A NEW WAY TO LOOK AT BUSINESS (BG5 - Human Design Business Basics)

A NEW WAY TO LOOK AT BUSINESS (BG5 - Human Design Business Basics)

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Hello visionary. Welcome, to our community, Raquel, and Davidians, channel. Unleash, your genius we, are, here, to assist you in awakening. Your true potential, and shining. Your genius, in your life and in your business, today's, video, is a new, way to look. At business, through. Human. Design so stay tuned for some super. Cool intel. Human. Design business, today we're gonna be exploring what. Is a Penta. And a. Wah. When you need business Direction, insights, and new cutting-edge, tools for, your business growth the, hottest, biz assessment. Tool that is available right now, move, over meyers-briggs, human. Design business has, arrived. Sometimes. It's called. Bg5. I'm gonna refer to it as human, design business for, the sake of this, video, so. You know what I'm talking about here, and this, is really gonna be a. Basic. Video, on. Your. Human, design and. Business. So pull. Out your notebooks. And let's get down to business, so, when people are not working in alignment with their design, in business. Here's some of the things we see. Frustration. In the workplace. People. Not satisfied. In their work assignments. People, disappointed. And bitter people. Doing work they don't enjoy. People. Not being allowed to work, in the area that they are propria. To. Excel, at people. Running personal, businesses, that are not successful, it's. Usually because, they're. Not designed. For a solo, venture so, don't, you think it's important, to know what. You're designed, for, two really, unkind, what is right for you, what. You're gonna excel, at to understand, why, you're feeling so burned. Out and, to, really allow those people are designed, to innovate, to let them lead. And, let them innovate this. Stuff is going to transform. The, world of business over the next 10 years and, if, you're, in. Business for yourself you, really, need to understand, this if you are. Coaching, other people, or leading other people in, any type of business you, really need to understand, this and of. Course whatever, career, or business you're, in if you, can tap into your, unique, superpower you're. Gonna find a heck, of a lot more satisfaction. And a, lot more success, by, understanding, this. Intel, in, business. We look at where a person, can most be satisfied, successful. Peaceful. Or, delightfully. Surprised. So technically, anyone, can work in any environment however. Based on someone's, individual. Design, some, environments. May be more ideal than, others the, key is understanding, which. Business, environment, best suits you so, if you don't know the basics, of Human Design we do have some great videos that help you to uncover. The. Basics. How to read your chart and what. Unique. Type you are and so. You do want to start there but if you know the basics, and you're ready to implement, this, and utilize. It in a practical, manner for, true. Success. Then. Let's. Go ahead and dive in, so. Human Design, business. Foundation, in, the. Human, design business we, simply. Give you tools to increase your bottom line in, your business really. That is what most, businesses. Want they want to be able to increase, how, much money they're making their, success, to create, a flow, in their business, to make sure that everything, is operating, smoothly to, get the King stats make the best sales. With the least possible amount. Effort, and we do this by knowing, your uniqueness. And, understanding. How people on your team will. Operate, at their very, best so. Here's some of the things you're gonna discover by. Understanding. Your, business design. Are, you designed for solopreneur, ship will. A partnership. Work better for you do you have skills, and raising, money sales, marketing. Are, you even designed for this and if not wouldn't. You like to know who is so you can bring those people onto your team are, you. Meant to be a starter. Can. You handle, a nine to five work day or work environment, who, do you work best with, how. Can you live your life purpose, in your, workplace how. Can you always make, the best decisions in, your business do. You fit, into a tribe, or small business, or are you here to lead, large, groups, so don't, you think it'd be helpful to know I, see.

So Many people so, many of our clients that really, are not designed. To, be in, the corporate, world are, not designed, to be in small businesses. And that's what they're stuck in they're wondering, why they're so uncomfortable they're, doing, the law of attraction they're, doing all types of mindset, tools and yet if their aura mechanics. Are not operating. Properly or, they're in the wrong environment, sometimes, no matter what you do you're gonna bump up against obstacles, and resistance. So having. This, piece, of information is. Really. Like giving yourself a golden, key to opening, new doors of opportunity. Possibility. And. Direction. For, your business, and for your ventures. The goal. Of human design business is really to assess, the issues, in the business, that need assessing, so really understanding, you, know this also applies, to your career, and. What. It is you're doing that makes money or if you're trying to start a new business or you're trying to switch careers this, is really. The useful, so if, you have a private, company or a solo, business, venture, small, or a large company with this intact we can go in and help you understand. The, issues, right, away and how people are operating. And what, little tweaks can be made in the business, to create. The, greatest flow, we, can also free. People, to live their highest ensure expression, in the workplace so this is also if you have a business, and you're wondering, how, to, assist. Your. Employees. In. Helping. Them to reach their highest expression, and their, work with you this is a super, great tool in order to bring, out the best in people it's also gonna help to create environment. Where all of, the employees, are accessing, their highest potential so the company's, bottom, line improves. You know when people are really doing their best they know how to add, value. To the bottom line it's, also intended, to spur greater productivity. For, everyone, in the company or the business or even for yourself if you're in a company it's gonna assist you in your greater capacity. Or if, you are an entrepreneur it's. Also, intended, to properly, guide. Entrepreneurs. To additional, tools or, skills they may be lacking, or need, in order to increase their business and it's also to help problem, solve, in the business, with the ultimate goal of being, able to increase the profit, for the company so you can see this is an assessment tool that really.

Is, Needed. In the workplace, so. Human Design business, is really. A tool, that. We, explore. The business side of your human design chart, we are looking. At how to maximize. Successful. Business practices, in order to create, careers. And business, that make money but, also that, are fulfilling. Now. This means that it's. Fulfilling, not just for you the leader but for every person on the team so. If you're an owner of a business and. You. Are. Doing. Well. But you're creating disharmony, with. Your employees. It will only last for so long and we all know this we've all you, know if you're an entrepreneur you, know that if your employees. Or people, on your team are, not happy. It's, one. Or, two paychecks. Away from, disaster, and. Disaster. With employees, can be very intense and very costly, for any organization. Human, design business shows, us that many people, are playing. Roles, in business that they're not designed, for this. Means, they may not feel satisfied. Or seen, and this. Is truly, an, epidemic. So, many people, are, unsatisfied. In the work that they're doing or they're in a, business, or career that's uncomfortable, for them they're, not making enough money or, they're not really utilizing. Their true divine, gifts, and this does take, some time to. Uncover and. Unleash. This. Is why I'm so passionate about, this, work because. Over, the next 10 years it's, going to increase. There's, gonna be a greater pressure for people to have work that's more aligned and more satisfying. And these, tools are gonna really, help, people to. Awaken, greater. And greater depth, and greater and greater satisfaction, in. Their, careers, entrepreneurs. And companies must. Be willing to look at things from a brand new perspective we're. In a new world it's not just the digital age, it's also the age of the individual, it's the age of human awakening, it's the age of having, to know yourself, on a deeper, level looking. Inside at your, mindset, but also the way in which you're designed, to best operate. In order, to have success, in your own personal. Life and in, your business so. What does human design look at what, does human design business look at anyways well, when. Three, or more people come together for. Business, then. It creates, what, is known, as a. Penta. Okay. Only. Six. Chain, tunnels are looked, at so, you'll notice over here on the right this. Is our human design chart and when three or more people come together it. Forms. This, trans. Org entity. Which. Is called a Penta. And this, Penta, only. Recognizes. These. Six. Channels. So this is what happens. When. Any. Solo. Venture. Expands. To. Three, people, it's also what's happening in, any, small business and, any group and any networking group these.

Are The only channels, that are recognized, and, in. This. Penton. Individuality. Is, not, recognized. So, if you're part of our community you'll. Understand, this and if you need more Intel, we're, happy, to assist you we've got some great free gifts you're also welcome to go, to our website Rick Allen Davidian calm, and go into the. Chat. Area if you want, to go deeper, with us so we can assist you in really understanding, do you have individuality, that's, not being recognized, in a small group you know understanding. This is key because if, you feel. Like. You're, either a lone wolf or you feel like you're. Sort of a mutant, or you. Are. Uncomfortable. In a group it could, be because your. Uniqueness, your, gifts aren't being recognized, by the Penta. That's very uncomfortable, for the individual, and so there's ways to create, businesses. That really. Recognizes. Your uniqueness, and, oftentimes. Means, might. Mean that you need to be, in your own business. But, the key, here is that when. We uncover. Your. Chart we, can discover. Where. Your best designed. To. Express, and, live. Your. Unique, genius. So, the Penta, takes from us what it needs and it ignores, the rest, the. Penta, is interested. In these, six channels. Only. The. Penta pools individual. Orders together to create the. Trans org form, of the Penta, it, homogenizes. The group into a cohesive, unit to go out and conquer the Material, Plane yes, businesses. Are here to conquer. The Material Plane make more money have success, so, you can see it's really important, to under two to be, part of a group that's right for you because. You are going to be conditioned. By that group that means that group is going to influence you and that, group is going to actually. Condition. Who. You are you're gonna become a part of that group so, you know, this if you're in a company or corporation. That. You're not comfortable with or they have values, that are different than yours. It's, a, huge, impact, on your aura and on your soul, and. So you really do need to question. Deeply. If, these. Values, are aligned, with your heart, and your soul because. The group is a, force. And it will move you in a direction and, it. Might move you in a direction that's not correct for you and that can be super, uncomfortable, so we, currently have, no conscious. Access to the Penta mechanism. We, can only witness, and feel its effect, so, another group in other words groups are not conscious. And so. They're, not aware that they're. Pulling. People forward. Without, recognizing. The individuality. So. This, work gives, people the option, to make money and live on the Material, Plane peacefully.

As Themselves. So, when you can understand, this and you bring the. Seed of awareness. Into. Your workplace, then. What. Begins, to unfold is. A. Harmony. Because. You, get to live as yourself, and then. Your. Of your co-workers, and other people in your business will. Have, the freedom to live as themselves as well when. We understand, what we're designed for it. For, a smooth, business. Experience. The, pain, the, struggle, the frustration, and bitterness in, the workplace, slowly. Begins. To dissipate, now. This is really. What. We see when. We're looking at, the transformation, in, the rave chart, over the next seven. Years so. You, can see why. This Intel. Is so, important. Imagine. A world where, people are, working. In, joy. You. Know whenever you have a holiday or time or season, when people aren't in the hustle and bustle there's. A peace, and a, joy that's. In the collective, and. When. You're, in. Traffic. Or, you're in some sort of environment. Where people are, pushing and in angst, and really, in frustration, you can, feel, it and this. Causes, a lot of pain and a, lot of angst, in, the families, and, how. People relate to each other and, it's. A basic. You. Know chaos. On the planet, and so. If, you're part of the cutting edge and you're ready to really, uncover. Who. You truly are and. You're. Willing, to take. The time to really self actualize. It, is, healing. The planet one. By one slowly, moving. Into a harmony, we're, creating, a new world a place where people can actually be in peace so the first question we need to ask is do you have Penta, channels, so, pull out your chart if you don't understand, get our free gift we show you where to get a free chart we show you how to read it but what you're looking at are these six channels so, if you have a channel, or a gate. Anywhere. In, this area on your chart then. You, have, a Penta, channel or a Penta. Gate that's one of these hanging gates here one of these channels again, if you don't know how to read this I'll put it in the notes below how. To read your chart the human, design basics, and, if. You have any of these channels or gates then you actually are designed. To. Perform. Well in a small group now of course there's a lot of other things that we look at in your chart to see if it's correct, for you people are complex, so this is one of the things we look at so if you do have a Penta, or a, gate, or a channel, then. You might, perform, well in a small group or a small business model, this is anywhere, from 3, to 15. People so. Here, are some of the things that. You'll learn about yourself, and, your. Business when. You dive into, the power of the Penta, so, first. Off let me reiterate. This. Is what happens, when three, or more people come together. So. If you have any one of these gates or any one of these channels. This. Skills, actually, are drawn, out of you in a small group, even. If you are not. Professionally. Skilled or, trained, in these particular. Areas. So. What we're gonna see, is, that. If you have a gate, or a channel you. May. Excel. In. A small group in, areas. That you, didn't, even know you, had and. So. It's really, great to understand, what, might be missing, because. Even, somebody who is trained, in sales if they don't have that Gator that channel you, may feel a lack, or sickness, in the business. Because. You don't really have the or mechanics. To back it up so, we'll, learn about, administration. Public, relations, oversight. Planning. Implementation. Accounting. Reliability. Of the of the company vision, coordination. Culture, capacity. Commitment, this, has to do with sales, and, it. Has to do with getting your products, in the right place, it has to do with making sure you're on the cutting edge, of the, competition and. Making. Sure that, the. Business. Is heading in the right direction. So you can see knowing. That, if you have, all, of the Penta filled in in your small business, you're. Going, to have a lot, of genuine. Success things, moving. It, might feel like a well-oiled, machine, and, if you have something missing it, could feel like your business, is limping on a broken, leg so, this is all, things. That we diagnose, when we dive into your. Bg5. Or human, design business, analysis. The, next thing we look at is large, businesses. Organization. Boards, our team we call this a wah or an OC, 16, it's the large, business. Dynamic. Basics, and basically. This is a large group and it creates an ORAC connection, between pentas. Its forms, a trans, work entity, called a wah, the, Oise comprised. Of six organizing. Channels, and it, consists, of three pentas, plus one, alpha is, the leader which.

Is Basically, the, projector. The projector, is really supposed to be the Alpha of the Penta the one who leads guides, and directs the generator. Fuel and, when. You have a channel in a wah it means, that you're comfortable leading large groups, this, is like having a CEO, leadership, skill hidden, in your chart and it, means you'll perform well in a large group with over 16, people you're. Here, to you. Know be, the CEO of that, particular. Channel. So, go ahead and pull out your charts, and I'll. Show you in just a minute if you have one of these wah channels, so, things. Begin. To change when you move into 16, people in your business you know then it moves into the CEO, position and. You'll, see this in a networking, group a large organization. Or if your business is ready to pop up to 16 people you. Really know if you're designed for that or if you should keep your business under, 15, people and keep it a smaller, organization. There's really, basic, tools on, how to leverage. Your company, expand, in a way that's gonna be appropriate. For your design, again, if you have questions on this do not hesitate to reach out for us this is what we specialize in, and we can support you in your business, understanding. How, to access. This, knowledge in your chart and in your company. So go ahead and pull out your chart let's explore if you have any CEO, leadership. Channels. So, this is what we're looking for the chairs of the wall we're, looking, for channel 360. The, 59, 6 the, 50 27. The, 214. The. 25, 51. Or the 45, 21. So. Those are gonna be the channels, of the WHA this. Is the dynamic, basics, for a large business for, an organization. Aboard a company, and if, you have one of these channels, then. You're, gonna find yourself comfortable. Leading large. Organizations. Now, obviously, this is the basics, of the, human, design business, but. If you're curious to see if, you, are designed, for solopreneur. Shapour partnership, or how the best operators, yourself, in business career, or life then, don't hesitate to reach out we. Are here to lead guide, and direct you, to unleash. Your genius. So you can find this i'm raquel in Davidian calm or in the notes I will be providing you with our, very. Special free, gift that, really gives. You the tools to, understand. How to unleash, your genius and business because we, are here on a mission to, assist, each and every one of you in our community to. Be, in your, place of harmony, in your business, so, we love, your comments and your feedback and, your questions, so go ahead and leave. Us a comment, a comment, and, subscribe. To our channel we're gonna do a lot deeper intel we have new videos coming out all the time and, so we do really appreciate any likes, or, shares or. Subscribes. To, our channel, so we thank you and look forward to working with you and hearing, and, hearing about your, unique, genius alright everybody thanks, so much for.

Being Willing, to unleash. Your. Unique, superpower, to the world because, we all are, in, this together and, it's, time for, the new world to, open their eyes to, new possibilities, alright. Guys I'll see you on the next video have an amazing day.

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@ 20.12 mins I think your business skills chart label 'Gate 5' should read 'Gate 15' & vice versa. Enjoying your videos. Thanks

I think BG5 is an important part of discovering how to work with our design in business. You explain it so well too. It helps me to fill in the blanks and see where I can work with my my chart for success. Thank you!

Thanks so much for commenting here Faith!! I absolutely agree, I believe that over the next 10 years this intel is going to be even more crucial. As we see the breakdown of the corporate environment or jobs that are not satisfying for people, using this as a GPS will really help!!

+Raquel and Davidian: UNLEASH YOUR GENIUS! you're welcome. As things continue to evolve, the value of this information will become more apparent. I'm glad you are there to guide people through the changes. :)

Hey Paul Summers thanks so much for the insight!! Did you get your questions answered on Capacity?

+Faith Presley appreciate your feedback. I agree as people get increasingly more uncomfortable trying to fit into a work place that is incorrect for them...they will look for new tools to understand their life purpose.

That is my vision- that people everywhere are doing their purpose work in joy!

Beautiful Lisa we are on the same mission!! It is so needed!

And thank you!! Let's do this :)

+Raquel and Davidian: UNLEASH YOUR GENIUS! Indeed!! Thank you for your work in the world!

@Raquel and Davidian: UNLEASH YOUR GENIUS! Indeed!! Thank you for your work in the world!

@Faith Presley appreciate your feedback. I agree as people get increasingly more uncomfortable trying to fit into a work place that is incorrect for them...they will look for new tools to understand their life purpose.

@Raquel and Davidian: UNLEASH YOUR GENIUS! you're welcome. As things continue to evolve, the value of this information will become more apparent. I'm glad you are there to guide people through the changes. :)

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