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Hey, friends welcome back to my channel and welcome if you are new my. Name is Len white and, we are going to be doing a, very, motivating. Cleaning, video this. Is going to be my evening, cleaning, we, have a large family if, you are new here I have five children, so we are a family, of seven on top, of a lot of animals and I. Am very particular about my nighttime routine I will not go to bed with a mess so, I am, always cleaning, I do not want to wake up to it in the morning so tonight. Or today whenever you are watching this you are going to get some cleaning motivation, we are going to tackle the things that get left throughout. The day because with so many people there is always something to do so sit. Back get a cup of coffee or some tea and relax that, listen to the music or clean, along with me whatever, you're doing I hope you enjoy so let's go ahead and get started. So. The kitchen is pretty much the hotspot this evening, it has to be taken care of every, night in multiple, times during the day I know many, of you can relate and you, see my little sidekick Ruby, right back there always just, waiting for something to drop so she can get it I'm. Gonna go ahead and tackle this kitchen, and since the kids are already in bed I'm going, to be able to spend some extra time in here by cleaning out the seek the dishwasher, I'm going, to clean the countertops, very, well as well as the glass top stove, so, we. Are going to get some things done in here. I'm, gonna start recycling, some of these boxes, here we are able to recycle, all of the cardboard, boxes, and, the. Plastic, where our. Recycling. Center, or whoever, comes and picks up our stuff does not take glass for, plastic bags which is such a bummer so I have to do that separately so, I'm gonna flatten those boxes, and put them out in the garage but, first I'm going to put some. Of the Lacroix those are my husband's drinks in the refrigerator but I now notice, that it is a mess in here so, I'm going to tackle it but I have to ask you a serious question you. See that pot in there I actually. Picked it up thought okay I need to get it out of here and then realize I am not in the mood to clean that I have already cleaned the, sink out I'm not about to do that pause so how many of you guys will see something that needs to be done and just like nope, not today I'm going to wait till tomorrow that. Is definitely what I did here so the pot is still in there I will tackle it another day.

So, Much of my evening cleaning, is just putting things away that's, real life with so many people, they. Have not, quite mastered, putting things away but we are definitely working on it so, it's hard for me to do sometimes these cleanings, sometimes. Because, it's just me moving from one room to the next I know, that, you guys could probably relate. To that. Even. If you try. The. Kiddos were coloring so I'm gonna start putting away some, of their markers, and also clean out that drawer a little bit then, I'm gonna clean the counter tops off with my granite. Cleaner here I will be switching to all-natural. Products. ASAP. I've done a lot of them but I just hate throwing some. Of them out so, I'm kind, of waiting and kind of in the middle stages with some of them but, starting, January everything. Should be out, of the house and we are gonna go strictly in non-toxic, it. Will help with my allergies and my asthma, so so much and it's also just better for us. I. Guess. It never hit our, conversation. I. Of. Course will be taking you guys along, as I basically. Get rid of all of the toxic products, in the house I have, got an order of thieves coming in and I'm going to show you how, I can clean just, about everything in my house with it and show. You how to save money as well I know sometimes, it can be a little overwhelming, for people but, if you guys want to go along on this journey with me please. Make, sure you, stick around and, also like. I said the link in the description, box if there's something that you're interested in please let me know I'd be happy to help and I'll just be happy to guide, you along because. It is so so important, that we really, take our health in our hands, and be. Smart about the products we use and put on our bodies. Maybe. You're, just. That, would be. I. Am. Using some of this cream cleanser that I use for my glass, top stove, and I decided to use it in a stainless steel sink as well it works pretty well I need, to get some new products, but, I'm also going to use the powder the rest of this powder that I have and, it's. Pretty good I like it but if you guys have been here for a while you know I absolutely despise. Powdery. Stuff so, I had to use a pretty long handle, to start scrubbing it up. We. Jumped off this sub we. Rubbed. Off the cold around me, I. Heard. You say that everything. Is alright but, how did you know how I felt, you saw me, that day. When. Scrubbing the sink it often, starts splattering, all over the, backsplash, here or the countertop so I'm going to wipe that clean and, then, I'm gonna put the handle, in the dishwasher, to let that, disinfect. Because I did use that on the, garbage. Disposal next. I'm gonna start cleaning this. Stove, getting. It really good and clean this is one of my favorite, most relaxing, things to do what, is your favorite, thing to do in cleaning your kitchen or do you just hate cleaning it let me know in the comments below. So. Is it just me I like to play little tricks with myself that sounds so silly but I do when, I come and start cleaning this off I take the rag and I tell, myself okay you're gonna clean this all in one, swoop. I do that all the time do you guys do things like that I think it just makes cleaning kind. Of exciting. Even though you guys know I love to clean but still I just think it makes, it a little fun and as I'm saying and I'm like oh my gosh I am so weird. Next. I'm gonna go ahead and clean these little grates, or grill bangies. On the front of the oven I don't know the. Rag, wasn't doing it so I took a pipe cleaner and, it. Was too thin so I just, folded it and twisted, it to kind of make, it a little more durable but, now that I'm watching this back you know what would work really well one, of those straw, cleaners. That is, what I'm gonna use next, time. I'm, gonna use my Young Living lemon. Essential oil and put about four drops in the garbage disposal to, make it smell super, fresh. Me and.

I'll Be nice. So, the kiddos spilled. Some, hot chocolate on my runner. Over here so we had to wash it in it shrank so much and I, wasn't able to get the bows at back on the end so I just pulled them off and figured who, cares oh well moving. On I'm not gonna really worry, about it too much so but, I am going to end up ironing, this the, next day I did, not have, time to do it right now and I just did not want to but, it definitely needs a good ironing as you can tell. They'll. Always be, right next to me always. So. When my Dyson was not working, I got, reacquainted with, the brew and I honestly have to say I've missed it the, Dyson you can't really get up against, the. Cabinets, you can't get along the baseboards, very well so. I don't care what anyone says there. Is nothing, like, a broom but, I did use my Dyson, because it did come back to life, yay. But. I, did use it I'm, not gonna use it all the time but I'm gonna use it to get up all of the stuff that I swept up with the broom but first, gingka must, pick up junior. I. Can't. Follow. Us planning I notice all the fingerprints, on these French doors so, I'm gonna do this now as well and, we. Used to actually have a slider, here, and we, have we renovated, a lot of this house and, we added these French doors and I cannot tell you how I. Feel. Like just classy. For the stores make an area, I love. Them, Chris, and I have been talking about doing some more renovations, in the house and I am so excited sharing. That with you guys, we have so many things to talk to you about we, are going to do a QA, and. Let. Me know what you guys want to know and you can ask whatever. You, want, juicy. Personal. I don't care so, leave your questions down below and, we, will answer it in our Q&A and I'll have him with me I have been wanting to do one of these for so so long but I never get enough questions, so, if every single one of you asked me something we, are, gonna do our best to answer everything. I want to know what you guys want to know about our family. So. Have you guys started wrapping Christmas presents I could not walk into my closet, without. Boxes. And something, being in the, way so I already got started and I will honestly say wrapping. Gifts is. Not something I enjoy I kind, of hate it but, I did my best I just am not good at it I mean.

Oh, Chris. Told me he'll do it all for me and I'm like you know what please do cuz I cannot. Do you guys like wrapping gifts let, me know in your comments below, I did, get some fun wrapping paper from Marshalls, and it matched the tree so and that did make me happy. It. Is time to tackle some laundry I have, so much to, do I wish, that you guys could see right now how much more that, has to be done this, isn't even the start of it I need an intervention I need to do a better job on my laundry game I really. Really do that's my goal definitely my goal but, I'm going to go ahead and start doing all of this and then, start separating it oh gosh. I felt like I'm going to be here forever with, this laundry. So. I have the little baskets, here that I got from Walmart 96. Cents you guys cheaper, than the dollar store and more durable and after, I start doing all, of their laundry, I separate, I have four baskets, for each boy Isabella does her own Andrew. Does his own laundry usually, as well but if anything gets in the mix I'll put one in his basket and then I have mine and krisis that. Is one way that it does help me because I everything's not in one big basket, I can just set it down and they can take it and they can put it away the, next morning that has been a lifesaver, I will, ask real quick did you see a little, sneak peek of something if you, did don't say it in the comments below just, leave the emoji of what you saw we. Will be giving more details about that very. Very soon. So, I just want to take a moment and tell each and every one of you watching my video thank, you thank, you for being here thank you for showing up thank you for your your, likes and, your subscriptions. I just when you hit subscribe it means the world to me when you comment, it makes my heart so happy I am, just so truly, truly. Thankful. For each and every. One, of you that show up for me on here, it, means so much to me and I know that. So, many people say it but I mean it brings me to tears to think of how thankful, and how blessed I am to have you in my life to, join me along this journey while. I am, doing something that, I love. I absolutely love it and I just loved you guys and I just thank you if you haven't yet already, go ahead and click that subscribe button, I would love for you to join my YouTube family because when you're here you, are family we have fun I'm a, real momma or there is no perfection, over here we're just doing life together and I would love for you to consider joining me, I post cleaning videos every, single week I also have a DIY channel, which I have that information.

In My description box and we have a lot of fun things coming up so I would love for you to consider subscribing, and, joining, me but just. With, all of my heart thank, you thank, you you're my family you guys are my love's and I just am thankful for you I cannot, wait to see you in the next one bye guys.

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You asked what kind of cleaning that we like? Well, I'm like you and enjoy cleaning and I make games of it too. One thing I find very satisfying is corners and edges--no matter where they are--on the floor, at the baseboards, or the edging on the sink, stove top, everywhere. Those corners and edges always need to be cleaned and I find it satisfying to get at the grime there and the before and after is always satisfying. Question: Do you have a regular date night out with hubby?

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