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Hey, guys so, we're starting in here today because my, husband comes home tomorrow yay for, those of you who don't know he. Was deployed, for. This entire year, he, came home in July, he. Was home for a few weeks and then he left again for a month he, is coming home tomorrow so I'm so excited so I'm gonna watch all the bedding up and make that nice and fresh and then, this. Is what happens, when. You. Are. Depressed. Slashed, hate, laundry this is like three weeks worth of laundry and that's kind of embarrassing but. Honestly. That's. Just I'm, not even gonna pretend like I have my. Laundry, game on because I don't so, I've, got, to fold this stuff today I've got to got to because he's gonna come home with laundry and, I just need to have it done so. This, is all clean needs to be folded probably, got to do some wrinkle controlled damage. This. Is clean too I just threw it up here this morning when I was digging out of there to find clothes to wear today so. Anyway if I'm gonna strip the bed down and I. Don't even know how this dog play got in my bed but this is from one, of the dogs so. That's. What I'm gonna do strip that down I'm going, to dust. Really quick with my Swiffer. And, then. I'll vacuum in here so that it'll be pretty quick and easy and then my, bathroom, I'm just gonna wipe it down it's, pretty, clean cuz I cleaned it the other day I just need to like freshen it up so I'm gonna do that and then. What. Else let's. See I'll take you in here and show you what I'm gonna do in here, so. The. Living room just needs straightened, up it's really not dirty either I'm gonna wipe, down all of the furniture because it gets dusty so. I'll wipe that down and. Put the dishes up and then. In, the kitchen I do. Have some, dishes to do I, don't. Remember if my dishwasher, or 16, or. Dirty. It's dirty, so I'll just load up some of these dishes and then I got a hand washed these. Pots and pans yay but. The kitchen is pretty clean too but again I'm just gonna wipe it down and put. Some stuff away and then the main thing, that. I need to do in here is. Clean. The floors so I'm going to clean, those with my Bissell will cross wave with, your vacuums, and mops at the same time I love that thing if you've been with me for awhile you've seen me use it a lot but, it's more of like my deep cleaner so that's, what I'm gonna do. It's. Clean those four so I don't have really a lot of cleaning to do but. I have. Some, things to do so I'm gonna, film it for you guys and hopefully give you some motivation and. Oh. I gotta give Tucker a bath the dogs are outside, so. I'll. See if you can see him I need to what clean this door. Too cuz it's filthy. Hi. Do you want to come in. Yes. He, wants to come in Baileys out there too but yes he needs a bath that's what I forgot so I'm gonna be giving him a bath and then cleaning this back door there's Bailey because. You I don't know if you can really see but where they want in and out all the time you could see that little nose artwork, there so. I'll be cleaning that as well but, he needs a bath you filthy and, yeah. That's it so let's go get. Started. So. I'm actually looking for some new bedding for, our bed because this, duvet, cover is old, while I love it it is, so comfortable. It's. Kind of just reached that point where it's time for a new one and you'll. Notice when I put it back on later how wrinkly, it is that's more, my fault because I'm, lazy and I wash it together, I don't take the comforter out of the today I just, wash it all together and dry it all together but. It's. Kind of wrinkly and it looks bad so I apologize, to those of you that, that would bother your OCD, but. While I was watching, this back I was thinking it is time that I get some new bedding so I have been on the. Hunt for some and, as. Soon as I get it of course you guys will see I want. To stick with something still, kind of similar I'm very much for comfort, but. I also really like the whites and the neutral colors because, then I can just throw in whatever, throw. Pillows I want and stuff so yeah.

I Am on the hunt for a new comforter but for now I'm going to be using this one and today I was just using the tied with downy and then the blue suave Attell. And. Now it's time to give mr. Tucker a bath I love doing it this way I got this little showerhead, from like Lowe's I believe, I have one linked in my Amazon, store if you're interested, it's, around 20 or 30 bucks I love it for cleaning the showers and the bathtubs, and I, love it for cleaning the dogs that makes it so easy and you can turn the water on and off right from it so when I'm not using it, I just, clip it down you, can also change the pressure so like if I'm doing around his face I can make it low pressure so it's not going crazy and scaring him and I. Would mention the shampoo I'm using but it's nothing special I don't even know what it is I change. It up every time I haven't found one, shampoo. For them that I just absolutely love. So it's. Not really worth mentioning but I'm giving him a bath quick and I will blow dry him because he does like to be blow-dried, which could be weird I think some dogs hate it but he loves it so, I'm gonna do that and get him all clean because he does sleep with us and so, I want to make sure that he stays clean especially when I wash my bedding and put brand new clean bedding on and Bailey as you can see was, standing, there making sure that little brother was okay. Even, love when it's burden, the, guns around up, to peace yes, turtle wonders pray him bring, me a, clue, lucky. I'm stronger, than ever, got. The arrangement, leave. Me. Is. A hardware. To use what, it's true. Oh. Gee. Right, with you but, I'm all through. So. When I'm done bathing him I will spray down the bathtub with some bleach and then let that soak and then I'll rinse it out with hot water and that way it cleans out any germs that are in there but, I do keep my bathroom pretty clean and I scrub it on a regular basis, so for, that time this is easy and this is all I have to do. Illusion. For us to I, really dump all the tree. Is that, hard where'd you use but, it's true. Oh. Gee. With, you but, I'm all through. All. Right so as, I was filming this and cleaning the bathroom which we did finish the bathroom up, my. Bedding is washing, the, school called can, say it that preschool right now and they, called and said she wasn't feeling well I have, a doctor's appointment at, noon anyways, so. I'm gonna go pick her up and then take her to the doctors with me I was gonna go to the doctors and then pick her up but looks, like she's gonna be coming with me so I just, wanted to stop this and kind of show you this. Is real life like when youtubers, are filming cleaning their house and stuff it's. Not always one. Thing right after the other it looks so, like. Organized, and nice and like how did we keep it all together and, you got that done so fast and you got so much done but you don't know as a lot of times we. Stop the camera and there's a lot of stuff done in between, and you never know because the next thing you'll see when, I stop talking is me, cleaning again but Rhian reality, I had to go get her from school and go.

To, The doctor and come, home and who knows what else but I got. At least that stuff started, washing I have to throw the sheets in because I don't, have room for. My. All. Of my bedding in that washer it does hold a lot but it don't hold all of it and get it washed properly, so as you, can see tricker it's back there he's clean so I had me that's good I got the bedding going that's good the bathroom is clean that's good I still, need a dust and vacuum in here and then, do all of the other part of the house but it's. Just gonna have to wait I'm gonna have to do it this evening because life. Calls. You. Keepin me on. So. When I went to pick up Kinsley, it turned out that she didn't actually have, a tummyache. She was just homesick she said that her eyes were wet because. She missed me so, that little turd just wanted to come home and be with me which is crazy because she's with me all the time and she usually loves. School, so. I don't know what was happening that day but. She, just ended up going to the doctor with me and she was good there so I'm not going to complain but. She, totally, played me on. That one in one so. I just thought I'd let you know she is okay she was not sick she just wanted to come home and be with mommy. So. It is the next morning as you can see and we were about to go pick up my husband and so, I was making the bed I hitched driving me crazy looking, back at this footage that I did not tuck that blanket in I usually do but, I was in a really big hurry because time got away from me so I didn't so again I'm sorry if that bothers your OCD it bothers mine so I get it but. Yeah you can see how wrinkly the bed is too so I sprang some of my wrinkles, stuff on there trying to help but it didn't really do much for it that's, just what you get when you're lazy I guess but I am wanting, to find something new soon so hopefully I can find something I've been looking I haven't, found anything that I love I'm, really picky because I do keep my bedding for a really long time I've had that for probably three years so, I want, something that I love and asked me pretty and comfortable, so I don't, know I'll look for awhile and I'll eventually, I will find the. Perfect bedding I'm sure so, now, I'm just vacuuming, in here really quickly and then I'm gonna move on to the, living room in the kitchen. So. I found this, new mrs. Meyer spray in the sense snowdrop. And I got at Target I ordered. Online and, it came like I think the next day but somebody had told me about this they had asked me if I heard of it and I hadn't and so I immediately went, online and. Ordered. It and I loved the way that it smells it lingers, and it, smells really good but I cannot, describe to you what it smells like unfortunately I wish I could but I can't it. Just smells really good if anything I guess I would say florally, and it definitely lingers. Together. Whatever. When, I come in today. Living. Quick in the what gotta get it right now. Why don't you do it right, now. No. Women for a reason but you're trying to deny. That, we should be together happy. Whether we're, heading for tonight. You. Better take what you came to see Thomas right. So. Now I'm using my Bissell, cross wave that vacuums, and mocks at the same time I've showed this several, times but if you're new here that's, basically what it is I love it so, much they recommend, only using their cleaner in it but I've always used hot water and pine salt in mine you can only use a little bit or it will get foamy but, that's always how I've used it in mind and I love it it gets so much, dirt, off of your floor and that way you're not spreading it around plus. You're cutting your time in half because you don't have to vacuum and then mop so I love, my Bissell cross wave and I'm, pretty sure I have that linked in my Amazon, shop, as well. Was gonna get it right. So. I totally started wiping my counters down in my camera cut off and I didn't realize, it so I wiped all the counters down and then I realized, it right here so I'm finishing, up here but I did wipe the entire kitchen, down. Arguments. Minute is served, girls excited four days stuck, in a face I, think we're losing the reason. Bursting. Cold face, breathing, me, I got, you. The. Mayor Catching, Fire. Son. And cheat my ain't no killer just, make it harder. Keep. On acting busy. On your phone, I. Just. Wanna feel, the touch baby, can't be stopped this, don't, you wanna be any.

More. Arguments. Man in his serve girls, were fighting for days stuck, in the face I, think we're losing the reefs. Face. Catching, Fire. Miss. Out on the goodness. Got. You. All. Right guys have to clean this is a little bit different than what I said before and locate, on it it took me a couple days I didn't get it all done that's, real like we. Are headed to go for. It now so, they're nice and clean and I have the robot vacuum going while, we're gone just because daily. Shots like crazies and there's always here on the floor but. Yeah. I'm. Doggin the Kindle critique Sheila, oh, boy. Baby. Didn't, you learn to wait Oh. Anyways. We, are going, to go get daddy are you excited me. Too so, yeah if you like this video and you're new please subscribe, so you don't miss out when I upload in the future and if, you've been with me for a while I appreciate all, your support you, forget to leave us a thumbs up. They. Invite some money if. You're, new leave a comment below and let me know so, I can say hey and then I will see you guys next time bye. Beaten. Up when it's hurting does. Never.

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That’s because “extreme” is a search term. It’s all analytics hun! Don’t get so upset over titles and what one person considers extreme. It’s just a cleaning video. If you don’t like it certainly don’t watch it but don’t go being rude in the comment sections because that’s just not nice or mature!

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Thank you! The lilac one for sure and the honeysuckle. I also feel like the peppermint one in the winter does! This one does too!I totally meant Lavender although the Lilac one does too! It’s one of my favs

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I need you to come clean my house. You clean like I used to be able to. I'm disabled now and watching these videos is hard to watch for me bc mentally I want to be able to clean like this but physically my body won't let me.

I think the fact that you care and still do your best says Alot about you!

@Jessi Christine- Keep Calm and Clean I try very hard. I actually enjoyed cleaning and was a little ocd clean but not physically being able to do what I'd like, is hard. I've been watching you since you started on YouTube and you help motivate but I just can't physically do it. I set my timer for 30 minutes today to try to get the kitchen cleaned somewhat lol and 25 minutes in I was like yep time to take a break. Love your videos and your sweet girls.. Keep calm and clean on right? ♥️♥️♥️♥️

I understand what you are saying. I think I would feel the same way. I think as long as you just do the best YOU can then you are doing great. Some people are perfectly able to clean even better than me and don’t just because they don’t want too or maybe don’t have time or maybe don’t know how. Don’t compare yourself against me or my house. Everyone is doing the best they can!

They have tons of options, both comforters and duvets.

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