Amazing African Catfish Smoking In Nigeria | Mass Production | Marketvlog / Catfish Business

Amazing African Catfish Smoking In Nigeria  | Mass Production | Marketvlog / Catfish Business

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thank you so much for clicking to watch today's  video you're welcome to uh do unlock my space   wow you're going to enjoy today's  video and let's move right to the video okay market ready roast fish and what make it to a  dry catfish so welcome to jolla cray space hello   everyone welcome to audrey holla crazy space  welcome to today's video in today's video i'm   just going to show you how the rose catfish in  mass for exports for those that wants to sell   this is where they come to and you're  going to be amazed what they are doing   at this place like you can see that this is fresh  fish that is the cat fish these have just been   brought in and this particular man bought this  fish they use scale to weigh it i wasn't there so this is how they make it so i was amazed that was really fast  because you could imagine number you just take this although this is my first time i'm seeing how  this fish is being folded you know yeah they   fold this catfish normally i just wonder when  i see it i was just like what any other but   i've really learned that when i went to where  the what smoked catfish in mass production so   this is what this one does and the other guy  inside the sticks the sticks are already dead   they just make it and the fish is really much  fat i was just wondering when would they finish hey the man is actually trying to count to not the  number of fish the supplied to them they use skill   they have their skill they also do the counting  so you can see it's really a big job so this is   the first day because this video lasted before  two days because i want to get to the end product   so this is the first they immediately brought  the fish i got there and i was seeing out here so this is how they make where they roast the  fish like also this is a clay this stand was made   with a clay and a block so everybody has their  own clay which is arrow that they roast their   fish so this is more than 50 like i was told  and everybody has their own roast and the clay   stand that you roast your fish and in a way that  you'll be so amazed how this thing is going to   be arranged and it's going to be roast  so it's been constructed with a clay   i was trying to touch to really see i you know  wanted me to clay the more you click the other   it gets now i want to take you inside these are  the inside because this one is really big so i had   opportunity to enter inside i really want to show  everyone it looks like this inside and you can see   it so when they put the fire the light the fire  that is the distance so is this distance is much   i think it's about four feet from the ground and  this is how he's been arranged this fish is now   being irish and it has a method they don't just  arrange it it has a way to arrange it they set it   maybe so that by the time they want to have them  remove it from the fire it will be easy for them   so they arrange it in a very unique way that i was  so amazed i have to stand with this young man to   get through with how he's arranging this fish  and he arranged it so well so well so we can see   he was i think he was there with one and he  has to change the air because the team was   much and he has to do it fill up the grass to  roast the fish although there is no fire in it so   that makes it easier for him to arrange this  fish it makes it so easy now this is the one that   they've already fished on the cross so it's trying  to increase the fire so yeah they use the firewood   and this place is really really hot so you  put the firewood i think for a start because   actually i had i i was not able to get somebody to  pull me through they all speaking outside language   and the man i met that i asked him to put me was  like i should pay for him to just pull me through   i said okay don't worry let me see what i can do i  can make this so it has been arranged and the eats   has to be much not just the ebay much it has to be  covered everyone has their stamps so i'm moving to   a another stand i think this one has put  that's been roasting for some time now   it will soon be covered because when they start  resting do you just i like to stay like this   then do not close it this is another stand again  so it's also amazing i have to start moving around   see what is happening in each stand how do you  make it like this place is just arranging his own   so this is three o'clock in the evening because  i think they said the fish came in late so this   is three o'clock and they are just arranging this  man is just arranging his own the other man have   finished arranging his own and we can see  those ones that they've already arranged   down i think they want to make sure it get cold  in time so they are making it everybody's busy   fish everybody's so busy arranging their own fish  so this one there's no heat they've not light   the shark head firewood is still  very cold so i was able to touch it   but this one is hot you can see the fire okay  in fact getting close to this one i was really   trying because but i want you to see the fire the  heat is real so much that was why i was able to   now once you get to a stage you can see what  this man is doing at a particular stage once they   see that is a bit dry then they will remove it  there's a way to place it they don't just remove   it there's a way they move it so they eat now now  if you notice i'm moving it far away from the heat   the heat is at the front while  they are moved back and wow   can you see this one is super dry ooty big when i  say this one is super dry this is super super dry   and you can see since it is dry all they needed  was to bring to help with hair those were so bad so this one's a covert they're still roasting  like this one is covered it's been covered this   is using firewood so that's how inside looks  like but this young man i get to prepare and everybody with their lights fire and with their  fish so i have to start moving from one stand   so i know that they observe every other person out  there resting their fish it still is just the same   metal but what amazes me is everybody's having  their standard everybody's doing their own thing   in their own way now like this man when i ask him  what he wants he has enough fish but he's having   only one star so because he had some fish that has  a just a bit dry not fully dry so you just have to   move them to the upper part and add new fresh  fish that is a new fresh catfish to star wars   to star rose so you can see this is not fully dry  but you just have to put it aside and he added   this new one yeah that the one that the disney  news so as they get dry they remove it so this man   has his own since yesterday he did before so he  was it he has achieved his own fish and is so dry   because i was like wow i like this fish so this my  fish is dry like i said so it's packing them aside   you have to now start packing for supply to  send it to every whoever customer that i've made   demand so i'm just checking out the fish there  are different sizes from this man some are really   they're really dry like i said they are really dry  so it's just trying to check confirm if they are   really dry it doesn't just want to pack them for  that so my dresser that's it checking to confirm   if it's fully dry and once it is fully dry  it start packing it doesn't leave it yet it's i was able to meet a young man was  able to express explain how everything oh because so this is still hot injectable foreign and you can see everybody this one is not fully dried this one now what happened to it no it's  because of the wrong future boy is he ready   why would are we going to do today so if you want me fire kashana  what will go do like this one now so which they will stop today is this one till tomorrow tomorrow already how long you  gonna take before it takes spoiled if they   want chocolate how many days before you chop  them i know before i spawn you know no fish poi   they are going to do it so in the way that it's  going to be so so dry and you're going to like it it's circle mask this place is really hot it's really hot because  okay they are putting another set everybody is   doing this it has just stopped raining now it's  rained and it just stopped raining so you can see   so there's a way they set it they don't  just put it they arrange it in a perfect way   they just just put them in here then  they make sure the back is facing down   and the white side is facing up as you can see foreign that's this is 7 00 am the next morning so yeah 15 hours  yesterday he has to show me because they have to   cover it overnight so he was trying to show  me that the fish is now dry can you see every   other one i've arrested their fish this is their  smoked fish this is a smoked fish did just pack it   inside this bath because one thing is going  to happen they are going to do the cleaning   when i say that wow this is really work  they have to cleanly move because they   were trying to tell me that it has a  smoke so it's as the same was it called do so so select each sizes by sizes so this is the cutting that we used lots of them these ones are ready ready to be sent to the  market so the this person packaging this so i   learned that they get an empty carton and there's  a way they make the empty carton there's a way   they are going to make the down why are they doing  this way they are having the these are the fishes   that are ready to be packed and of different  sizes so there's a way they make their fish they   arrange to pack it to be sent to the market now  if they want to send it they fill in the carton   can you see this is so that they are not going  to watch maybe squeeze or inform in the process   of transport uh sending it to the buyer they  are going to get squeezed so they now make this so after this yes place it in orange to  fit inside the cartons so it's going to be   arranging them inside the cotton to retain to the  market it is fully ready so this man is doing his   own because i have a lot of them at this they  are packing the same time this is the next day   they all pack in the same time to be sent to  wherever part of nigeria they are taking it to   so they have to start making this early in the  morning like i told you this is around 7 30   so it is ready and they have to pack it it  has been clean so they have to now pack it is   the cartoon then from there is arranging he's going to fill it up and he's  counting the number of fishes yes it's counting   them you don't just put fish it's content  and this particular size because like i   was told they have different sizes so it's  packing different size to different cartoon   and he knows the number of the fish  is going to put inside a cutter so   this is a very big fish so he's arranging  a very big fish inside a particular cartoon   do do   do do let's hey and as you can see they are of different sizes so  they have to pick them to select them of different   sizes because they are taking them to where  they what sell them so we have different sizes   you can see some different sizes so that's  why they have four big goal to pick them   separately so this is the final stage it has been  cleaned and is ready to be transferred so the fish   has been selected into sizes to be sold so it  doesn't particular carton they will store them   and sealed it up then it will be delivered  to anywhere so if you want to buy fish   this is catfish bean produce been roasted  in mass so if you want to buy catfish   you can come here this is the man that made it  and it's also selling so his price is reasonable   we have a lot of vendors that are selling but he  has a very reasonable price so if you want this   fish you can contact me and i'll link you with  this man so this is how it's been packed into   different sizes and what to be shipped or to be  sent to the customers that have made demand to buy   is that you want to resell i just want to install  in your house for consumption so though so what i   really want to bring out of that is this there  are different sizes that's why selecting them   with the particular numbers but  if you really want this catfish   we are going to if you contact me that i am going  to give you the price and the pieces of catfish   you are going to get in a carton so this is  the carton getting prepared to be packed so   you get your goods being delivered to you  anywhere you are in nigeria even if you   are outside this country and you want this  fish i'll show you i have been processed   and so it's so easy but if you want to get  it for business then this is a good business   you can start anywhere you are part of me so the  young man here is my photographer say hello hello   it has been my photographer we've been working  for the past two days to achieve these great   success because this is not just produced in a  day it's two days soon thank you so much thank   you don't forget to 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