Adrian Carton de Wiart: The Most Badass Soldier of All Time and a Real Life Action Hero

Adrian Carton de Wiart: The Most Badass Soldier of All Time and a Real Life Action Hero

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This video is made possible by backplates, get a 15 day free trial. Of Backblaze, dot-com. /bi. Graphics, a. Total. Disregard, for his own personal, safety an indomitable, fighting. Spirit, reckless. Courage and the gifts have been nearly. Indestructible this soldier survived five, wars, including, World War one and World War, two and became one of the most decorated British, officers, of all time and sustained. Countless, injuries was, he the unluckiest. Soldier, of all time or maybe just the quintessential, British war, hero well make up your own mind as we hear the story of today's protagonist Adrian. Cotton, to us the, unbreakable soldier. Adrián, carton diet was born into an aristocratic family, in, Brussels Belgium on May the 5th 1880, the father of this quintessential, British war hero was actually, Belgium, and a lawyer is another well, she was actually Irish, Adrian was so Belgium in fact that throughout his life he was amused by the rumor that he was an illegitimate child of King Leopold ii. Who owned the Congo Adrian's, mother sadly, passed away when he was just six and his father Leon moved the family to Cairo, in Egypt, during, this period Leon married again and Adrian's, stepmother, thought it was a good idea for the boys education, if they were to spend some time at a British boarding school as the family was Catholic he was sent to a Catholic, school the, Azzurri near Birmingham the founder of the school Cardinal, John Henry Newman once wrote fear not as they life shall, come to an end but a rather fear, that, it shall never have, a beginning. Adrian's. Life would be on the brink of coming to an end countless. Times but he, never showed any fear and for sure his life it, certainly, had a hell, of a beginning by, 1899, Adrian, was 19, he was attending Bailey, L College at Oxford at this stage in his life as per his father's, desire, he could have easily settled, for a law degree and the pleasant existence, of a typical tov, just in drawing his family's wealth he accepts it didn't. On the, 11th of October 1899. The second burr war broke out spitting the British Empire against, the Orange Free State and the Transvaal, Republic and, South Africa, this was a revelation, for Adrian in his autobiography happy.

Odyssey He wrote at that moment I knew once and for all that war was in my blood if the British didn't fancy me I would offer myself to, Boers it, turns out the Brits they did fancy him Adrian enrolled his volunteer, faking, his identity, as well, as his age he, was soon dispatched, to South Africa, while his father still believed him to be studying law at Oxford and this was, the start of his real life a soldier's. Life very. Early on straight after training in South Africa, de wardes and his units were crossing a river in full, view, of some Bourke Mondo's when he was shot twice once. In the stomach and, once in the groin so, we're gonna help you out here and keep count of how many times he was shot or, shrapnel, or otherwise, just injured, after being shot a superior bluntly asked if their woman Ebers about to which she replied coolly no, but, the few were very good shots in the hospital his identity was discovered and so it was forced to return to England to recover, and to face his father's, wrath who by now had discovered what his son was up to luckily. Leon consented. And his son pursued a military career and after Adrian, returned he decided to quit Oxford for good and returned to South Africa, in 1901, for, a nother round of fighting this time though he did it in style booking, himself in first class and ending, generous, tips to the bar staff so that he landed in Cape Town with, exactly, one, pound, in my pocket after joining, a Cavalry Regiment duart was promoted, corporal, this promotion lasted exactly 24 hours after which he was demoted again to simple trooper for threatening, to hit a sergeant, but it was clear to us that he was destined, to greater, things and after a few months he returns or more probably bought, a commissioned, a second, lieutenant during. The rest of 1901, ends, until the ends, of the second Boer War in 1902, dou, art greatly. Suffered for the lack of action his only opportunity to do anything of military, value was to cut some barbed wire in a Bergkamp but even, then he was ordered not to do it fretting, for action at the end of the war he applied to be sent to British Mario Lanza joined the hunt for Muhammad bin Abdullah also known as the mad mullah bin Abdullah, had started a guerrilla campaign against, the British East African, colony, and he was fighting, for independence, and, considered, by his followers a Sunni holy man and, almost a messiah but two colonial authorities, he wasn't a messiah he was just a rather naughty, boy, again, their art superiors, they curbed his fighting enthusiasm.

And He was gazetted to a Cavalry, Regiment in, maschera, in India, the Indians day was peaceful, and largely uneventful, except, for about finding, a great passion for pig, sticking, which basically consists, in chasing wild boar on horseback through the forest who pierced them with a long spear, anyway. When chasing one of these pigs in the jungle duart fell off the horse and the horse fell, on him and cracked, several, ribs and one, ankle during, his convalescence he, had an argument with the local servants and pelted him with stones. And the servants got out of range so I shot, him in the butt, and to this point it's pretty clear that this guy was in dire need of battle. His Beria's they were not amused by the attack on the servant though and they jailed him for a time but he did manage to avoid demotion. In, 1904, dawat was transferred, back to South Africa he wrote in his memoirs, that he was happy not to see India again suppose. The feeling was probably mutual on, that one the ensuing years they were blissful to out spent his time gambling, socializing, racing horses and shooting wildlife, he enjoyed several liquid, meals as he called them but also cultivated, his physical fitness at one point he was so strong that he could rip in half a, pack of cards, in 1907, Dodd swore an oath of allegiance to, the king formally, becoming a British citizen within, the British Army in 1908, do it returned to England where as few regimental, duties gave him time to play polo and travel, the continents, and especially, austria-hungary. To shoot grouse pheasants, another game in the same year his connection to that empire was strengthened, by his marriage to Frederick Maria Caroline, Henriette, Rosa's Sabina Francisca, fuga von Babin housen and no he had not become a woman to married seven different women this was the full name of the bride in Austrian countess, they went on to have two daughters together in his memoirs Dwyer recalls the atmosphere, of mistrust, at German border posts whenever he entered the country from France and how his french-sounding surname, attracted suspicion, a clear sign that tension. Was mounting and. That war was certainly on the horizon, they, probably knew that one when World War one broke, out - art was on his way to British, Somaliland to, take part in what is now a mostly, forgotten conflict, - the colonial, war against the mad mother who we introduced, earlier towards, desire to go and fight there is had finally, been fulfilled but upon learning that the UK had declared war on Germany, - I'd felt like playing in a village cricket match instead, of in the test and for our friends, in the u.s. here the test is - cricket with the World Series is - baseball - I was assigned to lead a squadron of the Somaliland Camel Corps on the hunt, for the mad mullahs followers, that a vicious when tasked, with storming, an enemy fort reward could not resist, going on the attack headfirst, but, the enemy position it was well defended and he was shot by the dervishes three. Times in. The face indeed, one bullet took part of his left ear a second bullet got him in the left eye and a third bullet ricocheted, and hit him across the very same, I of, course do art lost his eye but his assessment of the battle it had all been most exhilarating, fun do, all that took the occasion, returned to England where he hoped to be reassigned, to service on the Western Front the Army Medical Commission, agreed to it provided, that he use a glass eye which he hated indeed, while riding in a cab in London and fighting the bar side who uncomfortable, he just yanked, it out and threw, it out of the taxi window from, then on he would wear his distinctive, eyepatch.

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Bravery Coolness. And determination, during severe operations, of prolonged nature. This was the citation, after this Dodd continued, to lead from the front battle, after battle exposing. Himself to further injuries, for example in the trenches of delville wood nicknamed, the devil's wood he was actually shot in the head he, was a clean straight shot through his skull right to the back of the head if he had to die well this, would be the right occasion to do so except, he didn't apparently, - I didn't, care for being dead so he simply survived and got on with us during three subsequent battles, he was shot in the ankle hip. And here, but, after every, stay in hospital he regains full mobility, and returned to the Front's time, after. Time, darts assessment of this grueling experience of, the meat-grinder of, the Western Front was frankly. I enjoyed. The war. The. Years between World, War 1 and the start of World War 2 often, wrongly labeled the interwar, years because. This period actually saw a lot of conflicts, taking place in Europe and where there was conflicts, you'd, be sure to find Adrian. Cotton, to art having. The time of his life, in 1919. New art was assigned to Poland, as a military advisor to the newly independent country. Which over a period of two years found, itself at war with Soviet Russia Czechoslovakia. Ukraine, and Lithuania though, I had made himself indispensable to, Field Marshal Joseph. Pilsudski and as, usual he got involved in all types of risky situations, at the same year in 1919, he survived not, one but, two plane crashes the, second of these crashes resulted, in a brief period of captivity with, the Lithuanians, after his release he increased, his efforts to support the Polish military even, organizing, a gun smuggling operation, via, Hungary in 1920, he got closer to the front as the war with Russia intensified. One day his observation, train was attacked by a charge of Cossack cavalry with the intent of hijacking it he confronted the attackers, single-handedly. Quite literally with, his revolver at, one point he even fell off the moving train but quickly left back on it and continued, the firefight until the Train escaped from the cossacks when the Polish Wars finally ended in victory in 1921, dawat decided, to stay in Poland as he had grown fond of its people and its wildlife which he proceeded, to shoot for the next eighteen years the wildlife that it's not the people in 1923, he finally decided to retire having now achieved the rank of major-general, after, a life of adventures, this gentleman would go on to lead a quiet and wealthy, life in his adopted country. Except. He didn't. We. All know what happened on the 1st of September 1939.

In A matter of three weeks Germany invaded from the West the Soviet Union from the east and the UK and France declared war on the Axis powers though. It's quite life in Poland it was no more as a form of British military advised, the best course of action was to flee immediately he abandoned his estate acquired, a fake passport and, crossed, the border with Romania, upon, returning to the UK Dwight re enlisted in the military in April 1940, Dwight was recalled into active service despite, and, I should stress this again in case you've forgotten being. 61. ID and an, amputee, he was given the rank of acting lieutenant, general, and tasked with leading an anglo-french landing, force in norway to halt the german invasion this operation, there was a complete disaster from the start while arriving in Norway var seaplane Dodds aircraft, it was forced to crash land this. Happens on a Ford where it was then attacked by a German fighter plane rather, than boarding, a rubber dinghy to reach Shore ins become a sitting duck he calmly waited, in the wreckage until the enemy plane ran out of ammo and left, after, reaching his forces by the Tron time Ford doe-eyed realized, that they were under supplied, under guns, and seemed, to be encircled by the Germans, but watch you might imagine he didn't really care about the odds being stacked against him and he just got on with it his troops they managed to break the encirclements, by traversing, over, the mountains and back to the coast under a constant, barrage of artillery strikes. And Luftwaffe, attacks, finally, the Royal Navy came to the rescue and managed to ferry droite and his band of brothers out of Norway and they landed in Great Britain on his 60th birthday in. April 1941, carton, Duras was appointed, by Winston, Churchill to lead a British secret, mission in Yugoslavia. The objective, was to make contact with Tito's partisans, and offer them allied support, but. He never got there after, a refueling stop in Malta the Wellington bomber in which the mission was travelling went into a nosedive straight, into the Mediterranean, luckily, there was a coast line in sight as the fuselage, sank to at 61. One handed and one eyed swam, to shore while, carrying, an injured comrade also. The coast they had reached was the coast of Libya access. Territory, and Dwight and his friends they were immediately seized by the Italians, a hero today was transported. By the Italian, military to the high-security POWs. Camp established, within the castle. Vinci, a yachtie near, Florence, this prison was specifically, dedicated to guarding senior British officers, captured in North Africa the average age of the prisoners was 52, but these indomitable, officers, they had the energy of young soldiers when it came to breaking out dough art was a part of at least five escape, attempts one of which involved digging a 60-foot, tunnel under, the castle walls this, was certainly a complicated. Endeavor for an amputee, but as usual - I didn't, give a damn about it and he just got on with it after, seven months the tunnel was complete go out and five other prisoners, succeeded, in their great escape in March of 1943, and hid for some days in their countryside, the cunning plan was to make themselves inconspicuous, by, dressing, like Italian, peasants, so yes, considering that one of them was a one-handed, 63, year old gentleman, with an eyepatch, covered in scars, and none of them could speak Italian it, was sort of a miracle that they managed to escape capture, for eight days, no, artists he was soon back in captivity at, the castle though fun fact by the way this castle, can now be hired for weddings, if you're interested, but freedom, was on the horizon On, June the 25th of 1943. Benito, Mussolini, was ousted by a monarchist coup, King Victor Emmanuel the, third appointed Field Marshal Badoglio, as his successor, and the two conspirators. Continued, honoring the alliance, with Germany but, only, on the surface behind. The scenes they were looking to negotiate, an armistice with the Allies they, needed an intermediary, and dawat, he seemed to be the perfect choice as he was due for release from the castle anyway, because of his disability, due out he was taken to a tailor in Rome so that he could get some civilian clothes as, a loyal customer of Savile Row he didn't trust the Italian tailors and he protested, that he didn't want to look like a gigolo but in the end he was happy with the suit that they fashioned for him and on the 16th of August 1943, he was flown in secret, to Lisbon alongside, general, Castellano.

The King's chief negotiator, after, an agreement was reached after return, to the UK on the 28th of August but he only had the chance to rest for one month, before Churchill, personally, appointed him as a special, representative, to the chinese nationalist, leader Chiang, kai-shek. Compared. To the swash and buckle, of previous years Duarte. And China is relatively, calm as his mission was more of a diplomatic one rather than a military one during this time while advising Chang on his strategies, against the Japanese he befriended him and his wife but when he got to meet Mao well he, simply could understand, him the Generalissimo, Chiang kai-shek and Chairman Mao we're uneasy allies, in the war against Japan but no heart he was a staunch anti-communist. And did not trust the future leader of China Mao delivered a lengthy speech on the qualities of his faction when he mentions how hard they were fighting the Japanese droite cut him short he, said he, tried my credulity a little, too far I told him that what they were doing was to keep looking over their shoulder to see what the Generalissimo was, doing first to, surprise Marik no offense and simply laughed, another, leader asked him why hadn't gone to Yunnan to see their operations, I answered, quite frankly that I hated communism, two I had stayed in China in zone 1947. Surviving yet another plane crash along the way by the way and let's add another notch shall we on the way back to Britain dort paid a visit at, a friend's house in Rangoon, Burma while walking down a flight of stairs he was ambushed, by an unpredictable foe, this was actually, a coconut, mat he slept on it and went flying down the stairs breaking, a couple of vertebrae along, the way the, good thing is that the doctors treating his back took the occasion to remove quite a bit of old shrapnel from his body and it was now about time them to retire from active duty general. Cotton, - I finally moved to a family estate in Ireland and spent the next year's there writing, his memoirs hunting, fishing, and polishing. His collection, of more than thirty medals, eventually, even such a legend has to die after, the last few peaceful, years Adrian cotton derives life it came to an end on June the 5th, 1963. In his Irish hymen while in recent years his achievements, have been rediscovered, and celebrated, by major media outlets, this inspiring. Character, is still little-known, I hope that in today's biographic. Sui did a bit to perpetuate, his memory and we, hope that you could do the same and share, this video, frankly I've enjoyed the story of this gentleman and I hope you did too and before leaving maybe, answer this question in the comments if you were to shoot a movie about carton, - who, would you'd like to see in the lead role and as, always please, do hit that like button subscribe. All of that Goods stuff jacket our wonderful sponsor Backblaze and as always thank. You for watching.

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Boer is pronounced thus: Boo-er

Sean Connery would have been great in the role if the movie was shot 40 or 50 years ago. Personally, I can't think of anyone I could see play such a role believably.

This guy is great

Simon, you should play Adrian and I’ll write it!

Biographics Jean Claude VanDamme. He’s from Belgium. Plus, he could do that funny dance from “Kickboxer”. That would be cool.

Please do civil rights icon Fannie Lou Hamer. Thanks.

Im so glad you made a video on this great man. He was my real life hero during my highschool years

Tom Holland (younger Adrian) Ralph Fiennes (middle age Adrian)Sam Elliot(old age Adrian)

If I had the need (and the data allowance) to back-up my computer I would use Backblaze. However, I hotspot through a phone and only have a 150gig a month data allowance. That wouldn't cover my music collection (backed up vinyl etc etc yada yada)

@Biographics Dennis Hoffman should play him, and he should sound like Captain Hook. "GOOD SHOW OLD BOY" "GOOD FORM" "DEATH IS THE ONLY ADVENTURE YOU HAVE LEFT" "Peter(Hitler)! Where are you going? Come back here and fight me! Or I'll find you wherever you are, you hear me? Bad form, Peter(Hitler), come back!" " I have waited long to shake your hand with this. Peter Pan(Adolf Hitler), prepare to meet thy doom!"

sean connery. easily.

Getting shot, barely an inconvenience

Michael Collins Irish leader please.

Who was the British guy who at the start of WWII landed on a beach in Poland armed with only a sword. Several German military men with firearms were watching him, wondering what he was doing. Next thing, he and some friends take those Germans prisoner. At least that's how I remember it.

Smart jacket!

nice new thumbnail style! much more eye catching :) As for de Wiart in his senior years, surely Sean Connery! or Daniel Craig for the younger version. (Haha spot the theme)

This dude's a hardcore badass alongside Jack Churchill. If Simo Hayha and Lauri Torni are for Finland, Adrian Carton de Wiart and Jack Churchill would be for Great Britain.

I could see Jude Law play him.

It’s Romania not Rumania

Sadly Christopher Lee is no longer with us, He'd have been perfect for the older de Wiart.

he died 1 day before my birthday

Great video! :) On a similar note, you should really do one on Hans-Ulrich Rudel, another super achieving soldier people know very little about.

Only one man could possibly play De Wiart - the reincarnated Duke himself!!

This man is the original inspiration for modern FPS games.

Am bored feeling cute just shot my servant

As for who should portray this unstoppable hero in a movie . . . Chuck Norris.

Even 3 headshots doesn't kill this badass. It's the ultimate definition of having plot armor.

It's a pity Sean Connery doesnt make movies anymore he'd be a shoo in for the role.

Speaking of actors, I'd really enjoy it if you considered doing one about Emil Jannings, the very first "Best Actor" Oscar-winner, who later became a Nazi favorite.

I think a soldier with his injuries would never be allowed to serve in a modern combat role or even allowed to temain in service at all. That was quite a fellow with quite a story.

What an amazing soldier, I would probably put Mel Gipson in his role.

John Cleese! LoL JK. Benedict Cumberbatch

Adrian was 'Belgian' not 'Belgium'. Dear god man...

ii...i don't know..... what to Say about this...such "Badassery"

I’d like to see mr bean

I believe the roll for adrian should go to Aaron Taylor Johnson

Colin Farrell.

thank you for elevating an unkown hero. well done, again

I had noticed the color addition. Personally I'm a fan of the old way but I totally get why you'd do it. People will click it more so definitely keep doing it. Whatever gets people to tune into this amazing channel! Keep up the great work, guys! Also, I've never heard of this Adrian guy but wow! Dude had some serious brass!

Death must have said Shaking "you are requested to come along with me SIR" To which he must have replied " Ok the get on with it and keep your back straight "

On the same line of soldiers, can Biographics do a bio on Lt. Gen Arthur Currie? He the Commander of the Canadian Corp by the end of WWI and completely revolutionized ground tactics at the Battle of Vimy Ridge in April 1917. It was the only part of the Battle of Arras that succeeded for the Allies and pushed the Germans out of a position that the French and British couldn't in 3 years. He brought the entire Canadian Corp together and helped shape Canadian Identity separate from the British Empire.

Badass is an understatement.....Carton de Wiart is a fookin legend! As for whom I think should play him in a Film, I'd say Frankie Boyle would be befitting. Imagine him meeting Mao and Adrian/Frankie nonchalantly saying to him: "how's it going Frodo? ......Why do I call you Frodo? Maybe because you look like you've had your ring destroyed". Aye, Frankie it is :)

Who could play him in the movie?... I think it would have to be a relative unknown; someone with movie acting experience (especially action stuff), but not anyone would really know. And then that Unknown needs to knock it way the hell out of the park, kinda like Liam Neeson did with Schindler's List. (Which, of course, requires one of the best director of all time, a killer script, awesome music and cinematography, and rock solid co-stars (who are either legends themselves or who also go on to launch stellar careers, so, yeah, this could also be the Ralph Fiennes Story)... Did I forget anything? Oh, yeah -- a one-use-only schtick, like, oh, I don't know, how about black and white film?!? LOL.) So, we don't know who could play the part in the movies. First, we need someone to spearhead the effort... How about you, Simon? You could make this your lifelong obsession: To write, produce and direct his story! Sounds like a worthwhile goal...

Wow. What a badass. And an excellent delivery by Simon. All in all one of your finest videos to date, IMHO.

Well... I'd choose you, Simon. You'd play this guy. No joke, either. You're about as British as the Queen eating Marmite in a red double decker bus. So get your acting chops started now, son.

Tom Hardy would be good.

Most definitely, what a better screen warrior to play him than King Leonidas himself, Gerard Butler.

Imagine a fight between him, and Jack Churchill, lol

Hot damn talk about Kratos and Snake making a clone and coming up with this guy.

"Your arms off!!" " it isn't." "There! Look!" "Just a flesh wound"

I was depressed until I watched this video on Carton de wart. I have nothing to complain about in this life. 6 Plane crashes? Come On! But "Let's get on with it, Shall We?"

Now I know British soldiers by nature have a lot of grit......but this guy wasn’t even born British and he was more hardcore than those he served with! A total badass I knew nothing about. Thanks for the video, loved it.

Who cares who plays the roles of the movie... You nailed the title though! "He Just Got On With It- The story of the man who loved being shot"

I had to come back to this because good hell, this man. I thought of an actor to play him, Ryan Reynolds. He plays freaking Deadpool. He'd be perfect.

Cast Jude Law.

This is amazing!!!!! Holy crap this guy has balls of Steel!

Enemy: Boom! Headshot! Carton de Wiart: BIG MISTAKE! You shot off my ability to feel pain and fear!!!!

Great job Simon excellent story

Good Lord, I was just at this moment making a note to say who could possibly play this man in the movie, which will no doubt get made! David Niven could have done it in his Heyday if given enough coffee....

As a dutiful fan I would say maybe Jason Statham or Luke Evans as the general for his earlier exploits

Robert De Nero would do the movie role justice

I don't think anyone in Hollyweird would be near fit enough to impersonate this man.

It's a shame that more people haven't heard of him? I didn't until I saw this.

WOW. Badass doesn't do this guy justice.

Rowan Atkinson.

There are only two serious candidates to play de Wiart. Jason Momoa or Simon Whistler.

Get the man himself. He's tough enough. Get a heater and some smelling salts!

Tom Hardy but NOT bloody Kenneth !Brannagh!!

Tom Hardy but NOT bloody Kenneth Brannagh!!

Keanu Reves would be my choice to play this guy in a movie. This guy was nigh immortal on the battlefield.

Someone writing a screenplay there Simon?

He’s pretty much personally responsible for Poland’s victory against Russia

LOL. This guy didn't know when to quit.

Old solders never die, they just fade away.

Do etika

"Apparently, de Wiart didn't care for being dead"! Classic!

Loving the Monty python reference

The "Bear War"? The "Bears"?? Your pronunciations become more eccentric with each video.

The narrator is so bad, I can't water any more.

Request: A video about Thomas Paine. One of the most important people in the early USA, but treated very poorly later in life because of his critical works.


His writing show that he misses some nuts in his head. Otherwise, he was incredilibly lucky to survive all those adventures.

a movie of his life starring Tom Hardy would be amazing!

Just a b!tch compared to Mad Jack Churchill!

Liam Neeson

Adrian are you a bald rabbi?

Simon, do you do any acting of that sort?

That was amazing! Thanks so much for telling the story of this incredible, indomitable man.

I would have him played by George Clooney

Bill Nighy would play the old version of him amazingly.

I’ve watched this 3 times It’s very good But I’m going to watch it again likely Have too to take it in Clearly a born warrior Definitely not to be fucked with I’m very thankful he was a British soldier and not part of an opposing force Will be sharing this for sure

Jesus Christ lmao, this guy is psychotic!

You should do Chuck Yeager, absolutely fascinating life.

Matthew Goode! (aka Ozymandias from Watchmen)

awesome collar rolls

Where TF is the movie

Can you do one on Agnes Nutter?

Chris Hemsworth would be perfect.

Loving your videos but I would like to politely point out the correct spelling of Romania and Libya.

Sean Connery, in his younger years, possibly. Or Richard Burton. But, today’s actors? I just don’t know. They’re either too pretty or haven’t got the stamina for such grueling, heroic unbelievability. Micheal Fassbender? Gerard Butler?

Now that Kevin Kline has grey hair, he looks like him, & it would be fun to see Bruce Willis do it, it would still take a Hugh Jackman or Karl Urban to pull it off.

Charles Dance would be awesome to play the titular character!!!

Thank you for a doing this great but rarely heard of man the justice he deserves. Currently who could possibly play him with what he deserves?

Mel Gibson done an awesome job with William Wallace in braveheart.


it total has to be bear grills like no other person could pull it off

Do one on Miguel Hidalgo

How about a video about Rosalia Zemlyachka?

Can you please cover the life of Haile Selassie (Ras Tafari) i love your content and find it to be accurate. As a viewer from the Caribbean I know that the Rastafari community would take great interest.

Can you please do a video on the mad trapper of Canada.

Please do one on Thomas Hobbes or Jean Jaques Rousseau

Simon Whistler, if they were to make a movie about this fine fellow I rekon they should cast you as the lead role mate, you'd nail it ☻

Incredible.!!.. Talk about a cat's nine lives.! This man had more courage, (luck?) than can ever be imagined.! Amazingly, no epic film has ever been planned, much less done. If Stanley Kubrick were still alive, he'd be the perfect director of production on this man's heroic life.!

Ralph Fiennes would be good.

You would need at least 3 different actors to take us through his life story but what story. It reminds me of John Cleese when losing his arm etc in the movie "it's only a scratch". Great story. Amazing life. I would love to make that movie.

When you get your eye exam favor the right eye.

Wow! He's the REAL "Muscles' from Brussels"

If the epitaph on his headstone doesn't say "He just got on with it," it darn well should! Seriously, every time Simon said that, I chuckled. How quintessentially British! :D

Give Chuck Liddell some acting lessons and he’d fit.

Are we sure Skynet didn't exist in the 19th Century?

I'd have Dale Dye playing him

Tom Hanks. Not a joke. He’s the only face actor I can think of that you can see in a role and not think ‘oh that’s such and such’. To do Mr de Wiart justice though, I think you would have to use an ‘unknown‘.

Biographics CGI

Agree. Although someone else would have to play him when younger.

Liam Neeson would be good for the role

do jack churchill

Actor to play him? It would absolutely have to be Peter Sellers if he was still alive.

If Real Life is a D&D Campaign, then this dude is the original PC of the guy who played Jack Churchill.

Bloody hell good yarn. Have you done one on Albert Jacka VC he should have had 3.

Vinnie Jones

If you want to learn about true badass soldiers, for male Google: Major Vojislav Tankosic. For female Milunka Savic, the most decorated woman in the history or warfare.

Imperialist douche

Someone accidentally ressurected an old god, and they became this man.

Danny devito

Mads Mikkelson

George C. Scott or Roger Moore.

The luckiest SoB in the history of the planet...ever.

Libia and Rumania? i think ur title cards are a bit messed up

Michael Fassbender would be great playing him in a movie!

CHARLES UPHAM. The only x2 Victoria Cross winning soldier - wwii - ZN'er - outbids as hero all of the so far biographic soldiers

If all the other characters are just as important along the way then: the whole cast of Inglorious Bastards with Mr Bradley Pitt as the protagonist, of course. If ONLY the protagonist is important then, with the use of a time machine, a young John Cleese would do the trick. Sadly.... damn you currently know laws of physics!!!

"Peaceful?" Pfft. That mat was what finally did him in, it came to finish the job after lulling him into a false sense of security.

Totally worth Valhalla shenanigans

Christian Bale is the only person angry and unstable enough to be this guy

He didn't give a damn and he got on with it...and got on with it...and got on with it

john cleese

Well, if I ever get in a plane crash one day, I'll try to channel his spirit.

lead role? bruce willis, of course altho you'd have to use Jude Law for the younger days

this dude would definitely pass the "psychopath test"

I wish I had the grit this fella had some days. I'd be at war on an hourly basis, destroying my enemies and relishing in the madness and chaos of it!!!

George Clooney

Either Tom cruise or Ryan Reynolds

dude, what the hell, do you really live in Prague?

Chuck Norris who?

Prince Harry....he should play him. I have a close friend who was in his unit in Afghan...the man is a born soldier. Charlie

I’d have Adrian play himself. I do t think he died ~ probably led the force that captured bin Laden

Wolverine step aside.

Gentlemen Rambo

Could you do one on Margaret Thatcher? I've heard her name plenty of times but who is she?

Brad Pitt is an excellent actor and I think the public would buy it.

It would undoubtedly have to be Jude Law.

I think Russell Crowe would do a good job of portraying him he’s good and playing tuff basterds

Now we know the answer of what would survive a nuclear war this crazy bastard what a legend

He was a waste of ammo

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Please do MAD JACK CHURCHILL!! WW2 officer who fought with a long bow and a bastard sword.

Carton vs Mad Jack That’s a fight I need to see.

The only person I can think off who would have the right sense of Derring-Do would be Hugh Laurie possibly Gary Oldman.

Andy Milonakis would fit the role perfectly

Have him played by Tom Cruise. He's already had experience playing a one-eyed army officer - for the Germans de Wiart fought against in WW2.

Very interesting biography and excellent presentation!

With one hand and one eye why hasn't he been a model for kids with disabilities? Oh, the whole "military career" thing killed that idea.

"Shot in the groin" that'd be enough for me....... *grabs rucksack*

I'd love if you could do an episode on Vang Pao, very influential man for the Hmong people and the Laotian civil war.

So he was a pilot with one eye and one hand, fell off train but got up and jumped back on train hmmm, sounds fishy, just a little.

Maybe he was a good story to tell others and really didnt actually do all this and just became a "true story"

Never heard of him until now! This is an amazing story.


Amazing story. Not a follower of newer movies, but I do like Keneau Reeves. John Wick is pretty similar to de Wiart.

Bro what a beast

I like this channel a lot and understand and respect the need for sponsors but honestly the advertisements and plugging are entirely too long considering there length. But I’ll keep watch and support them if I have a need. But please don’t over do it and ruin a good thing.

Please do Nina Simone.

Only kratos can kill him

May I suggest Hugh Bonneville?

Brad Pitt.

Liam Nisam 100%

Nick cage

I like the old thumbnails better

Upper class thug working for empires. Pure scumbag.

The 1871 Cardwell Reforms abolished purchased commissions.

You're going to have to find somebody that already has a glass eye and is an amputee just to avoid the backlash of the social justice Warriors and their recreational outrage.

I would like to see Samuel L Jackson play his role for the younger years and then Peter O'Toole for the older years

Russle Crowe

Can you please do Nostradamus?

John Cleese


Could you do Augustus Caesar? First emperor of the Roman Empire, Son of Julius Caesar, Started Pax Romana, Raised an army at 18, Destroyed Cleopatra and Marc Antony, Teutoburg Forest and so much more. One of the greatest leaders in history!

Four animated movie David hayter or Steve Blum Live action younger version of him Jason David Frank, David Tennant, or Keanu Reeves An older version Liam Nelson, Ewan McGregor, Clint Eastwood, Hugh Jackman, Sylvester Stallone, and Chuck Norris

I nominate Ritchie Coster to play him in a movie.

The mysterious Count of Saint Germain would be an interesting topic if you find the time.

how much of that womans name went on her tombstone

Wow. Just, wow. He and Audi Murphy could have taken over the world.

Frankly, I'm a badass! -Adrian de Wiart

Why oh why does this presenter fail to pronounce proper names properly? This guy does it repeatedly over numerous videos! God it pisses me off!!!

"If you get killed, walk it off..."

Bet he never suffered a cold toe stub

sean connery

Dramatic role for Adam Sandler

J.K. Simmons to play him

Charlie Hunnam would be portray him greatly

They should have a "Adrian Carton de Wiart" medal to bestow to anyone who achieve and survive half of what he did.

tom hanks

An incredible Video about a truly remarkable Man. Given what he got up to, I’m actually in the process of finding out as to whether or not he knew my Grandfather, Colonel J D Hignett. He was also very close to Churchill & often took his Military Orders directly from him due to the nature of his work. • Adrian Carton de Wiart would have been about 20 years older than my Grandad, but it’s very possible he may have been under his command at some point during WW2, especially in connection with SOE Covert Ops prior to D-Day & the Dieppe Raids. • It’s Soldiers like Adrian Carton de Wiart & my Grandfather that inspire & motivate me to wear my Poppy with pride on Remembrance Day each year!! God Rest Their Souls!

A Biographic on the tank Ace Kurt Knispel would be awesome, but please do not refer to the german soldiers as nazi soldiers, most men were drafted and only the SS troopers were ideological solid combatants. (the constant nazi reference bothers me a bit as a german).

Movie? People would've said that writers were smoking something very strong to come up with such fantastic story. Actors? I think Sean Connery or Clarke Gable at their best times. Now? Maybe Ewan McGregor, Sean Bean or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.

Idris Elba, naturally.

To be perfectly honest for the first two thirds of this Bio I thought the guy a "Royal" screw up and was amazed the British Army put up with his disobedience, failure to follow orders, assaults, and being disrespectful to military personnel. I also saw a higher command not knowing what to do with the guy. This is evident in all the far flung postings he was sent to, none of which lasted but for a short while. He also seemed to be a bullet magnet in action, however the Bio doesn't say that he ever did any actual fighting, never firing a shot. At most just pulling grenade pins with his teeth for other men. And at this point I cannot fathom the British Army NOT discharging him due to having only one eye, one hand, massive head trauma and his age. Most likely he did purchase his commission as his service record would have surely prevented his rising to officer rank. HOWEVER, it is at this point, the last 1/3 of the Bio that he starts to shine, and my respect and opinion of him changes. His actions and sense of duty and honor really start to show after WW1. At a time when he should have been separated from service and retired his contributions and actions in Poland, Italy and China are worthy of merit and praise. It's clear that the man loved military life and craved the action of war as he was clearly an adrenaline junkie. It was his actual fighting skills that are questionable. Courageous? Yes! Man of tactical thinking and strategy? Doesn't seem so. Options for men to play him in a movie. You really need 3, each for different ages in his life. The older years I believe are best suited for Sean Connery, the middle years might be done by Brendan Fraizer or Chris Pine and the early years might be played by the young actor who was the replacement gunner in the movie Fury. The Hemsworth brothers may be a good choice but I think they may look older than nessecerry for the younger role. All in all a VERY INTERESTING fellow and a great choice for a movie. And yes, it's difficult to not draw the Monty Python comparison, "it's just a flesh wound.

"Toff" Never heard that word. I like it. In America we just call them "influencers" and "digital nomads"

Sam Elliot is almost the spitting image of Adrian and a damn good actor as well!

Tom Hardy

Whoa......Louis, was unbreakable .....still gonna watch, and thumb up....( that way I know I already saw it)....

a classic stubborn Taurus, cleverly directed to do damage out of home.

Maybe Jay Courtney who played the boomerang guy in suicide squad

Great Job Simon! This was one of the best ones yet!!!

Ioan Gruffudd (Hornblower) or Alexander Siddig (ST;DS9) or Jamie Bamber (Law And Order;UK)

Awesome video, awesome character!

I believe Daniel Day Lewis would be the perfect actor to portray his life.

Get Terry G to direct it, and make it a comedy.

Just tore off his own fingers.

God favors the bold...

Hugo Weaving

I'd like to see you Simon playing him in a movie

I would suggest Donald Trump in the lead role. Adrian Carton de Wiart was a wimp compared to Donald with his 'bone spurs'.

no one gets on with it like this man

Tom Hanks

Very amusing cleaver use of words, thanks for the smiles and the story.

Chris Hemsworth

Daniel Day-Lewis is the only man who could play the part of Adrian Carton de Wiart.

I think Brian Cox would be good for this role. Thanks for another great video.

Liam Neeson, Russell Crowe, Tom Hardy

Enemy commander: What about this deWiart guy? Did you finally get him? Trooper: Ah, good news....for deWiart. Commander: *tableflip*

Maybe look up Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck, and you might find a true war hero.

The most Badass soldier of All time is SORENA from Ancient Persia. he killed 40.000 Roman soldiers with only 1000 men and he is the father of partisan kind of fights !

Why hadn't he fought with Mad Jack Churchill?

Daniel Craig should play the role. He’d do a great job!

He was like" hold my beer"!

You need to do a video on Gregory Boyington

Do Mad Jack Churcill. He went to Normandy with a longbow. A longbow of all things.

Lead role: I think it would take two actors. Both relatively unknown so as not to detract from the focus of the story. Someone to play the young person up to age twenty nine, and another actor for the older role. I think the supporting cast could have known actors. They should jump at the chance to work Scale for such a film. As far as Director and Writer, that will be the toughest choices, and maybe the hardest jobs to fill. May be it would be better done in the style of Reilly: Ace of Spies. Speaking of Sidney Reilly, I think it would be a good idea for a Biographics episode. Keep up the good work. All of you do your jobs extremely well.

A true war hero!! Absolutely BAD ASS!!

Michael Caine is surely the only actor that could come close to pulling that role off.

Sean Connery

When he died Archangel Micheal said “ good, your here..ready to fight a eternal endless battle against the Demon forced of hell?” Adrian - “ this IS heaven!!!!”

Although I am, admittedly quite a dummy when it comes to computerize and I can find little reason to take advantage or contribute to your sponsors - and I do listen through your recommendations - I find you and your teams work to be mind-expanding, that's never a bad thing. I'm not a war-hawk or a sabre-rattler and if I sought to seek such glory I could still never match this individuals mettle.

Maybe fassbender could do it justice .directed by the coen brothers. Or Wes Anderson . Could be done like narrated by the character and telling someone his life story in his Irish home with cool flashbacks.

Any movie about this chaps life would have to be labelled an odyssey and be filmed in at least ten parts with locations pretty much everywhere except for the poles, The America’s and Australasia.

If you enjoyed this, check out the story of AE Wintle by searching for 'Jim Broadbent The Last Englishman' - absolutely brilliant...

Jordi7174 love how no one complained about advertising. I’m appreciative of sponsors To bad I don’t really back up my stuff but yea good on them

Christian bale ... it’s gotta be.

His life has been depicted in many movies under the name Logan

he was just a true sadist

An excellent presentation to an incredible character. This man is the definition of "to hard to die". This character will make a perfect series if the plot has to do with the supernatural combine with action and if the script, the actor, the director, the production in general have fund from large recourses. And is not necessary for the actor to be young. A 50 year old actor will be fine.

Definitely not a soldier rather a monster hungry for blood

Ahh not a negative thought to present.....OMG every part of this is not biased at all!!! Least he was Irish. We patys know what we're dealing with....Thank you

Gary Oldman

The guy that plays young Magneto and then Clooney.

Brilliant video about an amazing individual! He was featured in The Rake magazine a few years ago. I don't think he would want to be alive in this day and age though. Too many feckless moronic politicians in the EU. I would have paid big money to hear him tell the modern socialistic world to piss off. Just a passing thought. Cheers, Steve

16:26 cool story bro.

Christopher Lee was me(n)tal enough to portray such a badass... Too bad even he has left us...

Awesome human! Brave til the end!

Clint Eastwood! That soldier was just amazing !


This is a hero is epic proportions, making Super Dave look like a one try cry baby!

He didn't die. He was kidnapped by Technodyne and used as the basis for the T-800.

How did he tie his shoes? How did he snell a hook?

Another fantastic video

The repeating of the phrase "...he just got on with it..." becomes hilarious. By the fourth utterance l am giggling out loud. I don't know if this is intentional on the writer's or Simon's part. Good show! I will always hear Simon's voice when hearing a similar phrasing. As for casting a lead man for a film? Would have to go with an actor well established in the genre. Errol Flynn comes immediately to mind. Harrison Ford could kill it too.

After listening to this bio, I have a feeling if I were to pull out the dictionary I might find a photo of him next to the word “bad ass. “The only actor that comes to mind that could portray such a character is Jason Statham

Sean Connery!

To play him? Well Sam Heughan or Idris Elba spring to mind...fine actors both. But, given his physique...Benedict Cumberbatch.


Leopold owned the Congo,more like stole it

Mark Wahlberg maybe

Sam Elliott maybe

Why did Britain feel need to colonize South Africa? Why did they feel the need to impose their will on other countries as a whole? I know my county has the military industrial complex but England is protected by this so the government will never say jack about it. I may have been born in the USA, it doesn’t mean I condone the governments actions when wrong in any aspect.

Profit. Power. Lots of reasons.

What about Harvey Keitel... Or Christopher Walken

Every time Death came calling, he would leave with a bloody nose and a stern talking down

I would recommend Simon Whistler of brainfood to play him in a major motion picture

Sean Connery could definitely play de Wiart. It has to be someone British to be able to pull off that British trait of downplaying everything, i.e. It's just a scratch!

What a crazy life, I think only John Cleese could give this character the gravity he deserves

Some fighter ace's never shot down more planes than this guy crashed in... To be fair to the pilots though, I'm sure it's difficult to control a plane with 500kg of brass balls traveling in the back.

Zthank you for telling us viewers of this amazing soldier.

Respect this guy's is a real hero

They should make something like an HBO miniseries about him.

WELL - I've heard plenty of tales about brave men and bad-ass warriors in my day but this fellow seems to put then all to shame! The vast majority have possibly suffered a fraction of his wounds, a small chunk of his longevity or battle experience , maybe a plane crash - maybe captivity or escape from - and it sounds a bit like a "Ripping Yarn" from Palin and Jones of the Python comic royalty school of story telling. No doubt there HAVE been a selection of epic human lives in the super-hero mold over the millennia of our Earths history but C'MON! SERIOUSLY? Why is it (besides possibly spelling) that this god among homo-sapiens is not a household name or at the very least, subject of many bio-pics and Hollywood treatments? Seems he should have a every other London crossroad! John Wayne, Clint Eastwood and Chuck Norris are too effeminate to portray him apparently. THANK YOU for doing your part but even though I WILL share this video, I'm certain half the people I know will have a hard time swallowing this insanely over-the-top legendary life seeing how it's SO far ahead of the runner-up for sheer balls and lack of fear in the face of adversity. He should at LEAST have a country or two named in his honor! LOL

Woah, Adrian lived with Dio. Pretty insane

Only Liam Neeson could play him

Jesus , his story pisses me off .Just let the motherfucker fight already .

Looks like a wimp.

Simple: Keanu Reeves

Rasputin pt. 2

Leonardo DiCaprio would be awesome for this story

What I want to know is where they found a coffin big enough to fit his balls.

Liam Neeson or Daniel Craig.

"Dead Pool? never heard of her"

You should have mentioned that during the Italian escape, Adrian Carton had been selected for a prisoner exchange because of his age and injuries, however the notification arrived after his escape

Excellent choice!!

Obviously, Monty Python's Black Knight is the perfect choice for the lead role! IT'S JUST A FLESHWOUND!

Colin Firth could play him perfectly

Daniel Day Lewis in the lead role. Pay DDL whatever he wants to come out of retirement specifically for the de Wiart biopic.

There's a few men who can make this man come alive; Tom Hanks, Michael Douglas may be Gary Oldman. They're a good choice for me.

Can only picture Tom Hardy portraying him.

4:50 clever life of Brian reference

Gary Oldman would be perfect to play this hero

Biographics, awesome job on the video! If I could throw a request in, you consider doing a video on mad Jack Churchill? I'd like to see how he compares to Mr. Wiart. Thanks again for all that you guys do!

The planes he crashed only went down because his huge balls exceeded the weight limit!

He didn't die, he took up acting and changed his name to Chuck Norris because it's easier to spell!


Please learn how to pronounce correctly "Oratory" and "Dervishes".

That’s Irish blood

He's a one-eyed, one-armed flying purple people eater

Who other than mr bad ass himself Liam Neeson!!

You should do John Candy

I think I know who the Andersons based Captain Scarlet on. To play him...Unfortunately Edward Woodward is no longer here, but Tom Hiddleston could do it.

I would love to see the video/essay on his field accomplishments. Imagining what would put someone into so much danger, my best guess is that after learning that he's effective at war -- as it's safe to assume that he held his rank by just being more than a pin cushion for the Germans; he had to be achieving too -- that he's tasted and survived grave injury, and also seeing good people die senselessly, or even by grave mistake against superior force, that these memories and his ability lead him to declare to himself that if he was going to die, he's going to die in battle. Which obviously he tested time and time again. Who puts himself into so much danger to get hit in the leg, ankle and ear, after already in previous battle losing his eye and his hand?? It was almost like his direct involvement was a way of showing disdain for officers who would sit back at their clean desks, if that were the case. Just brainstorming. I'm happy to properly be corrected on any of this.

He was the inspiration for the character Brigadier Ritchie Hook in the film sword of honour staring Daniel Craig

Lead role for de Wiart? Christopher Lee! Oh, wait... Daniel Craig then.

I've never heard of this guy, but he practically wrote the book on courage!

Dang, and I thought your video on Junio Valerio Borghese was cool!

He was obviously cheating, probably saved almost continuously before each battle/skirmish :)

Sounds like the man ran out of wars to fight

Get Simon Whistler to play him, of course!

Roy Benavidez and this guy were classmates

It's a shame that the men who fight wars are rarely remembered, but the world leaders who rarely lift a finger get celebrated.

*God Mode: Systems on*

Sir Adrian Carton de Wiart died on June 5, 1963. Then from June 6 through June 20, the Grim Reaper was on the 15-day disabled list.

He wrote that he went to Sandhurst to take the 'Majors Test'. They told him that he got the worst score in the history of the academy. The First World War came and he got promoted in the field.

Men like wiart are very rare, natural soldiers who derive their greatest satisfaction from delivering and receiving lead from all directions, seeing limbs flying in the distance, and keeping his squadmates sharp so they can get the enemy. And yet the media demonize people like him who enjoy combat calling them psychos.

Why, Ti's only a flesh wound! Most definetly worthy of a movie.

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