[sub] ep. 7-1|긴장감 있는 예능계에 느슨함을 주는 YG 예능 괴물들의 등장|출장 십오야2

[sub] ep. 7-1|긴장감 있는 예능계에 느슨함을 주는 YG 예능 괴물들의 등장|출장 십오야2

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(Fifth Destination) (YG Entertainment) (1st generation legend boy group) (SECHSKIES' Eun Jiwon) (Genius singer-songwriter siblings) (AKMU's Lee Chan Hyuk) (YG's talented 4-member group) (WINNER's JINU and MINO) (The global group that will represent Korea) (iKON's JAY, SONG) (World's biggest K-POP girl group - Vogue (2020)) (Blackpink's Jennie) (YG's young blood, YG's future) (TREASURE's Choi Hyun Suk, Ji Hoon) (We're at YG Entertainment today) (One person sits alone 30 minutes before the shoot) (HIP icon AKMU's Chan Hyuk) (Inhale) I feel awkward. (Out of the blue?) - I feel awkward with everyone. - You don't see them often? No. Almost never.

I feel awkward so that's why I'm sitting here alone. (A shy hip guy) When did you join YG? - In 2013. - That long ago? We won K-POP star 2 in 2012, joined YG in 2013 and debuted in 2014. You're No. 2. In the order of the debut date.

(He gets to move up in seats) I feel burdened up here. Show them that you are above them. - Hello. - Hello. (Junior singers come in one by one) There's a seating order. It's in the order of your debut dates. Do you know who debuted first? Of course.

We're definitely last. We're definitely here. (WINNER's MINO debuted in August, 2014) - Say hello to Chan Hyuk. - Hello. (He's a senior by 4 months) (He's No. 2 today)

You're No. 4. JINU is older than you are, right? (MINO sits in No. 4 seat) (Hyun Suk and Ji Hoon sit in the last two seats) (iKON's SONG debuted in 2015) SONG, sit here.

(SONG is in No. 7 seat) (iKON's JAY debuted in 2015) (JAY is in No. 6 seat) (Standing up) Here she comes. (They're politely welcoming the next player) Hello. (BLACKPINK's Jennie debuted in 2016/ Her current status is high) Why are you standing up for Jennie? (Everyone is standing up) (Her high status is clear) (Thanks to her colleagues' generosity) I'm sitting in the middle? (Ms. Jennie sits in the center)

(Eun Jiwon debuted in 1997/ JINU debuted in 2014) (No. 1 by far enters) (No. 2 politely says hello) (Q. What order do you think you are all seated?) It's in the order of ages.

(Lee Chan Hyuk/ No. 2 by age?) In the order of the debut dates. (Correct) I'm meeting Jennie for the first time today.

(Celebrity of the celebrities) (Wow! It's a celebrity) I'm meeting Jennie for the first time, too. Say hello. (Suddenly it's a fan meeting) Nice to meet you, too. (Many requests for a handshake) Aren't you meeting her for the first time, too? I've seen her several times.

I'm surprised that you've seen her several times. - What about you, JINU? - I've seen her many times. I've known him the longest. - JINU joined YG early, right? - Yes. In what year did you join YG? In 2010.

(Been with YG for 13 years) He's been with YG the longest. Everyone else is a junior to you by far then. They're so far down.

(Faint) What about you, Jiwon? I'm actually the youngest at YG. (He's the youngest in the order of the year they joined YG) You joined after he did, Jennie? Yes, I joined in the same year he did. And then guys like MINO joined. He joined a little later. I only remember JINU. (From Jennie's point of view) (MINO is too far down, too) You can sit here then.

When you were training, Jiwon... I don't know anything. You never trained before you debuted? I was in training briefly. 6 months.

(He debuted almost immediately) They didn't want H.O.T. to become even more popular. I think they just did a rough job with us. Who are living in a dorm still? iKON? Yes, we are still living together in a dorm.

- WINNER, too, right? - Yes. But doesn't MINO live on his own? Yes, I do. How many years after you debut can you move out? You just get a feel for it. Around now, I can move out. You're not there yet, right, TREASURE? Not even close. We are living together in fours.

We are satisfied with having our own room. You have your own room? You have your own room? (It looks like they made a mistake) - This is your second year? - Yes. (Oh) (A 8-year-old group has many mixed feelings) I slept on the floor. Me too. - You did? - Yes. You got your own room as soon as you debuted? We asked for it right away.

(The time has changed so much) JINU... - You look confused. - I am shocked. (Introducing themselves starting with the new generation) (Please do a group greeting) Find your treasure. Hello. We're TREASURE. (Cute) Wait a minute. What did you just say? Find your treasure.

(Find Your Treasure) What's iKON's? Get ready? Show time. Hello. We're iKON. iKON's greeting is cool. Yours is cool, too. But ours...

We wanted something like 'Guess who's back? We are WINNER.' - But there's nothing with treasure. - But there's nothing with treasure. (They're jealous of others' greetings) It's okay. Yours isn't bad. (Is that so?) What's BLACKPINK's? We don't actually have one. We just say, 'Hello. We're BLACKPINK.' They don't have a lot of description.

There are lines in YG. (Line?) There are BIGBANG, WINNER, iKON and TREASURE. Then there are AKMU and Blackpink. (They are mumbling about that comment) I'm sorry, but Jennie looks like she's hearing that for the first time. We don't have a greeting either. (About whether having a group greeting or not) So you're saying that BLACKPINK is part of AKMU's line.

(BLACKPINK's spokesperson is contemplating on what to say) (Remember. You're part of AKMU's line) WINNER, please show us your group greeting. (Saying hello as his real character) Guess who's back. We are WINNER.

Hello. We are WINNER. (Head down) What? What? Jennie looks so embarrassed. I can't watch. You don't have one, right, Chan Hyuk? We're AKMU. (Nice and clean) It's the same as BLACKPINK.

Hello. We're BLACKPINK. Same line. Now let's listen to the senior group's greeting. Show us what a real greeting is. They're actually my line. (SECHSKIES doesn't have a greeting?) We don't have one.

I'm sure you had one when you were on television. We didn't have those back then. I'm serious. I would do it if we had one. (Surprisingly, they really didn't have one) Tell us your favorite song or your most well-known song. What is there for SECHSKIES? Definitely 'Couple.' ('Couple' / From SECHSKIES' Special 3.5)

(It represents SECHSKIES) Many fans loved us thanks to that song. Did you think that it was enough to blow H.O.T. away? With 'Couple'... You rules the industry? I think we both won the Grand Prize that year. What's your main song, Chan Hyuk? There are so many. Watch him think.

I'll go with 'Do not cross your leg.' ('Do not cross your leg'/ First revealed on K-POP Star 2) (AKMU's own song/ Complimented by every judge) It was unintentionally successful. It's a song that we could never write again.

What song would you choose, JINU? 'REALLY REALLY.' ('REALLY REALLY'/ From WINNER's FATE NUMBER FOR) (Recorded 100 million streaming for the first time among boy groups) (The song that represents WINNER) What about you, MINO? There's a song titled 'TANG!♡.' But it wasn't as successful as I thought. (Oh my) That song is good, too. The song called 'SO SO.' (SO SO) ('SO SO'/ From WINNER's CROSS) (Recorded No. 1 on iTunes in 27 countries)

I like it because I like my verse. (Chosen based on himself only) What's your favorite song out of all BLACKPINK's hit songs? Our debut song 'Whistle.' ('Whistle'/From BLACKPINK's SQUARE ONE) (The music video recorded 750 million views) (The song that confirmed their identity) We did songs with strong images after that, but I like our style from 'Whistle.' You two must choose different songs, too. Our best hit song was 'LOVE SCENARIO.' ('LOVE SCENARIO'/ From iKON's RETURN) (Won The Best Song of the Year at 2018 MMA) (iKON's most symbolic song that was loved by all generations) I think the song that showed iKON's true color is 'RHYTHM TA.' When we debuted.

('RHYTHM TA'/ From iKON' WELCOME BACK) (Recorded No. 1 on iTunes in 11 countries) (Showed the powerful image of the group) - 'RHYTHM TA.' - Excuse me, but what happened to your thumb? This... It's from washing the dishes too often. It's housewife's eczema.

(How often did you do the dishes?) I'm Chef Song. I'm acting as a chef so... (The cause of the illness) You debuted very recently, TREASURE, but...

It's our favorite song. It's titled 'JIKJIN.' ('JIKJIN'/ The title song of) (TREASURE's comeback album, THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE') (No. 1 on iTunes in 30 countries after its release) I think it's the most awesome song. It's titled 'BOY.' ('BOY'/ The title song of TREASURE's debut album) (THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT) (The music video recorded 100 million views) All of TREASURE's song titles are awesome. They're all short. (TREASURE's characteristics: Short) You all told us your favorite song of your group.

That will become your name for the first game. (Dizzy) The first game is... It's just a warmup. (The youngest ones are excited) We've seen this on TV. (But the experienced players are checking their names) It's very easy. The first game is the Strawberry Game.

(Warmup Game: The Strawberry Game) (But introducing the prize first) The prize is something that every YG musician would want. We will give it to the winner. You can't tell us what it is? We'll give it to the winner afterwards. (The prize that every musician would want will be revealed soon) Does anyone not know how to play this game? (Me/ Me) (Me too) Please tell us how to play this game. - He's from 'New Journey to the West.' - You all know it.

Introduce yourselves. I am strawberry. I am Couple. Let's do the self introduction first. (He's played this game before) (She's not too confident) Let's start with Eun Jiwon.

I am Couple. Do not cross your leg. (All at once on the last beat) (Oh) Excuse me, but one moment please.

Let me tell you about the rhythm. (The genius songwriter is learning about rhythm from NA) (It's JINU's turn to introduce himself) I'm REALLY REALLY. This is hard. I'm So So. I'm Whistle. I'm LOVE SCENARIO.

I am RHYTHM TA. I'm JIKJIN. I'm BOY. (Rhythm Ta is jealous of JIKJIN and BOY) I'm guessing that Chan Hyuk will be out first. (Highest possibility of losing first) Chan Hyuk's name should've been this. 'How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love.'

(11 words) I did consider that. (The title is the best for defense) For example, if someone says 'Whistle, 3.' Whistle, whistle, whistle. REALLY REALLY, 4. REALLY REALLY x 4.

That's how you play the game. No more practice. Let's begin. (Now that they're about to play the game) (they're very nervous) (To overcome the nervousness) We have to help each other. (one asks for help from a team member) (or one practices by himself) (No thoughts) (There's a person like him, too) (Everyone's ready for the game in their own way) Let's begin with Eun Jiwon, the oldest member. (Relax first and...) One, two, three, four.

(The game begins) I'm Couple. LOVE SCENARIO, 5. (Five?) (The experienced player makes a mistake from the first attempt?) (He's confused by the downgraded version) I'm giving you a warning. His name is 'LOVE SCENARIO' but you said 'Love Scenery.' 'LOVE SCENARIO.' You have bad hearing.

Let's begin. One, two, three, four. I am ground, let's begin. I'm Couple. Do not cross your leg, 3.

Do... (Before he can say a word) Done. Chan Hyuk.

- Good-bye. - Good-bye. A warning? (Being out is not cool) Chan Hyuk, turn around. Let me ask the others of what they want. It's either 'give him another chance' VS 'let him go.' (The secret voting that will determine Chan Hyuk's future) One, two, three, four. (Counting the votes) All right.

(YG family members' opinions were collected) We are YG. Loyalty is... Thank you. Chan Hyuk, you're out. (Let him go/ Another chance) (He was voted out 7:1) When something is wrong you're told it's wrong. JINU, why don't you start the second round? (Starting with JINU) I am ground, let's begin.

Couple, 3. Couple x3. BOY, 1.

BOY. - JIKJIN, 2. - JIKJIN... (They agreed to help, but he betrayed his member) You're messed up. (Young boy Hyun Suk is out) I think you can handle the 8-beat game.

- I think so, too. - Let's do it. 8 beats? I only saw it on TV. 8 beats. MINO. Please show everyone how it's done. (The first 4 beats are the same) (Shoulder/ shoulder) (Head down/ Head up) JIKJIN x 8. Okay.

I'm sorry, but you don't get to play. (He's a very passionate person) Chan Hyuk, you can think about something else. I'm bored.

Can I dance? (You can do whatever you want) Let's begin. (AKMU who is bored) (leaves his body to the rhythm in his head) (He looks like a rooster looking for food) Dancing without music is hard to do. (Chan Hyuk's body became the host of rhythm) Blood doesn't flow in his body. Rhythm does.

Once you're out, please go join him. (The second host joins him) (In the third round) (SONG loses) (and the third host is born) Couple, one. (JINU only did 4 beats, instead of 8 beats) (Fourth host) I don't want to lose because of that.

- Let's continue. - Excuse me. (Who knows why Chan Hyuk is doing this?) Please don't block my camera. (What you want to do... Should we start?) I need airtime. (He must've learned this) (He gives tension to the loose industry) (The airtime monster) (Please get out of Chan Hyuk's body) (JAY goes to the back to dance, too) They're practicing the choreography.

Jikjin to you. (What are they up to?) Why are you doing this? (If you ask why they are learning the choreography for 'JIKJIN') (Dancing without music) (You run out of the moves quickly) The chorus part. For the song 'JIKJIN.' (So he decided to use the time) (to learn TREASURE's moves) Jennie, why don't you go first for the first time? (Semi-final of The Strawberry Game of YG x Fullmoon) So So, 5.

(Mood/emotion/WINNER's/ballad/So So) Couple, 6. (90s/Top song/That gave/ Grand Prize/To SECHSKIES) (Couple) BOY, 8. (First single/Title song/ Fierce choreography/Addicting melody) (100 million views/Music Video/ Debut song/BOY) Couple, 5.

Couple. (The experienced player) (lost to the rookie) My heart is racing. (Jiwon is out) - Jennie is good. - Yes. She is good. She lets others let down their guards.

You say one thing, but you act differently. (A surprising talented player) Let's begin. (Ji Hoon will start this time) I am ground, let's begin. Whistle, 7. Whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle, whistle.

(Right. Jennie can rap) So So, 3. (Easily defends himself) Whistle, 7. (Debuted/7 years ago/Black Pink's/ Rapper/Singer) (Listen/To my diction) BOY, 8.

(Jennie/I am/MC/of a music program) (I/can/enunciate) So So, 7. (Strawberry game/Experienced/ Plus/WINNER's/rapper) (MINO) BOY, 5. (Find/your/treasure) (Hello/We're TREASURE) (Mood/emotion/WINNER's/ballad/So So) - Faster. - Whistle, 7. (Hey/Boy/make'em/whistle) (like/a/missile) (She's hanging in there) So So, 8. (I'm/not/that/weak/weak/weak/weak) (While they're attacking each other) (he speeds up) BOY, 4.

(Oh) (Bah....) (WINNER wins) (It was an exciting round) How can you be so good? (MINO and Jennie are in the championship round) I'm surprised. MINO, you're always out early when you play this game.

(I'm not good at this) (But she's survived to the end) (The unexpected championship) Jennie, why don't you start? (Jennie begins first) I am ground, let's begin. So So, 2. - So So x2. - Oh?

Wait a minute. (What happened?) Why did you distract me? (SONG distracted MINO?) (Oh) Wait a minute. (He didn't really do anything) You sounded like you were questioning me when you made that noise. Why would you care no matter what he does? It distracted my left ear.

He's acting the weirdest. (He's the one who's distracting everyone) He said, 'Oh?' (We'll let it slide since it's the championship) Please tell us your second favorite song. Change our names? My clear hit song is 'Body.'

(Glare) (Would winning that way make you happy?) All right. All right. 'LOVE ME LOVE ME.' 'LOVE ME LOVE ME.' All right. I'll go with 'DDU-DU DDU-DU.' (She's hanging in there) (It won't easy to say that) What if he attacks with 'DDU-DU DDU-DU, 8'? (Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du) (The pronunciation will play a big part) Try to say it once, Jennie. Ddu du Ddu du.

Say it twice. Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du. (Oh?) Say it 3 times. Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du Ddu du.

(She's really good) Imagine how many times I practiced saying it. (Will she do well in the actual game?) (The final round) I am ground, let's begin. LOVE ME LOVE ME, 4.

(He easily defends himself) Ddu du du, 8. Dda da da, ddu u u, Ddu d d, Ddu du du, Ddu wu Ddu wu. Ddu ru Ddu ru Ddu d d. (She's not so good in the actual game) LOVE ME LOVE ME, 5. LOVE ME LOVE ME x5.

Ddu du, 7. Wait. He pronounced it strangely.

You clearly heard 7. He went 'd d d d.' (It's hard to make a call) As you know, it's a habit as a rapper to pronounce words in a cool way. I would give it to you if you sounded cool.

Right? It didn't sound cool. I'll enunciate from now on. (One last time for real) Do you always give this many second chances? (He's questioning the fairness) I think it'd be nice to give him a second chance.

Please tell us the title. 'How can I love the heartbreak, you're the one I love.' If you join with that name, I'll let you in. I'll give it a try.

Do you two agree? (They both agree) (He enters the championship round as the wild card) Introduce yourself first. (Chan Hyuk introduces himself first) One, two, three, four, five, six... Like this. (He's used to the 8-beat now) How can I...

Move aside. He wanted to play, but he couldn't introduce himself. He could participate if he can introduce himself. Whenever you're ready to introduce yourself you can join anytime.

(Chan Hyuk has a chance to join anytime) Let's do the final round again. LOVE ME LOVE ME? LOVE ME LOVE ME? LOVE YOU LOVE YOU. LOVE ME LOVE ME.

(After the moment of acting like real siblings) Jennie, you'll begin. Let's begin. LOVE ME LOVE ME, 4. LOVE ME LOVE ME x4. (After an easy defense) DDU-DU DDU-DU, 8. (DDU-DU DDU-DU 8?) (That's the hardest one ever) (Will she get through it well?) Dda d d...

(Nope) DDU-DU DDU-DU, 8. (Missed the beat already) Dda d d... Wrong. (WINNER WINS) Oh, come on.

You can't beat the experienced player. Congratulations. You must be happy that you beat someone who's younger. - You must be really happy. - Yes, I am. (Eager to win/ Not too generous) The winner is MINO.

(The winner is MINO anyway) (The Award Ceremony) Ji Hoon. Please come on up. I need you at the award ceremony. All right. (Ji Hoon is currently the emcee of Ingigayo) (Today's prize that requires an emcee) (is a trophy that any singer would want) (From Fullmoon YG Strawberry King/ Giving the throne) (He's perplexed by the prize that he did not expect) It's really useless. Congratulations. I wouldn't have played that hard if I had known the prize.

The final winner of The Strawberry Game at YG is (Offense/Defense/Strawberry/Total) MINO. (YG's first strawberry king MINO) (Strawberry King Song is congratulated by his colleagues) Please make a speech. The Strawberry King. (It's overwhelming to be the Strawberry King) Congratulations. I didn't practice, so I didn't know I would be the winner.

Thank you so much for this. Keep it at home. (His name can be engraved on it) Can't I give it back? (No way) I will do my best.

I'm so jealous. Jennie, you must be upset. I want that. (Jennie unfortunately missed her chance) I am weak-hearted. So I will give this to Jennie. No thanks. You won.

You could've let me win. (It's too late to pass on the throne) (The main game begins now) The warmup game is over. I will show you the real prizes now. You're showing us the prizes first? (It's my first time here) They only give the best prizes. No. We could get the ginseng doll from the New Journey to the West. You're right.

I want that. We brought prizes that every musician needs. (Looking at the prizes) This is the giraffe...

(The fake clue from the time of Detective Song) Why do musicians need this? I'll explain each prize. This is rice from Icheon. Musicians must eat. This is the gift set of Myohan. (Wow) Next, it says 'Inventory box' on the box. We got whiskey, Dyson hairdryer, and a new model cell phone.

They're brand new. Then why does it say 'inventory' on it? Other people failed to win them. So it's possible to not win them. Each person gets each gift for the others. Please open the envelope.

I'm sure this is the best one. Food tickets at YG? (What's inside the envelope?) Gift certificate for a coffee truck and a snack truck. Whenever you have a shoot at a music program or whatnot, just ask us to send one.

(TREASURE definitely wants that) That's nice. When I'm at home on my day off if I'm craving coffee, can I ask for it? (Yes, but you have to drink all the drinks) And the last prize is the collaboration of Gentle Monster and Jennie. (Gentle Monster sunglasses/ Gentle Monster x Jennie) (You become hip with these sunglasses) I can give each of you a pair of sunglasses. I heard that this is very special. There are only a few? Right. We only gave them to our friends.

I am grateful that they sponsored our program. Thanks to them, we are doing this shoot. (Thank you) So you've looked at each prize? - Yes. - Yes.

Jennie, which prize do you want? The doll. (That's been Jennie's favorite from the start) That one came out nice. TREASURE, which prize do you want? The coffee truck and the snack truck. (They want to brag about their coffee truck to everyone) (But they must finish the game to win the prizes) (If one of them makes a mistake, one prize is out) The second game is Guess Who. I really am bad at this. (We will continue on 7-2 clip) JINU.

(The Game Caterer 2/ Around 10:30 on Friday night)

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