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Greetings. Dear friends, today. In allatra TV studio, were welcome they stink igor mikhailovich danilov. Greetings. And janna greetings. We. Have received a lot of letters from you would. Request to comment and answer questions, about the, ancient secret, code the. Ninth circle, of Satyam. Unfortunately. In today's program, we will be able to talk only within the framework, of the materials, and information that. Are widely known today and has. Been repeatedly, covered, and published, in the media, since. This information, is directly, related, to the top officials, of many states and heads, of world religions. The. Ninth circle, of Satan controls, both religious. Organizations, an occult, orders and all, branches, of the Freemasons. This. Is the visible part of the modern power pyramid. So. What. Is the ancient secret, order of the ninth, circle, of Satan. In. Modern civilization this, organization, began its existence, since the time of Sumer, when, the first power over, people appeared. Those. Were the representatives of. The ninth circle of Satan who performed, child sacrifices. Mainly. Of infants. To. Strengthen, their power over us. Since. Then and, to this day, representatives. Of the ninth circle, of Satan have been at the top of the world elite, and there, is a lot of information about this a. Dutch. Therapist, o Stein has daughter, of a high-ranking, Mason. Testifying. Before the judges, of the International, common law court of justice and Russell's said that as a child she witnessed, the murder of children in. Which the former Pope Ratzinger, also. Known as pope benedict xvi, a, dutch Catholic, Cardinal Al Franken founder. Of the Bilderberg Club Prince of the Netherlands Bernhard took part, another. Witness confirmed. That, he saw the former, Pope Joseph Ratzinger murdered, the little girl it, was at a French chateau in the fall of 1987. It. Was ugly, horrible. And didn't happen just once, Ratzinger. And Bernard, were some of the more prominent men, who took part in the murders. The. ICL, siege a court received, several documents, from the archived records of, the Jesuit Order about. The cult of children, sacrifices. Called the Knights of darkness, according. To archived, records. Joseph. Ratzinger, was one of the Knights of Darkness during his work as an assistant to, the SS chaplain, at the ravensbrück, concentration camp. In Germany. Ratzinger. Took part in the rituals, of child sacrifices, in. Which children from camps and children of political, prisoners were, used, in. 2013, the, ICL cg international. Court found Queen, Elizabeth, and Prince Phillip, guilty, in the disappearance of ten Native children from. The Catholic run Kamloops, residential. School in British Columbia, Canada in. 1964. Former. Kamloops school resident, William, Combs who was one of the eyewitnesses of this event died, after a radio interview where, he talked about the abduction, and here is exactly what he said in October the 10th. 1964. When. I was 12 years old I was an inmate at the Kamloops school and we were visited, by the Queen of England and Prince Philip I was, part of a group of kids that went on a picnic was her and her husband, and some of the priests down to a meadow near Deadman's Creek I saw, the Queen leave the picnic with ten children from, school the, group they disappeared, was seven boys and three girls in age from 6 to 14 years old they took away those 10 kids and nobody ever saw them again described.

William, What. Actually happens to the witnesses. Another. Eyewitness to, this events Johnny bingo Dolson who planned to testify before the court Latika. Patience, of an hoover anglican, and united churches. He. Was beaten by police he. Died the next day the, official cause of death is alcohol, poisoning, although, an attached toxicology. Report said no alcohol, was in his system, in. 2013. British, citizen, David Coleman was, another victim of whistleblowing, against Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip, he, was arrested, in, serrated in the London Park Royal Mental Health Centre. Drugs. Were planted, on him the. Exact same scenario was, repeated, with a British soldier Vivian, Cunningham. Who. Dared to ask superiors. About Queen Elizabeth, outstanding, arrest warrant, based on court, documentation. A document. From the Vatican, archives submitted. To the tribunal, shows, that in January 2012. The Anglican. Archbishop of, Canterbury, Justin Welby, by. Order of Queen Elizabeth, destructed. Evidence, of the murder children, who were victims, or the ninth circle, cult, to. Eyewitnesses. Testified that, been children they were present, during the murder of a goal in a basement under, the western wing of a mohawk residential. School in Branton, Ontario, Canada. They. Saw how six-year-old, yo with a gag in her mouth being. Tied on the altar was, repeatedly, raped then, killed, gutted. And dismembered. Her. Blood was drunk by nine members, of the ritual, dressed, in red robes, among. Them was a member of the British royal, family. From. On memory from bland Burke's testimony. By. Order of Queen Beatrix. They. Have organized, the murder torture, rape, and killing of children in, a public settings, they. Organized, that through youth detention, centres, in the Netherlands. After. Receiving files of approximately, three children, every time the criminal selected. A child that, had no relative, or family the child was put on the train to swallow in swallow a child was brought to a building that was equipped like a hotel the child was put on a table and was given something to drink and with that drink the child was drugged in that building people were sitting down and at a certain moment the, child was brought into that building by the criminals, was tortured, raped and brutally murdered, before, those people the, audience was around Prince Johan frieszo the second son of Queen Beatrix, there were his relatives, and friends with him so the whole building was filled with very important, people from the Netherlands, ministers. High-ranking. Officers, from. Tose nine house testimony. A great, castle, in the south of Germany where. They were different. From that part of the country, there. Was also Pope John Paul the second the Polish Pope also. Menahem, Schneerson, and my doctor they. All raped me they, raped me in a group and then they put jokes on me, they. Liked to see me struggle. Another. Time they, took me to Saudi Arabia, they were more children also. Schneerson, was there Cardinal. Al Franken, and doctor, was there I was. Nicked they. Were three men Schneerson. Was in the middle on both sides they was Cardinal, al Frank and dr. Reid I had to fell down and. Schneerson, went behind me then he turned me on the ground and raped me after. Saudi Arabia, I was, raped until I was 12 years old and after it stopped. Igor. Mikhaylovitch, this. Age appears, in a great many witness testimonies. The. Fact that they were abused, raped, and tortured for, up to 12 years and the witnesses themselves actually do not understand, white is precisely this age what, is this all about the, second search is. Precisely, the period when. A person. Is determined whom, to serve. This. Was noted, in many religions, especially in the ancient ones before the second search a, person. Is kind of in a choice, after. The. Second search, the. Person has to decide whom to serve God or Satan. After. His determination, he already belongs. To someone and there, is no sense in mocking. Him like that they. Won't get the power they, got before. The. Testimony, of the Dutch therapist, dose 9 house during. The flight a terrible. Thing happened their children. Were thrown off the, plane. They. Took pleasure from the fact the children were screaming in horror as. She, said this was typical of Al Frank. To. Confirm that this is not fiction but, real facts, I will. Quote from a press release of the International, Tribunal into crimes of church and state. According. To the words of, former employee of the Catholic, cathedral in Vancouver, they abduct Aboriginal, children take, them to private yachts abuse, them kill them and get rid of their bodies throwing.

Them In the ocean outside the Canadian 12-mile, limit of, territorial. Waters. Representatives. Of Catholic clergy businessmen, judges, military, and politicians, involved in the ninth circle, satanic child sacrifice, called participate. In this an. Interview. With Deborah a 15, year old girl who witnessed, the bloody sacrifice, ritual, there, was a table in kendall surrounded, there were people they're the ones who raped me, can. You tell me how did it happen, they. Cut a child the. Cut of the food and forced her to die and at, the same time they were raping her that is he raped the child while others, were, watching. From. The testimonies, of witnesses who. In childhood were used in hunting as life targets, and trophies. They. And other children, were raped and some of them were killed the, penises of the murdered boys were cut off and displayed, like hunting, trophies on the walls in one of the palaces in Holland those, nine Harris says that next to the castle where the members of the order gathered there, was a forest, where they hunted, children, for fun it, was dark around nine o clock in the evening the, children were in ached and it was cold they, put something like shackles, on their feet so the children couldn't, move quickly, it, was hunt with the hounds they themselves were, in horses, Dutch Prince Bernhard and Cardinal, al Frank were there, they. Released the hounds to hunt us but. He know we. Couldn't run because our legs were chained they were laughing and joking while. The kids were crying and screaming. Children. Were killed then, they did with the children the same as with the hunted animals, hares, and birds they, ate them or. They, gave children to the dogs to be eaten I had, to see it after. That they took me hunting in England Wales and Scotland, Menachem. Mendel Schneerson Jewish. Chief rabbi, was, Scotland, from, Fiona Barnett's testimony, in Australian, citizen, on my sixth birthday I was taken to the forest near Kiama I was. Injected, with a drug when, I woke it was dark and I was lying naked face-up, spread-eagle. In a picnic table with my hands and legs tied perpetrators. Took turns sneaking, up on me a large, group of people arrived, in trucks they, carried rifles, and a pack of starving Doberman, dogs. For. Some children they painted bags for others they painted chests, and then let us go shots. Were fired and children began dropping all around with. No hope lost of my saving, the other children, I took off and ran for my life. Fiona. Barnett also mentioned, two former prime ministers of Australia, the, head of parliament, and the Commissioner, of state police as the participants. In the crimes of the cult of nine circle, satanic child sacrifice, as, well as Antony David Kidman, the father of Nicole Kidman he, was a clinical, psychologist biochemist. And university, lecturer. There. Are a number of testimonies. Of adults, who have witnessed similar atrocities of, the representatives. Of the highest global elite who. Are part of the secret order of the ninth circle Satan, I, will. Probably give one of such examples, a woman. Who was a witness said in. 2004. I was in involuntary witness, to a torture, rape and murder sessions, of drugged children, performed. For a group of high ranked people of the Netherlands stated, a woman I was, taken to a hunting party in Belgium close to Brussels where, I saw two boys and a girl aged 14.

To 16 hunted, and killed by global elites. The. Human hunting party was heavily guarded by the Netherlands, Royal Guards King, Albert II of Belgium was, present. From. The testimony, of former Dutch banker, Ronald, Bernard. Who. Was found dead in Florida, after an interview, in which he acted as an announcer of occult practices and, child sacrifices, among, the banking elite. That's. What he says. And. Then he can say religion, is a fairytale God, doesn't exist none of that is real well, for these people it truth in reality and, they served something immaterial, which they called Lucifer, when, a person, grows up to a certain status he, is invited, to accept, certain rules of the game at. The beginning ronald, thought that all this was just a performance, but then at some point he was invited, to take part in, the sacrifices. Abroad. It. Went beyond all reason, the. Children, were. You offered to do this yes. And I couldn't do that and from, that moment on I got worse and worse I always, warned, when I got involved in this if you can't put your conscience, in the proverbial freezer, on minus 100 degrees then don't get involved in this then, I laughed at it but it wasn't a joke. That's. What's folly American, woman from San Diego says, in her interview, my. Whole family, from the very origin, and my spouse are members, of the Illuminati group, the Illuminati, are Luciferians. Their roots go back to the ancient mystery religions of, Babylon Egypt and, Celtic Druidism, many, groups at the local level worship ancient deities such as el bow and others, when. I was 12 my parents took me to initiation, ceremony. To the Vatican underneath. The Vatican there is a large room it has 13 catacombs, chambers, leading indeed as he cone down the steps into the room you can see that it's circular, there was a large table in the center of the room it was on the top of this huge golden pentagram, a little, boy was placed in the center of the table and drugged I think, he was drugged because he was very quiet he didn't move or say anything then. They continued, to do a child sacrifice, the. Man wasn't scarlet, he was speaking in Leyden and basically, he was saved please accept, the sacrifice on, this day and then he said this sacrifice, will seal the ceremony, and then, he did it and afterwards. We were told slowly, and precisely maybe, the same to you a worse occur should you ever break this oath I've. Gone through some ceremonies, in my life in the Illuminati. You. Do go through them. But. I have to say that in my experience this. Was the worst. Just. Because I can't explain the amount of darkness in the truth it, was pure evil a. Similar. Story, was told by several more people who had been in the organization, since verse and belonged. To very rich families. The. Document, called the, Magisterial, privilege became, the property of the international, tribunal as, evidence. According. To this document of, December, the 25th. 1967. Each. New, PO, was. Obliged to participate. In, nine circles, satanic, ritual, sacrifice, of newborn, children. Including. Drinking, their blood. From. The speech of the chief prosecutor, the. Plan was born of a twisted notion, to derive spiritual, power from a live blood of the innocent, thereby, ensuring, political. Stability of, the papacy in Rome. These. Acts are not only genocidal but, systemic, and institutionalized. Since, at least 1773. They appear to have been performed by Roman Catholic, Church Jesuits, and every Pope cases. Do not reach the courts. Statements. From witnesses are, not accepted. If accepted, then rejected, for lack of evidence. Actually. This issue is not widely raised or covered in the media independent. International. Human, rights defenders, and witnesses, themselves say, the following those who have to investigate the crimes are either themselves, representatives. Of the nine circle, or they're prodigies, if daily it really wanted to get rid of all this they would have done it a long time ago, however, we see that nothing is changing, because they lead and support a list it, is their profit in business just as, in the case of alcohol and drugs in addition. To business it is a tool for the elite to stupefy a huge part of human society. Gothic. Pope Francis, bergoglio, ignored, the UN request and did. Not provide data on the church's involvement in, child trafficking in December, 2013. Bergoglio. Left Ratzinger, under his protection in the vatican, refusing. To assist the UN Committee on the rights of the child in, investigating. Cases of sexual abuse of children in the Catholic Church. In 2013. And in 2014, the. ICL, CJ cord press charges of crimes against, humanity against, humaneness. Including. Human rights violations. Child, trafficking, and murder conspiracy. Etc. To. The Catholic, popes Ratzinger, and Frances Queen. Elizabeth, Prince, Philip Archbishop. Of Canterbury, Justin Welby.

Superior. General of, the Jesuits Adolfo, nicolás patron, and 27. Other members, of the global elite some. Statistics. The. Remains of. 796. Irish, children, aged from two months to nine years were. Found in the sewerage system, of the st. Mary's mother and baby home interim. Irish. Police investigator, reported. To the ICL CG Court that the close to eight hundred babies. Buried in a Catholic non septic, tank were dismembered, decapitated. And in bits and pieces science. That they could have been murdered in satanic child, sacrifice, rites they, appeared, evidence, linked in the deaths of these children, with the representatives, of the world elite, United, by the ninth circle, satanic child sacrifice. More. Than fifty thousand, eight hundred missing, children, were found in 34, Catholic mass grave sites across Canada, Ireland and, Spain. Evidence. Of their connection, with activities. Of the members of the cult of the ninth circle, has appeared. None. Of the 34, graves were recognized, by either the Catholic Church or. The government, of canada. According. To DynCorp, founder. Of the charity child watch at. Least four thousand children were being sacrificed to, Satan a year in Great Britain alone, in. 2000, the world house organization, traced 57, thousand, cases of murders of children under the age of 15. Global. Estimates of killing children show that infants, and youngest children are most at risk and that, the rates for the group under four years of age are twice as high as those for the group between five and 14 years of age. According. To official data from, the International, Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 8 million, children go, missing on our planet each year, according, to some estimates this. Figure is underestimated, and, it, is not about 8 million children who actually go missing each year but, at least 12 million children. Summarise, in all this from, the testimonies, of witnesses given. To the International, common law court of justice and Brussels regular. Sacrifices within. The cult satanic, cult of the ninth circle took, place in catacombs, under the catholic cathedral of vatican, on, private, estates and forest properties, at, state military bases in Belgium, Netherlands, Spain Australia.

Ireland France, UK, in USA. The. Following persons, were named as protagonists. Of the ninth circle cult the current Pope Francis, former, Pope Ratzinger, Anglican. United, Church of Canada Catholic. Church, Church Cardinals, members. Of the European royal courts, including, Queen Elizabeth, and Prince Philip, officials, from Canada, Australia the, United Kingdom and the United States, members, of the government including, the CIA senior. Government officials. Ministers, judges, politicians and, businessmen from the United States Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia France. Ireland and the United Kingdom and the, saddest. Thing is. That. Our entire, history is full of information about. Such sacrifices. Even. If we take that very elite of Carthage, who simply. Gave. Their children to, be destroyed, just like, the worship of the statue of Moloch, when children were burned alive by throwing them just, in the hands of a copper statue and in. Addition to sacrifices, history, also contains cases, of cannibalism. In. Particular, the ancient Jews had two main types of blood sacrifices, Zeva, when, the victims meat was eaten and Ola, when the victim was completely, burned people, and cattle according, to the Torah instructions, were sacrificed, using, the same ritual, wood as the book Exodus, say it, contains requirements for. Jews to dedicate or give to Yahweh, each, first burned male among, humans, and animals. Every. First male offspring is, mine you. Are to do the same with your oxen, and your ship they. Shall be with their mother for seven days and. Then. On the eighth day you are to give them to me. It's. Hard. To. Listen to this. And. It's even harder when you know more. Unfortunately. Everything, that happens actually, concerns. The. Life of absolutely, every person. Because. Such, topics, and topics of violence, just penetrate, deeper and deeper in our lives. And. This is promoted, primarily, by, the media and the film industry. Demonic. Images are created which, are nourished, by people, themselves. Which. Are strengthened, and it's natural, and unfortunately. People don't see and don't know about the results how this they, don't want to see people know, and have. Heard a lot but. They don't want to, nobody. Wants to believe in it nobody wants to get involved in it. Like. It, doesn't concern me don't, people see what they are shown on TV, don't. People, see what is shown to. Their children, it what, kind of cartoons, are shown where. There are domination, violence. Satanism. And everything else don't. People. See what, kind of music their children listen to and what kind of music they listen to over whom the. Music of devil fans. This. Is a conscious, choice, absolutely. Conscious. Or. Of conscious inaction of people. That's. Why people doubt whether there is God or not and, who, are they blaming, they. Choose on their own and blame God. If. God wanted there would be no Satanism. God. Wants, you to be free in your choice, and. All the Satanism, happens. Only. Because. People. Support this. It. Is true. Well. Let's, say I. Understand. That in this case people can have a question what, to do with this right. Such, a case of indignation, so. We've changed the elite, it. Won't work. You. Can vote for others if you don't want to vote for, those who have been concerned, and, whose. Names have been mentioned but. It will get you nowhere. With. A simple example. Let's. Take, the. President, of the United States. Mr.. Trump he's. Absolutely, not systemic, and. He really is not a part of this ninth circle, and has nothing to do with it and. He. Could, do a lot of good things both, for his country, and for people but. Where does he get into. He. Gets into a continuous confrontation. With the top of the elite well. If you look at it rationally. We. Live in another country but. America, is America. It. Has an impact on the whole world. He. Really wanted to make America, great and, he wants to do and he did a lot of good things he. Declares one thing, and. Then he, gets into a situation. When. He is forced to say the opposite, why. Because. He's just a human as we are. He. Has a family. His. Children grandchildren. And. He's. Posted these are extremely, limited again. Because of the fact that he's surrounded by on. Such representatives. Who. Are interested, precisely, in other things, so. It turns out that no matter how you look at it but. In. Order to change something you need to completely change the entire system, no.

Matter How much you change certain, persons it won't work, it's. All happening, and will keep happening as long as people will give power to someone else. Even. If you take the holiest person and place him above you, giving. Him power over yourself. Well. By shifting the responsibility from. Yourself onto someone else even, if he is a wonderful person, then representatives. Of the ninth circle, will come for him it is inevitable, it is power the struggle, for power. You. See it is written. To. Give a child on the eighth day. To. Sacrifice, both an ox and a sheep. Of. Course now they say a little, different that. It. Is not quite correctly, interpreted. That the sacrifice, means to devote, well. This is like the process of baptism, and Christianity. They, also have it on the eighth day a, process. Is caused by if it's a boy that is circumcision, and the like and the, child who, already belongs, to God. And. No one sacrifices. Heimeau's about. A simple question then what to do with a sheep, and. An, ox, such. Inconsistency. Right well inconsistency. Of course yes I understand, that many tried to justify, their religion. And everything else well, all sorts of things happen in history that now show, but. The trouble is that it's all happening now. It's. A problem in. Order to change all this the only thing you need to do is not to, deal. With the consequences, the, consequences must. Be also dealt with and guilty persons, must be unmasked of course, but. The most important, thing is to eliminate the cause and, the cause of these problems. Is one, that. Power which. You give. To. Someone else, and. Naturally. He will do everything to retain his power over you, and. Who owns the power. Recall. Such. Words grow. Before me and I will make you king over. All Kings right. It's. Just of course they don't know yes that's why they are doing them it's just scary, that these are the people whom human consciousness constantly. Sees who, are supposed to be role models, whom. Our mirror, neurons copy and people. Just want too many, people and. They. Want to be the same without realizing. What is actually going on there deny circle, also includes, representatives. Of pop culture, show, business and everything else yes. The. Youth leaders. We. Have prepared, material, about this - about the, fact that modern research, in the film industry and music which studies, the aggressive, effect on people has led scientists, to the conclusion, that there. Can be no doubt that the intensive, impact of television, programs containing, scenes of violence is, one of the causes of aggressive, behavior crime, and violence, in society, FBI. Agent, Ted Gunderson said, in the interview I've worked as a senior, special, agent of, the FBI Los, Angeles, division for twenty seven and a half years I've been qualified, in court as an expert in satanic, rituals, and perversions, I have information that the majority of the world's famous actors, and singers are, involved. In this kind of activity. In. Addition to the above-mentioned. Stanley. Kubrick's, film Eyes Wide Shut in. Which he showed these scenes, of violence and occult actions. The. Backstory, is that in December, 1972. The costume party of, Illuminati, in the style of surrealism. Took place at the Roth mansion. In France chateau de Faria. The. Party was designed by Salvador, Dali Alexis. De Reedy took pictures of the ball in, the late 1970s. Baron, recklessly, got into disagreement, with Rochelle's, and made, public the pictures of the bow in revenge. Rod. Shelled declared, him insane and, he, soon went bankrupt. Later. Stanley, kubrick made the film Eyes Wide Shut in the suburban possession, of their child family, about the real life of the elite and showed, their secret, occult meeting, the, energy that the elite leaders received, from dark occult actions, gave them strength to take over the world. Stanley. Kubrick passed away four days after he had introduced the final version of the film Eyes Wide Shut to. Warner Brothers. Although. His friends, family, actors, and film crew asserted. That this couldn't be true because he had never complained, about his, health during, the filming process Mel. Gibson, says that Hollywood, elites kill innocent, children and drink, their blood in a shocking expose, movie, star Mel Gibson tells about the epidemic, of parasites, who control Hollywood, that.

Are Involved, in child sacrifice, and pedophilia. Gibson. Also said that, every studio in Hollywood, is bought and paid for with the blood of innocent, children adding. That the most valuable currency is, the blood of babies, I. Don't. Fully understand. It myself but. They harvest, these kids for their energy and feast. On their blood they, don't do it mercifully, either they, scare, them before they sacrifice, them they, aren't doing this as some form of artistic, expression they, are harvesting. The blood of children, and eating. Their flesh because. They think it, gives them, some sort of lifeforce. If. The child was mentally, and physically, suffering, when they died then. It gives them extra lifeforce. Gibson. Who has spent the last thirty years working, inside, and outside of the Hollywood regime says. That the industry's, yaki thrives, an abuse, pain, torture, stress, and suffering. According. To Gibson, the desire to inflict such abuse isn't limited to just the elite but only those at the top of the food chain can, have such a luxury. Although. It's a goal for most people in the industry. Speaking. At a post screening, Q&A, for a documentary. Jim, and Andy the great beyond in New York. Jim. Carrey said that Christmas, and New Year are a time when dark energy, is pulsating, around, and. His. Knowledge of what goes on behind the closed doors, of the elite at this time of year. Christmas. Time today is their satanic, slaughter, time, Luciferians. In Hollywood, are determined. To provide the most beautiful, time of the year into. Personal, festival, of suffering, and Vlad the. Entertainment. Industry, is the PR and brainwashing. Branch of the New World Order the, globalist, Empire of luciferianism. Also. About cartoons, which are shown and who works on the channels which are devoted, to children's, and teenage, topics. The. Walt Disney Company, hired. Pedophile, Bryan, Peck who, stirred in x-men, movies between. Two movies he was convicted for molesting a 15 year old boy. He. Also taught, young actors, this skill. After. His release from prison he, returned to his previous job this. Time he was hired by Disney, Company for. The series The Suite Life of Zack and Cody. Martin. Weiss, he. Was jailed for raping a boy, after. He was released from, custody. The. TV channel hired him again. No. One knew that Martin, used, his position to take advantage of, 11-year, old boy, evan handsy and he did it more than 30 times over, a period of years this continued, until Evan, was 14, and he, plucked up courage to. Press charges against. His agent. Martin. Was taken into custody. But. Was released after six, months of detention. A Nickelodeon product. Assistant, used, his job to assault children. He. Describes, himself as a, pedophile. Full-blown. That. Though, didn't, stop him from taking a job at Nickelodeon, he, contacted, a 14 year old girl over, the Internet. Introduced, himself as a Nickelodeon producer. And promised, her a television, career the. Loo of stardom, was, enough to get the young girl to give up anything, and so she let him fly all the way to Michigan where he met her at her school and then he raped her. After. That he was arrested. For. Molestation. The police found a cache of child, porn in his home it is a terrible, story but, the really terrible part is that nothing, changed, after, serving, his time he got out of jail and then did the same thing, all over again, and. Who. Are the stars of show business worshipping. Today there. Are many claims that, they sold their souls to the devil. Here. Is the direct speech of rapper nori but. There is a certain level that you can't get to unless you are aware of certain, things there, is a door you have to walk through and it's on you to walk through that door and once, you walk through that door there is no coming back however. One. Can climb the pedestal, of worldwide, popularity, in global show business only, through one door. And. This door unfortunately. Is. The ninth circle, of Satan. John. Lennon admitted, I know, that the Beatles will have such success that no other rock musician, or band has ever had. Because. I sold my soul to the devil for this. Ralph. Recommend, the former bassist, of the Scorpions, admitted, he had attended elite, snuff parties, where people were murdered for entertainment. He, had paid. $100,000. To attend these types of parties, Katy. Perry says so. I got introduced, to the music industry I swear, I wanted to be like Richard Grant in music but it didn't work out and so I sold my soul to the devil, Kanye, West was, an ordinary, performer, like thousands, others but, after a short time his career took off his, speech from the stage I sold. My soul to the devil I know it's a crappy deal at, least he, came with gifts. At. The, 2009. Video, Music Awards, on MTV, a popular, award show actor, Jack Black decided, to offer up a prayer of thanks, to Satan, since, we are giving a rock award tonight who, wants to pray to the devil with me come, on Layton addressing.

The Presenter. Now. Take the hand of the person next to you dear, Dark, Lord Satan just. Wanted, to ask you to. Grant tonight's winners, continued. Success, in the music industry. What. Is striking is that everyone. Present stood. Up and did it here's. The answer for you at, the. Opening, of the 2015. Grammy Awards, the song of ac/dc, I'm. On the highway to hell was playing. What. Is surprising is that the, whole audience, stood, up and sang these words and this, diabolic, performance, ended, up with a lie triangle, the symbol of Masons the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers Anthony. Kiedis thanked. Satan, at the mtv ceremony, and his direct, speech contained. The following words first, of all I'd like to thank Satan. Jonas. Aukland, music, video director, Satanist, of the global, show business, is also, a very famous person in Hollywood he's, an active adherent, in the global music industry. Who directed, music videos for, the most popular stars, Swedish. Music video director, Jonas alkyl and is, particularly, distinguished, by his blackness and militant, Satanism, in his work the, most popular, music stars such as Madonna Beyonce. Britney Spears Rammstein, David, Guetta, the Rolling Stones and Metallica, address him as the video director, of the highest status. Jonas. Makes videos, that do not correspond, to lyrics or completely, changed the original message of composition, by, vulgarity. Distorting. And adding images, of death money and drugs, what. Is noteworthy is, that he started his career at, the age of 18 as a drummer in the Swedish band Bathory and the, band itself was named after the Hungarian countess. Elizabeth Bathory. Who. Is listed in the Guinness Book. As. The woman who committed the, greatest number of murders. That. Is back in the 80s of the last century Jonas, åkerlund. Along with other musicians, was, already, promoting, the ideology. Of Satanism, among, young people and. These. Are far from all who can declare it openly. Igor, Mikhailovich there. Is the following question, from our participants. Why do they really do all this they, seem to be people who are in their right mind people who are at the pinnacle of their power why, do they need all this well, that's why they are at the pinnacle of power and the, bigger popularity. But. Satan is a deceiver, he. Gives them illusion, the illusion of, power the illusion of enjoying, life the. Illusion that they're worth something. Everything. Passes and, this. Passes very quickly. But. What price will they pay for this. Well. Another paradox, is that all these adherents. Of satan lee. And. They serve Satan 24, hours a day.

And. They work on this really hard. These. People work so. So. Let's say hard. On the spiritual, path. You. Can't imagine how many saints, there would be. But. Unfortunately. If. They work hard only. In. Service to Satan. Very. Often it's, said that such acts of violence give. Them some, strengths, and, that well. It's really so, this. Gives them power over people, if. Their word becomes, the one that is hurt. This is an. Actual. Process because, this world in human consciousness. Is. Part of this world they. Belong to the. One who they worship. But. Human. Personality. Does. Not belong to Satan then. A human in fact is much stronger and superior to, all this. Well. We return. To. Consciousness again. Our. Consciousness, is material, absolutely. Material, and. It belongs. Precisely, to the system or to Lucifer, or, whatever they call him. Hence. Desires, hence him an evil hence. Thirst Envy, and all the human of health but. Everything goes away you. GRU. Mikhailovich there are also examples of witness, testimonies, that a child is mostly sacrificed, on his eighth birthday. But. There are also cases when, children when they are already older, about five years old and older are given drugs to sacrifice, them. However. There, are also cases when a body of a pregnant, woman is cut alive a fetus, is taken, from her. It. Is dismembered, killed, what, is drunk from it and its, flesh is eaten in, this case its flesh is it in yes but, in this case the mother herself is not injected, with drugs so. That, as they believe she threw more blood into adrenaline. In the blood so, that you experience, more fear yes and that, the child in this case will have more adrenaline in, the blood but what is happening in fact actually. Is not so it's based, on their, doctrine, it is believed that when when. A mother sees an inevitability, of her death and after all killing is not fast but with suffering. With. Fear. She. Tries. To, protect. Her. Child. Her fetus. Putting. Into him the maximum of her life as if giving him her prana, giving. Him her life then. They by taking the fetus from her take it with a double life, and, this gives them the kind of double string double. Power, over. Us. This. Is what they are, fighting for, with. Us. It's. Just now one somewhere, even in the media you come across expressions. That a certain person has, a certain army, of fans, then. You understand, who these people actually worship. What. Attract them. It. Is precisely this. Work of consciousness, this attraction. Well. This is exactly the, result of these actions, precisely. For this he kills children, and he's the flesh of the babies. To. Have power and attractiveness. So, that. He has an army of fans. Well. What will it give him. Everything. Passes. Is. It easy for people who, are now in the cult the ninth circle of Satan to give up power. For. Those who have sold their souls to the devil it is already impossible to give him up because, they no longer have souls and, he. Completely, controls, them and he. Will not give up by himself, a. Simple. Answer. Never. Sell it or. Betray, God. Never. And, the, fact that the representatives. Of the nine stroke of satan think that they are the closest, circle to lucifer that they are this, close, a circle, this is the circle of traitors, they're the biggest agora stand proud legs of all people. If. They do this of. Course they will think that it is so but. In fact they are in fact they're far, apart. From, them in. This three-dimensional reign. Apart. From this ninth circle, which. As. They believe is the elite of the whole world well. Over, this elite there are such, guys as the. Green dragon. Whom. We is, modern. Citizens. Remember. Yes. Hitler's. Guards. He. Had representatives. Of the queen dragon but, in fact. This. Order. Was militant, she it. Was. Even under L and. These were his guards these were his people. And. With their help he controlled, his children, whom he had appointed as, gods yahuwah, and others in. Whom he had given his peoples, apart. From the fact that he controlled, them with medications, prolonging, their lives, he. Also controlled, him so they would not conspire, or do anything else but it was. Precisely. Their guards, who served faithfully, to. L himself, solely. To him. That. Was the green dragon, but. The green dragon, is completely, subordinated. To the our hump. And, er hell's yes are close to Satan, himself. Can. I ask a question so, as you can see it is not the ninth circle, that is close to him, for. Every. Vijay. There, is a Rajah and. Also, after watching the programme consciousness. Says that yes, the, information, is serious but still it turns out that the system eventually arises. This understandings. Of course, thus but, the trouble is that we've talked about serious, things today yes. But. Literally. In a short time people. Will lose it all. Consciousness. Will start saying yes this cannot be there good. They've. Read rumors they've seen too much and. Alike no, old is it not so. Everything. Is fine but why because a person will start hiding in fear, think.

Consciousness, Will play along with image then, again their power which. Makes them almost. Omnipotent. God's here. The. Same power it makes. People. Change. Their own opinion, about them. Well. Here's the result of what they do for it. Something. You've seen them. The. Ones, they. Want. But. Not the ones they are, for. This they sold their souls. So. Did you imitate, them so, that you aspire, to, approach. Them. And. Obey them. Everything. Is simple. Everything. Is very simple. Well. I have to tell it again that the. Ones from the ninth circle. As. I have already mentioned can be easily. Say. Cut. Down to size all that is needed is the consumer. Format of society, this is the only society. In which they can develop to. Convert. This consumer, format into, a creative. And constructive society. Where. Everyone is equal where, there is no power over people where people are free and worthy and. All this will stop there. Will simply be no way to. Do this we. Can stop it, this. Way but still. There. Are worse forces. Besides. These open Satanists. Let's. Take for instance those, very candles, but, these are not the highest. Let's say. Not. The closest. To. Lucifer - Lucifer yes. But. Are. They in. Fact. Don't kill people openly. They. Don't boast of it, they. Don't try for our because, they. Really. Know the, value of life. Because. Every day for them is the last. Free. Breath. Nevertheless. They're. Tempted, I, mean these candles, precisely. By power, not. By this power. But. By the real power by. Secret, power when, they take people's lives. As. Food for themselves, not. Even approaching, a person, being at a great distance from him and. They. Cannot be, caught. In the act. These. Ones are forced, to, make trouble in three-dimensionality. While those are on the other side, just. Imagine. Today. In the world. There. Are, on. Average about 10,000. Such. In humans as candles. But. It is actually easy enough to calculate but. How much harm, they do to humanity. Can. Duke, of. Devours. Someone's. Life every, three days. The. Average, activity. Of kanra. Is. 70, years. Intended. He. Is a hundred, and twenty people in a year. Today. There, are about, 10,000. Of them, just. Multiply. 120. By 10,000, and you will see what, army of people you. Can't exceed. This. Is in addition to the representatives. Of the ninth circle. The. Math is simple, in. A year he needs. Not.

Their Bodies. But. What. Is called life force. In. The east it is called prana. And. This is what he takes away and that's, why he is hunting people but. As a rule in, our 3-dimensional, world, this. Is manifested, as suicide. Accident. Accident. On the road, and, explain to death. Now. The statistics the, W show has is just clear that every 40 seconds, people die from suicides, on the planet quite right. Every. 40 seconds, someone, say. Shias ones. Insatiable. Womp. And. What, to do with them is already a problem yes. Just now when you see and understand, who actually belongs to so. To say the, order of. The ninth circle. The ninth circle, then you understand, that and who should actually work and how to confront conducts. Well. And again who, is going to promote real, service, to God and. Where, will the heroes come from. Well. Again. Selfishness. Pridefulness. Lies, imposed, by the same representatives. Of the ninth circle, while they have everything they, have television, they have power they, have courts and everything else. However. People, do have a conscience people. Do have a soul people do have a personality. And, most importantly, people, do have faith in God. Well. How they allow this then, how. Can a person protect, oneself from, the influence, of can Duke protect. Oneself and own relatives, well, a human can protect oneself from the influence of a can do and we've talked about this more than once if a person, is really free free. As a personality, when he serves God. Stands. Firmly on the spiritual, path then no can do and no one will come up to him a human. Can protect himself from a candle but from representatives. Of the ninth circle, is already. A question, because. They have an army they have power structures. And. One person will not be able to. Oppose. Anything, to these, to. The highest elite of the modern world. Unfortunately. Igor. Mikhailovich since, we have now touched upon a topic of vatican in a topic of the ninth circle, there is also a question i'll read out a question, from our. Viewers. In. The recent years news from the vatican on readiness for contacts, with aliens has started to appear although, only a short while ago the, Vatican said that we were alone in the universe that there were no aliens that, all these were demons whereas, the people throwed, has a space program and Observatory astronomers, and even ufology consultants, and suddenly, the rhetoric has drastically changed, in, April 2016. Pope Francis said dear. Brothers, I wanted to tell all of you that we are not alone in the universe science. Has already made so much progress and, we will most likely soon will know our new, brothers and sisters, with whom we will exchange a sign of peace this will be the greatest day for the whole Christian, world he. Also said that even, alien had come and asked to baptize him he, would have obviously done, it we, must open the doors and let the alien enter, the. Church is always open to anyone, the, previous pope benedict, xvi, also, raised the topic of the accessibility, of church sacraments. To the inhabitants of other worlds, ten years before francis, the. Action of the eucharist is not limited, to the church it is significance, and value our, cosmic, dimensions, right. After the Vatican the United Nations began to talk about aliens in. 2010. A new position of responsible, for the first contact, with extraterrestrial. Civilizations, appeared, in the United Nations in. 2015. The United Nations, Children's Fund UNICEF released. A video showing an extraterrestrial. Child being, integrated, into a normal human, classroom. Why. Is. A public consciousness been, reformatted, in a completely new way using. The Overton, Window and where, has this neat actually arising. From especially. Why does the ninth circle, need this and is it a water but how, is this and it's interesting, yes in modern world where, there are a lot of problems, where excuse, me, people. Who are forced to migrate, to another country, and they have a problem. With. Adaptation. Where. A problem arises, exactly. In relations, and, instead, of. Teaching. People. Not. How they should, live with, each other, they. Start telling how should adapt at school. Excuse. Me not. A force. Immigrant. But, an alien child. That's. A good question right which, why is this happening, and why, does the ninth circle need it and again. There. Are aliens, or there are no aliens right but, seeing the representatives. Of the. Highest the representatives. Of the ninth circle, talk about this then, it is worthwhile for any layman to think whether aliens exist, or not. Perhaps.

I Will tell all this. In. The form of a legend a story is dis convenient, for your consciousness, as. Far as we know in 2007. Their. Lead received, from the urn. Scientists. The, report. On the almost inevitable. Apocalypse. Which. Will be caused by climate changes, in the near and, very, near future. So. This is. Were. The initial steps of the representatives. Of. The ninth circle. As. You say. To. Develop, and, implement these, overton. Windows that. Is the. Idea that aliens, do exist much, more and that they are good, began. To be most on, public, consciousness in the garage. And. What's the point of. All this. And. The point is very simple, and they hope that, but. Aliens, will come and, save. Them. I emphasize, that they will be saved, well. For a complete, understanding, of why them and why not us, but. We should probably, expand. Understanding. For, our friends, a little bit it. Often appears lately. Age of the plan and whoever is fond of you follow chance might have noticed. That. Someone is imposing, the. Following ad on real. That. People star, saying that. They are knowing a treaty, with the Anunnaki. So. That the Anunnaki, have to get off this, planet. Well. I think a lot of people have heard and seen this the, Anunnaki, are. Accused, of wanting to take energy from people. That. They exploit people and alike. Accusation. Is not important. What is most important, is that they declare, their desire to annul a treaty. With. The Anunnaki not. With anyone but precisely, with Anunnaki. And. Now we are going little back in history. With. 24,000, years ago. It's. Amazing, how. Quickly people, forget if I understand, Darwin's, theory which, say that 24,000. Years ago our, ancestors. Just. Threw up their tails and to his dig in their hands and chase, the mammoths with it. But. In fact 24,000. Years ago. Well. A little more it. Doesn't matter. The. Human race on earth. Worked. Before. Was the slave of those who. Are now called the vexing sounds, well, people call them this way but in fact it's different. But. They are often described, by apologies, that they are of small height, about. A metre or so great man. Now. This creature are we in Sydenham, an, insatiable, hunger and, they. Are so less. And. Moreover. They. Have a very high level of intelligence, and. In. Terms of development, there, are actually, several. Billion years ahead of humankind. In. Technology, evolution. And. Technical. Evolution. This. Is one of the most evil races, in the universe in them, and.

In Due time it enslaved, people. And. People, simply, forgot, that. They were for sure. Let's. Say supplement. To their diet this. Is true no joke they, devote people, we were just. Biological. Food for them like cows big, birds and everything else for us. But. Beyond that. People. Were their. Slaves and. They worked in the, quarries. Mines. And many other things. This. Has been forgotten a human, was an absolutely, powerless, being. Still. People found within themselves, an, opportunity. To. Unite and together ask for protection from that very Anunnaki. And on, the marrow console the, Anunnaki, were allowed to interfere. The. Anunnaki of course is. One of the most advanced. Civilizations. Today. These. Are, human-like. So field beings. With. Enormous. Let's. Say. Scientific. Even incomprehensible, to, date. In. Evolution. Naturally, they easily got them all wrong but. There is such an understanding, as human freedom of choice and. The. Whole protection, of the Anunnaki comes down to the fact that they gave absolute, freedom to people and they do not interfere in people's lives, and, this is true during, this time yes, there were contacts, yes there was a help target, in one rare and, animal. But. Not a, single evil. Let's. Say race has, penetrated and, captured, people for. Twenty. Four thousand years. The. Anunnaki. Protect. Millions, of planets. Like, our one today. But. In. This world I mean in our universe, there. Are in fact billions, and, billions of, planets, on which the same people as we live who, are lies are more advanced. With. Their, genetic. Let's. Put it so disadvantages. Or. On the contrary advantage. Because someone. Brings in the wrong way provoking, in us something we don't want someone. Pardon, me has longer ears someone. Has a shorter, nose but. We are all united by one factor, the, presence, of soul and, since there is a soul it means that there is also a personality. Meaning. Regardless of the different bodies we have, or. Regardless, of the bodily abilities, we possess in this world. We. All have one common thing, which. Ultimately. Makes. Us the same if. We gain it and its. Life. Angels. They are all the same. They. Are free. So. If. I have a simple. Query, we'll return to it. How. Did people find out that. Even a small fraction of, people, who. Publicly. Declared, that they are knowing treaty, with the Anunnaki would. Be enough and the Anunnaki would be forced to leave, this. Planet. That. Is the law. But. The point is as soon as the Anunnaki leave, this planet, here. There will come. They. Up accents, absolutely. Right these evil creatures. So. This elite, makes. A simple calculation, the base common Plains economics, commonplace, mathematics. After. All there are the pinnacle of human powers. And. They expect. These. Beasts to come, with. After, the Anunnaki leave. And. They. Will be intermediaries. Between these, beasts, and people. They. Will say is the way things are down it pleases, God and the like, so. That people will be humble. And. Won't ask Anunnaki, for protection. And. Those beasts in return, but. We'll stop exactly, these inevitable, climate, changes, they. Really can or technologically. They can do this it. Is a highly, advanced, race. Well. Questions, may arise here but what about the Anunnaki the, Anunnaki can also do this but, pardon me this, is our problem and, it occurs just because we've decided so. Believe. Me we have decided, so then. We have sent these cataclysms. By. Our inaction by, our heartlessness. And. Let's. Put it so by our although tacit, about the support of, these, representatives, of denial circle. And. You understand. What, is going on in the world today even, based on what we.

Have Just heard. Tell. Us honestly. Whether. This humanity, is, worthy, of the future. Well. To be honest you will understand, the answer yourself, that's. Why we are approaching, and, that which. Humanity, can change if. It wants to but. It's not enough just to wait we should do our best, for. Instance, the ninth circle, does it. And. They have come up with such a simple scheme. To. Survive and retain power. They've. Decided to. Give. Us all to the beasts. Then. Who, rather than they could, not let these thoughts run. To people that. The Anunnaki it's bad under, the protection of whom all humankind has. Been for 24 thousand, years it, is bad to. Be in freedom, yes, we kill each other, yes even Satan is have the right to exist, isn't. That the highest freedom of humankind, that, we can do what. We want I think. This is. The. Highest. The. God can give to people, like. Us. And. If we change he. Will give us love as well in addition to our freedom. Here. That. Is certainly, higher and better but we should try for it. That. Is the situation. I'm. Sorry friends for the program today it's really. Sad. Not. Very pleasant. But. The answers correspond. To the questions. Thank. You for your attention. Today. I will, break a little bit tradition, let me say so. Let's. Live so is not. To serve Satan my friends. Thank. You for your attention. You.

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El programa "SOBRE EL NOVENO CÍRCULO" con doblaje en español: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGhpJmHRGME Передача "О ДЕВЯТОМ КРУГЕ" на русском языке: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKaaO2VzI80&t

22:04 It is true regarding the rituals of human sacrifices by Satanists, Luciferians for their consumption on a material and spiritual level.} But not so with respect to YAHWEH HAYAH. The rituals of presenting the children in the Temple to YAHWEH HAYAH was and is for the Consecration to YAHWEH HAYAH but blood sacrifice was never performed by making human sacrifice to YAHWEH HAAYAH. Regarding animal sacrifices: bulls, sheep were made from the departure of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden expelled to the face of the earth and according to the first book of Moses the Genesis Genesis says that YAHWWH HAYAH covered them with skins of animals to which it can be understood that it was the first sacrifice of animals to give the Prophecy of the Lamb of YAHWEH HAYAH who takes away the sins of mankind. The sacrifices of the animals: Oxen, Sheep, went to announce the Coming of the Messiah Salvador JESUS ​​CHRIST. 26:23 Regarding that the Iliminati Elite wants to remain in Power, that is true and I know that, even if there is a Holy President in Power, the Illuminati will send their representatives of the Ninth Circle for him to control him to the degree that they would kill him and replace it with a clone. In the New Testament of the Christian Bible the Apocalypse or Book of Revelations is said that the Antichrist who incubates the four dark princes, will confront Two Prophets of YAHWEH HAYAH and that this Antichrist also called the Beast 666 will kill the Two Holy Prophets from YAHWEH HAYAH. He also reports the same Book of Revelation or Revelations that at the Second Coming of the Messiah Savior JESUS ​​CHRIST He himself will send all evil entities to a Dimension called the Lake of Fire and Satan will enclose him in a Dimension called the Abyss for 1000 years. After 1000 years he will be released and will finally be sent to Satan in the Lake of Fire Dimension. JESUS ​​CHRIST will end Any anomaly. 44:47 Only JESUS ​​CHRIST can free you from Satan. JESUS ​​CHRIST is the Liberator and who can access the Human Mind to give Consciousness and Help the Liberation of the Soul sold to Satan. 52:32 The Heroes will go out to the Service to GOD HAYAH, it is the People of Christian Spiritual Consciousness with FAITH in GOD HAYAH who are Acting with the GOSPEL OF JESUS ​​CHRIST. 53:07 Only through JESUS ​​CHRIST are People Protected from the Kanduk, Archons and Satan. 57:53 Not at all aliens will save humanity, Alien aliens are not saviors. 2000 years ago the Living Expression called The Word of GOD HAYAH, which is JESUS ​​CHRIST, came to Incarnate in the Body of Flesh. In the New Testament of the Christian Bible and in the Book of Henóc it is read that JESUS ​​CHRIST will return for the second time to place an ORDER and send the Fallen Angels to be demons, Kanduk, Archons, etc., etc. 1:01:07 I don't agree that we join the Humans and ask the Anunnaki for protection. I agree to join the Humans and ask Protection of JESUS ​​CHRIST HAYAH. 1:01:13 It is true that Certain Angels of YAHWEH HAYAH were allowed and allowed to intervene for the sake of Humans be the Urmah among others as in the Book of Henóc Informama. Not so the Draconians among others who cheat. 1:03:29 I make this comment about what Henóc reports about the Grigori who descended 200 Fallen Angels on Mount Hemon being led by Shemihaza and had sex with the daughters of men and also intervened in the affairs of Humans. That was the Second Rebellion of Angels and Previously the First by Lucifer and his anomaly satan. So I don't agree that All Angels are equal and free. A third of the Angels Sons of YAHWEH HAYAH were revealed to be infected by the anomaly satan and these being expelled to the Southern Skies in the Universe were locked in this Planet formerly called Tiamat. They are not equal or free because some serve Lucifer and others Serve YAHWEH HAYAH. 1:05:33 It is Just that Humanity has the Future by Right and Dignity because Planet Earth previously called Tiamat was made for the Human Race by YAHWEH HAYAH. Regarding the Angels, their place is in the Northern Skies in the Universe but as I mentioned, a third were revealed and were expelled from the Third Heaven of the Northern Heavens. 1:05:59 The Ninth Circle has the advantage that its fallen god Satan gave them. So by selling their souls to the devil they have their cowardly advantages. 1:06:18 It is true that Two Parts of Angels that remained Faithful to YAHWEH HAYAH during the First War in the Northern Skies are those that Serve and Protect Humans. Not so the Anunnaki or Nephilim. Read Book of Henóc, Kebra Nagast, Book Genesis of Moses, etc. 1:06:35 Humanity is free to choose to Serve GOD YAHWEH HAYAH or the fallen god called Satan. Those who choose to want the Supreme Freedom to Serve YAHWEH HAYAH is the Highest that YAHWEH HAYAH Grants to Humanity. 1:06:56 Humanity must change its thinking and attitude, each and every one in particular. Follow JESUS ​​CHRIST who gives us his Love, his Eternal Gospel and gives us True Freedom. Read: Gospel of St. John of the New Testament of the Christian Bible. 1:07:07 Thank you Igor Mijaylovich Danilov, Zhanna and Tatiana, for the Time and Information you provide to the Human Race.

By describing the crimes, the audience creates that reality in its mind. What if the real purpose of this video is to introduce these perversions in the audience so they can perpetuate the existence of sexual abuses? Otherwise, generating disgust on the audience does not help to stop sexual abuses, due to the law of attraction. The correct approach is to introduce practical scientific ideas oriented to create wellbeing for all human beings

As to my mind, the main purpose of this video is to show the truth and describe how it works. When we know the truth, we have an oppotrunity to choose and to act correctly. I liked the words of Igor Mikhailovich on 67:27 "Let's live so that not to serve Satan my friends" 44:49 "Never sell it or betray God. Never"

In the minute 58:26 you will see the eyes of "PREDATOR" in him, and the reptilian eyes of Zhania AGAIN !!! En El minuto @ Veran Los Ojos de "DEPREDADOR" En El, Y Los Ojos Reptiloides De Zhania Otravez!!! На @ минуте вы увидите в нем глаза «PREDATOR» и рептилоидные глаза Жании Отравез !!!

Then, everything that is described in Cathy O'Brien's book 'Trance-formation of America' is true. But she survived. The Spirit and Love make you invincible

I guess you are new here

why 2020?

:: I’m not saying these people are wrong but Kevin Annett was exposed as a fraud.

The question is: by whom he was imposed? Weren't they the group of people, who wanted to hide the information from publicity?

Thank you


It's very difficult, but very very important! Thank you very much!

im so torn on this, not sure who to trust here. Igor comes across very sincere in his resolve in this recording. Is he human ?  is he like zhanna ?  is zhanna annunaki?  a hybrid ?  she is clearly not entirely human... they seem to be for humankind and the protection of our souls. But I do not have enuff information to base an accurate opinion. I am wary... I agree mankind has to unite as one world... but with our govts I doubt this will ever take place unless we have a direct threat that has made itself known to the entire world. such as our former President Reagan mentioned when he was alive. I think it was brave of zhanna to reveal herself... because humans or fanatics might even try to harm her... seeing her as an outside threat to our race. just her very existence will drive some of the weaker more frightened minds into an unsavory action in the name of preservation of our species and I hope not because she is gorgeous ( is this her real form?)... so yea ... i'm not sure what to think here... is this sect an attempt to manipulate mankind? the interest in our souls is perplexing or is this sincere? I plan to pay attention to this and research what I can... but I have a lot of questions regarding this topic.  I'd never sell my soul for fame and or power... plus as I understand it... our souls are merely extentions of GOD so that GOD can experience all the different aspects of the Universe... that our souls were created at one time all at once and that we have a limited number of souls to go around... which is why these if this is true the Apexians are farming human souls... so much to consider and not enuff facts to base any solid opinion since the only proof that is being given here is zhanna's existence... which could be done with modern CGI effects...

Very sad story is our present situation of a human society on the planet Earth.. I wish it would be only a nightmare, only a fiction, but it is the truth of nowadays. If this information is openly presented, it is a sign that we are already capable to deal with it. Accepting the horrible and shocking reality and realizing how the things really are - is the first step of starting solving the problem. It turns obvious that our society is ill. We - all humans, who deserve to be called a human, whose soul is alive - need to realize the situation and to cure our society. #world #society #sos #help #Earth

Who was the Dutch therapist they were talking about? And his daughter?

@Big Daddy There is no 'vote' in my comment. On May 9 2020 all the people in the world take part in the world conference online on the ALLATRA platform. Check the link allatraunites.com

@Kamil Mroczkowski On 9 May 2020 all the humanity unites at the worldwide conference SOCIETY. LAST CHANCE on the ALLATRA platform. Details on allatraunites.com

Kamil Mroczkowski I’m gonna take a stabbing guess That it’s election year, and it all depends on who you vote for.. So , Im wondering, who she is saying to vote for?

I am new here. Please tell me what the book is on your table.

AllatRa book Free download: https://allatra.tv/en/book/anastasia-novykh-allatra

@Sunny Simba I am from Texas small city of Paris. Nice to meet you

Katherine Reppond English translation is here https://allatra.tv/en I'm a girl from Russia and where are you from?

@Sunny Simba Thank you. I need English transalation please. And who are you and where you from please?.

Katherine Reppond it's AllatRa. You can download it for free on allatra.tv

Can you please tell me what the book is that is on the table in this video?

This goes way beyond “sexual abuses.” I can only hope and pray that these wonderful beings are here to help us see what’s been going on under our noses for millennia! Much love to all.

I'm also trying to relisten and make out the name. The translation makes it really hard to comprehend that bit

And her eyes at 35:28

her eyes at 31:28.

what minute they mention them?

I wouldn't expect Cgi in this type of interview


@Michael Herboldt she is an Anunnaki

@Kamil Mroczkowski I'm new here too and I was honestly shocked when I saw her eyes , could be CGI or could be real, but if it's real why is the reptilian the good guy here , aren't they known for their nasty nature and has an appetite for human being just like the people in the ninth circle , I'm lost

@Michael Herboldt everyone here knows of her so there is nothing out of the ordinary; the comment is pointless and of no essence

@Kamil Mroczkowski what do you mean?!

That dude

Yup. Wtf is this shit anyway? What am I watching. It's as if they are promoting these things. Am I wrong

This is all true.The Elite are Reptilians entities in a human bodies we should spread the truth and make better world with god forces.

@Webber Langley they're a cult. High production value. Known in the west recently for that chicks weird reptile eye thing. I'm not sure if it's real or computer generated.


What a gross misrepresentation of what is actually stated in that biblical verse. This is either a genuine, yet pitiful, attempt at exegesis or deliberate deception. It's explicitly stated in the Old Testament that the God of the Hebrews found human sacrifice repulsive; it's even stated that YHWH didn't even take pleasure in the blood shedding of animals. Both the first born human and animal were given to their God. The animal through sacrifice because, like it clearly explains, life is in the blood and would act as a temporary propitiation. First born humans on the other hand were given to YHWH in a COMPLETELY different way. Go read to find out how.

Thank you so much. WELL DONE! GOD BLESS YOU.

I believe this to be true!

This is junk. While at Shasta i was meet by a girl claiming to be of the circle of nine. She did bad things over the waters. It's easy for me to discern these new age fools cause ive channeled rain with constancy. So for anyone to not praise this is lost or a fool and should not promote a thing when the wonders exsists. This truth is available to anyone who stands against chemtrails and takes actions rather than crys wolf. I am sayong all else cry. The ninth program even the elect so to say a thing is in actuality resisting the truth. I am this truth.

Even truth has its limits...

Kevin, a good start will be Book Allatra - then you can make up your own mind and support it with facts you probably searching for.

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