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Algorithmic Trading Strategies ► Watch & Learn to Code Your Own Trading Robot

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Order. Pending. Order. Filled. Target. Down. Color. Dot alert for the down. Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. All. Right all right Mic, Check Mic Check good. Morning, everybody. How's. Everybody doing this morning. Almost. Afternoon, we are a little bit later alert, for evening. And dealing. With some family yes. Stuff this morning appreciate. You guys being patient those of you guys over in Skype rooms sent out some good details this morning had. A nice set. Of crude, trades early, a.m. this morning nice. One up into the open I'll show that to. You guys here in just a moment, we. Are back. Online ready to roll here this morning this is your first time with us make sure you can type over there in the chat box and let us know that you are new Thank You midnight washing boy daddy wait here boy dear spilled alito what's up cg soon. As we got here mr. Pierce I'm at four Nasdaq mr. Wallace what's up Scott. Ray. Is my boy. Almost. Forgotten here this morning, got. The whole crew, what's up midnight, a, great. Conversation, with. Midnight. Last night happy, birthday sir. Welcome. Aboard. Alright. Let's get right into it here this morning /. Afternoon. Where. Do we stand so far bots, moving. Back in my territory. Man, this hello dog alert for Nasdaq this, volatile, me Boyd. Air-filled, back. And forth lots, of action there Robin, just hit another target holy schnikeys, there are two or three trades open those, are you in the premium room I'm gonna show you guys what's going on just by how. Fast this action is. Unbelievable. But they're in price, 797. Right. Now let's uh let's. See so I don't know wow that's. Or. Target. Filled. Video. Stuffs a little uncoordinated, here, one second, let's down. Color. Dog alert for the dam here. Alright. That should be better target, filled I think we are all in sync now okay Wow bots, are just killing, it now good. Stuff they just hit two two fingers off that 16 range Nasdaq. Beautiful, stuff here, alert. For the down until. This slows down in fact I'm gonna go ahead and halt these real quick, these. Guys are going absolutely nuts. Alright. Disable, the bots here. Trading. Has been halted for. Moments. Little. Guards, Oh. Beautiful. Stuff beautiful, stuff. All. Right let's pull down the the, old thinker here close, this guy out, let's. Get right into here this morning if you are new with us. Welcome. If you don't know what's going on take. A minute to look around I'll put some details there if you want to join that google group Nasdaq, colored, dog alert for Nasdaq that is a free way to do so there, are some details there and just posted in the room good. Morning Toledo um. Look. Down in the color, down there but yes below this video all of our videos have a lot of details they're big, and you want to go check out probably tree be calm please. Make sure. Download. My templates you can apply those makes it real easy for you to get set up, same. Way that we are set up here with the crew let. Me pull down that countdown timer here. Let's. See, looking across the board's. Course. My, short, key stop working here momentarily. Technical. Difficulties, try, that again there, we go. All. Right countdown timer is off two, finger, salute Dow, Jones two finger coming in on the, Dow Jones I. Think, we're gonna have a lot of those, lots. Lots more of those algos, are on, fire, right now let's. Be. A little careful your salute. Reversing. Position, there's, so, much audio, going on right now let me let me halt these guys here are not halting but let me turn this sound off momentarily. Where. All this action here while we talk through, what. We got going on here this, morning, I'll be putting out some updates. To the website hopefully, things are a little slightly. More clear. Where. Steve Annette Steven, contributed. Without. Even we didn't even ask for this but really appreciate, it saw. Some extra efforts from Steven, want to give him a special, shout out here, he's, putting together an FAQ. For. New folks again you know you guys know, I focus, on our trading and I don't spend a lot of time in the, marketing department you, know I wish our marketing was a little better you know quite frankly. But. I just you know for me I just don't have time to. Do a lot of that that you guys want or need but. Riley's. Coming on board with us in a couple weeks here and, she. Is our kind of our graphic specialist, but she'll help to kind. Of do a whole lot of that, back-office. Stuff hard, her full time she'll. Be coming on here shortly. With us and she's already started kind of going, through the website and looking to see where we can, prove and hopefully. Make things a little more clear for you guys who are coming in asking what, in the world is, going on here let, me give you guys a quick tour of, some, of the new items that could be hopefully. Easier, for. You guys let's, pop over to spring three-year. And. Let. Me zoom out here a little bit. Well. That's at 67%, okay, so that's pretty small there maybe.

It's Too small. Yeah. She's gonna help us out make this a little more mobile-friendly as well alright, there's 80 percent. So. Free. Trial those of you who been wondering, asking, for hey, can we get to a free trial and I've told you guys forever it would just take me too much to manage a free trial scenario, but we got that worked out, Riley's. Gonna handle kind of the back end of that stuff for us so click, on that free trial some. People a little bit confused, by what happens like it doesn't they feel like they don't take that anywhere you just have to look down here, this. Will get your two week free trial, iron man package access, what's included all that kind of good stuff then press that button right there and when you're ready and understand, what you're gonna be sign. Up for they'll take you over to nice. Little PayPal page there and you. Just sign up again you have to do a PayPal just to that's the way we prevent abuse and having, to constantly deal with people creating, a bunch of new emails and whatnot yeah you kind of got to go through and, put. Down some form of payment you can cancel out that two-week trial, scenario, you know the drill same, old stuff want to get yourself a $5 day pass come hang out with this instantly. Today. Over in premium click, on that button, right here $5. Day pass it's. Your coffee donation, $5 or more click. That button take you to a little PayPal donation link, and you'll, be set up full training course if you want to learn how, we do what we do that's. The best way to do it kind of eliminated some of the confusion between that one and the one 97, pack - 197 pack if you know about it that's still, available again, it's not the full course but. Forget, that makes it a little bit too confusing people are always confused by that so make, it as simple 3:19, I get the full training course. Pricing. Page, click. Right there what you're getting with that first, month. For 49 bucks 149, after, that but you can get the two free free trial to, see if this is a crew you want to hang out with if you got a question you can always come out over here speak to us click on this right here chat, it up with me or one of the members of the crew newsletter. Action, is also new, over here on the left kind of out of the way you kind of have to hunt for it but put, in your name email address simple, as that and you'll. Be on our, Google group list get announced, whenever. We do our special.

Any. Of our special events or going. Live all that kind of good stuff you'll want to be on that list here if you want to download the indicator pack just, you can download it straight up come. Right here and click that button that'll. Get you all the indicators, that we've got set up there including of course the one that everybody wants that red, green, dots fab Elliott Wave entry, system, as well as the now-infamous. Two. Finger salute, indicator. Strategy. Also included. In that pack and included. In the free trial for. Those two weeks that you're hanging out with us all right if, you do get that Iron Man package you will get our indicators, along with that while you are a member of course if, you do cancel of course that will also cancel your indicator subscription. But you. Know you guys got questions pop, those over in the chat box I'll stop talking about all that fun stuff now we, got a lot of activity coming, into the. Markets here, let. Me show you guys that crude trade from, early, a.m. this morning. We've. Been remember crude oil inventories came out yesterday, the. Location, here this morning early, a.m.. There's, that back and forth action right there we know we had those purple lines of. Resistance. Above us started. To move up and here. Is the, signal, perfect, signal set up this morning I posted this in the Skype chat those, of you who are in Skype this morning. Let's. See. Pull. Up the chart here, and scroll. Back that was pretty early. Go. Full screen. Beautiful. Green dot off of. All. I need to go to the candy bar twos here one second. All. Right so crude this morning. This. Is what I saw early, a.m. this morning. This. Big bounce off. Guys. No double, dots I got, the double, dot green dot, came. In this morning this. One right here and then BOOM a rip so. You know there's a trap set at this point and it trapped everybody up and over this spot right here once across this point you know there's a trap everybody, underneath here it, was going short. You. Got a bear. Trap sitting, down here this, guy starts to move up boom, boom boom we're above there's me starting, to add my entries, now, what's. My target well we've got beautiful targets, right up here this is the open this is the current high of day not, really interested. In mayor very much there in the high of day but we know this whole zone is, a sweet, spot when, we're picking up trades and where. They're gonna be looking to pick up some more for everybody who's got their stop up above this area, sure. Enough stop hunting, come up they didn't, get to my target my targets sitting there right. Back behind this. Guy originally. No. Go start. To come back down I add to my position right. Here we start to move up BAM. I'm chicken. So I moved my first target in a little bit by a tick front. Run that open, price that's what that dashed, line there that sandy line we caught the line in the sand there. That is the open line, open. Line coming up bam bam start to take out the rest of my targets, all the way they're beautiful, trade that's all it takes right there 10 contracts, I think by the time we built up here and pulling, that down for, a 2 K winner on, crude. This, morning, only trade of the day before I had to take off and take care of some family. Items. This morning so, good, to be back with you guys if you guys got any questions pop, those over in the chat box try to get those answered. We're. Steve Annette. Stephen. Hope your ears were burning I was giving you a shout-out earlier, thanks for the, stuff. On the FAQ use. Super. Excited about seeing what you're sent over to us that has been on a list for a very long time but, it's even better when it's coming from some. Folks in the crew because you guys have more experience so sometimes, I don't know what you guys need right, as far as well, I wish if any would tell us this I tell you guys how to trade right I teach you guys specifically. You. Know how how, I trade, how I see setups and things but when you're like yeah. But Vinnie I need to understand how to get to the room I need to understand how, do i navigate the, website stuff, like that you know I haven't, taken a lot of time to do that we're, gonna get a little bit better with that in 2018, here and Riley's.

Going To be instrumental, in doing that and Steven, and those of you guys. Participating. In the crew just make it that much better and easier and we're super excited about what. We've got coming, right. Now speaking of another spot, of opportunity, here on crude, we, may have another trap set up just came in right now I'm gonna be watching crude, as. This. Little dump down here, big big move and then beehive. All. Right and a rip alright, so what am I gonna be looking for we're gonna be looking for a triple crown and fakie leg, alright. We'll get our J hook entry. We've, already got one ignition bar that is a complete, ignition, bar there is no tail, on. That bar on the 19 uncrewed. So. I'll be watching for that one careful. This red dot we're gonna have to pierce that area star if you guys can hear my son crying out there he's him he's, have a little bit of a bad day. So. Careful this red dot we'll see if we pierce through and be watching some areas, there on crude, we're. About to go Premium Members Only so those of you hanging out with us in the public lobby if you guys like to join us today you can do so for a coffee donation, of $5, or more that's going to get you in today, as well as tomorrow if. You do throw down a coffee donation, we will appreciate. That get you in the room here pretty quick head on over the website click on that day pass link I'll put the details there coming in. As well. Sorry. About that my son is going crazy out there, all. Right. Bots, up 13, 5 5s, vixx's up, thank, goodness let's, take a peek at where the VIX currently, is. Before. We get started gonna get that 4-minute prep going. Here draw it up the lines to make sure. We've. Got everything, that we need for our. Market. Structure plan twenty, nine point, six six on, the. VIX. This. Is amazing. Stuff. Alright. Let. Me close that out, here, and. Let's. Go Premium Members Only I'm. Gonna have to go and check on my son they're not sure what's going on out there. All. Right I'm getting dinged up we're, gonna preemie members only those of you who joined us today thanks for hanging out, we. Were gonna go premium, premium folks let's head on over to. The. Six screens here and I'm, gonna be drawing, up lines here for me to prep grab a coffee check, on what's going on with the little guy alright, I'll be back. There. Dog alert for Nasdaq. Target. Filled. How. About that all.

Right Beautiful stuff here let's walk through that one here real, quick so, big. Time frames we. Talked. About again looking for the tide the wave and the ripple we knew what the time was Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for nest at, last. I'm actually the. Nasdaq. Are looking for. Looking. For some shorts ears so we had the red dot came in this one came in after, so this one really doesn't count but this one was good enough for us on the high timeframe, okay. The lower timeframe going. Red, we, have momentum. Down, we had momentum down, so. With this setup we know we've got the red dot red dot we had a failed, up two finger. So. Now we know we're looking for shorts. Right. So. Now from that information, I wait, for the set up down below we. Got red dot number one I was waiting for red dot number two took forever. Look at that this was just choppa choppa choppa chop my needed it to come back a little bit give me a red dot didn't. Come till right here. So. Got the red dot came in right here it Pierce knows why it's not there anymore it's. A little bit nerve-racking, but. Then out of that we got this big, big drop targets, field targets field I have my last target right here it. Turns on me doesn't, get filled, I, still. Got if I think I had four contracts. Still. Left red, dot came in I added, two. More sets here trying to get short. Then. It gets up on me again so now I'm sitting in oh now I've got a little bit of negative, rent Oratory second one comes in add to that position bam bam bam target's filled, Nasdaq. Nest. Buy them back hello doc alert for nest target. This. Targets filled beautiful, set right there about a $900. Trade. Set there we are now at. 2.9. Beautiful. Stuff. Target. Filled. Target. Filled. Target. Filled. All. Right. Let's, see what we got next year, it. Is only 1218, plenty time, left. Here bots are getting. Smacked back and forth. The. Atrs, have increased, I have moved to, an ATM strategy, let me show you guys the ATM, strategy I am moving. Over towards let me take it off of, my. Account here and then flip this to. Sandvik, colored, on there it is. What. I'm using here so, now this is a rare moment. To. Swap, from. My typical. Alright. So right now I've.

Got This 10 15, 25. All. Right so I labeled it 10 15 25 so I know when I look at it I know exactly what it is all, right so instead. Of mine I'm gonna take off anything, at 5 ticks no I'm taking off at 10 first. 10. Ticks 15. Ticks with. A 25, ticks, stop that's the 25 s at the end of game now again I just created this custom, here's what it looks like inside hit the ellipses dots if you guys are unfamiliar with the ATM, strategies, make sure you, learn how to do that. Coño, on how to do that that's one of the things that Riley's, got her list for me to create and set, up for folks again this is pretty standard stuff if you've been a ninja trader for a long time but we realize there's a lot of folks kind of shifting. In and using ninja trader this beautiful, professional platform, that we use lots. Of power. Finally. In the live stream listen hey what's up Stephen, welcome. Aboard. So. Right here in your ATM, strategy, so, my. I've widened, out the APR and said, yeah. Tick. Initial, stop okay. Things. Are whipping so fast Kyle, I don't, my, target. Space. Here Nasdaq so all, right for nesting - this ATM. Strategy, 15. Hello doc Nasdaq. Diane. In the 15 of course you guys no other to finger salute, 5. 10 and 15 a. Lot today I'm gonna be swinging a little bit farther for the fences we can get some doubles and triples in here instead all those singles and. 25. And, 25 so to set this up. You, come right in here and, you. Want to targets, so, the ATM strategies, that you have up to up, to three targets, in this little setup here again you have to kind of go write some custom stuff if you want to do any more than that which really in reality, you really only need two. Or three anyhow if. You wanted a second one go great to Windows. But. I would suggest if you wanted more targets than that just, pop the button twice but we won't get into that advanced topic here just know if, you want up to three targets so, we're gonna select right here two targets. All. Right quantity. On the first one quantity on the second one this is again I've also reduced, my size normally, I'm gonna be independent. Boyd air-filled, right, now I'm entering in in sets of two's on occasion, I do switch back and forth between fours, twos and eights.

Depending. On the market as well you guys want to learn all that stuff but make sure you take our training course alright so right now stop-loss, 25, profit. Target number one so, you set that right here so. There's my ten tick target here's my fifteen make sure you guys take a screen shot just take a screen shot of this section here real. Quick around the video. Take. Yourself a nice screen shot of that you want to set yours up just like mine now, one of the tricks about it is making sure you, save you have to right-click right, here this is the most confusing. Part, of this whole process. Type. In a name right there what you want to call it and hit save okay, otherwise if you create that and you set it it, won't save you have to save your template. I'm gonna do this one more time right click and this little zone again they should have a button or something that's just how. It is. Okay. Right. Here right click manage. ATM, templates, save. It give, it a name save, it close. It all, right now, you'll be able to use that look okay so. Now in your drop downs for, these ATMs, alright I've got a ton of these, this. One is the 10 15 25 s, Tim. Target, 15, target with a 25, tick stop it's kind of the way that I label some line order. Your nest go Nasdaq. Oh, Jean, that's coming, down a little bit wider, area. To let your let. Your, let. Your tray Nasdaq, color. Don't alert nasty. Switches. Back to. My. Account here put this back in space. Yeah. There we go big green dot coming in on in Q let's see. Where. This is now we've got two green dots double, green doubt we may be looking for a shift now. Alright. So now we're gonna be looking for a j-hook oh look. At that it's doing it as I speak alright hold on wait for it wait for it. Order. Order filled. Got. My wrong ATM, strategy, speaking of ATM strategy, flipping, to the one that I want to be on. Order, order filled. Color. Doc alert for nested Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Holy. Schnikeys, start it turn. It order, order, filled. One. Take wonder. Push. Me up. Look. At all that space you got to give it gotta give it some space. Come. On in queue. Gah, this action, is so fast. We, are sitting at the low of day here. Down. Color. Dog alert for the down. Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Wharton. Order, filled green. Dots. Exit. Oh, stopping. Me out holy schnikeys. Alright. That. Was rough. One-take. Wonder Boyd Boyd, order, fill that, one take wonder. Take. Me up or they're. Gonna have to stop me out here, Oh, Boyd. Order, filled. Gavin twos. Color. Doc alert the down. Exit. All my word. And. I just gave back all. That. Hard work. Alright. So green doubt one two, and the. Third one, tick wonder did not hold it either and we are breaking through this area. Forcefully. Alright, kicking myself for that Nasdaq, Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Wow. Extremely, frustrated, I'm gonna take a break Arabic. -, finger, salute Nasdaq. Or. Net-a-porter. Filled. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Nasdaq. Colored. On alert for Nasdaq. Target. Filled, and. As I'm about to walk away I get a two-finger, gift, here is it going to keep going, it came one, tick for my final target, Nasdaq. And turning, mess - like color does alert for nest is. Absolutely. Nuts down. Down - over here, comedy top on there pretty dance to target, there we go targets, field that's a better way to walk away. All. Right, Oh still, need a girl a dog alert for Nasdaq nest. A little lunch hello dog alert for Nasdaq that, was moving way too fast here, right into lunchtime.

Here 1227.

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