《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP38 ENG SUB | 張翰、徐璐 | 時尚甜愛 | KUKAN Drama

《若你安好便是晴天 Sunshine of My Life》EP38 ENG SUB | 張翰、徐璐 | 時尚甜愛 | KUKAN Drama

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=Sunshine of My Life= =Episode 38= I know that this matter made the company suffer a big loss. What you did is also completely according to the company's rules. Actually, I understand it 100 percent. But as my boyfriend, can you also understand me, even just ten percent? Don't blame me. This matter really made the company suffer a big loss.

I'm also under a lot of pressure. Thank you. Wait a moment. ID please. ID number. 6530448.

Okay. Please come in. If there's nothing else, I'll get going. Did I say that you can go? Losing design sketches is such a big deal.

Can you settle it by just writing a reflection report? Do you think the word count isn't enough, or is my attitude not sincere enough? No matter how many words you write, you can't make up for Mingyuan's loss. Do you understand? But the matter hasn't been investigated clearly yet. And what do you mean by that? Do you want me to pay for the loss? You're thinking too highly of yourself. Even if you don't know the actual amount of the company's loss, you should have an estimate.

For a girl from an ordinary family like yours, even if you give everything you have, you won't be able to afford it. Since you know that I can't afford it, what do you mean then? I mean that you should carefully consider why the ones that leaked out weren't from our team, but from you and Cheng Yang's team. And you should consider all the more if you have the capability to continue working in Mingyuan. Ms. Xia. Why are you always aiming at me? I'm not aiming at anyone.

The answer is already very obvious. Mingxuan just doesn't want to face it. There was never any problem with the company's computer system.

Unless it's an inside job, how can it leak out? Fine. In that case, let me ask you then. Why would I do that? What good would it do to me? Based on what I know, Bai Xiaoman from Haiyao was your classmate in college, right? Yes. Does Mingxuan know that? Yes. If someone intentionally sells the design sketches to a rival company, she will earn more money than staying in the company and making designs, right? Mingxuan is too trusting. How can he give a temporary assistant an account to log into the company's system? So you're implying that I sold the design sketches to Bai Xiaoman just to get some money from her, right? Fine. In that case,

show me the evidence. Because I also hope that we can get to the bottom of this matter soon. Mo Fei, let me give you a piece of advice. It's not too late to resign from Mingyuan now. If we find out that this matter has something to do with you, not only will you land yourself in big trouble, even Mingxuan will be totally humiliated. Ms. Xia, keep your advice.

I don't need it. Mr. Tang. I've already informed the PR Department.

We've retracted all previous press releases regarding the product launch. At the same time, we composed the document regarding the postponement of the product launch, and it has already been sent to paper and internet media. What about the security footage? Jiaxi and I checked all the security footage since the project started until yesterday.

Aside from our company's employees, no outsiders came to our design studio. What about our computer system? We checked already, and there are no signs of being hacked. We also checked the computer, and there was no Trojan horse malware. But we noticed something when checking the design accounts of Mo Fei and Mr. Cheng. What did you notice? We noticed that the login time of the design account was past 2 a.m. that day. Past 2 a.m.?

Whose account was it? Mr. Cheng's. How is that possible? I wasn't the one who logged in. Could there be a bug in the system, so the indicated time was wrong? That was what I thought at first too. However...

Chen Dongdong, can you finish what you want to say all at once? Don't say it little by little. But we checked all the browsing records. We found out that the browsing records of the leaked photos are the same as that day's records. Mr. Tang. Is it useless for me to explain now? I want to hear the truth from you. The truth is I didn't do it.

I didn't do anything to harm you and the company. What's up with the browsing records then? I don't know. I really don't know. We already finished the design sketches two weeks ago. My focus now is production. I haven't looked at them for a long time.

And even if I did, I wouldn't look at them at 2 a.m. Tell me the truth. Aside from you, who else knows about your account? I've kept it confidential to everyone, including my girlfriend. You know that as the person managing the company, I must provide an explanation to everyone regarding this matter. I understand, Mr. Tang.

In that case, I can only resign to prove my innocence. What's the use of resigning? If you resign now, everyone will just think that you're feeling guilty. And you can't prove anything.

But I can't prove that the browsing records have nothing to do with me indeed. I think I get what happened now. All right, Cheng Yang. Let me tell you my position in this. Even if this matter caused a huge loss to the company, I won't easily find someone to take the blame. Go home and rest for a few days.

Carefully think about the work that you need to do next. After all, only by making better designs can you make up for such losses. I understand. Thank you, Mr. Tang. What exactly is going on? Are you okay? Did you explain it to him clearly? Mo Fei, do you believe me? I won't betray the company. Of course I believe you.

I surely believe that you won't do such a thing. Not only me, everyone believes you. Right, Dongdong? Mr. Cheng, I also want to believe that you didn't do it.

But we checked everyone in the company. Only your account had a problem. Even if there's really a misunderstanding, how can you explain that the photos browsed were exactly the same as those in Haiyao's product launch? Dongdong, we've been working together for a long time. Why don't you trust him? Do you believe that Mr. Cheng... I can only say that I trust the evidence. It's fine, I just want to tell you that I won't be coming to work tomorrow.

What? Is he firing you? (General Manager Office) Let's talk. Have a seat. What's the matter? We don't know what really happened yet.

Because Cheng Yang's browsing records are the same as those leaked photos, you can't conclude that he did it. But if you suspend him now, it's like you're telling everyone that he's the culprit. Didn't you also say that we don't really know what happened yet? Actually, we're the same.

I also don't believe that Cheng Yang would do such a thing. But in the process of evaluation, we can't be too subjective. I must provide an explanation to the company and all its employees. Okay, let me ask you then. Everyone saw how hard Cheng Yang worked for Water Color.

Why should he shoot himself in the foot? Mo Fei. Don't you think that you're overstepping a bit now? Okay. ♪You'll surely be sad♪ ♪You'll surely miss me♪ ♪Yet you're still as free and easy as before♪ ♪With no expression on your face♪ ♪You just let go♪ ♪Perhaps you'll be sad♪ ♪Perhaps you'll miss me♪ ♪Congratulations for getting out earlier♪ ♪I'm continuing to portray a pitiful role♪ ♪A one-man show♪ ♪Give them all to me♪ ♪If you want♪ ♪I'll go crazy with you♪ ♪Why did you♪ ♪Take your feelings away♪ ♪Another universe♪ ♪Made me go missing♪ ♪I won't disturb♪ ♪Your life♪ (China Overseas International Center welcomes Mingyuan Fashion Group) I didn't expect your team to disband so soon. Mr. Tang will decide whether or not it will be disbanded. Right. You just came here to learn things anyway.

If I remember correctly, I think your school will start soon. I'll wait until we get to the bottom of this matter before I leave. In order not to delay your studies, it seems like we must let the relevant department handle this matter. What do you mean? I meant exactly what I said.

You want to report it to the police? Mingxuan has the time to play around with you, but the investors don't. Everyone's time is very precious. Let the professionals solve matters using their expertise. After all, our company is not the court, is it? What are you doing? Give me five days. I'll prove Cheng Yang's innocence. Who gave you the right to request that? Haven't you always wanted me to leave Mingyuan? If I can't prove Cheng Yang's innocence in five days, I'll leave.

What's the matter? You don't want me to go? Okay, two days at most. Three days. Don't go out of line. Otherwise, I'll stay here in Mingyuan forever. When the time comes, I'll ask Security to pack up all your stuff.

Because of what happened with the product launch, our company's stock price keeps falling. I'm sorry, Dad. We spent so much time and money on the SLC acquisition. What happened with the SLC acquisition is a big blow to the company. If something like this happens again, the consequences are unimaginable.

Dad. I failed your trust, but I hope that you can believe me. I can handle the subsequent matters well.

Have you gone to Mr. Xia's home lately? No. Go there often. This is a chaotic period in the company. Getting the Xia family's support is very important. I can handle the matters myself.

Mingxuan. All these years, you should know very well that I don't want to interfere in many things. But if it concerns the company's survival, I must interfere. This is an existential issue. You must know that you're not only responsible for one person, but for the survival and future of an entire company, the livelihood of all of Mingyuan's employees. You're my son, the second-generation heir of a company.

You can't change that fate. This is where you belong. You must know that someday, me, Mr. Xia, or Fang Weiguo must retire. So you must be mature and prudent. Make yourself strong and powerful in order to handle an enterprise.

Understand? I understand. (Read document list, read document, rename document) (Read document list, 2:22 a.m., Cheng Yang) Why did it happen that day? That day... What's so special about that day? What are you mumbling? Are you possessed? You scared me.

Go get a cola for me. You're drinking cola? It's fattening. I have a boyfriend now. Hurry. I think you just want to order me around a bit.

Cheng Yang. Your phone is ringing, right? Why aren't you answering it? Hello, Cheng Yang. Carefully think about what exactly happened that day. Who were you with? Why did you log in around 2 a.m.?

Who are you? Cheng Yang. Mo Fei. Come and have drinks with us. I won't chat with you if you don't drink. Mo Fei.

I've been meaning to call you. He's been drinking a lot at home. What exactly is going on? Is it because of the design sketches? They haven't investigated clearly yet. Why did they make him stop going to work? Isn't this considered a total disregard for human life in ancient times? Duoduo, don't be so uncultured.

Did someone die? How was a life disregarded? Shut up. Who exactly is investigating this? Is it Mr. Tang? This won't do. I must personally go to the office tomorrow and reason with him.

Duoduo, don't be so agitated. This matter is a bit complicated now. It's not complicated.

Listen, Mo Fei. It's not complicated at all. He's not that kind of person. And he doesn't have the guts to do that. Duoduo, now isn't that time to feel wronged and act rashly. I'm not doing that.

I know my man very well. He's not that type of person at all. Otherwise, he would have dumped me a long time ago. We wouldn't be together for so long, you know, Mo Fei? This is what we'll do.

Cheng Yang isn't in good condition. He won't be able to go to work lately anyway. Take good care of him and spend more time with him. Treat it as a long vacation, okay? I have to go.

I think he's going to vomit again. Fei, are you Sherlock Holmes now? Did something happen in Brother-in-law's company? How did you know? How can I not know? The show was postponed. It's such a serious matter. I'm not stupid. There are rumors going around? Not really. That's good. They're just saying that Mingyuan's going bankrupt or something.

What? You're awake? I made you some porridge. Have some later. I'm sorry, Duoduo. What are you talking about? No matter what they say about you, I only believe you.

I'm always on your side. Okay. You're dead.

Okay, just wait. I don't want to play anymore. Don't. I don't want to play anymore. I haven't had enough yet. One more.

I'll let you win. Wait. Your cousin's product launch has been postponed.

You're still in the mood to play? Aren't you a bit worried? Why should I be worried? It's just postponed, not canceled. They're saying that Mingyuan's going bankrupt. Bankrupt? They can say whatever they want. Whatever they say won't make it come true anyway. Do you know what happened? I think it's because of some design sketches. No wonder my sister's acting so mysteriously lately, like Sherlock Holmes.

Tell your sister not to worry. She can feel at ease. My cousin is incredible.

There's nothing he can't overcome. Right. He can handle such a trivial matter.

Tell your sister to stop worrying. You're his cousin after all. Have some concern for the company. I... I'm not interested.

Then... What are you interested in? I... You're so annoying. I'm dead. I won't play with you anymore.

Don't go. I'll play with you some more. I'll practice with you some more then. Are you still playing or not? (Dec 13, 2019 New clothing production completed) Who was the last person with Mr. Cheng last night? Shen Jiaxi.

They went in at 2:14 a.m. Hello, Duoduo. Where are you? I have an important discovery. Do you remember that when we checked the security footage that day, you and Shen Jiaxi went into the room at 2:14 a.m.? And the design sketches were leaked out that day. It also coincides with the time you two went into the room.

Mo Fei, you mean Shen Jiaxi stole the design sketches? Excuse me. ID please. No, we have urgent matters to attend to. I'm sorry.

You must have an ID to go inside. Sir, it wasn't this way two days ago. I'm sorry. Duoduo, this is how it is indeed.

After the design sketches were lost, the company tightened its security. What if I go and talk to Shen Jiaxi first? After all, we've been friends for many years. I'm afraid that your attitude might intensify the conflict. We'll wait for you outside then. What is this about? Tell me. I'm busy.

After the gathering ended that day, what time did you bring Cheng Yang to the hotel? You just won't stop, right? I don't have that much time for you. When he logged in to the system, you happened to be with him. What makes you think we're together? The hotel's security footage recorded it. And then? What are you trying to say? So you were the one who gave Haiyao the design sketches, right? Mo Fei, are you crazy? What do the leaked design sketches have anything to do with me? You're saying that the security footage recorded the time Cheng Yang and I were together. Did they record what Cheng Yang and I did then? Did they? If you take this evidence to the court, can it prove that I stole the design sketches then personally gave them to Haiyao? But at least that makes you suspicious.

Oh, right. Speaking of suspicion, isn't Cheng Yang the most suspicious? By the way, you have the right to log in too. There's no evidence against you now. But can you be sure that you have nothing to do with it? Shen Jiaxi, what do you mean? We've known each other for so many years. Don't you know what kind of person I am? You also know that we've known each other for many years. Before you came to ask me about this, did you consider that then? Mo Fei, people shouldn't live with double standards.

Since you and Tang Mingxuan got together, can you dare say that you haven't changed? What does this have to do with Tang Mingxuan? This isn't the first time you've come to find fault with me. In order to clear Cheng Yang's name, you're framing me this way? Or perhaps both of you were involved in leaking out the design sketches. Now, you're anxious, and you want to find someone to take the blame? Shen Jiaxi. You know what you did very well. I really don't know what I did. But what I know is that if you bother me again, I'll call the police.

So you went to talk to Shen Jiaxi today, and you failed. Yes, I said what I must say already. But I didn't get anything. Didn't you tell her that we had the security footage of the hotel as evidence? I did, but she won't admit it. It seems like we can only think of another way. I think she's a total troublemaker now.

She bullies the weak and fears the strong. Listen, Mo Fei. Has she forgotten how much my slap hurt last time? Duoduo, calm down. Impulse is the Devil. No, you must listen to me this time. The noodles are here.

Look, they smell so good. You must have been waiting for a long time. Thank you. Thank you, sir. Here, enjoy.

Enjoy. What's the matter? You're still mad at me? I admit. I didn't have a good attitude at work. I apologize. But work and private matters are separate.

You can't be mad at me in private too. The problem now isn't about work. It's because our views are conflicting. Everyone's views are different.

Besides, at work, our positions are different too. But we're talking about Cheng Yang here. He's the designer you hired yourself. And this matter hasn't been investigated clearly yet. And you... You're totally blaming him. All right.

First, he's our friend. We must trust him, right? But in life, you, me, including him will all make mistakes. It's fine to make mistakes. I just want to know the reason behind it.

Look. You're very subjective now. You're already assuming that he's guilty. Aren't you subjective? Today, if you can give me something definite to prove that Cheng Yang has nothing to do with this matter at all, then I will personally apologize to you two today. We all believe that Cheng Yang won't take the design sketches to Haiyao and give them to them.

But the fact is that these things leaked out through him. We can't deny that, right? Actually... Forget it. We'll get to the bottom of this soon. The noodles will get cold if you don't eat them. Let's share one bowl of noodles today, okay? I'll eat the crab meat and noodles, you drink the soup.

What should we do then? I'll eat the meat, you eat the noodles. Who will drink the soup? You. Eat up. Thank you.

Shen Jiaxi. You troublemaker! What did Cheng Yang do to you? Why are you doing this to him? Are you crazy? Go home and take your medications. Haven't you done enough last time? Let me tell you. We respected you, but you didn't want it.

Is it that hard to testify? Let me tell you. A bitch like you should be beaten to death. I don't want to testify. What can you do? You... Duoduo, calm down. Cheng Yang.

What happened today is so outrageous. Because of the press conference, there is already a lot of negative news about our company. And this even happened.

Right. Mo Fei has kept causing trouble for me since before. I think Cheng Yang's girlfriend isn't that unreasonable. Something must be inciting her to act this way. Shen Jiaxi, shut up.

Duoduo. What are you doing? You want to hit me again? Why are you putting on an act over here? Do you want me to hit you again? Do you like hitting me so much? Duoduo. Are you done? Is this your house? Mr. Tang. Ms. Xia. I apologize on behalf of Duoduo.

I know that what happened affected the company very badly. I'm sorry. Let's talk about how to deal with this matter.

Cheng Yang. Regarding the design sketch leakage, you're the most suspicious. You're currently suspended. Not only aren't you reflecting at home, you even brought your girlfriend to our team to cause trouble for Shen Jiaxi. You even got physical by the company's door.

So I think you should be sent to the police for investigation. Also, we'll send a lawyer's letter to hold you accountable for what happened. Hey, what do you mean by that? Okay.

Ms. Xia. There's still one day left based on our agreement. What do you mean? Ms. Xia and I made an agreement.

I must find the culprit within three days, or I'll resign from work. Did I agree to that? I've already decided. Mo Fei. We won't be able to find him in one day. As long as we have time, there's hope.

I want to try my luck. I think that in life, luck is needed a lot of times. I feel like I'm very lucky to be classmates with you, Xiaoman. Thank you, my dear. I almost forgot to give it to you. This is Van Cleef & Arpels' latest bracelet.

It's so nice. You're giving me a gift again? I feel embarrassed. It's fine, I have lots of jewelry anyway.

Xiaoman. You're so nice to me. I don't know how to repay you. Repay me? We're old classmates.

Don't be so shy. It's so nice. Mo Fei is so stupid. Why is she offending you? She can't defeat you. Perhaps I'm just a bit luckier than her.

You're not just luckier than her. You're more capable and have a higher IQ and EQ than her. Yesterday, Mo Fei was like a fool coming to question me if I gave you and Haiyao the design sketches. She just came without any evidence. Wasn't she just bringing humiliation upon herself? I know, right? However, so what if she knows the truth? After all, words alone are no proof.

This time, I think even Mr. Tang won't believe her either. Tomorrow is the deadline for her agreement with Xia Xueling. I'm so looking forward to seeing her pack up her things and leave.

It's just a shame for Cheng Yang. I think he's a very talented designer. Why did he choose Mingyuan before? If he had come to work for me, these things wouldn't have happened. Cheng Yang is a henpecked coward.

He deserves to take the blame. In gatherings, people just take sips in drinking. He was gulping down the alcohol. However, if men don't get drunk, how can women get opportunities? By the way, when I brought him back that day, he passed out from drinking.

Duoduo, don't touch me. Mr. Cheng. Duoduo, don't touch me. Mr. Cheng.

Mr. Cheng. (Mingyuan Fashion Group) (Touch ID or enter the pin) (Mingyuan Fashion Group) What are you doing? (Mingyuan Fashion Group) ♪I think you are the tender month of April♪ ♪Your laughter lit up everywhere around you♪ ♪The breeze is light♪ ♪Mingling with the brightness of spring♪ ♪You're the mist on a dry day in April♪ ♪The dusk wind blows♪ ♪The stars unintentionally blink♪ ♪Light rain falls in front of the flowers♪ ♪The most gentle scene on the ground♪ ♪Like a water lily shying away from the cool breeze♪ ♪Time is silent like water♪ ♪If you're well, it's a fine day♪ ♪The most gentle scene on the ground♪ ♪If you're well, it's a fine day♪ ♪You're that light color after snow melts♪ ♪You're the full moon at night♪ ♪You're pureness♪ ♪The water moves the white lotus of your dreams♪ ♪You're the flowers over the trees♪ ♪You're a swallow twittering between the beams♪ ♪You're love, hope, warmth♪ ♪You are the tender month of April♪ ♪The most gentle scene on the ground♪ ♪Parting is such sweet sorrow♪ ♪Time is silent like water♪ ♪If you're well, it's a fine day♪

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