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Well. Hello there everyone you here to show you our hero up talking about for business reasons and you. I put this together right here that this was supposed to be me. Right here, and you, know sitting right here on the rocking chair it is on the say the little boys rocking, chair and this. One would, be an example of me right here back when I was about a year old but but. Where we're gonna be looking at knees source about, if you, wouldn't call it like for business reasons, advertisements. And anything. About what you call you for more details, on you can use the advertisements. That, that you're going to see something. Like that you know this talking, about you. Know within, about maybe twenty or thirty seconds, that you would see you know something about that you know up you for what's going on especially for the holidays maybe. Even restaurants I'm like how many of us had maybe seen a lot of those commercials, related. To restaurants. But, this right here is, ash, we are talking about you further you'll Carosa you. Know art shop and and. I know that that I'm sure most of us here, have, you pre-ordered, something, and, basically. Means it store you're ordering something ahead of time and you. Know usually that you yeah that you know especially during. The holidays, if we're talking about like Black Friday sales, or, something like that you know even buy a mobile phone that you're, gonna go ahead and and a pre-order something. Uh you know starting maybe. In I own you, know September, or something like that you before the holidays, that you pre-order, it it, basically means, that yeah. That that you're you're. Already you know paid, for the item, but then you're waiting for it to be delivered and, how. Many of us are gonna maybe thank. That to were that that you know yeah that that you know you were you pay for it first but, then you may have to wait a couple of weeks until it's delivered and. Fourteen. Yo yeah up to fourteen or fifteen weeks. Or so and until it's delivered so, you're like Warren to that you. Know we know we're gonna be shopping, anywhere that. You're. Like Warren that you're, fourteen, weeks oh okay. You know what that don't seem like a very long time but you yeah that uh for. How busy that you do get and sometimes at, their fourteen weeks and and how, many of us ago maybe were dead. That you know if you forgot about that order, or something it's been that long enough, and maybe if he got busy with something else and maybe you forgot about the you know to purchase about of that, but, but. Usually, whenever. You order something that that, usually, you're on top of that deal you remember, it you you may even wonder what's, taken out so long for being delivered, but. That this right here that I want. To go ahead and talk of yeah you know use this as example, right here if I could displace right here we're supposed to be example, right here of me and like a like. Displayed, for like an advertisement and, I. Know that, I, have. Right there is like for me on a rocking, chair but, think, about your warmers is that yeah that you're. Gonna be seeing these sorts of advertisement. And thanking. This to where the okay little boy on a rocking, chair or some sort and and also. One or two did you know yeah then where's your signature, you know like wanna know about, where. Are you that the autograph, is but but. I know that. That. With most the time with most Curos, orders, that you can print out their, certificate, so you would see if the, print kind. Of like this right here budino you would also see. The artist, name and in that your to order number and you know that source of stuff whenever. You order from the art store and you. Would be able to receive, a certificate and. With. That certificate that. Sometimes. It just seems like that. You know yeah that you get the certificate and, and. Thank. You necessarily. Toward okay this is what you ordered, but really. A might were two most, certificates, mainly. Explained. Like oh yeah that that you'll come back soon it, to our shop and you know this is a this. Is the work by the artist and. So yeah that uh that. You know if there's gonna be anything you'll really to advertisement. Posted, in and that you sometimes is what I usually see to up, to 30 percent often, and free shipping and handling it worldwide. So. If we're gonna be seeing anything like that on a television and then you're. Likely thinking as toward that what would, things that you'll probably do in a you, know whenever, you getting ready to pick up the telephone or, maybe the place the order, so.

I Just think about a store that whenever your um especially. Online tea that you. Know $50 gift cards, you. Know yeah that that. Sort of stuff like. On, or, maybe on eBay and you have, other internet, sites that. Say. That you know or your ordering online but, but. I also want. To mention also Anthony by Warren says toward the same thing I was talking about that I've talked about your questions. At pointing questions, as to. Where that whenever you post an ad about. Something, let's just say that with. This advertisement. It can maybe be really - maybe a car, wash or maybe that. You, know yeah, that you're you're raising money maybe if you. Know ya, lemonade, or maybe if you're doing something, around town, at that you're pulling, up flyers you. To the traffic, you know around town and telling. People that you know you're trying to raise money you know for like any source of of a. Trust fund or maybe if it's you know anything special, at the matter if, you're selling candy, you know for it to raise money but. Now. You know usually, March. Or April that they usually have events, to where you can raise money you, know to help children. I meet at the hospitals, or some sort or and then they also have got other source of donations, as well, so. It's like yeah that you know I've hurt you anybody, whose are recovering, from the front, of hurricanes, especially. That you're gonna have. A certain. Donations, going on also you'll reach a certain recovery, from, the storms, and asking. Anybody if they want to go ahead and donate you certain, amount you know just to help you. Rebuild, you. Know a certain city or something like that but uh but. Talk about yeah. That that you know for business reasons though, that that. Part. Of the reason to if anybody were to ask me that, you, know yeah, that they see the advertisement. On here and then they started asking me somebody start to ask me questions right. Whenever, in. The middle of making, a statement and they're. Gonna maybe ask me something. Such as is to where that, that you know yeah that that you're why oh yeah. Exactly, that. Whenever. You. Know you say a few words about something, in their gonna go into the shop and maybe look for that exactly, designed, and in a some. Point that they're gonna maybe, somebody's. Gonna maybe ask about why is so expensive and why. Do you have to have an account you. Know on this internet, site you just to be able to place the order and why does it take up. To 12 business, days you're, up to maybe twenty two business, days for that order to be delivered. So. And then on the other hand that that that you know the other business, reason, this, question, could, also be as tour that, yeah that you're from your store deport you're. A premier starting, point that, you're. Not really working for a big business. So. It's like you know yeah if this was relate you like maybe a print shop or some sort and then just. Thinking this tour about how many orders that. Would be a place and, so. That's just a thing that you know that this right here was. At any source of a of example. Of you, know if an advertisement. You're, also thinking, is that yo you go ahead and a, place the. Details, for, anywhere that, you think that that you would catch new people's attention, and on. Your hand that yeah that for. Any source of attention, that, if anybody were asked for and, that what I know about you yeah you're pre-ordering, and something. And so. It just seems like, that. With, anything about, what you call pre-orders, because, you. Know we know that that, you know pre-ordering. Something, basically means is that that. You're paying for that you yeah that that you've already paid for you just gotta you, know the arrangement. With that with, the shipping and handling so yeah but, still that then, I know I got, most of all on kiosk though that for business, reasons that whenever I start, working. You, start to you know start. Selling, something or start working something, then. That's possible, I know that, somebody's, going to ask me at some point is, to, wear that worded, designs that.

That You know a couple of them that you're you were posted. Up your. Honor. YouTube, earlier, in the air you know some of your other designs, that you put on the greeting cards, so. It's like you're gonna have somebody. That's gonna ask you a question. And sometimes. Though that, yeah. These questions, are a come up at the last minute to word that whenever you're talking about something, that um, you. Know I guess if you are call a rings a bell that, whenever. You have yeah, you know almost all the time if, you're, gonna be in a meeting you're talking, about something and then maybe. That you don't have any catalogs, really, to show anybody about what the. Prints look like and and so. It's just thinking about is toward it, yeah. You start talking about something and, that maybe somebody asked to see some examples, of what you're talking about and, you're like you. Know I don't have any right now but, you know what I have Mike so yeah that and. How, many of you know how many of us are. Gonna maybe thank to worded that day how did I handle that to where that they come up to a situation, to work people. Come up to a situation to her that. That there's a our. Request, on demand, like an order to were that. You, know I I want. This you, know I want, this order place, right now or, something like yeah I want this order place right now and, sometimes. Though that you're gonna maybe have a some. You know yeah, they, say you wouldn't it would like no, no arguments. But you know yeah your plea I want, you to place this order right now like. A well you. Know a like, yeah that you well you, yeah you may say something about that. That you know it's not the size that I know you probably want Mike a hey I I said I want this order right now so. Sometimes, it that you're gonna maybe have somebody, that's gonna order something and it's. Like you know yeah is that really a problem or not like well I, would. Recommend, well you know before that you said that you're so yeah you know whenever somebody. Constantly, changes their mind about. Something and then maybe if something else comes up and then you're, gonna be like yeah. Somebody's, asking you a question but so they won't, know exactly about, how to answer but.

Talk About for business reasons though, and that. Whenever. You started, working something, that. People. Are going to ask the question, and, one. Of those questions is also. Going to be a bias to where how come I did not see this ad two. Weeks ago because. In the advertisement. It says on the oh yeah free shipping and handling but I did not see this 30%, off yeah. That the last the, last week's, advertisement. Only says 15%. Off and how come you know it and then this advertisement, said only 20% off and now you're saying it's 30%. Off and then, now you're, saying that oh okay yeah well, the only order has, not been record, yet, and so yeah that you're gonna have some. Some. Customers, you know pointing out some some topics, you know some concerns, of the matter about you know their orders and, so. Whenever you're trying to answer those and you're, trying to handle that especially, Keun so. It seems like a lot of times that. You, know whenever you're going to begin into like the business, you. Know you, know a ensued like the business you know source of, your. Handling, customers. Orders, and as well as the, things that you got to do but. But. Let's just say the remain reason for this advertisement, right here example, right here is if, anybody were to be looking at this right here was. You, know was you know my you, know painting right here of me in a rocking chair so. When people look at this are, they gonna maybe think that they're gonna go ahead and want to make a donation or you, know yeah a way to how to tell them that you can pre-order what. You're shopping for or yeah, 30% off or you. Know way to get to attention you oh yeah 50 $50. Gift cards are now available everyone, oh yeah this is available online, now, you can go and go online and, order it now but. Still know that if. Somebody's, gonna be looking at this and maybe. Think is to work that, did that little boy on a rocking, chair you, know so yeah that the first thing that's gone maybe come to their attention may. Not be okay, you. Know we'll okay at yo for Curos business, reasons, and pre-orders. But. Still, though that. For, any source a picture like that and maybe, thinking Astoria at that picture that, does look a little bit familiar you, know for maybe.

Somebody. That you that you may have seen before or, maybe that just. In your the style and just the ways it was designed as well but. But. I can tell anybody here, that that a lot of my artwork, not all of it was, posted. In the art shop but let's just say though that with. Any source of advertisements. Though it that, that you know whenever you start talking about something and then that somebody wants to ask a question and and sometimes, they want to rephrase it to you, make a point about something and then somebody, wants to go ahead and start asking questions and it's like you. Know with this advertisement. Yeah. That. Narrowly. Um, twelve. Hours earlier. The advertisement. Said of a fifty dollar gift card, or, sub sort and then, now it's saying that you know thirty percent off the last Edie said. Twenty percent off so in case if anybody asks, that is, to word that yo they see an ad in the paper and that, they're gonna say that that you know almost all the ads at odd scene have. Said twenty percent off and then, that the questions gonna go by store what's with this thirty percent off and then. You know yeah the only ad could maybe also say is like you see you. Know the art shop for. More details, and then if you want to make, a donation or. You. Know yeah something like that so, well. Whenever you're going to see an advertisement about. Something, and sometimes. Though, that, that. Had to time that uh you, know if they buy warrants as to where that you. Know the death does that seem like fun, at all I'm like yo you seemed, like that I was having a lot of fun whenever I was drawing this but. Then you're trying to make it you know clear to all the customers about, you. Know between fifteen, and twenty percent off or maybe the the, the special, you. Know special. Offers, or something like that or maybe swing stay sweepstakes. And coupons, but. You know still know that you. Know anybody, say that yo you if you're going to get the audience as the shoppers, attention, number. One, in this tour make, sure that you know that the unit about the sales you, know that I guess you say that the markdown sales, that you about the but, the special offers and orders because. If what advertisement. Is only going to say 15% off, and then, you, know that there's another ad they, see maybe.

On Their mobile phone or maybe by email or text messaging. That's gonna say maybe up to twenty five percent off so it's going to tell them something different and then. That they're gonna maybe warrant, to work that. You know okay yeah y-yeah, but I don't know I'm like we're. Gonna tell him other than that that maybe that that you, know that that special, offer had been expired, and you know the next question yeah that maybe the next question, now, why is it that, a lot of these special, offers and coupons are. Only good for the 24, the 75, or so hours, out of the four days yeah out, of the four days out of the four days that how come that, these coupons are only good for four days and, yeah. That tell you, like leeward toward you know you can go ahead and ask the artist, that question. Is tour that why is it that most of those coupons, are only good for four days, yeah. They're they're only good for four days but. Still. Know that them, most. Coupons, a good quality, you from a good within. Thirty days to three weeks to maybe at the one weekend you know yeah a lot of those like catalogs, that you don't like yeah, those coupons. Quite. A few of them are good for at least up to one week you, know to be able to get a good special, by your during the holidays, but. I tell you one thing know that. Yeah. If you're gonna be posting up any ad said, that seems like a lot. Of fun, but then you know it seems like that that a lot of fun just comes, to the concern, to her that. You, know people, are now looking at those sales, you know advertisements. And now looking at that picture but. Then now they're trying to get something straight here you, know so yeah that, so. It seems like that. Yeah you don't really want to have. To deal with that situation to. Where that you what's up you know yeah and if it's if it's, up for sale yeah. So, it seems like a lot of times that you. Know Maya. Are at work especially that. You know by time you. Get into the business, reasons. You, know art, art. Shop, your, situation. And you're maybe have some customers, they're, gonna make requests, and one of those requests, is gone maybe be about. You know where's that that. Painting of you sitting in front of the television set, them if you work at the desk or where's, that one that talks about the you, know the senior brave. You. Know the, senior, brave artist, or I'm like you know yeah that yeah you're gonna have some, customers, they're, gonna ask you some of those questions and. Sometimes. I do one or two that that you, know why is it that you just cannot assume what the answer is but. Still, though to tell for. Anything about pre-orders. And as well as free shipping and handling, it so. It seems like that whenever as customers, do see that and then they're gonna maybe say that that free. Shipping and handling oh okay well that's good but but. Still loaded, that. I, guess what are you gonna really tell the. Customers, necessarily. That that you, know whenever, you have. Whenever, you're putting your work up for market, ahead, of time that I guess, that's one thing that I'm sure most. Professionals. You know anybody in the marketing, that you. Know that's your stuff that's. Gonna be going up from market especially you know that somebody, who's going to ask about in somebody who wants to buy it and maybe. If it's working, for an insurance company, that they're. Gonna want and buy something, new just because, that. You, know they've seen, it they seen the advertisement. Available, for a t-shirt, or maybe for, you yeah that for. A pillow or, a t-shirt or maybe, for a glass print, that. There. Are one to place the order, but, then on, your, hand that they're trying to get everything straight, about is it, twenty. Percent off or is a 30 percent often how much you know yeah so, it's like just. Like those. Other you know yeah, that you know that the videos I posted up earlier talking to between pitcher and painting, but. But, still loaded. Whenever. I was working on this I was mainly talking, about that about. Questions, that point in question, your, statement, or that whenever you started talking about something that, sometimes. Somebody's. Not gonna let you finish your, speech you know they're gonna want to go ahead and interrupt you and and sometimes. You say that you, know I said sorry I don't mean to interrupt you but but. I was just wondering okay. About that I bought this unit this picture right here that, you know that's right there that. That painting right there that, you was at that you know yeah that's a photoshopping you know but yeah yeah how come you, know how come it said it's gotta be real it's like it you know yeah that do four four four thousand, you know so pixels, in you know again yeah that the, next question that could, also be you're, related, to that.

Well. You know a lot of customers, though that. Some. Of them are gonna be you know yeah certain areas that, whenever. They place an order on Keros that. Let, us say that that. That this person, is located within miles and distance, and you know yeah that you know with the orders that, how the orders, are placed that. You. Know other questions, that remain. But. But. Still though that I guess that the. Main focus also, is that you, know whenever I draw, a picture that. I also, want. To see how well it turns out that, you know started from a black and white picture black, and white drawing, before. I started, painting it and before I started, added all this other illustration. Work to it just. To column polish it up and and, I really. Just think though that really. That that. Before, that, we get carried away with, before. That. That these are drawings, are available, for tattoos, I would suggest that, people. Would suggest to. Listen up you know for what I had to say about because, I, know, that. Whenever. Somebody, you. Know yeah whenever you bring up a topic whenever, you start talking about a topic that, it, seems like that so, it's going to open somebody, else's mind to what they want to talk about so, it, seems, like especially, at the roundtable yeah, if, you're, gonna be you know at. A round table with about maybe eight other people and they. Don't know really what to talk about they don't know really what to discuss until, you start showing them a catalog and then. They're gonna maybe start, looking in it there's something interesting in there they, want to look at and if there's anything interesting they want to buy and chances. Are that they're gonna start asking questions. So. It seems like yeah. That, those. Commercials, that came on from. A long time ago if it, is related. To you. Know yeah, that tough if it, is related to maybe, a, car, a lot or if it's not related. To uh you. Know maybe for, school purposes though, that. Yeah this call may be monitored or, recorded for, quality training purposes, but. I was also thinking about doing one about the doctor. You. Know if anybody warns us to her how many of us don't. Have had our experience, you're ordering, you. Know from, the pharmacy, you know ordering medicine from the pharmacy and. Uh you. Want to know about this to work that. That you know being on on the telephone, that one. Know exactly, about you. Know whenever you're whenever you're placing in an order that, sometimes. That want. To know I'm like yeah well you anybody, yeah, yeah. You know you need to have a you, know a credit, card to do this or you need to have an account you know this but. Uh and. How many of us, and. I know that I think one of the first questions, that that. A lot of people would probably ask you, know about maybe forty five percent of everybody else is going to ask is toward, it some accounts, that like that you know cross that you accept paypal, and. So. If anybody, who has a paypal account can maybe ask is that if you got paid by our account you can go ahead and order place orders, online and, and. I know that some sites that do not you know support or do not accept paypal, but. You know I call your word toward that you, know I guess one. Side that I know you, know wake up you know yeah I. Unless. That they do but, like I like you know Amazon or, if it's like you know yeah that that you're a few uh a few other sites did do not accept paypal but you know still let up if you're going to have a paypal account, that. You know you go ahead and and order, something using, a paypal account and, you're, also wondering too that you. Know why is it you know what why is it that some sites that do, not accept paypal, and whenever, they do that. You. Know yeah that uh with. The paypal account it works just um a little. Bit different compared to a visa and you, know yeah that you. Know what way is that that. That. Really, that, compared. To yoyo that uh compared.

To Using up a credit. Card that you can't, really read how, much is in the account from. A credit card so, Mike if anybody, Wars is tore that, you know can you really explain, to anybody who really don't know the differences, is that. Yeah. You know with a PayPal, account you, can, read you, know you can read from. The site about how much money you have in your account with a credit card you. Can't do that, you, know with, the credit unless if you sign in to the actual, account, and, you cannot no you boot probably, had to sign in it just to display that you're they accept if you're gonna be on a mobile device that, you, could out you know you cannot really read what's, on a Visa, or a MasterCard so. In order to be able to do that that, you would have to check the remaining balance and, I'm sure most of us requires. Some of us to know how to do that but but. Anyway um, but. Whenever I yeah. That whenever you're gonna have. You. Know somebody that's gonna ask you a question, and one of those questions is maybe gonna be a bars to work that, how come that not all your designs, that I've seen or, up from market yet and on. Your hand to it you how is it delivered, so. Yeah, that that by time somebody, you, finally, you know understands, and gets the best idea, about. Your how you, know the ordering process works, and then the next, thing you know it's gonna give them another idea, about what. Put what else to put up for market but but. Still with these advertisements. Though, that yeah. That you, know it's. It's, not just about your 30 seconds, of they say you talk about it and then people are gonna understand, but. Still know that that. Back when I was much younger of, course I, can maybe say is toward that you have you always want to have an art, shop to where you can order you. Can place orders on your work and then you have. It to where other people would be able to order your your work and enough you know the next day you know I think they're going to maybe be asking. You about, how, come certain. Other designs, we're not available and then and. Then on the other hand to you how are those prints, delivered, and, so.

Yeah That, you. Know yeah you know for whatever reason, for whatever, reason, that the debt is going, to be that. You know that's like the third question is, to were that, they're. Going to be looking at see what's on the art shop and then, the. Next question is gone be advised to wear how is it delivered, and then. Whenever. That there's the only another announcement, so it seems like that. You. Know yeah that you start talking about something, and then. You start pointing out a few, things that you. Say that maybe somebody's, not gonna like this or somebody's. Gonna maybe ask about that, so. There might be other reasons to why if anybody, you say that you're do you really recommend, you'll get into business reasons, about this or just if anything just sticking. It to her that it's just that a small, print, shop and where, you sell, your your order you know sell your prints but still, though that if. Anybody, warrants the store that. You know yeah that you know whenever you start working, on something maybe. In Photoshop. And then that you're gonna maybe have it to work that, a number, of people are gonna ask about that to. Work that. You know excuse, me sir how much do you want for that but. Still, excuse me ma'am how much do you want for that so. It's like yeah that doubt that. Sometimes, that. If. Anybody. Were her that may be wondering that too and I can tell anybody here, that. You know it seems like you have you. Know you make your decisions, a lot, of times that whenever people, start asking questions and. Every. Time you turn around and, you're. Like we want where you're based on it is like a contract, you original plan the, original, plan was display. It mainly this is supposed to be an advertisement, if you, know where the advertisement. Is that's just it was supposed to keep you updated keep, you posted, about, what's going on and on that internet, site about the certain buys in certain sales that's going on with. The business but. You know it's still that, somebody. Else that may request us to work that. I want, to see you yeah I want, to see you with makeup on with a little bit of makeup on and maybe, yeah you know yeah that you. Know any summer you, know any summer you know cool-looking, events, I'm like yeah they like they when somebody. Requests, to see you and like, a like a little uh you. Know a graduation. Gown or something like that you know yeah that uh and. You. Know how many of us are gonna maybe handle it or that, you know somebody that.

That. Request. They. Have something ordered, in and they want to have an order now and, sometimes, it's like you. Know you're coming at this situation towards, something comes up to where you get the emails, and you're, those emails are gonna say that you, know I want, you to order something for me now, and, that, you know yeah that so. Sometimes, it seems like you know really you know whenever you're you. Know you you know I got you know yeah whenever whenever you were handling all this stuff and then by time somebody. Else you, know sees that advertisement, and then, that they're going to go ahead and try to make the orders, and one of those orders is gonna be live eyes to work you, gotta do with exactly. What I say, and then that the, way I say. It to I'm like you know yeah that I want, you I want to make a request. I want. To had this order, printed now. And, I want to have available on a shirt now and you. Know yeah that table you, tell, me the price and I want to have it order now. So, sometimes, when we come up to those situations and, you're. Also 102. That, way. We'll do just take a one thing at a time why, don't we but, you know, anyway but. Talk about using you for 30% off and then you have right here's where, $50 gift card so yeah you know I'm sure most of us have seen that before about, you know whenever you're gonna be seeing any source of advertisements. That, like a $50 gift card if, you spend so much money, especially. If you spend so much from, your order or maybe you go you'll, get mailed a free gift if you spend so much and then you for so many orders you, know placed. Within a certain time and I know that that's a back. Whenever I you, know like, of a buy warrants, as to her that, yeah that you, know whenever you were that. You, kept thinking too that this sale is not gonna go very well until, you go back to it within, about four or five days later and, want to know about you. Know exactly about you. Know you don't think that really if anybody, really is gonna buy that or be interested, in that or some sort but let's just say that, if one of those reasons for. Business reasons will, be is to worm if. It's you know even if it's not thirty percent off that what, are the chances, of somebody's. Going to pick up the phone or maybe pick up their. Their. Mobile phones and placing orders, and at. Some of them that don't know it or maybe if they can't afford it or whichever, but but. Still that if somebody, sees an advertisement. Though it they're, gonna maybe keep that in mind and in it let's just say that your yeah I'm not really saying but, possibly. Buy. Time. You know we get our tax return, by time somebody gets a tax return then. Chances, are that you're gonna see more orders, coming and. Possibly. That you, know it could be you know at the last minute to that that somebody wants something ordered, now and, knowing the best ways on how to handle that best. Ways I guess is like you. Know okay, you'll give me a minute or you know we'll go ahead and place, that order, for you and so. Yeah that.

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