A Cosy Weekend Sewing Retreat (ft. England being gorgeous) | Vlog

A Cosy Weekend Sewing Retreat (ft. England being gorgeous) | Vlog

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Yes. It's Saturday morning it's. Actually. Quite late it's like 11:00 no. Nearly, 11:00 we. Were up really late last night which, is very unlike well it's like me but very unlike Kathy yeah so we're making some breakfast now. Not. Yet good Prince Bernadette, to Train place no, this. Is my. Cathy, is also making salad we're having salad for breakfast is this normal for British people no, it's okay, okay here's the thing for me oh really. So. It begins I have, the lady Sherlock coat which if you remember if you watched those vlogs if you suffered, through the host marks you will know that I did not finish this coat I did not even really come close to finishing this coat and it has since sat in a pile for about four weeks and so it needs a good press right now which I'm about to take care of this is probably gonna take a while because it's a lot of, seams I also never really pressed the seams to begin with press your seams Kathy, what are you working on I'm. Working on the dress. Oh. Yes if you follow Kathy on instagram or on, her youtube channel which. Which, is now a thing. So. This is Denise's, speciality. Is, that she'll do historic. Embroidery. By. Machine but, she does it in a way it makes it look like it's, hand-stitched. I have the fabric, embroidered. And ready which is how they used to do it you would do the embroidery on the fabric first and then, make the garment, sign mocking out it's, got to be a really good mock-up before, I cut, this. Stuff because I can't screw, this up and the benefit of sewing retreats is that you are not sewing by your merry self and you don't have to fit things by yourself yes. No. I have a whole bit in this that I already filmed there, was something horribly wrong with the draft in the back arms I and there, was nothing. In. Other news please, behold, the wonders, of the thing called a sewing room. Which. Which is apparently, a thing and, Kathy has one of these said sewing rooms I just, have an apartment that, is my workspace and the floor but I'm really particularly, intrigued, by this cutting table this magical, innovation, and I'm also going to behold this magical. Creature for a second this, is what is this 1890s, yeah, this is what in 1890s. Savings, in corsets should look like. I. Thought. You were going to be serious and say there must not be within. These times of the day. This. Is where the dress ends yeah, and, this, is where your stays end Oh, hopeless. Jim suppose, McArdle, per second what is exactly, the same thing except that mine is covered across the Packers well I was looking at the shoulder strap and thinking oh that's been in. Like that at the end so it's unless you hold her over come to think of it that's probably worth mmm, the embroider might be invited at the cause yes. We, have also just helped to pin Kathy's the hem of Kathy's Regency, riding-habit, which she is taking the writing, length. Out of just behold. This I did not make this oh yes okay so. Our friend Constance that, we mentioned, briefly in, the train video that a lot of people who are asking about this, is still. Not Constance, but this is Constance as work. Yes. Talk about Constance, just, let's just make this whole vlog about constant, you can see how good at work is Constance. Works in the entertainment industry so. She gets hired freelance, for movies like Mary. Poppins returns, Wonder. Woman, happy. Everything. This. Is like what you'd see in a film in a period film oh.

You. Should just wear this like. Every, single day of your life, you, need to get back to actually. Working on yeah. Yeah because I've been procrastinating for, literally, like 45 minutes but, we also it's, a very special day today because Cathy's about to hit 10th I am so, she's gonna have I'm, gonna have Swiper, powers not that numbers mean anything ever, to anyone, or anything and they do not define your life at, all but, it, feels like a milestone it's kind of cool there's all these lots of cakes to come it's. Like one okay so I have past one we haven't had any cake we need to fix the eye to you okay. Okay. Okay wait just a minute, one. Second this is what a Regency petticoat, is supposed. To look like as done. By Constance, and not me, who has never done a Regency petticoat before Cathy is dying to get out of this but look it's, so pretty yes. Yes. Happening. You. Are one of these people he's wrong with you. Who. She is she's. Famous now she's, always been famous this. Doesn't mean anything, how do you feel some, what was your high I feel legit, arrived. Attainment. You're. Always entertaining it's. I'm by its really, hopefully, that's, like really. I mean to imagine, I mean, if we often, think of fall accounts, is just a number. Look at you imagine what 10,000, people looks like oh my god that's, like the only thing that keeps me sane. Because. I mean hot enough well you're you're a math person I'm not a math person so. Like numbers don't mean anything to me yeah I have no mental concept about what a number like, 10,000. Or. 160,000. Like it just doesn't mean anything to me on the screen when I read like, messages, from people the letters that you send to me and the. Comments that you leave people, say such interesting, things when you realize that each and every one of these people is like a human, being with a really cool talents, and with intelligence, and like passions, and things that they want hopes and dreams like, that's.

That's. Really, mind-blowing but, there are, 10,000. Of those people anyway, happy, 10k thank. You so. Back. To sewing. I. Guess. We. Have come, we, as in me because, this. Doesn't involve Kathi at all but I have come through. The very tragic, realization. That. I am a garbage human being, to. Put pockets let's, go no pockets, think. I look easy the skirt you can't just not put pockets into a thing like if you have the option to put pockets into something you can't not do it if you wear your coat shut you, can access the pockets from the skirt so, shame. And the shames you, haven't really got waistband, to suspend them from. Prison. Of your skirt oh. Wait. Because. You've got waistband, this sitting like that what your pockets and coats look like like, an actual 19th century coats and do they have the. Pockets that I've seen all. Technically. Required to be suspended from the waist no I don't have a waistband pollito, right, exactly so like what was a huh really been no. No. No, this isn't a mistake I just okay um, never ever put. Down a project and then pick it up weeks later I could this intentionally, because there's a pocket on the outside of, the coat oh I. Just didn't cut it because I couldn't be bothered mystery, solved, not, to stress you out that, was more drama, than it was worth don't be so low don't you know I have the mindset you, know you don't have to do everything. And. That's what you show in all of your videos it's not only a process, and I did this then I did this then I did this there. Are twists and turns, yeah well the reality is like these things happen to everyone and if we are on the Internet with, everything going perfectly. Like it, makes everyone, else feel. Insufficient. Because, it's, not realistic yeah yeah, realism, isn't that what we're doing real sewing, real. So Hank how are you mocking having at a bullet well. I hadn't can do any much of work on the table because I've been pressing you like I know, most of it yeah we'll figure email cutting time okay, we. This, is yeah this is plural now so this means that you were now involved and you were coming to New York to help me okay. There's. Just like a hill over. There the. Joys of the countryside. So. I have finished my pressing endeavors the, lining is pressed the coat is pressed I hope it fits, I'm not even gonna bother trying it on right now because I don't need that negativity in my life Kathy how's it going. Like. 20 years I'm, still screwing, things up I pinned the sleeve in you. Notice how if you look at the picture in the book have, a dress on a mannequin. It's. Got. This lonely gathered top and then it comes down to this pound here I've, got it embroidered that piece is embroidered Pam and this motif on so. That bottom, edge of the sleeve has, to come out level, so. Look my sleeve I. Need. More like yeah it's got like an angle coming down that way mm-hmm so, I can then gather it in a little bit like this one now I realize, not only is it the wrong possibly. The wrong shape. But. These sleeves I know for, a fact because the embroidery is done this way they. Cut on the bias ladies, and gentlemen yeah I have to cut them, like. This on the straight and go, an entire 24. Hours without. Realizing, that I've done, wrong. If anybody would like to upcycle, the sleeve but. He's cool wrong I have, scraps of Muslim gallery you could make that into a pocket, yes. As. We must think of these sustainability. Issues in them it's actually not bad oh look. At you you're so cute Mike, just. Cut. The sleeves again oh you. Know they, have sleeves uh I, didn't even get to the point of saying the bloody thing in I didn't, cut the sodding thing points. Meanwhile. Guess. What I'm about to do. Is. Label, hell may. Need more tea for this. Okay. So. I was in process of pad stitching the plate. Stiffening, bit to the collar when, I was wondering if this bit should be pad stitched as the lapel is very fine and permanent, as opposed, to this temporary basting stitch and.

I Proposed, this question to Kathy who, then proceeded to pull out like 12 books this is honestly my future these, books. It. Was a series, of 14. Books. And, these were the guide for Davis. To burn my craft I mean tailors would learn a lot from whoever, they were apprentices with so, there aren't complete, instruction was gonna say aren't they so I didn't completely yeah yeah so it's not like I'm, Miss Walker where she's like yes yeah actually the children listen yes it's the reason we do this she's a lot more complete. Whereas, these will have these beautiful like, beautiful, draft or tail coats but, it will give you most, of the drafting instructions, and then, say when, it gets like this really hard bit with the wrong sign the shoulder oh yeah fish in the usual way yeah yeah but you swim the keys don't and. That way yeah really, frustrating, and in other news this vlog is no longer a sewing retreat, this, vlog is I'm, moving, into Kathy's house, and, staying here forever so, this is a really interesting. I think. Example, of why it's. So fascinating to, look at historical, techniques, and how much more elegant. And how much more craftsmanship, there, wasn't it back then so this is a fairly modern book with. Drafting. Instructions, for all kinds of tail coats and men's tailoring, for, mostly good theater compare, that to, this, is a book from 1898, you can see in here it says the gutters practical, guide this, is his tail coat and here. Is the draft just compare, this to. This modern draft for a tail coat do you see how kind of, boxy. This is kind of it. Kind of looks like a maths diagram, whereas this looks like there's an art form going on here with, all this sort of beautiful curve for, the sinuous, curve, the. Edge of this tail compared. To this sort of you've, got straight lines and you put a little bit of a kind of a coin it. Just feels like look at that how that waist additional, the tail-end drafting, is done completely by hand freehand, yeah, they call it rock fi when they do yeah on the fabric itself yeah which is, a lot of training yeah we. Should get a second opinion on this you know about Morgan Jackson if, and when you're watching this, Hannah's down below, ha. Ha ha this to me looks like you. Would end up with a, Halloween. Costume yeah, where is this yeah like a coat, things. Yes, in other news I have sold my soul to tailoring, yeah, and. I'm, never going back I'm, coming, with you ok so, yeah we, are would only distract it yeah we have way too much to be doing you haven't even started on the box of mice yet, oh my god. Well. There it is. Good. Are those sleeves part of the thing do you think I don't know I think those sleeves go with the jacket oh, that's right oh look at that I haven't, got sleeves it's just a cape Wow. Arms through ok ok Chris I went through a whole journey with this project, um because I didn't think it had sleeves and then I saw a draft that said add sleeves and. Then I was like oh no I guess I have to add sleeves now but he doesn't have so this is a great project for if you hate sleeves. Because. You can for, everybody who's ever wanted to just ditch the sleeves altogether. You. Can like even evil laugh, mm-hmm. We. Deceive. Ourselves into. Thinking that these sewing retreats, are going to make, us productive, and, get, us working on stuff but. To be quite honest this, is just I don't get easier the second time. It's. It's. 943, it's 15, quarter. To 10 it's. Way past Kathy's, bedtime yeah, but we're having chocolate cake because we're yeah, trash. Good. Morning it's Sunday morning we're. In the kitchen, Connie's making orange salad, because salad, I know it's great oh you're. Not having fella good morning I guess salad doesn't go for us fine. So I have, to leave, today, thumbs down because that's not fun I actually didn't get that much, done I know well I vaguely. Intended, to finish the entire coat which, didn't happen obviously yes. I got. About halfway through pad stitching the collar well I pressed the whole thing which was actually a big deal, because I don't have a good iron so I'm suing retreat so good. We. Had a great time we, did we, didn't necessarily accomplish. Too much and, we're both a little bit too over ambitious with stuff like this so yeah I should note by the way that Kathy.

Is Not an actual doctorate. Doctor, yeah, I put. That in the description of one of our last video a long video because. I thought it was a doctor who joke dr. Hannah and I, don't think anyone. Got it was a doctor. Yeah, because she's a time traveler I should specify that, sorry, real doctors, however. BSc, Hons that's. About it how much did you accomplish this. Weekend. I. Accomplished. A greater Lutheran with you oh I, did a little bit of something no but like oh goodness. But. Like you, you got your sleeves drafted I did, yes most important part is that overnight, last night sometime. In my sleep I figured, out what I'm doing wrong with the sleeves what are you doing wrong with the fleet oh, that. Isn't high enough. There. You go, we have some closure to the story. And. So. It was back to Mary London for me with three very important, new lessons in mind one sewing friends are the very best sort of friends especially when they have luxurious, sewing rooms in the beautiful English countryside leave, you never without a cup of tea and use words like sodding, if to that no matter what your level of experience sleeves, are always going to be the utmost bane, of your existence but, three lots and lots of chocolate cake can help.

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Looking at those gorgeous diagrams of the 1830's men jackets in Cathy's books and having also just watched an interview with Gentleman Jack's costumer designer Tom Pye, I have a question. Pye mentioned that the actress' great coats/jackets were especially tailored to be more voluminous in the lower half. How would this be done? Any idea?

You both are charming! Thank you for the lovely video!

Love this! Thank you for sharing and for the gentle influence to check out Cathy Hay. I’ve just binge watched a good many of her videos and look forward to the rest. You and she are on my short list of subscriptions (with notifications for new posts). THANK YOU ❤️

Please list the titles of all the books shown in this video, please.

The pocket mystery did make me chuckle

The spreads to eat , the chirping birds and are so charming !! the embroidery is just mind blowing beautiful! I am so jealous of the sewing room ! Goals

My Grandmother has a sewing/painting room in her New York home. I'm living in an apartment myself and closest I get to a sewing room in my dinning room.

I love when you two get together.

I would very much like to meet Cathy some day. She seems like such a wonderful woman (and her YouTube videos are soothing and helpful).

ohhhhh, Cathy's outfit with the suspenders is the stuff of dreams, I'm wild for a lady in suspenders

I think all 166,000 of us wish we had been on that cozy retreat with you, sipping tea, eating chocolate cake, and yes, doing a bit of work while laughing, researching, and building friendships. Do you think we’d all fit in her house? Perhaps it’s built like a Tardis...what with her being a Doctor and all!

Quite right. ❤️ I feel very thankful that you (and Cathy!) let us into your life and share so openly.

What are you talking about, you *were* there with us! ;)

I could listen to Cathy talk all day; her voice is SO nice

What a fabulous video, and those pants of Cathy's I adore. They look SO comfortable. I would have loved to have been there with the two of you, but thanks for the video. It was a close substitute.

A bit of technical feedback: The music in this video was a bit too loud in comparison with the speech parts. This was a problem especially with headphones. Otherwise the video was great and I really liked the nature sound clips you put in!

That cutting table

You two.....❤️

The Cape! I was in Wolverhampton at some shop or other with my sister in law and saw a gorgeous ladies coat, or what I thought was a regular coat, but it was made much like the cape coat! It was gorgeous and so unusual! If it hadn't been so expensive, I'd love to buy it...but alas, one cannot afford the cape coat....

As a proper, PhD “doctor,” I don’t consider myself a real doctor either (that is for the actual medical types), and I love a good Doctor Who joke.

I feel like I get to commiserate on sleeves with you in this video. I'm currently trying to power through knitting a sleeve, which I hate doing, by watching beautiful sewing content.

Absolutely loved this! And I felt so sad when you had to leave Cathy because I know what it is like to say goodbye to a dear friend. You two inspire me to sew more, and to think more, and lots of other things. Thank you so much. Both of you.

I wanted to tell you how much we enjoy your vlog! I can't wait to see the completed Lady Sherlock. Maybe someone at costume college will bring a Lady Professor Moriarty! Then the game will be afoot!

you can call them research retreats lol

I love Cathy's pants!!!! Do you know where I could get a pattern???

With the pocket on cathys head she looks like a maiden from a hands maid tale. Loved seeing your heads together when you were helping Cathy on the back of her gown. Loved this video thank you for visiting the uk I hoped you enjoyed it and we were good to you. Chris xx

Bernadette knows how to milk the procrastination.

I am angry that I can only like this once. I adore you, Bernadette. I wish you would cut yourself more slack. Cathy is so charming and her voice is amazing. Subscribed to her as well

Bernadette: I actually didn't get that much... done. What you got from this trip was: 1) excellent tips and advice from someone who's just as invested and excited by what you're doing as yourself and from contemporary and modern resources for current and future projects, 2) inspiration for the future, 3) another voice and experience that tells you "don't rush" and "you're doing great", 4) fantastic company in and of itself. So don't always look at the task check list (as another perfectionist: you'll stare yourself blind). Just like rain isn't bad if you consider that it makes your surroundings greener and washes away the dirt and pollution, letting you breathe easier and view the world through a clearer lens. :)

@Cathy Hay sadly Facebook is part of my activity online and I mostly wish it wasn't. I stayed on there to keep up with my nieces and nephew who were just starting their families so it has been worth it from that point of view. But mostly it is a pretty useless time waster. From your comments, though I will have to look into Instagram a bit more - I can use more positivity in my life.

I've only recently found your channel and... I think I'm love? Are you single? Are you a Christian? Patriotic American? Are you as young as you look? Truly so traditional and wholesome? I'm 23 years old and I have never been so interested about a girl in my life! Everything I've seen you make is amazing. Where do I gotta go, to get you, or someone identical to you???

It is really quite stunning how I watch this while sitting at my kitchen table in Germany and feel so very connected to the both of you! Grinning madly when the thought crosses my mind that I'd so like to be friends with you... remembering that 10k instagram followers and over 160k youtube subscribers might think the same :D giggling to myself trying to imagine that many people being in that one sewing room with you ;)

This reminds me so much of me and my college roommate just sitting together late at night sewing

You look like the grownup version of my friend Isabel also a very similar personality. Maybe that’s why I love this channel so much.

I want to live wherever that is. It is beautiful! Also, that cake and tea looked so good!❤️

I want to go to your cozy sewing retreat, but not sew. Just sit around and eat chocolate cake and think in a British accent. Cathy has the best voice ever. Mildly jealous.

you look so at home in england

I enjoy these vlogs so much! I'm not much a seamstress myself, but my mom was. She sewed most of her life and made me many pretty things, and a couple of simple costumes from standard patterns. So, I really appreciate the stitching work you have to do on these recreations from scratch! And just how much fun and excitement you have in doing it! I might not all the lingo, but just as an encouragement, your craft is not forgotten. Thanks for sharing the details! And oh my that embroidery is gorgeous! Eek!

Listen. Listen. Bernadette is like your spunky, yet proper, big sister and Cathy is like a magically wise aunt. I love it. You are both such cool people. I strive to one day have my own aesthetic that I just exude like you two. Just two bros making beautiful clothes. I literally cannot get enough.

*help us, o Janet*

That sleeveless coat is identical to what pipe band people wear for the rain. We call them an Inverness cape! They're usually black. I've always wanted one lined in tartan.

Can we just take a moment to notice how the door closes by itself at 7:43 , I hope it was the wind D:

Bernadette - this is a great video. I enjoyed it so very much. Cathy is great too. It was funny when Cathy put the sleeve on her head., lol. And when you panicked about your pockets ... Whew! That was scary. Lol, but luckily you remembered the front pocket. I so enjoy your videos.

The vibe from this video is like when its on a cold rainy day and you’re curled up under a blanket with a good book and a candle burning and the room is turning blue/grey as the sun sets .....

Couldn't wait until the end of the video but where did you (Cathy) get your trousers from?! They look so damn comfortable and I'd quite happily wear them all the time. Also I really enjoy these videos gives me something to look forward to watching each week now I don't watch TV anymore

@Cathy Hay fab! Will have to check them out! Cheers

Frankie W Thank you! They’re vintage, from Levinson’s in London!

I love embroidery so much!!!...I need to finish my vintage pillowcases that I bought on Etsy.com.

Retreats don't get more productive, only perhaps more fun. I'm off every two years and still basically accomplish nothing there except Lear.

The first thing I had thought about was "Are they a couple? So cute! ". Sorry, I'm new here ;)

This was so nice! Thank you for taking us with you

You seem so content in London. It seems that the city suits you, don't you think?

I read the title as casual swinging weekend. Unsubscribe.

Im sure actual dressmaking women back in time made mistakes,or got half finished items out and thought"wait! Why did I....oh I remember". They all had to make their clothes but that doesnt mean they were all brilliant,or didnt ever get some poor maid to finish it off! What you need is a Dungeoness Cape pattern.

Sewing buddies are the best! :D

Loving more and more your videos

Lovely time together. Thanks for sharing your passion.

Do tell me what book is that at 1:40 do you know the name? Thank you

Tea and cake with friends and sewing sounds like an amazing time indeed.

You are a little world unto yourself and it is so delightful

I started watching you and your work about 8 months ago because I play tabletop RPGs, and I'm currently playing a game set in the Victorian era, and I am such a curious cat (and a bit of wanting to get things just right) that I been learning so much about Victorian fashion. I have learned loads from you, especially with your Lady Sherlock outfit. Thank you for keeping the passion of historical clothing in me, even if I'm an admirer and mediocre at sewing.

This makes me want to go to the English countryside and knit and sew and drink tea to my hearts content

You are a tremendous seamstress! All of your tiny mishaps give me hope. Thanks

I need a buddy to do sewing retreats with!!! I just hold up in my sewing space and am dead to the world just working away. I'm so glad you shared this beautiful retreat with us!

This feels like every time I try to study at a friend’s house XD

I just adore Cathy's quaint home in the English countryside where there is at least ine power tool to be heard at any given time of day. I just recently got my own sewing room. Yes sewing rooms really are a thing and great to have. Considering before I had a little sewing cabinet to store my machines and usuing the floor for laying out my fabric and cutting out my patterns. I hope you make yourself a sewing space and get your projects off the floor. After all who needs furniture when you can sew. I think I will find myself following you and Cathy though your adventures in tailoring, or maybe stumbling along the way. It makes me feel better that Cathy had been sewing for 20 years and still makes mistakes. I swear I must make at least 100 with each new project. Bits of fabric and thread every where. The cost of being a perfectionist I guess. Anyways this was fun, I hope you do it again sometime with a much longer sewing retreat. Where you can enjoy Cathy's sewing room.

*sighs* this was lovely, very cozy and chill indeed!

You frightened me about the pocket issue. Thankfully you remembered that there is one for the outside of the jacket. You are terrific.

the thing you said about numbers meaning nothing is so relatable! you’ve mentioned trouble with numbers before, do you also have dyscalculia?

*watces Bernadette fangirl over every single person that appears or is mentioned in her vlogs* Me: finally some good content

I saw the beetle wings in the last shot, and had to share the link below.  It is some lovely embroidery using them.  I think you would enjoy it.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iA8yVDohZ-4

Dream experience!! I just love how when there’s serious sewing going on, regardless of having a “sewing room” it always features Bernadette on the floor... alas, it cannot be avoided!

Miss Bernadette, speaking of cutting tables, have a look at this magical table. https://m2.ikea.com/us/en/p/norden-gateleg-table-white-10423886/ I too, have a small apartment and understand the struggle. This set up has served me well.

But you are being productive by learning things from the books!

I love your videos!! And I have now gone on to follow Cathy on both youtube and instagram.

A friendship to truly cherish and it's very evident that you both do. ❤

This is my rallying prayer in Times of Greatest Need from now on.

oh the delight! the Drama, the pure fun of it. it took me like 5 days to watch this, and I'm glad I finally did. I started following Cathy on Instagram after seeing her on your channel. Seeing you both go for your passions helps me with mine. Love you guys! Chocolate Cake for EVERYONE!!

Thank you for showing me a glimpse of your retreat! Friends always make the tedious more fun than it is and cake is always a good idea.

Do you ever watch Murdoch Mysteries? I think it may be called The Artful Detective in the US. It’s a Canadian tv show that follows a detective in Toronto circa1895. I ADORE the costumes and I’m curious to know how accurate they are!

8:27 about the numbers not meaning a single thing, I 100% relate to that. My hobby, which I’d like to one day make into a job, is writing and it’s impossible for me to look at the statistics on how many reads a thing I’ve posted has gotten and make something of it without pausing and imagining it as people

Bernadette, your videos are where I currently find motivation to go back to my knitting and get things done! I love the way you speak of your craft and projects, as if they're the most precious and beautiful things in the world, which is exactly the way I speak of my knitting. Thanks for sharing your videos :)

I love you two so much

Bernadette, I just never want your videos to end. They're endlessly charming, and so peaceful and relaxing for an introvert like myself. I am convalescing with a head cold and enjoying the tranquility they bring.

Christiana Flemister Thank you! I didn’t make them, but they are work trousers from the 1940s so maybe noodle about on archive.org for tailoring books of the period?

Can you do something based off Wallis Simpson’s 1930s dresses?

with wool you might want to consider press not iron (up and down vs. horizontal motion) No press cloth?

Love your videos!! Can you do one on the proper use of a thimble?

This was so relaxing and enjoyable, and helped me through the worst part of a headache; and I’m SO thankful you took the time and trouble to video and edit and post this. Thank you for bringing us along on your adventures, especially the lovely ones like this one.

As a knitter, I loathe "Sleeve Island"... but as a sewist, I quite enjoy setting in sleeves. Oh, the irony!

This can be arranged.

My goodness this video is perfection. The bird noises, the music. It's really nice to see your editing style evolve over the month's I've been following you, Bernadette

What a lovely video. Thank you! Hearing the sweet sounds of English birdsong makes my heart glad. You two are such fun to hang out with. Lovely.

cathy looks like she could be your mother and that makes me, for some reason, unbelievably happy. In a perfect world, nothing would speak against you two moving in together, and sewing all day, geeking about old sewing books and drinking tea. would love to see that alternate universe.

This was absolutely wonderful. Both of you together is just a lovely combination. I was feeling a bit unwell and watching you both really did take my mind off of things. Also the pocket and sleeve parts were just hilarious

Begginer here, and oh I hate making sleeves

I know you probably won’t have time to reply. But I do love watching your videos and I was wondering if you knew of any resources for someone to start learning male period design and also even some modern tailoring methods for men’s clothing? If you or someone else can answer that would be amazing. Thanks bunches.

Do not discount the amazing knowledge you learned during your sewing retreat. It is invaluable and certainly worth the missed sewing hours

I have a sewing room!!! And I love those white dresses

you too are soooo stinking cute!!!!

Your sewing retreat just needs to be of a longer duration then you'll have time to do the oohs and ahs that are a completely necessary part of any retreat. :-)

Karo Perov And I know exactly the house we need to buy to do that. Which means... edit faster, B!

Sigh. So lovely.

DANG IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is cozy even spelled differently in British English?! They hate the letter Z so much they won't even call it by its proper name, either. :-)


I never get a feeling of “suffering” when I watch you, I love your videos

Watching you girls is so friendly and gives a calming comfy feeling.

This is beyond fascinating, thank you!

More cake, please!

Bernadette forgetting pockets in everything is SO relatable. #sewingstruggles.

I love the statement you made about making sure to document when things dont work out perfectly. I love watching your channel when im in a sewing slump, it always inspires me to jump back in and not give up!

You guys give me hope that I, too, could find friends with the same "out-dated" and specific interests as me out there in the wilds of the Internet

That moment when I recognise landmarks such as King’s Cross Station and, oh yes - the street where the tattoo shop my husband works at is (it’s actually in the shot). Small world! :)

How are sleeves so thoroughly the worst? Everything about them is terrible. I'm currently doing battle with a 14th century pattern and it fills me with both hope and despair that even vastly more experienced folk have to do battle with them. At least it's not just me? Also, I firmly believe that your project isn't done until some part of it has been worn as a hat. Usually, it's a sleeve, but something always winds up on my head at some point. Every. Single. Time. Nice to know I'm not alone.

Having missed why you were headed to England during your lead up to leaving, I had concerns over how you would be able to complete your work in a hotel room or someone’s spare bedroom. I didn’t realise you were landing in sewing room heaven with high tea and soft English light and lovely Cathy with her wonderful suspenders and really neat iron. I can’t think of anywhere better to be creative. Though I do adore your own wee apartment

Hi! So, this is going to seem a bit insane, but... I'm kind of in love with Cathy's pants. I want to make some. I want to wear them constantly (with suspenders!) and confuse the hell out of people with my fabulous genderbent pseudo-Victorian stylings. So my question is... Were these custom made? Is there a pattern somewhere, or were they an extremely lucky find? How do I get these pants in my life??? PS: Also of course, this video was a delight, as ever, and I've rewatched it repeatedly while knitting. I'm just kind of fixated on the pants at the moment. PPS: I also realise that this is your channel, not Cathy's. It just felt extra strange to pop up in one of her delightful motivational videos to rant about her pants. ... Although, now I think of it, it's a little weird here too...

Pockets in coats can be supported with a brace strip of pocketing attached to the pocket edge and running up to the armscye.

I wish England was really as beautiful and English as you make it seem to be. Sadly it is not

SOOOO Excited that the introduction to this states it's filmed in Nottingham as that is where I am. I LOVE your videos, THANK YOU for being an inspiration to me as I'm embarking on sewing a more historical (looking) wardrobe. :-)

Oh, now. Your Symington is GREAT! You designed it to cover and help with your back problems, and once it's on, it looks perfect, and better yet, you said it felt nice to wear. Success!

Hope you had fun here in England, we were happy to have you

Doctor who refs are always wonderful!

I love how u two have braided hair XD its like...u're looking at ur future self...but even cooler hahaha Cathy's hoarse whispering is such an ASMR

Please tell me what does (ft.) mean in the video title?

Random thought. After seeing that Regency scratch, I'm starting to think Sailor Moon's Princess Serena dress just might be Regency inspired

Is it wrong of me to ship these two?

Why is she whispering? It's difficult to hear her...

@Bernadette Banner don't we all call upon her for needs big and small

For the record, I love salad for breakfast! I feel so good when I start the day that way!

Why do I feel excited recognising Grantham Station

*watches video* *is inspired by video* *proceeds to throw entire wardrobe away to begin sewing a regency and/or neo-victorian wardrobe* *gets arrested for public indecency during a fabric shopping trip*

Bernadette, you are a wonder!

Does Cathy have laryngitis?? Because her voice is NEXT level raspy. I can't.

Lol I feel like I might start doing this type of stuff... I already sew...

I'm getting a gentleman jack vibe...

the pyramid collection has bloomers corcetts etc go see

i bought a period coat from 17th century looks like george washington military long lined coat with silver buttons and big cuffs on sleeves and its textured grey black silk lined go to the pyramid collection magazine they have victorian items jewelery and clths dresses etc only cost me 170 i believe under 200 for a period coat unbelievable so kool the dresses and bags and jewelery are so nice and prices cheap

i bet in your past life you lived in that erra it seems you would i love the frills of it as well so pretty woman wearing pants and jeans and sweats now how auful one hardly see woman orlittle girls wearing feminine dressess like the 50s i love and 40s with the lace gloves and glamour i ope woman change back to wearing it it seems like that stuff is long gone and if you do wear it one think you lost your mind kuz of the looks today are so different

omg the cake looks so good i love cocoanut do you have a recipe using that?

im a natural for desighning ideas and i tend to love the rennasance period and courture naturally driven to love the fabrics i dint studt it just comes creatively and i like to draw my creations i just cant sew i need a seemstress to create my ideas to come to life

i like 17th century clothing coats and the victorian days ok but up date them a bit and it be kool i like bell sleeves like pirate shirt what erra were they?

its easier to buy the clothing ten to make them isnt it

I am trash for all of your videos

The cutters' practical guide to the cutting of ladies' garments.. by Vincent, W. D. F. (William D. F.), 1860-1926 is available free as a pdf from archive.org

Standing O!

Oh my goodness, its Tuesday... I've been bringing your videos for 4 days now (between ordering historical drafting books off Amazon). You have inspired me to take .y heirloom sewing/embroidery to the next level. But this should give you a giggle... I'm also a Sci-fi geek. So upon hearing your Harry Potter and Dr Who references my husband is asking if you are my soul-sister/daughter!? (He said if you reference Firefly he will demand a DNA test.... he is joking, I think) Well back to this bishop's collar... that refuses to smock itself!

Cathy in the beginning reminds me of Ann lister but maybe that just because I just finished watching gentleman Jack. Beautiful vlog and beautiful sewing work!

I am enchanted with the music in all your videos

A very enjoyable vlog!

I accept the compliments for us all! You are very kind. You ladies attract great people, of course, because you ARE great people!!!!!

What is the title of that book you guys are looking at as pattern? Can you pls make the clothes from Pride and Prejudice, the one with Keira Knightley?

You know you have a problem when you stop one of your videos to quickly watch another one of your videos (the how to put in pockets video lol)....

3:30 Shhh! Your's is very nice too!

Love Cathy’s outfit at the beginning

That pocket stress got even me on my TOES !

Where can i buy Cathy’s outfit?!?!

Love the idea of a sewing retreat

Cathy also feels like your more-experienced sewing auntie who's playfully encouraging and prodding you along in your projects while she shows you her mistakes because no human being is perfect and I think I need to go watch her on the YouTubes

Is Cathy losing her voice or whispering for this entire vlog, or does she normally have a more soft-spoken tone of voice?

The sleeve struggle is REAL

Really enjoyed this vid. Bernadette if you ever come to Scotland you are more than welcome to come visit and have the use of my sewing room, I would learn so much from you.

"We may need more tea for this." Pretty much sums up the whole coat business...and probably life in general. You two are wonderful.

My grandmother was born in Nottingham

Re: Man's tailored suit modern v. vintage. The French curve was used extensively in pattern-making prior to modern, mass-produced prete a porter.

That afternoon tea looks gorgeous!

Ladies, I understand that you are sewing together but I am wondering if you sew for a living? And how do you get involved in sewing costumes for films? I am interested....great video. I have enjoyed it.

I want you to know, that your videos are a way too great a way to spend time and procrastinate on doing things I actually should do (in this case, I _should be_ looking which classes I have in school when it starts tomorrow again, and make a list of which books I'll need for them because I gotta buy the books today. Instead I'm watching this video)

Is there any way to get the ISBN of these books or perhaps later printings of them? I’ve looked on Amazon and unfortunately only found one that might be from this series!

I’m going to make an observation about the Symington corsets and the difference therein, you pointed out while you were making yours that you needed an asymmetrical corset, Cathy doesn’t. Considering the difficulties in making a corset which is symmetrical, I’m truly in awe at how beautiful and well designed yours is. Please stop undervaluing your work, and realize that overcoming such obstacles is an incredible inspiration for those of us who watch your channel! Hugs to you both!

Bernadette, how often do you use your living room as a living room? If not often, why not set it up as a sewing room. Set up your apartment as you need it rather than how people think you should have it.

I found a copy of the Ladies Garments here at https://archive.org/stream/cutterspractical00vinc?ref=ol#mode/2up I haven't had a proper look at it yet but it might get you started.

RE: Doctor Hay reference... Never fear; there are Whovians sprinkled among the numbers, appreciating such commentary.

“No pockets?!” ...

How can we get those books?!

I love Cathy so much

I don't wanna burst your friends bubble or anything but uhm SHE LIVES IN ENGLAND there's history literally EVERYWHERE lmao so fuck sewing to be close to it what's the point when you have over a thousand years of it all around you

Sleeves have long been the bane of my sewing existence, and seeing that I'm far from alone in that makes me feel a lot better!

This vlog is incredibly aesthetic

I believe it’s very important to show your mistakes because it shows that it’s normal and when you fix them we can see that it can be fixed and not to just give up, mistakes help everyone learn

I was just coming back to watch this lovely and calming vlog, and Cathy's sleeve made me remember an adage I heard from one of my knitting teachers: "advanced knitters don't make fewer mistakes; we just make them faster!" It seems this must also apply to our sewing brethren!

You guys have the sweetest friendship ❤️. Cathy should run a boarding house for wayward, olde timely makers, where there is a constant supply of proper English tea and indulgent chocolate cake

Not sure why, but I was slightly disappointed by the non-period iron.

This whole video was an absolute delight! Thank you so much.

Hello ladies, you are so fun to watch! I love cake, too! When down in the dumps, baking a cake helps to the soul. I have made costimes and clothing. Not sure how to get involved in sewing for film making but I would love to do that! The visiting about tge construction of the garments, the books of historical reference are fun to watch...thought the love of sewing was gone from my life. You are instrumental in the art of sewing returning to my days...thank you for uour channels. AND CAKE!

"shhhhh, it is better than mine". What a lovely soul.

Why do we not have a love button yet

oh my god how do you do this i tried to just make a skirt for my first ever try at propper piece of clothing and its a 4 panneled 50s/60s skirt and i cut it from a pattern and i cant get all of the pieces the same length. I wish i had done it with a material that had NO elastic in it. all i want to do is scream

Soul Sisters

Does anyone else wish they listed all the books in the description?

My goodness, I absolutely adore your interactions, and the music you added was perfection! I was sewing to it (by hand of course) for the entire video and I swear it helped my stitches go straighter!

"I'm a garbage human being" "NO WAIT I'M ACTUALLY A GENIUS!" Bernadette, you have captured all of us when we are in the throes of creating.

What a fun time you had Happy Birthday to you and cheers to happy times

That was "sodding" good fun!

It's not about how much you accomplish, it's how much you are inspired! ♥️

Sewing along with this video makes me feel like i have friends

I find that the fact that I don’t sew anymore doesn’t take away my enjoyment of watching someone else going through the journey of bringing a garment to life and took us along with a short clip of your journey. Thank you!

Can I move into her home as well? I m an excellent cook,..?

Q: Where in the UK?

I so, love the quiet, in the back ground,..! I envy her,..! For living in England,..! I wished I could live there even, at least for 6 months,..? Phoenix, has changed, and grown so much, since 1969. Currently, I am excited about the Arizona State Fair. I entered, 4 Victorian Jackets, a Victorian Skirt and Victorian Vanity Collection. 11 of my 40 photographs made it in,.. Q: What the hell, were the judges, on,..? OMG! Really, Pockets,..? No, Pockets, what the hell, were you not, thinking, about,..?? How do you like the difference between, NYC, and UK, and Where in the UK?

So, very, very, quiet,.. compared to, NYC> I wish, I could live in England,..!

Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait.

that door moved @ 7:41

I really want Cathy’s trousers, late in the day, but presumably she made them herself?

Lovely ❤ and so fun

Regency-era married women typically wore small caps over their hair (and under any hats), as Cathy was doing with the straight-cut sleeve she put on her head . . .

I could get so much more done with my crochet projects if I could go on a knitting & crochet retreat every few months!

What is mind blowing is the fact that I watch your videos on repeat as I attempt to include hand finishes into the non historical but hopefully more sustainably sourced daily garb. Ps I'm 100% envious of your magical second human involved in the commonly assumed solitary endeavor of seamstress life

I have somehow managed to avoid sleeve drama in my sewing. I match across the underarm to the balance points and the remainder I make fit. Works everytime. In college I had a fellow student who was terribly frustrated by sleeves into a 17century mens coat with shoulder seams across the scapula. After 4 failed attempts I shared my method and she was able to fit them perfectly... With great fanfare and relief she tried on the garment and found her arms stuck straight in the air. The sleeves were perfectly fit upside down with nice puffs in her armpits. We quit for the night and went for drinks.

This was a calming lovely weekend. Thank you for sharing.

Sleeves....why, oh how I hate sewing thee

Your films are so relaxing, Cathy now has 20 k

I hate sleeves

Cathy reminds me of Miss Stacey from Anne of Green Gables

Greetings Bernadette, I love your vlog. Your visit to Cathy ‘s home was such a treat. I loved how she compared the new drafting book to the older versions. The human body has girth and it seems that in the turn of the century drafters understood and implemented this into their craft. Also, in regards to forgetting the pocket; even though I have been sewing for many years, I find that I sometimes leave steps out; what I have started doing is keeping a journal of my projects and before I begin I keep a list of how I am going to go about sewing the project; I make quick notes of things that I should remember a long the way. By no means is it a neat process; but it helps me to keep track of my project as I list in what order to proceed. Additionally, it helps me if I plan to redo the project and want to have a better finished end project. Plus, you have a journal of your projects you can look back on. Keep up creating great content!

Not the first time you 'forgot' to put pockets in something! When you do that, then you rant about it. Is the ranting fun? Did I see a sewing machine? Cathy actually uses a sewing machine!

It’s nice getting to see Bernadette “ let her hair down”.

What project is using beetle wings in it? Sorry if I missed it, I'm new!

Would you be willing to share your sewing library?

This was lovely. I can just imagine being back in the 1800s and having dress fitting parties.

8:25 Brave of you to assume I’m talented...

I absolutely cannot love this vlog enough!

That was literally a sad note to end on ( the last chord in the video)

Salad for breakfast is normal in Israel. At least a type of salad. Peppers, onions, veggies and eggs. Looks pretty close to Cathy's breakfast of choice it seems.

That whole pocket kerfuffle gave me anxiety

what 10,000 could look like: https://bucketlist.org/idea/reAi/perform-or-speak-in-front-of-10000-people/#.XcCTqehKjcs

You guys have this adorable Lorelai Gilmore/Rory Gilmore vibe!! Accidentally close-in-age soulmates! Also I love Cathy's voice, I just want her to read me bedtime stories. You girls are fantastic

You're such an adorable anglophile. It's completely incomprehensible to me, a Brit, but it's charming to see nonetheless.

Such a beautiful view from your window. I just love all the embroidery on the fabric and your sewing room. Thank you for all the inspiration!

I wish Cathy was my best friend, I don't know why!

Cathy's pants are everything.

Beautiful vlog. I want to be there and I don’t even see. But I do love history.

I'm new here, but Cake at quarter to ten is MY JAM

Better than the BBC

I know this is older but I just subscribed to all the Instagram accounts. I am so enthralled with you.. with New York, your sewing skills, and friends. Thank you for sharing!


Just checked out Cathy’s YT channel and a I knew I recognized her! She was commissioned to embroider a replica of an iconic peacock dress and I remember watching a video of her’s on that. Has she finished it?

i love you bothe, so inspiring!

Love it !

I found your channel, like, last year but I’ve been watching you nonstop for the past few days and you two are freaking adorable. You make me want to sew something and I’ve never sewn in my life

It's a contradiction I believe that Bernadette, who hand stitches such beautiful work, could not be bothered to cut out a pocket lol.

7:43 the door opens by itself..

Check between 7:39 and 7:45 so weird..

As I watch this. Cathy is almost to 25K!

that eyebrow raise!

12:23 literally my mom 10000%

Clothes look great and all (I wish I could sew like that or you know, at all) but can we talk about the beauty that was that cake

So this is where the Ikea dresser cutting table came from! I'm planning on mimicking this with a beautiful buffet which I used as a baby dresser/changing table, which currently has no real purpose and is virtually empty. I'm slowing working turning my entire living room into a giant work space, gradually kicking my family out without their notice...television-free, record player only, sew-with-me-if-you-want-to-be-with-me space. Which, with three daughters, should not be too much to ask. Thank you for this sweet snapshot of sewing camaraderie.

I love watching your videos, but I have a question. Do you and Cathy work an 8-5 job, or get to sewing for a living?

Increase in inspiration and ambition but costing productivity. A decent trade off I think.

*Cathy:* NnOoO PoCkEtS?!?!?! Same, same.

Somehow I have lost my Janet Arnold book. I am thoroughly miffed.

Sounds like your friend is on a "Nutritional Keto" lifestyle when it comes to food! (Watch Dr. Eric Berg here on Youtube! - it's amazing!)

I hate people who are not passionate about anything, so seeing you is the epitome of seeing what I like to see ^^'

My sewing is sooo far more basic than yours, but I so enjoyed the conversations. Would love to be there just soaking in the knowledge and the fun. Thank you both for sharing.

After watching this video, I feel like I have been on a lovely vacation. Thanks so much for posting this!!

I was stressing

"cake...lots and lots of chocolate cake. " I've done a lot of sewing in my time, and am a right fair home-seamstress; certainly not on the level of either of you! If, however, you continue to entice me with the promise of cake at the end of the seam, I may up my game, even at this late stage of my life. This was a enjoyable almost 20 minutes!

OMG That cake!

I am watching this 5 months after first post, and Cathy’s instagram followers have almost tripled.

Aha Kathy did i spy some Sunpotion tonic herbs?

I love this. ❤

I loved this!!

The rain as you may or may not have noticed likes to appear randomly in England XD.

I feel inspired by both of you, your ways and interested and passion for what you love. Thank you to show me that loving life can happen

Lovely video. I don't hate sleeves. But then I also don't do historical anything and I just do single-paneled sleeves with the sleeve-cap free-hand-drafted haphazardly. You'd be appalled if you saw them.

How lovely to be friends like this. I never had a bestie in all my life. I don't know why, I'm not that bad :)

I smiled throughout the entire video.

The pocket on the outside or the slit pocket opening in the same place as the skirt pocket.

The beetle wings! I'm re-watching stuff and they're everywhere! (bottom left corner at 19:55)

What book is Cathy referring to when she is talking about the sleeve? 11:32

Cathy runs a business called Foundations Revealed which is basically an online school for people who want to learn historical and history-inspired dressmaking. There's a specific focus on corset-making but they also teach other things. People pay to join the learning community there and Cathy makes enough from running that to live comfortably and travel quite often. Bernadette makes her money doing the dress history stuff on youtube. She has money from the advertising on her videos, and from her patreon where people can donate money to support her in exchange for seeing the videos a little early and a few other perks. She also sells prints of her artwork on Etsy, and does freelance research and presenting work including videos like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0zBYOXrSp0 They don't make money selling the clothes they make because making things by hand the way they do takes so long. In order to make a living wage they would have to charge thousands of dollars per dress.

She's still working on it! There's a video here all about it which was uploaded just last week https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMGyfkvY06g

This one! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jMGyfkvY06g you didn't miss it, they hadn't announced it yet!

No way was that 20 minutes!

wow Cathy's sewing room looks like my mother's quilting room! She makes quilts in traditional fashion. My ambition is to reach this level of sewing room! I love how you two are so similar (dare I say like mother and daughter

Bernadette-would it have worked to put a slit into the Lady Sherlock coat so you could access pockets already sewn into the inner garments?

That exactly what my grandmother used to eat for breakfast. in summer, fresh vegetable salads and tea, in winter hot vegetable soups.. yes for breakfast.

I am in love! You girls are so charming!

Videos like this are a delight to the soul.

flibbertygibbette scrolled to this comment right as she said it!

7:43 a ghost shut the door?????

Cathy is a lefty like me. So, lefties so too.

❤️ Thank You ❤️

As a brit, I am always stunned when England doesn't just look like a miserable mess of rain and mud

I absolutely love Cathy's trousers! I want to find some and wear them everyday.

I would like so much to be there and hangout with you girls, just a nice day sewing and talking about the Victorian England.

Cathy has a beautiful spirit. I really need one of her to be a constant source of encouragement.

You're lovely

I want to see Bernadette in an edwardian series set in some village I imagine similar to Meryton (Pride and Prejudice) as the daughter of a good natured hard working tailor couple and then cathy comes along with fresh new tailoring ideas to shake up the village as a guest of, what do I know, someone in the village. Bernadette learns some stuff, has her imagination awakened etc. but Cathy has to go after some weeks. As she gets and offer of marriage and her parents kind of talk her into it because they want her to be materialistically secure and because she is too shy and humble to say no she doesn't say anything at first, but then decides, as the wedding gown is being fitted, that she hell no doesn't want to become another married woman and kind of flees her village in order to find Cathy again. The series then becomes a heart warming travelling growing up thing... I would love it to feature a lot of sewing scenes.... I might write this idea out... like properly.

You’re making me miss England so much.

Love your videos. I feel like I am hanging out with you two when I watch.

Omg you were just up the road from where I live.i would have loved to have met you!!

Tell Cathy, that the machine (Pfaff 7570) in the background is a keeper. I had mine for 20 plus years and during a power outage I lost the mother board...cannot be replaced. Love your channel, especially this video.

Endlessly charming! When in Nottingham, please visit the Leaning Tower of Chocolate Cake! And the birds... the birds!!!

What's wrong with Cathy's voice?

Big crush on Cathy

You can always add a "buttonhole" pocket. It is like a bound buttonhole only larger with the flaps of the fabric that bound the edge meeting in the back and forming a pocket.

I have been enjoying the both of you for quite some time, although I have been following Bernadette a bit longer. As I listen to the two of you, I find kindred spirits. I have loved sewing since my fashion designer auntie put a sewing needle in my hand when I was 8 or 9. Before that I would sew for my dolls without thread...? I wasn't allowed to use a sewing machine until after I was 14. Needless to say, patience is a friend of mine. I digress, now that I have completing college (I'm a teacher), and as my children have gotten older, I now have time to sew again. You both have inspired me to return to this past love of mine, sewing. Thank you both for bringing something back to me that I thought I lost.

Watching this again, I love Bernadette’s gently wacky sense of humour, Shavian pronunciation sprinkled with 21st century slang, it makes for an enchanting combination. Backed by the beguiling Cathy Hayes’s makes for delightful viewing. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.

I love this friendship so so so much.

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