Active Trading Strategies | Pat Mullaly | 5-18-21| How to Scan for High Intraday Volume

Active Trading Strategies | Pat Mullaly | 5-18-21| How to Scan for High Intraday Volume

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s preparing this. Maybe 90% of genius. Are you prepared to make the trade? Do you have the tools? Do you know what your method is? Stick around? I'm gonna talk about some scans is the things you might want to consider. MMM. Good morning. Good evening. Good afternoon, depending on where you are in the big blue marble. This is

active trading strategies. My name is Pamela Lee and I am joined in the chats by Barb Armstrong. You can follow both of us. On Twitter at PPI. Mulally underscore Tdameritrade BArmstrong underscore TV. I want to say hello to everybody out there. John GALT, who is John GALT? VJ Lou. Scuse me,

Sandy PPI Day Wissmann Fabian from Switzerland. We have Terrance and Franco as well as call me. Cal Comey, Cal and Cam E. As well as Mike McAra, Valeri Ricardo Ray, our Quest Grace a sea una at him dot a dot Hello, Saul. And everybody else want to say hello to everybody else that might be coming into the archives. All

right today. What we're gonna do is going to discuss. Some say it's a method some ways to find things to put on watch lists, and then we'll look to do some things with that before we do any of that. Of course,

Let's make sure we understand that. Everything we're doing here is for educational purposes only not for recommendations options not suitable for all investors. And remember that we're going to look at actual symbols. That

doesn't mean tdameritrade making any kind of recommendation about the security or strategy. Any investment decision you making yourself directed account solely your responsibility. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Stop loss orders, not a guarantee of any execution of execution at or near the actuate activation price. Transaction costs zero commissions on online US exchange Does the stocks options ET ATFs. But options do

carry 65 cent contract fee. Remember all investing involves risk, including the risk of loss. All right. Reason what we're doing today is because there was a Twitter request People who follow me on Twitter.

You know, asked certain things we try to answer as well as Barb and all the other. Education coaches here at Tdameritrade. What we're gonna do is where the request was for scans for stocks bouncing and breaking out. I added a couple of things like strong volume and a few other things. We're gonna look to make some sample trades, so let's pop out there.

And before we jump out to anything, I'm gonna pull up the Twitter feed here and you could follow me again on Twitter at people only underscore TV A and this is the This is that the. Tweet There was sent out to me. That's black set out to me and says, Hey, Pat, My name is Mario. Hello, Mario. This one's for you. I'm one of the

students on the Webcast. Can you please share criteria that can use for scans Stocks? For X can stocks, which are candidates for possible entrance of bouncing s So on and so forth. Stocks like what I put in the. Which I tweeted

out talent here. McKesson last week and a few others so McKesson last week again this last night. Didn't really follow through, though. But here's what we're gonna do. You also want you to recognize this right here. May come back to this. This is the my profile

screen. This is we're gonna find out the scripts. We're gonna be talking about some scripts today as well. So let's get out there and get rolling. We'll come back to that. Perhaps. All right. So without

any further ado, let's look at what we've got going here. So first of all, The request was bounces, breakouts, Those types of things and we're gonna use a script as well. So when we look at what we have on the screen, you remember when we look at technical analysis. This is more of a technicians. Ah! Discussion in active trading strategies that's going to be more intermediate. If you are

new stick around, we'll try to make the language is easiest possible. What we do have support for you through. Are getting started with Syria's whether it's getting started technical analysis are barbs getting started with options.

We have We have ways to help. Make sure that you have that support. So what I want you to do is either Write that down more cases, E. Is for people in the archives as well lower case that are watching after the fact or K C. These are all thieves will be case sensitive, so lower case C. Repeat that three times. Uppercase V and

then the next one is a lower case. L So that one, you know we get confuses and tonight is and I know that's a lower case. L then uppercase u uppercase m uppercase. Oh, Uppercase X. That's the script. I'm going to copy and paste that into the, uh. I'm going to think I'm gonna do something here. Right

Click edit that. Copy and paste this into. I'm having real struggle for some reason. My platform I've changed. Mice are mouses. And just when I'm on

the drawing tools, it just does not want to seem to play along, so I'm gonna come down in here and I'm gonna paste this in what this is, some of you may already have this. This is the BESRA script. And it says 90 and that what does it say? 80 and then 90. Put that in, right? ADH and then 90 and show you what That means as well.

Today 80 and then 90 and then 20 and then 10 and this is just for your own. Use in case of these the scripts that for one of the indicators we have here Can also find it on my Profile page on Twitter. All right. Okay, so let's get rid of that. That's in that's in the chats there for anybody in the archives. You can find it here by taking a picture of that screen shot or go to my Twitter page that people only scored TD ATH what this is. Is, uh That is this. Indicator down in

here, which is a companion to this by volume indicator up in here, and there's a reason that I have this BESRA this BESRA 80 90. Script down in here on it's because it's part of the scam that we're going to use today. So part of the scan we're gonna use today as well as Rs I So what we're gonna be looking for today is we're going to scan for Stocks that are bouncing.

Or breaking out, but have along with that breaking out and bouncing. Have some mo mentum. That's what they are a size for the BESRA is also showing us and indications that there is some strong volume behind it. So let's pop over here. TTWO the scan tab. And, uh, Let me reset this when I reset it so we can start from scratch. And. To make its speed year because we're always short on time. It

seems I'm gonna load this in because I've already built this. So once you build the scan, you can save that scans. He scanned query right here. You can save it. A Zey has a personal in senior. This is going to be in the personal. This is not a

recommendation. But one of buddy look at today is if I can get over there, this one right here, So it's the BESRA. That's that volume scan. But it's also the are aside we're looking at certain are OCO conditions are aside. That's above 55, but

below 65, but we're also looking for unusual intraday volume. And then you see it says negative 50 there, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on that and that will populate this in here. Then what I want you to do is take a screenshot of this. Now this we're going to talk about this in a couple different ways. This is the way I've set this up, is looking for stocks that have a minimum volume of 500,000. So if you're building this from scratch it home. Just go ahead. And you

would. You would put that in stock and in volume If you want to learn how to use the. Scan tab and build your own things.

You need to learn how to do this. I can also share this is well. Just while I'm sharing this. I want you to take a Picture. Of. Of this, and I'm

gonna come down into The. Chance, and I'm gonna put in. Hey, I'm just gonna put in intraday volume. So now, remember, none of this. These do not. There is no guarantee is to the data. Remember that

anytime you scans, you might find sometimes that thing While this doesn't quite look quite right, it's not gonna be perfect. Okay, so sometimes there's could be bad data, different things that can happen bad prints in the day so, but there's the scan in the In the. Chat box and there for those in the archives watching, take a picture of this and build us. So let's walk through

what we're looking at here. We're looking at stocks with a minimum volume. The average volume of 500,000. We're

looking for a stock that has a minimum closing price of $20. You could ask price and put whatever you want in there, And here is the BESRA study in here. We'll look at that, if you you know for anybody, if you Kohl's If you. Look on that AAR copy and paste that script, you'll be able to look in there and see how this is built. What it's looking for its looking for uptown, basically up down volume in stocks. And then we

have the AURASOURCE I r s I scan. Over here, which can be found in pop down in here. You can find these and popular studies are a psy scan. Want you in our sights? Scan? We're gonna manipulate this to greater than 55. I'm not going

to manipulate the customs. Can you just You're gonna have that should have that in your. Hopefully it's in that lake. Hopefully that works that way. So we're gonna look first.

Stocks that are trading above with there are aside there are sides trading above 55, but less than 65. Why did we want that? What We're trying to capture something that has upward Mo mentum doesn't mean it will because it could be coming down. But if it is coming down from 65, it may still have upward momentum. And then in the in the Tet in the Tweet. Today. In the tweet the request Woz. Or are what? I my

reply, Woz. Uh building something that had better volume than 50. Percent Yes. Oh volume tracking above the 50 Day moving average. So that's what we're looking at. That's not what we're looking at here.

So this is what we're gonna do. We're going to come back here and manipulate this. So first of all before we do that, it's the weird way to manipulate. The volume in here is put a negative and unusual volume. Where do we find unusual volume while we find it over here, down in volume and unusual volume? And then. I'm gonna put

in a negative. How can that be positive volume Because we're looking intraday, so negative 50. It seems to work. Don't ask me why it seems to work Negative 50, and then over here, it's going to pop up populate 20 periods Now in the. Tweet I said 50 Day 50 periods, So we're looking for something That's volume is increasing. So

when we're looking at it, we're looking at two to already have surpassed. We're gonna run these in the morning after saying hours so the market being open. Can we run these? Why We want to be prepared to, possibly by at the end of the day, closing above the high, the low day is the breakout holding whatever your methods are, so we're gonna change this to 50. Now I've runs have run several in the reason I've run several several is there's gonna be some days. You can run this to your heart's content, and there's just not that kind of volume. On those days. You

may have to reduce that to attend period or 20 period. Some people use 10 periods all the time. Just that's what they use. So they're gonna hit scan and boom. There it is. We've scanned. All of these should

meet some kind of a BESRA, meaning stronger volume. A XYZ-- well as they should not always nothing 100% be above their 55 period are 55% on the arse. I below 65% of the arts IYT and their volume should be tracking. At at 50% of the last 50 the last 50 days, So what I'm going to do? It was a lot more so the market maybe getting a little bit stronger as we speak. Um and this is

6500 shares. So if you wanted to increase the amount of stocks you're looking at, then maybe you would change this 50 period here to 10 or 20. And maybe you would look at him a minimum. Sher Sher amount of 250,000 shares per day, right so. This is this is a pretty

good. This is a pretty good pick. So what I'm gonna do now is show you how to save this. We're gonna come over here and save this is The Watch List boom. I'm gonna put in, uh, B S

r. Rs I just So you know, because you could save lots about. Watch list. Now he's gonna put in intraday. And then we'll put in intraday unusual, Let's say. I've got so many. I lose count here entered a and then I'm gonna put in negative 50. And that's just gonna tell me whenever I saved that watch list. Is what I want you to do

whenever I saved this. Whenever I save watch list. It's probably a good idea. Several days later, you know, day later several days later the week later two weeks later, see how those stocks. Unfolded Were they in the right sector within the right industry group did that? What was that volume in these these price movements meaningful and they wanna put in a date here. Five dash. 18 Okay. And then I'm gonna put in

a TTWO there because I've done smothers this morning and I must say that and then boom, what we're gonna do is going to come over here. And these were some that I've already run this morning. Uh Carnival Cruise lines, And so what do we look for? We look for price. We look for Friend right. So trend supporting resistance. We look for strong volume. And we're

looking for strong momentum. Are we seeing these types of things? So this popped up earlier in the day if I zoom in on this. We can see here this volume We still have an hour, a couple hour and 45 minutes left in the trading day. The volume looks to be tracking higher than the 50 period, moving average of volume. This is the

Bible, Valium. So anybody new looking at these. Right now. Water all these green and red things. And why is this a companion to the BESRA? Okay, BESRA. Why are these two

connected? These two are connected. Because today's volume. I'm gonna explain this BESRA down here before we pull up to start looking at other stocks that we just ran. Is right here. So when you when you. Import that script into your setup up here into open shared items. Put the script in

here. Quick preview and then. Given an imported, Give it a name. You'll You'll have it in your. Had its studies right in

here. So you see that over and here at it studies? It's a matter of fact. Let's look at this quickly. So all's it's doing here. The calculation is it's looking at buying volume.

Close minus the high divided by the high minus the low, blah, blah, blah. Selling for the For the math people out there. You can pop that open and take a look at it. So what this is telling us is you see MMM. These nineties and eighties. I've been here. He's AR

overbought areas of what we call overbought. Second bought. But what is it's not really overbought. That's just the language we have to use in the In the. Software What it's

telling us is That The This. Volume Although it's large today, how much that volume is upside where we can look, we can look certainly at the. Just do that, just to make sure you're paying attention, right, Barb? We can look at this volume, and it's pretty much green is there's a little bit of red down in here compared to this one is all red. Compared

to this one is, um. Three quarters. Red right, all different types of things. But

why is this a companion down here Because today's volume is sitting just above 80. What's ATPS percent? If you look at this green. Box there, this green area up in here. That

Green area is 80. And then there's a red line. Is a red line in here. For those people who are saying I want to have more than 90% up tick volume.

That's that. That's that Red line. That's 90. The green area in here, this green zone that I just. Through that rectangle around that green zone goes from 80% up to 100. Now If all the volumes on APPTECH it'll be 100% That's gonna be unusual, but we can get close. So when

we look at this, this might be we might be saying how much of that volume is up Volume, right? How much is this down? Volume? Are we getting good strong? Pushes to the upside. Thanks. Thanks Bar. There was a question in there. So if you're new Uh, If you want to go to the scan tab and you want to put in intersect with certain sectors or what have you? I have certain sectors in here we can intersect with. You could

build all different types of things into those scans. All right? Off that So we could see as we're talking. Volume has just dipped below 80 so ATPS scent of the volume less deliberate, less than 80% of the volume. That's a 79% of the volume is the trades AR happening on the uptick. Now That's just telling us the sentiment if you will, the breath of this particular stock in here now, but doesn't meet the parameters of Mo mentum. Yes, we're looking at. The R s

I continuing higher, right? So it's meeting the parameters of the momentum and I'm getting ahead of myself and I apologize on the downside. We have the 20 in the 10. So how much of the downside boy and that's this red in here? So that line in the middle Here is 10% the starts at 20% down to 10% down 2-0. So whenever it breaks below 10% We get. A read a red line whenever it breaks below or above, 90% We get the green the change to green. So if it's 90% of higher. That's a green

light. So real quick. Look now, do you need that? Not necessarily, because the scan is looking for those that kind of action, But I would suggest you probably a good idea to put this on. So now you just now you've done all this that this meets all your parameters. Remember this is interred a volume we just witnessed on this. We just witnessed on this that that volume, the up volume is receding a little bit dropping below 80. That's may

be neither here to a lot of people. It it price is moving. But when we think about what happens that resistance. If we fight. Hopefully this drawing tool will work. We can draw down trend line. We're above

that down Trend line. We have horizontal resistance coming in in certain places. One of we hit resistance. People sell people sell on those resistance areas. Okay, so that's how that that's how that works. Now, let's go. We're gonna take a

look. At the scan. And so I'm gonna pop this up over here. Look at all the B s ours. I got tons of them. Um. And for a lot of people ask. Well, where do

you find these? This is. This is typically where we're looking at those looking at the stocks we look, we look at him daily basis some to click on this one. This is the one we just ran and save that one. And another note up here. So this goes along with people who want to maybe trade certain sectors.

This is the sectors right now. Health care is the strongest for the day, followed by real estate, followed by. Technology followed by utilities on we see that the strongest ones over the last three months are in the bottom section for the day. That's just the day date one day doesn't know trend. Is not a trend. I'm gonna pop that up. I'm going to move the markets down. Let's pop this down. And

that I'm just going to scroll down here. Another thing you could do is in here. I have the CAHOLD-- Ondas This populates here. The CAHOLD-. And CAH

blowed are close above the high the low day. So when we think about Mario saying how hard I find these bounces and breakouts and those types of things well, you might use this CAHOLD-- script. Go to customize the script right in here, which you can find on many of many of the trading are the excuse me Tdameritrade educational coaches on their Twitter feeds. You look for

CAHOLD-, and you can find that. In there. What does it do for us? Well, it's it looks for stocks. That are. Rating. Everything's closed up when stocks that AR breaking to the upside right we can see here.

There's a whole bunch. In other words, are they breaking to the upside? Are they bouncing is they're good. Uh a good reason to consider these. So if we

just I'm gonna this says red here for those that might be new. That's just the link. You can unlinked that or you can link it make it to read. And then I'm going to come over here and link this to read. And then click on BF swine, and we can see very similar to carnival breaking to the upside. It's not really a close

above the high of the low day that's already occurred. Uh and we look at Cargill. This is starting to move above yesterday's high, which might be considered the load A and so these AR just methods to do. You take a look at all of these different things that we have in here now that being said, you can also run this by strongest vault, our strongest percent change. And here's the DD. I've got that one in here somewhere. Here's d D d Three D

systems. You know, making a The. Get rid of that real quick, So you can also come over here and just double check everything If you're looking for certain types of stocks, so three dimensional printing, along with many others, it's had a really strong run. It's had a really strong pull back and now trying to maybe make some change in structure, change in behavior change in character changing complexion. Breaking

above its 20 period, exponential moving average. Holding above its 200 day kind of getting that bottom double bottom kind of a look in here s O. Somebody might decide. Well, let's take a look at the at the volume. Let's take a look at The. Really strong volume already surpassing 50% The volume is. Just under 90% of uptick volume, and we've got mo mentum starting to switch to the upside trend. Traders

really like to see that move above that. So that XYZ-- BDGE Let Ze pop back in here and look at Overstock. For those looking for bases. Overstock trying to push to the upside Now this is remember. This is

intraday volume. Want you to write this down? Because it's very important just because there's it's tracking them out, perform. In this case, the 50 period moving average of volume you can see Overstock looks like it's going to make it there in the last hour of the day, usually has the most volume looking like it's tracking for that. So you might consider this. But this is this where you want to buy this stock remember? Price time volatility you might consider some. Support resistance before

you make any of those types of decisions as we look at this kind of trying to bang out a Ascending triangle. Formation So you might use this as an opportunity to put this on and just see if it can wait for it to break out or make another pullback and buying a pull back and we could just go down the list here. PG. And why didn't bury energy energy still strong. Not the strongest today and so on and so forth. Going

to see how well the script. Works but there's no guarantee that they will be above the 50 period moving average. Now this would be this one would be very interesting. Now This is cassava sciences. I want you to

note. A note here. This could be one of those. Uh SPAC type stocks. I do believe it is so I

know what you're getting into here. Those could be very volatile that unless you understand what you're getting into, but let's pretend it wasn't And let's look at the fact that. When we look at this Is it bouncing? Well it XYZ-- making lower, lower or higher lows. In a higher high right higher, high, higher low, not quite a higher high yet, but it is. Bouncing and moving to the upside and one thing we want to maybe kind of recognize is the fact that for Oh, good month now volume has receded. Volume

is receded is this has drifted lower and volume has increased as it's drifted higher, So should this When you think about this. What would it be telling you? If by the end of the day are tomorrow, volume is above that 50 period, moving average, dwarfing all of the volume that we'd seen. For quite a while. Many, many

trading days. That might be an indication of possible run to the outside, so they again being prepared might be just. Why you're you'll be successful. But if you're not prepared, what are you doing? You're shooting from the hip. Oh I

better by that. I don't I've got the fear of missing out. Don't have the fear of missing out know what you're going to do? Before you before you make those trades, and the list goes on and on BJ's that lot of watch out for the earnings in here. As well. But there is Hands of Opportunities. Often times every day. Now that being

said, Let's go back to the scan tab and let's say, Well, I want more I want sometimes you're gonna run these and you're only going to get 10. Not that that's bad. It's probably telling us that there's just you got to be careful of the market this not a lot of stuff moving, but you can change this to 250,000 shares. That's this volume that I'm changing up in here. Change this to 250,000. Not a narrow path. 250,000 and then what we're gonna do is we're going to scoot this down.

Collapse this over in here and let's say that you wanted to. You're okay with 10 periods or 20 period looking a look back period of, say, 20 trading days. You put 20 in here or 10 in here. And then run the scan.

Wait for the results, and we got 55. So we got about nine more than what we did originally, but it Znachko it's just breaking above. It's on track. Two Outperform. 20 periods Look, look back period of 20 years you need to see there's a lot of the same stock now it's up to you. Do you want. Volume that's outperforming 50 days. 3-1 volume that's

outperforming 10 days. If you've got other measures that you have in place, A lot of people will use volume that's outperforming 10 days and then they're gonna look for price. TTWO move above the. 20 exponential moving average or 10 period moving average. Whatever it is, those might be triggers for you to make those decisions. There is a survey. I

want everybody to note. There's a serving there. Please click on that. Don't fill it out right now. Just click, you know, copy and paste that into a document and then fill it out.

Real simple. We use your comments to try to make things better. Which is why we've done Ah, lot of the changes we've done recently as well as you know, Twitter, those types of things. Anything we can find to help help your help your experience become better. All right. So with that. Let's go

back here, too. Let's take a look. Here's Carnival Cruise line here is. Three D systems. We're going to look at this as getting above its 20 period. Moved exponential moving average. Volume very strong

today. Momentum moving higher and it's bouncing. It's closing so far today, closing above the low days high, which Woz. Right here. Finally getting that strong, stronger clothes on good volume holding above the 20 period, moving average breaking out of A. Bit of a horizontal resistance if we draw that in. I can get that

Stay. There we go breaking above horizontal resistance. We also know that not only being above that long term moving average, it's also breaking.

The down trend line, depending on how you want to draw that down. Trend line. This is probably a better place. Making above that down trend lines. There's a lot of bullish. Bias

to this. Nothing's under present, so we're gonna buy. It's trading at 25 70. We're gonna buy a certain amount of shares of this where you were. Might you put your stop loss? Remember, stop losses. You're

not guaranteed, but we have some If you're thinking of this. Fight might possibly trend you could use this longer term moving average to place this traits of 200 Day moving averages trading right at 17.5. So let's go. Let's put a stop loss in its 17 say This is a trend trade. We're gonna buy some shares are you could buy a longer term option if you wish and the effort in the respect for time. Not going to explain options. That's just buy some

shares. So we if we buy it at 25 50, and we have a stop at 17. It's going to be a $7. Drop that it's gonna have to do before we're going to say we're wrong. Remember That's all

we're doing with Stop loss. Is there not risk management? That's the first that's just kind of where we have defined the fact that we're wrong. We're gonna use that $7, though. And trade risk to

define how many shares weakened by if we have a certain amount of portfolio rest so again, most of you know the portfolio rest. A lot of us look at is about $1000. If you had $100,000, that would be 1% of your total account, and I'm gonna use $7. Of a stop trade risk into that. $1000 and that's going to give us the amount of shares. That we can buy. So 1000, divided by seven

is gives us $142. So that's what we call fixed, fractional method of. Position sizing, so that's really kind of the money management. We're managing the amount of shares that we only so therefore, if it drops to and hits our stop and we get stopped out, hopefully right at the at the $17 area, then we will be On Lee lose $1000. If it moves higher, we can always move that stop to the upside and get the risk off the table. So in a right, click, right, come down here to up. Susan

Susan. Come down here to buy custom with a stop. And when I do this, it'll automatically bring in the stock we're looking at on this chart. So we're trading right from the chart. And we're going to, uh Bye. MMM it, says 142. But

since we're trend trading, let's get something under a belt first. Let's see if it can move. So we're gonna buy 75 shares a little more than half.

By 75 shares and then gonna click this little firecracker thing up here and it will give us the amount of shares to sell. Should our stop loss be hit. Is we're gonna go ahead and buy this on a limit right now, but. We still need that

stop loss to reflect. To reflect our this stop down there to reflect the price where we want to get out. So we need to change that to $17. We enter that going to get in on the limit right around 25 35. On a day order. We're gonna

change our stop loss too good to cancel. Why? Because we don't want that getting away from us out there. So this is stop again. Stops are guaranteed. Pop this open, double check everything. And by

75 shares half a position partial into this to see if it can run if it doesn't and it falls back immediately when you're wrong, you typically wrong. Well, very soon after you enter a trade if you've got a big winner, and then it turns into a loser, you got other issues. So you gotta be careful about that. And so what we're going to do theirs will send this will send that off. And we

are filled in our stop is sitting here just below that 200 period moving average, and we'll see what happens. Some other ones that popped up this morning. A non McDonald's. Let's go back over here. Pick your you know, Pick your. Take the stocks you want so Carnival Cruise line, perhaps. Carnival cruise line breaking to the upside, building a base. Let's

do real quickly. We don't have Ah, in the in the. Interest of time. Let's do a little bit

more analysis on this. So what do we see? First of all, let's get a longer term chart sometimes, which you might want to do is put in a script. No, I'm not a script. You're going to move the script you might want to put in a weekly chart. Here and kind of get an idea of what's really happening. It's

nowhere near its pre market high, so can these AR cruise lines? So number one? Remember there's some probably some bias on. Cruise lines where they're not. People want to get back on those just yet, but anticipation markets anticipate the future and changes in the future. So if somebody wanted to buy this Then you know that what we want to do a little more. Just a little bit more.

Studying. Of the of the chart here, so we've got this. Consolidation after the big beat down last year. Pop this in here. We've got this consolidation fell down. Double

bottom, Rallied back up, pulled back These AR weekly bars, by the way, these candlesticks, so that's five days worth of information. Barring any any holidays, then each one of these bars, so there's a lot of information in their notice that it's written right along here and the 20 week moving average. 100 Day moving average. Exponential is where price. Support now and moving average support is so from a weekly standpoint, this is looking, you know. Okay you know, there's no guarantees is gonna keep going. If we look at this

now. And dig down in here. We see a lot of. A man what somebody might call demand coming in as price bounces long range days. Long range days.

Volume dries up. And then as it drifts, lower volume picks up. As it MMM. As it starts to

bounce. Shaken him out here. Somebody might consider this to be a something they don't want to. Delve into now, as we've been speaking, we see that the. Volume looks to appear like it did the last two days like it's still gonna. Exceed the 50 period moving average of volume.

It is not all buying volume. You did have a lot of buying volume last last two days, but now we're sitting. Right around 63% 64% right now intraday up volume uptick volume so. You know, it's that resistance folks, So we might expect that so looking. Be prepared. You may wait to the end of the day to see how this shakes out. And then maybe put the trade on at the end of the day. Uh, Let's

see. This time of day to buy options. That's I don't are IEF there. I don't know that

there's actually it's the question. Is there a good best time today to buy options? You know, you gotta be very careful of the best times because things you know if you get. Good pop. Good volume it maybe earlier in the day If that doesn't happen till late in the day, maybe late in the day, so I don't know that there's really a best time and you gotta watch different things Volatilities. Jared s. Oh yeah. So with that, What do we know? We know that if we look at our skin, different ways to manipulate the scan, let's put in a tent in here. So here's 10 periods. We had 55 on the. 20

period. Let's see what kind of results and on the 10 period. Well, we're drifting back as the day goes on. 10 50% of 10

period, so we're dropping a little bit lower. As the day goes on, but. We're moving into that last hour. So building the scan being prepared, knowing what you're going to be looking for is probably Better. Way to

consider your trades right instead of hearing somebody say something on. TV You read something in the newspaper? Whatever it is, and then suddenly saying, Well, they must know more than me. So I'm gonna go ahead and buy that. Not knowing why they're why they're saying it. Not having any idea what they're risk.

Tolerance is know your risk Tolerance scan for stocks That makes sense to you based off of your analysis, bouncing and breaking out. What are we going to use? We're going to use. All those different things that we have at our fingertips such as. In the screen here that CAHOLD-- breaking above prices moving above bouncing and moving above the previous low, right the lowest low of the last few days. Ounces above there are we getting good volume? Here's the ball and by volume script Here's the BESRA 90 80 90 2010 script as well, Lots of different things you can do, but you've got to have some reason something that's repeatable that you can go back and look. And say this was this

was. Why I made money. This is why I didn't make money. Those AR the things you need to really be able TOS of the questions you need to be able to answer coming up next in our Webcast calendar. We do We do

have a new Schedule. That's why today is that two o'clock Eastern verses. What was it? 12 30 Eastern before. So getting started with technical was yesterday Tuesday. Where are we. There's getting started with options with Barb. Right there. Um. Yeah ACTIVECARE aiding

strategies coming up next swing trading with Ken Rose days to weeks, So if you're he's got some great scripts as well. So you might want to stick around for that. Look to this Webcast Calendar to help define all of your. Help to find your. Webcast that you need to schedule need to know what you're looking for, or look for the archives as well. Remember there's a survey. Please fill out that survey. And if you

like what you saw today, please give us a thumbs up. Share it with somebody that you think. And benefit from it. Watch the

archives, you know, Run these things through your head as you have these questions is you're watching live. We're watching the archive right Those questions down, Watch it again. Try to hit us all up on Twitter get some questions, answered hit comments on YouTube Get some questions answered and subscribe, Subscribe, subscribe to the YouTube channel as well.

All right, everybody. It was. Thank all of you for being here and for all your interaction. Thanks, Barb. For Manning are maintaining the chat like you always do and remember, everything we're doing here is for educational purposes only, and you're responsible for your decisions in your self directed account. CEO. See you later. Adio

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