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They're. Like. String. On. Facebook. But, then we will download it and put it a lot easy fennel. On. Your phone when you're doing it. To. Your. Friday. The 18th of January I am. By. My fabulous co-host Gemma Claire pains. Good. Morning and. Oh. Yeah. So. Quickly years. Yeah. It was not. Awesome at the summit folks is boiling and, we're all in t-shirts and dresses, and stuff it was absolute, boring. It's. Like a treat, it's the McManus treat you don't get, us all the time. It's. Hard to keep up with. Absolutely. I mean it's hard for us to keep up what to be honest even. Our because. As you know we're a Google partner but even I'll do the exams that we have to take every year we, have to take them every year they, do have to really qualify every. Single year. So. There's loads, of different ones they used to be sort of the six core ones but now those dozens. Of them but. It can be anything you'll have your set, subjects so Google search marketing, such as PPC then you have Google mobile, you. Have Google. Digital, website exam you'll have Google video exam they all look. At the different subject, matter, for. That different Google product so everyone on YouTube well. On mobile ads one. On search ads there's loads of different ones the, questions fall into different great to say some. Stuff would just be what, does this term mean hmm. And other stuff will be things like I don't, know. Jeff. Has this business and he wants to do X Y was it what should what is the best thing thing to do yeah that's, not the entry exams you got some more advanced ones and they are very. Very specific know, the details about how to activate, a specific, form of advertising. So. I guess it's just confirming, my partner's. Absolutely. An, academy fact so you can. Either there's some are talked, up in London their headquarters so if it's a new examiner's just come out generally we'll go up to London and. Get hold a training on it or it's. Done online and, you have all your training material, so that's videos. Absolutely. And you're always able to find the information that fits the question you're proposing, even, if your question, results, in an incorrect answer you'll be able to find something that confirms it yeah.

Exactly Which is where you get the issues with things like fake news and, propaganda. Things of that you can always find the answer that suits what you think. Which. Is the issue but um yeah Google doesn't opening it knows, understand. You, know if you recently got engaged if, you just got married how many kids you are have. Like. Your level of affluence so, what you've said in terms of how much you'll have some income some, things that are sort of. Assumed. So it doesn't know but, because we give Google so much information, through our gmail accounts, through YouTube, through any Google, product that you use you. Know you're basically telling. Google, to. You're searching habits, as well. Kickstart, yes yes. What. Google. Okay. Try, to find the link there. Is a preferences. Yeah Google our preferences, and you can go online and, see what, Google thinks you are and I love to have this competition, because I always think if Google, doesn't know who you are you've sort of won so. My. Yeah. I think is to get a line I think it's a good thing because I think haha fooled, you you, have. To remember is, that a lot of this stuff is based on information you've already given it so, it shouldn't be a surprise and, it gets their age and gender right because, you. Put it into an account or what's, interesting is when you tell it how old you are and it's still things to you guys well I don't quite believe that your, behavior. Well. That was the point that I was quite proud of for, a couple of months what Google didn't know if I was a man or a woman and. I was I think it's because I look at a lot of. Because. I do rifle shooting pump, it competitively, because, I was thinking nothing like oh well a woman would. Go. Yeah thank you very much for giving us business. But. Yeah what's the what's the website by Zeiss you can just go to add, ads, settings. It. Will Google, wall if you scroll down a little bit on your phone it will give an example of what it thinks that, bits. Of demographic, information but, also what, it feels you're interested, in and that could be anything from a general, you know I'm into, video games or it could be a specific gaming. Company or or anything so I'm looking at mine and we're. We're moving house very soon so. The top of my list is everything to do with and, furnishings. And. Decorating. Loafers, like, I've got Argos on here. What. You do is in marriage compromise, and then just. I'm, getting a room I'm happy of that. So, we're learning and setting, up Google dosis ads settings. For ADF settings, yeah I know we had some amazing ones the reason I did it, kickstart, digital it's one for people to see, what sort, of information is, is kept about them but. Also to their, normally, get some really quite cool ones or you get a few, weird ones we had a lady there who apparently, was interested in burlesque, dancing. Interesting. Ones and there was a gentleman, who his, his came up with lingerie I think the very brave guy putting, his hand up and telling it telling a whole rumor. And. But. Then also you can change them yourself so if you're getting ads that aren't relevant to you and you're getting annoyed by them you can go into your ad settings here and you can say well I I'm not interested in and then so Google will no longer provide you with ads on that subject so you cater, your ad settings, to what may actually be genuinely, interesting, to you there's a huge thing about ad personalization. Which is a massive part of what we do, so. You know we always say is people people some people say they don't like online ads they, just don't like them but I say well you know they're going to be there no matter what happened so would you rather have an ad that's relevant to what you're interested in or something that's wholly like, nothing to do with anything you're ever going to purchase mm-hmm, if you go to this and. Like I said mine's very dominant about moving, home at the moment but I certainly don't want it to remain that way so. I can go in and just remove a few things and then I'll get it we'll have a better idea of the things that I'm actually interested in and it. Means when I do get ads on on Google but they actually make sense to me yeah it might be something that you actually want to buy or something that you're actually looking for. You. Can't, control and. If you know you, can actually. Exactly. Exactly. And you can you can turn it off completely yeah, and then you but then and you will still get ads and they'll be completely. Inappropriate and nothing. To do with what you like.

Absolutely. So we were thinking about what to because, there's so much going on but. We think about what is going to be most, relevant business and what people are going to really be thinking about so, we've. Made a little list for. You and. The. Main thing I would say. Is. About. Websites. Now. Expecting, about this before and I think we spoke about on the show before but there's been a lot of Google algorithm changes this year that. Changed, the way that websites are ranked so change what websites come up what websites don't come up and years, and years ago it used to be if you had a website that was made really well and the SEO is perfect, and it was all about the technical, aspect of the website then you'd get ranked highly now. That's not the case anymore although. It's obviously really important that your websites and made well it's, shifted. So it's much more about the, user experience or the UX as we call it so it's, about can, sign navigate, through your website easily can, they get to every, page from, every other page within three clicks and fast. Loading speeds that's what it's all going to be about this year so it's. Particular, mobile. Yes. It's, all about passing, so if you've got a website that loads in under, five. Seconds. Don't. Even bother anything. You want by. Sorry. If. It loads, quicker. Than five seconds that's what you want anything above no. I. Mean five seconds, is the absolute, maximum yeah I think is what we mean they say is that the algorithmic changes, that coming in Google's ranking the show basically, where your website ranks, when you look for things speed. Is gonna be more important than ever yeah and unsurprisingly. To our site loads in one second, you've all right you will generally rank, better than somebody who's blades in five but. It's going to become a more important, factor because, predominantly. And. This isn't the information. Mobile. Traffic is so huge now and, generally. People on, mobile are quite impatient yeah, so, I recently, learned that they, have an image where I have a peak image of myself on my website. You. Can reduce, if you clever, and you know you're doing you can reduce the size and image without affecting, the, quality of the image too much and also you can. You. Can delete, things like metadata, the thing that in the background that says what camera it's taken on the size they say you can delete all that data to reduce the size and image as well but, its image, size is such a huge issue where people upload images, to their website without compressing them and it, just takes forever to, load and someone on mobile just isn't going to wait so, is that the same for videos we keep hearing you might have video on your website but isn't that taking up space or no yes it will a video to your website directly, it's gonna take up quite a large amount of space what, you can do and what we often do is you, can place a video on another site such as YouTube or Vimeo or you, know many others and you. Just embed the video on this site so you just basically say, it. Lives somewhere else I'm just gonna put in a link and, someone, a website like YouTube or Vimeo load, very very fast so, let's take a look reddit for having, video, absolutely, absolutely, less stress off of your web sites loading speed yeah. When. You say load, yes no, major fire, yeah, yeah way to go so, for example. It. Loads within. The five seconds, the video comes in a little bit after the five seconds so the page is loaded, if you scroll down you can see the pictures is, it just the video at the top there's. A couple of seconds, you. Talk to us off to us because. Also you're on Wi-Fi here most people will be roaming so, assesses, generally. When people are roaming if they're on 3G. Or 4G how, long is going to take when they're not connected to the fast Wi-Fi and. That's the issue is that when you test your Wi-Fi, and, you test your website in your office of course it's gonna be fast because. You're connected to your Wi-Fi base to get any different for people when you're customers we're now on the mobile just. Perhaps walking down the street or going about their day so. And. I know. So. Well people still haven't done actually and, some big sites still haven't done it you must buy something called an SSL, certificate and whoever's looking off to your website you.

Know You'll be able to buy them from, them or you can buy it from one to three range or GoDaddy or whoever you've got your, URL. Purchased, with and it just means instead of saying HTTP. It says as you say Amanda HTTP. And, it just makes it secure. And. Any, site that doesn't have that Google is instantly, just, not. Giving any time of day to and the reason that this became up is such a much, bigger issue is because, Google. Chrome which is the, generally. The most popular, and browser. If. Your site doesn't, have a, secure, certificate of some description you know even, a basic one, Google. Will, say this, site is not secure yeah in the address bar which is very it's, a very poor experience yeah oh it's like setup button it doesn't even let you see the sites at this isn't secure would you like to go back to safety makes it seem like it's been hacked actually. It's it's okay it's fine it's. Just not encrypted, in any way which you, really should do mm-hmm and it's not a huge cost you can get some very expensive, secures, you know SSL Certificates but, you can also pick one up for you know. Yeah. Surprise. It's all been about we've done a lot more stuff in Europe so we've partnered with Kent international, business now with a lot of our other friends, and the digital community so. We've been traveling, to the Netherlands into France assessing, a piloto partnerships, with businesses. Over, there, it's. A European. Led, initiative. So we're getting the most fit out. It's, that's been really great for developing. These relationships and. Also enhancing. Our relationships, with the, people we collaborate, with in the UK and, we've got nice business, from it just, some and just. Doing talks and, and we went to Dutch, Design Week which was absolutely amazing we've, done loads of stuff in France. It. Shows you how, why, the community is outside. Of, the. Kid, bubble yeah exactly. Lifts up in London as well we've. Actually been working on. Cuz. In Canada. We do not work in Canada yeah. We. Don't unfortunately. Whenever, it's thank you the once but. At. The time. So. Actually, the main thing we've been doing is helping. Investors. Invest, in the, cannabis market, interesting. Yeah it's. Recently, in the summer became legal in Canada cannabis. So, business, over there and the kind of spot is just huge these massive, massive expanses, of cannabis farms, and different products and. Investing. Particularly. People, from the UK investing, the Canadian, market is massive, so, we've been pushing a lot of videos, and we've been helping a lot investment. Firms in the UK, place. Money within within, a Canadian market. As. Far as Canada is now concerned it, is a prescription drug yes and rules, on prescription, drug advertising are incredibly, time very very amazing but, the rules on illegal, drugs are, even, tighter to the point of obviously, you can't advertise anything so the transition in Canada has been very interesting, for nevertheless the point of view to, go from what is essentially an illegal drug to a controlled.

Drug And. What that means for us is we, have to be very smart for advertising you can't use certain words you can use other words and. It. Means that we can obviously apply that learning not. Just in that sector but to millions, of other things yes so. It's very very hard to advertise, anything medical, on, Google. So in the last of year we've been able. To we've done a laser training and really on enhance. Actually. Advertising, medical, products. Within. The UK and the, US and Canada, and see. What's allowed what we can do how, we can actually help medical. Businesses that need to get their names out there but, can't do it themselves because, basically. Pan out like and Google just goes nope not. Allowed so. That's, been a huge part of Greater the business and now so, the a niche sector. That. We that, we deal with now medical. Businesses and medical products. Exactly. Clients, approaching, and where we. Like to think that we don't do, anything on a punt we always if we can't do something perfectly, we're going to get training make sure that we it's being done properly learn as much as we can and we've. Got a great green girl rep that gives us loads of advice. She's. Been great yeah it's been amazing to, Sir plan that part. About a different sector. Else because, we are running, out of time. So, you said yes that, was a huge that they vomit I increase. Losing. So. Essentially. When you go online and, it says in the corner do you want to chat with us but it's not. So. They. Can do basically. Just basic. Tasks, it could be basic advice. Helping. With them with basically. Just anything that a human, doesn't need to do some, Facebook that can be even, asking, for a weather report and their Facebook Chapel will give, it to you but also happening with little admin roles and things like that, to. Take away the need for human, interaction and, to give a better service, but, it's being used in anywhere. From sort one-man-band businesses. All the way up to global multinationals, it's become much more accessible it's no longer a thing that i mean the big the, big guys use and so. You're gonna be seeing chat bots on the increase without a doubt so it's definitely something to consider. They're. Getting a lot smarter but, actually being a lot simpler as well so you can program it this look for certain keywords and questions well you can make the chat box and ask, the customer. Question so, they might say they might message, and say something about a complaint, about a delivery for example, and it can pick it it can trigger a delivery, and it'll go okay what's. Your order number when, was it meant to be delivered and it will get all this information and at that point the pot would hand it over to a human, and. You'd get a little notification of an email your phone would ring and say, right this person's Liberty hasn't arrived it, was meant to be here this is your number they pay for extras every there you know they're the stress level is nine out of ten because, they use certain words. Or, a is involved, they're. Establishing. What, customers. Asking yes. Exactly. It's, all about saving time so if that could that process, could have saved that person 10 minutes, and. In all the cases where a human isn't involved and the chat box sorts it out and that, that's not required so it's all about efficiency it's, unlikely they're in a position where the chapel can deal with it by themselves yeah entirely and human doesn't need to get involved but it can take a lot, of the, monotonous. Repetitive tasks. Away to, improve that person's experience on both sides for the business and the customer because. Now it's known that, most. Young people and, I don't not use any word millennial but most most people under the age of 35 will. Expect. A response in. Nine minutes so, whether you are emailing someone when you're filling in a contact, form on our on, a website they'll. Expect on average a response, or something, within nine minutes. Yeah. So. A chat bot is a perfect, way to make sure that that person gets, something, we in the time that. Okay. You can get hold of us on Twitter and Instagram at marketing. Underscore, a.m. our website, which, will be improved, new and improved learning, a new one yes. Am. Marketing took credit UK, and if you want to talk to me as a speaker, I have a new website, launched. Yesterday, which. Is WWWE. McManus. Okay you go breaking, news breaking news. Okay. So quickly. Absolutely. Sure. Okay, just quickly some base in, Friday 8 March which actually surprisingly is not that long way it is International.

Women's Day although I myself, occupies events our team and Africa, foundation have, joined up together to give you an International, Women's Day with. Difference of ever the difference at court in court but. There was going to be networking with the animals and there's going to be inspirational. Speakers, there's gonna be an amazing lunch for lots of different networking activities, we'd, love you to join us if you go to butterflies, events okay, all / i WD. Event, for, more details, 8th. Of March, check that out first. Main. Social, birthday. Or to social data coding ok night may, go, to use, its exposure Kobe okay for the next billion its X no southeast, and. 31st. Of May is the next let's see live good go to sexy social media to communicate will cover those in more details in the next week thank, you so much Jim for hosting, this we can look next, week on the show I have our, cybersecurity expert, Richard is back and our guests are Chris, Ferguson and this is it and, don't. Forget to some cool show on Tuesday one too afraid he always has great on the guests, I'll great weekend.

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