[sub]4-1 방탄 한번 흔들어줘?! 영어가 난무하는 훈민정음 탁구게임! | 출장 십오야X달려라 방탄

[sub]4-1 방탄 한번 흔들어줘?! 영어가 난무하는 훈민정음 탁구게임! | 출장 십오야X달려라 방탄

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(Channel Fullmoon) (Night) Let's have a rally. (Table tennis?) - Because it's short. - Oh, you're using tricks? Are these two the aces in the game? I see. You're similar to the New Journey to the West guys. I am? Is that so? They must be good.

(Think we have a misunderstanding) Come on come on. Wow, that's our sticker. (Making full use of our gift) Yes we're ready. (The Game Caterer's boss joined) (The Game Caterers) (with Run BTS) What game are we playing now? Clearly it's table tennis.

I think we should shout Run BTS first. Channel Fullmoon. Thank you. I'm so thankful. Shouldn't we say The Game Caterers? Okay, The Game Caterers. BTS.

Run BTS. The Game Caterers. (Stop here) What will we be doing? - Clearly it's table tennis. - It's clearly table tennis. I'm sure you already know but we have someone on the injured list. So he'll be the referee. (Before the official shoot started) I'm sure this seat is for SUGA.

(Very naturally) How did you know? I know where my seat is. Wow you're amazing SUGA. How did you know? Before we start, I heard you learned table tennis a while ago.

- Oh yes, we did. - From Ryu Seung Min. But we...couldn't continue a rally for more than 3 times. However, If you think you're ranked as TOP 1, 2 Who won back then? Please step forward. V is quite good. The rest are just about the same.

We're all just about the same. However, I think this table tennis table is very different. It's bewitched. It seems like you'll be able to make a point but you can't. Right. It's gone after I hit.

Then why don't V and Jimin choose you're team members since you were practicing. Sure, why not. You can play rock paper scissors... Draw or lose, rock paper scissors. - Jung Kook, come here. - On my way.

- I pick RM. - OK. This isn't going to be a normal table tennis match. Does this mean that Jin and j-hope are low-ranked? We were actually ranked sixth and seventh. I reached the finals.

You reached the finals? I was going to pick Jin. (Chose j-hope, ranked sixth on the list) (Automatically Jin, Jimin, Jung Kook became a team) There's a big gift for the winners. SUGA, why don't you make a bet. Then you'll be able to share that team's gift. (Earn a gift if the team wins) You have to make a bet now. Who's better? We have no idea.

I'll bet on V's team then. You won't regret it. I should invest on the more promising side. I would've brought my racket if I knew we were going to play table tennis. (j-hope/gadget master) You know the guys who bring their own bowling bowls are the worst players. You should've told me in advance.

- He's unconvincing. - I have my own racket. What are the rules? The rule is simple. It's a table tennis game betting 12 points. Which means each of the three members must score 4 points. So if you score 4 points, the next member will come in and play? Next person, next person. I watched that too.

I watched everything. (Watched it on New Journey to the West) But we have an issue. What is it Jimin? You can't use English. What? English. Like, O.K. If you say OK, then you're score's back to zero. Really? You can't say serve too.

Then everything except English is okay? You can only use Korean. A lot of your names are in English too. SUGA, RM...j-hope.

Hoseok, Namjoon, Taehyung, Yoongi. We're in trouble. We're in trouble. (Name owners are in danger)

So I can't say hope? You can't. Hope is just his name. - Hoseok. - Hoseok sounds strange. Hoseok, Namjoon, Yoongi... - OK. - Beware of OK.

(This will make the points go back to zero) Being good at English is a problem... I'm so used to saying OK. Erase it. Good, good, good. Let's go.

(Let's go) (Hunminjeongeum table tennis) Players, please enter. Players enter. Team leader will go first.

No, no, no. Did you fully plan your strategy? You should decide the order before you come out. First, since we haven't tried that before? - I'll go first. - OK, I have experience. (How does he understand that...?) You be the last one.

No. He has to shake them up in the middle. You should shake them up when the points are up. Should I shake up BTS? Is he going to be the second? Isn't it better to be the last? I don't know. You should be the last one. We might end it quickly. (Strategy meeting complete) First players, please enter.

(Jung Kook, good at every sports) Players enter. (RM the destroyer confronts him) (We will switch players once they earn 4 points) Who's going to go first. Draw or lose, rock paper scissors. Rock paper scissors. (Victory) O.K. O.K. That way your points will go back to zero.

Even if you're scoring 11 points. It'll go back to zero? (Be careful, myself...) Hey, O.K. We really have to be careful.

To put it simply, if your points go back to zero Namjoon will be playing again. I don't think I can do this. (Switch players) Rock paper scissors. (Taehyung VS Jung Kook) (Gets to go first) O.K. Go first.

I heard someone say O.K. But it's 0:0 so there won't be any changes. Is SERVE English? You can't ask questions like that as well. - Let's go. - Great let's do this.

Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. (Warming up like BTS) The Game Caterers, let's go. Oh good. That was good. (Easily scored) Good good. That was very desirable.

Very good. Go go go. Hit it Jung Kook. Just hit it Jung Kook. Jung Kook, you never know when. (Distracting the opponent) That's it. (Score) - It's okay it's okay. - Good.

We can only say 'good'. It's okay for now, it's okay. Hand it over, it's my serve. It's my serve.

- 0 points. - We're scoring 0 points. - I go first. - Good good. - Show him what you got, Taehyung. - Let's go. Jung Kook, let's go. It's okay, that wasn't bad. - That's acceptable. - Let's go.

(Both teams) (Have scores to keep) (But, soon after) Jung Kook. (English name team yielded 1 point) It's 3:1. 3:1 is not bad. It's my turn to go, right? Jung Kook, let's cheer up. Kim Taehyung, Kim Taehyung. (Taehyung seeks counter strike) Oh? I can't say anything.

What is it? I missed it. Is 'oh' also English? Is 'oh' English? No. Number 5. Oh.

- Good good. - Number 5. Jung Kook. - That's it. - Show him what you got. That's it. 3:3. That's very sad.

You're doing great. Very good. Just keep doing what you're doing. That's it. Is it a tie? Show him what you've got. (Wavy) (After demonstrating a wave) (Taehyung turns the tables) That's it.

Change. Switch players. That's what I'm talking about. Change, change, change.

(CHANGE: Switch players) You hit first. Oh? Zero points. He said change. Zero points. O.K. Huh? Oh, he said O.K. Zero points.

(That quail egg...) (Flood of O.K) Show me the...(rest omitted) Reset again. Let's go, let's go.

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Okay, let's get it, let's get it. You have to speed up. (Lucky it's still 0 points) Watch your mouths.

CO... Core, core, core. He said core. (Video review said it's 'co' for COME ON) Hey he said core. G... (It's okay, we're scoring 0 points) Our cores were far apart.

So...how...how are we going to do this? (Fairly back to 0:0) - We should tone down a bit. - Yeah. Wow, this is insane. Our cores were far apart. Our cores were far apart.

How are they so good? (He leads the game again) Applause. (Lost a point, right away) (Since we're using good cameras) (Let's watch the moment when he lost a point, again) (Back to a tie) - Good. - Doing great. O.K. I said it, I said it. (He's the referee)

O.K, I feel that good. Didn't you bet on their team? No, that means we have four members. Huh? Why? Did you not catch that? What did he say? He said, Jung Kook first...

I said it's Jung Kook's turn. No. (VR review) (Among the overflowing audios) It's Jung Kook's serve.

What did he say? (But we didn't hear it) - It's a warning. - I heard it. Youngseok has to hear it. You're a smooth liar these days. It's because I'm irresponsible. Because you're lazy. (Refer to 'Music Janghak Quiz' on ep. 141 of Run BTS for this comment)

Why are they so good? You're good. (After a tight match) (Smash) (That's why his nickname is Golden Maknae) - Jung Kook. - It was a fabulous match. You know how to play this very much. So amazing.

That sentence was so strange. He's good. It's like a translation.

- Taehyung rolled up his sleeves. - Let's go. Good. Just be patient. (Tough opponent) (Leading by 3:2) It's okay. I let him score. I let him. We just should not use English. It's okay.

(Instead of English) (Huzzah) - Good. - Slow down. That's it Jung Kook. (Blocked by the net) Let's switch players.

(Switched from Jung Kook to Jimin) That was good. It wasn't bad. It was good. Who's serve...oh... We heard serve.

(Quail egg...) (Back to square one) 0 points. Aargh.

Yoho. Ho. Don't get too excited. Don't get too excited. Stay calm. Got it.

Stay calm, very calm. (Weep) I won't say a word from now. (Dumbfounded) - I'm really sorry. - No, you did great.

Bring it. Let's not screw it up. (Overly passionate) (Though he made a mistake) Jung Kook, you did great.

It's alright. (Meanwhile, opponent team's reaction) (The expensive camera caught) (A cool moment) (What were they actually saying?) Very good. That was it. It was that thingy. It is a good match, right? - Thingy? - Yeah, a good... thingy. Good. (Bad luck) (Switch players) We're handling this well.

- Namjoon. - Switch players. I trust you. Hey you guys should change. Huh? We're 0 points anyways. - Namjoon. - You can't trick us. (But the ball gets caught) Good.

(Difficult 1 point) Good good. It's good. I heard your skills deteriorated? Okay Namjoon, let's go. (Living up to the expectations) It's alright. - You're doing good. - Namjoon. (Always get this scene at table tennis) - Namjoon. - Good.

(While both team root for Namjoon) (Score) It's alright. It's alright. - It's alright. - It's alright. How come you only say it's alright.

Just hit it. Kim Namjoon. O.K. I heard O.K.

- Who? - I heard O.K. (Who just...) (Said O.K...?) (It's me) (Inner conflict) How could you say that? (Inner joy) (Back to 0 points) I said that without thinking. I told you not to get excited. Don't get excited OK? Don't get excited.

You can do it. Good. Come on, brother. Come on. Come on. Don't let them cajole you like that.

Come on brother. (Cajoling strategy) (Fail) Oh, man. I love it. Good, we're switching players. - Try hard. - Try hard. - You will. - I will.

You can see me. You can see me. You guys should cheer. - Who's serve is it? - You guys should cheer. I think it's my turn. Your turn. You should serve.

Cheer up. Fi... Falalala.

That's a warning. You guys should cheer. Cheer up, cheer up. Let's just not do it. (Do it) Cheer up. Why didn't you join us.

One two three? Chee...? What are you? (Kim Namjoon) (Meanwhile) (Scores a point) 1 point. (After the score catches up) (The gap widens again) Currently (the total score is) seven, which is an odd number So should I serve one more time? (Q. Choose what's wrong from the following) (1.Taehyung gets to SERVE since it's 7) (2.He pronounced SERVE well) (3.SERVE is just wrong) Serve? (Frozen) (Back to zero) Serve? I think he said serve. (Despair of the top table tennis player) Now we just have to induce them to make mistakes. Come on brother.

Come on Jimin, yo it's not fun man. Come on. (He added another 1 point) It's so good. Cheer up. - Excellent mindset. - Cheer up. (The score gap vastly widened) It's 6:0, we can do this.

Take it easy, serve. Till we score 8 points. Slow down. Ooooh. (Stop) (Calm down, brother) - It's alright. - I'm fine. Did you win? For now, I lost.

You can't keep... Attacking me. (Refrain from killing your own teammate) Stop asking questions. It's because I don't think much. Jin, who doesn't think much. Yes? Stop talking.

(Quickly progressing the game) Oh that was good. (Score) Oh that was good. Good, good, good. (Almost said NICE)

(Could have been me) (After that) Oh. (What happens when O.K is sealed) It's alright. - You're doing good. - It's 7 points. Taehyung, calm down. That's it, slowly.

One more time. One more time. (OUT) Ouch. Good. You did good.

This, this, we should do this. We should change. Gosh I'm drooling. (This team's last player is out) When will I change...

We can change. It'll be soon. You can handle it, right? Calm down. Say Cheer up. Cheer up.

Is it my turn? He's not good. He's not good. Just beat him. Alright. I'll start.

Ya. There. (Blocked) (Ball came back) - What was that. - I'm sorry. Is he a dummy? Isn't 'ya' English? How is 'ya' English? I can't tell you that.

I can't point that out to you. Yes. Is it...

My turn? - How many times is he asking? - He'll attack abruptly. You have one more chance. (Ambush) (Seokjin's first score) Oooh. Calm down. You're doing great. - What's wrong with me? - Focus. Check the score, focus.

Focus on hitting the ball. What's wrong with me? Calm down. (Omitting the object) Should give it to them. Should I pass this ball to you? Is it our turn to go? Don't add filler words. Why. Hoseok, don't add filler words.

Hoseok, you... (In the midst of chaos) No. (Taehyung scored 4 points) That was excellent. Because there's someone else. I trust you.

(The truth untold) I love it. Thank you. You are a very useful Friend to us. - Now just simply. - How many points left?

We can do it. Two more points to go. We have two more points to go. We can win easily. Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry up.

Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry up. We Hurry hurry hurry hurry hurry. (Needlessly high tension) I can do it. I can do it. Can you tell me what you can do? I can hit it. (Ambush) (OUT) No.

(Soundless reaction) Good. (Soundless but noisy reaction) (Catching up) - I did it. - Calm down. Is it your turn to go? Is it...my turn? (Fall) (Not sad at all) (BTS can talk with 'ooooh's) 1 point to go. It's alright.

I'll prove. (The leader has a fighter's mindset) (Expecting a big reversal) (The ball went over) Let's go. (The ball was blocked by the net) (Lost) (At the same time ended) (Table tennis rackets got together) It's over. (Overjoyed)

(Everyone remained silent) (But clapped their hands like a child) It's over. (OH, MY...) It's over. Is it over? Now...

My hands are sweating Can we use foreign words now? Jimin, Jung Kook, Jin. Victory. Can we use (foreign words)? WOW. Ya. Oh my God. Do you know what? I didn't even get a shot. Oh my mental.

We should have said some English. It's really hard. It was very exciting. It's so hard not to say O.K. Okay nice.

Okay nice. Nice. Good job. It was not bad. G.G Okay. - You all did a great job. - Good game.

Now we will have a ceremony. We even have a ceremony? I will give you a very big and nice gift. Jimin, please come out on behalf of all. Okay, I'll take it on behalf.

Wow. Oh up to here? (Looks very envious) Jimin, you must take that. This seems a bit excessive...? (Oh, we're so jealous) It's taller than you. I think I saw this at a buffet.

Isn't it a chocolate fountain? This. I don't think we have to take this... Check the details. Underneath. Check the details underneath. Wow, there's a table tennis table here.

In detail. (Boxing is not) I don't think this was worth this much. Did they really make it? Let's give it up for them. - Congratulations for your victory. - Thank you.

We should've used English in the middle. Congratulations. I'm so jealous. I think you should take this, since you're the oldest. But I think it's a virtue to let the younger ones take it. Then we should give it to the youngest. Oh, you know how people say... elders first.

Even cold water should be first served to a senior. Let's play rock paper scissors. The loser takes it.

Rock paper scissors. Oh? You didn't draw? (Accidentally) - Didn't draw? - I did, rock. Wow I won. - He won. - I won. Rock paper scissors. (Somehow the trophy became a penalty)

What are they doing? Does the loser get to take it? (Congratulations for winning the trophy) Jin, the loser will take it. I'm so jealous. - Wow, I'm so jealous. - It's such an honor. Jin, won but lost. (Congratulations for winning the trophy from the bottom of our hearts) Congratulations. Jin, congratulations.

I also won tennis on Run BTS as well. So I also have a gold medal. I'll place this next to it. Alright. Thank you.

(We hope it becomes a family heirloom) (Continued by) It's time to release the dragon balls. (The Game CaterersXRun BTS continues on clip 4-2) (The Game Caterers) (Every Friday around 10:20PM)

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