#SheridanConvo: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

#SheridanConvo: Thursday, October 17, 2019, 7:30 p.m.

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You. You. You. You. You. Ladies. And gentlemen if you are able please, rise for the Sheraton processional, as it enters Hammerson, hall. Good. Evening and welcome. To Sheridan, convocation. 2019. This. Evening, we are honoring graduates of, the peel on School of Business and, continuing. From and Professional, Studies my. Name is Carol all Talia vice president student, experience. And enrollment management and, I, have the honor of serving as your master of ceremonies for. Those. Family, and friends, who are watching our live stream, tonight. Welcome. Could, we please give, everyone, everyone. Give those virtual, gasp a wave hello. Thank. You. As. We. Gather here in celebration. This evening. Sheridan. Would like to acknowledge that, all of its campuses reside, on land that for thousands, of years before us was. The traditional, territory of the Mississauga's. Of the credit first nations the. Anishinaabe nation. The. Here on when dot and the. Haudenosaunee, confederacy. It. Is our collective responsibility. To. Honor and respect those, who have gone before us those. Who are here and those. Who are, yet to come, we. Are grateful, for the opportunity to. Be living and thriving on this land, magach. Thank. You. To. Begin our convocation ceremony. Please join, honours. Bachelor, music theatre performance. Student tour, ENT luck sing accompanied. By michael, maroon ii in singing. Our national. Anthem. O. Canada. Our. Home, and. Native land. True. Patriot. Love. In. All. Of, us, command. Cat. Impossible. Today, pay. You. Support. A aqua. Tourist, wha that. You dip, a. Debrief. ET, on, de soir. God, bleep. Are. There. Glorious. And. Free. Oh. Canada. We. Stand on. Guard, for. Thee. O. Canada. We stand, on. Guard. Thank. You mr. Tilak thing I miss some irony everyone. Please be seated. Convocation. Is, a time to celebrate to. Celebrate, dedication. Achievement. The, culmination, of goals ambitions, and. Dreams and a, time to, look forward to the future tonight. Each, of you will receive your diploma, degree or certificate which. Is the visible, symbol, of your journey at Sheridan, as, a community, we, will acknowledge and, honor special, awards and distinctions that. You have earned. I'd. Now like to take a moment to briefly introduce the. Platform party for tonight's ceremony. Please. Hold your applause, until all, members of the platform party have, been introduced. Beginning. On my left, Dina, Macquarie, registrar. And Beatle, dr.. Janet morrison, president. And vice-chancellor. Hazel. McCallion. Chancellor. John. Fleming, chair.

Board. Of Governors. Dr.. Yau Katz. Vice, provost. Academic. Daniel. Pereira. Valedictorian. From the spiel on School of Business. Elizabeth. Pack. Valedictorian. From. Continuing. And Professional. Studies I. Used. Gupta vice. President, Hazel. McCallion campus. Sheridan. Student, Union, and. On. My right I would. Like to introduce dr.. And. Lisa Longmore, Dean. Pilon. School of Business. Naslund, here G director. Continuing. And Professional. Studies. Shaun. McNab nee Dean. Faculty. Of humanities and, social sciences who, will bestow the, creativity. Honor cords. Mamoon. Are rashid. Lisa. Mendez and karen. Booth, associate. Deans Pilon, School of Business. Marcela. Delays. Bergeron and Rosana. Gooris, associate. Directors, continuing. And. Studies. Emily. Brown and. Kieran. Kerbin Ally, convocation. Readers, and. Members. Of the Sheridan, administration. And faculty. Graduates. And guests your. Platform, party. It. Is now my great pleasure. To, call upon Sheridan's. Chancellor. Hazel. McCallion was. First elected mayor, of Mississauga in, November. 1978. And was, the longest-serving, mayor in the city's history with, 12 consecutive. Terms over, the, course of her career Ms. McCallion has received, countless, distinctions. And honors she. Was installed, as Sheridan's, inaugural. Chancellor, in June. 2016. Please. Welcome, your Chancellor, Hazel. McCallion. Thank. You very much Carol, Madam. President mr. chairman, of the board, wonderful. Faculty, the. Family, and friends, of all, these. Excited. Graduates. Of. 2019. From. The most prestigious. Secondary. Post-secondary. Institution. In Canada, think about it very very. Special, well. I never. Had the opportunity to. Go to college or, university. I. Wasn't. I didn't consider I was deprived, I just, felt I gotta, make it on my own and, so. With hard work with. Commitment, and can. Really. Determine that. I was going to get somewhere, I think. I've made a few, accomplishments. So. Folks. Have. This the, Faculty, of this, great institution to, prepare, you, to. Bring you along to, instill, in you a desire. To. Be a success, that, you. Can contribute, and make a difference. In whatever. Profession, or, whatever job you get, involved in agency. Government, or private. Sector. You. Have been prepared, so. Well and so it's. Now up, to you. To. Do it so. Today, and they're. Out there there's everything. There's. Everything available, for, you the. Opportunities. Are unlimited. Unlimited. For. Graduates. That. Have had. This wonderful training. And preparation. To. Make a difference, and today. We. Need to, make a difference, in each, and every community in, which. We locate. And, so. I am, so excited I, have. Been. The. First Chancellor. Of Sheridan. College this. Great, institution. It has done so much to prepare our young people, to, take their place in, the world and to. Prepare them for it and such. As so the. Opportunities. Are. There it, all needs. Commitment. Determination. And. Enthusiasm. About. How you can, go out and make. A difference, so we're, counting on you your, family, is counting on you your friends, are counting on you the. Faculty, and the. President, of Sheridan. Is counting, on you to, go out and show. That what Sheridan. Has done for you is. Going. To bring results, in each, and every community in, which, you locate, so folks you have it all go. For it and make. A difference. Don't. Forget, the boat vote, Monday. It. Is now my pleasure to. Introduce Sheridan's. President, and vice chancellor dr., Janet, Morrison. Well. Hello, everybody, and, welcome welcome. Welcome, welcome. To. The graduating, class of, 2019. We're. So honored to, have you here tonight this is our, 54th. Convocation. Couldn't. Happen without you, we, welcome your friends, your family, thank you for being here this evening. The. Chancellor, is a hard act to follow, so. No, pressure but we are incredibly. Reliant. On you. For. The future. This. Is my absolute, favorite time. Of the year because, possibility. Opportunity. Capacity. It's. All in the air this. Week alone, Sheridan. Will launch. 1990. Highly, skilled, knowledgeable. Graduates. They're. All, galvanized. By, an unparalleled. Learning, experience, at Sheridan and we. Have great confidence that each, of you will thrive in, a complex world I. Am. So, proud of each and every one of you and the. Hundred, and eighty-five, thousand. Other alumni. Of this great institution, on. Behalf. Of our entire, learning community. Thank. You for choosing Sheridan. To advance your educational. And your. Life goals. So. We know that post-secondary. Education. Transforms. People, it transforms, families, at its, best it transforms, communities it. Transforms. The planet, it's. Not just that graduates, enjoy higher rates of employment and greater earning power it's that. An investment, in higher education.

Propels. People to. Be healthier, more, engaged conscious. Citizens, in our, democracy and, I'm, not sure graduates, that's ever been, more important. Fundamentally. Graduating. With a degree a diploma or a certificate has. A positive, impact on values, attitudes and, quality. Of life it. Comes, with, both privileges. And, great. Responsibilities. Graduating. Drives positive. Behaviors, that, quite simply, make the world better. I. Have. Every, confidence that. Each of you will go forth with. The honor and, the, integrity, befitting. Your educational. Attainment. In. Closing. I want. You to please consider, for a moment those, who have fuelled or funded, or inspired, your learning journey be. They your family your friends your, coaches, your mentors, and/or. Your. Amazing. Professors. They. Deserve our collective, thanks so please join me and the platform, party in a round of applause in their honor. So. Again congratulations, on. This milestone event, in your life and, good. Luck we're so tremendously. Proud of you and we want you to stay in touch with Sheridan, I'd. Now like to invite and Lisa Longmore, Dean of the peel on School of Business to. Introduce, your, valedictorian. Thank. You Janet it, is an academic tradition. For a representative, of the graduating, class to speak on behalf of the graduates, reflecting. On their experiences. As students, and the, future journey on which they are about to embark, it. Is now my pleasure to, introduce the valedictorian from, the peel on School of Business, Daniel, Pereira. Daniel. Is a graduate, of the honours Bachelor, of Business. Administration finance. Program, during. His time at Sheridan Daniel. Relished the opportunity to, develop, a strong work ethic and nurture. Emerging, passions, he. Enjoyed the challenge, of maintaining a high GPA, while, balancing volleyball, games reading. And karate, classes, he. Also discovered, a passion for leadership, in public speaking, serving. As an executive, for the Sheridan, Toastmasters. Club at the Hazel McCallion campus. Daniel. Thank. You dean long moore and, good evening ladies. And gentlemen, chancellor. McCallion, esteemed. Faculty. Honored. Guests and. I graduating, class of 2019 I, want. To thank God for, this opportunity to, speak in front of you today, to. Our. Parents, thank. You the ones who supported us emotionally. And the. Ones who supported us financially. Know. This we, can never pay you back. Parents. Have. You decided, which, emotion, has taken over you today is. It. Joy or is. It relief, I. Hope. It's joy because. We're much more mature than when we first started over here.

You. Guys played a big role in our success, whether. You did it intentionally or. Unintentionally, and. I. Hope, this is just the start of us. Making you proud. Now. Our parents and loved, ones we're not the only ones, who helped us during this time. Our. Professor. You. Always looked out for us, when. I speak about passion. Professionalism. Wisdom. Every. Sheraton, graduate here today has, a professor, that comes to mind. You. Guys made our classes. Informative. And fun. By. Taking us on outdoor lectures, by. Encouraging us to mingle, with other students, and we're shy and, by. Giving us those extensions. On those, assignments. Because. You understood, that we were human and we had other classes, I. Don't. Think words can truly articulate. How, important. Your. Roles are in developing. The future of our society. Uncle. Ben told. Spider-man, where. Great power comes, great. Responsibility. We. Believe that, you guys are up for the challenge. Finally. To our graduating, class of 2019, congratulations. Guys we did it. Now. Our pathway so, this where we are today was not always clear, before. Sheridan. We didn't have a sense of direction. The. School gave us a sense of community, the. Small classrooms, give us a personalized, experience. We. Build friendships. Ones. That have turned into lifelong, bonds, and I. Ask you today graduates, to, cherish, those friendships, and, foster. Those bonds. Now. That, sense of community is not over, for. All us alumni looking, to get their business, ideas off the ground, we have edge and. For those looking to polish the public speaking skills we, have shared in Toastmasters. Now. As we've gathered today on this very important, day I'd. Like to talk a little bit about failure. And what. It means for, our success. By. Show of hands who, here is failed in the past. That's. Almost everybody, here, one. Of my biggest failures at Sheridan was, being on academic probation. In, my first year. Now. I spoke to some students here at Sheridan and I, asked them about their journeys to where they are today, many. Of them had, academic difficulties. And failures. The. Thing is these. Were some of the most smartest. Energetic. And driven. Students, I've ever, met. They. Weren't held down by their failures, they. Embrace, them. Many. Of them credited. Their failures, to the success that they have today. These. Are the people that will always move, forward, because. Failure does. Not determine, their future. Our. Society, today is so. It. Pressures, us to become perfect to, avoid failure. That's. Unrealistic. Failure. Does, not exist, and. Nobody. Will care if we fail a hundred times, they'll. Look at that time when, we succeed. And if, we don't succeed, we'll. Be admired for trying. Nelson. Mandela said it best I never. Lose, I either. Win oh I. Learned. So. Fellow graduates, here today I encourage. You to keep winning and to. Keep learning thank. You and God bless. Thank. You Daniel for those inspiring words. Congratulations. And best wishes on, your journey. Thank. You Daniel, I'd. Like now to invite director. Here G to. Introduce, the valedictorian, for. Professional. And continuing, studies. Thank. You Carol, math. Peck is a graduate, of the business analysis. Program she. Is an analyst, for a not-for-profit, organization. Based, in southwestern. Ontario before. Pursuing, her certificate, in business analysis, at Sheridan she, earned a Bachelor of Arts from York University. Beth, also, recently, earned her certified, associate in project management. Designation. From, the project management institute Beth. Is currently on maternity, leave getting, to know her baby daughter and is thrilled to be embarking, upon a new chapter in life. Thank. You director Haji, and good, evening ladies and gentlemen, Chancellor, mccallion esteemed. Faculty, honored. Guests and the graduating, class of 2019. What. An honor it is to be, asked to speak tonight, tonight. We sit here as graduates. The. Hard work we put in the. Reading the, exams, the, group projects. All. Of these challenges are behind us now and we can look forward to new beginnings. It's. A funny thing a new beginning, remember. When you were a kid and you, dreamed about what you would be when you grew up didn't. It seem easy you'd. Go to school land the job of your dreams and, life, would begin. What. None of us ever expected, was the fact that a new beginning doesn't just happen once new. Beginnings happen all the time in, today's. Global economy the, job market, is more competitive and demanding, than it has ever been, even.

Once You're employed it can often seem that further doors are closed to you there's. Always someone more qualified sitting, right beside you, there's. A certification you, don't seem to have standing, in the way of a promotion, or a successful interview. Many. Of you tonight likely, found yourself in the same position as I did mid-career. Feeling. Stuck and looking for a path forward. All. Of us are here tonight because somewhere, along the way we made the decision not to accept, the status quo and instead. To pursue a new beginning. Embarking. On a new beginning of an adult is hard it's. Scary. How. Do you find the time what. If you fail how. Do you keep all of your commitments, and still stretch, to add more, for. Me that, is why I made the decision to return to school part-time and, Sheridan. Continuing, and Professional Studies entered. My life. Traditionally. Night school students, have gotten a bad rap they've. Been seen as less than as the type of people who couldn't make it in the real world or couldn't hack full-time education, that. Couldn't be farther from the truth the. People that I had the pleasure to meet and learn, while it Sheridan were some of the hardest-working people that I have ever met, the. People in today's continuing. Education, programs are smart, successful. Professional. Adults, judging. An unbelievable. Amount of stress we. Are committed, to the full-time jobs we have while, striving to enhance our education, part-time we. Have children, and families to tend to many. Of you are newcomers, to Canada, working, hard to build a new foundation for, yourself. We. Commute from offices, to campuses, in rush hour in the snow. Our. Plates are full and still we, take more on. Midway. Through my own program another, new beginning announced itself I discovered. That I was pregnant I was. Faced with the decision what, now can. I really finish my program while, taking care of a newborn. Thankfully. Because of the flexible, learning options here, I was able to switch from on-campus, classes to, online courses, and that made the difference between dropping, out and standing, here before you today for. That I am incredibly grateful. Fellow. Graduates, we are strong and tonight, is a chance for us to take a breath and reflect, on the successes, that we have achieved despite. All of the challenges although. Our, individual, stories may be different, the, aim that unites, us is a new beginning. The. Chance to make something more of ourselves to. Aim a little higher to, meet a goal to. Make life a little bit better for ourselves, and the people who depend on us tonight. We can say that we've taken the first steps on this path the. Future, is brighter, I'd. Like to take a moment to say thank you the. Two years I spent here at Sheridan were some of the most rewarding, years that I have spent in terms of education, and professional, growth the. Faculty, here is outstanding. That. They balance out real life experience, with genuine compassion for students to, the excellent teaching staff thank, you, to. All of the families, spouses, and colleagues and friends in the audience there. Is a graduate, here tonight who, is able to succeed because, of your support and encouragement. Thank. You for telling us we could do it. And letting us event when we got frustrated, your, support meant everything. Lastly. My fellow graduates, congratulations. Remember. This night not, as the end of your journey in education, but, as the new beginning, that it is you. Can do it you've. Already proven, your strength by, making it this far, embrace. Your new beginning and make all you can of it thank. You. Thank. You Beth for those wonderful words congratulations. And all the best in the future. Thank. You näslund and Elizabeth. It's. Now time for that special, moment the presentation.

Of Diplomas degrees. And certificates, but. Before we begin I'd like to tell the audience about, special, designations, and awards, that some of you have received for outstanding. Academic, achievement. Students. Who achieve a cumulative. Program, grade point average, of 3.6, to, 3.89. Will. Receive a light blue honor court, in recognition. Of their honors, status. Students. Who achieve a cumulative program, grade point average, of 3.9. To 4.0. Will. Receive a double blue honor court, in recognition, of their high honors, status. The. Student, in each program, with. The best academic. Record overall, will. Be awarded, the Board of Governors silver. Medal. Those. Graduates, who, have completed the, board, undergraduate. Certificate in, creativity, in addition. To their degree program. Will, also be, justice. Toad the honor chord, by, Dean McNab nee this. Honor chord is a symbol, of academic, achievement and, the color orange is a symbol, of creativity. Any. Of these special, designations. That are winds have received. Will, appear on the screen behind me as they cross the stage. Diploma. Graduands, the stole that you are wearing is a symbol, of academic, achievement that, represents, the realization. Of excellence, in your chosen program, and, symbolizes. Your membership, in the international. Community, of scholars. For. Those of you who are graduating, from. A degree program. Dean, Longmore will. Meet you on stage to, my right where. She will bestow the. Sheridan, hood. Your. Program, coordinator will. Present, you with your credential, you will. Also receive congratulations, from, Chancellor McCallion, and from. President, and vice chancellor dr., janet morrison, and chair. Fleming. Graduates. Before returning to your seats, you'll, receive greetings, from our alumni team backstage. They. Will present you with your Sheridan, Alumni pin we. Know you will wear this with pride. Members. Of the audience as. The. Graduates, are crossing, the stage you, are most welcome to take photographs, from, your seats, there. Will be further photo opportunities. After the ceremony, and graduates. You'll, receive a video clip, of yourself, crossing the stage by, email, over, the next few days. Graduates. And guests, please remain, for. The entire ceremony to, respect, and celebrate the, achievement, of your peers. We. Will now proceed with, the conferring. Of credentials. Chair. Fleming would. You please join me at the podium to, bestow. Diplomas. Degrees and certificates. Graduates. Would. You please rise. Mr.. Flemming I have. The honor of presenting the, candidates, for graduation, this evening, these. Graduates, have successfully. Completed the curriculum, of their chosen program as required, by the Sheridan, Board of Governors, and have, been recommended by the faculty, to be awarded, their credentials, in recognition.

Of Their academic, accomplishment. Therefore. I recommend, that, you confer, their diplomas, degrees and certificates. On them with, all the honors privileges, and. Responsibilities. Pertaining thereto. And, on. Behalf of those graduates, not present, here today I, further. Request, that, their credentials, be conferred, on them in their absence. It. Is my honor and my privilege to. Do so, the. Board of Governors would, like to congratulate all, of the graduates honored. Here today and wish. You continued, success wherever. Your paths may, lead. We're. Tremendously proud. Of your, achievements. You. Are now Sheridan's. Newest. Graduates. With. The marshals, please send, the first group of graduates, to the stage, with. A platform, party please, assemble. Others. Please, be seated. Welcome. My, name is Kiran carbonelli, program officer for special funded programs it is, my great honor to present to you the graduates, of continuing, and professional studies, I will. Be introducing each program, and announcing, names of the graduate presence for today's ceremony, please. Hold your applause until after, each program is announced, I. Would. Like to present Marcela, Bellas Bulgarian, Associate. Director for continuing, and Professional, Studies. Please. Welcome the graduates of the accounting, practitioner, program. Torito. Bel Silva. Arina. Ivanova. Sheila. Ramus. Please. Welcome the graduates of the building environmental, systems operator, class one program. Kirsten. Miranda. Please. Welcome the graduates of the business analysis, program. Aaron. Mike. Elizabeth. Packs. Evon. Hinz. Please. Welcome the graduates of the data science program. Lina. Muhammad, Ali. Please. Well. Please. Welcome the graduates the digital photography, program. Ganene. FAA's ganene. Please. Welcome the graduates of the French conversation, proficiency. Exam, program. Brenda. Cowley. Please. Welcome the graduates of the human resource management program. Hind'. Abdul Hooda. Miriam. L de la me. Rosalia. Simoni. Mara. Amara. Jr.. Gilyard. Carry. Holywell. Ream. Hameed. Domonique. Mayor. Grace. Porter. Puja, merchandani. Please. Welcome the graduates of the marketing, and sales program. Patricia. Belle. Deborah. Fedele. Please. Welcome the graduates of the office administration, program. Amerada. McGill. Please. Welcome the graduates of the office administration, medical. And Health Services program. Contender. Core Chouhan. Arena. Of their own. Please. Welcome the graduates of the project, management program. Raheel. A PG a-- david. ANCA. Jiggering. Walter. Sterli. Please. Welcome the graduates of the small business bookkeeping, program, is. Lady. Cruz Olivares. Sure. In deep core, Sandow. Pollan. Deep cindy. Gurpreet. Accepting. On the behalf of olivia de la Paz in memoriam. Human. Resource management, Olivia. Della Pez. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, present, from continuing, and Professional, Studies. Welcome. My name is Emily Brown and is my great honor to present to, you the graduates, of the faculty, Pilon, School of Business. I'll. Be introducing each program, and announcing, names of the graduates present, for today's ceremony please. Hold your applause until after. Each program, is announced, I. Would. Like to present first, Lisa Mendez. Coordinator. For this program. Our. Steep sing at wall. Debbie. Faria. Zoomin. Deep core, jazz, Mandir sing Multani. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, present. From. That program thank you. Now. I'd like to present Keith Barnwell, coordinator. For the general business program welcome Keith. Medev, sir ahmed. Samir. Arey. Aisha. Nilesh by Beccaria. Angelle. Baloo. Fish. Object, Singh, Brar. Avery. Kyle cabin say. Bhoomesh. Chaudhary. Elton. Gilbert, de Melo. A Sandeep. Singh, Dada. Satnam. Singh, Dhillon. Ridhima, demon. Jatin. Duggal. Bushra. Faisal winner, of the silver medal. Sara, froze. Girl. In core, Grover. Benj, Grover. Rosita. Dimitrova. Kuwaiti, Cova. Honey. Honey. I'm, an equal. I'm. A deep car. Armaan. Preet Kaur. Jazze, neat car. Jaspreet. Car. Jaspreet. Car. Does. Winter, car. Car. Meander car. Ciaran, jet car. Lavender. Car. Manpreet. Are. Navneet. Car, a. Comes, out sing coach are. Khalid, Shaban Mahmood. Pavni, Malhotra. Divya. Patia. Mini. Rana. Richard. Richard. Harmon. Sharma.

Ki-sun. Parshat, Sharma. Cigar. Sharma. Sebum. Sharma. Our. Steep, Parsi. Cut. Our. Steve Singh. Good. Job Singh. Could. Even drop sing. Gurpreet. Singh. Grinder. Sing. Harpreet. Singh. Harpreet. Singh. In. Their prep sing. Just. Glancing. Come. Out preaching. Karam. Jeet Singh. Karan, veer Singh. Love. Breathing. Love. Creasing. Mandroid, sing. Manveer. Singh. Sandrock. Sing. Shut. On ginseng. Sooo, piercing. -. Sneeze Solomon. Tina. And Zurich. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, present, from the general business program. At. This time I'd like to welcome Allison. Fair band business, accounting. Well. Ellie Alberto. Samira. Allah Moradi. I'll. Get, on kids. Prince, Aurora. Garima but. Just, Quran sing bender. Harpreet. Car, passatti. A. New. Scarf shenana. Katan, shoe Chaudhary. Sahaj, deep singh chaudhary. Rahul. Kumar jha, sir. Sir, odd Aurora. Fadi. Cocky. I'm. A deep car. They'll. Gender, car. Our. Simran, deep car. Our. Beam car. Manpreet. Car. Milan. Treat car. Put, on your Mohammed. Renewing. Fernando. David, Robles, casa. V. Some solemn Abba ABBA. Camille. And Santiago. Please, join me in congratulating the graduates, present, from, the business accounting, program. Now. Let me introduce Kathleen. Beijing from the business finance program. Mohammed. Abu allah. Paulo. Daniela. Diaz. Cutter. Mamoon LD, L. Dry, data. Ming, Angelo. Arellano. Hummus. Raheel. Fish, more sháá. Aiden. Jafar, poor. Dumb. Under your car. Christie. And McKenna. Philip. George, paprika's, silver, medalist. You. Dave, run Bali. Maria. Paolo Romero. Serious. Ago. Angelina's. A beer. Simran. JIT Singh. Hey. Some topic Tibet's. Raman. Deep core, tour. Please. Join me now in congratulating, the, graduates, present, from the business finance program. I'd. Like to welcome John Hardesty. Coordinator, for business Human Resources. Here. Are our shot. Nicolette. Renae carby. Udel, Clark. I'm. On deke car. On. Steep. Car. Supriya. Car, manga. Yadav. Rand Paul. Radhika, Sharma. Simran. Simran. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present, from the business Human Resources program. I'd. Like to introduce Stacy Sheehy from business marketing, to present these next, graduates. Jazz. Crowd sing brah. Romain. Dixon. Jyoti. Tanveer. Car. Neha. Neha. We. Shall Patel. Jill, rush me box are. Rom, Angie's car. Same. Ranjit car. Curtin, Kumar cash MOOC by Patel. You. Brush runner. Now. Great sing. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, present, from the business marketing, program. I'd. Like to introduce connie stevens program. Coordinator, for office, administration, health services. Manpreet.

Cargill. Rush. Me BJ, Keshava. Far. Symbolic. Defender. Pulsing. Patter. Navneet. Carpenter. Alisa. Rajkumar. Nicole. Cristina, Rehema, Richards. Join, me in congratulating the graduates, present from the office administration, Health Services program. Now, please welcome the graduates of the office administration, legal. Aaron. Kathleen caldwell, silver medalist. Leena. Alice, Garcia. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present, from the office administration, legal, program. I'd. Like to invite. Kathleen, Beijing from business administration, finance back to the podium. Adnan. Abdullah. Karen. Ileana, Cora's Ruiz. Nicholas. McDonald's. Manveer. Singh bull. Cassandra. Lee Whitney, Roberts. Jai. Singh. Maharaj. Citron, Adan. Vikash. Deep, work. Please. Congratulate me now graduates. Present, from the Business Administration, finance program thank you. I'd. Like to welcome back to the stand, John Hardesty, who, will present the Business Administration, human resources management, graduates. Krishna, Bakul, Kumar Davi. Your. Beard Angela. Leontina. Froak I. Rwanda. Beale al mazzani. Julian. Gallego Bella's. Jessenia. Chevelle. Cassandra. Medina Maldonado. Natalia. Crew duck. Viswa. Nyla, beat Lani. Stephanie. Whoa. Please. Join me in congratulating the, graduates, present from the business administration, human, resources, management, program. I'd. Like to invite Stacy she, up to, present. For the business administration marketing. Ashley, fabric. Spencer. Hamilton, Henderson. Lillian. Lee. Willie. You. Charice. McConkey. Kevin. No yen. Olga. Pally Chuck. Our. Preet Panesar. Our. Samar Singh Sodhi. Abhinav. Shree potty. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present tonight from the business administration, marketing program. I'd. Like to introduce Peggy, Barnwell coordinator, for advertising, account, management. Carolyn. Alta de Blasio's. Claudia. Jimena Gonzalez, Calderon. Venetia. Grand, silver, medalist. Jimena, Hernandez. Andrade. Halleck. Joshi. Garage. Sandra, sent a car. Sanghavi. Sakthivel. Joycelyn. Francisca, Sequeira. Shane. Sumner. Carolyn. Michelle the selector. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present from the advertising, account management program. And. Now. I'd like to welcome to, the stage dr., Carol, tuck, Riggs from, the business analysis, and process management and may, I add that these graduates have also received, the international institute of business analysts. Diploma. Sergei. Bobryshev. Daniil. Shannon. Newton. Maria. Tasha. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present from the business analysis, and Process Management. I'd. Like to welcome John Hardesty, again to the stage for the human resources management, - graduates. Go. BB piane Adam. Banan. Of samurai. Amanda. Jasmine, and. Puma, and we. Aaron. Julius, Pedro. Alexia. Buzz Kovich. Sharlene. Josephine, body. Angelina. Chakrabarti. Samantha. Priscilla Korea. Claudia. Lucia. Della Korea.

Natalie. D Federico. Jennifer. Inge. Nicole. Elizabeth Fraser. Nicole. Gamba, Donna. Brittany. Hamlin. Thomas. Burdon Hudson. Sarah. Rachel, Garuda. Raj. Nicole. Yosh. Yah. Kapoor. Anjali. Cosell. So. II Elizabeth, Lee. Karthik. Sing Longy. Sachi. Malhotra. I'm. An Mansoor. Laura. Monza. Caitlin. McLaughlin. Puja, mystery. You. Here. Are the teams. Jennifer. Neal silver, medalist. Rohan. Niggy. Charmagne. I Anu Oh can see. Eluate. Owen Alison, made you. Amazing. Esther, arose. Oh JT. Or a BOSU, Lu. Heather. Hannah, Pratt. Christina. And rambarose. Maria. Sharif. Heat. And rally secrets. Does, greet Sonia, Singh. Chelsea. Smith. Nicolle. Boy - ik. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present, from the human resources management, program. I'd. Like to introduce Brian, Tama who's program coordinator, for in international. Business management. Manon. Rakesh, Dorsey. So. He'll Lutra. Derek. Andrew, Osbourne, silver, medalist. Himanshu. Puri. Vadym. Schablitsky. Please, join me in congratulating, the graduates, present from the international, business management program. I'd. Like to introduce Greg ball to, the stage for. The program marketing, management. Anthony. Abaya. Drag. And a doula. Monica. Aurora. Dilip. Perico. Bala, Krishnan. Sonia. Watch it Ansari. Samantha. Bradley. Anooshka. Nisit, broker. Rochelle. Samira, Doug Lee. Deepali. Dewan, Kumar Dhingra. Larisa. D'Souza. Sharon. Jacob. Navdeep. Jagdev. Ulysses, Juarez, Miranda. From. Dzhokhar. Navneet. Car. Sandeep. Car. Sam. Preet car. I. Knew, Kumari. Maysoon. Hussein, chic. Shushanna. Mukherjee. Maria. Andrea parada. Fire. Fire. Renata. Kumaras. Pimenta, quali Otto. Raj. Bharat, sanghavi. Needy. Ha. Francie. Premkumar. Shah. Akshay. Sharma. Deep, Anshu, Sharma. Tushar. Sharma. Cimarron. Ginseng. Bhavya, suit. An, artist, in our soldier. Passive. Or. Is. Warrior, a operon. Elias. Jordan, Lloyd Williams. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, present, from the marketing, management, program. I. Would. Like to welcome Allison, Farah ban back to the stage to, present to the graduates, in professional, accounting. Osama. Numair ah TA. Rhenish. Park Attali de l'année. Her. Simran, Kaur. Dhanunjay. Couldn't. Alexei. Nuchal, of. Shahzad. I mean Ali rotten, AMI. I. Am. Jorge, siquiera. No, being Thomas. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, present, from the professional, accounting, program. I'd. Like to now introduce Steve, Taiwan ik to present to the graduates, of the project, management, program. Abiola. Ouma Lola added, a G a. Narada. Sejal. Bell. Roth. Neat car. Aditi. I'm at Kumar Kumar. Polina, wash cabbage. Sneha. Mariah silver, medalist. Evan. Petrie. Cielo. Singh. Claudia. Barranco de cabelo. Romances. Julia. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, present, from the project management program.

I'd. Like to reintroduce Allyson fair band to present to, the graduates, of the honours Bachelor, of Business, Administration in. Accounting. Alice. And he said ovitch. Amort. Veer Singh, brights. Michael. John Chappell. Sue. Preet Chima. Nyeeeeehhh. Yo, whoa. She, odd Hasani. Raphael. Lim. Ahmed. Mansour. Natasha. Mackenzie. Rhode. Island Ramos. When. Ray John. Fadi. Referred, so, far sir, of him. Motus. Em Mateen con. Please. Join me in congratulating, the, graduates, present, from the honours Bachelor, of Business Administration for. Accounting, and. I'd. Like to introduce now mark, Weaver to. Present to the graduates, of the honours Bachelor, of Business. Administration for. Finance. Zoya, Asif, Ali. Sonia. Victoria, coaches. Please. Also welcome now the graduates, from the honors bachelor, Business Administration. For finance were also, receiving, the certificate, in creativity, and creative, problem-solving. Daniel. Pereira. Min, tan, no yen. Randolph. Sing saga. Please. Join me in congratulating the graduates, present, from the honours Bachelor, of Business Administration finance. Please. Welcome back John Hardesty, who's going to present to the graduates, of the honors business Bachelor, of Business Administration Human. Resources Management. Debauchery. Day. The. Following students have also are, also receiving, their certificate, of creativity, and creative problem-solving. Chelsea. How episode. Kevin. Vergara. Please. Join me in congratulating, the graduates, present, from the honours Bachelor, of Business, Administration Human. Resources Management. Please. Welcome Carol, burrow to the stage, she'll, be presenting to, graduates, of the honours Bachelor, of Business, Administration for. Marketing. Guru. Murr Singh Anand, the. Following, students, are also getting, a degree in, sort of a certificate story and creativity and creative problem-solving. Maajid. NASA. Karina. Roldan. So. Please join, me in congratulating the, graduates, present, from the honours Bachelor, of Business Administration marketing. I'd. Like you to welcome Peter Cowen to the stage he'll be presenting to the graduates, of the honours Bachelor, of Business Administration, in. Supply chain management. Francis. David. Ralph. Merrill. Matteo, Mariano. Sabine. Mikaze. The. Following, graduate, will also receive a certificate, in creativity, and creative problem-solving. Taylor. & Davis. Please. Join me in congratulating, the. Graduates, present, from the honours Bachelor, of Business Administration supply. Chain management. Please. Join me now in congratulating. All. Of the graduates, present, from the peel on School of Business. And. Now, please. Join me in welcoming back, honours. Bachelor, of Music Theater performance. Student, Torian. Tilak Singh accompanied. By Michael Mulrooney for. A special, musical, tribute to, our graduates. This. Is the. Moment. This. Is the, day. When. I send, all my doubts and, demons, on, their. Way. Every. Endeavor. I. Ever. Is. Coming. Into, play, is. Here and now, today. This. Is the moment. This. Is, the time. When. The momentum, and the moment. Are. In rhyme. Give, me this moment. This. Precious. Chance. I'll. Gather. Up my past. And, make, some sense. Screaming. Become. One. This. Is the day. She. Is sparkling. When. I've lived. For. Becomes. All. These, years. My. Face. And. Now the time has come to. Prove to, them I've made it on. My own. When. I look, back. Thank. You Torian, thank you Michael. Graduates. As you cross the stage today we have the privilege of hearing mr. Mulrooney on the piano, can, you please join, me in a round of applause. During. The processions, we, had the pleasure of hearing music, provided by the Sheridan, Ensemble.

Under The direction of, Greg Andrews, please. Join me in a round of applause for these outstanding musicians. Graduates. We, know you recognize, that, you've not reached this destination, alone, would, you please join, me in recognizing the. Very significant. Contribution that, your faculty, have made to your success, and thank. Them for their efforts on your behalf. This. Concludes, our convocation. Ceremony, for this evening I hope. You'll join us for a reception in, the atrium, to celebrate, and now. What. All members, of the audience please, rise. Graduates. As you, exit, Hammerson, hall you will hear the song high, hopes, by, panic, at the disco, this. Song was chosen by your classmates, through a social, media poll, leading, up to the convocation, ceremonies. This. Past spring. Audience. Members, please remain standing or, the platform, party and the graduates, leave the hall I now. Declare this, convocation, closed.

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