ABC News Prime: Front lines of Covid-19, business as usual in Utah, holidays during the shutdown

ABC News Prime: Front lines of Covid-19, business as usual in Utah, holidays during the shutdown

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We. Have to remind, ourselves it's, good Friday, traditionally, this square would be packed, dramatic. Images, marking, the end of another surreal, week the cross carried, by prisoners, and the doctors, and nurses battling, Italy's fight the, Pope's routed, by very few on this holy day but, on this Good Friday some. Good country still warning, that this crisis, is not over it has been the deadliest stretch, of days yet here in the US as American, has continued, lining, up for food a new warning tonight from the FBI so. Many are taking this time to help others are, using it to cash in and we're keeping an eye on the future with cutting-edge work now underway, as we begin to think about what life will look like when, it returns to some semblance of normalcy. Good, evening everyone I'm Lindsay Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and happy, Good Friday a solemn, day in the Christian faith commemorating. A dark and bleak event, but more than that it, celebrates hope something. We've been trying to celebrate regularly. Here and while this is no doubt a dark, time for so many we are starting, to see more beams, of light shining through the darkness in Paris, the chart Notre, Dame Cathedral, opening, to, the world again if only, for a fleeting moment the Archbishop, of Paris saying life is, still here and in. Hard-hit Italy, life is inching, back to normal officials today announced some, shops will reopen, next, week and back in the u.s. many, say that the key to reopening. This country, and getting millions back to work relies on promising. New testing, to see who has had the virus and cannot, infect, others. Unfortunately. The death toll worldwide, did top. 100,000. Today but here, in the New York here in New York after a painful, week at long. Last the curve may, be flattening, Governor. Cuomo said today while social distancing, is a grind, and it's difficult we, have to stick with it our wit Johnson, leads us off, tonight. Inside, these hard-hit, ICUs. Finally, a promising. Sign for, the first time since the outbreak began, in New York more people leaving those intensive, care units than going in the, rate of hospitalizations, down. As, someone who searches, for solace. In all, this grief. The. The, leveling. Off of the, number of lives lost is. Somewhat. Hopeful, sign the. Death toll slightly, lower but appearing to hold steady at a staggering, loss. 777. People, dying, in the last 24, hours, morgues. Filling, so quickly, crews, are now digging more space at heart Island the city cemetery used, to bury unclaimed, bodies, the, crisis also playing out in maternity, wards we were taken inside by, mana T's Hospital, in Brooklyn the scare of a lifetime for. Iris nolasco diagnosed. With Kovan 1930. Weeks pregnant, doctors, ordering an emergency, c-section I just. Right to God, to. Protect my baby and people, that I had at home I thought, that I would like dead. Her, next memory special, but short-lived, the sound of her baby girl crying, but, doctors, immediately separating.

The Two taking. The newborn away to the NICU to shield her from the virus the only way. I I've seen my baby is to a camera, and. I. Was, able to open, it 24/7. And see how my baby's doing breathing. Smiling. Sometimes yawning. Iris. Connected, to her daughter through a baby monitor only little. Isabella, michelle still, in the hospital but improving, iris. Is now recovering at home hoping, their first official meeting is just days away I just, hope that I'd be I meana able. To hold her and then, just protect. Her was this. Is over I just want to spend every second, with her and. Create. That bond that we, are missing. Now tonight. As we've been reporting a, terrible, toll on african-americans, in this country and in, New York City, 34%. Of coronavirus, deaths in the Latino community for. Millions of Americans, life on hold. But the message stay, home and stay, the course it's really about the encouraging, signs that we see but. As encouraging. As they are we, have not reached the peak but still an emergency, in so many cities today, the Detroit Convention Center, turned field hospital, now treating, kovat patients, the state now taking, more drastic, steps banning, travel, between homes starting. Tomorrow our, most vulnerable. Citizens. Are. Dying. In. A helpless. Manner. In Maryland. The governor warning there are tough days ahead we. Are ramping up the curve this. Is going to be one of our most dangerous times, ever this, weekend, and over, the next week or so but, in Florida, which was slower than other states to order restrictions, the governor considering, reopening schools, in Maine and saying this this, particular pandemic. Is one where, I don't think nationwide. There's been a thing fatality under 25, for whatever reason, it, just doesn't seem to to, threaten. You. Know kids but, the CDC saying at least eight people under 24, have died in the u.s. states. Reporting, to infants, to teenagers, and young, adults among, the victims like, 22, year old Israel, cells who died a short time after, he and his wife welcomed. A new baby, tonight. The White House confirming, the president, is creating, a task force focused on reopening the country, saying, he'll announce early next week members. Of the medical and business communities, will help decide how to move forward and, I've got to make the biggest decision of my, life, and, I've only started thinking about that, I mean you know I've made a lot of big decisions over, my life you understand, that this, is by far the biggest decision, of my life because I have to say okay. Let's, go this, is what were, you but, on the front lines the battle continues, to save lives right. Here yesterday, we met nurse mary-kate Venera, working. In the same Brooklyn, ICU, where her father a physician, was being treated for kovat 19 she, was caring for others not him difficult. For both of, course I was not ever able to go inside of his room so I didn't want to cross-contaminate between. Other. : 19 patients in him so I waved to him from outside. Of the glass today, her dad dr. Richard Ferraro is out, of the hospital and like so, many health care workers jumping, back in the fight to, beat this virus, when, you were in the ICU and you saw your daughter on the other side of the glass was, there ever a moment you, wondered, you might not make it I. Had. Many moments like, that in fact at least two days worth I, just. Could not breathe like quite, frankly it was frightened. But. On top. Of that to see my daughter at the same time. Was. Very difficult. Love. To see those stories of recovery wit Johnson, joins us now with the president was asked about new federal projections, looking at what would happen if stay at home orders were lifted, after just, 30 days what was his response. Lindsey, those projections, by federal, agencies reported, by the New York Times would show a dramatic spike in infections, if those orders were lifted the president's saying he hasn't seen them but that he would listen to his medical experts, and in the end make his own decision, Lindsey, Witt Johnson, for us back on this beat tonight, thanks, whit as. The fight against kovat 19 rages here at New York and hotspots across the country there are a few pockets where the corona virus is very much out of sight out of mind, Arcana, Whitworth went to a town called Washington. City in Utah where. It's still business as usual for some. 405. In Los Angeles is. Utterly, empty, yet the roads here in southwest Utah are. Totally. Jam-packed. Businesses. It's still open. Hitting. The links with friends, they. Feel like long gone luxuries, when so much of the country is locked down but, in Washington City Utah, this is still, daily, life, you. Don't feel like you want to wear masks, or gloves. You. Feel safe yeah. Hand, sanitizer, in the car and, I, feel. I, mean. Like, yeah you don't cut your face. Yeah. So. You guys just. Invited. Me to come party with you. Are. You partying like normal. Join.

One Should behind me in a group they say that's different because they're, not in a restaurant but they're outside, together. There's, a cigar shop that is open for business a nail, salon where you can go get a manicure, or a pedicure they, say they're letting fewer people in at a time don't, be a sheep my. Policy, everyone's, a sheep right now and they say we're a match people put a mask on, don't. Be a sheep the research educate, yourself education, is a powerful tool but, countywide they. Only have 35, cases here, and one, death Laci priest who owns and operates a barber shop in neighboring, st. George has stayed open for haircuts, and beard trims and we're doing everything we can to, keep it clean and safe and I, don't. See why we shouldn't why we shouldn't be open for. Laci is like after the coronavirus that she's more concerned about we, need to go on and. Live. Day, to day still, you know after this is all over and done with they're. Still gonna, be like if, I close my doors I don't know if I'm gonna be here, when, I do when, it's time to reopen, them so. Just being here and being cautious, and. Being. Aware of our surroundings and, the people that we're inviting into the shop, restaurants. Are doing takeout only in some retail, shops only allowing, curbside, pickup, but, jo-ann fabrics, letting in 20 people at a time most. Residents, move around freely, without masks, or gloves I. Think for a lot of people in Washington City. Their. Lives haven't changed that, agree. I, agree. City, leaders encourage, social, distancing, and only essential travel Utah. Is one of nine states without statewide, shelter. At home restrictions, but, the governor has extended, a stay at home directive, to May first local. Leaders in Washington City claim the virus is not spreading, by community, transfer, and they want to keep it that way. And. Akina, joins us now from Utah Cana the governor of Utah did announce some travel, restrictions, earlier, today right. Yeah, Lindsay so starting today any adult, that enters, the state will be required to fill out a health form so if you fly in you'll do it at the airport if you drive in you'll receive a text message asking, you to fill out this form government leaders want to know if you've had any symptoms if you've been tested and where you've been traveling, and the governor warns some people might have to be quarantined and, talk us through the, overall, rules in Utah because some cities in that state are locked down at this point. Right. So they're, doing it county, by county so, leaders, in more densely, populated areas. Like Salt Lake County for example they've implemented, their, own restrictions, but the governor hasn't issued a statewide, decree.

Which, Is why you're seeing people here, in southwest, Utah move, about quite, freely Lindsay, Kaena. Thank you for that report it's so interesting, to actually see people out, and their daily life daily, routine at parks, at nail salons it's images that people like us here in New York we just haven't seen for so long so a really eye-opening report, there of. Course yeah. Thank you, now, to a grim, milestone, the number of coronavirus, deaths around the globe is now more than 100, thousand, something that we, could repeat again more than, 100,000. People have died from, the virus in, just the last few months and things, are particularly batting, the night in Kingdom nearly a thousand. People dead, since yesterday, the deadliest, day in that country so far but, while the UK continues. To struggle Prime Minister Boris, Johnson appears to be getting better, ABC's, james Longman brings us the latest from, London tonight. Officials acknowledge Boris Johnson is only in an early stage of recovery news. That he's now been able to do short walks between periods, of rest suggests. How serious. His condition, was a spokesman, saying he waved to doctors and nurses, as he was moved out of the ICU but, this morning Johnson's father painting, a grim picture in, Hughes that American expression he almost took one for the team saying, his son is still not out of the woods. And. Not far from where Boris Johnson recovers. Gratitude. For health workers on the frontline. The. British government will also be conscious of growing, anger, 980. Dead an ounce in the past 24 hours higher, even than Italy, on its worst day at, the Vatican the Pope leading, the faithful into a very different, Easter weekend, preaching, this Good Friday in a near-empty sim, Peter's Square his, prayers for strength and compassion now. Seem especially poignant. Our. Thanks to James for that update, and we talked to wit about this earlier, take a listen to what President, Trump said when he was asked what will drive his decision, on when, to reopen the country, say. Sir what metrics, you were used to make that the.

Metrics Right here that's, my metrics that's all I can do I can, listen to. 35. People, at. The end I've, got to make a decision and. I. Only hope to god that it's the right decision. But. I would. Say without question it's, the biggest decision I've, ever had to make and. Joining. Us now is ABC News contributor, Tom Bossard, who served as Homeland Security Advisor for, president Trump Tom so much discussion. This week on what kind of progress we've made in flattening, the curve what are you seeing that's promising and and what's still concerns you about our progress as a country. Yeah. Hi Lindsey so the promising, data, suggests, that we've succeeded, and. So-called flattening, the curve right but the the, troubling. Thing is that we keep aggregating. Some of us that. Data and it leads, to what we just saw where, people are seeing such a fundamentally, different story, in places, like New York and Utah, New. York City's got over 8 million people in it and they've, got over, 170,000. Cases, in New York State 80 percent of them are in New York City Utah. Has got 2000 cases in the entire state, and the, entire state is so sparsely, populated that, the whole state only has 3 million people and, so, when we start drawing conclusions that. Apply to. Utah from our situation, in New York we've, run into these problems and I think where the president, needs to be careful when he talks about making a decision it's. Not a decision. I would encourage him, to make a set, of recommendations that, kind of a policy, framework that. Would drive us to opening, up in a localized, fashion so, that we can account for that differential, and, the president, was dismissive, yesterday, of the notion of widespread, testing across, the country can this virus be contained, if we don't have that extensive, testing as well as contact. Tracing to see where the disease continues to spread. Yeah. So there's all these different layers and levels right so we can suppress. It we can mitigate it we can outright contain it but it would probably cause. Too much of a problem to our economy, the trick is finding that set. Of middle grounds, and I think, the answer here is not going to make people happy but it's a tedious. Attention. To this detail over the entire summer, where, you have to start taking these scarce resources, in tests, and, applying them in a very careful way ideally. We test everybody but we just can't do that and so we're gonna have to test those that have, symptoms. And I think that the, big, change is gonna have to be supported. And I think articulated. And led by the federal, public health officials, is, to change what they call these person, a person, of interest or the person under investigation sorry, standards. It can't just be the really ill anymore I think we're gonna have to move at some point here in the few weeks ahead into. A standard, in which we test anybody, with any symptoms, and use, that as a as a bellwether to figure out where these different outbreaks, are occurring and then we have to start tracing and isolating. Otherwise. That will never get back and if we do do that and we do it smartly we, can get back to work in a careful way and, you've, said before Tama the virus will still be here on May 1st and we can't run out then or will risk causing, a second outbreak so what, are the key steps that you think that we still need it to take in order for, us to consider the process. Of starting to open things up again and also looking, at where things stand now what's the timeframe that Americans, should be thinking about. Yeah. So that's just it there'll be different time frames in different places Utah, New York will be different and then, the key is to prioritize the, scarce resource, of tests we, don't have enough and this is the problem we had the first go-around where we didn't have enough tests and we were waiting for data we, can't wait for perfect, we have to make decisions on good enough data so there.

Are Things that kind of test for flu-like symptoms, right we call it an ili net that syndromic surveillance. System. That we have where all the emergency departments, and doctors offices report, people that have flu-like symptoms, well, let's just start assuming, that, reports of flu-like symptoms, for, public health purposes are, indications, of outbreaks. In different cities and towns, treat, that seriously, and prioritize. Our tests to people that are sick there so we can grab, hold of new outbreaks, and clamp, them down without, having to do what we did the first time which was a total, nationwide, clamp down that's, the thing that kills our economy, and it also undermines, people's trust. In their officials, as they seem, to be getting advice that doesn't apply to their locality, and, you, saw in Kay nose piece earlier the different parts of the country responding. Differently to this pandemic how concerned you that we're gonna see outbreaks, in areas that have not prepared, enough for this. Yeah. I'm concerned about three things if, the president, gives an all-clear as if it's one decision, that applies to the whole monolithic. Country then, all the horses come out of the barn at once then we're gonna have a readout. Break somewhere, and maybe multiple places and, then the second thing I'm worried about is what you heard in that undertone, from that really good reporting, out of Utah people. Not just not listening, but, being very skeptical. Of people that in. Some way and their experience, seem to be overreacting. So the idea here is to prioritize, tests, localize. Decision, making and, to be careful that we don't run blindly, back into a virus, minefield, of people that can be sick but. Don't know it and there's no asymptomatic, but infectious, now, restart, this thing and that'll hurt our economy all, over again Tom I want to ask you a question there's a bit beneath your, paygrade and requires, maybe a little bit of a crystal ball but it's it's something that people are curious about like let's say here in New York people who are planning a wedding or. Some kind of big family reunion in like the July or August timeframe, are those things that you would say hey, you guys should just go ahead and cancel that now don't plan on that or it's still a possibility. That's. Not my below my pay grade no those are the biggest questions on everyone mine's you, know we're gonna have to start planning for coming, back into those social gatherings, not just into our business functions, and, that's why among, other things I'm gonna tell people they don't want to hear it but masks, are a really, important, layer in this effort we, saw the Czech Republic, perform, better than any other country, in Eastern, Europe because they just adopted, and they made it cool to wear, masks, remember, the, mask is for all of us that don't feel sick keep, it kind of diffuses the mind if you will in the virus minefield, if we can add masks, to this I think people can start having their weddings and social gatherings a lot more a lot, more than, they think are less sooner than they believe all right Tom boss our forests thank you so much as always for your insight, we appreciate, it and today. Of course is Good Friday a solemn, spiritual, day in normal time steeped in ritual, and community, but as we enter this holy weekend, for many worship, will be strictly, between the individual, and their. God our, Terry Moran reports. On. This. Good Friday the, darkness, seems deeper, look, at st. Peter's Square in Rome tonight, usually, thronged with Holy Week pilgrims, eerily, almost, empty, only. Pope Francis, presiding. While a small, group including. Doctors, and nurses, prayed, this Stations, of the Cross an ancient, devotion. That marks the suffering, and death of Jesus on, the cross, Lucretia. Nostra Sione, Oh. God, do not leave us in the darkness and shadow of death the Pope parade. Across. The, world no great solemn, ceremonies, anywhere no emotional. Processions, through cities and towns even. In the Holy Land just. A few of the faithful gathering. At. The Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris still, gutted, by last year's terrible, fire a service. Held in a side Chapel, captured, the loneliness and the ruin of this year's Good Friday around the world do feasts a drew, Santa's fee, amen.

If, The corona virus pandemic seems, to have sharpened, people's sense of mortality, and, dread for. Christians the true meaning of Good Friday is ultimately, revealed on Easter, Sunday in the celebration. Of Christ's, resurrection. New, York's Cardinal speaking. From his resident that's how Jesus works. He turns our sufferings. Into healing he. Turns evil, into good he. Turns death, into. Life and. We got to remember this is Good, Friday in. The u.s. a few church. Leaders, are still defying, lockdown, orders, and planning to hold Easter, services, they're trying, to take down our great nation. By. Shutting, the doors to the church but, we will not let them nothing, is going to detour, that Easter Sunday service, from occurring some churches are finding, a middle ground macgyvering. Church you might say like this German pastor who took over a drive-in, movie theater for services, worshippers, staying in their cars listening. On car speakers. But. Most churches will remain closed most, of the faithful, at home in, some, ways like, the first Christians, who remembered, Jesus's, words wherever, two or three are gathered there. Mi. Terry. Moran ABC. News Washington. There. Mi in their, midst and when we come back while so many are doing good deeds there, are bad actors tonight, the FBI warning about some tried to fraudulently, cash in on the corona virus what, you need to know and with so many remote, learning and some school districts shutting down for the year as parents, struggle, to keep up our students really getting the education they need plus. Our weather team is warning of a potential, major, severe, weather outbreak, this weekend. You've. Likely seen some of those texts, warning about coronavirus. Fraud well tonight there are new warnings from the FBI and FTC, about a dramatic spike. In scheme specifically, ones, that prey on our fears of the coronavirus, ABC's, chief justice, correspondent Pierre, Thomas on what you need to know, tonight. A stark, warning from the FBI as thousands, of American consumers, say they've, been the target of kovat 19, scams, the.

FTC, Reporting, today more than 15,000. Complaints, nearly doubling the number recorded, last week almost, 12 million dollars in losses and Counting. The. FBI making, arrests after arrests, including, Keith Middlebrook, I've created, the, cure for CoV. 19. Steele. Vig 19. The coronavirus, this, is it right here there is no cure in Middlebrook, has been arrested and charged with attempted wire, fraud accused. Of advertising, a false claim to lure investors, this, influenza. Tonight the state of Missouri is suing televangelist. Jim Baker after, his TV show promoted a silver solution cure, for Kovac 19 a potion, in a bottle that you could buy for $80. Baker's company says it was his guests who touted the product but, they have stopped offering it the, litigation, is pending and, then there are those suspect. Robo calls we, can qualify you to get a free diabetic, monitor, and a complimentary, testing, kit for coronavirus. And websites. Promising, to deliver a corona virus vaccine, for. A fee when, no such vaccine, exists. We're joined now by Pierre, Thomas we're, all spending a lot of time at, home and online. And there are a lot of messages that are coming at us so how should we protect ourselves from these bad actors. Lindsay. Folks at home should ignore online, offers for cures vaccinations. And home test kits some, of this stuff can be dangerous, they should hang up on robo calls never donate, in cash buy gift card or wire money to people selling Cove 8:19 products Lindsay really, troubling, at this time are a Pierre Thomas thanks so much. Many. Say the key to reopening, the country is ultimately, testing, when we come back we'll take a closer look at all the work that's being done to, try to figure out who's been exposed and the lines continue, to swell for so many seeking, food and basic, necessities, but it was also a great week on Wall Street so what's the disconnect here first. Our tweet-of-the-day, a, message, from the mayor of Chicago. Welcome. Back the stock market was closed today for Good Friday giving us all a bit of a breather from the roller coaster ups and downs of recent weeks so let's take a look by, the numbers the Dow finished up more than 2600. Points from last Friday's, close a rare positive. Week since the kovat 19 pandemic, hit that, 12 percent rise for the week was the dow's best performance, in more than four, decades and, the top companies in the S&P 500 are now up 25. Percent from their recent lows in March the, additional 2.3, trillion dollars, of new money injected into the economy by the Federal Reserve Thursday. Helped, ease market, concerns, as did positive, news on fewer new coronavirus. Cases both in the US and overseas, sparking. Optimism, that the global economy, can recover. But Wall Street isn't Main Street in the positive news is likely little comfort for the more than 16, million Americans. Filing unemployment. Claims in the last three weeks or, the for, the thousands, of small businesses struggling. To secure loans to keep their business as afloat under. A reminder, that the market is still down around 20 percent, from its highs in February, and some analysts, believe further, dips, to the stock market are still to come as the reality of the economic impact of kovat 19 becomes more, clear in the weeks ahead and, we, still a lot more to report on tonight it may be a violent, holiday, weekend, for millions, up next the severe weather threat shaping up for Easter Sunday, and.

How We can best make sure our children are, getting the education they need in, these trying, times with, most children, out of school. For. The first time since New York became, the epicenter of the nation's coronavirus. Outbreak, Governor Andrew Cuomo says the number of deaths has, dropped, slightly, the. Key to reopening, is going to be testing. I've. Said that from day one it's, not going to be a light switch where you flip, this economy, like you flip a light switch the average of new hospitalizations. And, new admissions, to intensive, care also, dropped, for another consecutive. Day in New York New York Michigan, Florida and Illinois are also watching their numbers, closely, in Boston, of federal, investigations, underway into a rash of coronavirus. Related deaths at a home for veterans, in. Los Angeles it's now mandatory, to wear face masks, in public anybody. Working at an essential, business or customers. Of those businesses, now, have to wear face coverings, by law. President. Trump participated. In what the White House called an Easter, blessing, with, a Pentecostal. Preacher reminding. Americans, during this holiday week that because, of the outbreak Americans. Won't be gathering as they usually do, so, we will not be able to gather together with. One another. We. Can use the sacred time to focus on prayer, reflection. And growing in our personal, relationship, with God most churches have planned a livestream services. Governors. In some states say they will use police, officers, to, enforce social. Distancing, measures at, the Vatican, Pope Francis is leading, services, this Good Friday where social distancing, measures. Plays music. And mass streaming. And broadcast, to worshipers a severe. Weather threat looms, over Easter weekend, Texas, already battered, by severe, storms now faces potential, for wind hail, and tornadoes. 2ef. Zeroes touched down in Fayetteville Ohio now more than 50 million in the path of a possible, tornado outbreak. From Texas, to the Carolinas, with the Gulf states particularly. At risk. Despite. A pandemic, the college bribery, case against Lauri Lachlan and Massimo, Jian uli continues, prosecutors. Released a bunch of damning material, against them including their daughters staged, rowing, photos, that they sent to the scams alleged ringleader Rick singer overall. Lachlan, and Gia newly paid singer sham charity, five hundred thousand, dollars to falsify, athletic, portfolios, for their daughters to get into USC their, trial is set for October. Welcome. Back a large part of the country is also on severe, weather watch, over the holiday weekend, tornadoes, and severe storms ripped through the south here's just a bit, of the devastation, in Arkansas, and in Texas, damaging, winds hail and intense flood swept in across much of the state causing. A lot of damage and although it's April sure, doesn't look like it in Maine look at that heavy snow blanketing. Several. Areas, let's. Take a closer look at what to expect too over the weekend and what you need to do to stay safe from the storms while in quarantine. ABC News senior, meteorologist, Rob Marciano has, more hey. Lizzie good evening to you on top of all that we have to think about with the kovin 19 safety.

Measures We do have a significant, severe weather threat, happening, this weekend, pretty much the entire weekend we already have a severe thunderstorm watch that's posted for West Texas but this low that's coming out of California. That, ejects into the plains tomorrow and the real show begins really, late in the day tomorrow and lasts right through Easter, Sunday and even into Monday so here's, how it pans out I think tomorrow late in the day San, Antonio Austin, Texas Dallas you could see some strong thunderstorms that. Could very well produce tornadoes large. Hail and some damaging, winds that does cruise to Houston. During the overnight hours tomorrow, night into into, Sunday and then we start to get more in the way of some, lower-level dynamics. A lot of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico, and ahead of this front we could see some supercell. Thunderstorms. That develop and that means not, just tornadoes, but possibly, some strong tornadoes, that last on the ground for a long time and those are the scariest kind so from Central Louisiana right, up through the entire state of Mississippi, that's the bullseye and through Birmingham Tuscaloosa. Alabama as, well but you can't rule out one in Nashville Atlanta. Back through Tallahassee, north and east today we're looking at a flood threat north and west there a snow, threat as well so you're. Gonna want to keep an eye to your local, WIC, stations, think, about this if you'd normally go to a basement like I'm in right now that's a safe spot but if you don't have that luxury you mean typically go to a public, shelter well those public, shelters are likely, not open, because. Of kovat 19 so call your local officials, at the very least get an alternate plan to keep you and your family, safe with. This situation again watch. Your local ABC stations, and if you don't have that get, yourself a handy dandy weather radio, turn, that on and it will alert you when dangerous. Weather heads, your way so, we'll keep track of it throughout, the weekend Lindsay you stay safe from the weather and of course the, virus back to you alright, our thanks Rob covered 19 complicating, even, people responding, to severe, weather at this point and tonight convicted. Rapist Harvey Weinstein is facing an additional, count of sexual assault Los Angeles County prosecutors. Announced, today the new count is in connection with Weinstein's, alleged attack of a, woman at a Beverly Hills hotel in 2010. This comes on top of the four counts of sexual assault and battery he's already been charged with his Los Angeles he, has pleaded not guilty and he's awaiting trial, there the. Former Hollywood mogul was sent to prison in New York for 23. Years after, he was found guilty on rape and sexual assault charges back in February, he recently overcame. The, corona virus, as many. Have said the key to reopening. The country just may lie in testing. Particularly, for antibodies researchers. In California tested. Thousands, of people this week and our Kaylee hartaum has the latest developments.

Tonight. On the front lines of a key battle in the fight to get America, back to work a line, of people in Northern California waiting, for an antibody, test to, determine whether they've been exposed to the corona virus without, knowing it and may now be immune the key to reopening. Is going to be 10, the antibody, testing in California, part of a USC Stanford, study requires. Just, a drop of blood a simple, pinprick, they say it costs about 10 bucks and results, are available in, about 10 minutes 10. Dollars, 10, minutes per test and, you. Are gathering, incredibly. Valuable information, we. Can do this on a very, large scale if you want to the federal government, has yet to deploy a nationwide, test New, York State the epicenter, of the crisis, is developing, its own but, they're only able to perform a few thousand, tests a week it's, not enough if you want to reopen on, a meaningful. Scale. And reopen. Quickly. We need. An. Unprecedented. Mobilization. Where. Government. Can produce. These. Tests. In the, millions. Today. Governor Cuomo calling on President Trump to use the defense production act to make private, companies produce antibody, tests, but today from the White House there's, not a lot of issues with testing the, president, has downplayed the need for nationwide testing, to diagnose kovat 19 or detect, whether a person has had the virus and is now possibly, immune. And. We're going to see if we have it do you need it no is it a nice thing to do yes we're. Talking about three, hundred and twenty five million, people, and. That's not going to happen but dr. Anthony Fauci says testing, is key and today, announced the federal government is closing, in on an antibody test within, a period of a week or so we're, going to have a rather, large number, of tests, that are available, president Trump now making this pledge we're, confident. That the production will scale up to, tens of millions of tests, very quickly. Our. Thanks to Kaylee parents, have certainly been transformed, into teachers, and principals, after, K through 12 schools started to close because of this pandemic almost a month ago Gianni Rodriguez, who we first, follow when she started, teaching her four children a few weeks ago well she checked back in with us today to tell us how, she's holding up with, this new normal, we're. On week three of distance, learning. Technically. We were on week four but we had spring, break in between at some point at, the end of March so that was fun. We've. Got a routine the kids know what they need to do they, know what time they have to get up and they have to eat breakfast and all those things but, it still to. Me is not. Getting any easier I'm back in school myself my class has started up again so. I've got that on top of work and their school so I'm now like losing. More, of my mind than I've already lost. The. Kids are adjusted, pretty well to being at home and. I. Think some colorful, of them go for it but. Me. I honestly. Cannot wait for this to be done as. Mom was tired and I. Just. Want to go back. To everything being normal. Education. Struggles are certainly real for so many families, right now for 55, million, American. Children school. Is closed, in, its place virtual learning homeschooling, and for many way. Too much screen time but, not all families are equally equipped to navigate, this new normal so for more we bring in former Secretary, of Education Arne, Duncan thanks, so much for joining us we appreciate it. So. With children learning from home what about families, that don't have computers or access, to the Internet are, you concerned about, increasing. The achievement, gap and, what should be done. What. This crisis, is doing is letting, all of us know exactly, how. Unequal. Access to, educational, opportunity, is today in our country and if there's any silver, lining to, this horrible time is if we have to confront this honestly, and courageously, together, so, the short term we're seeing amazing innovation.

Boston. Gave out 30,000. Devices, my hometown here in Chicago. 100,000. Devices San Antonio's doing the same thing is not just access. To that. Technology to the hardware its access to the Internet and access. To Wi-Fi we. Need to reimagine, what. Education. Looks like what, equal access, to educational. Opportunity, looks at the back end of this we have to close the, digital divide once, and for all and, free, school lunches are a lifeline for many families. More. So now than with. Unemployment, rising, what impact are the school closures having on these children. Well. I'm, talking to school superintendents. And those involved in food distribution every, single week including, a conference, call today, I'm actually, blown, away by the level of ingenuity. Commitment. Compassion. Empathy, 8 school. Districts, nonprofits. Are giving, out millions. Of meals on a daily basis not, just to school children to their families, to other members in the community we. See unemployment, rates skyrocketing. Every single week families. That were felt, stable a few weeks ago now had, their world turned upside, down I'm, schools, aren't just physical buildings which learning takes place schools. Are social, safety nets and they have turned into massive, food distribution. Centers that need is growing it's gonna continue to grow but, there's such a seriousness, of purpose here, it, makes me feel really hopeful about where we're going, you've. Pushed in the past states to adopt the common core standards which relies heavily on testing, obviously, how, will that work this year I mean should schools put all those exams on hold. What. Becomes. On the court this means having high standards where. Students who are hitting those standards, will be on staff to go on to college and be successful. And not take remedial classes so. What should schools do about end of your assessments, you, know no, one really knows my honest opinion, is that people are not gonna go back to a physical, school building this year so it doesn't make any sense whatsoever to do those assessments, if, we are able to reopen school, by the summer I would love to see lots and lots of kids around the country have the chance to go back to summer school if, that's not possible we'll, have to keep the online going online learning.

Do The summer and, then if we go back to our physical buildings in the fall maybe, we extend the 2021. School year and go into next summer if I could also add the academic, piece is huge but I are you now, more than ever probably more important, is supporting, our children socially. And emotionally and. The amount of stress they're experiencing, the amount of trauma taking, care of students social and emotional needs making. Sure they're fed they're not hungry that for me is the absolute, priority as we're speaking here today I just want to underscore a point that you just made a lot of students. And and teachers alike or under the oppression that perhaps they. May be going back to school in may you think that that's not likely I, would. Love that to be the case I just, don't know if that's realistic or not and again we have to be planning for every contingency so, we have to plan to go back to school in May we, used to plan to go back to school in June or July we. Have to plan to go back to school in September what. Do you think that the lasting, impact on education is, of the these few months of outside, of school and and how should schools consider, those. Who are gonna advance, to. The next grade for example, well. Let. Me sort of step back in. Every crisis, this is a terrible crisis, and we are not ruin, yet so we have to stay focused on getting through this crisis, and keeping people alive first, and foremost in. Every crisis there's an opportunity to think, about things differently and to reimagine differently. Let me be really clear for me that the goal should not be to go back to what was there before you. Go back to court I'm quoting normal, because quite frankly that, normal wasn't good enough or far, too many children across this country so, how do we take our educational, system to the next level, I would think about who is that we talked earlier about closing the digital digital. Divide can. We come back not, to the old normal, which wasn't good enough but, to a new normal, there's much more fair, and just and equitable and where children across, this country every single child has access to, high-quality. Education, that. Has to be there at our aspiration. And I hope you have the courage to ask those hard questions and answer, them together in, a way that benefits every, single child and, ultimately benefits, our our nation I just.

Want To double back to again, the idea of schools reopening, do you think that that should be something. That is a local decision or, a national, guideline. Well. I think, that, this pandemic this virus doesn't know what district it's in or what city of dinner what county is in at what state is in it doesn't know any borders, or barriers and so we have to work together I, hate. To close schools right let the Chicago Public Schools for seven and a half years we never took a single day off we, never had a snow day we've never had a strike but this is a different time in our first priority, is to keep people alive, and so, it is absolutely critical, that we physical, distance, I like the term social, distancing, means stay connected socially. More than ever so we have to maintain our physical, distance, and, until we're past this, it is life-saving. For everybody, keep, the schools close and keep people at home and that's hard my wife and I have two children at home and we're all adjusting to this homeschooling, thing together but. For the foreseeable. Future we. Need to keep our physical, distance, and, let. This thing run its course, platanus. Per heart and when it is safe to go back when, it is safe we should go back but not a day before then we, are all adjusting, that is for sure I can't believe that in Chicago you never had a snow day but, arne, duncan i didn't, believe no. But no days off we. Appreciate, that make sure those kids are educated or arne duncan we thank you so much for your time and your insight. Well. Most colleges, and universities, have now suspended, in-person, classes, for the remainder of the semester and for students, to quickly move, off campus but in the days between cancellation. And moving out it then dawned on some seniors, that they're not actually gonna get to participate in a traditional, commencement, ceremony, so many. Of them decided we'll. Hold our own DIY, ceremonies. Or foemen, sment says they're now called, we caught up with a few of those seniors take a look. Together. And, initially, I. I only, meant it to be I mean it was a sort of a half joking event and then Simon is certainly something I've been looking forward to I think what's special about it is it's a place for like your family to come and gather and celebrate you, and. Just for there to be like sort, of ritual - it can. Really help see, like confusion. Leading, somewhere I don't, think I've ever cried so much in one day just. To think that like I will never will, be able to see these people ever, again. Because. Of this whole pandemic. Korona men sment just, kind. Of reinstalled, my hope and, my positivity.

In, This whole situation because, like yeah we didn't get the official commencement where, we got like all of our cool caps and gowns but, it was it meant, so. Much, just. To be, like earth in a little forum in front of her book store with. All of our friends, I asked, one of my friends hey can, we do this together and so I created a Facebook group and, I started sharing this with the student, body for, me particularly, was, a a, very. Touch. Moment, because. Coming here as the first openly, trans woman at Wellesley College I, wanted. To graduate, like I ambition, this moment for so long I wanted to to, walk that stage. Be, there with my friends, be there with the people that I love, so. It was very meaningful to me and I know I was very meaningful to other people, especially for, low-income, and first-generation, students. Immigrant. Students this eye thing only demonstrates, how a. Community. Together. Can. Make things happen like brilliantly. A little. Pomp and circumstance, any way they can get it and when we come back some were working from home or not letting Quarantine, cramp, their style the. Outfit, inspiration, you, never knew you needed and, before, we go to break we leave you with this, peaceful. Moment, the, US Department of Interior posting. This virtual. Hike in Oregon. That. Beautiful, voice that you're hearing is an Ohio doctor, not only treating, his patients but. Trying to uplift, them as well, and, one. Walmart, executive, recently, mentioned an increase, in sales for tops but not bottoms, suggesting, that people are only concerned, from the waist up or whatever can be seen on zoom from, plaid pajamas too frivolous frocks, or, those who even bother to make it out of their PJs, what are you wearing, while working from home we want to know, when. Every, day is dressed, down Friday maybe. Sometimes, it's turn-up Tuesday and the biggest decision after you get up is choosing, your getup we're, posing the age-old, red carpet, question of who are you wearing, as you, strut the catwalk, from the closet to the couch for the conference, call at noon bedroom. Chic Java, pants or the classic, sweat suit loungewear. At its finest, virtually. An international. Competition of, who wore it best, slippers. Are in and robes, are making a huge comeback a duvet. Cover shawl. Yes, we're bedspreads, these days is actually a thing while, some are bringing sexy back others, are going for a revival of the 80s at, wfh. Fitz aka, working, from home outfits, is an Instagram, page entirely, devoted, to the new executive, uniforms. Of the season, an entire. Thread, about, threat. Instagram. Has become a virtual, meeting place for an entire community of strangers, using hot kochore, to combat, the lockdown blues, with style even. Famed as Isaac Mizrahi posted. This for separation, over, pant, I don't. Know about you but I cannot face another, pair of. Yoga. Pants or pull-on, pants or lounge pants, I just can't. I'm. Kind of thinking like. A three-piece. Suit a, really, tight suit which, will not be a problem right now the. Monochromatic, loungewear. - towel turbans, yes the ultimate, accessory a baby. On your hip because, that's, how we roll these days even, man's best friend is getting in on the work from home action, if. Clothing were a mullet, this would, be in business, on the top party on. The bottom because. Let's. Blow your computer screen after all so go ahead unleash, your. Inner Tiger came, out it's, a world where only the out fittest, survive. Aspiring. Designer and fabric shops are closed no problem, she's, out her sister covered, sewing, together old towels and bed sheets echoing. The latest runway styles, of Paris from the hardwood, floors of home even, the grande on herself. Editor-in-chief, of Vogue magazine Anna, Wintour. Posted, her stay, chic stay at home classic knit, sweater and scarf ensemble, and of, course sunglasses. A must from, swanky, to sexy Dappy to debonair frills, or no frills, go, ahead and work it from home don't. Be afraid to rock those tiered, ruffled sleeves, with, boots to boot and some snazzy fridge, pins to bring it all together. Really. So, last season. Even. Doing don't, let cabin, fever hamper, your style, elegance. Is a frame of mind in these days Humphrey. Reign supreme, what. Struck me on this site wasn't all that snazzy but a pair of socks blue, ones for, blue sky thinking because. They're all sunny, days ahead. And. Before. We go tonight the image, of the day amid the pandemic, newborn, babies at a hospital in Thailand are being given many, face, shields, like the one that you're looking at right now a way to give a little extra protection to those adorable bundles.

Of Joy they're. Pretty cute too not. So sure about fashionable, but thanks, so much for joining us tonight I'm Lindsay Davis finally, tonight thousands, of people they. Lost their lives this week and behind each of those statistics is a name, and a face well tonight we remember those whose lives were cut short way. Too soon. Good, night. You. You. You. You.

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