An Actual, Online Business Coaching Call

An Actual, Online Business Coaching Call

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And, how's. Your weekend gone. It's, going alright. I'm. Procrastinating. A, bit because, yeah because. My next thing, I have to focus Sun makes me uncomfortable. Every. Time I have this challenge I end up going through a period of procrastination. Before, I get my ass into gear and actually, do it so. I'm. Because. I don't think I'm at the stage where I need to start focusing I like building my relationship with my leads so. I want to start doing more YouTube. Content, and. Emails. And, you, know sending out the videos to, in my broadcasts. And all, this kind of stuff but. All week I've just had these thoughts going around in my head but like what, are you gonna talk about it's different and what is gonna make you interesting. And what, is what. Are they why do people want to listen to you. All. Of that stuff which then makes me stay, completely, away from the camera because I'm like. That's. Where I'm at, got. It okay, cool so so. Everything. That you've just said what, do all of those things have in common. It's. Like self-doubt, what, do you mean, one. Of those two words is the word I'm looking for. They're. About me yes. All. About you all right, which is normal. Right it's expected, because I'll see you in you're going into new territory so, naturally, the. Mind is going to start kicking up a bit of a fuss it's going to start throwing out all these doubts because the mind wants you to stay in. Your comfort zone which is safe it doesn't want you to go into the unknown of starting to actually provide value to people because then you actually might start to be like real, success and then, you might actually change, your life and it's like holy that's really scary that's fear that success all right so. The. Easy I, say easy and doesn't. Mean it's easy but the straightforward, way. To shift. Into actually, taking action is to. Stop focusing on self. And, start. Focusing on. Yes. Just. Think about those poor people stuck. In the nine-to-five like, I used to be and how awful. That was just think about them and how, I can help them. How. Did that make you feel when you thought that thought. Well. It made it easier. A bit, it, made it feel bit more comfortable because it. Just felt like I would be speaking to somebody who's. Struggling. In a position that I used. To be in and I can help, with that because. Temporarily. I've got out of it. So. If you're in a space where I'm good that you started, shifting the focus perhaps, onto. Other. People and their situations, so, what, could be the one, single. Question that you could ask yourself. That would enable you to. Shift. Your focus away from yourself and on to them and actually take action, what, sort of question could you ask. How. Can I help. Them. What's. That about. Me. Yeah. What. Do they need hey, guy what. Do they need what. Do. They need so you've got leads that are coming through why. Did they click your video I don't. Know because, I just. On. Conspiracy. Theory channels, and UFO, sighting. Channels, and all these things that are nothing, to do. Ok. So let's so the targeting. Is one aspect but that's more about the the how you know it's just taking these technical, ways you know semantics, whatever you call it, not. That important, so the. Bigger question, is if you are attracting, the type of people that you want to be attracting, and, you've got that bit dialed in and. What would they what would that type of person, what would your perfect, Sabbats are your perfect, customer what. Would they be clicking, your video for. They. Want more freedom to. Mean. For them it. Means, no. One telling them what to do it. Means, freedom. To, spend their day as they like pursuing. Their hobbies or doing, great. Of things that, have not impact in the world or. Traveling. If that's what they feel like doing yeah. That kind of stuff cool. And if they want all of that stuff they've, watched. Your video, ok. This makes sense they clicked, they've watched through its video series, that, they haven't, submitting, an application, what. Could be going on in their world at the moment or what could be going on in their mind. Yeah. They. Can do it what. Else. Time. Knowledge. Yeah. Well. You. Know in, conceits all things like can make videos about right. I'm. Not my trainer for self-doubt. Okay. Lack. Of money lack. Of, support.

Procrastination. Yeah. And. Then I find myself the same yeah. But like, you're, just gonna do what everyone else is doing and, isn't that really boring because I see you making videos about all these things something I'm just gonna sound like I'm copying down, like, what makes it no. It's. Done the first person to ever do a YouTube video about procrastination. Very. Good because I resonate. You prevent you saying every, time I watch your videos I still do resonate. With most of it and agree with most of it and so. I'm like I just feel like me gonna sound like a, copy. Of you. Find. Like me. And, be, more unique. Let's. Imagine sound. Like a copy of me right you did a video let's say it was just an absolute perfect clone, of Dan Holloway, and you, sent it to a bunch of people on your list do, you reckon even if you were absolute. Clone of them all the way which by the way you won't be, but let's say you were would. That provide value to your list. Okay. So. If. That would provide value to your list, but. The reason you're not shooting the video is because you, don't wanna sound like someone else and, yet, whether you sound like someone else or not is irrelevant to them getting value what's. The outcome of you shooting the video because you don't want to sound like me. Exactly. They stay stuck so. They lose out. So. The point is. What. You ain't gonna sound like me because, I don't sound like anyone else I mean a lot of this stuff ooh in fact all the stuff that, comes out of my mouth is based, on stuff that I've learnt or read from other people now, over time because, I've been saying this stuff for so long and webinars and so on or so forth I develop my own spin on it but, that's only come from saying. It in the first place and the first time that I've ever said everything. That I've ever said has. Basically been parroting, what I've already heard. But people don't really like yourself you know you don't look at me and go oh you're just parroting, Eckhart, Tolle and you're just parroting, Stuart watts and you're just parroting this person in this person in this person, you know whatever you don't hear that you just hear, Dan's.

Message, In, same way that people who see your staff they're just gonna hear alex's. Message it, will come across as you you couldn't you couldn't copy me if you tried in the same way that I can copy Stuart Voss if I tried even if I say exactly the same words it'll, sound like me and it'll sound like you so, that limb begs the next question, is if. You we, know all of this stuff on a logical level. You're. Still gonna have the procrastination. The feeling of crass, donation that biological, response, is still going to be there so. The next question is well how do we move through, it even knowing, all. Of this stuff that we've just discussed so, talk, to me a little bit Alex about when you start feeling procrastination. Let's say you sit down to work today and you're, you, know you go right I want to shoot videos I'm going to start sending broadcasts. What's, the normal pattern. That you go through in your, day when that happens. In. That respect I do an identical, thing. Awesome. Okay. Brilliant. Like that's fantastic, because as soon as you've got accountability. Well you got a choice you got a good, album. Yeah. That's, really cool, now just. To nail. This down because I think doing accountability. You probably won't even need what I'm about to share with you at all because again like same as 90 day challenge we, have no choice when we're in that situation we just gotta do it and it becomes important, but, what you can't do is, if you find yourself absolutely. Procrastinating. About. You. Know a particular task for example, shooting. Your first piece of video content whatever, it is if, you, just clear, out your entire schedule, you, know literally like a using Trello at the moment yeah, yeah. So, literally, do like a fresh Trello board and I did that the reason that Dan's day even, came to exist instead of there. Was a scrap tonight's five board which is now the ideas board and the. Reason this even came to exist, was because of this and initially, this literally, just had like two. Things in it everything, else was gone and the only thing that I had my to-do list I could see was that, so. I had no way out it was like I'm working. That's. It you know if. You do that kind of thing along with your accountability, and you're, just you all you're doing is you're creating the, environment around. You, that. Makes it automatic. That you just have to do that thing there's no way out. It's. Really easy. I've. Gone, and shot videos when I didn't even need to just because I felt really excited about something. One. Of those days. I. Do. Indeed I don't do it enough. But. I know this. Is again it's a stupid thing like I know the technique I know how to do it but when I'm in a bit of a funk like you know I loft and myself stay trapped within that funk for a while until I'm like okay. Fine. And. I got this from unleash the power within, Tony. Robbins and there's, a guy called. What. The hell is is bloody name it's like. If Joseph. Chamberlain. The third or something, I can't remember is who named Joseph. Joe Joseph. Joe. I think it's Joseph McClendon, the third that's. Mine yeah. It's. A fantastic, name and, he he's really cool like he's a black dude and he's ripped, like he's an absolute, fantastic, shape, right and this, guy standing on a station he he did two of the four days that you UPW, was Joseph McClendon the third and at, the end like near the end of the last day was doing this little section and he ended up saying. Eh by. The way it. Did would anyone like to guess how old I am I can't remember how it came about but it was just like you know ten, thousand people he goes with me anyone like to guess how old I am and like some people shout in out numbers and stuff like that mostly, around early, 40s, some. 30 some a bit older but early 40s, was like the majority cluster he, was 62. Like. I was, like what but. Like, oh my god and, one, of these guys these this, guy's main. Philosophies. It is off the back of Tony. Robbins is motion. Creates emotion right, so the feelings, that we feel are a result. Of how we use our bodies. So. You're if you're if you're hunched. Over, you're like breathing shallow you're you know you're looking down you're, basically. Modeling like for, example depression, and lack of confidence and so on and so forth you're, going to start to have a biochemical, reaction in your body that mirrors your physiology, and. So if you're a shoulders back, heads up chest, out that's, what have you heard the Wonder Woman pose you do the Wonder Woman pose for two minutes in the morning yeah do. That it's like you do that pose and.

Talk. About it they're like do the Wonder Woman place. You. Know and. It. Like it creates a biochemical, reaction in the body releases, more testosterone, which makes you more action, focused it's like you know there's lots of chemicals that are released as a result of it anyway, the, point is the motion, creates emotion the, way you use your body is the way that you're gonna feel. As a result and so he has this little thing can't remember the name that you had from it but but it was basically like Oh shake. That ass so. I do do a little like a little bougie, you know if you're feeling like to stand up and to starts around shake that ass and, you gotta suing a constantly. All the fight through the two days like everybody shake that ass and we don't get up and we like shake our ass you. Know so just, kind of get you out of that that, mood and get you it gets you you, know your your blood pumping a little bit and your the. Chemicals in your body fly. Yeah. Yeah. And then try and shoot a video after that and you'll be much more. Bouncy. Is. A matter of opinion but. Cool. So, I'm a process that I'm I put in place very recently, across excuse. Me across the team and and. The. Way this process works is. Bare. With me I can just show you. Yes. Yeah yeah so finding, quite well um. Okay. So what I would do is I. Have a. Basic. Like whatever system, you use to just get idea get ideas out on paper like you know I use mine know quite a lot and I'll use notes quite a lot for different stuff but basically, like just get ideas down for stuff that you could talk about topics. Alright, so I did a recent thing on you know the six reasons that people fail in business I talked about a momentum, day this has been quite big backbone of a lot of stuff I've been doing recently again. Finding your voice you know it's all stuff that I've learned from elsewhere, and. You just, write down like what you want to talk about what ideas, do you have around certain topics what questions. Could you answer so. What questions could the people on your list be asking, that you could answer so these are all.

Is, That people could ask and. So when I've got a bit of a plan of the type of content, but I want to shoot I will then go on YouTube vid. IQ and, I. Would use have you heard of it IQ before. No. That's right so vid IQ is, a it's. A YouTube add-on I think they've got a trial version or, free version, but free versions. Not. There's not a huge amount you can do on it and but. Basically, if I search like. How. To stop procrastinating. Vid. IQ pops, up on the right-hand side and. It's going to show me the, search volume and get zoom out the way the, search volume of keyword, and the competition, score of a keyword so, high search volume is, good low competition, is good so if you can find something that's to all the green end of both of those that's gonna have an overall score, of near. 100, which, is which is great and. Then. What I do so, I look at this and I go yeah so yeah that's a pretty good keyword, and then, you go down here and you can look at the other related, keywords, to this you know what else have you got and if I click like say stop procrastinating. Click. It. Then. There we go and it's, gonna pop up with this, little. One here so go okay that one's a little bit better and then you've got a whole bunch of related keywords that you can start clicking. Through to find, some great combinations, and you can, say you've sort of seen nobody searches, this it's not very good and it's why composition. But, if you find a bunch of keywords that are very relevant, or a main keyword, that you want to try and rank for, everything. Related to that main keyword, so let's say we're using how to stop procrastinating, if. I write in the description. You. Know as many of these related, keywords, that are relevant to the message I want to say as possible. And that. Is going to give me a very good chance of ranking organically. On YouTube, for this particular content, piece so, what I'll then do and I've perfected this within the last two weeks what, I then do is I have a content, and. Document. Which, I have, one literally right here so I'm doing at the moment. So. It's just a format for. The document, but I write that then enables my team to just indicate, content. Across all the right social channel with there's a big process that I build training, in prac Co like all this stuff but essentially, the document, is the main part of it is the the description, and. I'd use this description on Facebook, YouTube the, converter e landing pages it's, all pretty much the same staff but, I'll write this based. On the keywords, that I've just researched, and those, keywords, that I've researched the based on the topic that I actually want, to talk about so, I'm finding keywords relative, to what I want to talk about when, I found those keywords, I write the description, when, I write the description. Which is going to go out across my social I'm then, refined, in my brain the, logical order that I want to go. Through this and then I will shoot the video that's. Quite a process, it. Is you've got to put if you want to do it properly you've got to put a fair amount of thought it's a create good content like sure you can just churn content, every day about whatever.

Comes In your brain that's what I used to do and that. Is very untargeted. And it's like, if you want to do an organic ranking, strategy, but. The keywords and the, descriptions, are the important, part if you literally just want to pump content out to your leads and you're not fussed about the ranking part yet which is fine then, just, write down the ideas that come in your head then just answer the questions then just send the videos on the convert. Sensually. One thing you could do and and again this is something I've learnt through trying to bite off more than I can chew with all these new processes that I'm building. Do. It like bit. By bit so, you could start maybe you Morel for the first two weeks you know don't bother with the organic stuff just, literally, come up with ideas of content, to shoot just, put it into like a list of this, day I'm going to do this one this thing I'm going to be this wonder, just. Get 2 weeks worth of ideas, shoot. The videos, chuck. It in a convert tree sales page will. You also you know what mine look like same sort of thing you, know whatever it is once you've built it once you can clone it and it's going to be much more straightforward, excuse. Me and once you've got that process, underway and you're used to just training content then. Build. In this, middle part of the process, and that's going to make more valuable so just do one, little bit. We. Will do I do as well it's part of the process. When. I started, this content creation process, and we've just bought a new team member on to the team and and. She's. Going through this process at the moment I tried, to onboard simultaneously. Facebook, Twitter YouTube Instagram. And. Thumbnails, and all, of this keyword research start and then try and get the team doing it it was like. So. We've just done it one step at a time YouTube. Is obviously the primary focus, and now we're building up from. There. LinkedIn. So. Whether. You design, the, thumbnails. Properly. Yet, or not again I wouldn't bother with. Doing. It yet yeah and this I literally just did this one this morning. It's. An elephant, yeah the tusks have been taken off so far it's an elephant yeah.

Norman. The elephant that's him yeah. When. It saw him yesterday so. These. Thumbnails here, and. What. I basically, do. Is. I. Will I'm kind of I'm still, getting a feel for the, different. Styles. That I want to, you. Know do it in long term so I've looked at channels, like Tom Billy garyvee. MindValley. Was. Jay Shetty doing. Lewis. House you, know basically looking at what all of them are doing and. They've got very distinct, styles, for different playlists and again biting, off more I could more than I could chew I'm like right I'm gonna launch three. Different playlists. Simultaneously. One for like online, business one for I'm. Cool it at the moment hashtag, unleash you but I'm still kind of working on that very. Quickly realized, that, creating. A playlist with, its own branding, it's actually quite a big art project, to like I overestimated or. Underestimate, it's very how big it is so. What I'm doing at the moment is I'm churning out these different, styles to just get a feel for you. Know what am i resonating. With which ones am I going to relate more to the online business part and which one am I going relate more to the unleash you path, because at the moment that's just the two that I'm now gonna build. On and then from there it's going to grow and but. For yourself if you just. A good trick to do is when. You shoot your video. Just. Before or, after, just take a photo. Of, you in the same place so take photo of you smiling, shoot. The video and, then, and then you can use the photo as the thumbnail and if you just want to go super basic for now just go on camera or something like that put. The photo in do, it to the dimensions, of, 1280. Pixels, by 720. Pixels, and, I'll send, you the replay of this you can you, know check it back, that's. The YouTube thumbnail, size, chuck. It in canva and then just use like big bold white text, or something you know just the simple, thumbnail that you see a lot of people do on YouTube and that way you can just just, pump content now and get used to the other stuff. This. Video, I'm totally going to put out in the Facebook group of that's cool because yeah.

There's A lot, of good questions there. Thank. You so much you, are more than welcome let me know how you get on speak, to you well speech on webinars before then anyway but if. Not a couple of weeks. Thank, you thanks Alex bye.

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