Active Trading Strategies | Pat Mullaly | 2-9-21 | How Early Entry Can Help Control Emotional Exits

Active Trading Strategies | Pat Mullaly | 2-9-21 | How Early Entry Can Help Control Emotional Exits

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well the markets are continuing to grind higher maybe up against a little bit of resistance uh we're going to look at moving some stops maybe putting on some new trades but have a couple of various type of ideas today so stick around good afternoon good evening good morning everyone and welcome to active trading strategies i am pat milali and i am joined in the chats by uh barb armstrong just wanted to make sure yes barb is here today uh as well as all of you we really appreciate that you can follow me at pimalallyunderscoretda that would be on twitter that's why that bird is there and you can follow barb same thing at b armstrong underscore tda if you're new the person in the chat answering some questions you may have that i may not be able to get to is another uh td ameritrade education coach barb armstrong but today we're going to look at some trades we've got going maybe move some stops talk about if we should just take profits and then put on some sample trades but before we do any of that remember everything we're doing here is for educational purposes only not for recommendations and we're going to look at actual symbols so we can demonstrate the platform that does not mean that td ameritrade is making any recommendation about the suitability of the security or the strategy and remember always any investment decision that you make in your self-directed account is solely your responsibility past performance remember of any security strategy does not guarantee uh future uh results stop losses uh or stop loss orders will not guarantee execution after near the activation price and all investing involves risk including the risk of loss zero commissions apply to u.s exchange listed stocks etfs and uh option trades uh but 65 option contract fee does apply most listening photography no part of this presentation maybe copy recorded early entries we're going to look at some uh discuss some early entries break down uh a few things with the with the charts and discuss uh exits oops didn't want to do that we want to get out there and take a look what's going on very quickly in the markets right now uh if we take a quick jaunt over to the side here uh the russell that's the russell arrow right there uh the russell is up a half a percent little over a half percent followed by the nasdaq the nasdaq was stronger earlier in the day uh the s p 500 is really taking the taking third or excuse me fourth place out of all of the indexes that you hear most about and the strongest today is looks like real estate followed by industrials followed by uh banks followed by utilities uh so we've got a little bit of um interesting situation with utilities and healthcare and uh staples kind of in the mid middle area here maybe a little bit of anxiety coming in uh certainly some of the things we'll talk about in the future is the fact that with interest rates rising uh certain things certain certain sectors benefit uh from that we won't talk about that today but put that on your calendar put that on your question how do certain uh sectors uh uh react to interest rate increases in which which ones should you look at for rotation in this is the s p 500 up against resistance up in here uh up where it is today obviously 39.15 and we've got uh selling uh really this the down volume that's what this indicator is here uh the down volume is outperforming the up volume the up volume is only 44 of the volume for the day it's rocking back and forth of course the day's over remember this is an end of day end of day uh indicator really want to see what the volume looks like at the end of the day but right now um going nowhere for the day at zero so 40 somewhere between say 52 and 48 should be where we should end up with a nothing with a nothing day we do have the rsi i've got the rsi on here today struggling to to move higher and we've got the mcclellan indicator uh at the 150 area and bouncing right back down from there today so far so what do we have here a breadth indicator a breadth indicator and a momentum uh uh indicator with uh the rsi and rsi showing weakening momentum certainly wouldn't be a surprise after we saw this big what was that five six percent run off of these lows down in here uh we'll do a quick calculation here off the very low intraday low to where we are now about a six percent run off of those lows so no big deal okay let's get to what we're talking about today first thing let's move to a chart here and this is the chart of draftking draft king we own shares of draftking we have a stop presently sitting down here at if i put my cursor over the stop flag here uh we have a stop loss at 48.75 and the stock is trading up at 63. so if you're an active trader how much of that difference between 48 and 63 or uh 15 do you really want to to give up so you have to kind of figure that out that that's the risk that you have in that trade right now and just remember that just because your stop-loss is down here uh remember that uh no matter what anybody says you're going to say to yourself as long as everything's hunky-dory you're going to say well i'm really kind of trading with the markets money and when it starts to roll over yesterday somebody was probably feeling a little bit fearful and uh it's rolling over at an interesting place we'll we'll review that that a little bit more in a minute but what they're saying is yesterday perhaps oh my gosh you know should i get out should i stay in what should you do uh we own a hundred shares so what we could do is raise our stop and sell some we're going to talk about that a little bit later today we could look at this and say well it's in this channel if you are a trend trader if you're a trend trader you may expect some kind of a pullback to hear and then a move back to the upside so if that's what you're thinking uh that this is looking for this to be a a vaccination uh trade or a reopening trade or a reflation trade whatever really reopening trade uh perhaps or maybe not so much is it is your it's draftking you can do it online it's a it's a betting it's more casinos but we've watched that group move so what you could do i've got this red arrow over here so what we'll do if we're expecting this to continue higher i'm just going to come over here and left click and drag this up to say someplace below the below that uh up trending line and we will cancel and replace that that gets cancelled and replaced now our stop has raised now what have we done well we've taken that risk off the table that we had down in here and are going to give this a chance to fluctuate if you will you know kind of a chance to move to the downside and find some support in here and then move back off of that now if it if it rallies and breaks out and goes into a steeper trend that's okay too we'll just keep raising that stop along with that taking that risk off the table not trying to pick the top but certainly not taking a a winning trade and turning it into a losing trade or taking a good trade and turning it into a poor trade trying to look at areas that are have some objectivity to them when i say that if i zoom in here i'm going to zoom do a couple things here when we're looking at this for stop losses and that is the bottom of this this oops the bottom of this gap right in here so when we look at that at the top of the gap bottom of that day that it gapped up so i draw this line across here and you can see we are below that and if it breaks down below that uh below that gap we're probably going to be somewhere in the in the vicinity of this uptrend line and we would expect that gap to hold if i uh put a horizontal line on here at the bottom of the gap you'll notice that's also below where we have our stop you can move that stop down to the bottom of that gap if it starts to retrace through there probably a good chance it will reach the bottom of that gap but again if this bounces and moves higher alls we are going to do trying to remove that drawing is just continue to trail our stop higher this is one of the thing this trade was based off of the idea of narrow range days that we see over the last four to seven days we'll look at some of that again today as well but now that it's in so what happened to us we we looked at trades we looked at flag trades where price was really starting to narrow out and uh over the last four to seven day kind of kind of just sitting in a very tight range going nowhere showing us that the uh that whatever selling seems to be subsiding well what i want to point out now that all that's occurred is let's look at where price is right here and compare that to a couple of other places more importantly let's compare that to this old high over here and you can see the importance of recognizing where these uh support and resistance areas are because we were rejected right or at price i shouldn't say we uh the price of draftking has been rejected at that area very near the uh very near and uptrending area so shouldn't be a surprise but i want you to take into i want you to view this and i'm going to remove that there i want you to recognize that this has been really sideways it's been in an uptrend but now that uptrend is really starting to tighten up you know we we've lost a lot of these long range days up and down we're up against resistance so we're going to look for that breakout so i'm going to take off this channel now we're going to look for this breakout perhaps to propel this higher at that point you could add to a position and you know add another 50 shares or something like that to a position just to see if it can you can if it moves higher that you can add to your gains right now we're just going to leave it at that at that stop let's move on to the next one this is one we put on in a similar you know a similar way but we were looking at this flagpole technical uh possible profit area which happened to have been 95 so put it on uh really kind of looking for that to at some point make it there well we didn't know we were going to have to hold through earnings but it did we held through earnings and it uh gapped up here's the issue that you have this is the question you need to ask yourself and uh yourself being um all the people that i've forgotten to recognize when we came in uh wari and tindra and uh sylvain jack jacob uh let's see oona grace mike elizabeth tony frank ricardo alex rk yoko mary uh and mike mccarville i like the last name uh philip anthony chris and everybody else in the archives are in the recordings welcome welcome welcome anthony uh as well so um so yes there's some question about watch lists and things like that uh yes we have to recognize that everything we're doing here is not recommendations these are just examples of what traders may do right there's lots of millions of ways to do things what you need to do if you're new is is learn and you need to build a routine you need to build your own plan your methods and then build on that work that and uh become very efficient at that over time which means what we're talking about right now is our exit point was to get out when um gartner i t the symbol up in here uh reached 195. it hasn't done that yet there's an old saying uh there's the there's an old saying we call it the anticipators of the anticipators so if somebody looked at um this this this move over in here expected some kind of similar move to the upside like we have they may exit out when we get very close the issue with this one today so far and there's still a lot of market left in the day this could run back up but your decision needs to be should you close this out we have a stop loss up here with our exit stop stop limit up here at 45 shares to get out at uh at 195 and i don't know why that's not uh there we go at 195 but we didn't reach that so do you want to hope that it's going to get there you've been holding on to this for a while it finally had this big gap up it's there basically gotten very close to that in one day if you look at when we put this trade on there was a reward of 40 with a risk of 11 basically a one to four risk to reward or four to one reward to risk depending on how you said that do you want to uh how much of do you really want to shoot for that we got very close or you want to exit out of that trade right now what we're going to do is we are going to uh come back over here to i want to close out these we don't want to leave those on and i'm just going to go ahead and take profits on it today we're going to create that closing order because remember this was put on as an active trade uh it wasn't so active it took us a while to get there but we'll go ahead and close that out and harvest those uh paper gains there that we have there by uh like we used like we all like to say buy a paper boat all right let's move on to the next one so that's the idea we we did it didn't hit our stop we put our stop in the correct place down here at 144 never reached down into that area and so let's continue talking about those types of things so here's zoom we put this one on last uh last week and uh we bought 23 shares that was a portion of the trade it has we brought it on because it had moved abrupt above this uh downtrend line but we want to start to maybe recognize a few things out of this a lot of times we talk about you know adding to position putting on half positions adding to a position and this one may be giving us the opportunity we bought into this one uh on i believe it was the fifth let's go over here and look at zoom on the fifth so last friday 23 shares at a price of 48 or 4 18 59 we actually had put a a limit to buy above the market on this day and uh or where it was trading intraday and we we were put into that uh trade on that on that day so what we'll do is we'll put in we'll we're going to [Music] close this stop out but we're going to add to this position why would we add to the position so let me get rid of this downtrend line we know that it's moved above that downtrend line and um let's look at where else it is by coming up here and grabbing this horizontal line price and volume relative strength uh compared performance-wise compared to the s p and the rsi what kind of volume well we had some pretty good volume on friday as it broke to the upside and has since started drifting sideways when we see this kind of action from it from a technical aspect we call this presently it's looking like what we call rest after battle uh is just the the candlestick term a big long range day that that with big volume and then a couple of days of relaxation doesn't matter if they are red uh candlesticks or green they're just going to be harami's which i also call a high harami and the reason for that is people will say well wait a minute pat why would you go to add a position that's a harami there shouldn't you shouldn't you be worried about this popping down well this is a high harami it's something that i've recognized for years doesn't mean it's a hundred percent but only what we really want to care about is where it came from where has it been and it has been sideways right it's been sideways and it's trying to break to the upside big volume to the upside so when we see those breaks to the upside we're gonna and we see this harami oftentimes that's just that rest after shaking out some uh short sellers or or buyers coming back in very similar to what we saw back in here so when we look at this there was the shakeout back in here finally shaking out the last of the weak positions nice big volume pulling back up and then when we when we go through and review this why would we add to this because as it drifted sideways volume really as it drifted sideways and down volume really started to recede and then bam we have this volume coming back up yesterday's volume nothing whatsoever it would look i shouldn't say nothing there was some volume but in relationship to friday's volume or all of the volume uh in the previous month very very low so it looks to be as if we have some buyers coming in no guarantees there so this is why we would look at this to be is just some relaxation of those two candlesticks hi harami after a big range day coming off of support right also uh if somebody have eve or somebody hasn't put that into into here yet you might even make a case for a uh so far just this this head and shoulders pattern now with a weaker right uh shoulders inverse head and shoulders reversal pattern a continuation pattern however you wanna whatever you want to call it uh sometimes they become complex and you may see this pull back down so you might end up with one a shoulder over here a shoulder here and then two shoulders over here but sometimes they don't and they break out and that's why we're going to put a buy another 23 shares above yesterday's high which is uh 4 20 2 so we'll go in at 4 22 10 uh just because that's just for this example 4 22 10 by an additional 23 shares okay so to do that well let's get rid of this stop here just the easiest way for me to do it come over here to the trade tab put zoom in and right click buy with custom now we've not finished the our uh uh our decision yet we know we're going to buy at 422.10

so we can get above so you know just somebody's idea of um showing a momentum showing up for some reason if they can go 10 cents whatever and some people are 20 some people are 50 whatever you're going to whatever you plan to use now we need to put in the next next thing we know we're going to buy another 23 shares we already own 23 so we'll put 23 in there we'll come down here for our stop loss and put in 46 because we already own 23 we want to make sure that down here on our stop loss we're going to jump that up remember no guarantees for stop loss jump that up to 46 shares some uh sorry so then what we can do is go back to the charts and uh look for our area that we want to exit we know we're gonna sell 46 shares we know we're going to get into another 23 if it pushes above yesterday's high up in here so that's going to be another entry but where do we exit well our original exit was down here so let's move our our exit up that if it pushes in pushes below excuse me this long range day up in here starts to rally back down or fall back down into this area then for an active trader uh that may be an area that we want to consider uh maybe not a uh showing a strength right if it doesn't if we get put in and it doesn't continue to rally then that would be an indication that we were wrong in our assumption so we'll put our stop below this low i'm going to use this low right here by 10 cents of 46 shares and that low if you look at these numbers up in here that low is going to be 376.87 so we'll go 10 cents below that 376 77 pop back over to the trade tab uh and put in 377.87 okay now let's put in a a a a a pos make some assumptions of where price may go and you know we could just make this a trend trade and just let it run to see what happens uh we could take short-term profits if it reaches up and to say this this let me back out a little bit here this area uh that was contention before up here at uh three or uh yeah uh four sixty which would you can see it how it was rejected up here just above that so we'll use this old resistance area uh the the midpoint of this gap up in here 460 as a possible target and let me just pop that over activate that drawing if i can get anywhere close to 460 over there close enough so that'll be kind of the target we're looking for that would be an expression of uh just relaxation just looking for that short term run up into that area so we'll come back over to the trade tab and put in uh 23 shares to take a profit now let's talk about this um 23 shares to take excuse me 46 shares to take a profit at a stop limit if it can get to 4 60. if it gets to 460 then we will we'll take the gains on 46 shares we'll we'll leave that at a limit this is a sell limit order what does that mean it means good if at 460 or better meaning 460 or higher right not 460 or lower because we'd get stopped out immediately basically and we'd be out of this trade uh and we've got a stop loss coming in at 387 for 46 shares so what are we doing we're adding to an existing trade adding 23 shares to an existing trade raising the stock putting in our preferred limit order but a stop limit order no guarantees on that uh that it'll be that you'll get out i would much rather get out higher uh that's okay uh and we'll let that fly we'll leave this good till cancel uh we gotta change our stop uh because this is a buy stop above where the market is trading the market's trading at 4 15. we're looking for it to continue to move higher so we've got good till cancel by limit at 422 or higher and a cell limit at 460 or higher and a good till cancel and a stop loss not guaranteed 377.87

or lower good till cancel all those are stops and we will send that off all right let's uh pop back over to the charts now here's an interesting one uh this is a fairly new issue and uh it is vaccine you know vaccines are all their age these days uh and let me move some of this out of the way uh just for now this is gonna be the trade that we put on with this one so let's talk about this so let's look at it from a couple of different angles here let's um pop this down and let's grab some drawing tools if we look at this the ipo it ipo'd back in july fell down to here rallied back up and you can see it's been in this downtrend for quite a while now i have these blocks in here because this is something that people don't do uh when they're when they're trying to maybe make some measurements maybe even just understanding trend uh which is very important because trends are made of of up of up down and sideways action so now we know there's some kind of a floor in here uh let's remove that and just draw a smaller one in here and let's look at how this evolved and why today's action might in yesterday's action might be important still you see these short range days so let's work from right to left short range tight days big long range action to the upside coming off of this support we've seen some of that before over and here uh really that was the last time we saw a good strong uh update these two very good uh very strong lots of volume if i pull this volume up here so we know that this has the appearance of demand uh in whatever way we're getting it so what i'm going to do is i'm going to uh draw a channel line a channel a trending channel here so we can kind of get an idea of how things trend so when we look at this trend channel we see that price obviously runs into and gets rejected at you know near the tops of the channel right except for this time but what we want to really start to focus on there's there's so much more to price action than just the downtrend right it isn't a downtrend but we have to recognize the structure and as we go oftentimes if you're looking for places to sell short you know buy puts do something like that in a downtrend you'll look for sideways action where it reaches a level of resistance and then falls and then we look for a rally back up and then falls and then same thing rallies back up into resistance and then falls until it doesn't anymore right and so when we see this reach down uh near the bottom of this channel and start to drift sideways big range move to the upside uh relative strength flattening out let's pull up the relative strength here and now from a out performance uh from a performance standpoint excuse me beginning to outperform i can get this to stick in here outperform the s p 500 as it's breaking this downtrend line so these sideways actions are very important because we recognize instead of just being so myopic and saying well it's in a downtrend recognize what's happening in those sideways in the sideways action and you'll see let's get rid of the channel here what i was talking about at the very beginning all of these this action over in here short range days turned into long range days to the downside short range days long range days of the downside this time short range days long range days to the upside we have uh outperformance so far for above the s p 500 with the relative strength and we have rsi index getting 260. so what we're going to do is we're going to put on a a short trade but in this trade we're going to take profits on the way up we're going to go ahead and enter in today basically right now on a limit and we're going to exit as we hit this level and exit as we hit and that's going to be our last tranche which we'll have to uh go back in and adjust later when it gets up into this level here so how we're going to set this up is if we look over here let me grab this and pull this back over pull these down so we're going to enter on a limit we're going to have a stop loss at 25.65 which puts us down below uh these uh this uh high here portion of the way down below yesterday's uh rally get this fixed here a portion uh below the issue so we're going to get out somewhere in this zone right in here but we're going to take profits on the way up if it continues to go no guarantee and we will take a portfolio risk meaning we're willing to lose a thousand dollars in this trade which says uh we'll risk 2.77 which will take us down to somewhere around 25.65 things have changed since i wrote this but when we get to 31 and a half we're going to sell half of these 361 shares so we're going to buy a total of 361 and then when it gets to 31 and a half we're going to sell 181 and then if it makes it to 34 and a half we're going to sell the rest so we're just going to set up the first portion of this trade right now by coming to the trade tab and let's go back to the charts let's let's do this again just to show i've been showing this lately you can right click do the same thing we can do on the trade tab oco by custom and that way we can see everything we've written down up here i would suggest you use the tech the text uh function and put your your information on your chart so you always know why you did it so it's stocks trading at 28.55 we're looking at 361 shares on a short-term trade to get in but we're going to exit halfway up we're going to sell 181 shares on the way up we're going to put a stop because this is just beginning trade it's not like the one we just did where we added we're just starting out and we're going to put in if it goes against us the total 361 shares right so we're going to do some similarities but we're just starting out with this we want to take profits on the way up so we're going to enter um i'm going to put in first i'm going to put in the right stock so you've got to edit this i'm sorry i guess you can't do it from there by custom oc bracket 361 shares we're going to exit out at 181 when we get to a certain price but if it goes against us immediately we want to get out of the whole dang trade we're going to enter in we're going to continue to mess up apparently typist i'm not this one does not have options that's the one thing i noticed earlier today like i said it's a new it's a new um new entry vax donations type stocks let's try this again sorry my apologies 361.

if you know me you know this is not unusual i get so excited when i'm in a class or in a webcast we're going to exit out 181 but we're going to sell hopefully everybody i'm just doing this on repetition just to make sure you get it and make sure you guys catch any mistakes that i'm making we're going to enter in right now but we're going to take a limit we're going to sell half our position when it gets to 31.5 so it's fifty 31.50 we're going to put that at um and that's a sell limit 31.50 or better no guarantees and we're going to exit out though when it drops 2.77 below uh where we're getting in or in that zone which is going to put us at 25.65 we'll make that one good till cancel so what we're doing is we're looking to buy a bunch get out halfway up this is a there's different ways you can do this you can cut this into thirds exit out in thirds if you want on the way up if it makes it uh to the halfway point get out and sell a third of this when it gets to your target or your presumed target sell another third and keep the other third to see if it can keep running the the purpose that we do this is that we don't we're not making up some kind of making up the rules as we go along so let's hit confirm and send double check everything make sure that oh my gosh pat did you do the right stock do we have the right everything in here and it looks good we are good to cancel and we'll send this off and see if we can't get filled as it continues to move around all right another new uh new uh offering out there another ipo snow uh snowflake what does snowflake do snowflake is a uh another it type stock uh and i would watch a lot of these uh it software types stocks going forward because of this will be interesting to see what happens once we get totally vaccinated and this whole thing's gone away with all of the at-home stuff that we've been doing with the buying online with the work online how these uh companies that help out in the cloud to do all these things how they uh progress going forward so let's uh let's look at what we've got here remember long range days turn into short range days which turn into long range days so when we uh when we look to analyze this one starting with price first we'll put a uh a low in here right here and that really kind of jives with these previous lows over here we'll make those a dashed line so we've got this base pattern starting to build uh so you could call this a kind of a weak w pattern double bottom continuation type pattern and then we've got this flag in a stiff wind we just really have straight sideways big upward move today so far today best volume we've seen over the last four days the question becomes will this continue the volume continue today and outperform uh and get above the 50-day uh moving average of volume or you could use a 30-day whatever you have whatever you feel is makes you comfortable when we start looking at performance is this outperforming the s p 500 well we can look at the relative strength this is just spx divided into the price of snow so the price of spx divided into the price of snow if this is rising it is outperforming if you're looking to outperform the market then you better be owning things that are outperforming the market or are going to outperform the market if you can if you can get your crystal ball out and figure that one out and we have good uh momentum with the rsi uh on this particular one the rsi we've only it's only been on the market on the uh in the secondary market now for uh just you know not even a year so i'm gonna gonna kind of put a question mark on the rsi and really how much strength we really has have but when we look at price certainly see that price is starting to break to the upside so with snowflake if you to try to you know find some areas that may give us some pushback well we can look at fibonaccis it's it's bounced it's pushed through 23. we

could see uh you know it's right up against its 38 uh next area is going to be 345 right up in here uh ultimately trying to get back up to these highs in here i don't know if the market continues to strengthen these old highs may very well be in the in the offing that's believe it or not that's 100 away for an ipo that's but be careful of those statements that people make oh it'll never get back to there that's way too high price well it's been there once it could get back there it could fall if it does fall and breaks below this low in here perhaps we want to get out so that low in here is going to be around 265 265 for a long term trade below 265 would probably be where you put your stop if you're going to be active and look for a short-term trade you may just look to put your stop below today's low this i know this is unusual for a lot of people when when you hear a lot of other people out there talking about where they put their stops but in a short-term trade and active trade they're going to be doing a lot more of those and so you if you're not right you have to admit you're not right very quickly and but objectively and today's low below today's low will take us below these lows over in here so let's zoom in on this let's use this low right here which is on the fifth that low is 299 64. so 299.50 will be an exit to get out on this we'll look um so 319 299.50 so basically risking 20. and look to

uh getting in at 219 uh so 20 times 2 is 40 so 2 360. so actually getting a 2 1 reward to risk on a bare minimum could be right here right at 260. it could run all the way to the upside uh to those 400 areas it depends on how you want to do it so you could put in a trade to buy x amount and exit with an exit up here at uh 2 or 360 and just take everything and then wait to see what happens because things don't move in a straight line right sometimes they do this so we'll look to take out uh take the profits at uh 360 on this one so uh got a stop loss at 299.50 exit out at 360. come over here to the

trade tab put in snow some people say well why don't you use an options we don't we'll use options tomorrow and you can if you want we could do certainly do it here but i like to kind of break things up a little bit oco bracket now we need to know how many shares we can buy this is an expensive stock if you had a thousand dollars worth of that portfolio risk that you were willing to take whoops very similar to what we saw with backside risking a thousand dollars how many shares can we buy this is different than this is a different calculation this is a fixed fractional method of defining your your the amount of shares you're buying it's based off of your stop and and your portfolio risk not just the amount of dollars that you want that you're willing to use to buy a stock so at two if we get in at 319 and we know we're getting out at 299.50 so let's say we're risking twenty dollars and thousand dollars uh risk 20 into a thousand goes 50 times we can buy 50 shares with an exit at 360. okay and so come over here we've got the orders again right click buy custom oco bracket and that loads that up down in here we can click on 50. this one we're just going to do the same thing over and over so i'm going to click on this little firecracker chain thing here and it loads up everything in here so uh we've got 50 shares we're going to buy we'll buy them basically right now with a exit point at uh 360.

make sure i got the right stock i'm going to change this to good to cancel and we will put our stop in at 2 99.5 good till cancel so let's look at this we're going to buy 50 shares on a limit all right you know right around where it's trading right now sell when it gets sell all 50 when it gets to 360 or sell off to all 50 at 299.50 should that occur stop losses are not guaranteed so boom double check your order this is the last place that you can check yourself before you send it off and then we'll see what occurs it looks like it's getting ahead of us right now so you may want to so when i say getting ahead of us it's starting to move above and so sometimes you have to just sit on your hands and see if it pulls back if it doesn't pull back then you may have to adjust some things to get in on that on that trade all right uh some others to consider another fairly new issue in uh in our nano x imaging out of israel mcdonald's we own some shares of this early entry on mcdonald's may be in here right exits above the resistance area in here add to positions above that reasons consider those things look at these look at these stocks uh out there in time when you have time excuse me and make some decisions right early entries if you look at riot blockchain early entries you know down similar to what we just did early entries on these at these midpoints like one we just put on with snow if it breaks up above starts to rally early entries could can pay off sometimes not all the time it would be nice if it was all the time but then it would be boring and at some point maybe it re rallies up into these zones small range days turns into large range days with that um coming up next on is connie hill on the webcast uh and uh technically speaking stocks and options right here with connie hill so please stick around join her thanks barb in the uh in the chats if you like what you saw please give us a thumbs up down uh below on youtube share this with somebody that you think can get out of it i think get something out of it and please subscribe make it easy to find all of our webcasts early entries exiting partial positions on the way out adding to entries moving your exits up uh getting that risk off the table very important that you start establishing these set rules and then your sub rules on what you're going to do with each trade with that uh please have a great rest of your day we will talk to you soon everything we've done here for educational purposes only and you are responsible for your decisions made in your self-directed account thanks a lot barb thanks everyone for your awesomeness and we will talk to you soon

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