*[VLOG] 강의영….손지수…데려간…강릉 출장기…..

*[VLOG] 강의영….손지수…데려간…강릉 출장기…..

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Hi, guys. It's Holy. Somehow, I joined the business trip of Kang Uiyoung and Son Jisu.

Jungwon had something to take care of elsewhere, so he'll join later on. His mom will fetch him in the middle. Did you see how the 4 staves came out to greet? They did that since I'm going on a business trip while working in Yangjae. Did you see them waving their hand? Nayoung asked if I can survive the business trip. Cheers! Show us that in a long while. Hello.

Hi. Can you compliment the staves who you've seen for 2 days? -Umm... -Hmm... Everyone is so precise, Yeah. -smart, -Mhm. -and loves their agency. -Just like you. Oh! Sometimes, if you're smart, you can be nasty too.

That's a fact. They're smarter than us but kinder too. They slept on a foldable bed in the office. And as soon as I came, they asked me to call out the name list of who got this bed out. They're even all enjoying themselves, saying it's better to work after sleep in the office instead of just taking a slumber.

And they even discussed they would watch Steel Troops after finishing the job quickly and lying on the foldable bed in the Representative's room. But nope, they passed out right away. Aw. -They were too tired. -Oh, jeez. We met him.

I shouldn't be on this business trip. I'm sorry, but the jean started to get sold out so much. -Forget the jeans. Hyaemin is in for the final exams. -Yup. She lost all the motivation to live because she screwed the exams. -Did you forget the working out in the morning? -Yeah. You too.

Should I show you how you squat? I can handle 3 with no problem. -3 squats, give me a break. -3. 4 is a bit tough. Don't you hold up the weight of 150kg while squatting? -Yeah. -Really? Yup, in the gym.

And... She can even handle 400kg on the power leg press. For real? Yeah, she recorded it the first time in the gym as a lady. It's the first time as a lady, but one man keeps approaching me to join the exercise saying he can only handle 300kg.

How much would Uiyoung lift? Maybe... 90kg? -Uiyoung? -Yup. Nah, she wouldn't do 40kg. Aw, surely not that little.

We're at the accommodation. -We'll go here for editing later, where there's no blur. -Right. Let's snap that.

What? What is that? The 4 photos of your lifetime. -Do we have to pay? -Yup. -5,000 won. -If it costs money, it's a bit problematic. 5,000 won for that? I'll snap 4 photos of you. We have so many puppies around here since this is the hotel for dogs.

It'd be lovely if we bring Gureum and Somi here. We can't, because they're kind of rude. Nah.

They'll erupt a fight if they're here. They'll brawl. Maybe we should trim their fur short Yeah? if we were to bring them here. -Aren't they too fancy? -They... yeah.

-They're too beautiful. -I know, right? I'm shocked. Also, I'm staying here since they gave us an event ticket to stay in this hotel to see if this place is nice. Oh. What room number did we get? 7060...

Wow, Jisu matured it seems. After running the business, I can feel my vibe. Are you sure? She's all excited to come to a luxury hotel. -Wow! -There's a bathtub too. -Yup. -Hey, the bathtub

isn't important here. -Ooh! -Just look at the view out here. I can smell the ocean. Can you?

Yeah, but doesn't it make you hungry? Hey, there are 2 types of pools. Ah, this is it! There's a bakery too. Should we try it out? -Ooh! -Yeah, let's try it. Don't you think we should try out Gwangmyeong Healing Massage instead? Where is it? Where? Yeah, let's get some massage. How much is it? A place like these cost you a lot. I bet it's more than 100,000 won. That much for massage? I'll do it instead.

Lie down. Take turns and lie down. -Alright! -We ordered something to play with in the room. They say it costs 20,000 won when we rent it. I can't see what's in front of me.

Never mind, I can! What? Oh, it's an ocean! I can see a whole ocean! This is so funny. Let's see? Shall we do something scary? There's a roller coaster course! Let's get on there, shall we? I'm so scared. What do I do? Mommy! What should I do? Uiyoung, I'm on the roller coaster. Come into my home.

What should I do? Dang it, it's even raining. Hey. Try out the one saying Into Its Shadow. Into Its Shadow in Kuro. Come on, join me. Quick, get it started.

Hang on. No, it's not it. I... well... I can't do this anymore. I seriously can't take this, Jisu.

Nope, I'm outta here. I can't. Honestly, that's too much for me.

Isn't it so scary? Walk in. GASP! Get lost! Hang on, come back! I can't take it. It's too funny. Eek! Somebody help! What's this? I'm gonna try it out.

Me too. -I'd love some potato croquette too. -Let's buy various ones and share. The bread is called anesthetic bread. Snap a photo. Anesthetic bread? It sure seems delicious.

-I thought you were going for a meal. -I know, right? Isn't that one per person? Let's take this much. Is someone joining us? Let's keep it simple. -Yeah. -Yeah.

I wanted to try the sweet potato one. I don't eat much bread. Are you browsing what to have for dinner while having bread? Ooh, pasta with that broth would taste exceptional. I know, right? We're confirming your product. Wear sexy expression.

Is it done? From here. Who's this? It's so cute. Let's try to go to the ocean. Careful, the car. We wouldn't see the sunrise tomorrow, eh? All three of us would go. It's 9 AM! We gotta move out! It's time for checking out! Who reserved it for 6PM? Jungwon.

Please don't do that from now on. I'm someone who has to have dinner around 4PM, you know. Wow, the ocean. -Woooow. -It's so pretty! I should have worn a fancy dress. You don't have one.

You don't have one, she says. Uiyoung! Catch me if you can! You're insane. I'm so embarrassed. I'm gonna get you.

What are you doing? Excuse me~ Our friend~ Our friend~ Isn't this the spring onion you eat with samgyeopsal? 1... 1, 2, 3! -We're so in sync. - We did good. But I don't think anyone actually jumped. Se.

- You have to go higher. - Higher. - Jump when I say so. - Okay. Jump! - It didn't work... - It was too late. - This is it. Listen to me. - Really? Choose. - You're right. - See?

It's true. You look as if you're flying. I did so well. This is legendary. Jump.

Did you all do it? Jisu fell. - Wait. - Why? What? Oh geeze. I thought my card broke. I heard something break.

You have to pay for that. I don't think it's in. Why are you out like this? There's so many people.

I have one but my belly button shows. So what! But that's not the problem. The clothes you wear. normally. You wear so much of my clothes...

Do you have a shirt? But the problem is that Son Jisu fell at the beach and the card was in her back pocket and it broke so she went to get a new one made. She said she'll pay for it. I can't go anywhere with you. You should have took the blow for the team... Yeah we'll have that. And we'll add pasta later.

This. Spicy sauce. What about you? Sparkling water. Sparkling water. Wow.

- How cute. - It's backwards. Jisu was taking a picture of us jumping and she suddenly fell and was like huh? Wait. It broke. So I was like yeah? So I said I'll just say it was me. And I told them I'd be responsible. And we were leaving.

But then you saw me and said why I go around like a homeless person. I was more scolded with my clothes than with the car I went to my closet and there was this terrible shirt. It had strings coming out of it They were Jungwon's clothes and I thought he folded them in a corner because he wasn't going to wear them. So I thought they were being thrown away.

So I thought I'd wear them one more time and ask to have these and I thought I'd mend the clothes and wear them again. I went to work wearing that. But Jungwon was looking at me weird and I was like "What?" And then I got a message from him, he sits next to me.

He was so mad he didn't even want to talk. It said "you're wearing 1,000,000 today". I said "I mended the clothes by burning the loose strings" Turns out each strand was worth 1000 won but the funniest part was that our mom said he didn't wear it so I could wear it. - He was just saving it? - No one knows.

What do you think? Wow~ - This is insane. - Look. Wow~ Is it your cheat day? Yeah. Have this. Then the sauce is way better What is this? This place... nothing else of the hotel compares to this.

This is the mara dish. The Chinese Changchen shrimp. Changchen shrimp. This is lobster. Wait.

Are house prices in Gangneung high? Planning to move? Yeah. Wow~ It's like bean sprouts. It's good, right? Honestly. Aren't you glad you're here? All I needed was this. This is what you eat in when you're abroad. Thank god Gangneung has this.

Sorry, but none of you drove. You were all just sitting. That's boring too.

I love my crew. You know? So it's hard for me. - Up until now. - We've known each other for 12 years.

I love everyone What... But we're still boss and employee. But I love them so much.

So I wish we didn't meet as a boss and employee. Huh? It would have been better if we were just friends. It's so fun talking with them. But there's still a line. That's inevitable. But I keep trying to cross it.

- Normally the employee would do that, but in this case it's you. - Me. Because I like them so much. One of the examples is Jisu. The line is far behind us. - We just jumped right in. - Right? What is Jisu going to do? She's taking a bath.

All 3 of us can get in there. No way. Do you mean all 3 heads? Uiyoung your face... - Did you take off your makeup? - No. Show me your feet. Hurry.

Jisu, show me. You said Jisu was okay. Uiyoung, did you walk around barefooted? - Uiyoung, did you take off your makeup? - I'm a little dirty, too. No.

But it looks like I did. I look clean huh? You didn't cleanse? No. They're wasting the time to do it now.

Hey. Oh. Oh. - Can I ask what game it is? - An escape game. Why? A ghost passed by. - Isn't it so real? - Yeah.

This.. - This is the best. - Other people would think of us like crazy people. - But once you do it yourself... - Look. I'm not going outside. Go out Jisu.

Go out. But you know how this doesn't help anything in VR. I'm so dizzy.

Look. - Oh my god. - What? What is this? - What. - Let me try. Where are you going? What's happening? Where's the ghost? The chair~ Where are you going~ It's so scary, you try it.

Look at the ghost. Why are you writing your name with your butt? But you can relate. Wait. Don't move.

It's so scary. She's so dramatic. Where are you? Wait. - What are you doing? - What are you doing. - What's in there? - Is there something? - What. - A rocking cahir. There.

- What? - Okay~ What's in front of you? What about the ghost? No ghost. - Is it the sliding door? - No the window. It won't budge no matter how much you try. Don't open the door. Go away. Okay.

What the. I'm gonna die. What did I just see? - Wait. - I'm gonna barf. Why? - You didn't see the end? - No. - It's all done. - Give me that.

Why won't it show? - No I can. - I can see. Can you see? You can't just walk. No. Not like that.

You have to like, yeah! - I'm here. Get the key. - Okay. Do you see the key floating? I didn't go and just stayed in my place because I was to scared. There's a ghost. Why aren't you going? - I can't go forward. - I'll help you.

- No key. - It's there. - It's there. See. - Oh there~ You see the key? But a ghost was there earlier. Really? - The light is off again. - Grab the ey. - There's a ghost. - Hurry.

A kid is next to me! - What is this? - I got it. Where do I go? I got the key! - DId you get the key? - Yeah. - Did you? - I did. I got it where do I go! Oh. I came to this room. Oh.

I'll go here. - Wait. - What? I think it worked! It's over? Are you Attamama? You can see it's super big. - It's nostalgic~ - Isn't it sweet? Are there any bubbles left? Bubbles? - Jisu, it's too hot. - It is?

It smells so good. There's tot in it. It smells really good. Why does this mirror make my skin look so good? This is a product I'll be showing tomorrow. - Hey nature. - Tomorrow.

Do you like erseongcho? Because the erseongcho... ooh. Watch my video and see if you'd like to really buy it or not. Because it's a plant, and it may not be for everyone. This isn't an ad, but this mask pack is so good. Dewytree sent me this. It's a half and half mask.

There's this on top and this for the bottom. It goes down to your chin. Like this. I never felt this kind of sheet before. - Good night~ - Good night~ - Are you up? - Yeah. Good morning~ Good morning~ Let's start. This is the erseongcho ad.

I'll tell you about the erseongcho skin and I'll talk about it for 3 mins. This is a spray type from Heynature. It looks like this. I take this with my everywhere. I even left this at Hyemin and Hyuni's house so I could use it. Because I hate it when I don't have this with me.

People find it hard to apply this what you should do is draw the number 11. Like this. Yeah! I use this for prepping my skin and also as a mist.

I use this every day and I have all the empty bottles. I brought them. It's my loved item. So I brought these to show you how much I love this.

You might already know, but this used to be the original bottle. But it changed. To this.

I asked why. A plastic bottle takes 450 years to breakdown. So they made this as an alternative. By using a PCR bottle.

It'll be better if we didn't use plastic at all but that's hard. So in order to make a better impact, they changed the bottle to PCR. And the bottles changed.

The packaging is also printed with soy ink. Uiyoung, what's soy ink? It's... it's made with soybeans. We only have 3 mins. They printed this using soy ink and they used FSC paper to save the forests as well.

The reason why I liked this product is because you can spray it. And it's a mist. It really cools down your face. I use this the most in summer.

Because my face gets so heated in the summer. So I use this to soothe it down. And when I have redness or when my skin is irritated. At the time when I had rusty water coming out my skin went wild. I used this and this ampoule.

I found out my skin got better from this. And I have used this ever since. - Everyday. - But do you originally apply toner like a mist? The good thing about a spray type is.

You don't have to touch your face a lot when it's sensitive. Because our hands are dirty. Uiyoung doesn't wash her hands so much. So I like spraying it on better. I use this after my workouts too.

So I take this with me to the gym as well. I have 7 empty bottles from last July. I have been using this for 3~4 years so I really wish you'd know that.

There are some people who don't go well with erseongcho though. So you should check the ingredients beforehand since it's a plant! So make sure you check the ingredients! I'll be doing an event. How will people know if I keep saying this is good? You have to try jjajangmyeon to know if it's good or not. Why is it suddenly jjajangmyeon? What good is there if I only say this is good. So I prepared an event.

For you to try this. I just really wanted you to try the Heynature skin. In this vlog, let me know the timeline in the comments where you thought was the most funniest. We have to click on that every time we feel sad. Write down the timeline! and write a title on why it's so funny we'll choose some of you and send you this product. This event is open until Wednesday the 30th.

I have a Google form in the description box to go have a look. The winners will be announced on my Instagram on July 2nd. So come over to my Insta stories! That's it for the ad. I really prepared this event for you. So I wish you really get the chance to use this! You really have to see how good this is.

I'm saying this since the ad is over. Some of you thought I do too many ads. - And there's too much in vlogs. - Constantly. My schedule is home and work every day so I could only show you this in my vlogs. So I tried my best to only do ads like that but some of you didn't like it. So I'm trying to do different things.

But then some of you like me doing that. So I'll try to find more ways to do ads. So I'll try a fun way to promote the upcoming market. So please look forward to that. I thought of something. So please look forward to that.

On ads, I'll try to make more events for you as well. Look at that. Isn't it great? - I'd be sick if I had to see that every day, right? - Yeah. We're going home! Let's do this.

I wanted to stay so I could make this on Sunday. There's a cake-making class at the Hotel. It's been a while since I slept for so long. It was my first time sleeping for 6 hours. I think we had 8 hours of sleep. I feel so fresh.

So fresh~ - Look! - What? I want abalone seafood sundubu. What? Abalone seafood sundubu. - What are you having? - I want juk or ttukbegi. - Let's share a juk. - I want ttukbaegi too. Okay. Uiyoung said this place was good.

She's having this, and Jisu and I are having this. Jungwon, what are you having? ttukbaegi or sundubu? Have ttukbaegi. Are you having sundubu? No.

Okay. - The side dishes are the best. - Ta da~ Sorry abalone. We're buying dries seafood for friends. Because they'll need something to eat while editing. You can give us that right away. We have a car.

- Thank you. - You're welcome. What. - Donghae dried seafood. - Wow~

That's it for today. See you in the next video. Bye~

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