[sub]스페셜(1) 최다 출연 X 최단 시간, 이렇게 힘든 걸 금가즈가 해냅니다 | 출장십오야 X 빈센조 스페셜

[sub]스페셜(1) 최다 출연 X 최단 시간, 이렇게 힘든 걸 금가즈가 해냅니다 | 출장십오야 X 빈센조 스페셜

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(The Game Caterers) (A special catering) (Today's catering is...) (In order to meet Vincenzo Cassano whose) (Italian pronunciation is even handsome) (we've come to his home that holds many secrets...) (Geumga Plaza) (We've come to the set of Vincenzo) (The interior is a perfect re-creation of an old shopping center) (An old Korean snack bar) (The rule of a colorful wallpaper) (7 a.m.)

(They are gathering one by one) (Today's guests are Vincenzo and) (the people of Geumga Plaza) Come on in. Have a seat wherever you want. Please take a seat first. You should sit in the middle. Hello. Have a seat wherever you feel comfortable.

(A total of 16 guests) (The most number of guests so far) (Every guest is here) Let's applaud for the staff members who came so early in the morning. (A fierce welcome) (Welcome, Game Caterers) (The shoot begins in a happy mood) Let me introduce myself. Hello. I'm Producer Na Young Seok. Whoo hoo. (As soon as PD Na finishes his greeting) (they welcome him once again) (We love you, PD Na) Na Young Seok. Na Young Seok. (The name they shout out together...)

(Na. Young. Seok) Thank... This is such a great honor. This is the first time I'm doing an entertainment program with this many actors. My heart is racing so fast. First of all, on behalf of the viewers, I thank you for making such a fun drama. I don't know if I qualify to speak on behalf of the viewers.

Thank you. (Third time already) (Applauding again) (Applauding is good for your health) First of all, I am done greeting you. (Thigh applaud) This is a program of catering for our clients. We don't normally book it so early in the morning. We didn't want to agree to do this. But! I heard about a crooked lawyer who insisted that we come here.

(Becoming Hong Cha-young) Who is it? We were told that the client's name is Song Joong-ki. Yes. (That's me) Mr. Song Joong-ki.

(Me too) I wanted to finish this drama by doing something all together. That's why I asked Director Na Young Seok to come and I thank him for coming. I heard so much that the shoots were done in such good vibes.

This is the first time in my career that got me excited to go to the shoot when I woke up in the morning for my first scene. Why don't you say a word, Mr. Tak? Chief Song said he will pay us if we come here today. (Staring into empty space) Chief Song? Yes, we call him Chief Song. Why? (Before the shoot) (Glancing over) Dal, come sit in the middle. - What? - Come here. Come sit in the middle.

- Dal, come here. - Dal sits here? (He sits in the far back corner) Come sit here. How beautiful. I will be on the screen the most anyway (Kidding) (1. Chief Song looks after his junior actors) (He looks at everyone before the shoot begins) (Shaking) (Shaking) (Drinking water) (Drinking water) Why does everyone seem nervous today? It feels so awkward. This isn't my main job so it feels different.

Everyone, gather around. Let's get you relaxed. - Gather around. - Yes, chief. Gather around. If you don't do well today...

- you won't get paid. - Yes, chief. One, two, three, we can do it (Don't be nervous and hang in there) (2. An expert at getting everyone energized) That's right. (The big shot of Geumga Plaza, Chief Song) We have so many actors here today.

There may be viewers who don't know you so let's go around and introduce yourself one by one even if it takes time. Please tell us which role you play in the drama and please also define yourself with one word. I am 'blank.' We will use that for something later. (What will they do?) (Introduction time of the plaza members) (The reason Vincenzo came to Korea) My goal is (and the most important place, Geumga Plaza) to destroy this building. (Let's dwelve into Geumga Plaza) (1. Nanyak Temple in the basement)

(Monk Jeokha / Monk Chaeshin) I play the role of Monk Jeokha. I am the best romanticist of the time, the anarchist of sadness, a lonely humanist and that is why I'm on the blacklist. I'm Ri Woo-jin. Nice to meet you. (He must've meditated silently for this moment) Hel... Hel... Hello. Let me try that again. Everybody, you are too nervous.

Everybody. Let's act as we did in the waiting room. Hello.

I play the role of Monk Chaeshin in 'Vincenzo.' - I'm Kwon Seung-woo. - How cute. What type of a person are you? I am Small Potato. Small Potato. How would you describe yourself? Deep sleep. - Deep Sleep. - Deep Sleep. That's good.

Why are you Deep Sleep? He sleeps. Since he doesn't have too many lines he falls asleep while he's waiting. I am Deep Sleep. (Small Potato / Deep Sleep) (Let's move up to the 1st floor) (2. Piano Academy) (Dance Studio) (Restaurant) (Piano teacher Seo Mi-ri / Dance teacher Larry Kang/ Chef Toto) I am Kim Yoon-hye who plays the role of Seo Mi-ri.

I'm Kim Seol-jin who plays the role of Larry Kang. I'm Kim Hyung-mook who plays Chef Toto. It's nice to meet you. How would you describe yourself? I'm...

Crazy... Please stop there. (An unexpected self-introduction) How about 'Crazy Girl'? Ghost. - Oh, Crazy Girl? - Crazy Girl.

(A mild taste was added) You're the best. I am Crazy Girl. Larry Kang is... Strong-weak-weak-strong. What would be good for me? Sausage. You know that sausage named Strong Man?

Sausage. (Best name for this strong man) I am a strong man, but I like sausage. I am Sausage. All right. (Crazy Girl / Strong-weak-weak-strong / Sausage) (3. Pawn shop)

(Pawn shop couple Jang Yeon-jin / Lee Cheol-wook) I am Seo Ye-hwa who plays Jang Yeon-jin. I'm... He's shaking his legs.

Please zoom in on his shaking legs. (Shake) We've been filming his legs for a while and they just don't stop. (Live feed on his legs) - Stay still. - Geumsong... What's Geumsong? Geumsong. What? - What's Geumsong? - He must've come up with it. I'm Song Joong-ki of Geumga Plaza.

(I like this) I'm really sorry. His specialty is... His best talent is wrestling. I got chills when he showed his smashed ear. Right.

I actually have a smashed ear. - You used to wrestle? - Yes. I thought it was makeup. It was makeup. Why are you lying? You are a liar. Liar. Liar.

(That is why...) (I am Liar) Let's go with Liar. I'll be Dallae's mom.

Dallae's mom. (Liar / Dallae's mom) I'll begin now. (4. Bye Bye Balloon) (B.B.B. staff Jeon Soo-nam / CEO Park Seok-do/ Staff Ms. Yang) (Showing off his love for his company) (Bye Bye Balloon) I'm Kim Young-woong who plays Park Seok-do. I'm Lee Dal who plays Jeon Soo-nam.

Nice to meet you. I'm called Ms. Yang, but I do have a name. It's Yang Ju-eun. (Actress Jung Ji-yoon) How would you describe yourself? Nutria suits him. (I'm Nutria) (His nickname in the drama) How would you describe yourself? He's Fake Saeroy.

Fake Saeroy. I resemble him from 50 meters away. (How would she describe herself?) Go with Accounting Fraud. Accounting Fraud? Money Laundering? Accounting Fraud? Money Laundering. That's nice. Money Laundering. That's great.

(Money Laundering / Nutria / Fake Saeroy) (5. Jeil Dry Cleaners and Yeongho Snack Bar) Get your guards up. Guards up. (CEO of Jeil Dry Cleaners Tak Hong-Sik / Owner of Yeongho Snack Bar Kwak Hee-soo) I'm Choi Duk-moon who plays Tak Hong-Sik, the CEO of Jeil Dry Cleaners. Hello.

I'm Lee Hang-na who plays Kwak Hee-soo, Yeong-ho's mom who owns Yeongho Snack Bar. Hello. (Shy shy) I'll go with Scissor Hands. (The nickname he got from the famous scene created with a pair of scissors) That's an awesome name. I would call him M.P. - What? - M.P.?

What's that? Next time you speak... Please consult others first. What does M.P. mean? Our mental pillar. That's why it's M.P.

Oh. No, I'll go with Scissor hands. Scissor hands. (He is adamant) Lady Liberty. The ending fairy.

(She ended an episode as Lady Liberty, leading people) (Scissor Hands / Lady Liberty) Mr. Lawyer. (The creator of 'Mr. Lawyer') (6. Manager Nam and Mr. An)

I believe in you, Concigliere. Thank you. (Manager Nam Joo-sung of Jipuragi / NIS Agent An Gi-seok) I'm Yoon Byung-hee who plays Nam Joo-sung. Nice to meet you. I used to be an NIS agent and now I'm an assistant cook. I'm Lim Chul-soo who plays An Gi-seok. Nice to meet you.

How would you describe yourself? Well, I... Go Gil-dong. (A first-dimensional nickname) What? He does resemble Go Gil-dong.

I'm Go Gil-dong. Mr. An. (I'm Mr. An) (Go GIl-dong / Mr. An) We've come a long way and now finally... Our Vincenzo.

(Consiglieri Vincenzo Cassano) So beautiful. (Jipuragi lawyer Hong Cha-young) I'm Jeon Yeo-bin who plays lawyer Hong Cha-young, the CEO of Jipuragi Law Firm. I play lawyer Vincenzo, but... as you saw earlier...

Everyone, clap 3 times. (Clap clap clap) I am also Chief Song. How would you describe yourself? I'm Jipuragi.

Indeed. How would you describe yourself? - Corn Salad. - Vincenzo... Corn Salad.

A corporate lawyer is called Consiglieri in Italian. It's written over there. At first, people of Geumga Plaza called me Corn Salad at first. Vincenzo Cassano is Corn Salad. I'll go with that. All right. (Now...)

(The game we will play with these words is...) This is a warm-up game. The strawberry game. (Even a monk enjoys the game) How do you play the game? Small Potato.

(How to play the game) (It's a 4-beat game) (A player attacks with other people's nicknames) Fake Saeroy 3. (A player defends like this) Fake Saeroy, Fake Saeroy, Fake Saeroy. (Introducing the prize) This may be just a warm-up game, but we have a small prize for the winner. (Applause) (First prize Italian wine) It's BOGO.

(I can't say no to 2 bottles of wine) (His eyes are sparkling) Everyone else gets... Body scrubs. (I like that, too) These are the prizes. (Warming-up) (The strawberry game begins) You may think that this will take a long time since there are 16 of you here. I assure you. It'll be over in 5 minutes.

Many of you will fail quickly. Small Potato will start. (Get ready...) One, two, three, four.

I am Small Potato. Liar 4. Liar, Liar, Liar, Liar. Nutria 4. Nutria, Nutria, Nutria, Nutria. (Nutria OUT) You are out of the game.

(Yes!) Dallae's mom, Dallae's mom, Dallae's mom. Go Gil-dong 3. Go Gil-dong, Go GIl-dong, Go Gil-dong. Deep Sleep 4. (Deep Sleep OUT) Sausage 4.

Sausage, Sausage, Sausage, Sausage. Small Potato 4. Small Potato, Small Potato, Small Potato, Small Potato. Corn Salad 2.

Corn Salad, Corn Sal... I really wanted that wine. (And in matter of seconds...) Lady Liberty, Lady Liberty, Lady Liberty. Strong-weak-weak-strong 3. Strong-weak....

(Lady Liberty, Strong-weak-weak-strong OUT) (They failed in many different ways) Go Gil-dong 3. Gok... Go Gil-dong. (Type 1: Getting angry) Mr. An 4.

Mr. An, Mr. An, Mr. An, Mr. An. Whole Potato 3. - Who? - Who? Whole Potato? (Small Potato is mad) It's Small Potato. (Type 2: Name manipulation) (And...)

(Many failed from being too nervous) (Boo hoo) (After a storm...) Now we have exactly 4 people left. I'll make it a bit more difficult this time.

(It is upgraded to a 8-beat game) 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8. (Corn Salad is intrigued) Wow, this is... It's an 8-beat game. I predict that Money Laundry will fail. (Will Money Laundry fail immediately?) Start. (Upgraded strawberry game STARTS)

Scissor Hands 5. Scissor Hands, Scissor Hands, Scissor Hands, Scissor Hands, Scissor Hands. Money Laundry 3? (Wrong beat) (Yes!) (LOL) Fake Saeroy 3. Fake... (Fake Saeroy OUT) (Money Laundry VS Small Potato) (The Final Round) Seung-woo. You're starting here? His eyes are full of greed.

Give me a minute. (She still hasn't understood the rules) Begin. (The final round STARTS in the midst of chaos) He's doing it slowly. (LOL) Money Laundry 3. Money Laundry, Money Laundry... (Small Potato roars) (Ah~) (Greedy Small Potato wins) (Presentation ceremony is held right away) He's really good. (2 bottles of wine)

Oh, there's a trophy, too. (A trophy from a pawnshop is given, too) (The warm-up game ends with happy Small Potato) This is pretty, too. I like this, too. I've never seen a tri-colored one. I've never seen this color. (The actual game begins now) (First) I will show you the prizes first.

There are more prizes? - Wow, really? - What are they? What? What are they bringing in? They're bringing in things. Wow. Soju. Meat! (Lots of mesmerizing prizes) - Wow. What's that? - Wow. Seoul Land.

What's this? It's a massager. Wow. Is it okay for you to give us so much? - What is it? - Where? Where's the massager? Come back here. You're embarrassing us. These are awesome. My kids would love this.

What are you doing? You're taking pictures? (A strange experience) (One moment please) We can't win those prizes anyway. So he wants to at least take pictures of them? At least he'll have the pictures. He has earthly desires. Share those pictures with us later.

Please post them on our group chatroom. Let me explain the prizes one by one. A foot massager. Ooh. 8 Seoul Land tickets. (Viewer mode) Wow.

Then we have Centrum. We have multi-vitamin Centrum for your health. We have 50 bottles for men and 50 bottles for women.

So it doesn't matter who wins these. You can share them or gift them to other people. Then we have travel-size tissues. Also we have soju and beer. We only brought out a few as a sample. But we have 10 boxes of soju and 10 boxes of beer. Beer. Beer please.

We have 10 boxes of each. I want those. Also, summer is coming up, right? When you're working on the set in the summer...

It's hot. We have 50 fans. Wow. (No thanks) (They're hot in a different sense) Isn't this an entire cow? Is this just a sample? Then there's this beef package... I don't know who'll win it, but...

Then we have 16 cans of SPAM. There are 16 of you here. Then we have a flower basket. I would like a flower basket. Don't you want soju? (And lastly) We have 3 camping chairs.

- They're a must on the set. - Yes, that's right. Wow, I want those so badly. They spin, too.

They spin. Try sitting on it. Spin. (Spin)

Oh, I'm dizzy. (One problem: Motion sickness) - That's all. - That's all. When you're waiting for your turn, you could have a cup of coffee in your hand and say, 'How did it go? Song, are you done?' Something like that. You could do something like that.

I want that. Let's say you fail your first attempt. Then after each failure, we take one thing out. - Out? - You give it back to me. I've heard about this. You're so cruel.

(He loves the clients' complaints) Client Song Joong-ki. Please stand up. - Chief Song. - Yes? You will now be the director. Please pick those who will play the game. You need 6 players. For the first game you'll need agility in terms of language.

All right. That's not me. Please pick out the players. Manager Nam. (Manager Nam Yoon Byung-hee) - I can do it. - You can do it. Scissor Hands. Scissor Hands.

Hong-sik. Hong-sik. Scissor Hands. (Scissor Hands Choi Duk-Moon) Nutria. (Nutria Kim Young-woong) Mr. An. Here comes Mr. An.

(Oh my) And Dallae's mom. (Dallae's mom Seo Ye-hwa) (Stepping in) - Including you? - Yes. We have 6 players including Director Song. The six of you, please sit in front.

Rest of you, please move back. No, you can sit on the chair. (Aha) Can I sit on a camping chair? (There are so many chairs here) This game is the daily 4-letter word game. What's that? Let me explain what that is. - Jucha. - Geumji. (No parking)

Like that. Good. Good. - You get it now? - Yes. I'm so nervous.

(Everyone's getting nervous) I'm so nervous. We can do it. (Don't worry. We're here)

We can do it. Stop applauding. Stop applauding. Please. By the way...

Have you ever had a team that succeeded this in one attempt? Hm? Have you ever had a team... - Don't be cocky. - I don't know. I think it's doable. I'm sorry, but it's both ways. You go in this direction and after you, Joong-ki, it goes back.

Then the smart one must sit here. The smart player must sit here. That's you. - Good. - I can do it.

If you want to play the game, you can join. Just ask Director Song to let you in. Excuse me. Mr. Liar. (On the bench alone)

I'm getting ready. Why? (Mr. Liar is thinking way ahead even before Round 1) You're preparing for the switch? I am reassured. Let's start with Dallae's mom. Relax.

(ROUND 1) Wait. (Team kill) (A heart attack to the nervous hearts) You startled me. How much time are you giving us? Is it immediate? If you hesitate, you fail. Ah. This is nerve-wracking.

You must say it immediately. (For real ROUND 1) Jeyuk. Bokkeum. (Spicy pork)

Yes. Manru. Failed. What's that? Manru home run. (A grand slam)

Home run. Oh, manru. Didn't he say 'mallu'? Mannu? Mannu? There was a confusion. (I think I did something wrong) (Blink) (According to a source) The younger monk said 'home run' earlier. (Even Monk Chaeshin in the back) Manru. (He heard it) Home run.

Failed. Yes, I got it wrong. You admit it? Yes. I admit it. If you don't, we'll give you another chance.

No, no. (I'm not used to such honesty) He said 'home run' so... I must've heard it wrong. (I am so touched) It's too bad because we came here wanting to give you all the prizes. He's happy about it.

He's teasing us. - I want to give all those prizes to you. - This is it. He's teasing us.

Please choose which prize to take out. Oh, they take away one after each round. - Then... - Go ahead. Can I just take out 1 can of SPAM? Like this? No. (Disappointed) Tissue. Tissue. Take out the fans.

Take out the fans. The majority wants the fans out. (50 fans OUT) (ROUND 2) (LOL) You are all staring at me. I feel overwhelmed. (The set feels different today) Here we go.

Gopchang. Soondae. (Tripe sausage) (Oh no) It tastes great, right? It's really good. (While's he's hesitant because of her innocent smile) (the food reviews makes him lose the timing to ring the bell) (Good job, good job) It's good. Tripe soondae is good.

Soondae usually comes with gopchang. (Frozen) You looked at me with such innocent eyes that I forgot to ring the bell. (Lucky) You were staring at me so innocently. Let's do that again. This is a warning. (This is a warning) (To myself) (ROUND 2 again) Sun.

Glasses. Juji. (Time passed) (Fail) What? - Juji sunim. (Head monk) - Juji sunim. Can't you hear? I can't. (He can't say anything because he can't hear anything) This is a bit sad.

He has the agility, but... HIs questions are specially hard. Monk Chaeshin. Did you hear it or not? Well, I... (Conflicted) Did you hear it? I didn't hear it. I heard it. I heard it.

- I'll be out of the game. - Go ahead. Head monk, please step forward. (Head monk Woo-jin steps up) (This man who shyly comes up) He's the most educated one out of all of us.

- The magician of language. - He's the alchemist. Joo-sung, go first. (After making a tough decision) I'll sit here. - I can't be in that seat. - You want to switch?

(I'm too nervous) What did you just do? Let's do a practice round. You're the only one who's trying this for the first time. Nu. Tria. That was good. There.

You spoke in such a peaceful voice. - Corn. - Salad. - He's good. - He's good. His voice is sweet. Right now... My heart just melted. (It's ominous)

His voice is... Seok-do, take a deep breath and come sit over here. (Sitting next to the head monk) Here is Director Song. I won't take the prize away this time.

I won't forgive you twice though. (ROUND 3) Hwengdan. Bodo. (Crosswalk)

Namhaeng. Yeolcha. (Train) Anjeon. Jidae.(Safety zone) Dageum. Bari. (Perch)

(It was a tough one) (Good job) Cas. Tella. (Castella) Shinsok. Baedal. (Quick delivery) (Passed the turning point) Horu.

Ragi. (Whistle) Oh no. Wait a minute. (Smirking) (Watching PD Na) Gisa.

Sikdang. (Transport cafe) Kansho. Saewu. (Sweet and sour shrimp) Desu. Metal. (Death metal)

(Only one person left) (A nerve-wracking moment) (I must stop them) Black. Money. (A tough question) (A happy occasion at the Geumgas) (They succeeded in 3 rounds) (Even the spectators are cheering) (Can you become good out of the blue?) (Dancing in circle for a joyous occasion) (Jumpers everywhere) Good job. Good job.

(He basks in joy elegantly alone) Good job. (That's right) (Happiness at Geumga Plaza means) (a tragedy for NAbel Group) Good job. The prize I didn't take earlier... (He's embarrassed as he speaks) Wow. We are so good at this. That was awesome.

(They calm down...) Black money in the end... That was good. (NA is...) (being scolded) They didn't do so well in the beginning so...

Let's applaud. (His excuse is buried in the sound of the applause...) He's crying right now. (He is this despaired because...)

You see... After a few rounds, once you succeeded, we... we were going to play the next game for the prizes you lost.

So we must play for the fans? You only lost the fans. (They only lost 50 fans) Wow. Well... Let me tell you two things. First.

You can take all the prizes you see here and share. (He tries to sound generous for something they already know they have) (Congratulations) Second, when you play the second game for the fans, please maintain the same eagerness. (A new concept of begging for eagerness) Please play the game pretending that you really need those fans. I really want those fans.

I really want those. They are nice. Ooh. It's Shinmyohan. (A Shinmyohan doll is urgently brought in) Shall we give this as a prize? Let's do that.

I don't think anyone would want this. - No. - Let's give this, too. Shinmyohan. New Journey to the West. (Luckily, he's surprisingly wanted) Do any of you want this? (Me) (Me) We just... Is that the only Shimyohan you have? Find what we have in our bags.

(Oh no...) (So the staff members found...) Wow. Acupuncture slippers. (Useless stuff) (3 jegi) Ooh, that's nice. - This. - For jegichagi. When you point at someone...

I need that. Fans, too. We have 50 fans.

Markers. Do you need markers? When you give autographs? Yes, yes, yes. You like them? We have a whole box of markers. I need those. (Adding prizes) (He comes back from the restroom and sees this) You want these so much, right, Song Joong-ki? Wow. Unbelievable. (Terrible acting skills which is hard to see)

Unbelievable. I'm sorry, but can you show a better reaction? Try to put your soul into it. Oh, mamma mia. (Be more enthusiastic!) Unbelievable.

This is so much fun. (Touched) We're... We're not all that happy right now. We are having a lot of fun.

We were supposed to play several rounds, but it ended so quickly. (NEXT) (The amazing third game) (playing for the best of the best prizes) It's called 'Scream in silence.' If you have a shoot in the afternoon, I don't want you to lose your voice. The drama isn't so important. (The fans are on the line here) (Wink) (He's the bomb) (The Game Caterers) (Every Friday around 10:20 p.m.)

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