Accelerate your business growth with leading ad strategies (Google Games Dev Summit)

Accelerate your business growth with leading ad strategies  (Google Games Dev Summit)

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I lead. Gaming initiatives, for our app advertising business and I'll, be joined later by Edie who leads gaming initiatives for AdMob. We're. Excited to share with you how ads can help you accelerate your business growth, as. A, developer, you probably got into this business to make great games, but. To stay in this business you, need to find ways to connect with new players and earn, revenue from your game ads can, help on both sides of your business. Using. Ads to acquire quality, users can, help you quickly grow your player base and reach, the players who will be the most interested, in your game and. To. Fund your marketing efforts using, AdMob to show ads lets you earn more while, keeping it free-to-play. This. Can help maximize, both your earnings and your reach to new potential players. Today. We'll, go deeper on both of these ways that ads can help your game succeed. Let's. Start by taking a look at how Google Ads can help you get your game into the hands of more quality. Players. With. App campaigns and Google Ads you, can define your goals and find high value players across, search. YouTube. Play. Discover. And over. 3 million sites and apps in our network. Google's. Machine learning, does the hard work of finding players all around the world based. On your growth goals whether. That's people, likely to install your game or. Those likely to take an action after they install. Our. Partner. Droid, hankgames, wanted. To launch and globally, scale their Idol heroes game beyond. The Chinese market, check. Out how they use app campaigns to do that. Teets owashi parka is, jewelry. Has, dance, agility gucci Tyson, sheared the whole to solicit, Baba and who say early, minion. From head to toe and wonder you should have our console gangsta near so to see whomever, you, can watch a video chills relationship. So we just covered tons of shipping happy. Miyoshi, Marissa, given you so happy, no way, the kikuchiyo, google, quote other ones at hudson Iranian, the whole Megumi. Fujii legitimate, reason could she do, tell who need engine. Tenuto. Aha Yoshikazu, now, modify and change hoo-ha, Tim Tims. NJTV. So you gotta handle, lady that she woman, Tammy intrusion, is she tada yoshida-san can see Samia to treat and Hammond you heard that really. Hot Jerome and you go booby are Yahoo from, the you go hunt are that yard garden. Area who we are on. The ocean tofu, fania and go to the bear lake house Google. Ads Angela, got a hand opened up that way our search. AdMob YouTube. Woman sushi, chin chin chin data you go Pongo suits my suits her Santa century how, goods, are being Haji of a New York City fish you, got on a strap apartment, quite so trend trader, Hoda. Woman day you can move beyond Google, me at our very, own hood Ohio challenge, the. Institution in. University, pay her each night so that woman's, we own a Google ads hot woman's on the Antonia, she got a stamp a woman, the dude, shall be ashamed Calipari. Such moments, on the video shoot Nicolas Bay Times, of India interchange Watauga, you they are gentle center window Anja would, you do it with hi how. Can you go away has a one, woman you, Yoshi now thanks to do count. Hard one you cannot fit on the couch in zuo milk or ethically, normandy don't tell me who, is sort of another user shindig. Also co eva are still 20. No how about you and Holland. Da-da-da-da-da. She, wants a move on land needs, down quite a bit she for Yoshi. I know. Hiro's used app campaigns, to launch and scale a brand, new title but. Successful, user acquisition isn't. Just relevant for new titles, another. One of our partners, Kabam was, able to breathe new life into one of their older titles by, reaching more engaged players with ad campaigns, automation, let's. Take a look. BAM. Is a world leader of massive. Multiplayer mobile. Games Marvel, contest of Champions is, an action fighting game that released in 2014. And users, can play with anyone, else in the world because. Marvel is a very social game it's important, that we find players all over the globe our, target audience are engaged daily active users or what we like to call them our regulars, these. Regulars are hard to find because they're, not bound by geography. Gender. Or age we. Really didn't have the resources to process and analyze millions, of data points to find our target gamer from, Hong Kong to Dallas each player has their own unique game or profile, at. The end of the day we just want to reach more people in the world who are going to become regulars, we. Worked with the Google account team to create a bid strategy that would find the regulars who would want to play a contest, of Champions, Google's. Automation, helped us find a huge untapped audience, that we didn't know existed. Considering. Our game is three years old with a high user base that really isn't an easy thing to do we. Reached hundreds, of thousands, of new players year, over year install, volume increased, by two and a half times with, our target return on adspend, increasing, by 70%.

Now, We've been able to focus on our overall growth strategy, rather. Than worrying about manually, optimizing, campaigns. We. Just saw two great examples, of game developers, who, found success using app campaigns, to grow their business but. One question we hear a lot is what, exactly goes into app campaigns and how do I Drive better performance, you. Can get the most from your app campaigns, by, providing diverse, and high-quality creative. Assets so. That Google's algorithms, can go to work for you, app. Campaigns. Uses four types of creative, assets to. Deliver engaging, and relevant ads. These. Include, text. Image. Video. And. Html5. Player bowls. With. Automation, creative. Assets become the building blocks to construct, the right ad in the right moment showing. The most engaging, creative to, each potential player. So. Make sure to provide all four of these different asset types to, ensure that you're, making the most out of every, reach opportunity, for. Game developers, the, first step to any great creative asset, is to, lean into what makes your game special, to get potential players excited, to start playing. Today. We'll, dive deeper into one of my favorite asset types videos. Videos. Are an important part of your app campaign strategy, as they, can be very effective at driving conversions. I, love. To share a few examples of videos, from some of our customers that were particularly, successful. First. Let's. Take a look at games with easy to understand gameplay. Jan, Cydia was able to clearly showcase, how easy their game cookie, Jam is to. Pick up while, still keeping it fun let's. Watch. Seabourn. Next. Let's, talk about games with strong IP, these. Games can really lean into the existing, brand to get fans excited about playing for. Example, for, one of my favorite games Harry Potter a Hogwarts mystery. Jam. City used a strong call to action right away inviting. Fans to jump into the world of wizards. You, can see that this video focused, on fan favorite characters, and cinematic. Scenes to, really get gamers excited, about new Harry Potter stories. Finally. Four games that focus on building large collections, videos. Are a great way to dynamically. Show off just how many options players have to collect. For. Marvel contest, of Champions. Kabam, showed the numerous, heroes you can collect to build your team in battle. Kabam. Showed off the seemingly endless library. Of characters while also highlighting their individual, personalities, and skills and to.

Get Players even more excited, they also included, testimony oh praise from sources that people really trust while, there's no one-size-fits-all, solution. These. Examples, can give you inspiration to, get started on creating engaging. Videos, for your game. Great. Creative assets are your way to encourage, gamers. To the install and start playing your unique game. We. Hope these tips help, you take your acquisition strategies, to the next level and now. I'll turn it over to ed thanks. Jen as Jen. Mentioned earlier my name is Edie and I League Gaming initiatives, for AdMob our ads monetization. Platform once. Players install, your app happen, to be a great way to earn revenue from people who can't or won't make in-app purchases. We've. Seen all types of game developers, find, success using ads as a key pillar in their monetization strategy. Vudu. Is one of the top hyper casual, game developers, with over two billion downloads globally, and without, ads they're, a hyper casual, business model wouldn't be the same, let's. Take a look at how admob's, rewarded, ads have helped them thrive. People. Need to be entertained people. Need. Games I. Love. Gaming because I can reach millions, of players all over the world. Vudu. Was founded in 2013. Mobile. Gaming was starting, off people. Were making PC, and console games and just kind of porting, them on mobile so, the experience, was a bit strange what. We wanted to do was make games that were perfectly, tailored for the mobile user, we're. Always moving, around, that's. Why we, focused on making hyper casual games, Peiper, casual games that games that are extremely accessible where you, understand, immediately all the rules as just, very natural for the player they. Are likely to download it not need a tutorial, and they, retained in that game for a long time we, wanted extremely. Accessible. Fun, experience, and to. Monetize the only way was to put as no games, adds. An. Integral, part of our business model its. Intrinsic to the game we. Want people to keep playing our games and we, feel. Very strongly, that rewarded. Ads can. Do that. That. Means that instead, of paying the, user can get a bonus by, just watching a 30-second, video. The, experience, is good for the user for them, to watch ads in, exchange, of free content. AdMob. Was one of the first networks, with which. We could. Grow, we. Really. Liked their. Ability. To scale they. Innovative. Approach. We. Also like the partnership, that we had, we. Use them, for every, game that we launched that. Knob allows, us to make awesome games, because. They make our business model possible and, that, allows us to reach, millions, of players, all around the world. Adds, finalization, isn't just for the hyper casual, genre we've. Seen more and more games with rich ie economies. Incorporating. Ads to bring value to both their players and their businesses, happy, one, of our developers, in China used, AdMob to grow our chair out into a top grossing game worldwide. This. Was one of my favorite, games of 2019, and I thought it would be cool to take a look at how they used ads and achieve this happy. Give attention to, the so TAC, passengers. Receive, help with sign language in telecoil ah just, a passenger, in an NGO Canada so what a tidy and. Roman citizenship, llama, happy yeah, copy, that sir. I just have it it's the. Sermon candidature, the, code, of evolution. - Antonia, nuit a delegate so confident. And, another. Soon, to his own a person as, erotic releases, a Emerson to India's who IPA, holder, solo cuz. VD. Do you hire us through 70, here. On your vendors, your sleeves, and a as. A suitor, who, fit me, wrong hotel a delegate yet. Not. A yo-yo poor man Thomas had number and Hammond toyoshima chief with a caution Land, o Goshen la. Fecha, de, momoko-chan. Pensando.

Congo Percentage, a fun-o-meter, seminary. Chico men serve Oakland, Oakland County. Considerable. International watch. It are you serious inevitably, widow. And. A yellow you see ya plan. - well, container ship in church, and mentioned, em intensity, are being pursue me Rocio. Shootout don't hate on Troy go Coco Nicole. Venison. Conscious, intention, more sufficient Angola. To. Voy a hacer sassy incorporate, Rojo de Partie Antonio Otero. A shaman Andra PNC, delusion, a PEO philosophy. Jalaja, cedar engines are behind. Benchmark, apparent, researcher, pincers, et go beyond the usual column. - I. Take. A self was a fit. And thoughtful, Lisa, de rigueur, you okay Congo considers, official, Hotel college, yet the more Medusa, listen to you the power season. Misty. Valley you Google city paterson. I was young, adults in certain that we. Control one satellite, sahaja. Yoga koala. As. You can see ads can be a great way for any game to earn revenue from their players but. In order to really grow your game you, have to understand, how to tie these earnings, back, to your user actors, strategy, to. Do this you'll, want to understand, how each player you acquire is contributing, to your revenue this, is called user lifetime, value or user Elton beam so. What is user LTV well the user LTV, is the measure of how much a user will be worth over there full time span, as a player in your game it. Incorporates, all of the revenue driven by your users across both ads and, in-app. Purchases. Tied. The LTV of your players back to the campaigns where you acquired them gives you a better sense on how to set bids and budgets. There. Are a few different ways to calculate user, LTV, ranging, from simple to complex, you. Can start off by estimating, a high level of LTV based on an average revenue, and average. Retentions, in your app. Once. You've mastered that you can zoom in and do these calculations on a per player basis, and, finally. When, you're ready to take it to the next level you, can build predictive models, to help you look into the future, let's. Quickly walk through how, each of these different concepts, might, work in practice. The. Simplest way to calculate your LTV, is by using your game's historical. Reporting, data if. You're using Google Analytics, for firebase, you're already measuring everything, you need to get started, LTV. Can be calculated, by taking the average daily revenue per user or, ARP tout for your app and. Multiplying. That by the average days a user plays your game. To. Find the art out for your app add up, the total revenue earned from both ads and in-app, purchases, in a 24 hour period and, divide. That by the total number of active users you saw during that time. To. Give you an example if yesterday. You made $50, in ads revenue, and $50. In purchases, and. You. Also had, a thousand, thousand. Users playing your game then. Your art out would be 10 cents. Next. You can estimate the number of days a user plays your game from your churn rates if. You assume constant churn then the formula would be. 1/1, - day 1 retention. For. Example if your day 1 retention is 80%, to. Calculate days played plug, this into the formula and you'll. Find that the average user is expected, to play for. 5 days. Now, all you have to do is multiply these, two numbers together to get an average LTV.

$0.10. Of revenue per user per day multiplied. By five days means, that your LTV, is roughly fifty cents per user. While. This method is a great way to quickly estimate your LTV, it might, miss out on important, differences, between groups of users for. Example we, know that, not every player in your game will, watch you're rewarded, adds some. Players may, watch multiple ads a day while. Others won't watch anything. Using. High-level averages. Might, cover up some of these important, differences. Many. Developers, have tried to improve, on accuracy, of their LTV measurement, by looking at individual. Players. To. Do this we can start off by estimating the value of an individual, impression, all. You have to do is divide, your eCPM, by, 1,000. If. Your eCPM, was $10 for instance that, means that an individual, impression, would, be worth one, cent. You. Can then track the number of impressions of player sees using an analytics, tool like Google Analytics, for firebase. Multiply. The number of impression, a user sees with. Your average impression, value and you'll. Get an idea for how much that player is worth. So. If the user saw ten impressions, while playing your game then, their estimated, LTB would be ten impressions, times, one cent or, ten cents. You. Can then take this a step further by, using more granular, segments, of your revenue data for. Instance we. Know that eCPMs, differ from country to country add network. To add Network and add, unit to add unit. For. Example you, might see that your eCPM, is twenty dollars in the US but only ten dollars in France this. Would mean that on average an impression, in the US is worth twice as much as an impression, in France. One. Issue with this method is that you have to wait for each player to fully mature before, you can get a sense for what their LTV, will look like if your. Game has really hypertension. You might end up waiting a really long time, to speed. This process up we can actually do something even better. By. Tracking historical, data around existing, players LTVs, you, can build a predictive model to estimate how LTV, might grow as a new player progresses through your game, here's. An example of LTV curve that shows what an average players, LTV, might look like as they spend more time in your game. To. Build our prediction, we can compare LTV, for day 3 versus. LTB, of day 60 for example, and use, this to quickly estimate the, full LTV, of a user. Let's. Say that you find out that LTV, at day 60 is 5 times that of LTV, of day 3 if. You. Know that a new user has, an LTV of $0.10, at day 3 then. You would multiply it by 5 to, estimate a 60. Day LTV, which. Would be 50, cents. This. Gives you a quick way to calculate, player LTV, without having to wait the full 60 days. So. That's it these. Methods will hopefully give you better insight into how much value you're earning from your users allowing. You to spend more on campaigns, bringing in players with higher LTV, and scale, back on campaigns, that aren't driving much value this. Is what we call the virtuous cycle of advertising, and it's gonna help you take your gaming business to the next level, we. Hope you enjoyed this breakout and thank you so much for joining us.

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