Sinyal Rabu 8 September 2021 Rekomendasi saham scalping trading TOYS PWON YELO HOPE WEHA ZYRX pnbs

 Sinyal Rabu 8 September 2021 Rekomendasi saham scalping trading TOYS PWON YELO HOPE WEHA ZYRX pnbs

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Assalamualaikum back again and we are at Fajar Deli and this time we give recommendations for tomorrow and before that of course we will check what our trading trading is called today, yesterday's recommendation and I am a very big God Masbro from ptsn and mdpl Then if Mayora I'm still Hut, let me put it into swing, Masbro transport, see our last video about major and mttr. Now, let's talk about scalping, okay, the recommendation Bar is SMA, we check one by one, Masbro Suryacitra High School, OK, this high school is actually still in the area plus yes, Masbro So if for Masbro who took it earlier, you can still pick it up if you take it down here, it's easy, sir, but for Masbro who is still world, it's okay, gold isn't there, Sir. Because maybe tomorrow we can get TP at 2110 so this is actually high school there are two, some are TP, some are still out, well, both are okay, TP, okay, hold on, it's okay if you hold the tv tomorrow, if the TP is old today, that's nice Sunter SMA is not too happy about high school, then the next one is Budi Budi Budi, Mrs. Budi Budi, we got a TP at the price of 200 Masbro y201. Budi went there so I threw away my cultural goods, I don't have Budi anymore. Budi, I have TP, so the term is Budi this Mr. Mas Bro nice though just a little but Master for evidence of our pants are PTSN well here it is that muhun so big I cuman here Mas baseball nyangka I can apt-1 as high as that I do not nyangka bro never thought I could get TP to prices here 292 I don't think it's really that high, bro, bro, that's amazing. For ptsn nice and apps6, maybe

this direction is still avtran, bro, just see what tomorrow will look like, if for example tomorrow it's like making a dog move, it's still angry, you can take it, but if for example tomorrow No red channel so yes wait wait to get stuck to the line that I made this so PTSN if for example tomorrow doji Not so direct download papa is still wetens Iya cuman Tomorrow, you can correct it. In prayer, correct it. First, it's red like this. Tomorrow, tomorrow, it's red. It bounces and then it goes up. That's okay, because it's HD and it goes up very high. So, let's see tomorrow. For example, tomorrow it's a dozy shape and it's interesting. Enter scalping the day after tomorrow, bro Okay, 4ssn, we have a massive TP . I bought a lot of bro, pt.snp, it's amazing, the new Lazada dose is still gold, yes, Yello, this is

my hold, I haven't sold the item yet, so it's not moving, the other terms are still Hut, just relax, bro bro I'm also still OL for yellow ABG 30304 Now I'm still gold yellow, I'm not going anywhere, now the one who still holds clottey means hot now is Palm Wow, actually, yes, you can say it's semi. Yes, the term has arrived, 5, but what's his name, back again, the form of Dodi is the language, so for Masbro, whose name is Palm, it hasn't arrived at the other TP yet at 466, but it's still okay for Palm, it's still Hulk and it's still really good, Bro, bro, can you come here again if you can wait it can get to 500 Maybe for Palm so be patient with Pam Param this can make swing swings for Palm Because the fundamentals are good, the price is under value for Palm, we've already explained it ago Palm mean gold continues to own short Masihul stir so long pinbas ya pnbs nah long no motions ah nah this way wrote shroud it but today Joya passable may wrote tomorrow dedicated live high rise once big maybe because if stock the one that doesn't move Yes, it's not like this, just ride straight away Ius Bro, again the term is refueling Master, look here, yes, for Pnbs it doesn't move. How many days does 12345 need a lot, but after he really wants to move the buses are very high It's delicious I also want to be here for a few days, just go straight to the big bus, this is the same, this is even down occasionally, rides directly to the same club, this is the same as Masbro, feelin I don't think this is going to happen. If indeed the stock

wants to go down, it immediately goes down like this, so here's what it's called. After the downs and downs, ask the boss of Valencia above, that's different. Yes, it's already above, if the Setu above means it will go down if the setting is set at down means you want to go up, that's what it is, Masbro, if you're a pnbs, yes. This is the old one,

I did n't get through to 5157 all the way through, it just didn't come to an end, I couldn't afford it. It's downgraded. down below, he should be wearing a blouse and go upstairs again, what's his name, Anger, the test from his resident assistant, so it's the same as single, PNB Before I sold it, even though I already had a floating gadget, because vg10 8, what's wrong, be patient, nice, that's today, it's pretty big, I got it from a lot of mdpl Masbro, so mtdl is mtdl it goes into swing, but it's not strong, I'm not strong when the TP above is around 2,700 If I'm not mistaken dctp 2700mah but this hasn't been confirmed yet, this mtdl h, so it's still closing under the black line that I made, so he hasn't formed it yet. Jealous of racing the money. Well,

we'll see tomorrow if he, for example, I corrected a little bit like PTS. Ah, I can still take it again, but if for example, he immediately breaks down, just take it, set the target at 2970, we'll see tomorrow if it's interesting, I'll put it in again tomorrow for scalping, isn't that so so it doesn't work, my mtdl swing is not strong enough, I got 5%, bro, it's pretty good, 4, how much is 4.8 for mtdl nice, that's today's one Bro, yes, we will immediately discuss recommendations. Tomorrow , what day is Wednesday, tomorrow, Wednesday or Tuesday, people forget the day until the mask arrives, Wednesday the 8th of this edition, Masbro, see our first one is toys but Masbro must be careful playing here Why did I enter a toy because you are shaped like this, it's rising, right? So if it's like it should be going up tomorrow, Masbro, because it's already 1234 today, this toy is like something for sh adows Edo above looks like it's about to go down So if it's like it's like going down, I'm already confused, I'm praying for a test one two three four today, this red is panicking here but it turns out that on September 7 or today, this kind of kendel is called a bullish channel, you can write it down it's called semi-marubozu. But if it doesn't have a tail, it's a marubozu, but it's bullish,

bro, this is Lex, this is Lex, Mr. Noble is here, on 31 AGT, looking at the date of kendel toys on 31 AGT, then on the neighbor on 7 September, it's exactly the same, see and the second day Now it's like this No, it's like that, okay, let's have a look at the broker, God is from toys, ok Hi, everyone, hghs, bro Why do I recommend toys for tomorrow, but if you fly high , Masbro, you have to be careful if you start right from the start, Open it's so high, bro, just be careful if you want to join the queue here, if you look at it from Broken, well, this is the first time, I've never been Noise recommendations, yes, in previous videos, I know here, if you saw new types recently, guys, it turns out that here the budget is 1.27, you could say it's still reasonable, it's not too bloated, if for example it's still below two, in my opinion it still makes sense so he sells it twice that bottom but it's still 1.27 Okay, continue here for him 38 percent very safe, uh, net profit this time, sell play, sell toys, please, oh, it's the third quarter of 2020, the video No, yes, this is Masbro, the cause, yes. From yesterday the third 9 water 2020, the net profit was 9000000000, it was really big and then it went down to 400 million and then it went down, even minus, the loss was not strong, especially in 2021, so the stock fell down. Munggur, the turnover was in the billions, it immediately became a million. Now here starting to add again, bro, now here, the toys are starting to add more,

what's the name, the term is back again, the term is turnarounds, so it used to be a fox so that's a plus, back to staying here the last quarter of 2020 now the last water 2020 where is the direction Now here, bro, in this area, Wow, that's very high, with a net profit of around 400 million, the price of toys, he left around 500 Well maybe he'll be there again maybe Yes Hi, but we are talking about scalping, not talking about long term because yes, Sam is like this, isn't it scary if you look at what it's called, but it's beautiful like this, it doesn't go down, you don't play around, but the glass that goes down doesn't make the donor here, Muliaman, still ride the bus This is starting to go up, just for pickpockets , Masbro So don't think bro, can you keep toys Deep for the long term, if I don't suggest making the sockets in and out and in and out, that's if it fits here, OK, let's see for the tangerines, our broker Look, it's going to be very thick today , yes, the police are very thick here, Masbro, look at that, EMG, uh, 219, there's MG at 290 down here, Masbro reply Hi 290 Here are naikin so nah Possibility of tomorrow will make this kind of yes continue deflated down this could even take ya So if such a flat may take longer even God so forth again pawpaw cool flat riding Lex impaling ride ya rise if this second we climbed steadily deflated to get stuck here like water b ngambil more back again up again this Most like this now we are seeing here for Toys No MG so carefully so play fast just for the happy ama ngmg here abg2 19 continues JP is detailed in the price 2017 MG above retail should still go up tomorrow if it's toys if you look at the channel and here you can see the beat is very thick at 240 and if you see Mas Bro, yes, here They want to sell at 250, yes, 250 the beat is 12000 thick , it's different from the beat something else, eh, the qobid over wafer is so thick, it's thin, Riau, tomorrow at HKM gmaik can fly into the sky, Boys, now, but be careful, I suggest being careful here, because here Sam is fried So if for friends, what is called slowhand, a lot more mobile, Solo slowhand, Mending, don't look for stocks that move a little bit, it's good, it's good, slowly, but if it has to be fast, the user Fanny will be happy, Ito is just too funny, I'm happy but if the Euros definitely don't want it. This is playing our toys or suits because he really can't follow, okay, Thai as his friends come along. Want to join the toys, bro, i-imei can input Dih 240 if for example, the second one is silent 44 Just beat it, ah, our TP is thin at 250, if it's really high from the bottom, let's just see tomorrow . How about the tv. Maybe he can get to the price of A265 Setro. Well, here, maybe he's Ordinary 265, yes, tomorrow for the police. Well, we'll see tomorrow as much as possible, Masrud ​​has the

lowest ABG tomorrow, but I think it's a niomo open cup, tomorrow, Masbro, you can go to HK if you want to join the toys but you have to be careful, nice, let's see to recommend these two. It's more relaxed this time, Pawon is more relaxed. The cloud is the term for this stock. How long does it take? Enter lq45. I like the tree, so this tree is a property as well as a hotel. Who has stayed at the Pakuwon Jati

hotel in Surabaya? The Pakuwon Jati yes here Masbro look for pawon it did fall yes from the beginning of March more down the stretch and in existing reflection mantul-mantul here pawon well and here already or confirmation ride ya it avtran of 123 today already rising steadily and Possibilities he did the scissors so that he was accompanied by the issuers of the Comte property construction, which included other properties that had already gone up, so he should have gone up this tree too. Housing too, yes, housing, hotels, malls, malls, there is also him, so it's complete, like the bksl is annoying ksln there is housing in Sentul City, so what's the name of AEON Mall, it's the same if it's in Bogor, if the year is in Surabaya. see here for Pawon from the fundamentals. If it's more relaxed than toys , the movements are really better, Dino, so youseeu Dora can use this, you can join Pawon, his friend, if you look at the PV, it looks like it's already high compared to other property issuers , but if you look at its history, it's years old. this is sold at a high price Masbro for the tv 1,4 1.41 1.25 So now pimpiang from Pawon comes in, yes, the price for verla is a bit high But it's still safe Yes, the company is huge and what I like from Pawon here is This is Masbro, from the net profit, Pawon's net profit is extraordinary. Ah, you can print profits up, yes, there can be others, down. He went up, Masbro,

from 236 to 464 billion, lo, this is billion. so the term Pawon is actually a good issuer in my opinion Yes, if the ABS is still inferior, its performance is still the best but this is among the best Mas can ask the ips here Yes, it usually goes up for PR 48 Okay, the lips are this high for Ade reader, 60% is still safe Okay, so the term is still a good company. That's good for this deal, so for example, for friends who want scalping stocks, but in Samsam it's So relax, if unfortunately it will fail, there's no problem, you can fix this, so if, for example, the tree tomorrow, what's the name, it doesn't match our trading plan, and it's brought down and it's already bought again, it's okay because if you wait until the end of the year cement, it will reach 600 it's possible that 500 to more than 500 should be for this year for the price of this tree, it should be relaxing this year, let's see for Pawon here, for the broker, we see today he has gone up, should have gone up again sek, don't see pedot, is it going up or not really, at the price of 466, it's very thick, yes, here, let's see, bro, what is the name of the Sumeri broker from the cloud, you can see Pawon here , right? h, there's akmj again, bro, at 467 yes 467 uh above Masbro m above lo uh so it's over 467 467 mgt 4674 washing now 470 yes it can still be raised again what's to let the age for tomorrow yes it's only going up 1.3 percent tomorrow can Thin TP, MB items, yes, we have a

foreigner Sae RA Kartini here, actually this check is foreign, uh, each foreign Masbro Pawon enters, yes, even though this SBK rxc is for sale, but CG is taken so it's a foreigner for sale, there are other foreigners who accommodate right so Okay for instance the case of wedding planning can be relaxed if ever pawon if Masbro who want to come can take in four 70 should tomorrow be yes 470 continue our TP at 480 10T if for example not able ya types of thin in 4476 Gak papalah But should that stock We can do something like this. Hi, have higher expectations because the fundamentals are good, the company is big too, but if for example the band doesn't have a zipper, what if it's a Rooney rock, just wait for the dm20 reflection n anti download again instead of first down if I even if the tree is okay we look for to hack ah what the name implies the third yes sticky is the hub of hope Who has hope here Hope it will always be there now are listed third, namely hop nah opinions if you want see from the buteng, go up the water tank so that the coat goes up. Middle here, the man-in-law is wearing a mask, so the hop has strong support at a price of 123 each with a test of 123 deenay which has been 123 three times three times he has gone up three times he goes up if Master looks at it here, yes, it's like eh Hi, the shape looks similar, yes, the name is similar, which is similar to polling with yellow. It's similar, yes. We're just logical, if technically, it fits, it depends on the trader who says what it looks like to me, it's similar to falling Which language is like this, now it's like for, we want it to fit together bro Khairul but he was detained so it's triple bottom hair, what's his name, his life is lower than the previous high, but the lonya is still like that, so it's called triple bottom. Well, like this, it's called falling with. In my opinion, maybe every return is different, you should press it up again come here, keep going up and down again, still here, if you break through, stop going up like that, yahmene, another wave and this black gradation is the limit, so it should still go up the next day, Masbro, be brought up even though tomorrow is only the right until the price 151 149 is available, down again, the coat makes Falling with but we already have TP for this hop, let's try first hop here the fundamental hop The fundamental technical bandarmology use all so that our Pros here for TV are high, be careful, net profit minus be careful, this is fried OK, but even though it's fried, it's still there hope Masbro hub all has hope here DP goes in , GPP DCC retail, all goes here with the affix 128 now i closing it is 133-138 Animal should still be fried a little tomorrow even though it will come down later I will form a prayer for something like this Hopefully if it's me, what's the name of the target, maybe up to 150 Masbro's opinion can be very good there but if the TP is thin here Okay, so for those of you who want to join thehub, you can still take it at the Klose price, eh, the price here is close at 134 PPD 142 or 150 between the red and green lines for the hub and everything must have hope. Okay, nice, let's continue to the next one is WH WH WH Indonesian transportation Now here Weh doesn't move, yes it's gone up Roro like this it looks like it wants to go down but it's being held here Techno can't go down again means if for example you want to go down six for red first and then come here, only he is arrested again here it means that the city cannot be brought down again and today it is in the form of a Dochi, yes, the red doski is C, I heard that it was made a doji for Wa and it can't be finished there will be a wave form upwards again even though it's stuck later. At 331a the

important thing is that we have TPM Okay, let's stick to this hadith WH WH WH here, atohna Indonesian citizen enters Hip Yani, MG enters Mas Bro at 197, yes, mg enters village 97, here there is gppt XTC VCT here, retail sumadhi, the actual average price is here, below here, there is definitely a closing price, well below the closing price, exactly 196, let's see here Who, now, this is where retail iste and the MV is where MG is comfortable, it's higher, now they have it Vega here Masbro funds closingnya at 198 looks like a thin yes to the beats is yes like thin so yes Ah overnya seems to tebel it ya tomorrow if you've open market can go back tuh be opposite Let us watch as tomorrow for the WH because it saw it ketari Yes, it was already up and down and then pulled up and up, so the term is the shape of the lower goji goji, so you pull it. We can't go down for this we are flexible, WH here, here, let's see for the net profit, minu It's fried, so be careful for the aunt 1.58, let's look at the equity here and there and the fried food, be careful if for example the gas in the wedding band increases, don't think about saving WH, it smells good, don't think about saving weh Aya So For those of you who said you want to join BH. Tomorrow, you can enter here, bro, at the price of 198 to 2001. This is where we can take profit at 214

or below depending on what kind of movement tomorrow will be, but I hope tomorrow the nose will be high, like this, because it's already this is a doji shape, it can't go down, it should go up, so that's how it is, hopefully, for those who split the yellow, we'll see the last yellow, yes. There are five masterpieces er, we give a few more recommendations, so you can choose, so don't think about it while you can't do it bro Just choose it later, choose which passport you like. Continue to screen again, just choose 1/2 like that if it's not all, Bro, if everything is a bit difficult, Masbro I think 5 I also do not ngambil all okay we see here for J.Lo here is the same yellow kayak WH was no movement anywhere not move anywhere ya yellow Hello we see here now here there MGK baseball is yes here DPT namely detail in vg30 1302 O 301 302 where the underlined purple from yesterday in lakes just because usually up like this will be fried like this Masbro is already high so Exhausted high down again it does usually when it later he is tall so no able to penetrate 366 down again, setwil again, high, set again high, one more so be patient if this is actually if you want to scalp it is getting thinner 2.3.6 punk here is the reference here, sell sir, buy here, sell sir, so often I steal a little bit of t3tek later if this is still Hut, let's see here for you, lo here, now yo, this beat is really thick, the beat is priced at 302 Masbro 302 is very thick. 3 questions, then in 306, I just want to sell it here, they are okay, but here, it's definitely thick it should be tomorrow because Yes, for kilos, we see kilos here, not MBK, foreign Masbro, foreign, not wasting, Masbro, they enter foreign PK, 3043, foreign, not 04 up here Oh My, after having to go down the Euro, we can TPR tomorrow, I'm still ok from here 12 today I still Out wrote nugelo baseball kejual everywhere do not move ya Rocky also not call it what ya Zero gitulah no loss is also not profit also supposed Come tomorrow to Hello well for friends who want to backup yellow with ama I Masbro can be input in 2-3 06 30 this same like me yeah i got ya elodhia vg30 4 Well then we can DVD 3 12-30 up to yellow Hopefully tomorrow we can both see I've got a full three days ago jual2 for J.Lo Now we see here for the original pnbs pnbs to female students pushing

Mayora, we are still swinging, I haven't sold it short yet I'm also still Hulk Russel Mayor A major, I've also increased my height but I'm not skinned yet, everything is fine For an Angle like this, it's enough to sell Yo, don't worry, tomorrow, the bus can go up here, at least it's around 23 28 UTP or to 2400, OK, this is called cancel marubozu Sorry if you sell it here. Unfortunately tomorrow it's still going up, yes, it's still good. No, I'm not Don't be deceived anymore Rich PTBA pt.psn I sell it to fast cbk too fast ra is also fast Now if this Major I will be more patient to wait for the master to be even higher okay bro So that's our recommendation for tomorrow Bro, choose which one to take and this is a disclaimer on yes, all profits and all losses are borne by Masbro, yes, Friday's rap profit is also your own responsibility, so the term is Masbro, after the sea, watch this video, check again, check again, how does it make sense, oh, it makes sense, isn't it blablablabla, people are weak, Bro, sure, tomorrow such an execution will be exciting Yes, okay, Major, I still have SMS gold, that's our second swing and I'll add another swing later I'll make a video after this OK, maybe it will happen I market it to like and subscribe See you in the next video

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