Advertising Bait - $42K in EXTRA money generated! vacation incentives

Advertising Bait - $42K in EXTRA money generated!  vacation incentives

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Hey. Guys Michael Mansell, here and if you're watching this right now you're watching it on replay, happy. Monday to you you, guys know that I love coming, to you live on Mondays. I've had a very productive day today, I've actually been building, my own youtube. Mastery. Internet. Course internet, training. Course that I will be releasing, very, soon so stay tuned for that I'm really excited I've been working really hard on putting all that together, but, that's not really what I want to talk about today I want to talk today about a, simple. Little tool that's very inexpensive. That I've been using not, only for myself but also for my team that is skyrocketing. Not only our opt-ins, but also our sales, and it is super. Simple to integrate and I wanted to show you guys firsthand today how I'm, directly. Integrating, it into my online systems, for generating. More business more sales, building. My business and brand much, bigger online, but, also how, I'm helping other people do the same and giving you some examples of other people that are doing just. That so, as, people come on live, here Mohamed what's up I see you're live jumping on here. I'm. Able to keep up with the comments a little bit on here but not as well as I'd like to so if I miss any of you guys I'd, go back after, the, recording, and certainly, respond. To some your comments, but today, I am talking about advertising. Bait, advertising, bait if you go to Mansell, dot life, Mansell that life the URL, is right, there. On the screen so you guys can see that actually. I pointed the wrong way right there there it is Mansell, that life if you go to Mansell, that life you'll, get all the details about affiliate, I'm. Sorry advertising. Bait and I'm. Gonna show you guys how I'm integrating it directly, into my systems you guys should know that I love systems, I love sales funnels, I love websites to do all the work for me I love, doing videos and I'm, directly. Integrating. Advertising. Bait into, my funnels those of you that are my team you've probably, noticed, some of the things that I've been doing with, integrating. Advertising, bait directly, into my funnels but I want to show everybody else that as well here so let, me come over here to my screen, and I'm gonna share this with you guys. Comment. Down there if. You guys can see my screen well make you guys can all see my screen I use different. Screens. And settings here so just comment, down below I can see it if you, can see my screen there. Yeah. Charlie absolutely, I know you're signed up and. Starting. To leverage it in various ways so, I'll, show you guys how I'm doing it here so all right several people saying that they can see it so I'm gonna jump right into this here so this is online sales, Pro if you guys don't know online sales Pro, fantastic. Organization. Right here in Tucson Arizona actually, they, build online. Sales funnels lead, capture pages. Autoresponders. And I, have chosen to team up with them and I've directly integrated, all of my team and sell sales funnels directly into, online sales, Pro.

But. I didn't want to stop there I love the concept of advertising bait so much and how. Effective. It's been I mean look it I mean can you guys see when I started using advertising, bait for my chart, right here you guys could probably tell you see a little spike there when it goes up my. Opt-ins are going, through the roof right now I'm gonna show you how I'm doing that so if we go over here to edit I've, got, my team, sales. Funnels, built right in here so we've got I clean Pro. Automated. Income system and easy one up these are funnels that are directly, in online, sales Pro for my team and I these are for my team and I but. This is the little detail that I want you guys to see so if I come over here to easy one up. Check. Out what I've done back here so, affiliate. Bait for those of you that don't know is the. Ability to give unlimited vacation, vouchers. To anybody, you want so it's teamed up with a company called advertising, bait, they also own. Book. VIP comm, and that's where all these vacation. Vouchers go through they essentially fill empty rooms and hotels and resorts in, US mexico. And soon-to-come. Europe, as well and it's. As simple as coming in and logging into our back-office here, of advertising. Bait if you go to Mansell, dot life you, can get yourself set up instantly, with an account as well for as little as thirty seven, dollars a month, which is absolutely, ridiculous but, it works I've been, hearing from so many people that have gone on these free vacations. There it's a three night vacation. Here in the United States or it's a five-minute vacation in Mexico there. Are many, different locations to choose from as you can see here on the left, there. Are just so many different. Locations. To choose from you got Cancun, porta. Viar-toe Last Vegas Williamsburg. Branson. I mean there's just so many choices that you can send so I can literally send a free vacation to, anybody, that I want to and it's going to be a three or a five nights stay, and. That's, what I'm using as an incentive to get more opt-ins. Online and more sales online so. Let me go over here and show you this with online sales Pro and how I'm doing this so now in the, back office of myself. And my team members online sales, Pro account we're, not only putting in our username for the sign up link for easy one up we're also putting in our Facebook username, because, that will connect directly to our Facebook, messaging, but now I directly, integrated, affiliate. Bait and this, is leveraging, the affiliate, bait, API. That, will automate, the process, of sending out, vacations. Because you know it's great that we can come in here and offer free vacations, so, say for instance you are a. Well. Let's just say a home repair person say you're a home repair person and you want to get more quotes. You want to do more quotes for people so you could offer an incentive or an advertisement.

Or Our marketing, campaign, that says every. Person that, has. Me out to their home to get a quote to do some type of repair on the house remodel, renovation. You name it I'm gonna give you a free three, or a five night vacation. Stay, all, you have to do is pay the taxes, or any and any related. Resort. Fees which are standard, in the industry but, the actual hotel stays that's gonna you know anywhere from 500, to 700 dollar value, I'm gonna give to you for free if you, gave a. Quote. Or if you had a customer take you up on that offer you literally just come back here and say. Put. Their name in and put. Their email, address in and. Click. You know choose where you want to send them to maybe they chose Las Vegas, and you, come down here and click generate vacation. Incentive, that's, simple, you're done you sent them a vacation incentive now, if you're doing it for leads. You're gonna want to get it generate a lot of leads so what you can do is set up these API is to automatically. Send. Out the free vacation, voucher to, the. A person, that put their name and email address in because, if they're opting into a lead capture page you're, getting their name and email address which then the. API, automatically. Generates, that voucher and emails out to them and you didn't have to do any more work that's. The power of this advertising. Bait if you guys haven't kind of picked up on that yet so. What. I've done here for my team members of myself is I've integrated the, advertising. Bait directly into it so let's take a look and see what that looks like so if I open up my easy. One up sales funnel here you see this is the normal you know headline, tax video but look it look, at what's different right here, let. Me actually want. To move my video down here a little bit so you guys can see what. That looks like there okay, so. Right here it says get a free vacation today just, for watching, this. Life-changing video, and then, the person opting and they haven't even bought anything yet just for opting in to watch my video because I know my videos sell, I don't need to you know twist their arm or do some type of closing, line, this. Right here they choose their vacation, they want to go to and then they click the watch the next video and claim, your fee free vacation, when they click on that that's. When it opens up here where they have to put their name in and we'll just put, a sample in here so let's just put we'll, save Jack Mansell, I don't. Know if I have a Jack Mansell in my family but there we go there's Jack Mansell, um it's. Trying to auto. Populate. There okay so we're gonna do Jack, Mansell. At. Team, Mansell. Dot-com. I'm doing that because I can actually get that email. Jack. Man so there we go and I click, Submit. Phone, numbers optional in this case what happens now is a. Few different things it, redirects, them to my presentation, page for easy one up and telling them all the, stuff they get with easy one up going through testimonial, videos all that good stuff that they normally would, go to but. Simultaneously. That, lead, is, registered. And. If. I go over here to, my email. I. Will. Have a, free. Vacation voucher. That, comes. In within about. 20-30. Seconds. The. Vacation, voucher here it is it just came through so let me show you it to hear you there, it is this. Email, just came to as you can see, Jack. Mansell, cuz that's what I put in the opt-in form and. They. Can click here to get their free vacation, matches so if I were to click this get free vacation, voucher, let. Me check the comments.

Thanks. Michael I appreciate that feedback, they. Go here and look at this look, how cool this is. Not. Only do they let. Me pause this video down here for a second, so. The person that just opted in my sales funnel now has a free vacation that they can go claim this, has spent three nights in luxury. Accommodations. World-class entertainment, rest restaurants. Enjoy the largest, sports. Book in Vegas. Complimentary. Vacation, is valued at five hundred and eighty five dollars. So. They have now a Redemption. Voucher, and they can click to activate here. Or, they can also call in as well but look at the other cool thing here look at this right. Here on this webpage. Vacation. Compliments. Of team. Man's, cell, how, cool is that so whatever, your business name is whatever you know company, you're representing, the voucher, will be compliments. Of your company further branding. Further exposure, these people know they're, going on a free vacation because they opted in to watch a life-changing, video that could help transform, their income, their you know theirs their, their bottom line each month I show people how to make money online that's, what I do in your, case it might be different I'm, getting excited here because I just think this is so cool I mean the various, ways that, we can integrate this, and. Leverage. The, ability to offer free, vacation, vouchers to people is endless, my mind keeps spinning because there's so many different ways to do it if, guys haven't gone already go. To. Mansell. Dot life and do. That check this out I mean this is little spontaneous here but I get notifications. Phone. Calls every time somebody signs up and joins with me an easy one up kind, of ironic that I'm showing my easy one up sales funnel presentation, and I have a notification coming, in there that somebody has just joined me an easy one up now. That might be coincidental, I don't, know it is coincidental, but I just thought I'd show that to you guys there, so. Go, to man sells out life get yourself your free advertising, bait, account. Set up let me show you something else here this is kind of cool this is a video, that the company did, for.

One Of their members to. Promote. Their business and offer the free vacation, so listen to this for a second earn a free vacation now, simply. Record a short video of yourself using, your new product then upload, it to Instagram, make sure you tell us how it changed, your license along and great our handle and hashtag in a post description, then go to your free vacation, that, they have going on right now on for, their business and they're giving a free vacation away, for. That contest, it doesn't even cost the business anything to give away the free vacation, other than 37. Dollars per month, you. Guys get that let me let me want to show it to you one more time here so you can earn a free vacation now, simply. Record a short video of yourself using your new product then, I thought it to Instagram, make, sure you tell us how it's changed, your life as a mom let's include our handle and hashtag in the port description, then claim your free vacation, page member. Which. I think is also pretty cool and you guys can actually get up to three free. Custom. Made videos, for your business, when. You join an advertising, bait and. Take. Advantage of their 12-month option check this out right here if. You needed further incentive, why you should join advertising, bait if I haven't given you enough already, here. It is right here. Save. 16 percent my switching, to an annual plan so first, of all go to Mansell, dot live sign, up for advertising bait. And. Then, get, your. Upgrade. Your account from monthly payments to a yearly, plan you'll, save sixteen. The year you'll have it for 12. Months you won't have to pay the 37 dollars a month anymore and as an extra bonus the, company, will do three free. Custom-made. Video ads just like the example I just showed you for. Your business whatever your business is they don't care they. Will customize. Their. Videos, with. Your business name on it so that you can promote your business and offer people free vacations, as incentives, to take advantage of your services let's. Look, at a real world example of, somebody, who's doing and, leveraging. Free vacations, check out, Javier's, post here so. Javier. Posted. About, one of his clients that's leveraging, advertising, bait and his. Name is George, George. Earned and, again. Can't really, see this because my picture. Is taking up all the room so let me just move myself over there okay there we go, George. Earned. $42,000. Plus. From, referrals. Leveraging. Travel, certificates. During, the month of March that was last month. George. Earned 42 thousand dollars in commissions, just. By leveraging, free. Vacation, giveaways. That's. Pretty powerful right there I mean how would you guys like to generate, an extra forty two thousand dollars in commissions because you. Set yourself apart from, the pack you were leveraging, a special tool like advertising, bait to, go out there and close more sales for, you.

Yes. Absolutely, Joe this would absolutely work for selling roofs, windows. And doors the. The key here is that you have to stand out from the rest everybody, sees advertising, every single day but if you could say hey get, a free, roof. Repair, window. Installation. Door installation, quote. From. Us or maybe purchase. From, us in the next, 48. Hours and I'll give you a free vacation people, jump at that they're like man. Price. Quotes I'm getting here about the same but if I go with Joe over here Joe's. Gonna give me a free vacation I'm, taking my family. To, Cancun. For five nights and it won't cost me a dime for the hotel stay I got to pay you know fifty nine dollars or so in taxes, and pay the resort, fee. Which is anywhere from 20 to 25 dollars a night which is dirt cheap to, stay in a five-star resort in Cancun, not. A bad deal right Joe, do you think you probably sell a few more windows doors, doing. That I would think so personally. I would think so they. Could sell a lot, more of it so. Those. Are some examples there. For, you guys but, I'm gonna make it because this is all about incentives, right and I, don't and I would you know hear. Me out on this I would offer you a free vacation for, joining me in advertising, bait but that's kind of silly because, when you join advertising, bait guess what you can give yourself a free vacation you can give yourself one for a u.s. vacation, you can give yourself one free. Mexico. Vacation, so. It doesn't make much sense for me to give you a free vacation for. Joining. Through, my affiliate, link in affiliate advertising. Bait and I, do urge everybody. That wants to get an account. With. Advertising. Bait do it at mansell dot life go to Mansell, dot life the links in the description here, it's super simple to know man, cell, dot life and get, your advertising, bait account, set up through there I appreciate. It obviously, I'm bringing, this valuable information to you and I appreciate you going through my link but I'm gonna make it a little bit sweeter for you I own. And, run a company called my. Social now calm. My. Social, now. Dot-com. And. This. Is another tool that I leverage, every, single day in my. Youtube. Videos and ranking, my YouTube videos my social media presence, and really helping me jump-start various channels and pages that have no following, no. Exposure. Yeah. Absolutely Michael, definitely go and do it there are so many ways you could IML, man you could definitely kill it with IML with. Your facebook advertising that you're doing getting, them into your facebook group what if you gave a free vacation voucher, away to everybody that joined your Facebook group there's. A there's, a little idea Michael maybe. Try that one out that probably gets you even more I know you do really well with getting people into your IML facebook, group already but that would, just take it up a notch possibly. Mohammed, said are there vacations, for Asia currently there or not they're opening up they're getting they're lining, resorts, in Europe and then Australia as, well so there's going to be more locations, across the world but, currently there aren't any for Asia but, definitely. Stay tuned for that. Exactly. Charlie Charlie says can't even stay in a motel 6 for the you know the taxes and resort. Fees that you have to pay with, the free vacation, so certainly a good thing there so wrapping. Up here let me guys give you guys one, more incentive. To, join advertising.

Bait With me Michael Mansell, team, Mansell, here's. Here's your one more incentive, some. Of you guys might know that I I like to dominate YouTube and I like to generate a lot of traffic from YouTube, so. I'm. Gonna help you guys out with YouTube, so. How am i to do that this is how I'm gonna do that let me show you right here let's. Come over here to my social now I own and run my social, now and this. Is in a, social, media Authority website, where you can purchase YouTube. Views Facebook, engagement I, mean in, this, day and age with social media marketing it's all about engagement, it's all about your edge rank it's all about leveraging. Various. Tools to beat. The algorithms, that prevent, certain, posts from being seen and other posts. From. You. Know getting certain. Amount of exposures, so with, that being said my. Social, now is a company it's a team and sound company that I've developed that you, can go to and, you can purchase, engagement. For Instagram, Facebook. SoundCloud. YouTube. Of course I love the live in YouTube Twitter. Services, review, services, these, are all services that. I have access, to real Instagram, accounts, real YouTube, accounts, real Facebook, accounts and I've network, of people that will go and engage on your post for a fee of course because it takes money to run all these things. But. YouTube. Is where, I do a lot, of my, traffic generation and I, use a certain strategy where I will, poke upload a video get, some views going to initially, and then make it public and that gives a little jump start in the rankings and it helps you stand out better whether, we like to admit it or not. Social. Media, is all about, popularity. And why, is that. It's. Just because that's where the algorithms, are written the algorithms, are written in a certain way so that you, have, to have a certain, level of popularity, for, you to become more, popular, for. Your post to get a further reach, if you, don't have that initial engagement. Facebook's. Not going to show your post very much YouTube's, not going to show your videos and search results very much and that's, the reality of it is that social. Media marketing, is about, popularity. The, beauty of it is that. They're. All computer. Software, and, systems, that can be. Enhanced. A little bit massaged a little bit to the place where you, can get an edge over other people, that might not be putting in as much work so with that being said my social, now great service everybody go out and check that out as well obviously I. Run. And manage, this website, and I'll take good care of anybody that places orders on this website but, this is how simple it is you can come over here to YouTube ranking views you. Can come, over here and say hey I want. 3,000. High, quality, ranking, views, I call ranking views because they will actually help you in the search rankings, if you order these you're, just gonna paste in your video, right there let me show you how easy this is right here for a second I didn't plan to do this but I just wanted to show you guys how easy this is you're. Gonna come over here to YouTube, let, me just go to my. Channel here. And I'm. Gonna pull up one of my view videos. Show. You how easy it is to get your link so let's just go oh well, look at that I've, got a video on YouTube about advertising. Bait go, figure, here's, my here's my review on advertising. Bait so, I'm gonna simply just click on share right here. I'm. Gonna copy. That. URL. Right there that share your app URL, we, come over here to my, social now I'm gonna paste that right there and I. Could literally right here Add to Cart check. Out and purchase. 3000. Views for that video now you might say well what good is 3000. Views gonna do for you I mean that isn't really buying customers, no it's not these. Views are you purchasing are not necessarily. Buying customer. It's not necessarily, leads, for your business but. What it does is it makes you to think. That, your video is more popular, and therefore they're going to give you better rankings what good is a fantastic. Video if nobody, ever sees it this is a way that you guys can jump-start your video, engagement, and I've got some reviews down here from people I've got people, that are purchasing, since I launched this the end of last year and I. Appreciate the positive feedback that I get from people, I. Always over deliver and, I I, try to deliver them much faster than I even say normal, turnaround time is about three days but I've got it fully automated, in the back-office here and the.

The Views. Are going out much faster than that so. Why. Did I tell you all this that, was a roundabout way of telling me that anybody. That. Joins with, me in advertising, bait through my link of Mansell. Dot life and, I, would I would encourage anybody to clear their cookies clear that cache before going to Mansell that life or if. You've already gone there clear cache and then go back to Mansell that life because it is tracked by cookies and if, you've just gone directly to affiliate Bates website, already or you've gone there through somebody else's you may end up not joining directly through me because it's all done through cookies so, just. Go to Mansell that life and if you join, advertising. Bait with me through my link of mounts Mansell, that life I'm, going to send. 1,000. Quality. Ranking views, to any YouTube, video that you want, that's. Right any video you want I'm gonna send you, 1000, views for, free some, of you probably, don't even have 20, views on your videos I'm not saying, that to be rude it's, just the reality of it I remember being there I remember being at the place where I couldn't, even get a hundred views, on my videos. So. Let me help you with your YouTube ranking, I will send you a thousand. Views for free if you, join me so well this is all you have to do all you have to do is go to Mansell that life, create. Your you. Know sign up for advertising, bait I highly, recommend doing the 12 month subscription, that's a great option because then you get the free videos made for you as well hmm. You could probably use those view videos. That the company is going to make for you for free for doing the 12 month subscription. The. Annual plan. And then send, that link the. Video to. YouTube then send me the link of that video, on YouTube and I'll give you a thousand, views for free just, another idea there. That. Is a bonus that I'm doing from now until, the, end of the week so from now until the end of this week if you, join with me in advertising. Bait I will. Send you a thousand. Views for. Free all you have to do is join then, message me on Facebook, and say. Hey I purchase, it I'll look you up and then, I will you know just send me whatever YouTube video you want the thousand views to and I. Will send you those 1000. Views so that's my offer to you guys that's my bonus I'm super, excited about this this, thing, I've shown you how I've.

Integrated. It directly, into my, sales, funnels, that's, something else I'm doing for my team so if you're in team Manziel and you, don't have online sales Pro you, need to check the link that's in my team membership website get yourself, set, up with online sales Pro because I'm directly integrating, advertising. Bait into, the funnels in your back office if. You have online sales Pro which, again I've negotiated a, dirt, cheap price, for online sales Pro so, make sure you go through the link that's in my back office because, I thought what I did is I gave up my affiliate Commission to, give you guys a better price for online sales Pro because online sales Pro to me is just a default tool that, you guys need, to have it's. A default tool you guys need to have so, I don't want that to be a huge, expense I don't really want to make money off of that a bunch, of money off of that because that's just something that's necessary. And and I'm putting a lot of focus on, online. Sales Pro so I know. There was a lot of information more. Than I anticipated it. Would be but, I'm really. Excited about advertising. Bait, I wanted you guys to hear directly from me what I'm doing with it let you know about my bonus that I'm doing this week for anybody that joins me in advertising, bait so appreciate. You guys being on here go, back and watch the replay if you're just jumping on share. This with other people that you want to share it with I really appreciate all the shares and the likes if you could just give me do me a favor and hit the like button and the heart button on your. Facebook live here I would greatly appreciate that what, if you're watching it on, replay, are you watching it live right now just hit that like button then that heart button appreciate. All you guys's energy and everything they contributed, to the online marketing, community, if you're on offline, watching this in terms you have an offline business, use. Advertising, bait there are so many people implementing, it into offline, businesses, it's, a no-brainer so, take. Care guys I'll see you later.

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