A Classic Returns「Team Fortress 2

A Classic Returns「Team Fortress 2

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All right everybody. Take. A look. At. This. Relic, that we. Dug up take oh. Look. It's. A relic. We're. Gonna be playing some tf2, today. And. You, know what I can't. Help but say that I'm excited to get started on it but. Uh before. We get into it I'm. Actually gonna quit, out of it I just there's, a very important, noise I want you guys to hear that I was able to hear because I just booted up the game but, I'm gonna load it up for you guys one more time so there's one more time so way we can all share, in a. Very nostalgic, noise, at least, to anyone who has played tf2, before you. Guys ready for this I'll. Be quiet for a second ready. Close. Your eyes and listen. The. Old valve noise oh. I'm. Not, sure if you were ever a a, tf2. Fan, or, something, of that of something of that variety but, I heard that while testing, this or a little bit earlier I'm like man I gotta show this on the stream now. Everybody, without. Further adue except for this opening let's, get into TF -. Well. Good morning get, out a good afternoon viewers depending, on you timezone and this is Bilbo to YouTube it's, time everybody, Team. Fortress, 2, this. Game, I'm gonna give you you guys know up front This Is It this is a shooter, if, you guys aren't cool with shooters I mean, I've, done shooters on the channel before and I hope. You guys are okay but I won't be doing any profanity or anything but, uh just. So this game is sure that's all you guys need to know we're. Gonna do a couple things Chris, this is my my wonderful moderator, admin here wants. To do me a trade but, before we do that I want. To go and complete. Vanilla with. No with. No. No. No yo teammates, no. Party, I want. To make it nice and simple, that means give me anxiety. The. Looks of the menus have changed, a lot. Well. I'm just gonna just start. It up by. The way I might. Have been hacked look, at all you guys know I have not played this game the last time I played tf2, was. Um the. Last time I played tf2, was. Oh. God. Joy now. All. This screen, was, the anniversary was oddly the start. Of overwatch. The very first day of overwatch I'm like you know what not. Playing tf2 again, until. I I next, like. Get. Into it yeah but, until like some big anniversary and, then I'll play tf2 again, it's, been a very, very. Long. Time, I, I. Remember I had certain controls, on here I think. I had my might I did, the same mouse or a very similar Mouse because I remember having buttons, on the side the, last time I played it but like I think III. Played, oh I have a thousand hours in this game I used to be so biggy to tf2 if, you actually you can look at all back on my channel on the fillable channel you can like look back on this I have, some tf2 content, from a long, time ago now. It's early fill boat so you know it's. Gonna be not. The quality, assurance I can give today but, if you guys want to see some of my earlier tf2, stuff it's, on there, I. Have. Two thousand I'm 3,500, man dude this game if, he had held such. Such. A nostalgic, place in my heart I. Was. A soldier mean I was a blaster, player like. I. Was. An old. Black. Box. Soldier. Oh, my. God could barely hold. Oh, God. Loud. Man screaming, oh. It's. Glavine, oh. It's. All here, I was. Somewhere nothing of it my. Controls, are the same oh. My. God my. Controls, are the same I. Don't. Know oh my god Michael Jordan Sammy, is a spy. Thanks. I buy my things but works Oh. Oh. My. Goodness, oh. My. Goodness oh. Wait, oh. My. Goodness. I. Have. The conch so I go back what helps for a second, well.

Would You look at this. I'm. So, happy to see you all again. It's. Been so long. All. My old friends, are here, oh. My. God I was, never that good at doing the bunny hopping stuff. All. We're asking bird charges, I need to turn my sensitivity, I think oh. My. No, who's, guarding and, leaving guys I open up with a double jump so sorry. No. Dad. I don't want that to be my first kill, of again that's my first kill. That's. My first kill, that's. Really how we playing this oh my god it's all cos. Annoyingly. So just look at this look, at this baby oh. My. God people. Immediately complete, of an auto balancing, in the chat oh my. God, what. A beautiful, day. Look. At this it's, like I haven't even lost a single day's of practice. It's. Like I haven't even lost a single day of practice. It. Feels so nice. It. Feels so, nice. It's. Been like actually four years since I last play the game. Then. The PPF - all that's - OH 30 counters down that I will do so, sorry. How's this better yeah. It was very loud change fov nah man. This. Is this is what I do this. Is, exactly what I do yo what's up Chris thank. You very much oh. Oh. What. A wall random, Chris random. Creepy, y'all. Remember it all was that blast radius oh. Man. Oh man. Y'all. Remember random. Crits. God. It's a beautiful, day who. Touched my guys all, I know I can I can start to regain some health I get as a Rhine in the air and there's like Boop oh. Is. That it I think I was a gibbous pyro oh it's. Been so it's, been so long since I've seen they give us pyro, oh hello. This guy took a dip I died. To a scout wearing, lime green oh. Oh. Man. It hasn't changed the, day. It. Hasn't, all aged a, single, day a spy. Comes by in backstabs. Teleporters. Being, accessible. Bread bread. Coming out of a teleporter, oh. Not. A single. Day has passed. Is. There like a way you can pick up weapons now. That. Was added a while ago right oh. Right. Oh yeah, I can press alt yeah. I remember, that Wow that, was not a UH that, was not a new thing for, that that was a new thing about it I never, really did too much of this, I was, like around the time when I dropped. That's. Okay man I'll take my weapon back I would, like to see my weapon back. There. We go. Oh wow. I died that was that's a part of me I deal I don't remember too well part of the game I don't write to do well that's, alright. God. Just look at the rain of quick flyby man. Let's. See man so what what do we do what do we do here we, can do some. We. Do some random casual. Matches we. Can just have a little bit of fun going, on pubs. Oh. I. Don't know man the world is open to us and. It's such a wonderful time, here you know what we. Have ammo, to worry about, but. It all comes back to me like like. Naturally. Something's. Are so sad Oh an uber chars I haven't see one of those so, long. Man. I used to play tf2. All, the. Time with. My friends. All. The time with my college, friends Oh a give, us engineer, Oh. Struggling. The places, work. Look. At this look. At that look at, what what that was. Well. I might not be spawning ok that's it a long time it's cuz we're spawn camping them. Scout. Is this cow gonna take the teleporter, the Scout took the teleporter. Oh. The. Scalla took the teleporter. Man, old man what what I want a beautiful. Beautiful. Day. They. Got the checkpoint, in a last-second, push by switching to like all soldier. This. This. Is. A video, game. So. Much, nostalgia. We. Have to deal with we have to deal with let's see spies. Spies. Are gonna be a threat, oh. It's. Almost relaxing. To play this again after so long it's. Almost as relaxed look at this oh oh, my. Look. At this video game man, you. Telling me this game is somehow, not, oh, hey there buddy hey there buddy sorry it's been a while. No. I tried, to do him dirty I tried, to do an overwatch melee ah. Some. So so. Relaxing, about this. Let. Me see if I can taunt. Got, the respawn time is certainly. Not. So lenient, oh what. A fight I was a soldier, on. I'm. Do, I'm doing um I'm, just doing a taunts. I'm. Doing. A full. Wash pots. And. A for the two dollar store Oh Trinity you know what I'm Trinity. Video. Very, good. Dude. Tf2 isn't classic have any unusual hats I think, I have a couple on devil man I. Never. Unboxed, an unusual, mine, friend all I am. So mad man my friend he, acts on it so I'll take that trade um he unboxed. Am, too. Unusual in, his first two, weeks of playing I have. Never done it in like my ten years of optimal. Failure has, joined the game excuse, me I believe. That that said that's my job, okay. Okay what's my budget it's H naught H is not the right one comma, its.

Comma Oh. Oh. It's. Like looking at an old family, I. Think. I had an. Unusual, Street weapon. On on you, all. It's like looking at an old family. Just. To see them all again. Something. About is just so so. Nice. So. Nice. What. Every single game you play involve hats all I wonder. Is. That looking, at that cast it seriously. Is just like looking at it like an old family. Just. Seeing the characters that I used to play all the, time come, home from school with just uh. Play. With that like id Tech camp oh, let's. Go. I'll. Take that desk but you know what I'll also take another switch. Oh, the. Spycrab. The. Phlog pyros, what's the last thing I played a phlog. Pyro, I. Don't. Like that at all I, don't. Like that at all but. I'm sowing man. Is. That uncle Dane. Blog. Fire and shotgun. Reserve shooter, I thinks it's called if, I'm not mistaken. Well. The reserve shooter, doesn't, give me ammo back or something. I don't. Know man it's been a while but something, about this game is beautiful. Gift. You gave me a gambling, addiction I feel, like that's completely, within I, really. That's a that can be completely true. People. Complaining, everywhere. I never, also I never used that that medicgun never, got into it. Mission. Ends in ten seconds, they're. All prepped prepping their last moment to push. Everyone. Is here man. Everyone. Is here, Oh given, my old demo night or, my old demo man. Give. Me the classic, baby. Back, when junk rat was good. The. Classic, kill gun this, is this is the onion usual, um I. Tried. To push against Bilbo no, even he notices, let's, go optimum failure even he notices but. Uh. God. Red. Team wins with like gee. I don't know what my, top likewise oh. That's. Okay I have, an Islander. I have. The charge. My. Man fail boat. Love. You too bud. Dude. I'm, so happy just to see it again. Alright. What. We're gonna do. Gonna. Play one more game of this. See. If we can make an offensive push. And. Then, we're gonna we're. Gonna hop, in games, with you guys if you so desire alright what's my time button old f4 croc, on a rock what does that do, um. Go. Across my keyboard. What's. Optimal, and. Yeah. That that one was gifted me to me by, notice. B. Is party chat. C. Is one of the things so is Z&X I'm not mistaken, q is last weapon. I remember, when I saw the Yogscast, playing this for the first time. He. Was I is that. Oh. And. P I don't, know man none of my keys do and do a taunt. III. Know it's G apparently, but I'm I might have a had. A rebind, or something. All. Dude well, you know what we gotta do I think the I'll animate so I can't recover metal, or something I think. That was the old thing with it oh gee. What's up Chris yo. Could you not though thank, you very much and we move on with our day, all. Right I think. I learned it makes it so I can't refuel, my metal or something like that, so. Oh. No. He did he dashed away, oh he's using the pan I forgot you can use pans in this game ah. It's. Just nice to see you know. It's. Just nice to see you again pull, that random crit. Those. Beautiful, random crits. What. A beautiful, game man. This, game all. If. You, guys are looking at this game and you're wondering what I'm talking about this. Game. Is. A dead ringer he's. A dead ringer I know to look out for this. In. The corner over here. Being, alive some halo, 2014, screen want one no I'm okay I appreciate. The offer, under. Two pieces battle health. I. Remember, this, yeah no way I'm not a spy, oh and there's spy, checking, yep, if. You were, if. You're if you're a newbie to tf2, and you're looking at this in your life what are you talking about good game this, is a game that, if. You're familiar with overwatch, was.

The Overwatch, of overwatch. Like. This. Is a team. Class based shooter, that. Existed. Way before overwatch. Is time, that's. Right I can hit myself on this and more, or less was, killed by overwatch. Now. I mean as you can see people still play it today and probably. By your you know your fellows chatters you can see that there are some people in there but. You. Know that they've, played this game before but. Um, please. This the tank heavy my. Good old my boy um, bio. What was my boys name. Array. 707. My. Boy or a seven. Told. Me about let's. See. Go. In here. With. The tank heavy, oh, god. I'm overcharged. What, a glorious, day. What. A glorious. Day. Yes. Yes. I love. This video game man this. Video, game, is. The classic it's free-to-play. Infinite. Hours of playtime I. Won't. Lie the online, community, it. Seems. To have changed I. Don't. Know about five by what I don't, know how but. The online communities, you have changed, whether for the good or for the worst I do not entirely, no. But. It seems different. I'm. Going to think it's for the better. Because. I believe, a lot. Of the people that were well. I don't know I'm not sure it. Could. Be a better, game or it could be a worse game I'm actually not entirely sure. Thanks. Buddy. But. All I know is it's, an oldie it's a classic. Where. Are they where are they. I know, I know that there's danger. There. We go, it's a classic, man I. Would. Play this game for hours, and hours and hours on end after school. And. Something's. Just so nice about seeing it again, all. Right let's go let's go baby I, see. You over there Huntsman all, your you think you're smart hunting I'm, not even messing with you hunter I couldn't. Mess with you I don't want it I have, other people I need to fry here. Come. Here medic, medic. Just died I just. Ride I also by the way Oh, another, heavy another. Heavy rock in the same build as we always have the same bail it's close this. Is gonna be a funny stuff happens I don't know man I usually. Decide on the funny stuff happens afterwards, well that's like a new game, I'm. Gonna put it as a probably, not. This. Is like a 90%. Chance it does not be. 10%. Chance fair there's, a fair call, wait. A minute come, on back dad see this is also a map that, I played, but. Never really. Played like, I remember, this game. But. Not like to. Any amazingly. Substantial. Degree or. I remember this map I remember this map but. Like I need like one of them I need like two for it oh, if. I get to Fort. Something. Else is something in me will awaken. Okay. We. Need we need something that can make and break up that nest a little bit better all. Right, and, what's amazing as a cowl oh oh, oh, I like that so. Much of so much of this just like naturally, comes back I, don't. Even know man so, much of this game is just naturally. Coming back to me I want. To wave that's. The only thing I really really, miss about overwatch. Right now I like just waving a nice, quick wave, feel. Tf2 could have benefited from that they. Just copy, that feature real real fast. See. If I can distract them a little bit and - way did. Not work oh my. God all. The habits. All. The button habits man I need to port Oh gimme. See tf2 for gimme. P, alright or is Pilar da Hightower. I think. If I see Pilar Hightower, I will die. My. Part of my body will just cease, to function anymore and. That. Will be it I. Need. To go back to my boy though wait, no I appreciate, that boy wait a mintue to the puff Scout oh my. God my Jigglypuff. Scout. It's. Been so long I. Forgot. All about this one. So. What I designed, was, a. Jigglypuff. Scout a. Scout. That oh hey. There spy a. Scout. Designed, off of. Jumping. Around. Being. Super, annoying. And. Looking. Most importantly, looking like Jigglypuff. Soda. Popper has been horribly nerfed no. Idea man I. Remember. This was in a thumbnail I made, this guy in a thumbnail oh I. Remember doing this a lot - oh the. Classic, animation I'm ever just just doing that this little like animation, cycle whenever. I was running. What. A beautiful gay man. All. Right let's, see what I'm playing around with it here all right that's death, this, does not call for a scowl I'm gonna be dead honest with you guys, what. Does this call for them my. Officers are limited I'm a stick with I'm a Sigma soldier I'm. A stick with the good old soldier may be a spy, man, it's.

Been A while since I've done the spy game I'm. Sorry I always stuck to the second jump I always, do the first jump pretty well like that easy. Easy. I. Know. What will kill me what won't I. Always. Missed out on is that second, boost, I never. Got it right whoo, it's. Been so long and it feels almost amazing. To. Be backstabbed, by a spy, so. Is that that, that like triggered, a part of my body. That. Hasn't been like that, hasn't had to get, triggered and that in a long time get. A taunt kill I dare you okay. What, what's your spike here spike. You. Better be a spy yeah if he's not a spy I don't know. Was, that accidental, oh well rid of all my elbows or actually achill what, it's a good taunt kill weapon. IRA. Column. I remember, the Huntsman. What's. Up what's up I almost. Called him a charger, I almost, called him a charger, because I had to go through my library of like one, of those things called again Oh. Control. Control. Is my top button. Yeah, you ear there buddy. Staring. Me down I. Tried. To take it I destroyed, it though. We. Can move through. But. Almost more importantly, to me. We. Found our talk button oh. Look. At it. Look. At these beautiful options, let's. Go baby ride, into battle. Let's. Go everybody ride. Into, battle. Alright. Shock. On his pyro, that. Seems interesting did. You like not though I see you back there I see you back there. I. Guess. I don't see him back here he, might have moved, they. Give it the boost. Let's. Go black box. My, favorite weapon of the bunch, oh. Hey. There buddy, how's. It going oh. I'll. Take that I'll take that I'll take that we, ran with it. We. Still have a positive KD, ratio, as. Far as I'm concerned that that's all right with me. Whoa. Now. That is a donation, message that I will, not read, thank. You is Alex, a swatch. The. Spy optimal. Failure, has been, his backstab, to fail but he. Did it. People. Are asking what this game is when it's literally in the title yeah, man Team Fortress 2. Tf2. Is it's closely and, colloquially. Known my. Words. What. Taunts do I have a four. Hey. There okay well Mike fight the Todd I want to use his just. Eliminating. That spy hello he looks like he has done the job I. Forgot. If I have anything I give you oh hello. God. If I can get like a double kill you, guys remember, Germa and star. Now. That's a name that that. Might. Create. Some fond memories for people gent, my bestest I've done my best this time oh. Man. Nope. Germa. In star, a. Classic. Duo that's, a spot that is a spy that. Is not a spy apparently. This. Might be though all. Spy. Checking. Spy. Checking, something, about it man. Something. About it. So. In this game let me ever run down for the people who are unaware we, have our healer we have the medic what, you're looking at is a high damage. Per second, class aka, the soldier, fires, explosives. Pretty simple we. Have the demo man another. Fiery, explosive. Kind of character imma, give a shot at the sniper, pretty. Simple idea behind, this character though I do have the unusual here forgot.

About That. Pretty, simple and standard kind of character, based. Around just getting. Why. Is it keep doing this code, you press you press it once. Oh it's. Been a while. Pretty. Simple idea your goal, shoot. Those little small circles, that people might call heads. And. Because of that great. Your team a win. It's. Pretty, tough I. Know. How died not even. It's. Pretty tough especially. It's been oh my, god. What, is. That glass that's Christ. I'm. An idiot how. Okay does, this gun not fire more. Than oh there. We go okay we can we got one we got one we got one, we. Got one we're. On the board I'll. Tell you I'll tell you right now I was never a UH I was, never a sniper. Bye-bye. Betrayed, I was. Shooting, out a window that entire time, look. That's. How. Well. That's, how confident, I am in my aim that. I did. Shoot at a window. For. I, think. Like four shots, before. Concluding, that. My aim isn't that. Bad. And. What makes it all better is that that was a gibbous that. Was just a good old gibbous boy in the. Back of the party that boy see. I'm. Gonna die I'm. Not gonna die yet I'm. Gonna painted, everything too. Well. There he goes a. Depressed. Elf boy was his name. He. Will be remembered as such. BAM. I can. Only give it a shot. I. Know. He's around. Oh we. Got body shot, no. We're. Being dominated, by the up what does that weapon, that's. A new one. It's. Been a long time I don't think I have to build ready and. It LO out one see how fast I could put it together. Where, is it. It's. Time. How. Do i how do i how do i how, do i how do i there. We go. It's. Time. What's. My button for it though. What. Is that said. Something check oh I'll remember. Well. What's my button for building. Three. And then down oh. Hey. There all, right so this is probably where I died. It's. Been a very long time. God. Presti. Forchette is optimal failure watching, my stream. Wait. For it wait for it wait for it. That's. Where I died what. Is he saying. Also. My Jacky is not T. Nope. Means, y-you, okay. What, is he saying it's. Optimal, failure, - you fail boat I guess, he's watching the stream. Well. I'll tell you a man. This. Is where we end our lives I. First. Need to try and bully asthmatic. Those. Controls, felt so foreign to me, I'm. Not, the medic mathematic. No. Thank. You thank, you sniper for, taking me out Oh. It's, beautiful, all right now I'm gonna disconnect goodbye, all optimal failure. Goodbye. All. Right here's. What we're gonna do oh, hey. There Chris. You wanted to trade me something. Invite. Or. Invite, to party. All. Right I'm, gonna invite all the people I have on my Steam, account that I know are potentially, in the stream into this party here. That's. A cool loading icon' works, very well with jellies face all. Right. Then. Chris, you. Want to do a trade. I'm. Not sure if that's easy to do. But. Uh Chris. Wanted to do a trade of some variety. Should. We unbox, some. Crates. -. I agree jelly should, we unbox some crates. What. If we get an unusual. No. The addiction. Why. Is it 252. In boxes, sealed crate this game took so much money from me. This. Game took so much money from me as a kid. Don't. Even have any created, that looks fun install check. Penny. Alerts oh. Of. Course here, we go waiting for a response on the server can you guys see my window right now you guys cannot see my steam window. Interesting. Well. We'll uh we'll. Show. That off in a little bit whatever. He has up trading me we'll see. Over. Here I can trade from any game on Steam. Crazy. Crates. Are bait, and probably like the reason tf2 died potentially. They. Cost a lot. What. Is this oh it's a pin set. Okay. So he's sending me a pin set and a. Sign I, don't. Know what any of those are, but. Let me make that trade to see what they are. I actually have a pin set a waiting. Email, confirmation. Hold. On I have. To login I have to login to my old like AOL email. Hold. On. AOL. Com. You. Got mail. Look. Like I still remember the password, and everything for it alright, waiting. Email. Confirmation. I. Might. Not even be able to get it. Imagine. I'll have, a new email from Steam yet. Yes. I do have an AOL email. I'm. Not sure if I got it yet. To. Be perfectly honest shift-tab. It's. Not working either, alt. Tab all tab, is, not. The command I was looking for. Click. The entire trade, window has actually froze up. Awaiting. Email confirmation. Unfortunately. I don't. Know what's. Your printer completes hold, on we're. Currently waiting, chrome. Waiting, for your trade partner to complete an additional step, once. You complete Oh. Chris. You have to confirm, your email. Billy. This isn't even on me alright, I. Wonder. Do. We have any crates. Let's. Do that right now, not. Trading Warpaint's. That's, a new one uh. Not. Crafting. Backpack. It's probably this backpack. Then. I can do like. A. Sort, backpack, bye bye where.

The Crates oh. My. God we have so many. We. Have so many. All. Right I'm. Doing it I'm. Gonna do it. Let's. Buy some crates, and. And. See. What we get erver buy some keys I. Don't. Even know man, gonna. Have a man, Kochi, are. Those even open a ball anymore. Weird. Even by keys. Right. To have been man. Co2. Ends. Man. Co strongbox. Let's. Just buy a. Nice. Classic. Key. Just. One I can't. Not please. I guess. I have to add it to my cart now neat. Alright. Add Funds. Then. Move this tab away I, had. $5. To. My steam wallet. Alright. Here. We go I. Swear. I don't talk to the store do you need anything. Return. To your transaction. Thank you. Don't. Gamble at home kids. This. Is not that's not a good thing I'm doing right here open. Backpack. I. Don't. Even I don't even like, sort. To it. Don't. Leave randomly just find a crate for my awfully. Organised. Backpack. You can just search crate. It's. Around here somewhere, look at all these. Awful. On unopened. Crates, finally, use with. All. Right guys what, number you feeling. You're. Saying yes Oh probably. The way to sort. What. Number we Pig in here a 92. And 91. A. 90. I'll even know man 23. So, any of the available, options a 92. Isis own in Chechnya 92, first. 92, I saw, let's. Do it. We. Got a strange. Chocolate. Bar. That. Was not an unusual and, now. I will, never buy another key again I probably, will I'm not gonna lie something. About it that's something about that awakened, a, bad. Part, of me a bad, poison, as a naruto, in the nine-tailed fox i can feel something kicking, from inside my stomach. Alright. Well. That being said let's find a game uh. What. I need very, specifically. Can. I do a map selection, I need payload, race. View. Maps. Hightower. This all I need, banana. Bay that's a new one. Queued. For one specific, mode. Alone. Community. Service give me anxiety I'm, not gonna lie I'm gonna go on there I'm gonna see, a spray, of something I probably shouldn't see a spray of. Fill. Ones on the ice you say oof I don't believe no nope, I think if someone dies you if it's, in front of you and your options are scream, uh. Call. 9-1-1. Then. Scream, like. Naruto. And AOL what does this stream take place in this. Room takes place in, 2012. A. Great. Time. To be alive I. Think. I'm. Gonna say it's a good it's, a great time to be alive, quite. Frankly philbo. Are you despot, Seto all right Chet we're just gonna turn, you up for a while. We're. Just gonna we're, just gonna disable you for a good long, time now. It's, racing we turn off in advanced multiplayer options actually that's that's fair I forgot. About that that way I can just rip them down from the wall before. They're ever even on they're heavy. For smash dude if the heavy got confirmed, for smash I thinked out up the game's age rating I'm not gonna lie. Usually. High tower Q takes two seconds, because. I think it's good we have a very specific thing you, like you I know for the two robots.

It's. Not actual robot say it's it's two uh. It's. A Swedish currency. But. They haven't our beforehand, so I always call it roebucks Thank You idol kill. Both the pyro now has a jetpack na. Sorry. You had me at the first thing the. Para has a jetpack. Excuse. Me. How. Do I access that. Is. That, in the store I need. To find out all oh look. At these dads baby, look, at these stats. 146. Hours, as soldier. Alone. Every. Every, class in this game I've played for over 24, hours uh. Something. About that is just so satisfying, just, to see all my old stats, again. Just. To see where I rank, up. All. Right let's. Do it ah. It. Old friend. Like. It all friends. Something. That transcends, even time. This. Is like logging back into an old minecraft, server again. What's. Up buddy I see you I see you look how hard this boys going. I. Have. To take this ins. Something. Oh he's just riding around taunting, I. Got. Killed and immediately, taunted, on, what. Exists. What. Exists. In. Hightower. Nowadays. What. How does Hightower. Work, nowadays. You. Know how if you leave a burger, out for like a year it. Turns, into just this gross. Horrifying. Mess. It. Grows, mold, on it just looks awful, imagine. Doing that to a burger for a year then, think about what you do to. This community. For. Ten years, you're. Gonna get something way. More gross, than the birdurer is all I'm saying. The. Burger, is the least of your worries I killed, him with a crit. Temporarily. Unable, the spirit. Of Halloween. Is. Beautiful, and perfect. The. Spirit. Of Halloween. Happy. Halloween, indeed. Happy. Halloween. Indeed. Killed. By a random crit. Killed. All just seeing this view. Red. And blue baby I think. I legitimately first, played this game like, we're. Going on ten years. Or. No it couldn't have been ten years this is not a ten-year-old game for me, somehow. Somehow. This. Is not a ten-year-old. Game for me I see you, think it's like. Somehow. This is not a tenure game for me I'm thinking, this has got to be. Sometime, around the start of the channel if not before it was. When I first played this game. His. Ideal. Alright. What. They I gotta do edit, loadout I need to check the new with the new items the. New items I have been gifted, let. Me go let me go my old my. Old medic build because I know he has pins, alright, so, I have the equipment pins. What. Are the new pins oh. I. Don't think Chris has confirmed his uh his, Asia. Or something. That's. Okay, Khan takes so long to respond in this game, alright. There we go look, at that beautiful unusual. Good. Stuff man okay okay okay, we got healing. We. Got our damage gun, and. Then we got my favorite part is build my. Favorite, part of this build, oh. The. Melee. Kill. You I'm. Not so sure if I should. This. Is high tower. This. Is tf2 high tower. Dancing. Dancing. Yes. The conga, a. Trombone. A, conga. What. Is this game man what year does the stream take place in. Yo. Thank, you for the happy, splat Oh a message man I appreciate. Okay. Let's. Do it baby let's. Do it they're, calling my name. But. There's not the ones I want to hear my name coming from. No. He. Went with it people. If, you want to get some of the new website can give you them no problem pokie pokie fan okay. Ten with what I got. Look. At this. PLR. Hightower. It's. Like an old minecraft, server man. Something. Just so satisfying about. Seeing. That. Seeing this all come together here. Let's. Go baby let's go baby you. Still got the kill. But. I got all the nostalgia, you. Think you hatless atlas oh. I'm. Gonna be able to add add. You guys after this pretty, much I got it in the stream pretty strictly at 5:30. Makes. Me smile I know. It shouldn't make you smile. But. It makes me smile. We. Make good team, I agree, heavy, oh he, just kill himself all right. The. Amazing Jace is to come here hey. There. Yes. You. Just want a screen. Full. But. What's what's the. Of. Confused. Oh my. God. It's. All Eagles, this. Man knows exactly, what his heart is. That, it's. Amazing, okay. I can hear Chris oh. God. I can hear Chris. What. Is this game hello. Let's. Go buddy let's go buddy. I'll. Play the game. I'll. Play the game. Let's. Go. I'm. Gonna Ted Todd kill let's go. Dude. This devil man is actually scary me. That. Demo night has too much power football, would you be able to add me if I sent my profile, I'm physically incapable send requests because my inbox is full Oh, how. Does I had a bunch of people after this game truth. Be told if. You guys can hop in the same game as me I have no idea maybe we can have like a custom game on yogi, at TF orange. What. Server is this I have no idea man I'm just loading on random casual server. QT. Spooky. Scary skeletons, is adding me to their friends list.

What, A beautiful message. Let's. Go boys. Yeah. We. Got him. Okay. It's been a long time, what. Did even is my build on this guy. What. On earth is like here. All. Right. What. Is my gear. I. Think. I can do. Soldier. No. One will count me out no one will see this no one will see this. No. Will see this coming. Except. Maybe the soldier, himself. Y'all. It's, not gonna happen. No. Wait. Second. Half it's not gonna happen anyway I warned you guys now. I'm. A terrible shot I, hoped. Do you take fall damage oh yeah you take fall damage in this game. Do. You trade. I, know, jack. I'm. Interested, I might, do another tf2, stream soon who knows man something. About this game is just. Nostalgic. To see ok well Trinity wanted me to go free taunt, kill. So. How could I refuse. All. Right well I want, to keep by in my look where. Is. The. Flare gun oh. My. God I remember that one I remember that one all, right boys and girls, we. Have one mission. We. Have one mission I. Warn. You it's, a simple one. But, the fact remains we have one mission I, remember. I changed my hips and opponent stuck. We. Almost got that we actually almost, got that. Place. A man versus machine maybe maybe. Do. A flare jump well I remember that no, you cannot transform into a squid in this game oh. My. God hearing the Box hearing. The box of that frying pan oh my god dude. I remember when I hit that was like bonus. Bonus. Docs. Look. At him run. How. Can we get at on killing snap it's a question I need to ask myself right now. There. Are clearly ways to do it no. They're. Going to win Wow. They've won a Hightower, Wow. Capping the point on Hightower. Wow. What. A beautiful day okay okay we're. Doing that again we, got to get a taunt kill. If, we can get a taut kill we're done. Is. There a bumper car thing, this. Is a thing you can do I. Need. That I need, that, oh. Hey. There buddy. Is your steam thing the same profiles or YouTube one kinda, I updated my youtube one recently is that a mini, Centurion, high tower. Do. About your day scout not. For me buddy not, for me but. Go about your day oh hello. Blog. Boys. I move, too fast for him. Go. About your day you're. Cool with me go about your day. You're, not my target here today. No. No, give us mattock don't do it to him thank. You give us medic. Yo. See y'all expend give my first-ever donation he goes to you my preacher my god all, right all right. Wait. No way, we. Was so close, he wants it so badly he, wanted it so badly. Hey. That's me the red pyro oh really. No. What's up Trinity that's. So cool oh it's. You oh cool, I didn't even notice oh. We. Had an opportunity. We. Had an opportunity. Why. Does the Odyssey moon get plain every time times that's a donation sound. Let's. Probably keep the chaton to. Keep that relevant well.

Let's Go roll boy I. Am. The Scout all do we it do we pretty much have the entire, playerbase of tf2, in the stream oh. My. God stop it, stop. It, he. Knows. Thank. You thank. You spy. I want. It so bad no. Let's. Go. We. Kill the really, brain-dead. Spy. But. We told what a beautiful jump pose we, killed a, beautifully. Brain-dead, spy. But. We got it I'm actually playing splatoon right now yeah that's awesome, glad. To hear true. We. Did it boys and girls. I'm. Happy. To hear. Yah. Oh geez hey. There buddy. No. I thought, of it though. Boop. Oh. Dude. Let's go oh. My. God, what is that kill, Oh. Got. Him boys I guess, I was a taunt kill, let's. Go we got another one that. Was, a classic strat back in the day Oh. Oh no. Wait, meet him in bitumen what is that weapon he's hitting me with, what. Is that. Whoa. Whoa, is that jackhammer, times, have changed, Batum. In wait a minute oh. It's. Not a jackhammer, honestly. Press. F2, first secret. Okay. Get. Loot I. Don't. Really want to do one of these right now I'm good dead honest. Okay. It's. Called the dragon's fury. Metal. All, right all right. Kind. Of wanted to do it tool I. Kind. Of need to do a tool. Where's. My old Huntsman. The first Huntsman, I ever owned. Was, that a ye you just said I did indeed was a heat Oh. God. The, old Lux Minh. Stab. Stab. It's. Been so long. My. Switch won't turn on slash charge senior, what do I do Alex, I suggest, calling up Nintendo, and. And. Seeing. If they can fix it sign. It in to them and usually I'll actually do it. Alternatively. Use. It as a coaster for the Wii U because. I feel enough people use their Wii U as a coaster for the switch I feel it's gonna be you. Need to you need to pay it forward now and again. Keep. That window open though. It's. Always around the corners. Right. Into it no. No. I. Don't. Think it's gonna be possible, we have like two people that's actually a like we can actually kill.

Everyone. Else just wants to a party. Around. Let's. Get a honk in the chat I agree let's get a big honk in the chat. All. Right, what. Server is this I don't know man and rain on the plane we got 30 more minutes man, chat. What do you guys want to see for the last 30 minutes. What's. Happening on my phone Oh. Think. My phone is I'm, unleashing alarm. I'm, up at the back the. Back stab that. Weapon looks so good. Thank. For the big honking chat oh. My. Goodness. I'm, satisfied. I'm, satisfied. Monk. Lol. Phil. Higher tower hired our. The. High tower beyond, the. High tower that goes further beyond. Phil. Please tell us the server I literally, have no idea guys, I'll be dead honest with you. Yeah. Haha. Am i right Scout he's actually a scout he's actually a scout I was. I was like 90% confident, that was just a spy. Whatever. Works man don't whip kill let's go baby, I. Don't. We worry is that stop. That random. Crew gives me anxiety I appreciate. You not hitting it. Goodbye. Yeah. Buddy. Yeah, buddy know, everybody. Anybody. Who. Wants some help. Some. Nice juicy help. That's. Okay I. Can't. Not. Let's. Go. Let's. Give it to him. If. You don't play soldier what's a troll trick. I remember. The words oh. My. God what where. Did he come from where. Did you come from ready to go. People. Are posting in Lenny's in chat I, really. Am glad this game has not changed, at all at all. The. Golden sight beautiful. It's relaxing, to. Know, all. Right where is what, I'm looking for. No. That does not seem very practical. Here. We go. Hip-hop, beat up the press. To prepare to respond there we go. It's. Been a while since I feel would seize my message she puts it in the video because of this I'll, die some happiness, well don't die. It's. Also probably gonna be a video so. Expect too much meat. Oh my god we actually almost got that. Oh mai gerd do i make like a soaring sound as I land. Please. Respond to my stuff you. Gotta make it worthy of response, you. Anyway. We. Need to do more Nintendo screens why aren't you listening what, do you mean I do.

That. That is a bait, you of I've ever read one, feel. Boat you do too many non Nintendo, games come. On man I thought, you were a Nintendo, channel. Give. Me a second give me a second I'm actually stuck I'm actually stuck, all right here we go now. We're any boys but. I've, never actually gone to market I think, I've got one. That's, okay. I'm. Out I'm out. Yo. Was that bunny hopping let's bring up he's coming free he's. Not actually coming free he is now. No. Problem my buddy I know. What's up I know. What's up all. Right hold on wait wait where is it where's rps. Do. I not own RPS, well. First of all give me a flip. Do. I not own RPS, I. Mean. I know I own it but like. Don't. Give us, this. Is why I love tf2 for. This. Is why I love about tf2 there he is there. He is I need it on this though you dare don't. You dare let's, go buddy. I. Know. The rules I know. The rules. The. Rules are simple. You. Either live a winner or. Die a loser well fine I can't, go out of my own terms then I. See. Jarate. What, a beautiful time, what. A beautiful time people complain about the fov in the chat I. Love. It man. Well. Either way guys I don't. Think we're gonna be playing on this for more than I give it like a, minute. Next. Time I die we're. Logging off. How. Do you pay for this thing oh. We. Got got and why, as I as promised. We're. Going to leave that game alright. I'm. At a bunch of you guys real fast for one last game uh. Hold. On, where's. My friends here. Friends. Ninety-one, incoming, requests, okay. I am. Just going to accept, a bunch, I have just joined all the member ones oh that's a little awkward I'm now a part of a bunch of memberships. It's. A little weird all. Right is. This what accepting, the oppresses okay, here's. A bunch of, accepted. Requests, I. Was. Gonna randomly add people. BAM. This, should be. More. Than enough here. Literally. Just randomly adding people Nick the gamer, there. These are people that could have been. Like. Oh. I. Like, trying to add me from a long time ago which is why I'm adding so many. Much. Of this if it was this easy to do it on uh on. The. On the switch we're gonna click people's names like that, alright. Guys. One. Last game, community. Server. Look. At this old breasts look this old archaic. Browser. But. Its archaic. Browser. Who. Do we add. Or. Where, do we go. Oh. Where. Do we even go. You. Guys want me to a community, server so I'll do, it. Archaic. But. Where do I go. USA. Achievement. Bosses. Want. To stay, minecraft. Trade server are, their trade servers, I don't. Dare. I I. Don't. Know man dare I.

I'm. Not, even I'm not even gonna try that. One scares me a little bit here um. Let's. Go with. Ian's. Friendly. Tf2, server I. Like. That Ian's, friendly. Tf2, server. 32. People can join that. If. You're, in my friend oh my god it's the one of the original, maps I've ever played on. This. Is perfect. Actually. This. Is what I wanted. Welcome. Hey y'all, thanks for visiting my server if you need anything hit me up on Steam thanks, Ian. You. Guys know what service to join. What's. Happening what's happening oh god. What is this oh. God. What, is this oh. God. What, is this. It's. So. Perfect. It's not the one I thought it was by. The way oh. It's. So, perfect. This. Is tf2, as it was meant to be a stop-motion. Animation. This. Is an actual stop-motion. Animator this was like a gmod, movie. This. Lose just like just straight-up like in gmod movie. We're. Playing, in gmod I. Apparently. I also can't hit that hit bad guy. Man. I. Love. Shooting, the rocket I love, shooting the. Uh the. Flamethrower, and what, is this. What. Is happening right there. Tf2. Is happening right now. Apparently. Chris's power just went out just, straight-up he lost power, Chris. Did you ever confirm your email I. Think. You need to do so. Alright, let's go boys yo we, need to clutch out a win on. The server that looks like my 5th grade art project I. Believe. In our powers. I don't. Believe in all of our powers. Cleave, that motion blur seal. How, did you kill me with this lag. Majestic. Just. A hunch but I think the bots are in bodies I don't, know man. I'm. Not, entirely sure if they are I think. We're just into one of those states. Where it's impossible to tell. Poor. Dude LMAO, is the healer. Only. If anything meant dude. Poor dude LMAO in chat says to move up. No. Problem. My guy I. Know. When, my teammates need, some help and how, did I not even thank. You jelly this, limbo. Is like, imagine. You die and it's, just this. All. You're doing is running around at two frames a second. With. Nah. Dude lmao and. Chuckle. Nuts. Ian. Is a myth dude eat as a god what are you talking about, ian. Is a deity, thanks. Paul. Ian's. Puppeteering. This whole stream from behind the scenes. Since. Apparently the entire tf2. Fan. Base exists. Within my server, or. Exists within my livestream, Ian's, probably, alive evenings, probably, a viewer. Thanks. Thanks pop I really. Don't know where this is supposed to be hitting I'm not gonna lie. The. Hitbox, for this move definitely, seems a little bit different than what I'd imagined it's does not even exist I. Think. That teleporter, entrance doesn't, even exist, on the same plane of, existence that, I am on, what's. Up I am, NOT gonna mess with that I'm, not gonna mess it I'm just gonna be dead honest with you. Seems. Unbeneficial, to, mess with that but. This guy, seems. I'm, not, gonna mess with this nope, nope back it out back it out remove, the centuries. The. Centuries, are part of the game. They. Will be able to operate better than any human can. That's. Okay that's okay. Dude. I love. For people's first interpretations. Of this game could potentially, be that, they were so lazy in tf2 s development, cycle that they didn't even add walking, animation. Look. At this walking animation. He. Just moves his legs a little bit back and forth I guess that's it that, is what walking is. Feel. Though it's it's. Everyone. Else I'm. Gonna go with lower because of how far into hell this game is probably alright. That's. Alright. We're. Fine personally, but that could just be me if. You guys are not okay with a chi double, hockey sticks let. Me know I never consider that word of curse words. But. That's. Up, to the world the. Benefit, and problem of live streaming is that you broadcast, what. You say to the entire world and we all have our own thoughts. And opinions guys that the, name of the game is in point well-taken I. Hae. Many centuries but. Something about getting killed by one is so perfect. The. Name of game is in Goa is in the title everybody. It's. Pretty reliably, in the title, all, right.

What's. Up all these I, believe, that was your name, we. Can't, get one. If. Look, at this run oh my god, something. About this animation, looks so amazing. What. We need to do. What. I would like to do is. Okay. Hear me out. There, is a gain out there. Called. The. Yellow. What. Was it. Halo. Combat Evolved. Demo, all, you, could do is play Blood, Gulch. On. Capture. The flag. Style. I'm Joe that's. All you could do. And. I, want to play it. My. Wonderful chat my. 222. Viewers currently, I, need. Your help. Thank. You raccoon bye disagree, I need. Your help with. The. Collective, powers of 200 people at, my, disposal I need your help I want. To try and find a way. That. I could play. The. Halo. Combat Evolved. Demo. It. Was a free, it was a free thing I didn't. Ever play the story mode. All. It was. Was. The. Was. Capture. The flag on Blood Gulch. That. Was it and. If I get ever play that again, you. Would make me the happiest, person. That. Is all I want to do I want to see that game when. I get one more time before I perish, in in the, next 100 years or so. All. Right that, being said let's, go jelly, just grinding, kills with the with. The engineer that's gonna be it for now you. Will play more of this game another time Chris. He. Desired, to trade with me. Did. It work. We're. Gonna load in one more random community server, just. So I can, check. Jailbreak. Oh my. God you guys thought jailbreak, was a roblox, thing. You. All haven't even seen. Real. G we're playing jailbreak. Minecraft. I saw. The server name we're. Going on - jailbreak. Minecraft. You guys thought this was a roblox, thing eh. I, never played casual before all I play I exclusively, play casual, oh. Did. You call me Pete no I didn't Petra I don't think I've said your name so far today. Loading. Player model Saxton, Hale ah. Something. About that man read, our chat and so I am man so I am. It's. A beautiful time not. Hightower do. We already had a little bit of Hightower, we. Already had a little bit of that. Thing. Can I have your watch when you're dead you. Know what sure. Scrape. Head if you can track me down and find me you can you can you can own. Any. Watch, that I currently own in year 2018. You. Guys ready for a server the. Troop you guys saw that, are. You guys ready for a server. Guys. Join, in please. Waiting. For one more player before the round starts we. Need, people. In here ASAP. Jelly. Is dead I feel that I. Think. I think on the other team. Oh. My. Goodness. This. Is uh. This. Is beautiful. Jelly. Is the corrida warden, look. At him creep. Around out there. Alright, I can't believe I'm doing simply. Don't let again please. Open that jelly jelly jelly stop jelly. Jelly. Please. I've. Been released from my prison no. Okay okay you want me to go back in there. Hey. Why. What, a horrible jail this is god, I. Was. Obedient I. Was. Just looking, to, have a fun, time role-playing. And. This. Guy is over. Here. Killing. On site Kos. Fine. Then servers. Changing. Level. Here. I was hoping to explore, this wonderful world that we've we now have access to. Chris. Do you ever some of the things I, mean. I think it worked but I. Think. I have to I think you have to be mom, to. Confirm your email. Your. Best moments as any class. Lee, all these soldier achievements, some. Spy achievements, in there too somehow, strange. Strange. God. This, is so amazing man I love it how do I super check oh that's right YouTube, has actually added a new feature hey guys if. You are a UH, if. You are not, a sponsor, and you're looking to be one let, me make this plug real bad scars oh we. Are work ethic what. Is this whatever. It takes, warning profanity, mad I have no idea what this is. I'm. Not the one talking. Really. Yes right no right now we're entering dangerous parts, of the Internet. Anything. Could happen at this point. Joe. Is our bread I. See. You there Oh. God. I've. Been Auto balanced view. Tafolla. Current. Water is seal I'm scared I'm horrified. I'm. Gonna heal you though, I'm. A huge, ustin Kate I'm going to the disco. No. Offense to you seal but. I have places I gotta go Club octagon, huh. It's. A party boys. Just. Listen to this raving music. Now. Dance Oh God. Seal. Desires us to dance uh. That's. A negative for me captain. All. Right let. Me get down there, there. We go. This. Is beautiful. Apparently. Flux gigawatt. Does. Not know it's actually, me. But. Yes it indeed is it is I. No. Are. We not dancing good enough. Is. That. The situation. What. Do you want from us. Warden. Seal. Why. What. Do we exist for other. Than to dance for you is there. Nothing more to. Life, than. This is, this. All.

We'll. Ever amount to. I see. Afta. Path traveller, is really looking different. Really. Looking different hi Chris we. Got nine minutes. My. Only hope is the files get to me in time or the the items get to meantime so I can check them out cuz. We got it we have like force and this stream exactly, 5:30, cuz, I have something to do. Bamp. Bamp. At init init yeah. Where is it though. I, never. Put the UM - which one on here. Alright. Warden, alright. Warden. What. Do you want from us. It's. Steal again whoa. Whoa, I. Got. An ad man i, love getting advertisements. In. The, middle of my games. Yo. What's up arcane mill, see. You in check okay steal this car can. I Drive this no. I cannot that's okay. What. Is this. Whoa. Meteors. Oh my god what. Wow. Yeah. Oh my god this is a beautiful reference. This. Is why I love tf2 community servers man. There's. Something beautiful about it. What. A beautiful era this was. Tipped. To when no one knows what's going on that's, tf2. Though knife. Pit huh. Man. For. Being called a knife pit. Surprising. Lack of knives good. Wiggins gonna put that on you're gonna be dead up with you guys. Pretty. Surprised. That's. Just the general lack of knives in this knife pit. All. Right you want some healing. Somebody, to get the ax to it let's, go baby let's go, baby, we're in the money. Freedom. Inbound. Freedom. Has been had, what. Why do you just like slide out here well, we definitely have a, people. In here all right, all right. No. Please I once retire. What. Was that. Do. That again do. That again wolfy. What. On earth is that one. I love. It whoa. Okay. All. Doors are open, hum. Believe I've asked, anything well, that's Gigi. Had. To restart tf2, alright. Chris. Tell me what I need to do check out these weapons. Then. We're gonna end off the stream. Gently. So happy. Okay. Can, join that team. Please. Thanks. Buddy thanks. Buddy. Alright. Seal, roar. I'm with you now, mainly. In spirit, I am dead, I am, currently dead but. That's okay. We'll. Work through this seal. We'll. Work through this hiding, go boom huh, I, think. I found skull shirt two goals new video, new. Video idea here. Every. Time you go out your plays, an ad. Ads. You see in here at Wayne connecting, up here running. VIPs. Are our work ethic. Let's. Go let's go. Is. There gonna be like one prisoner, by the end of this. Let's. Go. Well. Okay cool I guess I just get auto balance, to be a cop. I've. Been put in jail for false, accusations. Those. Guys just what. Is this actual, jail, cell I mean. Some. Guy who looks like me curled. Up on the in the corner, questionably. Dead. Some. Younger delinquents, banging, on the door. I've. Never been in jail personally. But I gotta admit that, one, seems almost a little bit too uh bit too accurate pay. $20, for a Glock and tf2, is that a thing oh that's. In, order to get VIP I understand. Yeah. Don't. Hurt him don't hurt him he's precious why would you do this to him why. Would you use to him, he's. Just a friendly movie with. The gun but a friendly movie. Jelly. Has rebelled I. Agree. I hope. He takes it out now before he rebelled against me, that'd. Be pretty bad if all the mods revolted. Really. Chris training center for a trade request I do not see that though I. Have. No I have no options, for a trade request. Open. Up chat with me or something here we all right. Here. We go. Trading. Send. A trade offer. No. I don't send trade offer Paul I need in case you guys just see me in game again smashed. Into. The back of the head with a baseball bat or something I'm. Just uh. I'm. Just chilling, out here we in, the steam shift-tab. Menu. Chris. I've sent you a trade request. All. Right here. We go Chris a wonderful. Moderator Chris heck's one just send me a thing, we. Have two minutes to get this done. And. The. Trade window is not opening. Third. Person. Sure. Let's. Do it. TP. Third. Person has been activated BAM. All. Right. Well. I. Don't. Know Chris. It.

Worked For a little bit Oh. Uber, charges little buddy let's. Go buddy, I've. Been over it I'm, sorry to do this for you to a wolfy but I can't abandon my mannequin this time I need. This. Isn't just oh, my god a gun had I got ID and we came back to a win and there's a skeleton and the skeleton is dead, and. Now, my medic is dead and. The scales in the back. Man. This is a weird game, gonna. Be gonna be dead honest with you guys I think this game is weird I. Think. This game is very strange as. A. Whole all. Right Chris I can give you one more trade offer and, see if we can get that happening. And. Bite. To trade. Let's. See if it works if it does not work we're gonna end it off trade. Request accepted. Yet. No window, pops, up. Chris. Let's do one last thing send. Me a trade offer. We. Have no time, but. Send me a trade offer with. The items. If. You, can't do today we'll do it out like next week on another tf2, stream and. We'll. Save the anticipation, of it till then. This. Is beautiful though this. Is a table of food is, that an emo it's an, emo. This. Is a beautiful, emo I. Love. It I love. TF Street man I'm. Happy to be playing it again. Okay. Everybody thank. You all for watching -, next time whatever I feel like doing this. Has been a fun. One I'll, tell you that much it's been a fun how do you move so fast. That's. Where I die oh. My. Phone is going off. It's. That time. You. Trade offer wait a minute crystal sent him sent me an offer hold, on. Confirm. Trade contents, except trade, and. Error. Accepting, this trade offer please, try again later. Accept. Trade an error. Occurred, accepting, this trade offer, Chris. I think, steam hates us I. Cannot. Accept. The offer. That's. A big rip I also said 25 in brackets right afterwards, all. Right everybody we, are unfortunately, completely. Out of time, thank. You all for watching - next time whatever I feel like doing there's. Been a fun one everyone a very stupid one but a very fun one let's do a raid. Let's. Do a very quick raid, let's. See who's playing Super, Mario Party, an, unusual. Crowd. I'll. Kick you guys on over to a Super Mario Party stream and it will end it off. Let's. See. Who's. Playing this live right now. No. Idea who this is they, could be cool they could not be cool bear. In mind it's someone else's stream, but. Uh be. Super nice be super respectful you guys are super good about it we're. Gonna kick you guys over, - uh. We. Are rain to be doing good so far I want to see we have like 200 people I want to see if we can actually get 150, people in I feel like we can actually get a solid 150. Person rate in here. I'm. Gonna kick you guys on over to a channel named, honey, bear. Adorable. Honey but all I was gonna say this real fast if you guys want a sponsor you, can now do it from the super chat button if you, press the dollar sign below the chat you'll. Now see an option to join on YouTube gaming that's what you use to become a sponsor anyway, thank y'all for watching - next FF is doing and I will see you around Honeybear. Stream everybody give, them that fail fleet flood. They. Don't for watching and I'll see you around ro.

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