Analisis Hari ini Selasa 16 Nov, Strategi Saat Market di Level Penting || Trading Analysis [ENG SUB]

Analisis Hari ini Selasa 16 Nov, Strategi Saat Market di Level Penting || Trading Analysis [ENG SUB]

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Good morning traders wherever you are now! Who are monitoring the XAUUSD chart Now, it's 07.24 A.M. the candles were only 2 since the opening day Today is Tuesday, 16 November 2021 Before we map today's movement, we'll review yesterday's analysis which I explained Then, we see the result of the analysis for learning If there was reversal or mistake when ordered, at least, we can prepare the anticipation/risk management We start it from yesterday's analysis What we analyzed was only 1 candle yesterday 1 opening candle finished and the second candle was still running Then, we tried to map the potentials I won't repeat how I gave you clue yesterday But, we'll see the points only At the morning, I gave you clue to do Sell Stop. We also didn't know whether the market would rise or go down I don't give you the random order points. I give you the points which has profit potential If I take it randomly without consideration, we'll only get miss in doing analysis Much floating which we can get It's started from Sell Stop at 1863.55

It rose to 1865.83 So, we got floating around 200 Pips Based on the risk management material, it's still reasonable Our limit is around 300 - 500 Pips or even 500-800 Pips in certain conditions In normal condition, it could be 300 - 500 Pips Then, this Sell stop was touched Turns out, it went back when it reached the top How to face the market when it rise? We must know the risk limitation. Each trader has different limitation Therefore, when the market reverses, don't be panic just by asking until when it reverses. People can be panic because they don't have much experience They don't know the limitation Then, the candle went down long. this candle is long

We also put Sell stop at 1861.56 If we see this candle, it was touched It means that we've got profit from Sell Stop in the morning There wer 2 Sell Stops which we got Meanwhile the Buy stop was far. It hadn't touched yet After it passed 1857 area, the limit was reached You need to see yesterday's video to know the basic of taking limit order Then, there is something that you can learn and you won't ask anytime about market movement It means that you don't have any overview. If you still don't understand about it, don't do trading using real account.

If the transaction is stuck in a long floating, we must do cut loss directly If you don't want to cut loss, that's your risk. If you only wait for it, you won't exit from it forever If the transaction is floating more than 50% of the budget, it's hard. If we only wait for it and hope for it, it will be hard.

Moreover if the position is locked We can add it, but because the first position is too far from the second, whatever we do, it will still get loss If you learn in Wijaya Trading, don't only focus on solving the problem but also always learn a lot If I give you suggestion, listen to me. Don't only follow your feeling. Use your logic. I teach you how to be professional and independent trader. If you still face problem, you may ask me something or ask for recommendation, that's no problem.

I'll suggest you. You may ask me for recommendation if your transaction is still healthy When your durability is in the worst condition, there is no other way except cut loss A doctor who has worst patient may talk that it's hard. He will tell the family that the condition is the worst.

The hope is only wait for it and pray Because based on the knowledge, it's beyond the ability limits You need to understand it If your floating is more than 70%, don't hope to it too much. Don't care whether you don't like it, you have to do it We must clear all of them and learn to do healthy trading The loss which we faced is a part of our learning process It's for us to do introspection Don't only lament regret but also you must wake up and learn how to do healthy trading If you don't be brave to cut loss, your budget will run out Well, go back to the yesterday's review, in the Buy Limit areas Buy Limit at 1858 After that, it went down (floating). The Buy Limit was touched 117 Pips. That's ok. It's still reasonable Meanwhile the 1856 Buy Limit hadn't touched yet. At the end, it bounced at 1860 We got it almost 200 Pips for Buy Limit. It means we got profit We've got 3 time profits before afternoon Next, there were Buy Limit and Sell Stop The movement potentials went down, that's why I put many order points at the bottom Buy Limit at 1856. It touched the red candle When it was touched, it didn't take long time to rise It was 220 Pips If we still wait for it, we still get much profit There was Buy stop above it at 1866.54. It was also touched

The wick was touched However, even though it was rejected again,... The top buy Stop was also touched But, if we see it clearly, we can get profit around 185 Pips It means that yesterday, we've got almost 100% profit There was no fail except if we got panic and close it directly Now, we map today's movement We read the market from the movement The up and down movements are same or almost same. It means that today will be mastered by Buyer and Seller with same powers But, look at the top! It couldn't break the psychology level until now If we look at large time frame, it's in the psychology level It means that it's strong resistance area which can't be broken out Even the large time frame was dominated by Seller Even though there was still Buyer which resisted But at least, Seller has power Today still has down potential although there is Bullish which tries to resist In my opinion, this red candle becomes the confirmation candle There is hanging man on top and strengthen by red candle, it has chance to go down We can take Sell position here and wait for it in the closest psychology level The profit will be around 500 Pips Well, go back to H1 time frame In H1 time frame, the opening candle was green. There will be up pressure We'll take Buy position only when this candle finished We can take Buy Limit at 1863.03

Why don't we take Buy Stop? Because the price is on top We can do Buy Stop after the candle passed this area We can order Buy Stop here Buy Stop at 1864.43 Then, there is top. We can use Limit again We use Limit Sell Limit at 1867.02 area

We can put it here, in the psychology level Because the direction still at the top, then we wait for it on top If this green candle finished, we can order Buy directly But, if it reverses, we can take Sell Stop at the closets psychology level at 1861.85 There is Sell Stop here, there is important level under it We take the distance don't too far This is our target for the Sell Stop Then, we can take.... Today has Sideways potential Sell Stop at 1859.63

Then, the profit target is here. It's around 140 Pips. If it's still in the morning, take it small first We can take Limit here We can take Buy Limit at 1856.68 when we use Limit, we take it quickly if there is correction Because it has chance to continue if the market goes back When it goes down and passed this area, it rose.. and there is opportunity which we can get then we get profit, we close it. So that we won't miss the moment Because it could go don continuously when after the correction it goes back down Seller will be much stronger At first, we pay attention to this range. We must be aware of it.

The up and down movement will move here We color it as blue We must be careful in this range. When the market is inside this range, it will be up and down until it breaks out on the range When it breaks out on the range, it doesn't guarantee that the candle will be strong. There is also psychology level upper it. Therefore, if the market rises, it must pass this If it goes down, it must be strong enough. If it breakout there, Seller has chance to be stronger Otherwise, if it's on top, it will be stronger when it pass the highest level (at 1870.17)

So, don't hope for it too much Well, that's all about the explanation I hope our basecamp can be done quickly, so that we can learn trading together Thank you everyone! I hope you can get much profit this morning and get consistent profit Greetings of two-way profit!

2021-11-17 12:36

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