AMarkets — international forex broker. $15 000 000 payouts to affiliates already!

AMarkets — international forex broker.  $15 000 000 payouts to affiliates already!

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This is the sound of money this, is the sound of business share some not, obvious. Traffic. Source for. Advertising. Trading, I'd like to show you our secret department, our, monthly, turnover is, more than ten billions, dollar so what did you prepare, for us oh my, god, yes. It's real financial market. Hi. Peeps, Zorba's. Media continues, to travel the world to, learn affiliate, marketing, inside, and out today. I found myself in, very unexpected place, the. City called Podgorica which is the capital of montenegro, and i am here today to interview, the company, that made a our affiliate, program a. Main source, of attracting, new customers an, online. Broker, a, markets. They have been around for more than 10 years and, have gained a lot of experience, promoting. Financial products, in the internet so, let's. Try to figure out together both, how to profit, from running. Traffic, to online, brokerage. Firm and how. To establish a, solid affiliate, programs, that affiliates, want to participate to, but, before we start let me introduce you, Alex the head of affiliate, program, at a market, hi Alex, Roman, welcome, to Montenegro. Three. Features, that make be known tracker good for working with Google integrated. Lending's you can say if you're landing inside, the tracker it will be then opened, by the campaign, URL without, any redirects, Google, doesn't like them domain. Checks for Google blocking, being on checks your landing that means automatically. Every 20 minutes and highlights, the block ones triggers. Create, a condition, and be known will perform, an action you, will receive a notification then. For, example if your LP CTR less than 30 be known we'll switch your rotation, automatically. Tribe, enum tracker with our discount, details, in the description. So. Here we are this is the main entrance to, our office, I'm. Little bit, because. Nobody. Never visited, our office and record a video in here that let's do it this. Is the first experience, welcome. To markets. Hi. Before. We start to talk it actually affiliate marketing here that's, our main focus I wanted, to ask you a little bit about you, know the business itself is. It correct, to say that a, market, is. A, Forex broker. Not. Really no why because we. Major. Rebranding a few years ago this. Company called a Forex, but, when we decided to change our names because it's not about Forex right now it's not the main trading. Tool because we have a wide range of different. Trading, actives, we have cryptocurrencies, we. Have currency, we, have, different. Types of contracts. For the difference so, we. Have something. To provide. Which. I require online traders online, trading this, company is all, about online, trading I have been you know reading and trying to wrap. My head around this. Kind of business and I. Found. That information, that some. Of deals are. What. It's called non-bank and processed. Within. The. Platform. Can. You tell me a little bit about that what. What how that's really. Working in here for example just to put it simple when I buy an asset. What. Happens, mm-hmm. So, I guess your idea, so. How. Our business works. Generally. In, shall, not. Clients. Come. To our company -, for, online trading, we provide them the opportunity to make money from. Self. Trading, and from, investments, we have different. Products. We. Have different products and products. For self traders and for investors, if, you are going to open, position, yourself, you can do it for the most. Popular trading. Platform, it's called meta trader for our, position. And. Our. Business, is to process your operation, to give your opportunity, go, to the market you know to open this to open this trade, that. These. Deals are virtual. Yes, all the business is virtual virtual. Yes, everyone, is, really ball or. Fold no, no how. It works we have internal. Liquidity. We have external equity for example if you are going to buy and, I know to, trade eur/usd if, you are going to buy this currency it, means that on the other side there's, some, other trader who are going to sell it we, just bring them positions, together, and, take. Our Commission's from every every trade operation, yeah. I'm just you know trying to understand, what, the difference, between. Non-bank. And bank, transactions. Can, you explain, me a little bit more about that so, I've been like honestly, reading, and I, couldn't understand like, some of the deals are processed, within, the platform and some of the Jews are processed like, by, banks, or.

You. Know what's, the nature of forex, market forex market is forex exchange market, this is huge. Trading, operation, between global. Banks and they. Give. Your opportunity, to, join this to this cash flow you, see as a individual, mm-hmm. That's. How it works so, I. Cannot. Say that it's on the virtual market, so your trades, will be really preceded, here and you, will have real, prices from. The from. The market market prices you know that's, why we're not. Quality. Were here inside we got, a, liquidity, flow, we have traffic flow from a liquidity provider and. Transfer. With liquidity, flow to our clients that's it that's how it works hmm so some, of the deals I guess small, ones are protests inside and bigger, deals are post yeah you, know it doesn't. Matter big deals or small. Deals it's depend on current current, to the quiddity inside of the company, so it's risk management, for example if you see that our own, liquidity. Is not enough to, process clients, duration to execute it of course we, will involve some third site our interface, of our liquidity provider, hedging. Center we, will transfer clients position to hedging center and take our markup it's an additional Commission to spread that's. It yeah regarding, to Commission's, I am really curious to know how do you profit. When. Bigger clients activities. It's easier when bigger our profit, so, we earn from every, trade operation. You. Tell you I kind of feel a commission it's called spread, it's called spread it different between big, bid and ask prices, so, your profit is difference, between ask and bid yeah you know it is I, think in my opinion it will be easier for you to compare, us with a exchanging. Center if you need to change money you, go to the exchange center to change money and it will be impossible to do. It by. Market price because, the changing center has their own interest fee. That's. How it work it's called spread so, we're global, exchange center and it can you give me an, idea how big you are because, you know there are lots of companies around and I'm. Just trying to understand how big you are in the market you know it's safe to say with we're a leading. Brokerage, company, because. We process a, thousand. Separation, a day and. Our monthly turnover is, more than 10 billions, dollar. Monthly. Monthly, can. Be written yeah of course we can we. Have leverage 1 to 1000, so we increase, clients, possibility, to, buy more money to, have more serious. Deals or, serious, operations let's. Switch to affiliate, marketing now is. It correct to say that. Majority. Of your, traders. Are. Coming, from your affiliate program yes it's safe to say our business, based on our partners, that's why we're so party. Oriented, company so. Your. Business, grows because. Of their few ways. Not. Only because, of them because we have our own marketing, department, and guys. Do their job. And. It's. Combination no because in, my opinion affiliate. Marketing. Cannot, exist without direct, marketing, because the brand awareness is, a very important, thing for for, all Ibis for all affiliates. That's. Why we work together like a team can, you give me an idea on how much your, top affiliates, are making monthly monthly. Top. Affiliates see affiliates. Make. More. Than 10000 huge do. You. Hear yeah, what is yeah I have I have heard it many times already today what, does it really mean this, is the sound of money this, is the sound of business, it means that we're live, so. Every every second, every minute we have transactions, from our clients, this, is an system of notification. It. Makes us informed, that everything okay we. Have stable cash, flow we have new clients we have new deposits, so, every deposit is, accompanied. With that yeah, people don't the size of deposit, you can hear different. Different. Sounds. That's. Very smart yeah I mean in entertaining, at the same time it's, very motivated, you know it's some kind of gamification, of your sales process it's cool our sales team and Praful a team like. It. Let's. Talk about a geography. A little bit what. Are the, best countries. In. Your. Opinion, where, it's better to run. Traffic, you, know. Our. Geography is. Very, high we have partners. From different, countries, can you imaging we have partners, from, South. Africa, from Nigeria. From Vietnam Thailand, the Philippines so. Very. Different, countries but our main, regions, for us at this moment is.

Middle, East they, focused, our attention on, Middle East because this is there is strong potential, for, the. Next few, years mm-hmm. So you would recommend to try, those. Countries, we do with countries, yes. Yes and you know Middle, East to client, the clients, from Middle East, they're profitable, for us they are they're active, they, are deep inside the markets, so, they motivated, to. Generate, very high trading, volume and as I told you before trading, volume is our main interest because. This is the foundation of our profitability, of our margin here and how does enough. You can profit from this. There. Are, few. Types of Kappa. Racial models in our company, we, have traditional. Model of corporation, it. Called agent model, rev Rev share revenue, share model, we, are ready to give them up to 60% of, our, income. The other model it. Is it. Is usual model for that masters you know we. Have CP L plus CP model, we are ready to pay for qualified. Registrations. Up, to 20 USD for, every, new. Qualified, lead and up, to 500, USD for, every, active. Client I will talk a little bit about that, later, on now, I wanted to ask you if you accept worldwide. Traffic, yes, we, have some. Private. Regions, we have the list of this regions on our own website and our party community, so. For. Example we don't, work with USA, clients, we, don't work with clients from Japan why is that because. It's there, is a local. Strict. Regulation, you know but we don't want to, broke, a law you know and payouts, are the same for all countries yes. All countries but you know they're very flexible company, we are ready to discuss, some individual, offer for. With. With, all. Affiliates. So. If you come to, a markets, and you have some specific traffic, for example the traffic. From some region, and you. You. Know that the. Verb traffic as a regional, the price is higher of course we are ready to provide the partner with more. And. More profit. With more high remuneration, rate if the, confident. Which is going to bring us target, traffic you're top of us you mentioned they are making more than like ten thousand, dollars a month which is quite. Good number, but. I am interested, to know what kind of creatives, is your, stock creatives, that, you provide you that you provide them with or they, come up with their own creatives, I mean like landing, pages banners. Whatever, can be. Most. Of our active, effective. And active partners, use their own channels, and materials, because, they know how to promote it. Some. Of them have their. Own specific. On the website style, of you know articles. Or, something like this but the most effective partners. For, us. Those. Who. Have. Their. Own content, because. I believe that the most effective channel, in our days is content because audience. Tired. Of you. Know aggressive.

Advertisement. Banners. I I see. That, it. Doesn't work right now at this moment that's, why we need to do something more, we. Are ready to provide them with high, quality articles, we, have. Freelancers. Outsource, designers. Copywriters. And what kind of media buying do you mostly see it is it like Facebook, Google, ad. Or, maybe, other types of traffic light display, pop-unders. Push notifications. My opinion. The most effective is Instagram. And Facebook Instagram. And face yes you know that is allowed, to advertise, online. Brokerages. In in, social, media is, it allowed to advertise it, in facebook yes. There is no problems we can do it so. No. Any of the obstacles it's possible to discern but Facebook, is a, bit not even a bit sensitive. Platform. So they ban your account for. No reason sometimes sometimes. Sometimes. It happens and it. Just work process you know it's. Okay and do you know the. Vision. Of Google. On. Online. Brokerage. Kind of stuff do they also. Accept. This, kind of advertising. Yes. But you know but of course you need to, be more. Smart in your. Advertisement. In, your methods of works and if, you're a master, and this believe, me you will be the most successful partners. And we have we, have this pool of persons you know we have more 3,000. Affiliate. Accounts, these guys already earn money with us they. Do it they prove that it's possible to do so they're just trying to find a way around yes. Yes, you know the way around and the most effective channels, for, them in their cases is native, native, you know campaigns. Because. Direct, marketing. You know it works but it works not so good, as, as. I told this content, as. Any. Types of contacts, videos. Articles. You. Know interviews, like, this, it's. The best option it's the best option. How. Much do you think must, be invested. At the start to you know establish an. Affiliate. Program. Depends. Your target. It depends, your goals if, you are just going to see if you want to attract a lot of affiliates. Who will attract you a lot of clients how, much in, our using, industry, mess no industry, yeah. First, of all you need to create brokerage. Business you know we need a plan for. If. You already have it yeah if, we are already well-established business. But we don't have any a favorite program yet and we want to begin what. Budget should we consider. You. Know wherever, I'm going to buy, some. Some. I don't know personal, area on the side or you are going to develop it yourself. I might. Think that at least you need to have two or three hundred thousand, USD to. Create. To. Create the infrastructure, which help you to start this business and full power. Can. You describe, me. The. Best audience to target, for, those who want to start promoting financial, services. What. Is their audience of. Course the, best audience is. Traders. But. Honestly, to say it is its limited, audience of course if you will hunt only for traders you need to do a great job you need you, know but it's possible you can manage. Your campaigns, you can prepare special, offers. For, them you, can focus, your. Advertisements. On. People who are looking for opportunities to make money first. I do you find the Soviets. Forms. Phonetic, forums, Facebook. Educational. Centers. You. Know I didn't know most. Our effective partners, hey have their own products, for example trading. Robots, some. Tutorial. Materials, and. They. Bring. The. Traffic, from their services. Directly. To you yeah yep I'm probably trading, signals, trading, signals is very popular, yup so, user is just looking. For some trading signals, yeah they found some website, and then you, go to you, yeah, that kind of way share some not, obvious. Traffic. Source. For. Advertising. Trading, do. You know some not obvious, way to advertise it, you know there. Are different, sources. Of, target. Clients, it depends, on the region, for, example in some countries of Arabic, world in. Middle East. Telegram. Is very popular you, know I was. Surprised, but, we. Have is. A main source is a major source of new registrations. From Arabic world we, have through the telegram okay, so for, a few years it can be a, good traffic source yeah can, be telegram. Instagram. What's, up what is that like telegram, groups groups. Group. Phonetic, groups closed, groups, for, traders, for, investors. Just. For, people who are looking for. Mindset. And you know people, you need to find your strategy, to be a successful, with your work you know I guess area yes I can say I can tell you what's the main issue for that masters, why we have not. So big conversion, in active affiliates, because, they started, to. Do some campaigns for example but. There they, expect, that results, will.

Will. Come immediately but here, they need to understand, that. They. Need more time to activate client, because. If we're talking not about target, audience, not about traders they need more time. To. Be educated they need to have, more time to realize that they really need it because we're talking about money huge. Deposits, can, be actual. 200. Thousands, dollars it's a serious. Decision. To. Invest this money they need to be sure that they choose right. Company, so any more time that's more that's, more work has to be involved yeah, as far as I understand, but it's. Like a fishing you know mm-hmm, it's like a fishing you eat more time to have, a big fish to, get big fish and how, can. Be, how, big can be the fish. You. Know we have clients. Who have million. Dollars in their accounts, who, make million dollars and you are part, of the revenue, with a, few ways who brought those clients, of, course then bigger clients. Deposit, then bigger trading, volume and, of. Course then bigger partners. Commission. If, we're talking about agent, revenue. Share business model. I'd. Like to show you our secret department. Why. Secret like secret, yeah, yeah, it looks very serious yeah, you. Know this, is it's safe to say that this is the heart of our company. This, is dealing department, so all clients, deal. Straights process, here, all right. You. See it's not easy to come in you need, to have special key, to, have access a white key this unit so welcome. Colleagues. Guys. So. Many screens, yes I'm curious for think our clients yes, we have four dealers here. Yes. It's a real financial market, you know and you explained. Me yeah, what, is what is happening right now here. Sometimes. It happened that we see suspicious trading. And. Sam. We, can analyze it and sometimes. We found. Fraud. Exceeds, or scam and series you show you my new tour every single deal with here yeah every single deal is here. We. Have four different stuff. For analyzing. Different indicators. That, is. Very cool yeah and it's, for most Ottomans, God just movie yeah yeah we just need someone answer it and do, you work here like 24, hours yeah. I guess being money Tori yeah they are definitely all the time yeah, very very cool yeah, very cool thank you very much for this information. Thank you. What. Are the main advantages can. You see of, running, financial. Products. For. A few minutes why. Is it worth to try now. You know the. Main point in, my opinion is high, profitability. High, margin, can you image I don't know how many clients you need to. Bring to game link or e-commerce to. Get 500. USD I guess, many in our case you can bring only the one target. Clients and receive, 500, you for him mm-hmm, I think, that it's fair deal of course you need to do some job but. It's available for money you. Know. How. Much do you think one, should invest. How. Much money one should invest to successfully, start, you. Know it's, not just only about the money it's most about your time the. Best way start, from the block starts, on the website because, most of our active, and effective partners.

Do. This to wait you know then they realizing, that it's not enough to work with all the media's only. With the I don't. Know. Social. Medias or something like this they, need to have some. Some. You know some. Foundation. Some. Platform. To accumulate, all this traffic to, prepare this traffic and only after that transfer, this traffic to the brokerage company, let's. Talk a little bit about affiliate. Networks. Do you have your office. In. Any of affiliate, networks yes, at this moment we, had, a few CPA, networks. With. Whom we are working for, regarding. Web. Traffic generating. For, example, citiots. Admitted. Link, profit, recipe. But. Honestly, to say do. You see significant, volume, coming from them, not. So you know because my expectation. When we started catfishing, with them was. Was. Too high you know I was. Thinking which right now we're going to lunch with campaigns, and we, will have a rocket growth immediately, but, unfortunately, yes we have a rocket growth in Leeds in registrations. But you know, most. Of them are. Trash. What. Is the percentage. Of your payout, affiliate. Networks, kind of, it. Depends, on the, exact CP Network it starts from 15%, to. 30%, as I remember so let's, say if you pay $10. Then. They take like one, and a half thousand, one of half maximum, fees and, a few you'll receive the rest yeah seven yeah. Alright, alright, but if I run CP. Do. You have any cup like let's say bring you thousands. Of qualified, registration. Will. They, are be paid it's, easy to calculate because when you know that you have one time fixed at commission you know how many clients you can refer how, many, clients you can bring here it's easy to calculate your, potentional, profit. For, example approximately if, average. Remuneration. Rate for, our. Active. Affiliate. Is near 300. USD for every. Client. Activated. Client so, let's say that you bring ten clients per month your commission is three thousand, three. Thousand so you have no cap let's, say again if I bring. You one, thousand. Registrations. No. No. No, you, qualified. Of course if if the thousands, of registrations. Are qualified, it will be paid of course they're all amount let's say if all. The. Registrations. That they bring to you are qualified by, people, do not deposit, what, would you do in this case like, leads are qualified, hundred percent but, you. Know. Sometimes that happen for example we have our business statistics we know that sometimes clients, need to have more time if we're talking about, beginners we were discussing it we. Will be waiting for some time because we have passion this, is our business we know how it works but, if after two months, three months four months we see that there is no conversions. You. Know and I don't believe that, it's. Just, happened. By accident you, know at least, your practice showed us if you if, you brought near, hundred, registration, per month at, least. And the worse you. Know case you will have it with free for. Active, clients deposit, yeah deposit, your are you know that but if you have zero it's, the, first signal to think about the source or the quality, of this registrations. Then for, example I can go through, the least of registrations. And look, the statistics, on them in our, cerium, system, they, have very serious cerium, system, and many. Processes, sales processes, is fully after meted I can, see the statuses, the clients activities, if I see for example after, one month that there is no deposit, at least one deposit from from, this. Clients. Poolside I will. Start. To monitor their activities, in personal, area in, a, searching. For information on our website or, something like this if I see that they are active, they are looking for, chances. To start they just preparing themselves, of course what will give the chance we will wait and I, will ask our sales department to, be involved upon site and to help with clients, to. Activate, them as soon as possible. Look. Around Roman I. Really. Like it I agree, with this very, good motivation, for our team, yeah, to work here to live here please you're, asking why way here that's why look. Around yeah I can. Understand it Alex, I have already told you that in. The end of every interview we have gifts, to. Our audience.

To Our viewers, I have already told you haven't I so. What, did you prepare for us our, dear, viewers, thank, you for watching us for, you have prepared a special gift. We. Are going to provide you with the highest remuneration. Rates on starts so we can double, your profit, on start if, you come through. The special promo code we are going to give you so the. Conditions, are pretty simple in order to receive the. Special payout. Which. Are doubled, you. Need to come in from this video comment, whatever you want say, that you want to try to drive, traffic. To, financial. Offers. We. Will contact you and provide, you with special. Promo code which, when applied. Doubles. Automatically. Your payouts try. It out and subscribe to the channel it, was Orbis, Media see. You next time thank, you very much Alex, for, having me here thank. You for sharing with me of your experience. And knowledge. That. Was pleasure it's, pleasure for me I look forward to having you here maybe, in the near future just. Share with you our outstanding, results, and new, possibilities.

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2:20 - A monthly turnover of $10 billion. Online trading operations at AMarkets; 10:02 - Insights of brokerage business; 14:11 - FB and Google policy towards forex brokers; 17:15 - Not-so-obvious traffic source to promote trading; 22:44 - The main advantage of running financial services; 25:31 - Cap on registrations; 28:26 - Bonus from AMarkets!


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