A Death In The Family - Pokemon S&S Nuzelocke | Part 3

A Death In The Family - Pokemon S&S Nuzelocke | Part 3

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Little amperes in my way that's, fine you know what we'll come back for them no no no stay hey. Guys. Welcome. Back to, the Pokemon shield, sword Nuzlocke, challenge I, think today we will be stopping by our very first Pokemon, gym I'm gonna fight, every chain ER I come across but, I'm, not gonna really grind out this time my squad is great it's well balanced, I'm ready to go take on the gym leader everyone's, still alive there, has been no. Deaths yet. Alright, let's, do it so we got to go to the ceremony first, this is it now my legend really begins, watch out Zak I'll beat you to moto Sosuke okay, see. It's always run, it off okay so now it's time for the opening ceremony, we got people wanna see is he staying the same stuff, yep. Oh I, wish, I got, to get my uniform number, two. Comin. At ya you look sharp as a pin thank, you now we're ready at last for the opening ceremony, for this year's gym challenge alright let's do it alright guys opening. Ceremony here we go. Yes. Your boy is. The chairman ladies and gentlemen I am rose chairman. Of pokemon league it is my pleasure to announce that finally, the gala region gym challenge, will now begin you gotta defeat the eight Gym Leaders yeah now would you like to innovate the gym leaders to show themselves oh here. We go, let's see ya. Slow-mo. Walk out to let everybody know you're cool all, right we got the fighting farmer. Grass type expert, my low water type NASA easy peasy I'm grass type here comes the fire type veteran kibou the karate, prodigy. Back. Then. The ferry time user Opel granny hard, rock, crusher. Gordie. Right, on the, top gym leader he's so cool, fortunately, we're missing one but four very ominous who, is that gonna be these are the gym leaders that we and the galore region are proud to call our own yeah. And. Here's me step now is your dream come true to one three what it be is, if he's. The new chip, in a Pokemon. Yeah, let's, do this I'm. Ready to take down my low. Standing. There on the pitch in stadium in front of everyone, there's really no worse word but I can barely contain my so far is racing. And you made it at last hop and you too if you share the two trainers our champions, endorsed, himself, what. Up Rob I see you both already possessed Dynomax bans how wonderful, seems you two have been led here by the guiding, light of the wishing stars by, the way it's my wonderful company that invented those Dynomax bags you know alright no need to flex calm down now I'm terribly sorry but there's some urgent business I need to attend to so I must be on my way so we're gonna go to root 3 and hop, is gone let's get something straight based on everything we just saw we, have to assume that now, it's, not like in the past Pokemon, where the, gym challenge was an ongoing thing, it seems like it's once a year certain, trainers are picked and you have to make it by a certain time which, means Gramps. Over here has, been trying to do it for years, and. He's still I got nothing Oh a gift from the Chairman himself gift. Is access. To the flying taxis, ok. There are lots of things that were streamlined. In this one that you didn't have to do so instead of worrying about when you get fly being able to fly back to places, it's, just option. From the beginning oh my. Own team yell over here the gym town oh, my, god I guess I'll fight you it should be pretty good you went up one level since I saw you good good job I guess double, kick is super effective, that's great let's do that.

And, Another. One. Easy. Money. Looka D that's flying switch. Pokemon. Take. That oh. You. Hate to see love a 14 huh that's, not bad. Get. Him pops talking some mess just to use branch poke on me I. Want, a more impressive fire, attack, when is he gonna get that oh he's giving me his league card just. To show all, right so. We like collect each other's league cards, not like need like a photo of pop you know I see him 24/7. Anyway, all right we're on route 3 oh wow. Get. Back pop I don't want you to go I didn't want the Zigzagoon. And it just rushed me like a maniac we're, gonna use a quick ball and catch it the quicker you use the ball the. Easier, and it catches Pokemon, so you're the best way to use it is at the top of match you, catch it stat has full health stupid, zigzag oh did, not want a zigzag though your name is gene, Simmons. My, gene, Simmons to the party oh we got a battle let's, battle Vulpix, you interesting. Level, 12 so we're getting into some some. Actual levels, here you see if I could double hit yet I. Used. A quick attack she. Did something with fire now. You get hit with the stick. Goodnight. They. Pay so much, for winning, I'm, gonna buy some new jeans oh you trying to fight to get, over here let me catch you up with these leaves. How. Should i hurt. That's. Pretty nice Oh oh no, you. Raw gene Simmons unfortunate. For you he's. Gonna lick yeah I. Didn't. Do anything, oh. There's. Somebody to just, kill. You real quick. This. Stupid, gene Simmons I just caught it's dead sure like I was like didn't. Want him but. Why he was strong and now. I'm. Glad I didn't waste this, is stupid, man I can't believe I didn't want him at first who's growing on me just, as I was getting ready to love him he died I guess this is it oh whoa. Get. Back huh I want you to know I didn't, want the, Zigzagoon. And it just rushed me like a maniac, stupid. Zigzagging did. Not want a Zigzagoon. Bye-bye. Gene Simmons, Oh what do we got another, Zigzagoon. I should check this way out though oh. Okay. Oh, okay. I'm, a chop this tackle. Isn't that strong it, should be okay. Yes. Okay great choose these pokeballs. Alright. Hey. We're. Gonna call him a name that I think if, you, would appreciate buff boy let's, keep moving, no. Sonia. Where's hop where do you think he is Sonia, he went on ahead just, past route 3 there's a mine where they dig up or the Chairman really has his hand in everything yeah, it seems like he's brilliant he seems like he's suspicious too so this is root 3 I can't catch anything ok this is but. A cave that's a different area root, for different area oh. Oh. Mailman, huh time to deliver some paint delibird, I. Like. Amber should be pretty good done right Oh. Yep. Right. Yeah. Go go to sleep spectacles, is evolving, whoa. Dang. Noctowl. Okay. Knowing. It whoa ah. Okay. Let's catch we don't want the flyboy in the thick daddy let's, go Big Daddy let's just do it I've been gaming enough of it but. This is the first one I saw level 11. So. Let's just quick attack and see what happens. Nice. Yeah. I can't kill. You so. Let me just do a double hit so you can be alive, yeah. See doesn't. Do much we do a quick attack again it shouldn't kill it. No. Oh, now. I can't, catch, any in this whole, area I, thought it would leaving with a little, bit I was getting too cocky I'm gonna try and use the heel ball now and get in that mall don't. Say. No. We're gonna bring out Egerton you put them to sleep yeah, and. Now he's. Like Oh mostly be baby I'm, too sleepy now, I can't get out your ball no, you can't go, to sleep. One. Two. Three. Your. Soul is mine give, me that so it's called Teamster but. It's short four Teamster local 420. Strawberry, is really, starting, though step it up Alfred, on the other hand you got to go in the box oh I, love this watch you're gonna see why I love this area hey I'm looking for work yeah oh yeah coming out yeah here we go and it's rock and roll rock, types are weak against grass so, I get to one-shot everything, but.

They're Close in level, so I get all that XP, what's up what you got Georgia. Timber. We're really close levels. I'm, gonna train him up. Yeah. Critical, hit low kick out oh my. Gosh we're not gonna risk it let's Dragon Claw no one likes dragon, loose right. Wow. There. We go, all right we got a heal our little corn nut cuz that was a close, call, does, this out dude show up to date tender dates yet, not so you must be I mean you must be really Todd no I'm, like five eight nine you. Must be like six, ain't okay so guys we're, back we, had a little bit of technical. Difficulty. I did catch a new Pokemon, I caught Bert Bert is a drill. Bird oh and, I clear I've got a battle coming up clearly I'm ready to cook this fool dude oh my gosh I cannot wait any training with the wishing stars in for a beating from me in my Pokemon okay whatever you know what when you tell me that your time is too important, for me I. Cannot. I suppose I should prove beyond, a doubt stopped athletic you are now strong I am I cannot. Wait to. Smush your face and to dust the losses, this music is something. That's. Kind of Pokemon is that alright we're just gonna go with mochi, cuz. He's my strongest, show. Him a lesson that's right one hit ko beat I talked. To my, shadow ball oh. No. Did I one shot it again oh dear, what have I been doing you're losing to me that's what you're doing I keep Pokemon, there usually my favorite not. So much when it's not on my side Flame Charge yeah. Wack. Goodbye. Come on BT what you got our rival has been taken down our real rival, huh. Turbo. Is evolving. Hello. Sir. Corvus. Squire okay. He, looks super, cool now, move, onto Route four or I can catch a new Pokemon Oh the gym is so close okay we. Just have to beat everyone in this area and then we can go up to the gym yeah. The. Outfit terrible let's light it on fire. Yeah. Let's do a flying move, goodbye. A little buggy, boom. I love, my team so, much oh. Hold. Up a. Little. Beam has turned into a man is that a Pikachu ooh I'll take a Pikachu, come on I'm gonna oh no, oh, wait. I got. Hit with a random, one is. That an Eevee. Oh. I. Got an Eevee, fighting. It strongest normal so I am, going, to go for a weaker. Pokemon, level. 15 though oh wait, let's just try quick ball oh. Well. That's great even the ball, nope. No go go go I'm into pit quit ball. Are. Your souls mine so it's fine we just need to get him down to, yellow, bar and then we're good come, on. Great. No. Sure. Use a great button now I'm gonna use pokeballs, both. The balls are the best, balls. Pokeballs. Let's. Try this we're. On a red bar it should be fine. What. Do you know. Don't attack it come. On please. Finally. It took so, long. I've seen, this one this is the one that. You have to give the. Tasty tree and like. Dance and then it evolves let's, call it, cupcake, Annika, Miko because it's a cute name some local humor for y'all li do WP, Los. Angeles Department of Water and Power the only person I haven't used is Mia so. I'm gonna send, me away oh. Shoot. Oh my. Gosh oh my. Gosh okay, let's see if I can get away one. Two three Oh No. Get away Wow. Look at them they're. Really going for me here. No. Stop stop following me stop, following me stop, following me stop. Following me no. What am i doing I just, whistled I always, do this I think we've trained up I think we're ready for the gym Lulu, will move, hop. Know. What's. Going on here oh it's, a gym leader I am NOT ready hmm, oh you must be one of the gym challengers, right yes indeed I thought so I saw you had the opening ceremony my logo let's, stop talking the star fight just head on through this route and you'll run right into my stadium see you there come. On out back to the stadium with you - we, can't get the gym challengers, waiting all right he's a super, nice guy thanks. For telling me a grass-type. You. Comes hop up again. Take. A look at this I already got one get out of here dude all right my goal is to defeat the, gym missions, and the gym leader yeah let's, do it all right, one. Way to go this, looks incredible they. Really like stepped up their game I feel like from like the old pokémon, gyms I know the mission given by turf fields pokemon gym is this to, chase our unruly. Lulu, okay do, I have to come on Lulu, oh my god. There. We go okay. This. Is I guess this is what Milo normally. Does, day-to-day. Now we have a yam per a wild. Yam per, no. Go. Or no or no I got him I got him oh I got to fight you first huh just couple of trainers just a couple we're just gonna flame. Wheel our way out of here. Goodbye. I've mixed feelings, this is by far gonna be the easiest gym for me but. Then it's just gonna get harder after, this so I have to really like prepare, in advance for, these next gyms you. Know what. Daddy does.

What. Who are you whistling - oh this, is a this. Looking. That, was cheap. It was right there and it rolled just so I could go to the stupid trainer it doesn't matter. I'll. See you right around town, with a jam, batch, and I'm like pluck, you. Gotta. Audition I, want to kill it real fast so I'm gonna pluck, you and pluck oddish, -. Hey. The loser is so funny. 20. Out of 20 that's, good they're, all ah, they're. All sweating, yeah haha the thing, is if they're near a yapper they get scared and go other ways there's an amazon two sides. Not. Supposed to be that hard this little amber is in my way. That's. Fine you know what we'll come back for them no no no stay hey. We. Did it now watch me just one hit this Gimli alright, final, stretch it's just, so. Tv-show esque I love it look at how packed this is my gyms the first one people face so we get a lot of challengers, that's why I try to keep the gym mission challenging, but that it stopped you from completing it you almost stopped me, come on Lulu no. Going. Over it over I got him I got him they're all oh they're. All splitting, yeah we'll, come back for them no no no stay hey, we will have to Dynomax my Pokemon if I want to win, this. Music, though lhasa, floor you need I, wonder, what I'll do I'm not even gonna Dynomax yet I'm just gonna flame charge and. See how that does. Right. Excellently, elder. Glass will, you switch your Pokemon, this is all yours me so woohoo we're not going to be done in that easy where toughest weeds, then we both know what time it is right my love all right you know max max. Air stream oh yeah you know I have to do it to him look at that big this dude is. Yeah. Billy got. That one little Sharptooth, let's go Milo. Come. On then is Dynomax time you're about to be uprooted oh. My. Goodness. That. Is a scary-looking. Dynamaxx Pokemon. That's. Down this terrifying, max black. Yeah. Nope I don't. Want it I don't want it I don't. Want. Oh. But. It heals me, what. Be, ashame opposed but blast you with some more air right. Good. Night sweet prince. We. Did it. We. Did. My. Mom, Billie was like just. Like that we. Now have a grass badge do, not say I was just gonna pull up see how quick that was just, went, straight for it got it that's proof that you've defeated a gym leader for the gym challenge, allow me to present you with your very own grass, badge. Without. A Pokemon. God. Gym challenge has a set order you'll, need to follow that, means next, up should be in hole berry to meet Nessa I'm gonna take Route five she's, a water. Gym. Type so we're going to destroy. Her of course we have to start this with a moment of silence for gene, Simmons that was unexpected. Honestly, unacceptable. And I'm still, kind of mad about that very proud of the Pokemon who stood through I've seen lots of improvement, across the roster we have, completed. Our first gym. Challenge, that was super. Exciting. I'm excited to see everybody flourish, and blossom, make sure you guys like comment subscribe, share. So, that we can keep making these fun videos and let, us know in the comments, how your Nuzlocke challenge is doing.

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They should make a pluck you remix of the full song. Pls

Does anyone know how the music at the end of the video is called?

Hi! I just wanted to tell you i just started to watch you guys and you grew to be one of my favorite channels. My favorite series by far is this sword and shield nuzlocke, so, i came up with a couple names for you guys to use (if you want) Millie Luna Bulma (from Dragonball Z) Dobby (from Harry Potter) Reese Oreo Yuki (snow in japanese) Chu-Chu Chi-Chi Nacho Cheeto Ava Harold Rudolf Sol (hot temp. in spanish) Glossy Lilo (from lilo and stitch) Stitch Scar Mufasa Nala Simba Ra (god of the sun) Also, to note, i usually just take the name and change it a bit to make it funny. Thanks for reading!

Karma himself

When will you guys make another episode, I'm so anxious to wait for the next episode!

More ! I love this series it’s so good o(´^`)o

Nice song.

if arie saw that zigzagoon, it would be dead. XD

Hey letting you know that at the end of the game you get a charmander

Hi,can Ivy and Zach try to catch farfetch.Because farfetch is sword exclusive and its really strong.If you want to evolve farfetch you need three critical hit in one battle to evolve it.Can Ivy named his farfetch Duckie and Zach names his farfetch Duckly.That all thank you.

carolyn walsh caught*

Who else thinks the ending BGM sounds like a remix of Red Velvet’s Peek A Boo?

Hi,since Names can be hard to choose here are some of the names that i got some ideas: Sushi Chichi Mani Kiwi Yochi Kwami Monoko Kawamara Marshmallow Yama Karamaru Yashu Awesome names: Rocket Meteor Poseidon Ares Hades Jet Maniac Bruce Arrow Cherry AppleCakes Calamari Elegent names: Mariana Elizabeth Amelia Aurora Cassandra Athena Aphrodite Jennabelle Shining Varian Christian Kristol Aaron Moses Justice here are the names that I got some ideas,enjoy

Bede:what have i been doing The guy who picked scorbunny;ur loosin to me thats what ur doin 10:39

You can capture a Pokemon and motostoke to.

alfred can evalve in to a UFO

Name two Pokémon after the other two people

I love the nuzelocke!

You soul is mine so it's fine XD


You should Bring Back Arther it Will evolve into something amazing

You should call a pokemon Ramen or flower or flower ramen or flower girl or flower boy

excited for more that i started my own nuzlocke

You schools name a pokemon Milo and I love these pokemon nozloc videos and cooking videos and have a good and a happy new year and get out there and catch some pokemon

Zach so you caught a Milcery if you wanna evolve it go to the battle cafe in motostoke,Hammerlocke and wyndon and if you win a battle then you might get a sweet.Or at the train station in hammerlocke theres is stairs next to the station go up and to the left there’s a strawberry sweet I’m pretty sure.Let your milcery hold it then use the left controller and spin until your character spins on his own and then strikes a pose and then a exclamation mark will go above your head then it will evolve.

Name suggestions!: Pasta Maxillum Nocte Silke Skullion Twig Floof

Albert Vilorio true

Part 4 pls

Names for inga’s Pokémon: OwO,Pocky,Sweety, PROTECC , Melon, Tempura, udon , and ramen. I really want you to get a stuffed and evolve it and name it pocky

Bro keep little foot plz

Ready for ep 4


when's the next part?????

Buff boys a girl

Naming a pokemon "OwO" is a nightmare come true


When is part four coming I have been waiting for it for 2 weeks!

Make sure to catch evee on route 4

Can u guys, like, upload the continuation already? It has been almost 2 weeks.

16:07 Highlight of the Episode

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