ABC News Prime: Shooting near White House; Outrage in Beirut; Small business and PPP

ABC News Prime: Shooting near White House; Outrage in Beirut; Small business and PPP

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No shirt no shoes. No problem, apparently, for this protester. Lacing down security, forces in the capital of belarus. In just their undergarments. Thousands, of people were detained, in demonstrations. Across the country, and now we're learning at least one person, has died, as president, lukashenko. The man known as europe's last dictator. Claims yet another, victory. Alarming, new numbers about the virus, and children, hundreds, of thousands of children reportedly, infected, so far, with 97. 000 in just the last two weeks of july. As parents and schools debate, the next steps forward. Sidestepping. Congress, president, trump faces, backlash, for his executive, action, democrats, call his move to provide relief for out-of-work americans. A weak stunt. What the white house has to say. Chicago, on lockdown, a hundred, arrests, 13. Officers, injured, what authorities, believe triggered the crowd into a looting frenzy. And the mayor's response. Severe storm threat, winds as strong as 100, miles per hour pummeled, regions in the nation's midsection. While millions, deal with scorching. High temperatures. Susan in jeopardy, reports, tonight that college football's, biggest, conferences. Are looking at calling off the season, president trump is now weighing in as some players and coaches, demand. To be allowed to play. Good evening i'm lindsey davis thanks for streaming with us while the u.s surpassed, the 5 million, mark over the weekend, of covet 19 cases. Another, much smaller, number is similarly, daunting, and it caught our attention, 97. 000.. That's the number of children across, the country that reportedly, tested positive, just in the last two weeks of july. This as the nation of course continues, to grapple with reopening, schools, in 25, states the death toll. Still on the rise at least, 163. Thousand, lives. Already lost, despite, that. Business as usual in many parts of the country like sturgis, south dakota, where a quarter of a million, bikers, gathered over the weekend. And in georgia where a student was initially, punished for sharing photos of her high school's crowded, hallways. Well now that school is moving to virtual, learning following, a deep cleaning. And at least, nine, students, tested, positive, still. Some parents there are demanding, the option of in-person. Learning victor, kendo leads us off with the latest. On the back to school debate. Across florida today, thousands of students were back in the classroom, in some rural counties. Masks, encouraged. But not required.

We're Encouraging, if possible. The face to face because we know that that's the best, that that our children. Can receive. In this hard-hit, state the biggest school districts will start the year online, but they are required, to open classrooms, by the end of the month, and teachers are suing the state we've been reckless with bars, and beaches, and restaurants, and we simply cannot be reckless, with our public schools this is not a petri dish, this should not be an experiment. With the u.s, topping 5 million cases, a new report, shows 339. 000 cases in children since the pandemic, began. Nearly 100, 000, in the last two weeks of july. Today this mega testing site opened in atlanta, a coveted hot spot, where they hoped to test 5 thousand people a day. After images, from this high school west of atlanta went viral, nine students and staff tested positive, the school, now turning to online, learning, while the school is cleaned. In cherokee, county more than 500, students, quarantined, after 28, students and staff were infected. Outside atlanta, teacher devent lopez, is afraid of going back to the classroom. Lots of anxiety, lots of concern, especially, for me. I am. A type 1 diabetic. Living in a. Multi-generational. Home. Nearly, 600, kids have already been sickened with multi-system. Inflammatory. Syndrome, around the country, like eight-year-old, zayn wampler in florida, who grew so sick he had to be put on a ventilator, he's finally home after weeks in the hospital, kids need to be at school they need the interaction. But also, the decision, needs to not be made on the falsehood, that children are not affected by this but across the country, so many parents are facing difficult, choices, in wausau, wisconsin. This protest, for a return, to the classroom, i'm really concerned about the kids that are just trying to learn how to read, they either don't have internet access because we are in such a rural, environment. Or. They just don't have the family structure that they need to be safe. And to really. Learn anything. Victoria, kendo joins us now from florida where the governor, today, spoke about reopening, school certainly it's an important issue even if you don't have school-aged, children, what's the game plan there victor. Lindsey it varies, by school district, the governor of florida who has pushed for schools to reopen for in-person, learning, says that parents need the choice between in person. Or online. Of the children tested here in florida so far 15 percent, have been positive for the virus, here in miami-dade, county it's the nation's fourth largest, school district, the earliest that schools could reopen, for in-person, learning, is october. Lindsay, victor akendo, thanks so much. And after weeks of negotiating. In congress, still unable to agree on a plan over the weekend president trump took executive. Action for coronavirus. Relief but, now those four actions are raising, questions, and eyebrows, first does the president, actually have the authority to make them in second, will it even help, today president trump was in the briefing room set to give his take when he was suddenly, whisked away by officials, after a shooting, near the white house mary bruce has more on the executive, action, and what happened after the president, was rushed out of the room. Two days after president, trump took executive, action, tonight, confusion. Over when, or if millions of americans. Will see any relief. Trump ordered unemployment, benefits, be extended, at four hundred dollars a week down from six hundred dollars, but he's asking, cash strapped, states to cover one hundred dollars of each check, tonight several governors, now sounding the alarm. There is no, money. Sitting in the piggy bank of the previous, cares act, to be, reprioritized. Or reconstituted. For this purpose. Simply does not exist. The president, also promised to keep americans, in their homes.

I'm Protecting, people from eviction. But the reality, there is no ban on evictions. The president's, order just instructs, officials, to review, and consider, a possible, ban, the intent of that is that the review. Will, prevent. Any. Evictions. Trump's move to go it alone will likely face legal challenges. Any changes to federal spending, are supposed to come from congress. And even members of the president's, own party, say trump's actions, are irresponsible. An unconstitutional. Slop. We are joined now by mary bruce, mary any chance that those failed talks could be restarted, after the president's, latest move. Well lindsay the president, certainly, seems to think that these executive, actions, are going to somehow, force, negotiators. And democrats. Back to the table, but right now i have to tell you there are no signs, that democrats, are rushing back to the negotiating. Table, let's remember the context, the context, here, democrats, put forth a bill more than two months ago. To try, and put forth a more comprehensive. Stimulus, plan republicans. The president's, own party have been struggling for weeks now, to agree to get on the same page within their party about what kind of a deal they want, democrats, offered to meet them in the middle, at a two trillion dollar package, that was rejected, there was plenty of back and forth and ultimately, these talks fell apart which is when the president, then decided, to go it alone to go around, congress. The president may think that this is going to spur talks but we simply, aren't seeing, any sign of that just yet what we are seeing on capitol hill is a lot of objections. From lawmakers, to the president's, move because of course congress, controls, the purse strings, they control federal spending. Congress. On both sides of the aisle does not take kindly, to the president trying to go around them here, and mary just a short time ago there was that security. Scare with the president, whisked away from the podium what more can you tell us about what happened there. Yeah quite a tense and alarming, moment there the president, shortly after he took the podium. Then being escorted, out of the room by the secret, service we have learned, from a senior administration, official that a gunman, opened fire, at 17th, and pennsylvania, avenue this is just outside. Of the white house, complex, just of course as the president was beginning, that briefing, our reporter kiera phillips who was in the room said she heard, a shot fired now we were told that the suspect, opened fire on a non-white, house employee. The secret service then returned, fire, and the suspect. An adult male is now in custody, he was taken, to a hospital with a gunshot, wound, to the chest the president. Spent about 10 minutes, in the oval office he then returned, to the podium to update the press on what had happened and to continue, uh updating, the press on the on the corona, virus, the president says he's not sure if this action, this shooting had anything actually to do with him at all but he was very quick, to thank the secret service for their rapid response, lindsay. Quick thinking and response there mary bruce thank you so much. Thank you. The next casualty, of the pandemic, could be, college football several smaller, conferences, have already, pulled the plug and now the biggest leagues are meeting to decide, whether to play, or postpone. Some players are insistent, that the season, gets underway, essentially, calling out, put me in coach, will reeve has more. Tonight the college, football, season, teetering, on the brink, this after rutgers, reporting, an outbreak of at least 28, cases. Players, now quarantining. Leaders from the five major conferences, holding emergency, meetings, this week, an estimated, 5 billion dollars in revenue, on the line if they cancel the season.

But Tonight, many players, are fighting for their season. The face of college football, clemson quarterback, trevor lawrence, leading the insurgent, we want to play movement, on social media, tweeting. People, are at just as much if not more risk if we don't play, we are more likely to get the virus, in everyday, life than playing football. President, trump retweeting, lawrence with the caption, the student athletes have been working too hard for their season to be canceled. Hashtag, we want to play. But espn, reporting, most if not all major conferences. Will likely, cancel the fall season. As these athletic conferences, hold their emergency, meetings, ultimately. The power rests in the hands of the university. Presidents, who as they make their decisions. Must weigh factors, including health and safety. And liability. For abc news live i'm will reeve, piscataway, new jersey. Our thanks to will and sticking now with the college, football conundrum. We want to turn now to reese, davis, my long-lost, cousin, and host of college game day on espn, to dig in more on this so, saturdays, in the fall as we know are hallowed ground for so many and it looks like, the season is on the verge of being turned upside down so reese give us a sense first of all. To talk about those potential, decisions, by the big 10 and the pac-12, will it be, a domino, effect could we see the other big five conferences, making similar decisions this week. I don't know that they would make them this week but i think the most, likely scenario. Is that they would follow suit and it's not because that they would be beholden, necessarily. To what the big ten or pac-12. Would decide. But the. The optics, the potentially. Untenable, situation. For the other three conferences. To have, two of their peers. Decide, to make a, a decision to postpone, or cancel the season based on medical advice. And then, to say no, we believe we can move forward, safely. If they do so, then i think it's really incumbent. On, both the big ten and pac-12. To share with the public, exactly, what medical advice it was to let them to postponing, cancel. And those who might choose to play if they were to do so, to share what medical advice gave them the confidence, to do that i think that would be, uh instructive, for all of us and really there would be an obligation, in my judgment, on the part of the conferences, to do that, i, think that if you were putting a percentage, on it, it's probably, a, very high percentage. That. Ultimately, the conferences, will arrive, at the same place, not a definite but i think that's most likely. And we just saw, you know some big-name, players like clemson's, trevor lawrence and ohio state's justin field saying that they want to play in the fall so, what does a delayed or cancelled season mean for these athletes. It'll be, disappointing. Heartbreaking. For those two particular. Guys it won't necessarily. Impact their draft stock trevor lawrence, uh, is going to be the number one overall pick in the draft and i believe that would be the case whether he plays again or not it might have been the case had he been, able to come out last year justin fields is also highly regarded, i think he'll probably be a top five, draft pick regardless. The ones that will impact, a couple of different ones. Those who might have been thinking about coming out to go pro. Those who perhaps are close to the end of their college career so certainly. Their eligibility, i would imagine will be protected, for a subsequent, season. But you know it would just really change the dynamic, of this year and for those who are perhaps on the cusp of deciding, whether to. Explore, the nfl, and needing a season, to prove that they were ready for that it would be a lost opportunity, for them, that that. Strictly, speaking, of the on the field ramifications. Or for those players. And of course there is big big money in college football according to the ncaa. 18. Billion, dollars among 110. Schools, how big of a factor is money when it comes to these tough decisions. For conferences. Athletic, directors, and coaches. I think you're being, naive, if you think it's not a factor, now i do not believe. That these administrators. Are acting, with callous disregard. For the welfare, of their players. But it is certainly. A huge factor, football, is the money that drives, the entire, engine. And if they lose that. Because these are. Not designed, to be for-profit. Organizations. Therefore, the money they, make they largely. Spend, so it's not as if. You know they're not answering to shareholders. They have a number of regulations. And stipulations. That that, keep them from being a, you know for-profit. Uh type of thing though certainly many people within the framework, of that profit, uh.

Greatly, I'm not denying, that. But it speaks to how they would be able to continue, their programs. What type of uh. You know what what, type of facilities, they would be able to provide for their athletes what type of services they would be able to provide, salaries, all those things, everything, would take a gargantuan. Hit because that along with the ncaa, basketball, tournament. Are the two primary, revenue, generators, for virtually. Every athletic, program at the highest level of college, sports in the country. And football isn't the only sport in jeopardy for collegiate, athletes and what else is at stake here and do you think that these should be blanket, decisions, for all sports rather than looking at each sport individually. I think that is probably. More of a, an optics. Situation. That if they're not going to play one they're, probably not going to play the others but. You know i would not be opposed, to allowing. Others if, it's deemed safe, for a different sport because of the nature of that sport being different. Than football, to continue, to compete, and play if it can be done so safely. I think the most likely, thing, is that you keep hearing, is fall sports. But uh you know i would not, at all, be opposed. To that, that might be where it would come down to finances, but there are a number of sports who would be, uh, that, don't generate, revenue but are still just as important to the athletes to participate, in them. That they might be able to continue, to compete, safely, and do so without. You know creating. Any type of increased, risk for a community, spread, outside, of their, quasi-bubble. That many of the sports programs at the power five level anyway, are are in right now for those athletes who have returned to campus, if college football goes away this fall, you think there's any chance that the nfl would add another, day of games and we see the pros actually play on saturday, as well. I don't think there's any question about it i mean that's beyond my purview i don't get to do the. The marketing, side or the programming. Side, but i would be stunned. If the nfl, didn't step into that void it's valuable, it's valuable, property. People. Given the the situation, with the pandemic, in the country are hungry for sports and if the nfl. Is able to play safely, and if it comes to pass that college football, is not able to or not able or not willing. To proceed. Then i would be i would be shocked, if the nfl didn't step into that void in some way shape form or fashion, you already see it late in the season after the colleges, have entered bowl season.

The Nfl. Eagerly, steps in and plays some. Saturday games, rhys davis, thank you so much we'll be watching, on espn. Appreciate your time thank you very much nice talking to you. Chicago's, mayor with a direct, warning tonight after looters, flooded that city's famous magnificent, mile downtown, shopping district. Police say the incident began with a police involved shooting and the outrage, was fueled then by social media posts, more than 100, people were arrested, and as alex perez reports, the mayor has this message for the others, we saw you, and we will come for you. A mob of looters, tearing, apart chicago's, famed a magnificent. Mile, oh the police got their hands full tonight don't they breaking into dozens of businesses. Taking off with stolen, merchandise. Some 400, chicago, police officers, struggling, to contain, the scene which erupted, around midnight. Smaller, businesses, and even grocery, stores targeted, too, this is where we live this is our home this is our front yard. And. It's upsetting, this was straight, up. Felony. Criminal. Conduct, the riots, police say stemming from a police involved shooting, sunday. Authorities say a 20-year-old, suspect, who allegedly, fired at police, was shot and injured. False information, about that shooting, investigators. Say spreading, on social media, fueling, the melee, at one point the city raising bridges, leading into downtown. To keep looters, out, to those who, engaged in this criminal behavior. Let's be clear. We are coming. For you. The. Mayor there being quite direct, thanks to alex for that police in hong kong arrested, the outspoken, publisher of the pro-democracy. Newspaper. Apple, daily, it's the most high-profile. Act since china cracked down on their territory. And imposed a new national, security law, some 200, officers, raided the paper owned by jimmy lye while he was being led away in handcuffs. The police also reportedly, arrested his two sons who are not involved in the media business, there are now concerns, in that city the new law will be used to curb press freedoms. Meanwhile, china also put unspecified. Sanctions, on senators, marco rubio, ted cruz, and nine other lawmakers. And heads of nonprofit. Groups that have promoted. Democratic. Causes. It's been nearly one week since that catastrophic. Explosion, obliterated. Neighborhoods, in beirut, protesters, have been, taking to the streets of course ever since blaming, government, corruption, and negligence, for the fatal blast. Global leaders including the u.s have pledged, economic, support, for lebanon, but beirut's, residents, are demanding. Change, and as maggie rooley explains. Today they got it in dramatic, fashion. The people of lebanon, tonight, left leaderless, in the midst of this national, catastrophe. The prime minister announcing, he and his entire cabinet, are stepping, down, days after the blast and beirut, that killed at least 200, people and left thousands, more injured. This weekend, protesters. Took their rage to the streets, demanding, the government be held accountable, for their country's demise. Storming, government, buildings. Others, clashing, with police. Their anger. Palpable. For many the blast in beirut, was the last straw. The lebanese, have been protesting, corrupt, governance, and an economy, in nosedive. For months, in less than a year lebanon's, currency, has devalued. Nearly 80 percent. Thrusting, much of its population. Into poverty. The blast last week propelled, a renew, call for immediate, change. And a plea for. Help. Our houses. We lost them our lives, we lost them. Everything, is happening to us i am 28 years old and what future do i have, nothing. There is nothing. The situation. So dire french president macron, visited the former french colony last week, announcing, that he will set up a global, conference, to raise money. Macron, promising, that money, will not go into the hands of the corrupt. The uk, also sending support. Docking this navy ship near the site of the blast, to temporarily. House 500. People. A small fraction, compared, to the hundreds, of thousands. Of homes lost. We really, need, help. Not just to rebuild, not just to eat not just to survive. Just to get rid of those awful, people, that we have running this country, please. I beg you like no one is talking, about it you have a poison, in this country. In a country that's been mired by war and corruption. The lebanese, coming together, in times of peril, the young, stepping, in. Volunteering. To clean up debris, from the blast, caused by their own government's. And now that people's demand for a new government, has been heard, lebanon, can once again hope, that whoever steps in, will heed the people's, desperate, call for change.

We're Going to keep on fighting, even if it takes a lot we will keep on fighting. Maggie ruley for abc, news live. They will fight on our thanks to maggie when we come back the new body camera footage from the day george floyd died what we did not know, about the officer's, actions, now revealed. The new concerns, over the safety of e-bicycles. Following the news that simon cowell, broke his back riding one, but up next are looking to the payment, plans, was the distribution, of funds. Fair. Hey welcome back everybody now one thing that those executive, actions do not cover, is an extension, of the paycheck, protection, program a lifeline, for so many small businesses, during the pandemic. Alex perche has a closer look at one minority-owned. Small business, struggling, to navigate, that loan program. And also what happens next. For maisha burt and allison mcdougall. It's been an uneasy, last few months. Just trying to get through just trying to make it and weather the storm. They're the women behind, work chew, they rent space inside restaurants, during downtime, to small companies, in need of work areas. It's a lean business, only four employees. They had dozens of restaurant, partners. Mostly across washington, d.c, and some in chicago. Then, the coronavirus. Forced many to close, in march, it was a friday. And. I think muriel bowser was the first person to make the announcement, that restaurants were closed, i didn't know what to do after that and i think i text myself i said i'm gonna pour a glass of wine i think we just need to just sit on this whenever that, mandate for that closed a lot of these restaurants. Happen. Yes you went from 62, to. Zero. I mean that's our business, right, the two started brainstorming, ways to pivot. New services, to offer, they let go of their intern. But nothing completely, made up for the lost revenue, in early april, news of a possible, lifeline. The paycheck protection, program. Maisha, tried to apply on the small business administration, website, but says the site kept crashing, a few days later she applied with bank of america, where she has a personal banking account, but they came back to me and said hey if you don't have. Your business account here, you can't, apply for a ppp. So she applied where she had a business account, navy federal. She says that was mid-april. They say the bank asked for additional, info in the weeks that followed, details. They gave. But the worksheet, duo says they still haven't gotten a definitive, answer, on their loan, majin, allison's, business is one of dozens of minority-owned, businesses we've heard from that are either still waiting a response, on their ppp, application. Or, they've been flat out denied. An analysis, of federal data by interest group Highlights, similar struggles, nationwide. The results, which have not been peer reviewed. Found that 10 congressional, districts, with the highest percent of black residents, received, nearly, 13. Billion dollars, less in ppp, funding, than the 10 districts with the lowest percent of black residents. Maisha and allison, remain hopeful, they believe there's a market for their business. But this isn't how they expected things to go, the service that we provide. Is, the definition, of innovation. It is maximizing. Resources, that already exist. The good thing about it is is that we know that. The remote work industry, is going to be growing. It's it's perfect timing it's just we have to be able to withstand. The. Physical, time, of where it might not be, the most, conducive, environment. Across the country.

Alex Perche, abc, news washington. Our thanks to alex, navy federal, where, work. Shoe, applied for that ppp, loan says it made several attempts to contact, the business for additional documentation. Again, work choose says they comp, complied, with those requests we asked navy federal about that and have not yet heard back, we still have lots to get to here on abc news prime the deadly explosion, in a baltimore, neighborhood the search for survivors, and the investigation. Into what caused, all of this destruction. Unrest, after the elections, in belarus, the stay-at-home. Mom-turned-presidential. Candidate. Now is refusing, to accept the results, the strong man who once told his people to drink vodka, to beat covid, is now accused of rigging an election. And there's another heat wave building for large swaths, of america, we will tell you where but first our tweet of the day, with so many concerned, about. Mail and ballads, amid news of problems with the postal, service. They decided to tweet. Jokes. In times. Like. Welcome back take a look at that the nation the national weather service is warning of dangerous, conditions, in the nation's, midsection. Take a look at these images the system is already producing, 100, mile per hour winds in iowa, knocking down trees. And now these wind gusts going through the parking lot near omaha, large hail is another potential, threat going into this evening, this is particularly. Dangerous, situation, it's happening at the same time of a classic, august heat wave is setting in ginger z is tracking it all for us hey ginger. Lindsey what a storm already 112. Mile per hour winds, on the nose of this direction, a duration, is just a long line of thunderstorms, that bows out a lot of times it has to be more than 250. Miles to qualify, i think this one will end up doing it but southwest, michigan, through indiana. Now into ohio, back to all the way into missouri, and central illinois. Still seeing those severe thunderstorm, watches i anticipate, those will start to extend, east because we're easily seeing 60 mile-per-hour, winds still, and that qualifies, it as a severe thunderstorm. We definitely, saw it it already produced more than 200. Severe storm reports that means every dot you see on the screen, can knock out power lines take down trees we've seen a lot of action with this long line of storms, and it's going to keep going tonight now here's the good news it loses the sun angle a bit so the power will be dampened, especially as we get close to sunset. But heat advisories. In place there's plenty of that so that's fueling, these summer thunderstorms, need that heat, tomorrow, little rock will feel close to 100, memphis 102. And up in the northeast, remember there are still people without power. Since last week since isaias. We just got ours back. And people feeling like the 90s, is not easy to get through, day after day of the 90s. Especially, when the feels likes are mid 90s, or even close to 100. So hoping for the best and hoping you stay cool lindsay. Thank you ginger, and still ahead here on prime the searing new look into the death of george floyd, newly released video shows the entire, incident, leading up to his arrest, and after he was detained. The new app promising, protections, for college students if they get sick with covet while in school. And our conversation. On the asylum, process, in america and why it's left some who used to make those decisions. Heartbroken. First to look at our top trending stories, on. Six states in puerto rico are seeing increasing, numbers of copa 19, cases. While 25, states plus washington, dc and puerto rico, are seeing an increasing, number of deaths. And as schools reopen, many are wondering, what's ahead. How important is it to get students back in the classroom. And how do you balance, that against, not zero, risk but i would say, you know would be low risk nine-year-old, zane wembler's, case is proof that children are not immune to multi-system. Inflammatory. Syndrome, which has been linked to children who tested, positive, for kovit 19.. He spent 19, days in a miami, hospital, recovering, his mother says that her son's case is a reminder, that risks, need to be measured, kids need to be at school they need the interaction. But. Also. I the, decision, needs to not be made on the falsehood, that children are not affected, by this because they are affected by. On saturday them, intended to mitigate, some of the economic, impacts of the pandemic. One would provide four hundred dollars per week for the unemployed.

Today, White house press secretary, keeley mcinanny. Asked when the average american, would see some money. I can't pinpoint a timeline other than we'll be working around the clock and we encourage, democrats, on the hill, uh to come back, secretary, mnuchin, has said he's willing to review, any proposal, because, the american people deserve better than the games, and the partisanship, they've seen from nancy pelosi chuck schumer and their democrat. Colleagues. States would have to pay 25 percent of the money as per the order but the treasury secretary, said in essence the states would not be spending money since they have leftover, federal aid money. Will there be a college football season, it could be on the verge of banishing. As the power five conferences. Discuss, what's ahead, it's gonna be crazy, the this week will be crazy, week for college football, how do you try to pull it off, where people are gonna test positive, it's just going to happen. And what do you do and how do you control, that when they do. Test positive, i think that's the big hang up here the liability. That i think is hanging over the head of all these decision makers president trump tweeting now the hashtag, we want to play, saying student athletes, have worked too hard to have the season, cancelled. Primary voting in puerto rico temporarily, suspended. Due to lack of ballots. Voters say they were turned away from voting sites that either received a ballot, late, or, never got them at all, the elections commission, says voting will resume at affected, sites on sunday. The governor of puerto rico blasted, the commission, saying the error is inexcusable. Thousands of protesters, are now scattered, across the belarus, capital, of minsk, facing, violent attacks from security, forces. This as president, lukashenko. The man known as europe's last dictator, claims, another electoral, victory.

Secretary, Of state mike pompeo, condemned the election, as not free and fair, and urged the country's, government to refrain, from use of force against protesters. Who have taken to the streets. One person has died while hundreds, have been injured. A boston, company is offering covet 19, tuition, insurance, for college students, who contract, the virus, while they're on campus. According to the company's ceo. Grad guard's, tuition, insurance, will provide a refund, for housing. Activity, fees and tuition, that is lost if a student needs to withdraw, from school. Welcome back for the first time we are seeing the moments leading up to the arrest of george floyd newly released videos from the body cameras worn by two former minneapolis. Officers, are shedding new light into the death that set off protests. Around, the world, marcus moore has the latest and we do warn you, the new images, are disturbing. Tonight, a judge ordering that release, of two body camera videos from george floyd's arrest. And death, let me see your other hand please, both hands. Just seconds after approaching the vehicle. Rookie officer thomas lane pulls his gun, and points it at a noticeably, startled, and scared floyd, please don't shoot me please man i'm not gonna shoot you step out and face away i'm gonna get out of here. Please don't shoot me man. I just lost my mom. The other body camera shows officer alexander, king, explaining, they were called to the minneapolis, convenience, store, over allegations, floyd used a fake 20 dollar bill, we're here because it sounds like you gave a fake bill to the, individuals, in there, yeah, there is a brief struggle, as the officers, pushed the distraught, floyd into the back of a police vehicle. Seconds, later floyd is pulled out the other side. That's when officer derek shelvin, would put his knee on floyd's, neck, tonight chauvin faces charges, including, second degree murder, and manslaughter. The three other officers at the scene, each face aiding and abetting, charges. Lindsay these dramatic videos, were entered into evidence as part of an effort. To have the charges against officer, lane drop they each run about 30 minutes long, and in one of the videos you can actually see lane, trying to perform. Cpr. On floyd in the back of an ambulance, as we know, floyd later passed away. And. All of this this entire, incident. Started with a report. Of george floyd allegedly, using a fake twenty dollar bill at that convenience, store, in minneapolis. Lindsay. Thank you so much marcus and tonight a family is preparing to file suit after newly released body cam shows people using quote. Scared, straight tactics, police, using scared straight tactics, on an eight-year-old, with special needs. In this video the young boy was put in handcuffs, and taken to jail after his school accused him of striking, a teacher during an incident in key west back in 2018.. The video went viral, after civil rights attorney ben crump posted it online. While we don't know the status, of the case, key west police in a statement obtained by the miami, herald say standard, operating, procedures. Were followed. Now to that deadly gas explosion, in a baltimore, neighborhood, shattering, three homes, firefighters. Searching the rest the wreckage, reports, of children, trapped in the rubble, one woman was killed at least six, others, injured, rachel scott has more. Tonight, the search for survivors. After a catastrophic. Gas explosion. Shook this baltimore, neighborhood. Leaving one woman dead, the call coming in just before, 10 a.m, it appears as if i have at least three dwellings, that have completely, exploded. We have heavy gas later in the area i was sitting in my house and all i could hear was boom, i saw the smoke and then when i got into the alley. Three houses, they would collapse, into each other. Firefighters. Digging through the rubble, i have three children trapped in the dwelling, at this time, rushing at least six to the hospital. We're prepared to be here throughout the night and as long as it takes, we're trying to make sure that we comb through every area to determine, if there are any victims, inside. And officials tell me the investigation, into what caused this blast is in the early stages and that they won't be able to access the gas lines under all that debris. Until that search, is over, lindsey. Thanks to rachel, simon cowell of american, idol fame is now recovering, from surgery, after he broke his back. Riding an electric bicycle.

The Accident, is now raising new questions about e-bike, safety gio benitez, has the latest. The america's, got talent, simon cowell, is recovering, from a terrible, e-bike, accident, the toughest nails judge tweeting sunday, i have broken, part of my back, is this going anywhere. A rep for the star telling abc, news that the fall from his bike happened while he was, testing, a new electric, bike in the courtyard of his home in malibu, with his family. Cowell taken to the hospital, and undergoing, surgery for his injuries. A source tells people magazine. That he had a number of fusions, and metal rod put into his back. The music mogul known for his tough reviews, of. Performers. Sharing a glowing, review for the medical professionals, that helped him saying, a massive, thank you to all the nurses and doctors, some of the nicest, people i have ever met, the accident, renewing, safety concerns, as e-bike, sales, soar, across the country. One shop says sales have increased nearly 300. Percent, year over year, during the pandemic. And experts believe the motorized, vehicles, are giving people some much-needed, fresh air as they stay away, from public transit. Phoenix-based. Electric, e-bikes, has had to increase production, after a massive. Unexpected. Spike in sales. So, ever since, you know covet, hit we've seen a massive, increase in demand, you know. Upwards of over a hundred and forty percent. You know growth in our sales. But that also means, new, first-time. Users. Riding an e-bike. Or a scooter. Not the same as a regular bicycle. They often have more power than obviously a bike without a motor, and so it is a different skill than just riding a bike. Experts, say have a checklist, before getting on an e-bike, checking your air pressure the brakes, and the chains, and don't just jump on the bike, learn about its features, something cal supports. Tweeting to his fan sunday. Some good advice, if you buy an electric, trail bike, read the manual, before you ride it for the first time.

And Don't just jump on your new e-bike, make sure that you are learning about its features. Read that manual, and go ahead and consider, one of these safety, classes, at your local bike shop, lots of shops across this country. Offer them right now. Gio benitez, abc news new york. Yes certainly pays to read that manual first our thanks to geo and switching gears now today we are facing the largest, migration, disaster, in history. With some 70, million refugees, worldwide. For the last 80 years the united states has taken in refugees, not just due to a legal, obligation, but a moral one, since president, trump took office there's been a near shutdown, of the asylum. Process, prompting one asylum, officer and union shop steward, to write a washington, post opinion, column, titled, the u.s hired me to protect, refugees. Now it tells me to abandon, them joining us now is the author jason marks an asylum, training officer and union shop steward, jason thanks so much for your time. Uh glad to be here lindsay thank you for having me today, so you wrote in the washington, post that america, has abandoned. Its promise to protect, the most, vulnerable. Household. So yeah so, so basically. Refugee, protection. Is as american, as apple pie, it's been etched into the fabric, of our identity, since before our founding. Uh the pilgrims. As, most people know. Fleeing religious persecution. Uh found a safe haven in the united states. Uh and really since, uh the end of world war ii, uh we have spearheaded, the global effort to resettle, refugees. Uh and since 1980. In particular. When the refugee, act was passed we codified, the legal framework, for protecting, people. On account of who they are and where they were born. And since that time, uh. Five american, presidencies. Have uh, we under five american presidents, we've. Admitted more refugees, than the rest of the world combined. So we have international. And uh u.s legal obligations. To protect, the world's most vulnerable, folks, uh refugees. And. We also have a moral responsibility. As i said earlier it's etched into the fabric of our identity, uh going back to before our founding the rest of the world looks to us. To provide refugee, protection. Uh and we have abandoned that role since 2000, started beginning in 2017.. And since january, 2017. As you are stating here i mean the trump administration, has clamped down significantly. On the immigration, process. Starting initially with the travel. Ban from, mainly, muslim, countries, and putting in place what is called extreme, vetting, describe, what that means in terms of refugees, and others seeking asylum. Yeah, so the first thing the, travel ban did it was it was implemented. Uh within a few days of the administration. Taking office. And immediately, the refugee, assistance, program, was grounded. My colleagues, and i were literally, grounded, from going on overseas, trips, to. Interview and vet refugees, around the world. Uh it, implemented, a bar, of. Folks coming from seven different predominantly, muslim majority, countries. And it essentially, grounded the overseas. Program. And then. To follow up with that it. Um. Put forth, uh it started the process of implementing, emergency. Sorry not emergency, but. Extreme, vetting measures, that have, allowed for these cases of folks coming from certain countries to remain on hold seemingly, indefinitely. Added layers and layers of review. That held up people in the in the process, that otherwise, would have been admitted, and resettled. And we're still seeing to this day thousands, of people in that. Quote-unquote, refugee, pipeline, that are still held up that have been interviewed, and vetted years and years ago prior to the ban, uh being implemented. And then, as we move forward. Into 2018. In 2019. We then saw the administration, take it a step further and start to implement a series of policies, at the border that have made it now nearly impossible. For people to seek protection, asylum protection, in the united states. Would you say that those who are seeking that protection. It's, basically, equal opportunity, across the board or. Have people from black and brown communities, been impacted. At um, a larger rate. Um i i would say that they they impact people across the board, uh, but, just by.

In Effect, they affect, they impact people. Of color from around the world. Uh just because of the. The folks that we're seeing come to the united states in more recent times. Uh predominantly. From central america and the northern triangle, guatemala, honduras, and el salvador. I've had a massive refugee, crisis. As those folks are. Fleeing the ms-13. And 18th street gangs which have just unleashed, terror, upon those communities. The only option those many of those folks see is to flee to the united, states to seek refuge. And then you know and around the world, particularly the syrian. War. Unleashed. As you refer to the, largest mass migration, crisis, really in the history of the world. The syrian, war really was the cause of that. And most of those folks. Obviously are coming from syria, and are muslim, and from the arab world so. The effect of these policies. Impact folks. Of color more so but, really they would impact anybody, now trying to come to the united states. And of course you're here as a representative, of your union you and other members have taken action and spoken out what has compelled you to do so. Yeah so, so a lot of my colleagues and i we, you know we we took an oath. We all swear an oath to the constitution. To uphold our laws, um, those of us drawn to this work are not your sort of i would say are typical, civil servants. A lot of folks come to this work with a passion, for, for refugee, protection. Um. And. And so. When we saw the travel ban come in that my colleagues, and i were. Distraught, uh we saw, that our our entire program, our jobs were being undermined, we saw this historic, mission being undermined. And you know our union, who represents. Uh, these folks that do this work was having a tremendous, impact on their work. Um, and so we we felt obligated, we're all bearing witness to what is happening, and we felt the need to speak out however we could, i imagine there's some urgency, some, kind of. Hair on fire in this moment, is that accurate. Yes uh lindsay it really is a hair on fire moment, i i it really is urgent i feel like to get this message out i as you've mentioned i i'm in the unique position, to tell the story, uh as you know i'm a government, employee, and i cannot speak in that capacity.

But In my union capacity. Um i can speak on behalf of my colleagues and i who we represent, who. You know, for the last, almost four years it's just been blow after blow, to, what we do. And it's taken a toll and so. Um and what's at stake, jason just give me a sense, why should people who are at home, feel alarmed in this moment. So people at home should feel alarmed because, we're on the brink, of. America, no longer being in the america, uh in the refugee, protection, business, essentially. Um. We since 2017. As i mentioned it started then with the travel ban. It's progressed. Throughout. Uh a few different policies. I would like to mention that were implemented. Over the last couple of years have really forced, our. Members. Uh to compromise, their oaths, um, and put them in a terrible spot where they're basically, forced to. Do interviews, that essentially. Uh result, in people being either deported, to guatemala. Or they're extremely, vulnerable, and, or being forced to wait in mexico, where they've been preyed upon by cartels, and gangs. And our members are the ones that have to do these interviews. And and a lot of these folks end up in these situations. And. People are outraged, and this is all being done on behalf, of the american, people, in their name, as part of the u.s immigration, service. Uh if these, these policies continue, to go unchecked. Um. You know we're basically going to see the end of this mission that's been vital and been saved millions of lives. And has done so much good for the united states and for our standing in the world. Jason marks we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the show and thank you for your insight. Thank you so much for having me. And when we come back if you have a sweet tooth you're about to be hungry, the couple that's calling it like it is treating delicious. Cookies like the addictive. Drugs, they can be. Friday. Nights. Here's something you don't see every day take a look at this spectacular. Volcanic. Eruption. In indonesia. Mount cinnabon. Roaring, back to life today the eruption, sent volcanic, rock and ash, miles into the sky before it rained down on local villages, most of them abandoned. Fortunately, there were no reported, fatalities. That volcano, is part of the very active, pacific, ring of fire. If you've been on instagram, lately you may have noticed that sweet treats, are trending, in a big way cookies, have taken over more specifically. Giant, half pound limited edition cookies that are selling out in a matter of minutes, every week on instagram. Juan and karen aka, the cookie couple from long island they are the kingpins, behind the operation, called, my cookie dealer, and while.

Talking About cookies. Not contraband. They are feverishly. Feeding. An addiction. Hi i'm karen morell. We live in long island, this is my husband, juan morel, juan's a professional, bodybuilder. And i guess now i can say i'm a professional, baker, my cookie dealer, is, a long island-based. Cookie company, that sells, amazing, half pound cookies. I guess we started, when i baked for him at home in, 2018.. I'm professional, bodybuilders, i compete worldwide. I competed in the mr olympia. Before all of this i. Was, in retail. And then we had our beautiful. Daughter and when she came along i started picking up some side jobs, even though one. Thankfully. Is the breadwinner, and the family. It's something that i've always loved to do i've always loved to work, the moment that we realized that we can actually make this into a business was, so i have a pretty. Big following, you know she would bake me these big cookies and i will always post them on my instagram, every time i would post them we would get like three four hundred dms. So. That was um, what got us. To, you know sell the cookies, we have a very great friend here in long island that owns an amazing and italian, bakery. And he allowed, us, to come in and bake out of his bakery. I would go in and bake as many cookies as i could. Go to these shows, and then sell them. Out of the back of my blacked out suv, it was a blacked out so it kind of gave the vibe of like, a dealer, you know so it was like my cookie dealer. In, 2019. We started our own. Bakery, location. Because of our work schedule, our traveling, schedule, it was always. I would bake. And then i would sell it versus. Most people. Would take orders, than bake to order right we decided. Um, okay well if i bake it, and then i sell it i have no pressure, so everything, that i have, i'll sell it, and then. That's kind of how the momentum. Started on, on, that, we, like to, move weight. Twice a week, whatever we baked, in that, 24, hour beforehand. Because that's how quickly our turnaround, is that's what we'll load onto the site and then we'll sell, we've changed our flavors, twice a week, i have a few staples, that we put in every week, and we try and bring back some really great ones that people love, we use like the highest quality, products so it's it's not like we're not trying to cut corners to make money we use the highest the best but that's what i did for him, baking at home and i want, our, customers, to get that same experience. We did donate, um. Over, 2500. Cookies, as soon as we came back to frontline, workers. To hospitals. To things like that we don't broadcast. All the donations, and different things because that's meant for.

Us It's not meant for, everybody, it's really important for us to do things. And give. Back. Trying to put in my order for that, now before we go tonight our image of the day take a look at that smile that's, a beluga, whale being transferred, into an area in iceland, where the hope is that little gray that's his name becomes acclimated, to the natural, environment, of his new home that's, that new home the world's first open water whale sanctuary. In iceland, little graves journey began. In an aquarium, in china. More than six thousand, miles, away. And that is our show for this hour be sure to stay tuned to abc news live for more context, and analysis, of the day's top stories. I'm lindsey davis thanks so much for streaming with us, good. Night. You.

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