Analisa Teknikal XAUUSD hari ini️ Gold || XAU/USD Daily Forecast, tgl 17 Feb 22

Analisa Teknikal XAUUSD hari ini️ Gold || XAU/USD Daily Forecast, tgl 17 Feb 22

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Hello, assalamualaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh Hello, back again with the Forex zone. How are you all friends, I hope you are all healthy and of course amazing okay. Today, Jono Forex will provide an overview of the analysis, especially in the USB exaudi market, not long after, let's see it painted. Hi, this is my information. convey that it coincided on Thursday 17 February 2012 with two md1 on the Kyle market, if we look at the last movement yesterday, there has been an increase, yes. From here, they succeeded, of course, in the bullish impulsive candle, they managed to

recover online and breakout the resistance area which is now a support area. then the increase continued And almost touched or gave the area code 1877 but here there was a rejection of the seller which caused if we look at the condition of the ritez in the 1846 area and the trend line area yesterday it was clear that there was a fullback, yes the price reversal was closed in the green channel, yes it looks like full body, yes or you can also call it impulsive if bullish Yes like this yes So this is perfect yes the green color has a small tail below the small tail above the body it is very large it has a very large volume so this means that there is a strong push from Bayern, so what can we get for the D1 frame? when ritez and fullback occur, if we look at this long increase, it's like this long increase, usually when it's in a position like this, if it's production like this, it forms a base area, so this is a rally, maybe there will be a best, then rally or here. Later in the big temple yes, you might choose Ampat later, you can see how come this big add-up will have a build-up. So usually if there is a breakout, it can be test days , yes, it will form whether it will ritez or form feathers. so form Group E in this area, move in the range in this area. Now it's just a condition that he will design of area 1877, or will he breakout

level 1846, so currently the movement is still in the area ranging from 1846 to 1877, so this is what we can get at Temple daily, only today is the impact of yesterday's increase, which is the green channel It's most likely that he will be strong in the 1877 test . it was formed, where was the last movement, yes. Here in theme 4 here, it was successful. Breakout, yes. Arya retracement, yes, this succeeded. Blackout. If we look at the channel arrangement, it is indeed from this red Breakout position. This channel is Breakout by this green channel, it forms bullying, right? the buyer's ability to pressure is very large, then the next channel is green, but pay attention from this green channel to Fe This green nder reaches the stick attached to the three green ones, the volume created or the body formed is getting smaller, so pay attention to 123 so the condition is getting smaller, meaning if we look at this MP3 channel up to the last channel here, there is seller pressure trying to form a swing Yes, if we look at it later, Mas, one will look like that possibility. So but this is the condition, the v is strong, rising once, this push to pay is very strong, my friends, already Blackout the retrace area, yes, this is at the Festi percent up to 60 1.8 percent succeeded in Breakout and closed in the area above Sri above 1866 point 89 so even at the bottom, it looks like three will try. Later here, yes. Test the area of ​​1877 in this area, yes, this is very important

. So if later today he succeeds in Breakout 1877 to what area the increase, we can look for it in the previous twrk known, the temple in this area, here, OK, this is what we can see later 1 877 it worked Tibet out ok nah 1877 this worked in Blackout i will mark it will move in 1887 range here maybe i'll add some water Hi blue yes this is this range yes this was first 1889 then arrived in this area nah 1884 so it's possible if he black out, 1877, yes, the movement will revolve around this area, for today, yes, for more than 1000, for him, it was even better until 1930. I think it's too hard to increase volume with an average of 30 dollars per day. The realistic possibility is in this range. if he breaksout 1877, then it means he will go up to 1884 to 1889, yes, the average is around 1887 in this area. So this can be used as a benchmark later when friends have had diarrhea. where will the transaction be. What will be the next target live Jessie can be in this area, the point is there Okay,

so this is what we can get for the H4 guitar, right? we're back on the previous channel, pay attention here, yes, so when this happens, ritez, yes. As I said yesterday, yes, in the 1841 to 1850 range, with an average price of 1846, this is exactly what I said, thank God, here there is a pretty strong pay pressure then there the confirmation channel here is bullish to pink, followed by the seller's pressure but not more than the body. The green color is clearly visible and the green one is closed above all of this channel. Now, the pressure is compiled. Finally, it works. Break out the rightrez area. Now this refreshment that we can get on channel H4, yes, this is also Sukartini forming the crewet shoulder harness arrangement, yes , soldering can also be involved but the pressure or the body is getting smaller . okay, let's see on tempeh, what one can we get here, let's go to theme 1 Okay on temp The first one that we can get is this, my friends. Okay, before I explain in more detail, yes, in Thamrin Mas, I will delete it. Some of the ones I think I don't use, the first one

is FB, sorry, FR, Fibonacci retracement, I got pushed because it happened whose name is Breakout Yes, it's called Breakout for a while okay , then this is an original girl, delete it, so the 1874 one I put down in this area because I'm going to make a psychology level, here I set my psychology level, I changed the color to red, then I changed it to red, right? please put it here Hi, this is technology level c because Harjo happened in the area the closing occurred in the range area here, yes, then this later I will explain, I will delete it. I wrote in the comments column Yes, I pinned it there maybe friends who saw it in the comments to yes, I've attached it, but the headlamp didn't tell me because yesterday wasn't perfect, but after a few minutes there was the formation of an ASEAN channel like this, OK, then I'll pull the Rich tresmen point, Hi, secondary HQ, the critical point is in the short range Hi mp3free, I'm glad it's my first pull it from here, because the last increase is here, okay, I'll change it here, yes, this is area three 1862, yes, really trust me, I gave a thickening in Kenya from rightrez, yes, I deleted it, okay, okay, in those days I got the psychological level, I got it later I will change this for a moment, yes, then here it is, now, it's right, OK, I can delete what I also deleted, OK, I think it's enough, I'll explain . Here there is a rejection, yes, he is back at level 1850, yes, the distribution is 850 according to what I said yesterday Yes, it's true that Bayern's wave of power was in the area 1841 to 1850. Here he was repeatedly touched from this area, he was rejected, yes, forming bullying , he was rejected, then he moved above the 1850 area. Pay attention to these tails. Well, this is the failed seller's pressure that buried the busari 1850. Yes, until finally there was a Fals break, yes, if

we drew the trend line earlier, here it is, the Fals Bridge, the tail is not able to close the 1858 Spike area, I will give another sign so that friends, Wow, don't be confused, Hey, this is Yani , who formed the asenine channel Yes, here, there is a false bridge, pay attention, maybe here friends will also be confused, yes. Because this principle can be noted, yes, for friends, all principles in the trading world require patience. Yes, courage and accuracy when taking a position, don't hesitate if you are in doubt here negotiate in the transaction, just watch it until you are really in a phase, the term is really solid. Well, it's not easy Don't be easily damaged, rusullah , the term is if people say yes to milk, just wait until the kendelb is formed, which really fits right there Oh that's why I often say during transactions you have to look at important areas, yes, there is a formula for that, maybe a friend -friends , you can see the trend catleya formula, the first is a trend, then an important area, then now, finally, the entry point is important, Mr. Fajri, it can be supported by resistance, can the trend line area be refreshed, that is one of the important areas, one of which was here yesterday forming an ascending channel for example, it's right here, it's all right, it's just pink, yes, yes. This cell is

a reading program. Yes, there is Barry single.fin, then followed by the green channel when single.fin is not necessary . percent here, yesterday, the cells here who might actually be able to tie it, right? 12 dollars, a maximum of 3 dollars, you know, Nanda ca n't hold it too long. Because what hasn't happened yet. Another trend area breakout is already a breakout. This is a breakout, but it's waiting for the next confirmation channel. put a stop loss like that, but if you are more careful, you are not careful, in the end you encourage children to be afraid to position, not like that, be careful in your heart or wait, if there is a derivative, you know, it's okay, it's a strong position down instead, we can still get theking profit, that's how it is, so we wait, so it's not like it's not a prank, the term is in the Excel worksheet Diaries, this happens when the next channel closes the red channel until the channel selects single.fin is almost full on this area now indicates this green channel, yes. This is a very strong bullish impulse Yes, from Tesar 1850 he failed and through this there was a strong impulse we were indeed one and ate this Barry single pink structure twice. Hello 1234, this is this channel,

so what happened yesterday ? can 1849 stop loss in the simpdh area, if it's like this, he will definitely increase it like other tools to how much Yesterday I explained to my friends until the stress area or be careful tresmen 50 to 60 1.8 percent, yes, these are the tips I can convey, that is, you can note what I said earlier, so don't take it easy because in the trading world I said it was cruel, yes, if you have been hit by a stop loss, you can't lose, you can't reverse the point , so you have to be really brave and precise and like it or not, you have to take the pose really well. That's right and don't doubt the point is there OK, I'll continue for us , our entry position, yes, plus one anywhere, OK, so arrange n The last taken calf to Sorry this morning, yes, this closure is maintained, this forms a psychological level area, in the range of 1864 to 1872, which means that he will move in this area, yes, he will move in this area, OK? Wait, wait for the test diary , ampela refreshment, Sandy 1862 festival, take the by position in this area, yes, this is an important work, so it's our entry point when he forms fans, one of them is Paiton's single , double patent or triple patent. If single patent is there, what's there? Budi spinbar, there are doji, there

are those who form or there are also marubozu mulisha or impulsive, it's okay if you double patent, one of them is the police having like this, yes, here the main thing is later if you form other types of fans, there is no strong push for Bayern to go up, yes, you can get diarrhea here, okay? the stoploss limit, remember below the formation of the film, the first one here, remember, friends, this is being monitored recently Together with this, even if he Breakout 1864 this psychological revolver, but if since 1864 there has been a rejection here, there has been the formation of penile sticks, types of P-stick scanners, ton Yadi 1864ty by in this area, don't target 1872, maybe here will also form an area best yes, it will arrive in the Asian market, which is likely to be like that, depending on this, it will fall later if he touches this water. Yes, it is possible that King will form a free area so it will be a rally best rally and will touch 1877. The target is here, the next target. Wait for him. Breakout above 1877. Yes, with the same method. Same, those who don't understand how to do Blackout transactions , you

can see it in Jono Forex's playlist, there's also learning materials, you can see 11 of my friends who follow the Forex zone, because it's free, how come I've made it so it's up to you, friends -Friends, just watch, learn, it's complete. Actually , it's complete in the Forex zone playlist, you can watch it look there Okay so that's it. If later here he breaks out What if he breaksout 1862 there is a descending order, he will test again to this support area 1859 1805 to the strongest support area 1850-1870 huh 41 Now here, so remember the point n trick our target is good because the track is still strong, the tendency is strong to go up, there is a push from here, yes, for us, it can be in the range of 1862 1864 or he Breakout 1872 with a target of 1877 and if you are silent, record again here, take by above 1877 Okay, this is what I can say, okay And if we look here it's still forming a set area, guys, if we pay attention, because we haven't reported the strong support or strong resistance area yet, so that's all I can say to all of you, don't forget to always set a stop loss, limit your losses . later it will drain your mind, so you will end up stressed , don't be better, take the right position, the reason is whether it's in that area, don't be in a hurry or Don't even pretend to be a champion, if in trading there are already great ones from the smart ones but the ones who succeed are those who are patient and thorough and right when he takes his position, whether he fails or succeeds is normal in the trading world. Okay, this can be conveyed, thanks to

friends friends who have subscribed, like comments and don't forget to ring the bell so you can get notifications from sono Forex or update info from the Forex zone and don't forget to share this channel or this video so that the Jono Forex channel can reach all people who need information. the knowledge that we can share, God willing, will be useful for all of us, hopefully, sir, thank you, greetings, consistent profit, Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hi hi

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