touched again Last, it was closed by Buyer above the open point at the morning It means that yesterday's potential is proven that it still rise However, the movement isn't significant enough. Even the range wasn't more than 2.000 Pips Based on this movement, we try to read the history and the next movement We determine the order point and risk limitation Because you also asked where do we put them I won't write the number like usual. I just tell you. You may listen and pay attention to me.

So that, you have effort to watch and listen to this material. You also can learn something If you don't watch this video, you won't understand. If you only watch the number, there is no lesson that you can take We look yesterday's movement in the large time frame. It was still dominated by Buyer Although Buyer had chance to continue to rise until this area (1833), However, we must be aware of Buyer momentum started to lessen Pay attention to the volumes. They are green, thick and lessen.. It means that buyer momentum started to lessen even though Buyer is still dominant. So, we still be careful when Seller shows up We can see that Seller show up in the lower time frame From D1 time frame, we look at H4 to compare them Turns out, in H4...

Buyer is still strong to rise The psychology level was broken out Then, it tried to do correction and rejected again by Buyer So, until now, buyer is still dominant We can draw line to see how the movement happens Then, there is low correction, it's rejected back by Buyer If we see the high and low, it still rises. Buyer will still be dominant Where do we put the order point? We look at the lower time frame; H1. We can see the movement at H1 It rose, then it was correction Then, it rose again There was small correction which was in the psychology level, then it was rejected again Then, it was correction It rose again We can see that Buyer is still dominant. There were small corrections which didn't have big impact Then, we can see the active trend. Buyer was still dominant If Buyer trend is dominant, it doesn't mean there is no Seller power In the large time frame, Buyer momentum started to lessen. The power weaken Then, pay attention to the rejections later Seller has potential to press stronger. Even though Buyer is dominant today, Seller will press it strongly

...based on the history and top points So, the first focus is Buyer but when Seller starts to show up, we can utilize this area We can put Sell Stop there We can put Sell Stop at 1823.45. You can test it later Then, where are the SL and TP? If we use risk and reward ratio, that's ok. But, I only see the candle visually. The closest opportunity which we can get Where is the SL? The SL is at 1826.21 Then, where is the TP? the TP is at 1821.21 or we can determine it freely The profit target is at this bottom psychology level I will try to draw this psychology level This is not order point. This is our profit area (I color it as yellow)

When this area is broken out stronger, we can order at 1819 area We can color it as green for the order point We can put Sell Stop at 1819.75 For TP, if the market moves fast, we take it 100 Pips 150 Pips. It's around here.. There is also psychology level under it We can take the closest, at 1817.91 If the market still moves strong, we can put it at 1815 At first, we can put it at 1818.xx or we can put it at 1816.06 when the pressure is strong

Don't only focus on the number. But, pay attention to the momentum which move there Pay attention to the market volatile We see the thickness If the candle moves small and take the TP too far, market could be correction when it hasn't touched It will make us uncomfortable Remember that the morning market movement isn't always be significant We must understand when do we enter and exit the Asia market Don't make it same like Europe market! If we take the same distance for psychology level, but in Europe, it's far.. what will happen is.. we'll face the chart too long Next, if the market moves strong up or down, I tend to the correction there There is another psychology level at this bottom We can put the first here The second is at the next top. We always pay attention to the important areas We can look at the important areas This is psychology level. I color it as yellow

Next, in the psychology level, if the candle breaks out again, we can put our order point under this While we see this area. Does it move strongly? If it breaks out at 1817 (pass the retracement area), it has chance to continue to go down We can take Sell Stop position there We can put it at 1815.99 Where are the SL and TP? For the TP, direct it to the bottom psychology level at 1813 Then, for the SL, we can put it at 1817 or 1819. Just pick one. If you don't want to get big loss, put it at 1817 or you can put it at 1819.75

Then, we can put Buy Limit at 1812.41 Remember that Buy Limit is just temporary. We utilize the correction It's not for long order Because if the market starts to move at the bottom and strong, Seller opportunity will be much stronger Why do we take Buy there? We take Buy here to utilize correction when it touches the lowest level then, how if the market rises? we'll order Buy only when the candle passes the psychology level (1826.21)

We can take the position above it When the candle broke out there, we can see it by following the dynamic condition because the breakout could be higher At least, we've made a plan that if the market passes 1826.21, market will has potency to rise So, we can take Buy Stop there at 1827.51 We can try it later there is always opportunity although the market just move Based on this time frame, we can look at the larger time frame It's far and small if we look it there We can see the progress later at that top, we can take Limit order It can't be seen in the display because it's far, we just need to understand it We can put Sell Limit at 1831.06

If there is high impact news, we must clear all of our transactions 30 minutes before the news release Then, we focus on News which will be released There will be high impact News at 08.30 P.M. and 09.00 P.M So, make sure that there is no running transaction at 08.00 P.M, except if you use low lot with high durability We can prepare it 5 minutes before the news release, for market execution When we found the direction potential when the news almost release, how's the candle structure and volatile? we can determine it later Once more, we must clear all of our transactions 30 minutes before the news release except the transaction which we prepare for the news only Well, that's all about today's analysis. I hope it can be useful and you can get consistent profit. Especially in the morning. Tonight, we'll evaluate this tonight, we have class. We can evaluate it there and monitor the News

Well, that's all about my explanation. I hope it can be useful Don't forget to always pay attention to Money and risk management, the usage of Lot and control the psychology in trading especially if the candle looks big It looks like having big potential. So, we forget to apply the risk thank you everyone! I hope it's useful and you can get consistent profit. Greetings of two-way profit!

2021-11-10 12:08

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