A Day In My Life | Bra Shopping For My New Boobs!

A Day In My Life | Bra Shopping For My New Boobs!

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When I went to get my boobs done I had told my surgeon that I was going for like a large. C. D. Cup like somewhere between a C and D it's kind of like what I wanted, drum, roll please my. Official. Bra, size. Now that I've got my boobs done and they settled, in for almost six months, I got, measured, and the, size that I came out with is, 32. Hey. Guys what's up it's Raven, and welcome back to another vlog, I wanted to do like a follow me around type. Of video today. In his 10 a.m. on a Monday. I just dropped, SIA off at preschool, for. The day she goes Monday Wednesday and Friday and. Normally, I try to drop her off a lot earlier than this but, I accidentally. Slept in this morning we slept in this morning had, a late start so I didn't, drop her off until 10 a.m. which, is not really good but, it's. Okay I still have you know the rest of the day yeah I just want to take you guys along with me you're running a few errands today I forgot my, camera I'm just having a rough day shall. We say in shambles, a little bit so I'm vlogging on my phone that's why the quality, might not be as good. As it should be but hopefully it's okay I just, have a few errands to run today I want to go to target. Of course I want to go to home goods, maybe. Might need to go to Walmart I also, want to go to the mall and go, to Victoria's. Secret, because, I want, to get fitted, for a new bra, I have not gotten bras. Ever, since I got my boobs that I've just been wearing sports bras and like, my you, know surgery, sports bras this, Haunter time has been almost six months since I got my boobs done so, it is time to get a proper, new. Properly. Sized bra all right just pulled up to home, goods I'm actually only here for one weird, thing which. Is the. Vanilla, syrup. Flavoring, stuff that I use for my chai, lattes, and for my coffee it's, by a brand called. Tortora. Rani or something like that it's just like this bottle of vanilla, drink. Syrup, stuff, like what they use at Starbucks but, for some reason I can only ever find it at HomeGoods, which is kind of random but like HomeGoods t.j.maxx, those. Type of places always, have it but like regular, grocery, stores don't, carry, the yeah it's, weird so I have to come to a home decor store, to buy my coffee flavoring, but you know how these stores are they carry like random stuff at random times they don't keep like a steady stock of stuff so it's kind of like hit or miss if I even find it here or not so, fingers, crossed I find the flavor that I'm looking for today so, here's some very predictable, footage of me shopping around the whole entire story, even though I just went, in there for coffee flavoring, somehow I'm looking at artwork and all types of stuff but I didn't buy any home decor I'm kind of just looking around trying.

To Get some ideas for, the new house the, house is gonna be done in just a few months so it's time to start getting some ideas together for. What type of stuff I want, in terms of home decor so, I was looking at all the different crystals, and stuff and just, you know browsing. Window shopping, not buying anything I, promise, okay so I didn't get the exact one that I normally did but I got the actual Starbucks, brand of, the same thing so I'll try that hopefully, it's good should be good it they said it's exactly what they use at Starbucks so, now I'm heading to Target, to get a few things organizational. Things for my bathroom. I look my. Hair. Surprise. Surprise I went and Target to buy plastic containers and immediately, got sidetracked by all the cute Valentine's, Day stuff but, I did remember that I needed to get Valentine stuff for, Zayas, class because they do like a little Valentine's Day party in exchange, Valentine's. With their classmates so I just got something for her all. Right back from Target. I ended up doing a bunch of cute Valentine's. Day stuff for. His eyes school, for her class I got these little bags, little. Plastic, treat, bags to put this stuff in then, I got a bag of candy I got some, stickers. To go in each bag and. I got some bubble wands to, go in each bag as well so I'll be putting together a, bunch, of little bags for Valentine's. Day party, at school and then, the thing that I really went in there for are these little storage, baskets. Already have a bunch of these in my bathroom but I needed a few more because I am actually getting my bathroom, professionally. Cleaned and organized, and the lady. That I hired to do it said that I needed some more storage basket, so I picked up a few of these and. Then last but not least I went to the Starbucks in there and I got myself the. Bacon, Buddha, egg sandwich, but I just get it without the Gouda so it's just a bacon and egg sandwich. So good I haven't eaten breakfast yet so I got that I didn't order a drink because I still have my, DIY. Chai. Latte, from, this morning that I made myself at home so, I'll probably show you guys later when I get home how the, treat, bags turn out and, I, need to go to Walmart because, I feel like my target, is getting more and more bougie, which is nice you know, I enjoy the booze but, sometimes when I'm looking for like really basic simple stuff I can't even find it in Target so I'm going to Walmart to get the rest of the storage containers, that I need for my bathroom. Just. Put up to Walmart but I'm gonna sit in the parking lot and eat my sandwich, before, I go in. There's. A lady park directly across from me, sitting. In her car looking. At me I also need you to call the medi-spa. Today and make an appointment because I need to get my filler, redone. In my. Smile. Lines because. Last time I got my lips done I decided not to do my smile lines for whatever reason, so. Now it is definitely way overdue, it's been over it's probably been like two. Years like at least a year and a half since I've gotten any filler right here even when my face is completely relaxed I have these lines. Right here that just annoy me and especially, when I wear makeup makes these big creases, and you just you. Know. Don't. Love that so, I like to get filler, right here just to flatten it out and like smooth, it out but I also have melasma right here which causes, like these dark, marks. Right, in that same area, so, sometimes, even when I have filler it still looks like I have lines right there because my. Actual skin has. Like lines, right there but the filler helps, a lot so yeah I've gotten questions before about like now that I've got my boobs done is there any like other surgery, that I want to do and there, isn't, I don't plan on getting any more surgery the only thing that I do plan on doing is continuing, to keep up with my filler you. Know possibly, getting Botox, in the future for like wrinkles when I get older stuff like that but in terms of actual surgeries.

Actual. Like, major changes, to my appearance I do not want, anything, else. Skin update this lighting it's, like really, showing you what my skin looks like right now. Not. Perfect, but way way way way way way way way way better, than it has ever been so I am thankful, for that. All. Right so one where it was a complete. Waste of my time I knew, exactly what, I was going in there for I bought. This, thing just. The other day but I just needed a few more of these little plastic storage containers and I, go in there and I searched the store high and low and they do not have the plastic containers, that I need I was very disappointed because I knew exactly what I wanted and I was gonna be you know so so, good about, just going in and going out and getting what I need and they didn't even have needed, and I actually really do need those things like every, time I need something they. Don't have it but, when I don't eat anything and I go in there to end up spending a hundred dollars for no reason it's like you. Just can't win I just pulled up to the mom going to Victoria's Secret like I said and, we're gonna get fitted for a new bra for the new girls. You. Guys saw this coming of course I didn't go straight to Victoria's Secret I stopped and got distracted by all the cute shoes that were right by the door but. I didn't buy anything I saw some cute stuff though, so if you guys are interested in, anything. That you see here I can try to find it and link it down below for. You guys you. Know you guys can treat yourself on my behalf because I'm trying to you, know be. Better about my impulse. Shopping, so. So, I went to Victoria's Secret and I had the lady there measure me because it's my first time getting real bras after, my boob, job and to, my surprise my. New bra. Size is a 32. Double. D, double. D. This, is me being shook but I found a lot of cute, bras and they fit really well so, I tried on a bunch of them and I picked out a few that I really really liked out of them all now I managed.

To Only, buy. Things from Victoria's, Secret slash pink, I did not go into all the other stores because, after, I saw the damage that I did at Victoria's Secret I was like where even you need to walk straight, up this mall and not even look at any other stores because you have lost your mind I did however smell, the Auntie Anne's Pretzels on, the way out and I couldn't resist I got a cinnamon sugar pretzel, it just smelled so, good you guys know, that smell. Is just like it draws you in so I bought one and then I took a bite of it and I was like you, know why did I buy this like I don't even want it shout out to the sales, associate, at Victoria's, Secret I'm actually she was on the pink side of the toy secret her name was Cheyenne. I'm pretty sure she was a subscriber of mine so shout out to her she hooked me up with. My. Little free gift I'm gonna show you guys in a minute but. Yeah I just pulled up to Bed Bath & Beyond because I think. That they might have the containers, that I need for my bathroom. Hopefully. This is now the third place, that I'm checking for these stupid little containers, that I thought were gonna be the easiest part, of my errands today, but. Um. Wish. Me luck I also have a subscriber who works here, and she's usually always here when I come here so I wonder if she's gonna be here this is just gonna be a video full of subscribers. Not really that's only two subscribers, but. Good. News I found the brand of containers I was looking for bad news they come in five million, shapes, and they did not have the one shape that I was looking for but I got something that should be good enough so whatever also, I found this really cool mirror by iHome which has like a light around it and it's the Bluetooth speaker, system, I just thought this was so cool like play, music while you're getting ready the, light is built-in but, I didn't buy it because I was trying to show self-control. Okay. Guys I'm home I finally got my actual camera now and I want to show you guys a little haul of what I got, specifically. What I got from Victoria's, Secret slash, pink, first, of all I. Spent. $300, so, let's just not. Talk, about it but because I spent so much money I got, a free, tote, bag and it's actually got really nice a really cute tote. Bag that is, normally. $40. So it's this gray, with, black and white logo, on the straps, and has this other strap, this is like a nice duffel. Bag not even a tote bag it's a duffle bag actually like, this is nice for a free gift this is probably like the best free, gift I've ever gotten from them yeah my total was three hundred, dollars. And eighty-eight cents. But. I really did need this well I needed, at least 50% of this stuff I really did need it and then, the other stuff is just kind of it, just. From. Pink, I got this randomly, you, can see I didn't, even realized that I was wearing this when I that's kind of embarrassing but. I was wearing this when I went into the store and then like I bought all this stuff like it makes me seem like I'm like obsessed with, this brand when I'm actually really not I love these little you, know sweatshirt, things just like run errands in and lounge around the house so I got another, similar. One this is just more of like a thinner, like, thermal, sure, it's actually a little bit crops, got it in a size small and it was. 39.95. Extremely. Overpriced, but you know what we're paying for the late that's how that works. Now from the actual stuff that I needed, which was the bras y'all know that's what I went in there for drum. Roll please, my. Official. Bra, size now, that I've got my boobs done and they settled, in for almost six months, I got, measured, and the, size that I came out with is, 32. Double. D when I went to get my boobs done I had told my surgeon that I was going for like a large.

C. D. Cup like somewhere between a C and D is kind, of like what I've wanted and, when I look at myself in the mirror I am happy, with the size it's not like I feel like my boobs are too big but, it's just weird to see like when you actually get measured, it actually, is a double, D that, fits me but, it has a lot to do it like the shape not, only the size so I mean it doesn't matter it's just a letter it's really not that big of a deal but it's just so weird like before, I got my boobs on I was wearing a B cup and now. I'm wearing a double D cup so, that's. Interesting like, look it does, that look big to y'all like how. Are 30 to double D so I ended up purchasing. One. Two three four different types of bras just because I literally don't have any at all right now none zero zilch, obviously. None, of my previous bras fit me anymore and all I have right now is like these little soft like. Sports bras so I had to completely, stock up, I got this bro which is called the very sexy. Push-up, it has a slight, push up to, it and I. Just got it in a nude color it has a cute little rhinestone. Detail in, the in the little front part right here so this is just kind of like your basic. Slight. Push-up, bra just like when you're wearing something low-cut, and you want your boobs to look extra, juicy, this, is the bra back then I got one fun, bra because I wanted to get something, you know fun, different. You know a bright color different, design so this is not padded at all it's, just like a regular bra, just has the lacy detail, this one is called the, dream. Angels. Lined. Demi. Demi, double. I don't even know what these names mean but it's not a push-up bra or anything so, this is just like my celebration bra like new boobs. Yeah. Then, I just got a plain, black, plain, everyday t-shirt. Bra so again it's not padded, or anything I mean it is padded but it's not a push-up bra that makes sense like it just has a simple, basic padding like it's a t-shirt bra y'all know what that means just like everyday bra playing, black nice, supportive, straps you know just a really high-quality regular. Everyday bra and I got a strapless, bra, this is one of the ones that does come with straps if you want it to have straps but, it's you know mainly meant to be a strapless bra this is the body by Victoria. It has like all this extra, stuff. Going around here to like help it stay up and it, fit really well and like I did the jump test and everything to see if the strapless, bra would fall down it did not fall down and yeah, so I just needed like a black strapless bra just for like certain, dresses and stuff you still you know you need one of these even, though with my new boobs because.

They're Fake boobs they stay in place on their own so like with a lot of things I don't even need to wear a bra I just wear pasties to, cover my nipples and I'm. Good, like, I don't really need like a whole bunch of extra support from a bra but with certain tops. And certain dresses you, still kind of need it so I just wanted to have options you know just in case you never know this, might be team I or whatever but this is the other special, thing thank, God I have no clue why I bought this honestly, it's. The most pointless purchase. Ever I'm not even sure which one is the back in which one is the front so it matches the same hot, pink as the fun, bra, the lacy bra but, it has like this rhinestone. Victoria. Secret, like. Label, on the side which, I just when I saw this I'm, literally like a squirrel, like I gravitate, towards anything shiny and I was like, I just need that like I don't know why I need that but I need that but then I went to pink and they had a special promotion because you know how normally they have like five, panties. For, $28. Something like that today. They had ten panties, for. $35. So, it looks like you don't really gonna make me pick out ten pairs, of panties like I really don't even need five but, now y'all gonna make me get ten like. How you know I can't leave here without doing. The deal so, I. Got. Ten beers of babies so, I just got a variety of different colors and styles. I got Lacey, baby, blue, Lacey hot, pink which actually kind of matches that not, exactly but kind of matches with this bra just like some regular seamless, nude. Another. Kind of nude one, another. Nude one I love nude, underwear, I feel like you, should mostly have nude and black underwear like when, you get a whole bunch of bright colors it just makes it harder like if it's you. Know gonna be showing through your clothes so I mostly buy like, nude, or black pairs, but I have so many already that I decided, to get a few fun, pairs this time red ones that say pink across the top and then the same style in a light. Blush pink and then I got kind of be sporty. Grey, ones. And, the, same sporty. Kind in like this pretty, teal, color, and lastly. I got this leopard, print, Brown, pair, and yes they are all thumbs a lot of people think it's weird that I pretty much wear nothing but thongs but, I pretty much wear nothing but leggings, and I don't like to have panty lines so I pretty much wear. Nothing the thongs and like I said and at the bottom of the bag they gave me a twenty dollar reward card. So, $20, off of a $50. Purchase. So. This, is how they trick you into coming back and spending even more money and getting even more stuff that you don't need so I actually completely, zoned out I forgot that I was to me in this video today and it's much later now it's like 6 p.m. I think last time I was talking to you it was like 1:30, p.m. so. I have since gone, to pick up Ziya from. Preschool, and now, for, dinner I'm feeling, like. Chipotle. I'm just I'm craving, Chipotle, even though I've already gone, to Starbucks, and I got a Auntie Anne's Pretzels this, is not my third time, purchasing.

Food From an establishment. Instead of cooking but you know what. Sometimes. You just gotta live lavish, and go to Chipotle. You're. Hungry for dinner you. Want to go to Chipotle. Go. To the restaurant and get some food you. Get some rice and. Some. I. Don't know whatever you want. The. Taco. Okay. Hold my hand. This is public. Hmm. Chipotle. Alright. Guys so that was pretty much my full day from there I just did my normal nighttime, routine with Ziya which I actually have a whole separate video about, my nighttime routine with her so you guys can check that out if you want to see that but. We just ate our Chipotle, did, our nighttime routine and, called it a night, so if you guys enjoyed this vlog make sure to give me a thumbs, up and subscribe if, you haven't already and, I will see you guys in my next video bye.

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Ziya is so adorable

I had a dream I was swimming in a pool full of orange soda.. I guess it was just a Fanta sea

Girl, HEB and every other grocery store carries those same coffee flavor syrups lol. Remember the vine of the light skin girl with a curly hair bun and she’s like angry-yelling about how guys can go for several rounds of basketball but when it comes to sex they can only last one? Lol, you resemble her when you’re sitting down showing your bras.

VS bras are pricey so i understand how u spent that much. Dont be shook....lol Nice though!!

People really don't understand how bra sizes work. A 32 DD is a small cup compared to say a 38 DD. As the number goes up so does the actual size of the cup.

I started crying laughing on my lunch break at the beginning. I was so ready to hear your new bra size and then beeeeeep.

I use Torani & the “Starbucks” brand they claim its the exact same.... I like Torani better. I use it for my own caramel latte & I think the Torani is better. Girl I understand the struggle trying to find it though, but I believe you can order it at Amazon too

Why does a golfer need two pairs of pants? In case he gets a hole in one! Ig- shesosweet1721

"Live lavish and go to Chipotle!!!" yesss girl, we stan. haha

That moment when you trying to convince yourself that it's not bad that you spent $300 on stuff lol I do it to myself too. (Okay like I really needed this tho or I could have left that at the store)

I will never understand why a female would want bigger breasts. Guys don’t really care for it, it’s not that appealing, it’s heavy and causing back pains. At this point I’m thinking they get it done just to expose them to the world

That’s Victoria Secret’s M.O. after I had my daughter they told me I was a 32D. The trick is to ask for the alternative size to the original size they give you and that’s your real size. So the equivalent of a 32D is a 34C and when I went to another lingerie shop I was indeed a 34C

Hello from Oakland California

My favorite corny joke is in two parts: Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to your house. Knock Knock. Who's There? The chicken! Whenever I whip that joke out at parties I'm asked to go home LOL Instagram: heatherwurster

Homegoods is hit or miss, but if you go to Starbucks, you can buy a whole bottle of flavoring AND the pump.

They have that at Walmart

1 mill

Now i want a vanilla chi latte, thanks Raven ❤️

They don’t sell Torani in the grocery store in Texas?! They sell it in Kroger here... that’s crazy cuz it’s such a popular brand!

This is proof that vs bras runs super small

you and Zika are both so pretty

I’m sorry hunny. You could have went to JC Penny, Nordstroms and Target ! And got really good bras the same amount or more for $150. Once you wash those bra ( my opinion) they don’t bounce bk to their original shape. You just bought a house ,babe. Spend your money wisely. But st the end of the day it’s your money.

Raven I am so sorry I have not been watching your videos . I have been very busy and was not able to watch them sorry

They have that syrup at Walmart!!

They have the flavoring at Walmart ! That’s were I get mine from !

I was able to find that syrup at my walmart.


Getting new bras make you feel like I brand new woman. I was wearing the wrong bra size for a good 2 years just to find out imma DDD lmao

You speak french ? Tu parle français ?

I'm a 32DD

I want to get a boob lift but so scared lol

Lol “celebration bra! New boobs!”

What did the mustard say to the mayo in the race? You better ketchup.

What do you call acid that had an attitude? A-mean-o acid

World Market sells the vanilla syrup, always stocked

Go to Nordstrom’s they have the best bra fitters you’re probably a full c small d like you thought VS inflates they’re sizing .

I love you❗❤

After hearings about Tyme the infamous breast implant illness.. are you concerned?

Girlll you brought them hot pink sexy thongs with the bling on them for your man. He's going to love you parading around in them.

How long did recovery take?

If its true that VS bras run small... I must be like a double A then. Cause Im an 32A/ Small in their stuff normally. Sometimes an extra small

Its hard to find bras that are cute when you have bigger chest. Good luck girl!

Which store were you at with the laceless platform converses??

Raven just love, love, love your channel. You look beautiful just the way that you are. I honestly pray that you don't get any Botox. I have seen so many people destroying their natural beauty and facial expression because of Botox. Just see what some celebrities have done with their faces. It's sad to see. Embrace your natural beauty. You are wonderfully and perfectly made.

VS never has my size

I don’t know if you have Sams Club in your area, but they carry that Vanilla syrup!

omg I love watching lingerie hauls but so many yt'ers are too self conscience to show them. Honestly as long as its not a try on haul I don't understand why, we all wear underwear

World Market carries the Torani syrup in a bunch of different flavors!

I can still comment Raven

I think VS sized you waaayyy to big. You should go to Macy’s and get a true size BUT the girls look amazing either way! ❤️

You said hit or miss haha

Idk if someone already said it, but Target or Wal Mart should have that vanilla syrup. And Definitely Amazon.

Whats Chipotle

6 months⁉️ geez, it seems like you just got them done. Raven talks about self control in one clip next clip Raven splurges in Pink #Balance

Which video was it that you showed how you make the DIY chai latte?

Can relate! Lmao in the last year or so I just curved out and my boobs grew and now im the exact same size as you. Went bra shopping a few months ago and almost fell on the floor when I realized 32DD fit me. I low key miss my smaller boobs

I was told I was a 32 DDD but if they don’t have that bra size available they can order it or I can purchase a 34 DD bra

Lol Raven I know exactly how you feel. I asked my doctor for a C cup and ended up just like you 32DD. I'm fine with it because they don't look that big unless I'm wearing a pushup bra. Yours look great on your frame!

I actually work at VS and she does look like a 32 DD but sizing will vary store to store but for the most part I’m the same size everywhere else. And the bras she has are the Very Sexy push-up, Dream Angels Demi, T-shirt lightly lines Demi, and Body by Victoria multi-way if anyone was wondering lol

What was all the pricing on you surgery we had the same size before now i want surgery

Lol I was wearing a 32 double D when I was 14

I noticed the pretzels at the beginning when you were in the elevator and just knew you would go back for one

Mommy goals

Bra is very bad for you life

Pro tip WalMart sells that Torani coffee flavoring!!!

I don’t like wearing regular panties either so I wear thongs it’s not weird

I loveeee VS and worked there during my college years. I love their range of sizing. Also, FYI wearing a 32DD is equivalent to a 34D, but your petite with a smaller back. Wearing the correct bra size makes a world of difference when it comes to comfort. You look amazing Ray!

Do you know a Maggie Hill

My mom wears a 48 triple d bra so I'm a little scared of what my final bra size will be.

I wear nothing but things too Raven. I normally am not a Victoria’s Secret type of girl but for the last month or two I’ve been obsessed with the brand. I have THREE $20 rewards cards to use this month from all the shopping I’ve done

“you know what sometimes you just need to live lavish and go to chipotle” - RavenElyse everyone should have this mentality

the girls honestly don’t even look that big

raven blew a whole baggg

Omg Ziya is the cutest. Very nice purchase by the way

We love silicone boobs! You did Great! Bigger is always the best.

the ending when she said bye

Tbh Victoria sizes are soo off everywhere else I’m a 32A and S panties. I went there and they put me at a 32C and L panties

i definitely would have bought the ihome mirror. your self control was definitely intact this day! haha

How did you get rid of your acne scars and blemishes after accutane???

It don’t feel like it’s been 6 months, that’s crazy but still looks good tho. Much luv ❤️

Omg i so need that aa woman painting. Let me knw how the syrup wrks u picked up. Im tryn substitute sugar in my coffee

Mann, your body is..bomb.

Double D is actually not that big

I am a 32 C in Victoria secret but really I’m a 34 B

They sell the vanilla at Walmart

you'll regret implants later they poison your body

Ziya is literally too cute

LOVE LOVE LOVE Your intro!! I hate when others don’t have one

I need to go get resized too, reduction

Before you were wearing a B cup?!When clearly you looked like an A cup

Your skin has done a complete 360

You should get resized at like Dillard’s or some place like that because I wore a 36b for the longest until I got sized again and turns out I’m 36/38c or d when I wear strapless bra I wouldn’t trust Victoria secret with their sizing so much

Ziya is so precious

Those panties are cute! I too have mostly black & nude panties. Mostly black tho. Cuz I wear black & grey leggings like every day of my life

Lol I remind me of my mom she acts just like u I love u and my mom

My name is cheyenne shyanne but young so

You make me want to go to Victoria Secret. Ha!

Pink and Victoria secret cups are smaller for some reason.

Why did the banana go to the doctor? Because he wasn't peeling well

"Im hungry for dinner" Why is Ziya so darn cute?

We know why you got that thong.

Im so happy that Walmart is included in your errands. Lol. I hate Walmart but im always there.

I related to her distracted shopping on a spiritual level.

I feel like I need to catch up with all the vlogs

Too funny! My favorite Starbucks breakfast sandwich! Yay! Lol

World market sells the syrup in a constant stock

Let's just pretend she not walking around with fabric between her butt cheeks.

Baby you a big B! C at the most!

I’m 13 and wear things everyday apart from on my period, I don’t get why people think it’s weird? You get no panty lines and ultra comfort!!

Thank you for the strapless bra info. Gotta check that one out

Omg your sooo beautiful

There are sister sizes. They are the same thing as a lower letter size

Just tuned in and had to comment; Your daughter is Soooo Cuuuute!!!!

I've been re-watching a lot of your old videos and this is the first I've come across with the comments enabled! I didn't realize the role comments played in the enjoyment of videos until now!

It is okay to order more than three times you do you

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