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Americans Finding Ways To Work Against Donald Trump Immigration Policy | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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Uh and thanks to at home for joining us this hour we do have a little bit of news to break this, hour this segment in fact very happy to have you here tonight tonight. I promise I will hold it together better than I did last night. Because, there is nothing else going on in the world because the federal government and the Trump administration, are. Just cruising, along fine, with no problems, they have nothing better. To worry about right now they've. Decided to start something, new tonight. The Trump administration announced. Plans to merge, the, Department, of Education, and the Department, of Labor the, Department. Of Education, and the Department of Labor have. Nothing, to do with each other, so. This new reported, proposal from the Trump administration to, combine, them could. Be seen as a nicer way of saying they're, abolishing, the Labor Department or it could be seen as a nicer way of saying they're abolishing, the Education Department but I think a safe bet is that what this means is that they are abolishing, both of them this. Plan first reported, tonight by The Wall Street Journal, not yet formally, confirmed, by the White House but there's. No reason to think this isn't something they'd try no, reason to think this isn't what they'd, expect to be their next, brilliant move for a federal government that's really on a roll right now. Tomorrow. Morning mayors from all over the country big city mayors from places, like LA and Seattle. Small city mayors from places like Findlay, Ohio and, Gary Indiana mayors. From all over are going to converge first thing tomorrow morning on Tornillo, Texas, or the federal government set up that tent encampment. To house hundreds, of kids without their parents, that'll. Be first thing in the morning so that should garner a bunch of attention both in terms of national. Press tomorrow morning and. In terms of the hometown press coverage from from. The hometowns of all those mayors he'll be coming from every corner, of the country to protest what the Trump administration has, been doing to. Kids on the porter Tornillo. Texas has become a focal, point for these public objections. To, what the Trump administration has. Done because, this past week it really, was the first place. That, was identified, as a purpose-built, new, location, that the Trump administration was, setting up to, incarcerate. Kids under this new Trump administration policy. Tornillo. Texas, and that tent city were first but we have since found. Out about a whole bunch more, patience where the trumpet trumpet, ministration, is, stowing, these kids that they're taking. Last. Night in the nine o'clock hour The Associated Press broke a whole new kind of news in this scandal when, they were first to report on locations, being set up by the Trump administration specifically. For quote tender. Age kids. So, little kids toddlers, and babies. Relocations. According to the AP were already up and running to. Raymondville. To, - excuse. Me Raymondville Texas. Combs, Texas, and and Brownsville. Texas they're setting up these purpose-built. Locations. To, incarcerate, babies, and toddlers. The. AAP further reported, that another location, for babies and toddlers was. Set to be opened in a Houston warehouse. Which. The Washington Post identified, as sitting at 419. Emancipation. Avenue in Houston Texas they, planned to open that warehouse, facility, for babies and toddlers, in. Coming days again babies and toddlers being held without their parents. As. Soon as we got word. Of that, element, of the Trump administration's, policy, last night where they were secretly holding little, kids who had been seized from their mothers and fathers last, night we got this smuggled, photo, published.

In The New York Times showing, a toddler who's, about 11, or 12 months old you can see she's in diapers. Crawling. Across a brightly colored mat in a shelter that is a little kid who has been taken away from her parents and is being held at this facility alone, without them according. To The Times the person who took that photo believes that girl has been separated from her relatives for, about a month already, by. The Trump administration. The. Time said the person, who took the photo quote requested, anonymity because, he was not authorized, to release an image. That. Is about to become an important part of this story. In. New York City a reporter from local, news station New York won today. Thanked, quote people who were willing to excuse. Me people who were willing to risk, talking, confidentially. When. He tracked down yet another site, where the Trump administration has, been stowing, these kids after taking them away from their parents New, York one published, these images, of these, young girls late, at night last night being moved into and out of a facility in East Harlem in New York City New, York Governor Andrew Cuomo later confirmed, that the girls, who were spotted this facility, in New York City these, girls are among the kids who, the Trump administration has, taken from their parents they, took them off that the southern border and brought these little girls all the way to New York New. York City Mayor Bill DeBlasio later confirmed, today in a press conference outside the facility that there were in fact, 239. Girls, being held inside there the youngest nine, months old, held. Alone away from their parents but, again. That that, reporter, from that New York one story which is how we learned that 239. Of these little girls are being held alone in East Harlem, he. Thanked, his confidential, sources for the tip, write. That that's where the girls were the, tip that led to those images, and that footage and that reporting, and now that attention, and confirmation, from public officials and then. There's the New York Times as well granting, anonymity, to some unauthorized source. Who nevertheless, took. Steps to get the public one, of the first pictures of this kid not yet one year-old who, has already been alone for a month and a. Month is a long time when, your life is 11, months long so far. But. This stuff is gonna get out right. You can't do, this kind of thing quietly, you can't take literally. Thousands. Of kids, forcibly. Away from their parents including, babies and not, have the country notice. This. Is a secret that is too big to be kept I don't. Know who the source was for that picture of that toddler, in Brownsville. Texas that was sent to the New York Times but, clearly that was somebody who had access to being inside that facility, who, nevertheless chose, to get, that picture out so the press would see it so the public would see how young these kids are and.

I Don't know how New York one found out about those girls being moved in the dead of night in East Harlem after midnight last night but somebody knew and somebody. In a position to know told, a reporter and. That. Reporter, got a camera crew there and they got it out. Today. A law firm in Washington State, announced a nationwide pro, bono legal effort that will provide legal counsel free of charge to, immigration, officers who refuse to enforce the, family separation, policy. Yesterday. In the Houston Chronicle a flight attendant published a sort of anguished, essay. About what he feared might have been his own unwitting. Role in helping, the Trump administration take, these kids away from their parents quote several weeks ago I worked, two flights one to San Antonio the other to McAllen, they, were among the most disturbing flights I've ever experienced, in my career on. Board these particular flights were ice agents, and migrant, children, approximately. Four to eleven years old who, had been separated from their families he, said one of the agents admitted, to one of his co-workers and the flight crew that these indeed were kids who were being relocated, to, assigned. Camps. The. Flight attendant said that he would refuse in the future to work on any flight with children who have been separated from their families he said quote it occurred to me a few weeks later that, I might, well have been a collaborator. In their transport, since. Working those two flights the images of those helpless children have burned into my psyche the little children whose faces were full of fear confusion sadness. And exhaustion left. Me somewhat, traumatized. So. That was a a flight, attendant, publishing. That in the Houston Chronicle yesterday, we don't know what airline that flight attendant works for but. Then today American, Airlines became the first u.s. airline to say we, are not doing this we. Are not going to be a part of this policy, American. Airlines announcing. Quote while we have carried refugees, for nonprofits, and the government many, of whom are being reunited with family or friends we. Have no knowledge that the federal government has used American Airlines to transport, children who have been separated from their parents do this due to the recent immigration policy we.

Would Be extremely, disappointed, to, learn that is the case we, have therefore requested, the federal government to immediately refrain, from, using American, for the purpose of transporting children who, have been separated from their families due, to the current immigration policy, we have no desire to be associated, with separating, families or worse, to. Profit, from it. That. Was American Airlines saying we don't want to do this we do not want to profit from it we don't think you've made us do this, already, if it, turns out we have we're gonna be mad and we will not do it in the future that. Was American other airlines quickly followed suit Frontier, Airlines saying, frontier, prides itself on being a family airline, we will not knowingly, allow our flights to be used to transport migrant, children away from their families. Next. Was a statement from the CEO at United, quote at United Airlines we've been concerned about reports that, commercial airlines have been used to transport immigrant, children separated from their parents by a newly implemented, implemented. Immigration, enforcement policy. Based. On some research we have done internally. And public reports, we haven't seen evidence these children have been flown on United, aircraft but, based on our serious concerns about this policy and how it's a deep conflict, with our company's values, we've. Contacted, federal, officials to inform them that they should not transport. Immigrant children on United, aircraft who have been separated from their parents, this. Policy and its impact on children on thousands. Of children is in deep conflict, with our company's, mission and we, want no part of it. So. It's a it's, a big operation, to. Take away thousands, of kids, forcibly. From their families and then to hide them around the country, right. And the. Bigger the operation, the harder it is to keep under wraps so. Now we're at the point where we've got thousands, of kids who've been taken by the government and we're starting to see people who are either just eyewitnesses. Or who, are somehow maybe, even just peripherally. Involved in this now growing, system. We're. Seeing people who have knowledge of what's going on starting, to leak to the press starting. To make sure that pictures, and footage and audio Kate audio tapes get out. We. Have seen governor's across the country Republicans, and Democrats say there they're not going to allow any resource, of resources. For many of their States to be used to further this policy, we've. Got commercial, airlines, including the biggest ones in the country saying you will not use us for this either. Everybody. Who can opt. Out of this thing is trying to everybody. Who thinks they, might potentially be used, to effectuate. This policy, or further at some how is trying, to draw a line and say no don't put this on us. Even. If you're a federal immigration officer. Who wants to opt out of, implementing. This policy apparently, there's a law firm in Washington State that will represent you for free I. Mean. Somebody's, got. To do it as long as this is still the policy, and. It is still, the policy despite you what it what you might have heard from the president, today we'll have more on that in just a moment. But I first, in. Terms of who is carrying out this policy who is making this possible. We. Have to break a little bit of news on that subject here, right now we've, got this story exclusively. It. Came to our attention today, that. The US military has, been asked, by the Justice, Department to please send, them lawyers. Specifically. To send them lawyers at the border, lawyers. In the military are called Jags Judge Advocate General's, my dad was an Air Force Jag, we. Can report tonight that the US Justice Department has requested that the Pentagon send, active, duty Jags active, duty US military lawyers to, Texas Arizona and New Mexico to. Work as, prosecutors. For the Justice Department. Special. Unprecedented. Six-month shifts, as, quote special, assistant, US Attorney's the. Justice Department has asked the Pentagon to ship active duty military lawyers.

To The border to prosecute, people picked, up at the border including parents. Who are having their current their kids taken away from them we, have never heard of anything like this before but we, can report tonight that the Defense Department, has agreed. To this we, think unprecedented. Requests from, the Department of Justice the Defense Department confirmed that after we inquired, with them about. Emails. That we have obtained that, apparently, have been sent out to active duty Jags. Quoting. From these emails that we've obtained quote an urgent, request DoD. Has directed the Armed Services to. Support the Department, of Justice by providing 21, attorneys, to prosecute, immigration, crimes in u.s. district, courts that means federal courts for, six months in the following six cities Yuma Arizona Los, Cruces New Mexico El, Paso Texas Del Rio Texas Laredo, Texas and McAllen, Texas the. Justice Department has apparently told the Pentagon quote, we are looking for litigators, with general, courtroom experience and will provide basic, trained at the US Attorneys offices on immigration, crime and federal, criminal procedure. Again. Remember these are military. Lawyers, who, are being asked to do this military lawyers don't necessarily, practice in federal court at all let. Alone on immigration law but apparently. Don't worry they're gonna get a little bit of basic training and then they'll get right in the courtroom, but. The duration, of the details meaning, that detail. In the military sense we're detailing you to the specific place the. Duration of the details will be six months assisting, Department of Justice while we staff up with permanent assistant, US attorneys the, focus of this work will be violations, of eight US Code sections, 1325. And 1326. Which. Is that statutes, for crossing, the border illegally. So. Again we we obtained these emails today which. Is the first indication we had seen anywhere, that. This was happening active-duty. Military lawyers. Being put on this what. It's. It's all it's the first time we've ever heard of the Pentagon directing active duty military lawyers, to instead go work for the Justice Department prosecuting, normal, domestic immigration. Cases. After. We questioned, the Pentagon, about these emails which appeared to indicate this directive, the Pentagon in fact confirmed to us tonight that this is happening, telling. Us quote the Secretary, of Defense has approved, a Justice. Department request. To detail 21 attorneys with criminal trial experience to, the Department of Justice for a period of 179. Days, the. DoD attorneys will be appointed as special assistant US, attorneys and will work full-time assisting, in prosecuting reactive. Border, immigration, cases but. They will focus on misdemeanor improper. Entry and felony, illegal, reentry cases. So. There. Was no advance notice that, the military was doing this before they put this into effect only.

After We asked about it tonight did they confirm that it is happening now. I should, tell you what this means from a like. A civilian. Perspective, a citizenship, perspective, what this means among, other things is that. The military, budget the. Defense budget which, pays for you know bombs and guns and ammo and all that stuff and the salaries of active duty military personnel, the. Military, budget is by. This program, effect. Being repurposed. And diverted, into Jeff, sessions is Department of Justice to help him handle this new huge. Backlog, of immigration, prosecutions. That they've just created because of the Trump administration policy. For. Which they apparently made no plans in, terms of how they were actually going to implement it they didn't bother to staff up more. Prosecutors. To do this kind of prosecuting, work they just decided that they'd start prosecuting everybody. Wholesale. With. No plan for who would actually do the work so now the military is helping them out. Active. Duty I, mean. To be clear these military, lawyers are not being assigned to represent parents. Who had their kids taken away or kids who had their parents taken away these military, lawyers are being assigned to the Justice Department to prosecute, those families. Legal. Representation for the families, themselves. For the parents and for the kids, that's. Not something where the US military, is being asked to take up the slack know. That that's more of a gofundme situation. A, few days ago a California, couple with a two-year-old daughter, they, were moved for obvious reasons by this now infamous photo of a two-year-old girl screaming and crying for her mother and emphatically, not being held by her mother as her mother interacts with immigration authorities those. Parents, in California, decided to start a fundraiser on Facebook to try to help little. Girls like that in a very specific way. The. Reason this crisis has happened on the border in a technical sense is because President, Trump has decreed, that all, people, all these people crossing the border should be prosecuted. And that is their justification. For taking away their kids but. If you're being prosecuted in, federal court, in the United States even if it's from for some new harebrained half thought through policy. You. Get due process, American. Courts give you due process, and part. Of getting due process, is that the court can decide that while you are facing prosecution, you.

Can Get bail at. The courts discretion, you can pay a specific out a month a specific, amount money set by the court and if. You post that bail you can effectively, be set free on your own recognizance with, the promise that you'll only get that bail money back if you show up for your court hearing that's, how it works in American courts thank you Constitution. The fundraiser, that this California, couple started was based on the simple idea that, somebody. Should pay the bail money, for. These parents who. Have had their kids taken away because they've been arrested or now being prosecuted for, having crossed the border while. They are awaiting trial on those charges. Conceivably. If somebody could pay the bail for the parents those parents could, get out ahead, of their court date with a promise, to return but, while they are out they, could then go get their kid. California. Couple decided to try to raise. $1,500. Thinking that might be reasonable. Bail amount maybe to expect, for a single, parent who, came up in court after being charged because of this new Trump administration policy, they set their initial goal at raising fifteen, hundred dollars as of tonight they have raised almost fifteen, million, dollars, look. More. Than three hundred and fifty thousand, people have donated a couple. Who started the fundraiser say that they had sustained. Periods, today, of, people, giving more than ten thousand, dollars a minute. That. Money will go to the refugee, and immigrant center for education, and legal services lawyer. From that nonprofit. Is somebody who Chris Hayes just spoke to at the end of his show last hour it's, a local nonprofit in Texas that provides free. Or low-cost lawyers, to immigrants and refugees in, Texas is a very bare-bones operation they, have this is their organization, they have lawyers who, work with immigrants. Who need legal representation and then, they've got one. Other person who works at the agency, who's, in charge of raising funds their Development Director well. Thanks.

To This Facebook, fundraiser in four days that. Development Director now has a new 15 million dollars to contend with the. Nonprofit, says that with this influx of support they are pursuing a simple. Plan they're. Going to work with other, groups who do the same kind of legal representation they, do and their, plan their goal is to, locate every, single family every single kid the Trump administration has, done this too they. Want to locate. Every single one of these separated, families and their kids and they, want to get every one of those families every, one of those kids a lawyer, and, then. They want to get them released. This. Is the plan for that, you need bill money for that you need organization, for that you need people. Who know the lay of the land people, who can work the system it's, that's. What, they're gonna try to do if. You are wondering whether or not having a lawyer is an important factor here the Washington. Post also reports, tonight that as the Trump administration was. Ramping, up this new policy to start taking all these kids away from their parents last, month late last month they. Quietly, killed, a federal grant program that, used to pay for legal, representation for kids held alone in government custody there, used to be a federal grant program so kids held alone could, get lawyers, Trump. Administration quietly. Killed, it last month as they were ramping, up this, policy, to start taking thousands of kids away so they could incarcerate them alone, and. So. Now Americans. Are trying to piece it together themselves. That. Refugee, and immigrant Center in Texas someone that's the beneficiary, of that fundraising, effort they say they have been also, in, addition to the the, fund raising they have been overwhelmed, by the number of people calling them to volunteer quote. It, is not just the funding we are getting literally thousands, of people contacting. Us wanting to volunteer many, are like all, come to Texas. Which. Is great. But. If you, are looking for the kids who have already been taken away from their parents yes, some of them are in Texas but they are also now all over the, country. You. Don't have to go to Texas they might be in your town. The. Day after Trump was inaugurated there was the women's March probably. The largest protest, in US history DC. In New York and Chicago but also all over the country you might, also remember that, exactly. One week after that there, were big protests, at airports, and also at courthouses all over the country when Trump issued his first attempt at a Muslim, ban executive, order he, issued this Muslim ban executive order he also revoked, a hundred thousand visas for people who had already been legally admitted to the country that. Night people started getting held at airports, after their planes landed, even though they were legally, allowed to be here. When. The michael wolf book fire and fury came out Steve Bannon was quoted in that book as saying how much he loved those Airport protests, how, those protests, were by his disease, because. The Muslim ban executive, order was deliberately, designed and timed, to. Provoke, people to make people protest, because. He thought it made the protesters look terrible, and it made Trump look great because. He was so sure that Americans. Hate, immigrants. That much. The. Snow flakes would show up at the airports in a riot that's why we did it. He. May have loved it but. Among the people who flooded to those airports on that that. First weekend. After, Trump was inaugurated among. The people who showed up at those airports were tons of lawyers with their laptops. In their handwritten signs we will represent you and. However. Delighted. Steve Bannon might have been with the timing, and the deliberate. Offensiveness, of that executive order and how much it upset people you, know what those, people protesting, and those lawyers won. They, got a restraining order against, that policy, that very first weekend that the Trump administration tried, to put it in effect and every, subsequent iteration, of that policy has been stopped in the courts thus far, it's. Not done but they've stopped at this long. And. This. Is less remembered, at a national, scale but I also want to tell you that ten days after those airport protests, this, was Phoenix Arizona, it's. A mom with American, kids who'd been here in this country for decades. Deported. One of the first people to believe, to be deported under the newly aggressive, anti-immigrant.

Trump. Deportation, policy people in Phoenix that night staking. Out the local Border Patrol facility ultimately. Chaining, themselves together laying, down in front of the van that was going to take that woman away from her family and her friends here they're trying to physically, block that deportation. The. President, today declared, that. The family separation, policy won't go on any longer but his administration, soon clarified, explicitly. That. They're still keeping the kids the. Thousands, of kids who have already been taken from their parents thus far are not going to be grandfathered, in and released back to their families now that he's canceled the policy going forward, so. There's, still no plan to reunite the kids they've already taken with, their moms and dads the government is taking no responsibility for, doing that. And. That means, what. Is ultimately, go to end. What. Trump has done. With. These thousands, of kids who are spread out all over the country right now tonight, without their moms and dads what's ultimately going to end it is going. To be local. Activism and local advocates, putting. These families back together, and. And. Yes a lot of this is happening on the, on the border in in Texas in Arizona in New Mexico but, they have spread these kids quietly, out all over the country which. Means there is a, locus, for activism and mobilization and getting resources these kids and their, parents in states all over, the country in a, secret shelter that's probably not too far from where you live and which, is probably soon to be leaked to your local paper, there. Are dissenters, and. Anonymous. Sources and people. Who do not want to be collaborators, in this everywhere. And. This is their time. Hey. There I'm Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks, for watching MSNBC, on YouTube, if you want to keep up to date with the videos we're putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great, videos.

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Mad Cow! Trump is securing the borders he is doing a great job!

When I think of the cost of moving these kids around, the hiring of ICE agents to accompany them on flights--it's MADNESS. No sane government body would be this inefficient, this disorganized. The Monster-in-Chief strikes again.

Never thought I would be saying this butn Kudos to American Airlines and others for doing the right thing. I wonder if this was one of the principal reasons President Trump signed an executive order to stop this policy while detaining them with their parents? If you cannot ship them, then what?

What about WAL-MART???


I hope when those kids are big one day, that they all sue America for all the emotional problems/trauma they will and are going through.

Pushing little children. With the fully automatic. They like to push the weak around!!.. System of a Down.

They are sending them to Michigan and this sham executive order has no plan or idea of how to reunite these children with their families.

As a foreigner who has learned English as well as American culture and value for almost 20 years, I was baffled many times since 2016. But this kind of news is the one that brought tears to my eyes and keep me from abandoning what I have read, learned and kept on believing. Thank you Rachel and MSNBC.

It's like the White House looked at the Nazi concentration camps and asked "how can we make this more cruel?"

Unbelievable. Using military lawyers to prosecute domestic issues. This Administration is totally inept and destroying every bit of the Constitution.

I feel like I've been forced to get to know someone who likes to kick dogs and run over cats... I met someone like that in school. Thought it was sick. I am literally sickened by the cruelty in peoples actions and Rhetoric. Right and wrong don't matter when you have to appologize for nothing. appologizing for mistake made is called recognizing you are HUMAN. ie NOT PERFECT. no one is... except TRUMP and his immoral minions. They should have never made the movie Despicable ME. I think too many kids and adults with kids minds watched and came up with one of their brilliant scams. cons. Maybe they should have watch the Fall of the Reich late night to learn their sick enemies of the world. TO try to understand how humans could be so cruel. WELL, this kind of class warfare fascist ideology is not new.... but for this BS to be tried in AMERICA! Ill stick around a little longer to see if I can help stop this kind of MADNESS that threatens my world. I will always love the world... Everything is not bad, cruel, or evil. I know. But evil exists because good men are too preoccupied with life to go to battle against it. I always wonder how PEOPLE could be so cruel in the 1920's and how AMERICA was one on the GOOD side. THIS is how it happens.. ITS an insurgancy that is not MUSLIM or ISLAM.... but a fascist insurgancy trying to take over AMERICA! WE must stop these crazy people because they do not recognize or understand certain ideas about empathy or cruelty. CRUEL people should not run AMERICA... HOME OF THE FREE.

these are nazi tactics ! We are Not nazis !

Violation of posse comitatus, separation of powers, not supposed to be able to use US military resources for civilian functions. Always felt that way about Reagan using military air traffic controllers to break civilian strike. Maybe he could order their termination, but should have been illegal to use military personnel to replace them, since he chose to create the situation.

Does anybody know the go fund me page?

Nearly $15,000,000 raised to reunite these parents with their kids... now THAT is the America I know and love!


This is a crime against humanity.

What is done in darkness and secret is never righteous or resonsible. Shall you stand now or what til it is your child?

Fine work Rachel

There are now more pictures of the migrant children being taken to shelters. This is heartbreaking. The girls look like they're being kidnapped.

Prosecuting these migrants will do nothing, as they will try to cross the border AGAIN and AGAIN. They have nothing back home. They face violence, what have they got to lose???? Pompeo needs to go to those 3 countries and read them the riot act.

The Federal agents say they would rather be catching the bad guys, rather than babysitting the kids and families. The US Military is going to send lawyers? The pentagon should refuse.

They are kidnapping babies! WTF?

Hilarious. . the trump rally is definitely more fun than this. . Rachael sounds defeated. You could all donate to this. Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services

Why are they in NY?

239 girls being held? Sounds like Boko Haram!

One of the first things I thought about when I heard of the separations was have they something in place to reunite these families? The fact that I, a relatively low intelligence person can think of that and yet it has not been put into place by a government agency tells you it was on purpose. The Dotard crew were ready to be defeated on their 'policy' and allow themselves a win from a defeat, even if that win was just to break up families for as long as possible. This strategy from the WH at it's core was pure racism and hatred for immigrants from the southern border.

The sad thing is, Trump may have signed the order, but the kids that have already been removed from their parents have little to no chance of being re-united with them. Furthermore, the merging of the department of labor with the department of education is blatant attack on our public institutions, and another step in the master plan of privatizing all of America to enrich the elites. These people have no soul, no integrity, and no shame. Disgusting.

Trump doesn't JUST want to rule our country, he want to own it and make it in trumps own eyes. Self-elected self-idolizing demigod that WILL come after you for apposing him, or his minions. I am not long for this world, almost assuredly, but One of the worst things about leaving this world.... is thinking that the world is threatened by another monster bound for the History books; confused between the difference of appearing strong and appearing to be unjustly cruel and likes to be cruel. It bothers me the world is being taken over by sadists that enjoy little but dishing out punishment they see fit. ALL this made TRUMP smile, and we rarely see him smile.... getting off on hurting kids... um? this just might be a sin, and maybe a really bad one. I wonder what could have happened to this man as a child to make him be so calloused and dead inside. I do no hate Mr. TRUMP.... I cry for the loss of every soul.... every single one of Gods children that are lost in confusion and delusion, I cry inside for them all. But it bothers me that we are being lead by people that ENJOY dishing our punishment to anyone they dislike and end it with "well they deserved it for breaking the law." They don't think about making any mistakes because they think appologizing for being human is a weakness. ALL our laws are not righteous. HATE to break the news to you all. but they are not. Laws are made for many reasons and some may not be so honorable and may be rooted in cruelty. Sinfully sad. awfully sinfully sad.

Bail should be set at 50cents

if you believe that trump's piece of paper he signed is worth anything .. it isn't .. he lies every day and all the time .. it is as good as the paper he signed with that murdering friend of his Kim

TX has long history of human rights violation. YFZ ranch grab dispersed 400 kids from days old all over state and held them 1yr. Plan was to adopt all kids and get dhhs bonus

The Facist Republican Takeover of the American government and military is unfolding. It will be an inconceivable disaster if they maintain control of Congress after the midterm elections. Vote.

This is what makes America great. Regular people coming together to tell this president and his vile administration to shove it, and then taking action to embody the American values written into our founding documents. This government is rogue. November cannot come soon enough.

stop this! it's not sounding good from a nation that the world looks up to. I just can't help remembering Nazi stories when i listen to these things.


Rachael Madcow diverting from the conspiracy proven through the IG report. Wake up people. Where were these people when Obama had the same policy ?

So you're saying Obama was tougher on immigrants and that Trump is really a bleeding heart liberal

This is the club of the guys with psychopathic disorders. Not a drop of empathy in this White House!

Doing something painful intentionally to change behavior is definition of torture. Moving kids across state lines to hide them in uncertain care is definition of trafficking. Not meeting basic needs of young children is definition of abuse.

The problem with aliens posting bail to get out and retrieve their children is that ICE usually files a detainer on undocumented aliens effectively taking the parents back into ice custody. So even if they post bond they are still in detention.

Hey, why doesn't anybody cry for aborted babies or the American parents who are seperated from their children when they break the law.

Fake News !...

Coming from people that are for partial birth abortions makes you all look like the hypocrites uou are...

Maddow is such a phony, kids have been separated from the parents for years before Trump. Now she pretends to cry for them. Hey Racheal , how about the American parents who are separated from their children when they break the law, how about the millions of babies that have been aborted even up to the third trimester! You are a phony joke. The hypocrisy is amazing!



Shut up! The Russia probe is a farce and all the evil people are inventing issues!!!

I just pray these kids are not sexually harassed

This is being done in our name,. this is our tax dollars at work. Amerikkka land of the free if you are rich and or white.

This is fake news at it's best. You won't find it elsewhere, because it isn't true. Rachel is a con-man.

Shame MSM

Secretly holding??? Inflammatory? Perhaps security to keep traffickers from claiming them???

Back to on the job training?

(Not my) President Blumpf is literally putting Kids into concentration camps like Hitler and Putin.

completely asinine idea! combining those two depts.

Alex Jones will tell you these little girls are being sent to ping pong pizza

Why are men doing pat downs on women, we would not accept this for white women. Disgusting

A soulless country practicing human trafficking of babies who are unable to bond with their mothers and fathers. Trump, a soulless immigrant, is destroying this country one day at a time.

thank you you religious hypocrites who so helped this monster become president... as complicit in the destruction of this country as is the Russian gov't.

Will no one rid us of this meddlesome priest???

Tornillo means "screw" in spanish!

Rachel Maddog canada is waiting for you

Where is CPS? Child protective service. Are these ‘babysitters” proven to not be pedofiles?

TENDER AGE SHELTER OR CONCENTRATION CAMP?? 2O18 or 1948?? What happened to FREEDOM,& justice for ALL??

Might anybody know whether there are any kids in the LA/San Diego/other places nearby? and if so, any more specifics at all? Even a "general area" would be fine -- I'd be happy to head over and do some searching for them, then helping out.... I live in LA and would be willing to drive a bit further than here to go help out. I'd love to go help out with translations, or with whatever else is needed, as long as I have the skill to be able to do it. I could likely translate for asylees as they prep for interviews and things, I could help out doing research, could translate at their hearings, if need, r whatever else... l used to work with the "East Bay Sanctuary Covenant," in Berkeley and I did a lot of these same things. Anyway, if anybody knows anything about where would be best to help out... where? with whom.? whatever else.. I'd very much appreciate it! My cell phone # (call me anytime): (310) 601-6610, and here's my email, in case that's easier: ¡Thank you! Mindy the terrible conditions on the boarder

Rachel American citizens can go through due process not Illegals because they are not citizens hopefully this will shut Rachel up

Maddox, I watch your video whenever I feel depressed. Especially the one for election prediction. It always cheers me up. People like you are not depressed, what's the reason for me to be depressed? Just a side note, sincere sorrow happens in private place. Tears showing on TV is acting.

*Fascists using the Military to prosecute civilian cases.*

Thanks Democrats, these children are living the best lives they've ever had. I saw them playing fortnite and FIFA

hey i have an idea if you dont like it, get out , move to canada

I rest my case. ^^^

get out!! move to canada

*Sociopath.* ^^^

Susanna Martinez, governor NM is a collaborator for this.

oh oh look at the horrible treatment of the kids you clowns , yeah and the lady sitting in the chair is a nurse

Clinton signed a crackdown on illegal immigration in 1996. *But it had no provisions mandating the separation of families.* The biggest change the legislation brought about for families was deporting immigrants who were once legally in the United States but now *subject to deportation because of a criminal conviction.*

let me tell you this education then you work for the rest of your life da

The Obama administration had been placing children with their parents in family detention centers. Because the detention centers were considered restrictive, the children had to be released. *The Obama administration chose to release parents alongside their children.*

aw cry me a river.

Amen and kudos to American, Frontier, and United airlines!!! And Amen to the people inside the holding facility who got visual intel out to the news media for the public to see. You are making a difference! Thank you for taking the risk!

Oh my god...just when I start to crumble and lose faith in America...This sort of thing happens. These ppl did a go fund me and in 4 days they raised almost 15 million dollars!!!! Thank you America. At least this raises hope that Americans arent all lost yet. Good work folks..lets DO THIS!!!!!!

your pushing fake news that picture everyone was pushing was taken in 2014 during Obama's time in office good job only pointing out these things when it's happening under trump send them all back

Where were all the News Media Outlets when the Obama administration was doing the same thing: putting young children on busses! Where are these children now?

The very least the government can do is to create websites for each center where these children are being held. Every child should be photographed with any information known which could help locate the child. Parents who may not have a phone, should be given one so they can go to the websites to search for their children. Airlines should provide free transportation to these centers where children can be returned to parents. This could and should be implemented as soon as possible, before even more emotional trauma occurs. May God bless these families and provide them with homes where they will be safe.

Invisiline Dog Collar around your neck Rachel. Wouldn't notice anything except your incessant barking elitist CFR illuminati CRAP.

So the kids get food and shelter but no parents oh my God what have we come to. This is a joke. Oh my God the baby is happy and playing oh my God .

I have no money. I vote, I support the ACLU,with what little I have I write emails, make phone calls, whatever I can. I have 5 one who survived C D H with chronic health issues. 5 kids limited cash and almost no time or resources. Please tell me I f can do something more. I feel helpless and angry. We don't have much but we can share what we have.

They know federal law better than the intern law school lawyers the liberals send to the border to defend the illegal immigrants. Oh Rachael, Trump doesn't have to ask your permission or tell you what they are doing.

I live in Dallas and if a citizen is put in jail and no one can c9me get the kids, they have a venter for the kids. These kids dont have a non criminal guardian to come get them. They are not arrested and can leave at anytime, just like when this happens to citizens. No where is peepared for the flood of illegals that are keeping legal immigrants out. Someone tell the kids of the people trying to do it legally, that they arent important but these criminals are here already so lets let them stay. They came in not following the rules, good luck with the other ones


Rachael Madcow is stupid...... And she's a liar. What kind of news comes from a Madcow? Fake News!

Gitmo for kids

Maddow, please stop embarassing yourself. Its an issue that is 'cronic' that you suffer from. Then President Obamas' supporters at the behest of Obama filed at least 2 lawsuits that 'we' know of against California; one of the rulings that is in the news right now dealing with what you say is the Trump Immigration policy. Your just another desperately politically motivated partisan impersonating a jounralist deliberately misrepresenting the 'reality' of what is really happening. Your party has nothing to talk about but these invented issues that existed before Trump became president. Is the human trafficing problem also invented by Trump's policies. I believe that the problem should be permanently solved not preserved so politicians on both sides try to continually 'cash' in on it just before elections in the short term future.

Don't we have Juvenile Detention facilities in the US?

Torturing children (to deter people from crossing the border) implemented as public policy and law is criminal behavior. Therefore, a crime was enacted as public policy and law and deemed and advocated as appropriate by the current government administration. Someone in the current administration needs to take responsibility for this crime. Any other person guilty of the same would be prosecuted in a court of law. As an American citizen, I do not support this policy or support the current government administration. In light of no public apology from the current administration for this atrocious misconduct, it is my hope that someone, at the very least, apologizes to these unfortunate families violated. This event is truly tragic.

Thank you.

Steve Barnes Today I asked our First Lady, who has taken on the mantle, or at least the jacket, of the protector of helpless children, to get her Homeland Security Witch to provide her the names and numbers of children from the "lost 2300" on a DAILY basic. Then to have Sarah Huckabee Sanders announce that number each day at the White House press briefing. I ask you to get your network's White House corespondent to ask for that number each day and broadcast it. Since they will probably soon stop taking his or her questions, they should co ordinate this action with their colleagues from other networks. Please do this! #holdtheirfeettothefire. #neverforget. #childrenareourfuture

Trump's atrocities are just beginning. time goes on America will know the real story and become Shocked and Horrified!

Whether you agree with trumps policy or not please keep in mind these are just children...innocent children

are they gonna sell these girls as child prostitutes ...human trafficking...

spend spend spend. it only money

Donald Trump is doing a good he need to do more trump 2020

One question who put these kids in this situation???? Was it trup no was it ice agents no was it homeland security no. Everybody wants to talk about the effect but not the cause . Boy common sense is lacking in US population today. And now you're trying to say it's our responsibility. Forget the parents responsibility . So keep blaming everyone of the people that did not bring these kids over here.

It's a multi-billion dollar industry for the "Non-Profits" to bill Uncle Sam Exact same ploy as the 'Prisons-for-Profit " gang It DOES pay to know low people in high places They're all republican supporters/over donators/to Drunmpf Sinister Seduction and ROI for campaign support BE PROUD,REPUBLICANS! STEALING BABIES ~! CAN YOU GO LOWER? OMG YOU KNOW THEY WILL

Are there grounds for a class action lawsuit naming Trump as the defendant?

why just the girls being sent to regular homes so crazy they are gone forever guys time to wake up they are hiding kids WTF


The next president is going to have so much clean up!

only Trump would think of this.

This is so messed up...... so heartbreaking. Those kids...

The question is not whether this crime can be kept a secret. The question is whether the American people will care, and whether they will get off their butts to do something about it. Or does this just become another partisan feud that is forgotten in less than two weeks? That's the $64,000 Question right now.


Honest question: has our government gone after the governments of the countries where asylum seekers are from? Can the UN hold these countries accountable?

A very good story, thank you Rachel.

It's funny when a leftist politician says " This is not who we are".......Then Peter Fonda shows up .....and shows us all what they REALLY are..


American Holocaust. Nothing surprising here. It happened before it's happening now. Maybe worse but it's not new. Very sad but US had done this many times already

Where are the moral values when it comes to American-Born Men? ***Dear Mr. president Trump, If you think the FBI is crooked, please take a look at the corrupt child support court system!!*** American-born men are separated from their kids and held hostage all the time and most of them don't even go to jail!! ⚖ ⚖ Time for the Democrat and FBI to be held accountable for crimes against people!!

Where was the outrage when the Obama policies had these same immigrant children in cages. Bush started it . Obama continued it. Trump wants to end it.

This will be seen as one of the most shameful periods of American history...

This is the type of horror stories you see in psychopathic movies, and just like in the movies, all these racists and people are doing absolutely NOTHING to stop it. Horrendous.


What happens to the thousands of kids that were sent here without their parents? A lot of these kids are probably happy just to be able to get meals regularly and have a place that’s clean to sleep in. They were probably scared to death to be on an airplane probably for the first time. Obviously their parents dump them off on us to take care of for the rest of their lives. They say that they’re leaving gang violence but surprise! You’re going to find it here too. Many of these kids get caught up in that kind of life when they come here. If they do they definitely should be deported. We have enough bad people here we don’t need anymore.

Child stealer in cheif

no ma'am, military lawyers should NOT act in civil courts!

Paragraph text here. Paragraph text here. Paragraph text here. Paragraph text here. Paragraph text here. Paragraph text here.

martial state without declaration, with an orange, not so splendid orange, non anglo-saxon manhood. clearly unacceptable

These are WETBACKS, not immagrants, everything you say is a lie.


I’ll while of the governors are in Texas the rest of the nation needs to be at all of your local Republican politician office giving them a warning to immediately stand up and announced Trump tired ministration or be removed


Once they get bailed out they will not return to court..just lost millions of $$ of donated money..and now it will be on us the tax payers to keep paying for them to be here illegally..good luck on trying to find them now..but hey atleast they're together.

Phony baloney.

parents that commit crimes should be allowed to stay with their children when they go to jail. cps shouldn't be allowed to take kids either even if the parent neglects them.

A Question for The Retrumplican's! Why have trumps wives been foreigners? He claims to be American first! I'll tell you there is not an American Woman who would put up with his B.S. He cheats, lies and a serial molester of women that's why! He does it to women and he will do it to you! Don't come crying when you loose! It's YOUR OWN FAULT!

Rachel Maddow is a hack who doesn't bother with facts when it comes to politics.



Time to take Trump's son Baron and hide him away from he and Milloni'a! Atleast for eight weeks and find out how they feel! Not knowing where there child is! They lack any compaction or empathy!

Last night Dry CRY fake tears

I'm just crying watching this. I have a baby. This is terrible.

"I'M not a real journalist, but I do play one on tv" -R. Madcow

Nazi America, the Fourth Reich, has now become a reality. It's time for international sanctions. Down with the Unmitigated Shithole of America!

Build the wall and send this lying tyrant behind it

You're my hero Rachel. Thank you for spending every day to expose that sadistic facist and his evil deeds. God bless you.

Evil administration

Need to start Drug Testing these people!

From Denmark: The Republicans are very considerate about the lives of not-yet-born children i.e. against abortions. But then, after the children are born and still babies, knowing nothing about borders and laws, the Republicans give them the "zero tolerance" treatment. Dear Republicans be happy . . . that you do not live in Copenhagen, because you would be confronted in the streets. We were occupied by the Germans for five long years.



so ftrumps been calling Russia probe a witch hunt and now he's acting like an evil fairytale witch (no disrespect to observers of gaia and wicka). but he's stealing little boys and little girls and hiding them in secret dungeons .. psycho

She is absolutely right. You no longer can count on the GOP to correct this. You haven't been able to since Trump took office. We Canadians (who, by the way, are not hating on Americans for the tariffs, for the most part) have always wondered why the American regular Joe didn't stand up and refuse to take the S#%t that The Republican "Boy's Club" has been ramming down your throats. Remember "The Government is here to serve the people , not the people serve the government."

Wow they are providing the runaway aboned kids with beds in tents under obama they where sleeping on mats in chain link pins.

well, you know, even people all over, not yet, crossing our border should be preventively prosecuted

clearly toddlers hide deep things, related to national security. if not them, all their parents (especially moms) clearly do. they should commit cia for interrogations

Mexico is the problem. If Mexico treated their citizens better and offered better living conditions for their children, people wouldn’t feel they have to risk the safety of their kids and sneak into the USA.

well, they are nice prosecutors since administration does not understand anything related to civil code, criminal code or law in general, that is a perfectly normal (illiterate) reaction

Trump has no more friends left. He's going to live his remaining years a miserable, defeated and hated old man, and his family and slaves will suffer for it all because he's too full of himself to stop stepping on people that needed his help the most. May these children's cries haunt him forever.

Thank you for speaking out Rachel.

3:20 doesn't a 9 to 11 month need breast milk.

4:20 looks like human trafficking by ftrump.

She spews poison - doesn't it wear you out? It's like non-stop crap!

20:10 last month Adolph Trump cut a program that provided lawyers for children.

What about theses kids and their parents?

Thank you for your reporting!

*_Oh my Gosh, this is a real nightmare_*

Why don't thair home country just ask to assume responsibility for them, until thair criminal parents are processed? Is it because they care less for them than we do? Why is Mexico allowing them to cross thair country, knowing they are going to illegally cross into the U S. ? Did Trump start this?

Unbelievable situation. He has to go. The gop is scared of him. Surely gop members of congress and senate are not so scared of crossing him.

Mr. Maddow hates YOU America!

Dems and Libs are hypocrites. An embarrassment to anyone with capacity for reflective thought. Dems and Libs support and entice violence against Conservatives, Rachel Maddow was the recommended show by he Republican ballplayer assassin. And she, nor any of the Left, pulled back or cared. Shame! The MSM = Dem party, and Trump is right, it is the "enemy of the people". Rachel Maddow and others like Bill Maher are dimwitted accomplices of a corrupt FBI, CIA, DOJ and NSA under Obama. How empty-headed and complicit! Where they get their chaotic senseless values is a puzzle. Are they in love with corruption and destruction of America and Constitution?? What explains their hate and self-destructive stupidity?

Dems and Libs have no ethics. It explains why they constantly lie and twist to smear Trump and family and anyone associated with Trump administration. The Left has bankrupt values, stands for taxes, crime, debt, open borders, destruction of institutions like marriage, "boys and girls" is now an abusive term according to them, go figure!

Rachel Maddow, fake intellectual. She smiles & cries simultaneously. Is she a druggie, or just nuts?

Les falta un tornillo a todos los que trabajan en Tender Age Cages at Tornillo, TX

Trump is clearly make the US great again. What a country, what a president! reports on antipsychotic drugs being forced on the children. Also featured last night on The Young Turks. Brace yourselves for more horror stories.

This latest " lowest of the low" attempt by the Liberal Bolsheviks and their propaganda outlets to incite contempt for Trump by using pictures of staged crying children will backfire with a hatred for the Left that will never be forgotten and bring us closer to the inevitable Civil War II in which the only good liberal will be a dead one. So MSM keep pouring more gas on those hot coals.

HotCoals You are a very, very sick "human" being.

Can someone sneak a camera-enabled drone into these centers?

cash for kids

What about the babies in Syria that trump stopped from getting dowsed with chemical woeopns because Obama did nothing the first time it happened...

And ask Obama why he gave Iran billions of our tax revenue and the GRE light on its nuclear programming knowing they want to wipe Israel off of the planet, what about the babies in Israel? Do they matter.... What about fairness and peace and stability, out the window when Obama aided the Iranians in it's nuclear program which is Russia's strongest Ally, what about the first time Syria used chemical weopans on babies and Obama said we don't know if it was the government and the second time he said we're drawing a line in the Sand and when it happened under Trump's watch, he sent tomahawk cruise missiles to the Syrian base holding the chemical weopans after warning Russia to get back from the base... What about the babies Bashir Assad killed under Obama's role as commandernin chief, any comments on that??? No, then ur a paid off reporter, not a journalist.

Go interview the countries responsible for their people coming here, that's the real issue, they are violators of human rights

Rachel Maddow, put ur money where ur mouth is and go interview the people responsible for causing families to flee across desert wastelands in desperation to reach America where human rights are observed because they are not observed in those countries I assure u... What about families riding on top of trains across Mexico from Guatemala with their babies and crossing deserts with their babies because their countries are so unbearable to live in. Babies are being exposed to dangers on their way here, address that, if ur a real journalist.

The question that all you Pondens seem to be glossing over is “how can we be sure these kids are related to the people who claim they are parents“. If that question cannot be adequately answered then the humane thing to do to protect children from child traffickers is to separate them until you can establish clear family ties. You pundits keep turning this into something it is not. What’s your preference? Temporarily separating children from adults until familial relationships can be establish or potential child trafficking. That’s your choice one or the other. If you don’t know for certain these children are with their parents, then the risk is extremely high these children are victims of child trafficking which is well documented. You guys just want to play emotional games, and have no clue what a true solution would look like

Jeff Tube The *only* excuse for this absolutely ignorant comment would be, that you have NEVER seen a child interact with it`s parents. If you actually believe, that a 3 year old cries for their mother, when in reality that person would be a child trafficker, you are clearly mentally deranged. This line of highlighting a made up "problem" is just sick!

after slavery has been generalized (civil war) to all colors of the skins and genders, it would make perfect sense to unify all departments under his excellency grand master (of disaster) sir sessions of alabama

why not unify them under sessions, he has excellent law enforcement and alabama flavor eugenics connections, this would cement (so called) education / with kind in cages and inferior to north korea with the labor camp this country turns into, just my 2 cents

Kudos to the flight attendant and American Airlines, Frontier Airlines, United Airlines, Thank You for refusing to be part of Trumps disgusting and inhuman policies.

WTF! ISIS, you needn't bother with the U.S. anymore. You win by default. We are as morally bankrupt as you suspect. We have hit full nazi bottom and are exploring a new subterranean level of trump.

6/22/18 Two days later. The whole country finds out the story about the separated little Honduran girl is an outright lie by Time Magazine. A story fitting for a communist regime. A story that turned some of our allies against us. That's treason. Treason carries a death sentence. "Time" CEO's apologize and step down now or face prosecution. End of story.


so frickin disgusting fake news propaganda twisting rachell maddow... you are no journalist .you are wicked deceiving rotten person

They are out in the open stealing humans. they never entended to return them all to their families. Put this in your search engines.

Why NY?

Wow... It's Nazi Germany all over again.... ¿¿¿ HAIL TRUMP ??? G.T.F.O.H. TRUMP !!!

I have an idea, why don't you lead the way and show everyone by welcoming illeagle imigrants into your home.Lead by example. Looking forward to you adopting imigrants.

Hay Rachel Maddow you are fake news, remember you chose to be a sodomite therefore you chose to not have a family, remember girl on girl can't make a baby. Rachel Maddow doesn't really care about children because she chose to not have one unless she uses a doctor or adoption. Rachel Maddow is a liberal Democrat that want to get their power back that's all she truly cares about. Remember Democrats won't set down with the Republicans and Trump to change the laws. There are plenty of videos of children in Cage's during Obama's presidency but you never see her reporting that. Rachel Maddow is nothing more than a lying sodomite lesbian fake news reporter. The truth is out there but yet so many stupid people listen to this fake news.

Rachel Madcow should have her lips crazy-glued together.

Donald Trump is a pedophile


Thank you Rachel

Personally, I don't want to see a billion people in the United States, eg. Southern California has about run out of water and yet seven percent of the state's population are illegal aliens.

I am so proud of who we are as a people here in the United States of America. Once again, we as a people have stood up and said "NO" this is wrong. We The People are truly the moral compass of America. Good for you. And thank you to all those who have put their jobs and livelihood on the line to shed light on these events. When all this is over in years to come, We will be able to hold our heads up high and say, yes I said "NO" . They may not care, but we do care.

I will like to know wtf is going on this GOP brain, supporting trumpet stupid policy, what are they expert of all this, me as a citizen and immigrant won't vote for them ever in my poor experience...

Hey all those Walmart, Sam's club, Kmart's and school's detention centers are for the tax paying American citizens....

What ? bring it on

The American nigthmare . Welcome to USA


If this does not unite us together nothing will. Trump needs to be impeached.

Americans are fighting .. To work against the open border democrats .. Remember us .. The Flyover country .. You know .. the part of the country that works instead of shuffling paper and awarding themselves. calling themselves The Elite's ..

Trump's goons won't be reuniting the parents with their children. Those who had been separated before his signing of his needless executive order seemed to have been misplaced. Every day this administration outdoes itself in incompetence. What a nightmare.

This is all old news! Where was everybody when kids were being separated from parents during the Obama administration!!!

Rachell how are we going to change all the bad things trump is doing who do we vote for who is runninging against him

Have the country is not hearing this they are watching fake news that is important news itself

One thing I could not watch kids away from their parents, its not cool.

Thanks for talking about other things besides immagratipn

I believe labor and education is one. Because of the fact that you go to higher education and get RIP off but if it was combined you could create a education to job situation like apprenticeship programs college is robbing people.

Well finally someone (airlines) gets it right

I'm retired from the US Military due to combat wounds sustained in an active combat zone honoring my oath to support and defend the US Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic. I'm ashamed of the actions of this administration and it's supporters and apologists. I, with great sadness and revultion, foresee the very real possibility that all American citizens will necessarily be called upon to defend our constitution against domestic enemies of the US Constitution and it's ideals. Fascism has come to the United States of America. We are in very real danger of losing the shining city on the hill, our glorious experiment in representative democracy. Stand up! Resist! Fight fascism; fight for the preservation of representative democracy with every weapon you have down to your own eye teeth! Please understand that I am not calling presently for armed insurrection or anything of that nature. Legal and moral and legislative and ethical arguments in defense of Liberty are the appropriate courses of action, the appropriate weapons called for at this time. I hope and pray that weapons in the more traditional definition are never required!

A further breakdown of the networks in the poll clearly reveals Fox News' strength as the conservative and Republican network of choice. 67% of people who turn to Fox News as their primary source identify as Republican, and that number jumps to 94% if Republican "leaners" are included. CNN, meanwhile, is where self-described moderates and Democrats turn for news. Of the responders who said CNN was their primary source, 51% were moderate, and 63% at least leaned Democratic. MSNBC, though, couldn't be further broken down demographically because not enough people said they watch it as their primary source of news.

LoL crazies

The cost of all this should be deducted from the wall ?

Please tell me why he is still in office? In my history class 40 years ago my teacher explained the electoral college vote worked. Many of us thought why vote cuz it doesn’t matter. I think this happened 2-3 times in my life the public vote for our choice was thrown out and the electoral college vote chose the president. What a joke! Now that my Country is sliding down a hill I don’t think anyone can pick up the pieces and start pushing that boulder back up the hill. Why are you waiting for? that boulder is inches from the bottom

How much you wanna bet that the Trump Organization is making money off of this. That is what he is about. More gold leaf, gaudy baubles. Stop this maniacial, narcassisstic monster. This is HIS policy, its not a LAW. RESIST!!! Expose this!!

actually 15:43 why are you mad about the defense budget not going to make bombs and defense that is the only good thing out of this.

I guess he is looking for trump golf club workers.

You speak lies.

This Woman is absolute proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

profit from this policy is human trafficking. Thank you for been a voice for our kids.

that is kidnapping by the terrorist government that we have

Has she ever been to Guatemala?! Honduras?! These “incarceration tents” offer a/c, meals, snacks, toys, brightly colored play mats, tv, clean water, toilets, showers, clean clothes...not a bad deal coming from dirt floors and not access to food and clean water. These kids look pretty well cared for.

BUILD THE WALL AND *THIS* WILL STOP HAPPENING.... "Murders, muggings, extortions, gang rapes of women and kidnappings (some 20,000 a year) are committed by the rapidly expanding Central American Mara Salvatrucha gangs or by Mexican drug traffickers such as the bloodthirsty Zetas. They often infiltrate the groups of travelling migrants on the trains or in shelters, selling them drugs, tricking girls into prostitution, luring boys into gangs or murdering perceived informers. And at each stop, the migrants are prey to local police, who demand bribes up to several hundred dollars a head in exchange for allowing them to continue on their way."

1) Trump brought those little girls to Harlem so he can grab them all by the... 2) Texas to East Harlem... Best game of hide and seek EVER! 3) Okay this isn't funny


Rachel has a mental disease like most of her followers

Poor McDonald Trump.....he only wants to be an ordinary Double Cheese Burger !

I greatly appreciate Rachel Maddow's investigative journalism. She is a true patriot, unlike the mindless, Coke slurping, Fox News watchers who worship tRump.

Rachel is a Clintonesque liar and a pig. MSNBC is a pig-pen. MSNBC has no credibility. It's reassuring to see they have lost most of their viewers in the last year. If they don't get over Hillary losing soon, they'll be bankrupt.

In Elizabeth, New Jersey, there’s an ICE facility that’s holding parents that were separated from their children. Rep. Frank Pallone Jr. visited the detention center, he spoke with parents that do not know where their children are being held. He is appalled by the inhumane and unAmerican policy that the Trump Administration is rolling out.

You need to stop lying !!! Ive been there and this law has been since 2008 ... as though this wasnt done in obamas rein clinotns ... you should tell the truth . These children were trafficked by demon-crats for years ..and yes we all are looking into this have been .. Trump just took office ... and you want to blame everthing on him .... LOL EVIL MSM shame on you

Ms13nbc Is a joke....and fake journalist rachel’s jock is too tight

cathy areu and Rachel Maddow number one and two NUT JOBs

It takes just over 30 seconds to show JUST how stupid you are. "the department of education and the department of labor have nothing to do with each other" Ummmm.... WHY are we educating the kids? So they can say they got a diploma, or so *THEY CAN GET A BETTER JOB* that will help fill the labor force ?? Maybe basing education on projected future needs IN LABOR might cure the problem of 100,000 people with gender studies Masters with NO JOB, and no way to pay back their school debt?? Maybe steering these kids on a path to success is *BETTER* than steering them on a path to government dependency? It took you all of 37 seconds to *again* prove you are a TOTAL MORON.

your IQ is showing my dear we boycott your station FAKE NEWS. THE PEOPLE OF UNITED STSTES SPOKE WE VOTED TRUMP - What do you not understand looser?

Congratulations Rachael. You have outdone the Constipated News Network with a twofer. Mostly Stupid-Nothing But Crap gives us not only Fake News, but Fake Tears too. Way to go Rachael, but not as good as Senator the Clown Schumer.

All the people that are involved in the child snatching and cite “orders” should take good notice of what the Nazi’s used as an excuse in the Nurmberg trials. To all of those who do not have courage anough to oppose the police: “Sham on you"


Yeah, I heard Trump is going to place children in pink leg irons, before he ships them off to mine the stool between Rachel Maddow ears. From there they will force marched to the Mansion of Chris Cuomo where they will be forced to manicure the grounds with their incisors.

This is MSM's last hurrah against Trump. So pathetic, when an institution has its head cut off and it squirms like a dying snake.

the law should be catch process and deport. not release

I wonder how long this operation of kidnapping children at the boarder has been in the planning. it is clear it was well thought out. god help us all.

Thank you Rachel great video

Racheal et all - the Republicans it would seem are a group of ultra right wing "Christians" who are growing more and more powerful by controlling the minds of our children. That's why they did not see this taking away the children as bad. They can instill their mind control religious dogma in there vulnerable minds and control them like all the mindless supporters of the RepubliCON party they have now. So it makes sense to combine education and labor. The goal is after all to make train these dark skinned children for slave labor all the while to destroy America to make Russia great again. Take $ from the public schools and funnel it to Christian schools. They have been doing it for decades. Opps, did I let the cat out of the bag....

How is Trump allowed to get away with this. They did this without any plan on how to reunite the children. So , basically, they are stealing children. Some are already in new Foster homes. The instigators of this, probably the most abhorrent crime ever witnessed in modern times need to be locked up. Miller, Sessions, Nielsen and most of all their ‘Dear Leader’.

Even the heads of the five families in godfather would not go so far as to kidnap the children of Their enemies. And some on the right think there was a law demanding this. Oh and there were wmds in Iraq too idiots.

This is kidnapping pure and simple. Period.

If Trump molested a republicans daughter, it would be ok if fox news said o bama did it first. Mind boggling idiocy from the right on display for the world to laugh at.

If this operation had been going on under Obama where were all the people protesting it like the airlines you Republican robots?

Where are all these morally corrupt people coming from, that think a law was passed advocating kidnapping and that it's ok to do this. Simply amazing. Hitler is alive and well.

Definition of a trumpeter, if The people in charge before Hitler had committed genocide then that makes it ok for Hitler to commit genocide. What moral idiots.

These kid are just going to be used to profit from pedophiles and prob sold for there organs. Look a those little girls outside at midnight those private compagnie that are keeping them are prob pimping them

This is wrong.. Any real parent should see this. This are every mother nightmare. Every families issues.

how is this any different than the acts of terrorist groups or totalitarian regimes? why it is called ( separated kids) and not ( kidnapped kids)?? why is the definition different when the act is committed by so called ( democratic) government??

Rachel, thank you for keeping us informed and thank you for continuing to fight the good fight!

This is outrageous. I'm looking at this on the 23rd. These are some unbelievable details that I still haven't heard about from other sources. Serious applause to Rachel and her team of TRUE Journalists... And where IS CNN? They're still talking about Melania's coat. Military attorneys in civilian courts make me think of those kangaroo courts which operate under any number of oppressive regimes. This doesn't work in America. And amid talk of housing the detained children on federal land, the military has already been instructed to build facilities for this purpose on their bases. This is very scary, people, very scary. This shouldn't be happening in America. We should not allow this to happen in our country.

1:32 They should just book some bands and sell tickets for thousands of dollars a pop to spoiled rich kids. Call it Fyre Festival 2, the accommodations at least look better

Little bit of more fake news. Shed a tear for a woman who kidnapped her child and used more money than many Americans have in their Bank to try and illgally try and enter the US. #MAGA2018

That was Obama policy, not Trump. Read investigate, Trump just end it. MAGA

Trump talked about due process when he was begin attacked for his assault on many women whom he took advantage of. Yet these migrants won't be given due process in their fight for their lives for their survival.

What a tool

MSNBC is inciting riots people need to have your heads examined along with the law and borders!

virtue signaling is a left wing crazy house !

I have only discovered Rachel Maddow very recently. I see a future President in the prime of her journalistic career. Absolutely first class.

the conservative right are FAKE Christians!!!!!

these donors for the kids...millions of dollars..they are the real Christians..not the the conservative right that support trump and his indecent policy towards immigrants ..

thanks to the airlines

thanks to the airliners

Where are the girls?????

And look at that pic of that toddler, no toys to play with and all the adults wearing contamination shoe boots on their feet, like these children are somehow contanimated !!! Sources have said that these children are not allowed to be touched at all, even to comfort them while they cry for their mothers !!! We have now become Nazi Germany !!!

I discovered that psychopaths have difficulties following rules based on moral sensibility, despite fully understanding the rules. The blunted emotions of psychopaths appear to play a role in preventing them from following rules.

I was amazed as people must be who are seized and kidnapped, and who realize that in the strange world of their captors they have a value absolutely unconnected with anything they know about themselves.”

Steeling their organs why else?

The left love aborting children but Hate Deporting them illegals, why did OBama fix that he had 8 years, and yes selling baby parts from Planned Parenthood and HIllary wanted full term abortions, remember that on the debate, you wouldn’t do that to YOUR DOG, you would go to jail and what would happen to your children, ✝️MOVE if you don’t like the laws of the Land, ✝️how many illegals killed... Nd rapes, Why do t you all brig the MS 13 I to your homes, ✝️✝️the people along the border feel UNSAFE, and they pay taxes, losers,

I seem to remember not so long ago hearing about republicans being up in arms about F.E.M.A camps? Apparently these things were being constructed in secret to round up "undesirable republican dissidents" who are COMPLETELY innocent of any wrong doing. Sad....

Again the SS officers use the threat of death, and examples of murder, to frighten the prisoners into following orders. Although the SS are following their boss’s orders to shoot the prisoners that can’t keep up, they also gain pleasure from the violence.


Yes whose children are they again? Those people or their country does not seem not to worry or care . Why are we? Hand them over to their country and claim all expenses to them

PLEASE BUILD THE WALL . MOST HUMANE SOLUTION TO THIS PROBLEM . Rachel you can go there to Mexico with others and support them forever

Who paid for their trip to New York ? Will Mexico pay ?

why are all the adults wearing that level of protective clothing?gloves when changing nappies i get, it reduces the spread of bacteria & illness. but this & other photos show full prot. clothing all the time! this adds to the children feeling less human; children require affection & normal interaction to develop in a healthy manner. another idea going around is, america should help bordering countries make life better in those countries to promote people to stay in their own country. great option.. IF it's done properly. part of what some are suggesting is, legalising drugs would take the power away from cartels & yes, it would; but that is very risky & difficult to manage to guide it in a good direction. but developing industries (giving people valued roles/jobs) & setting up welfare to a level that is not a struggle to look after the family is a much better way. this of course requires a good structure of a socialist system to give stability/growth/supports innovation combined with a regulated capitalist structure to compliment it. america would benefit from doing this properly too. australia was doing well with this until conservatives dismantled the social structure to an anemic skeleton, compared to what it used to be (eg late 1970's), and has deregulated the parts of the capitalist system that protected & supported the whole country.

Obviously a great story. You know a little kid once said that you could solve the illegal border-crossing issue easily by just installing tall gun towers all along the border and shoot anybody illegally crossing and just leave the dead bodies there as a reminder this will happen to you if you try to go across the border. Obviously this would probably work really well as a deterrent yet I wonder if this seems like a good idea to anybody that loves Donald Trump. I don't know what scares me more is that Donald Trump's presidency seems like Mad Max Fury Road or that his followers think we're already there.

cry more

Merging education and labor department is like education to employment pipeline,

And dats how revolutions are born

Sounds like government sanctioned kidnapping. And once they are transported over state lines its a Federal crime. Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions should be sued in Federal court.

Why not just throw this guy and his family in a giant garbage disposal? The world would already become a much, much better place.

A rifle shot to his orange head would do it, although I never would advocate violence...cough cough.

Connected One A massive coronary would be cool too. But why does it have to be natural? The CIA/FBI/Secret Service are prolly planning to deal with the "Trump problem" as we speak.

D Me ....naw it has to be 'natural'

Trump stopped the displacement of these families. Trump heard what Obama had going on and he stopped it. That little girl on the Time magazine in front of Trump was never taken from her parents and is still with them. Maddow is a luciferian liar that wants humanity to suffer especially contributing to the end of America as a free country. Try looking at the facts instead of trusting these liars. they are making fools out of all of you. We love you. Reunite with us and help us save America from the New World Order or illuminati satanic control.

It is happening now. Concentration camps. Hitler now

Trump is hitler


Donald Trump is being supported by the Republican Party and elected Republicans. These are, in essence, actions supported by Republicans.

This is still a diversion tactic to distract us from spankys other crimes! You know mueller and the muellerites finding spanky and companys many crimes against the government and it's citizens? Don't lose sight of the big picture!!! Throwing as many as possible in prison! Heaven to my ears! Evildoers shall reap that which they sow!!!!!

Trump's policy has created a pedophile's wet dream.

First of all, your show sucks and is quite frankly ridiculous and childish! You liberals try way too hard and ALWAYS accomplish absolutely nothing!!! It's so funny how you defend Hillary and Obama with all the scandals that have been right in front of your face for years upon years, yet you pray and pray on Trumps downfall. It's not viable folks. I promise you. Look at all of you!!! You weep at the site of IILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS being separated from their families, but what about the millions and millions of families being separated from their families every day in America because parents either don’t know how, or just simply can’t take care of their children as they should?? What about all those families?? The fact is you need those illegal immigrants to keep stuffing those voting boxes (fake ss numbers), and that’s what the real liberal agenda is here at hand. Trump is simply doing what he said he was going to do and I love it!!! All I got to say is....keep trying with your no agenda approach.....see how far that gets you:) We’ll keep laughing all the way to the bank:)

Trump is consolidating agencies, has run out or eliminated hundreds of positions, left hundreds of positions open, causing confusion with the immigrant situation, dispersing troops to these tent cities, and bringing PUTIN TO THE U.S. in order to COMMIT A MILITARY COUP. Yes this may seem outrageous... but these are patterns of all dictators sowing instability before taking over.


Cry for kids being legally aborted...

You are a waste of time. The kids broke the law

leslie franssen Are you talking to yourself???!!!!????

The kids mom or dad broke the law not the kids

I get so really sick of the monstrosity of this kidnapping. Children in diapers no less. Way to go, I think Jesus would really approve of this? How are these kids cared for? Who is there to provide them with emotional shelter? Are they even treated humane? Today I stood in one of the few remaining train wagons that was used to deport the dehumanised peoples to the Nazi ‘work camps’. The tragedy, despair and sadnesses were almost tangible. What is happening in the USA right now is not nearly the same, but I think the underlying rhetoric, dehumanisation and mechanised cruelty and irresponsibility of people doing just-their-job might be the same. Everyone in favour of this vile policy is dancing with the same devil as the Nazis were. Don’t let him consume your soul.

Why would they pay to transport these kids across country to Harlem? It makes no sense at all! Why would they do that?

I love Rachel. ❤️ trump is a bad person. The new hitler.

You snowflakes are just mad cause your crooked queen lost ....Again...guess what President Trump will win again in 2020....

Again and again - All these many characters - We are watching a whole host of skilled tap dancers who dance right on the edge of legality, but do not cross over. Yes - there are a few exceptions, but, after days and days of so many stories, so many people, it feels like it doesn't go anywhere. The child separation issue is terrible. The "its out of our hands" reasoning is almost criminal, except that its likely not to be. So much teflon residing and continuing to reside where it really ought not to be?

Msnbc gets proven wrong all the time and you people believe everything they say. Do your RESEARCH!!!

Like you do Robert with Faux news types, no thank you.

20 Decades Ago in America, there was something really wrong with democracy when there were shows and news outlets that spent a whole day debating the name of the president's dog.  20 Years Later, the church and its democracy is still investigating child exploitation all over the world, including the US border. It is Anti American not to have laws to exploit niggxxers and their babies. It is only an issue when people find out, especially after the secret camps were discovered, where they toyed with children left by KKK hunts. Not a new sadistic problem, and no amount of Bollywood will justify it.  Everyone involved in the last 25 years of democracy is responsible for untold, unaccounted, horrific and sadistic pain towards  the disadvantaged.  It is still going on and in fact, protected by Plantation owner law.   It is commendable how good hearted Americans are fighting inequality, designed impoverishment, and immigration. It is always the underprivileged that keep the privileged from becoming total parasites.  There is a humanitarian crisis, the laws have been exploited to steal children from their parents, who end up sponsored to pedophiles, and pimps here and abroad.  Your response is, well it just a law we have for the new niggxxers, and we are going to keep it.

Prove yourself brave, truthful and unselfish and someday you will be a real boy!

How can we allow a narcissistic megalomaniac to continue doing this to human beings not immigrants human beings period when you take a baby from a mother's breast that mother and that baby suffer. That mother gets engorged and is extremely painful I know I nursed all 3 of my babies. My children were never taken away from me when they were babies but I do know how a nursing mother and a baby feels. We've got to stop this creature completely in his tracks if the hundred million people do not vote who can vote and they don't vote to stop this thing we all are going to be in a dictatorship and we are all going to end up if you're poor if you're old if your disabled you're going to end up in these Walmart cages that are right here on YouTube in the closed Walmarts. Do something about it right now. Do something about it for your midterms. If you don't do something you are at fault and you are going to have to live with it. I am grateful believe it or not that I am terminally ill and will not have two lives much longer Too Faced what this country is going to have to face if this awful awful creature continues to get his way we have to get that man tarred and feathered and out of this country along with the rest of the family and his cabinet Mike Pence cannot be our next president and that's a fact. This is done by microphone because I am paralyzed so you will have to excuse the misspells the punctuation and anything else that is wrong with this so don't call me uneducated.

Still mad hillary lost isnt she.

My understanding is that as a member of the military doesn’t have to comply to an illegal order. This may help JAG attorneys may be able to refuse.

RACHEL MADCOW can't play my emotions with her rhetoric

The public is calling for the families to sue the U S government in a class action suit for stealing their children.

The public is calling on all people who have access to the children be housed illegally, to take pictures, and inform the news media.

Haliburton gets $795 bucks a day to tent each immigrant ADULT. Imagine the price they get for a kid. That's what the shadow government is doing to make mega bucks "helping" you now. Take the "help". Go to prison and agree with everything they say. That's the American way.

The media won't tell them immigrants that the second entry is a felony and they'll take your kids and put you in prison. It's a trap they set up to look sympathetic and then in prison. Do not come here. We have maximum sentences here now and the media just goes on and on about foreigners to distract and trap people here. They are Nazi's here. They hate you. Even the "natives" are racist here.

Then, I guess it's time for "The (other) Americans to find ways to fight against these Americans who are trying to hurt our president !!

we have now , in america , between 12 and 20 million illegals . NO one really knows how many. !! this is NOT trumps fault . i know you who read this msnbc page want UNRESTRICTED IMMIGRATION. you do not believe in borders . you follow the marxists idea of INTERNATIONAL SOCIALIST TRIUMPH over all your foes . and anyone who does NOT agree with you is your FOE. are you really willing to tear apart america to force the acceptance of your FOREIGN IDEOLOGY. ?? our founders did NOT believe in what you are proposing. are you really willing to cause a CIVIL WAR ?? because THAT is what you will get.!!

Bring it on dickhead!

Rachel the Swamp Beast Wordsmith, MadCow. You lazy thinkers fall for anything ... Silly Rabbits .

Love you Rachel...Please Focus on Stephen Miller. He has way too much influence and he is a white supremacist.

She needs to focus on getting a good shrink!


how can we differentiate parents from child traffickers?

Platinum Stacks If you seperate a child from the mother, it's common sense to keep a list of connections. Names, pics, who went where? Unless you never plan to reunite them. Right? Poor little boys and girls are probably being violated by Roy Moore...did the Mexcian government ship them across the US?

+Connected One you mean the Mexican government?

Platinum Stacks ...maybe if someone kept track of who came with whom...BEFORE separating them....

Ps thank you for the history lesson back in 1926? When white supremacist tried to put into law that all non whites would not be allowed in the United States and roll the white race back to 1890 censuses

Remake Oliver Twist and orphan Annie in a few years with the concentration camps as a backdrop

Wow Rachel you are one of the few pure journalist left that i listen see you break down shows not only your humanity but also the inhumanity that has taken over. We need you and all of you at msnbc to put the pressure on this inhumane administration

Stan - you are seriously deceived boy! Try changing the channel and get away from all that fake news - it will clear your head - really!

That's what the nazis did when they formed the 'workers party', it was supposed to get rid of the government's problem of welfare for the poor! That's ancient history

well done rachel, Russia's state tv FOX "entertainment" should have its license revoked here, just like UK, who don't allow fake news stations to represent the government, so they pulled thier broadcast license. of course the British dept in charge of that sort of thing are not controlled by the USA's dear leader PUTIN.

Trump's administration has become a child kidnapping and child trafficking syndicate. This is Trump's America.

What a good lady rachel..she said exactly whats on our minds..

So there was a fundraiser for the little girl in red jacket to be reunited with her parents when she was never even separated? Someone should be arrested and charged with fraud.

really are you sure less people will vote for Donald Trump, because right now you will probably more voters for Donald Trump. I suppose he should thank the bleeding heart media for acting like a bunch of morons. Gee I guess he is right he is smarter than you. Those children are getting more medical attention than your american children. and better than your american prisoners. You know american people get their children taken away from them when they break the law to foster care, but yet you don't defend their rights. They should take their children away for endangering their children walking in the desert.

Trump is showing how inconsiderate and heartless people of the USA are and they will do anything for money. No moral value. No humanity. Bringing shame on the USA. The so called modern country and democratic country What a shame.

well guess we will have to dust off that underground rail road we had for slavary

The ignorance of all the liberal lemmings here is simply incredible. Do yourselves a favor and start looking at alternate news sources. Your hypocrisy is astounding and lack of understanding so symbolic of Democrats over the past 60 years.

Dear world, Take a look at America. First, we built toddler concentration camps and put actual toddlers in them, then needed a loud national debate about whether or not toddler concentration camps are a good or a bad idea. Now, we are going to stop protecting the rights of workers and we are going to stop giving a crap about educating our children.

Where has the outrage been for the several years while this has been going on? Time magazine had to make a correction anout the girl they put on the cover! We now have the Internet that allows us to research articles and videos from the past and not believe fake news!

Trump wanted to make his mark on America with a vanity wall... He will be remembered as the worst president this country ever had. Shame on Trump and his administration.

she just cannot handle the fact that he is doing a fantastik job,typical communist...........

*I wish upon Trump, his enablers, and their children what they have done to migrant children.*

I've built an underground railroad for illegal Mexicans. The end of the tunnel ends up back in Mexico.

Thank you for reporting on the fundraiser for the families. That gives me hope for the human race.

The GOP is setting a precedence that it's okay to take children away from people who commit a misdemeanor.

Can anyone tell me how i can find my local hillary clinton antifa rally !!

I am not an attorney, but active service personnel actively prosecuting non-citizens to "help out the DOJ"? Really? I would think that The Posse Comitatus Act, United States federal law (1878) (18 U.S.C. § 1385) would prevent the military acting to prosecute the people in detention, as the federal law specifically prevents the military from acting in a law enforcement capacity. Despite approval by the current SecDoD, the approval and those in the the Pentagon who approved this may be in violation of federal law. While the Trump people may argue that the JAGs are not acting to apprehend, they are most definitely part of the civilian law enforcement as part of the prosecution, and should be therefore banned from participating. While Navy and Marines are not specifically mentioned in the law, it has been SecNav policy for *decades* that the law applies to the Navy Department as well. As the current DoD Secretary, retired marine general Jim Mattis should know this! What do you think Smedley Butler and Chesty Puller say, Mattis? By allowing this, you have allowed the good name of American service men and women to be sullied by participating in cheap political maneuvering and cruel and inhumane policies in contravention of decency and American values. And if I'm correct, in violation of US law as well.

This administration is just full of monsters. It’s so sad that these families are being torn apart. And now they face the real possibility of NEVER seeing their children again. All because they were trying to get to a place where they thought they could make a better life for them and their families. I know people will have their difference of opinions, but we all should agree that children being forcibly taken from their families is just wrong and cruel.

Trump probably was not aware that his plan blocking illegal imigration would end up seperating children from their families. He has since sighned papers to rectify this mistake. Trump says this will not happen again.

Why are these stupid criminals coming in!?!??!??!??!

The liberal media and Democrats are ridiculous! Trump is living rent free in there heads!

MSNBC you spelled it wrong!!!! It's Rachel Madcow!!!!!!!!

It is very encouraging to see so many Americans acting like real Americans again. It is a very uplifting thing to hear and see Americans doing something simply because it is the morally correct thing, simply because it is right, because the issues involved go way beyond mere politics. I am surprised and thrilled to see so many trying to hold on to what is left of the soul of America.

french documentary:

Donald Trump Jr. met with with Russian officials about adoptions...

This is dangerous pure Fascism, Hitler and General Franco did this! Pol Pot too did this in re-educational the Cambodian people!

MSNBC is Fake News!

Moder day feminism is Cancer and it's for ugly women inside and out!

Child trafficking is HUGE money in USA

Oh. How about combining the Department of Education and The Board of Prisons?

The New American Order. Criminal.

More than likely Lady McFarland

Dust like that of Auschwitz falling on American cities.

Nazis USA.

We KNOW.OBAMA DIDN'T TAKE CHILDREN FROM THEIR PARENTS the proof? Trump wouldn't be caught dead doing anything president Obama did. If Obama did then Trump would be taking kids to their parents! Regardless it's still shameful and it has got to be illegal somehow. Anyone who allows this should be deported and stripped of their United States citizenship. All those people who have had their children kidnapped should get automatic United States citizenship!

f''k you liier RACHEL


Cheeto face needs to go!!!!

Labor dept and Dept of education have nothing to do with each other Much like MSNBC and real news Same difference Lol

You don't like the destruction of your own country? RACIST!!!!!!! Seriously, you loonies belong in an asylum.

WTF is the government planning to do the 400 something girls they stole and secretly transported in the middle of the night? They showed the boys, why not the girls? Someone please enlighten me! I expect anything from this administration.

WTF POTUS!!!!!! It’s not enough for you to literally rip apart toddlers from migrating parents to later place them in camps like criminals. Now you need army lawyers to prosecute the parents so they can’t search for the kids you took from them? UNHUMAN, SHAMEFUL. How dare you!!!

so many dumb people here

We need you on those flights sir. You need to get the information out to the people. Please do not abandon the people who need people who care.

Children here in America have been taken from their parents it their parents commit crimes. What make these illegal kids better than american kids?

Boohoohoo Rachel!  Go home to mommy!

Not about the Children, it about DemoRat politics.

What worries me most about this situation is not just that it is happening on the - supposedly - most democratic country in the world. This is in itself an outrageous situation. What worries me the most is the influence this sort of action can have on other countries policies about refugees. Brazil is now facing a situation that is unprecedented, receiving refugees from our neighbor, Venezuela. And we already have candidates to our elections this year basing their future policies on the model of actions Trump is making. The problem is, we don't have a culture of being as active in politics as Americans do. By setting these policies, Trump is endangering people all over the world, creating precedents to all kinds of racist and prejudiced actions institutionalized by governments and right-wing groups in other countries that might as well take over and make refugees face even more hardships they already do. Criminalizing refugees and asylum seekers is not only wrong, it's inhumane. I hope the American people can undo this terrible damage.

Trump for emperor of the west. Crush all liberals Gerald no mercy. From. ( Irish resistance to islam)

Am I the only one who can who feels the hauntings and terror of deja vous? They pry babies, toddlers and children away from their parents. They sneak them on planes buses, in the past it was cattle-cars. Their destination is baby prisons and children's concentration camps. Trump is re-enforced by an ignorant mass of brain-dead, white supremist and neo Nazis. Yes, I am vigilant, this is the same senerio that had spawned Hitler. I did not serve my country for the purpose of a bigoted, cowardly draft-dodger to wreck it. Trump is not my President. He is the enemy, I am vigilant, you just can't trust s liar. This elderly infant is provoking our friends, allies and neighbors, Trump is isolating us, soon we will be alone.

Would   someone  please,  please   put  a  bullet   between  that   Draft Dodger(COWARD) Trump's  ears.. This    clown  (Putin's lackey) is   effectively   destroying  America.. Cannot   wait until   the   rigged  mid   term  election. Getting   rid  of  Trump  needs  to  be   done  now.

Fake new channel with this disgustingly ugly face Meddow political prostitute.

Scarely enough, this might not be the worst thing Trump does as President.

nope you did not.

Donald Trump is the Trojan horse~ he slowly bringing down the United States

To separate children from parents and putting them into what is essentially a jail is an absolutely disgusting, disgraceful and completely immoral!!! Trump has gone way too far! Children should only be taken from parents in cases of severe abuse or mistreatment and only by due process of law. They should not be used as pawns to harass frightened immigrants into giving up their lawful rights! This horrible policy sickens me to the very heart and soul. We need Trump out NOW!!!!

What, no fake tears for us this time Rachel Maddow?

I remember what my grandfather told on my eighteenth birthday. He said children are the dark angels of God and yet God love them most. He said kids wear the truth on their sleeves because God gave them exclusive access to the kingdom.

Oh wow Trump quietly cut legal aid for immigrant children that are separated from their parents last month that's real f*****-up he cut the bill and then kidnapped the kids what kind of s*** is that and all those Trump supporters acting like he's doing something so right you separate them from their parents after you cut the legal aid bill for them to be protected from being separated from their parents man you're advisor nah you need a new one that's right you don't listen to anyone in your Administration.

If there was no plan to reunite the children with their parents.WHAT were they going to DO WITH THEM?We're they going to give them to foster homes permanently? We're they going to sell them? We're they going to let strangers adopt them without the knowledge of their real parents? I wouldn't put anything past Steve Miller and Doepy Donald!

Hahaha, don't you like the fact that Trump is not able to scratch together money for his wall - in contrast to a single couple raising 15 million dollars within days for representing those parents that now need to find their children that were taken away and quietly scattered all over the country by now. - Good for you America - is still well and alive for the truth and showing backbone.

The only way to clean up a pile of Trump, is with one shovel at a time. If everyone pitches in then the clean up will go much faster.

These. Are. Human. Rights. Violations. In. The. United. States. This is completely unconscionable. We won't accept this.

when is enough ...enough!!!

Good grief, Rachel has not got a thing! Who said it was a SECRET! We knew they had to be taken somewhere! Why didn't the parents go to one of the 30 ENTRY POINTS AVAILABLE TO THEM!

Decent Americans have to take matters into their own hands. You must not allow this mad man to continue ruining your country!

Trump looks to be moving into into an industrial scale pedophile grooming racket for his rich pals as equally degenerate as him.

Rachel! You are my rock star!. I love what you do!!

What monstrosity!!!!

We need to locate, take DNA from all, set up a match-up center and get them REUNITED!

Trump Derangement syndrome is real, this country is in better shape now than any time in history, thanks to Trump

If you come then come legally, if not then suffer the consquences.. The secret to big to be kept is that Obama did the same thing

The Trump Administration is Godsend to humanity.

The Orangutan is behind the wheel now, what can go wrong?

Hey Rachel the dummy Maddiow those pictures of the immigrant children are from 2014..You Dunce!

I believed if you separated them permanently, especially the teenager they remembered this painful moment and the life that they experience while growing up without the comfort and the love from their parents they will revenge and becomes gange and worst than what we've experienced before.

Jeff Session should be doing somethings nice before the day that you will laying on your death bed. That day, I'm sure what you've done will comes and haunt you until your last breath.

Eliminated ICE. ICE is very cruel, they only care about money. Money is their god.

Good to know there are still sane Americans

Miss Maddow, ICE is not just simpl/ 'taking' kids, it is kidnapping the child/en, [without consent] take them to unknown location and subject then to ps/chological and emotional st/ess . The child "DONALD" is guilti of kidnapping and child abuse ... DoJ MUST DO SOMETHING.

Here's some info a friend shared with me on fb. It's very revealing the 'I don't care' jacket non message "Susan Wohlbruck Giovanni Tiso wrote a short and enlightening essay today about the history of "I Really Don't Care" in Italian: I don't really speak Italian, so I didn't realize this right away, but "Me Ne Frego," or "I don't really care," was the slogan of the World War I Arditi, the Italian stormtroopers. It came from the writings of the soldier poet and proto-Fascist Gabrielle d'Annunzio, who led Arditi veterans in taking the city of Fiume in Croatia after the war, a brief nationalist revolution that indirectly led to Mussolini's seizure of power in 1922. Here's what's startling to me, after finding this out. I have been to northeastern Italy, and just across the border into Slovenia. You cannot drive through the smallest village in this region without seeing a monument or cemetery dedicated either to the World War I dead, the Fascists, or the defeat of the Fascists by Communist Yugoslav partisans and Italian antifa geurrillas at the end of World War II. Streets everywhere are named after Fascists or antifascists. There are references to d'Annunzio everywhere. There's some photos here of some of these monuments, in Redupuglia, Trieste, the Val Di Risondra and elsewhere. But as I said, I don't speak Italian and was only there for two weeks. Melania Trump was born in Novo Mesto, a city in Slovenia which was part of first Fascist Italy, then the Third Reich in World War II. Her father was a Yugoslav Communist Party member, from a village which has three large mass graves from the struggle against the Fascists and Nazis. She went to school and first worked in Lubljana, a city full of references to the fight against Fascism. She started her modelling career there before moving on to Milan, the city where Mussolini was executed after a mass uprising against the Nazis and Fascists. She speaks Italian. Let me repeat that: Melania Trump speaks Italian. When you add to this the fact that Fascists have just had an electoral victory in Italy, that there are active Fascist street movements everywhere there today, actively resurrecting and using the Fascist slogans and mottos of the 1920s and '30's (including "I Don't Really Care"), that admirers of these movements have worked and do work in the White House, from Steve Bannon to Sebastian Gorka to Stephen Miller, and that Zara, the jacket manufacturer has previously been controversial for producing a swastika themed handbag and a shirt with a concentration camp Jewish star on it, it is impossible for me to think that this signalling was not intentional. Some may think the jacket is a distraction from the very real threats facing our country and world right now, from scapegoating of vulnerable immigrants and refugees to the stripping of the social safety net and the destruction of workplace and environmental protections. I firmly believe it is not. The First Lady of the United States, who grew up in the heartland of symbolic contestation over Fascist symbols and mottos, wore a Fascist message jacket from a company with a history of Fascist messaging. I care about that very, very much."

Oh My God! I just realized that tRump is TRYING to cause a civil war! He thinks that is his ticket to getting away with everything and remaining in power! That is why he gave away our entire economy to his rich friends, why he is selling our national parks to the highest bidder, why he is getting rid of any regulations that would protect us from being looted by big banks and Wall Street, why cops are being allowed to gun down innocent citizens in the street! And now why he is legally kidnapping thousands of children! He wants us rioting in the streets! Once he declared martial law, it will be all over, and so will the shreds of our democracy. He will keep pushing and pushing us until it spills out of control! Then he will take over everything. And it's going to happen before the next election.

I hate you rachel

God bless everyone who is helping these families and who speaks up on their behalf. ❤

Wow ! Shame on the administration for this cruel policy

1st Clinton's shacking out on Hillary and now children are removed from their parents because of poor legislating from the 90s. Those poor kids. Shame on Clinton! Nice legacy Bill!

It seems this Country under Trump has turned into Human Trafficking of children. It turns my Heart steel cold. If you support Trump, you have a hand in this. There is NO WAY to separate it. There are other HUMANE ways to bolster our Economy.

Trump is scoring success after success and only the blind can't see...

First minorities as a testing phase, then immigrants for practical application, then non-conforming Americans... Hello FEMA camps... This work is well over a century in the making.

"Have nothing to do with each other" Yes they do! It's called Corrupt Money! LOL!

I am an RN, living in Michigan, I recently learned their may be children in Grand Rapids. I have been trying to find a way to volunteer or assumes job in one of these places. Anyone, know how I can do this. I want to help, the only way to see these places for what they are and for what they are truly doing is to be on the inside.

This is despicable. Shame on you U.S. for allowing this to go on. My grandparents told me how nazis and communists transported their undesirables on cattle trains into labor death camps. Here in Europe we thought it to be disgusting inhumane act - but apparently we didn't get the "You had very fine people on both sides" memo... You people need to fight back hard and firm against fascists while you still can. Later on you get imprisoned for speaking out, and even later you just get shot. We learned it in Europe the hard way. Don't make the same stupid mistakes.

Why does the left refuse to recognize the difference between legal and illegal immigration. Please try to answer this question with out being shrill.

Trump always throws these ugly to the bone situations at us, to confuse and turn our attention elsewhere. It works every time. Using children to create smoke and mirrors is not surprising for a disturbed lowlife, who is a Putin wannabe. I feel saddened, Trump is making these innocents suffer needlessly. This is inhumane behavior.

That little girl needs protection from Democrat pedophiles.

Take them to your house and feed them from babies to college students and then they don't want to work. Don't expect me to pay tax money to your ignorance.

Rachel is bought and paid for. I don't believe a word she says.

David Hogg and the Hoggettes are really having a problem since the liberals and the media have moved on to bigger and better things than "our poor babies being killed". Now they're on to "those poor babies from another country being detained". But every conservative who knows anything understands liberals have the attention span of a gnat.

Don’t Believe

yt is censoring comments ?

I really wish that rachel would come home and find her old lady (literally) scissoring with ana kasparian.

Thank you Rachel for shining a light on the people who are being true Americans and standing up for what they believe in!!

This is what I said the people who are in positions in ICE need to protest and not participate. That is what Unions are for.

To all those working against Trump's madness, stay strong and continue on, Dictatorship of Trump has made Americans look like heartless, racist, human traffickers, and if one of these kids die America will be forever seen as inhuman, barbaric, disgusting filth, to those who have a heart please don't quit


I don't understand why moving the GIRLS ONLY isn't causing more outrage! Taking girls from parents and moving them FAR away from their parents is SO creepy sounding... Trump talked about kids being smuggled and trafficked. It sounds like that is EXACTLY what he is doing...

Hey cry baby

Aww the big cry baby is back. Crying for wet backs

God is always watching ... Have faith

hey everyone watch Rachel Maddow: Where Are Your Tears For America’s Children on NRATV

15 million americans live abroad

Maddow has absolutely no idea how things REALLY WORK in government & a free society. In the U.S., the huge majority demands a sane and workable immigration policy. The majority is tired of having emotionalism, half truths, fake news, and so many other farces being perpetrated against us.

I will keep my eyes open.


179 days. Interesting. A reservist activated for 180 days you qualify as a vereran. So, I guess they are going to activate reserve military people with legal degrees to do this legal work without giving veteran's benifits.

Lesbian dingbat

nearly a million americans in prison. on probation. or in a dead end no future job becuase of cannabis prohibition and literally millions of children have died because a 60+ year lie has prevented the discovery and application of only one aspect of cannabis's medical uses. and not one single word from the good people at MSNBC. i am glad you are worried about immigrants and their children but how is it a few 1000 children get you started but when it comes to ending cannabis prohibition that has ripped so many more children from the arms of their mothers and fathers for trying to treat them when nothing else works. you dont go on a month long rant about that?

Vote November go blue vote for the one has a chance to win against this monster trump his the antichrist !!!!!!!!!!

Welcome to the greatest Nation on Earth

This is heartbreaking

AMERICANS!!!! elections are coming. REMEMBER!!!

It's like listening to two different events in the news. According to sources from the right: it's all about catching M13 and stopping the crime wave in Mexico from coming to United States. In left; it's all about weird and secret policies targeting an specific group and taking children away from their parents probably forever. In some sources, the problem is not even limited to the border. They seem to be taking people from their homes here in US and holding their children. It would be nice to hear the entire true from both sides.








the comments on this story prove that you left wingers are mentally unhinged. This is not "Trump Policy", it's the law. It's being enforced now as it should be, or change the law! America is NOT broken, but Congress sure is.

So, Beaker from The Muppet Show calls himself Rachel Maddow now and got into journalism. Good for him!

People still believe their mad king, I have a question,”Are these children going to school? How many have been returned to their parents? And does anyone know where near San Diego are they being held? Because I want to help.

Thousands of children have been illegally stolen for generations and through this day. Child protective Service is profiling poor families that have little to no resource to defend themselves. False allegatioons are enough for a parent to never see their child ever again. Laws are not followed. In Michigan when a child is taken from a parent on disability the limit of charging the parent is 20% of their check. I know a mother who was charged 160% of her income ensuring her child, home and business were unceremoniously removed from her life. Remember all the news about the economy going to tank? Well these are unjust games to keep the economy flowing. I hear the TRumpPence (trumpets) sound of revelations and it is verified through the seven viles in his office and the attempt to steal the future...... through the children.

This is INSANE.

By screwing children's life you americans are setting yourselves for a future wave of hate...i don't think you know how bad it's going to get

Illegal immigrants are what they are - ILLEGAL. What next? Are bank robbers, killers, rapists and drug dealers and their messed up kids going to be forgiven and they and their kids afforded new lives in the country, state, and town of their choice?

There are several hundred kids here in Michigan.

What Trump is doing is like what Petain did when France was occupied by the Nazis. Resist, people !

I don't see a problem with merging labor with education. I think they go hand and hand.

WHAT DO GOOD MEN DO Should we call him a man A demon or a pervert.? Should we pull out our detectors For predator alert. A MAN without sagacity impaired from his salacity Creating insanity, a threat to earth and humanity Has the audcity, To pile up children to capacity. Creating more insanity, a threat to earth and humanity Has the audcity to be smiling, while piling up children. Baby’s Snatched From mommy’s arms crying for their daddy’s. Children stuffed in crates All due to hate. Now in jails filled to Overcapacity. What do good people do? Do we only Watch? And do noting As Salacious Contaminates thrones While sitting in The seat of dignity. Threatens integrity. Can we at least Chant; ” God save our Morality”! Can we at least Chant; “God save our children”!

Can we at least Chant;

Sounds like the cheese is too good on the trap....

The crying Honduran girl on the cover of Time was not separated from her mother

This witch is still on?

So what is that going to be? Merging the Dept of Education and the Dept of Labor.......hmm is that like putting little kids to work? Make them work for their "schooling" .....I wouldn't put it past Trump to do something like that.

who is going to pay for that , millions of dollars , this man on TV should donate his salary , is he or she ? I don't know , do you ? , but he is counting with tax payers ... this is very easy , put your money down .

Oh god, wtf! What do the education dept and labor dept have in common? Let's see you, dumb news person. One leads to the other. You need one for the other. Notice she won't talk about all the black families that got broken up on Clintons war on drugs that targeted black Americans in particular. This is just more FAKE crap.

This is all so scary!! Mind blowing!

trump is trying to destroy this country courtesy of putin. what a monster!

The people crossing the border aren't invading America, They are just coming back home. Read your US history. How do you think native Americans  feel when they hear right winger say " We will take our country back" and " make it great again"?

it's fault of Congress you narrow minded idiots. ITS LAW and Congress can change it but won't. Stop blaming Trump administration for a Congress issue!

Combining administration personnel, not changing scope of either. Why have two accounting departments? Why have duplicate employees?

It amazes me how the thumbs down comments are manipulated by certain dictators how don't seem to embrace freedom of ideas ! This video had past 911 dislikes long ago and it mysteriously goes back down . HHMMM !

I think this is a pretty clear example of how Trump has bankrupt so many of his companies, because it's clear that he has no idea how to do business. So, why did anyone think he would know how to run a country?


I love how Trump worshipers blame Clinton and Obama for Trumps policies. I love how they say its wrong to care about immigrants when there are similar problems with American citizens and think Dems aren't also focused on that as well. You honestly think Trump will stop here. He wont stop until we have full fledged Death internment camps and if you think he will stop at immigration your sadly mistaken. He will continue on to throw sympathizers into these camps as well just as Nazi Germany did. The rate of political and social divide is growing by the minute and we are heading towards a seriously deadly civil war. This is being provoked on both sides. Dems and republicans are refusing to see each other as human beings and come to a rational and intelligent bipartisan solution on all fronts. We are Americans people no matter the skin, no matter the faith, no matter the state or city in which you reside. America once lead the world in innovation as well as morality and freedom. America was a beacon of hope for the world and we are now over turning all the progress all the progress we made as the land of the free since the founding fathers of our once great nation. Even though immigration policies are at the forefront of peoples minds presently Dems have been the leading forward pushers of the underdogs within and outside our country. We are not all equal that's absurd but we are all equally human and deserve our basic freedoms as well as respect and a touch of understanding. When you see another human being as being less than human you cant fathom having a reasonable debate. All the words and all the evidence falls upon def ears and blind eyes. Wake up America and listen to the voices of America both dem and gop an to all those who fall in between. Learn your wold history so we may avoid the mistakes of past blunders. Don't demonize a Republican just cuz they are a republican and vice versa. Stop using terms like Racist, or Snowflake, "WTF does that even mean." I know tones of Republicans who are kind thoughtful people living respectable lives. Same goes to the Dems. We are people first, Americans second and politically aligned a distant 5th. We all want the same things in the end. We want a safe environment to live in, We want a good education & well paying jobs, Plenty of healthy food & we want our voice to be heard and considered with respect and dignity. This administration however is trying its best to destroy all those things

Hitler was a gentleman in comparison to Trump and Sessions.


Well trump supporters, thanks for making him our president. F*ckers

only demonrats and fake news are against Trump, we the majority love Trump



OK America, here is an issue I have been seeing for many years that makes me sick. The ENTIRE reason that the constitution ensures the right to bear arms is protection from a tyrannical government. There have been times in the past that you could say that the government could be labeled as tyrannical (Vietnam war for instance) and now is another. I am not calling for violence, I am calling for the recognition that the government is fully capable of being tyrannical without a twitch from a single gun owner. It's time to rethink the reasoning behind the second amendment.

Americans Finding Ways To Work Against Donald Trump 18 U.S. Code § 2383 - Rebellion or insurrection Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States *or the laws thereof,* or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States. §2384. Seditious conspiracy If two or more persons in any State or Territory, or in any place subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States, or to levy war against them, or to oppose by force the authority thereof, or by force to prevent, hinder, or delay the execution of any law of the United States, or by force to seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both. 18 U.S. Code § 2385 - Advocating overthrow of Government Whoever knowingly or willfully advocates, abets, advises, or teaches the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying the government of the United States or the government of any State,... *or* Whoever, with intent to cause the overthrow or destruction of any such government, prints, publishes, edits, issues, circulates, sells, distributes, or publicly displays any written or printed matter advocating, advising, or teaching the duty, necessity, desirability, or propriety of overthrowing or destroying any government in the United States by force or violence, or attempts to do so; Shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both, and shall be ineligible for employment by the United States or any department or agency thereof, for the five years next following his conviction.

Too bad Mexico doesn't want to help all these people passing up through their country.

We have a complete lake of intelligence or a strong leader in our country. The white needs to be cleaned OUT so much incontinence in the DisGraceful

this is undoubtedly *one of the very Best shows* that Rachel has done this year!! and I know that she's had *numerous other Great investigation reports* covering the complicated (and often insane) events happening daily in "our alternate-reality". But THANK YOU, Rachel - especially for THIS one! :(

Or they are trying to save money

The truth about her tears:

Madcow madcow what ya gonna do what ya gonna do when we come for you

Might as well take down the Statue of Liberty because as far as I know that statue represented America as a freedom and equality and America is far from that.

I swear Trump and his base have a strange Dominate/ submissive relationship!

arrest trump, incarcerate trump into a mental hospital

north korea does not even do this.

is this acceptabe human rights?

wow, education and labour in one???? edu ate the children in favtories owned by trump enterprise


Does anyone actually still watch this dude . . i mean woman . . or whatever it is ? America is awake . . demwits . . the gig is up. Can you say . . #GreatAwakening ? Most of America can . . can you at least hear the thunder ? The thunder of Gods wrath . . as his people stand up . . as his people awaken from the deep sleep ? Can you morons at least hear the insects . . the frogs . . the planet ? They will come for you . . you can not hide . . the LION will have no more. Fire & Brimstone . . thats whats coming for this thing . . pretending . . to be a reporter. The PEOPLE have dominance in this realm . . we will lead the charge . . not even your rat holes will protect you . . from Gods wrath. You all have a great day . . I certainly will . . we are ALL enjoying the show. Do your little Jester dance for us . . Satan demands it ya know. Those awake . . do a Maxine Waters on these traitors to our liberties . . let them know how you feel . . we certainly know how they feel. Stand up and tell them what you think of them . . if they can even go in public any more. Shame . . the best form of teaching Demwits . . what the people think.

we are trying to find ways to forget mandows ugly face

Now this breaks my heart to see that baby without their parents. That little baby I definitely would care for that little 11 month old. baby until they find the parents. Those Children needs loving homes. How did those children get to different States if they didn't use airlines? Unless they used Military, or private airlines.

maddow i love you

yes, Kansas has some of these kids. Our local Mexican community and some State officials have visited the facility which is for troubled kids.

I have no respect for President Trump, he is running this country like his businesses and that isn't a good thing with the track record he's gotten.

The Republican Party is setting up a coup.

It has been proven 8 ways to Sunday that Trump colluded with the Russians who illegally interfered with our election. The American people did not elect him - 3 million more of them voted for Hillary Clinton even though they aren't crazy about her either. And the electoral college did the rest to make this insanity happen. If he is not legally elected then he should not be allowed to make any orders until this matter is settled through the probe being conducted.

Who ran on a week campaign of Hope and change Obama isn't that what we expect from any new sitting president

And let's not forget Obama told the United Nations we need to give up some of our rights and freedoms retain the right to defend ourselves but not govern ourselves because we're too simple-minded to govern our own affairs basically we're too stupid to manage our self is what Obama said lovely president wasn't he and he also passed laws making it slavery to be accessible didn't know that did you or did you just care not to say anything about it because it goes against your agenda

Now it's the Democrats turn to screw the Republicans over you didn't want to pass anything Obama passed we don't want to pass anything Trump wants to pass cuz we didn't want him at office you screw us we screw you

And if we're talking a Tit for Tat when Obama was in office the Republicans went out of their way not to pass anything he wanted to pass even if it was their idea

Do as we say not as we do because I said so

However it's acceptable for the United States to push our globalist agenda on other countries or they wanted or not no one talks about us affecting other countries elections

So who were you going to blame when Trump wins in 20 2000 I got this the Russians why not they took the blame for the last election

Is this false news again. This is msnbc way to lies. Msnbc is false news cast .

When did America ok kidnapping ?

Tompolski now cannot grab hookers puxxxy, now they getting kids for him....his small hands getting itchy

Trumpolski is harvesting the kids organs and blood for himself and inanka

Why has no one commented on the fact that, Putin was asked two distinct questions? He answered separately and in the affirmative to BOTH.

Build that wall asap. Make illegal entry a federal offence. Figure out a way for legal entry and citizenship. No rewards for people who break our laws and disrespect legal immigrants because they feel "entitled" to a free pass (at our expense). Please stop third world America from becoming a reality. Just look at California.

Looks like we are seeing what the Nazis did go the Jews being repeated again! A nation that don't protect their kids destroys its future.

Fake News Clinton started this mess years ago, and OBAMA deported more people than every President COMBINED!!! These MSM Jokers hate the FACTS!

Can this woman prove anything?

There is no such thing as a "perfect-built" construction and news media need to stop using this description.

More fake news

No worries if you don't get involved now you will later, Americans are next, just look around you and you will see, you will be imprisoned by your own government is just a matter of time, they will take your guns away, then you will be marched to the tent cities, from there you might make it if you submit or might not if you don't .

Since president and Sarah Palin have been doing their drug dealings with the Russians an ounce of meth used to be 300 now it's 100 8-ball of cocaine 250 now it's $90 thanks Trump wow people are dying

This hassles nothing find yet this time.

So if a family has children aged from baby to say ten then not only will they lose their parents but also their siblings. That is so cruel.

I don't have to be politically correct I'm not a politician

Oh dang, this woman still has a job in news? Sad news

Do a research study Miss Rachel Maddow.

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