An Adventure Beguns「Enter the Gungeon

An Adventure Beguns「Enter the Gungeon

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It's been a while, in fact. Only. I've ever even had you on the channel. Presenting. Possibly, for the first time. I'm. A time hauling I'm. Trying to find a object it's, not in my first page of switch games give me a second let me just give. Me saying it's, gonna find it so it's a little bit buried I know. I have it building. Up building up suspense. That's. Right. Guys. You can actually can't even see you there hold on give it a second, bah, but, about bah boppa but. Up up up up up you may be able to recognize. It but it doesn't say the logo so I don't want to say it yet pop. It about but about but about but about if you're, watching the volleyball, ready seen the title of this video so you already know exactly what this is in. Fact literally everyone knows what this is there's literally no reason for me to be saying any of this. Bah. Bah bah bah bah. Bob. Bob. What. About. Butter. Ba. Enter. The gungeon. First. Time I played this on it or maybe second shot on the plays no I think I have played this before the channel I remember, doing the little title thing for it so, I, played. This once on the channel I played, this a little bit of my own time, a fair, bit in Milan time kind, of kind, of, I've never gotten too far in, it because, I like see look look here's, my history with this stuff who actually apparently I'm already into the middle of a game. Okay. I mean I'm content, with this so, I, mean. Might as well just immediately, put you in the action so you understand what you're dealing with uh, what. Are the controls for this game it's been it's been a while so that's roll oh, I. Just used up a flash that's neat or a power. Thing. Okay. Be is to cycle that stuff. Left. And right also cycle, it I, so. Here's what's happening here's. How it works uh this. Game. Is. A game how do I do like the slow, down menu okay there you have to hold me right, is this is a roguelike this is a roguelike for, the Nintendo switch oh and the PC all that good stuff where. Your goal is to, pretty. Much kill everything as roguelikes. Do while, collecting a bunch of a bunch of different things and fighting. Some really unique bosses, this, game has like a little bit of a sense of humor. To it like you can flip tables and stuff and you have these cute. Little avatars. And you know everything. Is of everything, everything, is a pun related, to guns like. Everything, Jesus, what is this all. The attack patterns, are art very unique, honestly, play, like s right that's where I'm at every now I'm betting every, boss is is a unique boss. Even. Like the random enemies, ghosts. This. Is the chill guy. And. Of course you, have your dodge roll you yo-yo, of your way of dodging things is dodge, roll games that is the name of the studio, yeah. It's. A very fun game overall, and. Also there's like a variety of like random weapons like this is the snow baller it just shoots snow balls there's, another one that's like a t-shirt cannon, it's, extremely, good little. Bouncy boy stop. Perish, perish perish, by, snowballs please, there's. Something really, good ones to like dude, there's, some cool thing was this selkie. Also. Because it's a roguelike there's plenty of things that you will get that you have no idea what they do that. Is the main point what is this, crazy, alter oh. I. Think. I've gotten these ones before they may reflect bullets. Randomly. Kind of thing. That's. Useful, and, there. Is the one, issue I have about this game versus like The Binding of Isaac is, this game as like an ammo system, so. You will have to sort of keep track of your of your general, ammo count although you can't use tables as shields so that's neat. Yeah.

It's. A cool game but you, are now cursed, interesting. Huh. Yeah. It's also like like that's the thing rogue leagues have a language like, English Japanese in pig latin they, all have, a unique language, that you have to learn in order to actually excel, at them uh him. With the with hit him with this regular, shotgun please, wait. For me dude, I've been playing. So. Much Binding of Isaac throughout, my life man, if. You, ever need to know anything about Binding of Isaac I I will. Probably have the knowledge on it especially. In like the earlier days because they they put out some updates and I have I won't. Lie I've, lost a little, bit of my binding of issac all being, knowledge, but. Uh I think we brothers kill this guy with the world, special there we go nice keep, our ammo preserved. Hello. There. We go regular shotgun now, we got like shops up bus okay. So. You know what I really love about pixel. Games is when. They put in such, like, amazing. Dedication. To the. Random, world around you, just. Like the little bits of like if I roll into a crate you'll, see the crate like breaking stuff. Like. Let me like not this there. We go, and like if I if I also hide the chat by the way that that might be effective you, can see in the bottom there's like a bunch of little things down there to. Help guide you through things oh hello. Okay I. Should. Probably not have lived that like yes. I have, no idea what those pop things are also this has been like a major update to the game I know don't actually know if I have it installed because. I was asked to download an update before this game started so, I might not have it installed but. If. We don't that's okay I can. You like not though goodbye. So, there's a lot of like ammo preservation, I don't need them well about this game I know. This, game this game is a fun game. And. Appealing this also makes. Me. Use a thing don't have like an ability or something. Left. Bumper right I. Think. It worked well. That's, okay ooh, what. Is this I've seen this before I think. I can do anything here do, nothing I guess. That sort of unlocks like a new chapter or something, those. Plots have plots of a bit of an AoE so yeah within, the reason you have to get cursed okay interesting, huh. I guess, we can go this way now - perfect. Then I can fast, travel with no. Fast. Travel with what button oh. Not. Plus. Not. -. Again. I've just wasted another blank. Good. Oh. Doubt it's down it's down it's down Sam, well. That's another blank Nate. Yeah. ID like custom key bindings on this guy so. I like like different controls for everything. There. We go I don't shoot the chest cuz apparently well. I mean I guess I guess junk, is bad sometimes, I don't, know I'm not too worried about it so. Apparently everyone is just dying that's neat sometimes it just happens in this game all. Right I also, love all the slimes if we could ever encounter a slab I want to show you what those slimy boys look like they're so adorable. The. Slimy boys are the cutest things I swear. STG. Alright, so. Can I get the regular. Shotgun please Bob. Okay. Yeah right trigger to reload for me cool. Bob, good. I should have no idea what what Miami was looking like for these guys oh I. Just don't have to reload neat or. Maybe I do after a certain amount time well works for me for. Now though, goodbye. Animal.

Preservation, Is key in this game oh wait a minute speaking. Of animal preservation. Activate. That get. An ammo crate. Oh. I. Want. The key boy I want the key boy. No. Wait. I. Still got it let's, go don't. The giant, stick of dynamite walking, towards me. I'm. Not gonna lie I would like to elude that one dance jump over the table I've, never done that it's so cool Bob. Bob. It's. At all oh. Gee. Willikers. Really. Hate that boss I heard that that random enemy really. Hate that random enemy I think. We got we did we did the job done though okay. They. Got the key they pick up the key, so. I make sure I'm a dum-dum. Yes I did, I'm not done boom okay, oh down. From map okay good. We're. Learning the buttons. If. You get hit your shields go bye-bye oh don't. Tell me that now I'll get hit okay. Now these guys can I think all just would randomly die. So. I yeah, they like him launched themselves so I'm not too worried about them okay. What. Else we got. Dude. This game is fun though like. I'm a big roguelike player all right I'm a big fan of roguelikes, I, don't. Play them too much but. Like I love. Them. Well. I'm bad. Let's. Go oh and. We got on our blank oh hello, uh, refill. This this boy please, with. Snow baller thank you all. Right we actually didn't even use that much ammo for it like, that's the thing I'm always so afraid to use these custom weapons they're like the new weapons cuz, I'm like one of those guys who like preserves, ammo at all costs, I'm. Such an ammo like I'm sure there's a name for that but, I am an ammo preservation. Freak I hate. Wasting Hannah ammo randomly. Well. I don't like that situation. And. If I can get away with not using ammo I usually don't I love, how. The attacks, look in this game. God. Seems. So pretty. Okay. Then please just don't kill me thank you. Over. Here I was gonna say what, is this. I've. Never seen well those chests what is this. What. What, is this I have a bomb on one hand, on. The other hand I have some sort of crazy, battery. Apparently. Taillow and chat knows what that is. Press. Start oh that's. Right I forgot. You can you can do like the, info thing right. Whoops, I would, like to go back now please. Equipment. What. Is this active. Briefly. Absorbs, enemy bullets and converts them to ammo. Bloody. The. Molecules, in this rare piece of stone are naturally aligned such as all their bullets face the same direction.

That. Seems really, good. So. All I just got to do is keep is is remember, to depress. A left, left left bumper. All. Right. Okay. Okay don't. Be dumb where. We going. Yes. That was worth exploring. Yeah, I don't know what the bomb does necessarily. But. Uh ayyy, I am a down to, clown with. Whatever that is, yo, snowball, or let's go boss, fight. Alright. Keep that left bumper in mind keep that left bumper in mind, oh. You. It's. Been a long time since I fought you, I'll, see ya everyone has it has a pun name so I won't interrupt that the, gore gun. Goodness. Me alright. Let's. Shoot down those things, alright, yeah remember this part I remember this part. There. You go usually, every boss can, just sort of be defeated, in a variety of different whoa. I, got, that slow wave I got that slow wave. Also. If you defeat a boss without taking any damage you get a sum. Like perks. Well. Let's go my mirrors. I. Should. Probably shouldn't be shooting from so far away. Know. Where they are. Am. I actually hitting her let's. Go. Go. Peepees snapshots. Don't. Get greedy, rule. This game don't get greedy oh. God. They break off, the. Ones that are flashing, red you like a full, heart of damage, I. Played. Binding of Isaac day that's it that ain't nothing wow that's a little something I. What. Oh Mike I couldn't see anything I couldn't, see anything does that lag got me I did. Just blame lag. Also, know I lost my little shield boys. Really. Hit this really hate this really, yeah, we took radar damage we're. Taking a lot of more damage, we're. Either eye blanks, I also have the thing. I'm. So, bad I, forgot. I literally just have this I have this guy. I'm. So, dumb I. Even. Was reminding about trying to remind myself about that. This. Is such a fun game ah. Like. That really only that that. Gets in that bad now I've. Seen it like that okay her attacks are not bad. Whoa. Baby. Let's go. And. Every one by every boss has their own unique like, death animation, which is really really cool get. That baby okay, full. Heart what does this. Red. Gun. Actively. Reload uh. Active. Reload provides stacking. Benefits, for bad enough dudes and chicks. What. I. Got. Some sort of like. It's. A gun with eight with a cool, boy hat on it on a skateboard. One. Oh I, thought the music changed for a second. Do. Let's use the cool boy. It's. Increasing fire while you're firing I don't know it yeah hey, fellow kids oh my god it's the fell okay it's a fellow kids gun I. Understand. The reference now. That's. Really good. Let's, go. Cross, that we don't need any of that Oh. God. Who's, this they're, on fire now wack, I. Wanted. To check ammo stop, stop. All this that's this little full heart of damage if any of those shots at me. Whack. Em, maybe. Not maybe not, does. Actually say things but everyone. Can. Just says whack. Whack. What. A strange, gun. I know. They're like someone's that like they're, like letters and they spell bullet like the bullets are bullets that's spell bullet, the, bullets are letters that spell bullet rather Wow. Whack. What. On earth is this game I love. It so much, I. Don't. Like this gun it just makes the chat spam the word whack I. Can. Yeah, okay making. Sure. This. Area is for maybe, this is all for combat. Get. A lowercase R exactly, what seed. Has, a little bit risky. Good. Let's. Do it this guy whoa God. Those. Bullets come fast. That's. Whack. This. Gun so much. Stop. No I'm bringing, the bullets now. Okay. Get out of this gun please. This. Guy's a bit I don't, shouldn't. Mess with this minor guy. Okay. Yeah. I know man like like this god is good sorry this game is good. This. Is a very good game black. I have to switch off it I. Have. Fear and respect for check okay let's let's eliminate the smaller guys real fast. Well. This guy's mucking around with the wall over here and. With the rad gun. Wow. Whoa oh. Jeez I stayed like a full heart probably I can't, tell because P game sparks is playing mario tennis aces, yeah. That I think I did a fart. That's. Okay we get eliminating this guy real fast. Let's. Go. Look. He's like a regular shotgun hello knock, knock what. Is this a. Double. Vision. What's. This do again fine.

What. Is this temporary. Doubles, gun, out plate. Oho. Okay. Which. You think is better chat. One. Will get me demonetized, one, will get me. Extra. HP, oh, wait. I don't need the paperclip. I'm. Not gonna bother about the paperclip I like the idea of. Of. A, defense weapon. Something's. Really good. About. Just being able to provide. A shield around myself. Whoopsie. Good. Thing I recognized those tables were there I was like okay we should probably eliminate this before. It becomes a real crack whack, this. Boss is actually whacked what on earth is his boss. I've. Actually never seen or whatever this enemy is before Jack. I'm. Not gonna mess with those spiderwebs either. Weird. Oh I'm, almost out of ammo on the wack gun Oh No. Hello. Honestly. Yeah. We. Need it. We. Need it. Y'okay. No. I I'm still distracted by everything else. Let's. Go go. Buddy let's go buddy let's go buddy everything's, so adorable, this game I can't take, it I. Refill. The stupid, wack gun Oh. Only. Partially, were filled a. Really. Hard mode or something oh geez. Yeah. Just get rid of all those right off the gun right off the bat we're. Have to whack. It. Produces bullets that look like these. Random bullets. It's. A dice ball it's it's a dice I. Get. It. That's. Actually really clever. The. Enemy was a d20, and. So. It makes random bullets appear. Y'all, please stop, I thought. That table was active. Let's. Go a. Little. Bit of cover a little bit of cover push. Him into the magma. Maybe. Not maybe not. It's. Actually just gotten, more hectic. That's. Okay almost. He's. Frozen. Let, it go baby let. It go baby. That's. Not good that's really not good oh it just explodes I just wasted all those bullets on something that cannot be hid, nifty. I. Need. To like give an ammo I need to change guns more often. Go. To your go to your secondary it's faster. Please. Stop I. Tried. There. We go oh wow, he just falls kills that man. All. Right. Give. Me that ride gun. Go. Worry. Oh never. Never mind I guess they're not in there interesting, okay. Cluttered. Hallway I wish I could do that with my room clean, up everything like that, but. Breaking it I guess. I could do that black black. Stop. I, always. Does it differently every time. Different. Type of whack every time a different, brand. Stop, what, seem to you please stop, Paul. To your guns progression, please. Okay. We. Need to save some of that for later. Let, me do some more levels, with the road oh hello. Let, me do a look a couple more levels of the rogue special, like soloing, that, just. To save some ammo oh hello. For, you. Five. Shots are six that's, where that some reference to okay Oh, Cthulhu.

Oh. Goodness. You. Shouldn't PlayStation logos at me or something. Okay. Hi. Keeps on creating clones. There's, not a lot of HP it looks like. Hot. Rocks hot rocks. Okay. Let's. Try some more rogue special. Especially. Cuz these guys apparently like they did the easy hit kill guys or. The clones I can just sort of like. Bob real fast. It's. A little bit tough it's a little bit annoying. Did. You make the happen though. There. We go okay. Gotta. Use the basic weapon sometimes here. All. Right what, we got to deal with here oh I. Don't want to deal with anything here I'm not gonna lie. There's. A lot going on I. Don't. Believe I have the skills. Or ability, to deal, with anything in here okay, I. Think. It was time for the boss I, guess. We could try out a couple more rooms but honestly. I'm, gearing up for the fight let's. Do it I mean. We. Should, just check if he has any armor I. Think. He uh yeah, okay no no no his armor, I can. Buy the armor that, works. For me. Now. We have a couple extra hits. Also. Now. What sure which is the strongest, weapon. Let's. Try the, snowball, or though. -. Dirty Harry oh cool oh. Yeah. As I've never fought this guy. I, don't. Know what er the. Mind flayer I don't know that references. Fight. Freeze them freeze, them, don't. Bounce oh I knew they're gonna bounce I knew, they were gonna bounce. I saw, the way they were moving the. Ammo, crate that is not an ammo crate this probably kills me honestly and, they, move and they move okay. That's. Okay buddy that's okay you can just stop. Moving. Entirely I bet. I need. Different I need a different weapon. Different. Weapon different weapon please please, different, weapon oh. My. God what. Yeah. No. Yep. Nope. That. One was a little bit tough I'm not gonna lie I I should. Have used the the, star I'm dumb, I keep. I'm forgetting about my buh-bye my active. Wha. That's. A good that's. Okay it's very different character it's, been a while since I've played is like anyone else elder than the pilot. What. Care do you guys want to see. Wanna. Play smash for that extreme don't worry there'll be plenty of ultimate when that comes out. Hunter, Marine, marine hunter. Marine oh my god I look at this more hunter than there is marine you. Guys probably just wanted for the dog out I know you guys you guys is wanted for the dog oh I, do. Too, don't worry. Same. Thing what I want to do real fast is uh I. Want. To talk to the shop person, which apparently can add new weapons or something I haven't. Done it too much. But. I'm interested. Yeah. You guys got your dog oh. Wait. No incorrect. I do, like when you visit him though he has, a fun, little he. Is like the tutorial guy has a fun little line if you revisit him in. Case anyone has not done that. I'll. Whenever I. Loved. A little dog I'll be so adorable. Adorable. Dog adore adore dog. Well. At least now you can see what it's like for the for, the very beginning, here you. Guys can finally see a complete run from beginning to end. You. See a dog or a pupper a dog. Oh is just a large popper and a pupper is just a small dog oh so. Frankly, it's the bolt the same actually they're interchangeable. With. Regards to size the. Dog was already there waiting for me, let's. Go. Alright. So how does this game work or. How does this character work it's, kind of fast gun needs off and reloading, and. Also. They have a crossbow, which I believe just doesn't a lot of damage was, limited ammo. Alright. I mean. I like this gun already I'm a fan of this gun it's already better than the pilots gun in my opinion. The. Capital, letter R sorry. But I prefer the lowercase please. Die. There. We go. Yeah yeah. Let's, go, I. Like. This game man this is a fun game I don't, play much of it in. My own time or on the stream I. Don't. Know why though it's, a very fun game if you know if you haven't traded yourself it's worth your time.

It. Also just got a major, update that I don't believe I'm showcasing for you guys right now, but. It just got eight wait was that. You. Can save that for you can save those for later. What. Wait. What, I. Had. No idea. I'm. Sugar. Is that, part of the new update. I'll. Dude let's go mean the dog all loves vandalizing. Some graves. Hashtag. Monday, motivation, alright. What. Is this, celeste. Heart. Bottle liquid life don't. Know again don't know what this is oh wait. Uh. This. Handy, carrying. Device as one heart container it, also opens on both sides for easy cleaning, okay oh. So. It's always oh it's just like a random thing a hi-c. But. It adds an extra heart very, nice I will. Very, much appreciate that I love the sprite work in this game. God. It's so good whoopsie I accidentally, switched to the to the skip to this boy I needed. Oh so high she does a little twirl whoo oh. Good. Boy good. Boy, I. Know. The crossbow is powerful, I'll hold on to the crossbow. Hold. On a minute. Hey. For people in chat who play this game y'all. Probably know, about the water barrel, in fact. Wait a minute. Hold. On if you guys don't know what I'm about to do then prepare, to be amazed. There's. Like a button to do it. We'll. See. We'll, see. You. Have to do this. Think. I have to do this hold on ooh. Oh. Very. Nice. Isn't. This. Yeah. There. We go. The. Switch. To. A secret. Level I. Believe. It's substantially. Harder. Than. Anything else that is in this game. But. I am in. So. Apparently I guess it unlocks the knowledge of the final boss or of the boss of the floor. Let's. Try a man I'm down with trying out the secret level. Probably. Gonna get bodied, honestly, I'll. Give it a shot. Yeah. It's just a cute little cute little secret I learned one day I forgot, how I forgot how I learned it. Nice. Stuff and just. Good bye to you thank you very much. Now. What. I need I. Very. Desperately, need some new guns. Because. As cool as this guy is and the crossbow, is. Like. I need, some like actual. Guns here we go, no. Key. You. Mean two keys for the secret level, okay. Then whatever. This. Preview. I wanted to take a break and come back later. No. I'm fine, not. This time talkie button I see. That's. A new feature it seems then. Could. Not this time talking. Button, I. Thought. I just replaced, like the elevator or something I. See. What. Is this wind-up, gun oh cool what, are you. Who's, this hello. I. Want. To shoot because I know you get mad if I do I. Will. Buy this key though. I like, that guy he's cool all, right, let's. Go though. You. I believe in the magic. That's. Where your heart win Oh. Got. Ya who I was, talking about and then the gods have. Blessed. Us with it. Bullet. We. Have achieved. Bullet. This. Is a gun that is the lower, letter R. That. Literally. Shoots the. Word bullet, as, bullets. And. Who. Are we fighting the. Bullet King. Yuma. I love this little face table. Do. You think I'm fighting him with anything other than the letter R. It. Even says bullet. I have. To show them that I'm the bullet King also. I'd really don't hit a subordinate, they sort of rushed me down for whatever remember. Everyone. Does a stupid spin attack. Okay. Oh jeez, I think. A blink went off I'm. Back I'm so back her just rolled I could I just rolled. Fully. Take. A while to reload, this guy. Whoa. Kill. His friend died. Feels. Bad man. Okay. Let's go let's go a. Lot. Of bullets a lot of bullets. Okay. I took damage it feels bad man. One. Day I'll get a perfect person one of these bosses or something. Let's. Go yo, kill him on this cycle. Whatever. It's possible to do these bosses without rolling probably. We're. Just incredible, positioning, in knowledge of the bosses I. Just. Tried for a second. Where. Am i aiming. My. Hand-eye coordination did, not work out there ooh that. Was really close oh. Lordy. All right, gnosis. Is blam you're correct I. Got. Some money oh we. Got here Oh. Ha. Ha, we. Got the gg gun. Yeah. Baby. Where's, this I don't want to use this yet I'll wait. We. Got the gg gun. Oh. God. Okay. Yo. What's up chat are, you guys doing though Oh. Dan. The secret level I don't have the keys for it. I will, one day but. Not today. It's. Called the Corsair, like. I said like lights up. Hold. On a minute did. I just leave oh. My. God I get it. It's. A chart it's chocolate, milk oh. My. God it's a reference to both, Gigi. And chocolate, Mogae mer. Its. Shadow, ball. No. Because it's a boat, hi, doesn't look like a boat. Bob. It. Needs more power in these more power I don't like I don't like it I don't like it bullet, back, to bullet boys. Hide, the guns in today then shoot, when. I impress the shoot. Okay. Hide for a second. Please. Random, done. Good. Whoa. Geez. What. Did they spin. Didn't. Expect that I. Love. It there's a d20 enemy that's so good that's. So good oh.

God. It's so, wild. It. Probably does a lot of damage but it's. Like a sploosh-o-matic or, something oh. My. Dog oh. Thank. You precious boy. Thank. You precious, dog oh. Hello. Oh right. You're puttin two guns and it gives you another gun. Nope. Not for me. Lowercase. R oh whoops nope not not for me either. Uh-oh. Maybe, it is what the lowercase R. Watch. It be no. Okay, I was, hoping I was hoping it would do something all. Right, swoosh, means love this game. Get. Out here get out here bullet I have bullets. That's. It that's all that was alright, okay. What. Are you can't. Do it yet come on I need more keys this game is, not. Like Binding of Isaac in its key drops this game loves. To. Not drop yet I can't shoot that, this. Game enjoys not dropping Keys exactly. When I would love them to drop Keys, well. That's I guess one way to deal with that guy oh and. I'll take some armor thank, you. You. Ever played Isaac Oh too much. Too. Much. I've. Played like every, iteration of, Isaac I played the original Isaac. I played rebirth on Mac. Windows. 3ds. And the switch. And. I've. Gotten a substantial. Amount of achievements, on all of them and iPhone, I don't, think I said that. I've. Backed. The the, board game. Like. I love, the Bonnie of us this gun is a weak gun I. Was. Hoping this is going to be a lot stronger I'm not gonna lie in bed. My. Bullets are clanking. Hey. That new sponsor, coming through hold on a minute. I'm. Trying to play a videogame I got new sponsor coming through watching the stream and buddy is extending, it to span, some fail Harold's inch applicants as they're queuing welcome. Sorry. Now can actually look no, welcome, cosmic. Eel cosmic, you'll cause. Michael to. The failed League crew a, and. Extending, it to Cindy by 15 minutes. This. Was gonna go longer than the sponsor segment peanut all add another 15 minutes on top of the way oh man, my word. This. Will extend the stream. Yo. Hey I'm the same man we. Are two members away. A. Measly. Two, members, we're not saying the members are amusing but the number two is measly oh hello.

To A new emo. That. Was really bad that was a real bad. That. Was even worse quite a long sleep she read hold on a minute I. Think. That's the that's the enemy that never reads my movements, and shoots. Accordingly. That's. A really cool idea for a bolt for a bullet for. A bullet King. Let's. Go how. Do you become a member uh you. Just got a bull, probably. Best ways to quickly Google search hide, it become a member but. You have to go to youtube gaming I just. Walked into that shot I suppose. There's been worse damage in this game. Such. As that. All. Right. Click. The join button to become a member, we. Need two more sponsors, who wants to be them two. More members. All. It takes is two more members and. We'll. Have a new emote, for the chat. And. If you think you can do it on your own just. Remember to. Get out. That's. All I'm saying kill by the gun nut okay, Wow oh. My. God. Only. Issue I have with this game is it's it's very slow-paced. It's. Very slow-paced. What. Do you do another segment if you if you guys want. Let's. Do one more let's do one more run and then let's do another segment of another game. Alright. I like. That I like the use of that, and. Just, remember guys if. You think you can do it alone. I. Love. That. We. Have to find other uses for that we, have to find a lot of other uses for that. What's. Another good like setup for it for it together we can show the way what we can do. There's, gotta be there's got to be some funny setups to that. Here. We go stop it I completely disagree. Okay. As. I say if. I got hit by the first bullet. Doubles. Combos, be like. Please. Stop. No. But yeah I. Actually got hit by the person I'm. So bad I'm at, like exceptionally, bad at this game. But. With your turret blue your tutelage and your, help. See, now I'm using, it without even like my weight do I'd like to please slap up. Come on just please laughs I, don't. Have please laughs available, rib, eye want. To spam please laughs. What. If you Adam a doubles, team of song enemy fighter oh my. God. Together. Me you can show the world. It's. Beautiful, whoa hold, on what is this wind-up. Toy I, don't. Know what that is I don't, know how it works. Whoa. It's pretty cool though. Me. Writing a 2,000 word paper, me. Writing a 2,000, word paper using, Wikipedia, to. Let. That joke self like Oh. Ki. Boy thank. You buddy. Thank. You for lending me your help, because, now. I. Don't. Even have to finish the song anymore you guys get it. What. Is the windup gun do they. Are winding up yeah. But like what. Else does it do. Please. I love. His killing bucks man it's. A great stress reliever there. We go I mean it seems to be exceptionally. Strong. When. You get when, you copy your friend's homework. Okay. This. Is so much fun what is this the. Only legible, text is offering, the rest is blank walk, away. It's. Pop goes the weasel, oh. You're. Back in here whistling. That's. Funny I like. It no. Slime rancher this, is a slime Ranger segment right now I. Like. It. It's. A reference to Futurama, oh yeah I forgot that every gun in this game as a reference to some. Some. Work of media in some way it's a very strong, gun. And. With a lot of ammo tail. Inside. There. We go. Binding. Of issac those bullets. That. Are you a Crip you know what, it. Does the job. As. Far as I'm concerned it's, a working gun, all. Right something's. Still left in this room ain't there, there. We go, thank, you arrow for conveniently, appearing exactly as I wish for it to do so. Last. One there. We go uh. Yes. Wait. Horn, fill. The seat in summon Chet I believe. This a megaman cannon, all dude, yes I've actually seen that. But, dude but David didn't do. Whoa. Whoa. Hold. On hold on hold on hold on hold on kids I didn't even notice those guys at the bottom I thought this is the boss room or something. Such. A small area oh. You. Can turn on reticles an aim easier, oh really. It's. Probably easy mode, okay. Video. Game. Play probably. Increased, speed out of combat oh that sounds nice I like, that idea. Show. Cursor. Okay. Speed.

Run Mode huh. A high. Seat. I. See. How we're doing it. All. Right. I. Can. Warmer this see now this I can work with, what's. It. Again. Thought that table is active I. Love. All the spray are in this game it's so good I. Also. I actually don't like it I actually. Really don't like it I don't know why. Show. Cursor. Something. About is like I already get how to move otherwise all I really, appreciate this the the the speedrun, like. This speedrun option, that's really nice, what. Is what it's this. Faster. Bullets I appreciate, that random. Passive upgrade. Okay, this. Is such a good thing. It's. A beautiful, option. Faster. Runs speed out of game should be Auto equip. It. Should be auto enabled, look. At this oh. Okay. I guess I can understand why it's not. I. Don't. Really want to commit to anything right now oh. Let's. Just go down here to else we got. Welcome. To one of these streams Sergio, who, hello buddy why. Hello it's. Your boy, let's. Go line up gun oh. It's. You again I. Don't. Need to see your animation how we need to see your image oh he's this. Little guys angry he's little guy I'm stuck in a corner, help. Ahh. But the kitchen's by existing. That. Is all I walked into a bullet. It's. A non-ideal, I don't want to die to the bullet King. This. Live is is this this annoying little pimple, I. Can. Live against him I believe in myself to. Do it to do it doodlee do. I feel like I like like my auto aim is it's throwing off a lot of my bullets here, but. There's some that are just piercing, him oh wait. Wait a minute, I think. The gun is stronger. In the first opening, shots oh. Wow. This is real that Oh blink. Think. I did the blank at the correct time it's, not good. Leg. Stretch Oh. Put. On live chat. Hey. What, it, is. Confused. By that sentence all, right. That's. Gonna be all for this segment what's. Our next segment of the day. What's. Our next segment of the day. Let's. Make a vote for it a. Talos, /sha, Z could. Someone make a link and. And. Put in the in the in the, sponsor, chat we. Will play 30 minutes of any given game. 30. Minutes of it. All. Right cause he's on it. Thank. You Josie. Hey. If you're a sponsor or a member. Pop. Into the lifeboat chat on discord, to. Vote on what game I play next. Thank. You for your for your sponsors, for, your sponsorships, I am. Going, to be, right back in three to five minutes, what. About about Abed Abed Abed Abed Abed of up there. We go. That. Was fun to play that game again.

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Finally u played enter the gungeon YOU DID IT! Now play donut county, Kerbal space program and the adventure pals


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The way it works is Daniel streams on the failboat channel but after words he takes it down then after a while he re-uploads it on this channel and then uploads the funny moments back on failboat. So it says 1 month ago because he originally streamed it 1 month ago but uploaded the stream here



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woah i never knew dan actually played this game, hope he plays it again

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