'Shampooches Dog Grooming' Gets Fresh New Look | Small Business Revolution - Main Street: S3E4

'Shampooches Dog Grooming' Gets Fresh New Look  | Small Business Revolution - Main Street: S3E4

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We're, about to surprise the, lady who runs Shampoo cheese the dog grooming business, Alyssa's gonna be so excited, we want to help you prove to her daughters that a woman can run a successful business but we want to give her a little bit more of that balance with marketing is gonna be a huge difference we also want to freak out because while, she has no idea were here show here we go. Hey. How's it going, we. Are here, to tell you that you guys have been selected. Yes. The Smothers revolution. Small. Towns across the country are fighting for their survival with, the odds stacked against, them but what happens if we join that fight if we dedicate, a little money a lot of experience, and thousands, of hours of work into one small town focusing. On the businesses, that are the heart of their Main Street what started as an idea became, a national, movement with over 30,000. Towns nominated. For the $500,000. Makeover, and more than a million votes cast from. Now. In our third season the team is taking on its biggest challenge ever the town is three times bigger than any we've helped before and the hurdles Halton, faces, will put to the test the very idea of Main Street America, so Amanda Brinkman and her team of marketing experts, at deluxe are going door for the people Alton Illinois and, they're, not alone new, season three co-host ty pennington will be working with the team to rehabilitate. The town's buildings while a whole cast of experts helps rehabilitate its, businesses every, episode, we'll be working with a new small business, to see if we can change the odds if together, we, can start a revolution. As. Far back as I can remember we've, had dogs I feel, like it teaches my kids how to be compassionate, and, have empathy and responsibility. You, can't help but once to care for a nurturer dogs they, love you unconditionally. And humans, don't do that. When. I was about 13 my, best friend's, aunt owned, a kennel. And grooming salon and they, taught me to groom on the weekends, and I've just been doing it ever since I. Wanted. To open my own salon for, years, I mean, I talked about it non-stop. Finally. I just took the leap and I. Opened, shampoo cheese in, 2015. Are you - best girl bitsy. Now my kids can come in after school or, Saturdays. They bring lunch in and they eat with me I, like. It here because, I want to help her and the, dogs a. Playful. And sweet, yeah. I'm happy that she opened this because, I think it's cool she could, like. Accomplish, it she did a real good job I, feel proud of her I felt really proud of her that she works hard. Hey. Hey. You. Who are to say Harry please sit, so, we're going sort, like usual yes yes, people, think, that they can groom their dog at home and they try and then they bring it to me to fix it I feel. Like it takes a special kind of person to, know, what a dog's thinking, it takes a lot of patience, you, almost have to have a sixth sense. We. Love our dogs like they're our own children Trust, is huge and Alicia has this sense, of making. Us comfortable and, our, pets let us know that they're comfortable with her because they run right tools and Alicia, greets them first then, she greets us I, can. Tell Melissa loves, my, dogs just like I wouldn't she treats them just like I would we. Will never go anywhere else I. Think. The most challenging. Part of owning a business is, the business, side, of it I know, that I'm a good dog groomer, but I've never ran, a business, we. Just kind of jumped in and hoped that we could wing it and that's, what we've been doing I don't. Really go about doing, the books and the marketing, I haven't. Set a realistic, budget and, it's, all because I'm here you know 50 or 60 hours a week just grooming. So I have no time to do it and then, then come tax time and, I'm sitting on my couch crying, with receipts everywhere, and. It gets really stressful, I haven't. Had a Saturday, off in over a year we haven't ever had, a family vacation because. We work so hard like. My husband, and I, we. Put everything we have into shampoo. Cheese and my. Kids there had been times when they were like oh my gosh mom why are you working again can't you go back to, you know the normal jobs so you're home more I always, tell them if they. Work really hard and pour their heart into something it's always gonna be worth it like.

This Is what mommy wants to do. We. See it time and time again small, business owners with a passion, for their work but, not so much love for the fundamentals. Of running a business this, can cause you big problems, down the line not, the least of which is burn out after, 60, hour work week what business owner is eager to go home and start on the numbers but there is a way to find balance and who better to lead by example than, Jennifer Bischoff Jenkins a master, groomer voted, best groomer in all of Chicago Jennifer, manages, to balance her passion with something equally, important, being, a boss, so, exactly, have a lot of real estate to work with so, lucky to have a standalone, building. We've. Got to do something about this though you won't even know it Jim pooches. Hello. How. Are you go ahead give this to you welcome. Back hi images Jennifer, really nice to meet you also, I know you've been telling you about her but she's a pretty big deal holy smokes. Yeah she's gonna have a lot of good advice that I am excited and so you want the tour yes I. Do this. Is where people come in yep this is just my lobby I think there's a lot we can do out here though to create kind of a little bit more of a, welcoming. Waiting. Area, let's, talk about the bunny okay his, name is Sir Rudy it does take up a lot of space kind of out here I feel like this is a great space for some retail and then this is our white room it is like a coat closet it's so tiny, so I do see you've electricity. Next, to water kind, of a big no-no and grooming, business setups, this, is, my. Grooming, room my. Table, is old. It, needs a lot of work I'm, probably just replaced, so, the most important, thing is safety there's, some safety issues on, anytime that your equipment is not in really good shape right so, right across the hall is where I, will put you, know one family's. Dogs I don't have a kennel Bank have, you ever thought about boarding. Or daycare, you mean it seems like she has a lot of space here that something like that could be a nice revenue source I just. Actually. Boarding, and day care is much more profitable for staff cost. Than. Gregory's I just, I've only been doing it for two years so all the advice and constructive. Criticism bring. It up let's do it just. Walking around we've already got a lot of ideas for Alyssa but if we're gonna talk shop I got to get some hands-on experience with this whole grooming, thing also. I would, like to play with the wet dog, do. You just want to jump in headfirst to, it all right. Okay and I just press this yep just hold it down and, tell her how good and pretty she is. I. Think. This is like this, might be my new look. Do. That and then spuds it up. How. Am i doing you're doing great when you say I'm a natural, I would say you are a natural, all. Right I did it you, did great for a first time I give you an A, for. Hesitation. Your voice is mediocre, like that's what I'm I feel like you dinner a thoroughly, mediocre. Job. Okay. So how are you just feeling about business, right now do you feel like you breathe easy, is it a month-to-month, I don't know if I will ever breathe, easy. But I'm not sinking so, you know it is services, based business, it feels like the two ways to increase, your profitability is to either do, the grooming faster. Or charge, more or add-on. Services, and actually, that's the way most grooming, businesses, manage. To stay above that waterline. Because there, is a limit, right you can't do in a day because grooming. Is very hard work physically, but I think we need to make that one of the goals other ways that we could add revenue to the business yeah that, sounds awesome how many dogs a day are you doing right now between, five, to seven on a, weekday and then on weekends, sometimes, upward. Ten. Eleven, twelve, and you're doing that in how many hours in a day well it depends, yesterday. I was here a little over 11, hours, um. Saturdays. Sometimes, are twelve maybe. Even 13 hour days it's. Really not sustainable for, you to work 12, hour days everyday, you have two young children and. I, know I've been there it's really easy when you own a small business to be here all, the time and then you don't really have a life anymore but, I don't want to get faster. Because I mean they trust me so I don't want to you, know throw them on my table rush, through them and then throw them down and lose the trust that I worked so hard at building you know I say how important my clients are to me I'm referring, to my canine clients.

I'm Here to please them and work, with them I, love, that about you Alicia because I'm actually the kind of the same and I think that people don't realize, the, attachment, that we get to their dogs I've, had a rough couple months I've lost two. Incredible. Dog looks like. But. You communicate, that you have that attachment and that's why they come to you because, they know that you're gonna take good care of ya their loved ones yes. She. Has a heart, for the work and that is most, of the battle when it comes to pet grooming him it's really just kind of the the surrounding, wrapper of the market being the operations, for efficiency, that we can help with that I think are gonna really set her up for a greater, level of success I, think. What's awesome about Shampoo cheese is you have to really trust that person, that business, when you're dropping off a loved one something you care so much about and so those businesses, make us feel cozy, and homey that's, really what makes a neighborhood feel like a neighborhood. This. Kind of personal touch business is great for a community but, it can be hard on the business owner because it's not an app or a widget you can mass-produce you, never make a dollar you don't earn with your hands it's. Our job to help figure out how Alysha can maximize, ours in her day and hopefully. Not work so many of them, okay. So I think we have identified, him our key goals so the first one being growing, the business then we're gonna accomplish, that through two things so marketing, and making sure you're findable online but, then also adding additional revenue, sources so let's talk about the marketing side a little bit so let's just do a quick search around, dog, grooming, right, now you have to scroll down pretty far before. We. Get there in fact it's not even on the first page we want to make sure that you are showing up online the way we're if they are just searching for the category, you're popping up and the really important part of doing that will be making sure that you have a website a lot of businesses feel like, Facebook. Page will be sufficient, we disagree, we took the website it's a place for you to truly tell your whole story okay, so let's talk about the other side of growing your business which is additional, revenue sources cut taxi, is a no-brainer because, it pays for itself and then some and it's, a really great service to draw in more clients, you're gonna be able to compete with mobiles, you're, gonna be able to bring in people who are shut-ins, or who are elderly you also have your pet taxi. Right it's the best money I ever spent on advertising, Wow. Okay, so let's type up like the daycare, in boarding, people, really do need this services, day care is actually one, of the industries has just gone through the roof it's almost pure profit, and the dogs have a great time I love, it I love this revenue source for years well because there's no competition, around it right now right and we did find, out from the veterinary database, nationally, that you have over six thousand dogs in this area so, it's a little bit about the add-ons my number one add-on service is rushing teeth we spend almost. Nothing, in terms of product in time and we make a couple thousand dollars extra a month on it so I currently do. Teeth. Brush service, but I do it for free so. Change. That, that's. Very nice of you but. You know part, of that is that you're going through this I think we want to build in what you want to be taking, out of the business and then we need to aim high enough for a revenue perspective to, get you that income what kind of profit. Or cash are you bringing in each month so I'm a really, bad at this with, keeping up with my books and, all of that I don't. Necessarily, know. Have. You actually broken down your expenses, do you know how much of it is personnel, how much of it is so. Now I haven't but the very simplest terms is how much money is coming in and how much are you putting out to operate it um I, don't know exactly how, much do. You know how much money you make I don't, I have no clue how, much I make that. Is a huge, problem do. You know how much you need to bring into your household, every month in order to keep your household, afloat and are, you paying yourself, that amount of money I am, NOT I don't.

Have A fixed, amount, that, I pay myself at, all I I, haven't. In the last two years do you even give yourself, the same commission, that you give to your employee, absolutely. Not so. There, yeah you, have a lot to be proud of here but, you need to value yourself and, put, a real value, on your time and do, all your financials. She's. Working far too hard in too many hours to, not be taking home the salary that she can even account. For she. Won't survive being, a small business owner if she doesn't, get, her numbers, under control, I guess. The, whole time I've been in business I've, just been telling myself as long as I can pay my bills I'm okay it's a struggle I guess thinking of myself as a business owner as opposed to a dog groomer but, I mean it's part of who I am now, so, I feel like if it fails, all, of that was for nothing, it's gonna be a lot of work but it's gonna be worth it right. Shampoo. Just gives us an exciting challenge because. In a lot of ways this business is the blank canvas we. Have a standalone, building with great bones but no designer can paint on the walls and an excellent groomer with a big heart but no website our marketing materials who, just needs the knowledge to run her business more effectively, the, deluxe team will handle the marketing net while, Jennifer and Alisha lead the charge on shoring up operations, and deluxe, we'll hire local, contractors, and work with tie on live universes, so, our opportunity, is to inject, what we know, about fur into, her brand and then the other thing about her logo this is Bailey or beloved dog our challenge, is to bring, out alysha's, love of color and just, simplify, it and, potentially. Even still pay, homage to Bailey, then obviously her clients, being her dogs and she treats all of them like family we want to make sure you always brought in that playful, feel from. Her business, cards all the way to the website dog. Owners love to see their dogs and their pictures online and in any media so we want to incorporate a, dog, Yeller into every page. These, are awesome. Yeah just, the start but I think the environment here especially dealing the pets should be a little bit more fun right like warm inviting, colors, whenever they presented, the mood words to me, they, nailed it and that's what we're trying to do try to add some character here with the colors that we've already started but instead, of walls maybe more.

Windows You can see through yeah actually. Yeah, like an open concept. So. This building totally blank in terms of flow, I love it it gives us a little more wiggle room in terms of you. Know painting her story while. Local contractors, take over licious space she's, heading down the road to Mavis to meet with Deluxe's, VP of small business services, Damon safety and get a better handle on her books, talk. About setting goals what are your goals for this business what income do you want to derive from it like, how much yeah how much you want to earn I don't know, how. Much did, you earn before you started this business um working. For. Someone else I, would, make between. Fifty and sixty thousand, okay when, I look at some of these figures you'll, know we're near this, this sixty thousand and you are working your, butt off you know. I feel that the time is right for a price increase. Um, I, think what I feel guilty, for as, far as raising my prices, is do. I raise my prices just, because I'm a business owner and I need to compensate. For my time I guess that's what I struggle with yes, yes. You do I knew that would be the end yeah look, I mean you're, doing this to generate a business of generating income fees don't, lose sight of that in, the whole I want to be a good good service provided to clients talking. Finances, is always hurt but, it does get easier when, sales go up and there's, a lot more we can do to bring customers through, the door. Go to her about there's, no website listed, in, terms, of the content, and the imagery and the voice talked about how that's coming together in doing research we, found that one of the largest concerns, that potential, customers have with groomers, is their dog safety, so, we really wanted to design a website for that and that was gonna put the owners mind at ease first, word last, year when we worked with discover learn and grow we discovered this is one of the highest trust, decisions, and with shampoo Chaz we found that dogs come a close second so, all we have to do is communicate what's, already there but, in terms of operations, Shampoo cheese could be running more efficiently so, while her space is still under renovation, we're sending Alysha to Chicago to see what she can learn from the well-oiled machine, that is loved, her dogs. Immediately. When you first come into Jennifer's, Lobby she, has a lot, of different retail, so, definitely, gave me some ideas this is our bathing, area, and then, we go, in here for blood right hey, Toby I would.

Have Never you. Know thought to have a separate. Drying room and I have the space to have a drying room so I think that's something that I'm gonna try to implement, in my salon as well I think, she could see here, that, carefully, segmenting, our space we. Can do a lot more dogs having, seen Jennifer shop in action Alysha can now guide what is turning out to be the biggest, renovation we've, ever done it's, a huge transformation that's, gonna happen to that building we're gonna put it in a window so people can see their dogs being groomed when. You can see through a place into, the other rooms and you realize okay, I can, definitely leave my my, loved one here because I can see what's happening back there instead of being like, I have no idea what's going on behind closed doors and, the renovations, aren't just about customer experience they're, about growing revenue by helping Alyssa groom more dogs Nadine without sacrificing. The park so. We can put a bigger washing, station into a different room you know she can get larger, dogs in, there you know it'll be a huge difference, to her business but with all these balls in the air we got a voicemail from Alisha pumping, the brakes on one of our new revenue ideas. I'm. Glad she's thought it through it sounds like it wasn't an easy decision but, we'll, go with it when. We work with small business owners we don't always agree at their decisions, but, the truth is no, one knows their business better than they do and actually it's exciting, to see a mission making bold decisions about her salon it. Does mean that we need to put all our energy into these other potential, revenue streams leashes. Collars. Apparel. Definitely, anything, that they can wear that's increasing. That brand awareness, I love the bandanas, I can just imagine the happy little dog trotting out and he's got his babe and on and back and Alton Alysha is preparing to take advantage, of the attention and new customers, this makeover, will bring. We. Can't wait to get back to town and see the space transformed, but. Over the last few months we've, gotten to see Alissa transform, as a business owner she's. Setting goals trusting. Her gut and developing. The understanding to get from where she is to, where she wants to be we've. Just got a few surprises left to deliver to set her on her way.

I Love, the new sign you, can tell that shampoo, SH is is here the, colors, it's, so bright. It. Looks amazing. Oh my. God I love it, I. Already see cars like drive by and slow down and they're like what is this and then they go look at a sign there, you go and they wrap my car so we've got a legit, pet taxi I, love it driving, around being a soccer mom advertising. For my business yes, i won yeah when you own your own business you're never not working right it, looks so great out here let's go see some of the changes inside I can't wait oh. My. Gosh oh, this, is. Nice. Somebody have how, cute, the retail that we have started, so. Far I haven't gotten everything. And yet what's, happening, with your Rudy bun bun he is at my house that's, awesome yeah oh this, is great absolutely. Amazing. I. Love. This you, can see the grooming room right the, whole space just feels so don't worry the bigger people. Don't. Trust the, broom shops where they can't see right, are you working on the endless and I love these angles, of the color yeah. Fun and vibrant and, it varies very so great all, right let's go see the new washroom. Well. First, we, have the, new washer. And dryer. They. Dry like. A load of towels in 20 minutes or less compared. To the six hours that I was spending before the. Washer and dryer is in a very kind of sexy, new thing but. It's gonna, it's. Gonna lead to a greater you know efficiency, of your time tray as well as Oh. Oh my, gosh I don't even recognize this, room right now. The. Room has been working, great it's laid out perfectly this, is like restaurant quality these are amazing, I can't even believe this is the same room and. Then I can show you guys the new kennel room, oh, my. Gosh. This is great. We've got great capacity here now and you're gonna save so much time not standing, there at your table right, hand drying dogs and the place looks amazing and they look like a completely, new shop I'm so excited about how well it's working for you I'd love to show you some of the marketing stuff so we're gonna continue to bring in new customers yeah, super. Okay. So we landed on this. Logo it's, great love it we still have our adorable Bailey but this particular approach, to illustration, will make replication.

On Multiple. Items much easier, so let's see what that looks like. You're. A new web, look. At Cooper. You're. Gonna see throughout the site you know your real customers or your real clients, we, really trust word-of-mouth as as human beings and you know we want to make sure that we're using your, customer feedback you have great, testimonials. And we already have one here from Jennifer so to be able to say that the president of the Illinois Pet Grooming Association. Is advocating, for you and endorsing you is huge, and it's quite genuine. Is. My favorite moment when I first met you you started talking about how the dogs are your clients I could just see it in your eyes I'm like yes she's, got it your, dog clients, obviously love you too yeah but they're harder to quote on the website so. Then we have a frequently asked questions, page this, will really help with search, authorities, so when, people might be typing, these kind of questions into a search engine you're. Going to have, a higher likelihood of popping, up as the person answering the question and this. Is a request, an appointment page. It allows you to get a little bit more information versus. Having to spend maybe another 10 or 15 minutes on the phone gathering, some that information, and, that'll just automatically, populate it as an email to you I've. Been taking notes this whole time just so you know. Cuz. My website doesn't have all this so. Then we, get into if you click on dog grooming because we have your categories and again you took Jennifer's, advice and, these add-ons, you're charging, for them now either, you're being clear about where they're being included in a package, but even just having this on the website and we'll get you a poster to put here your placard here where it's the same thing it takes, away some of the awkwardness of having to talk about it but if someone's researched, you on their on your website they know that those things aren't just something that you throw in but right charge for, looking. At the website. I mean it's legit, my husband, said the other day me and it feels like you have a real, business and, I was like well duh, but. It, definitely, makes it seem more like a business, it absolutely does and I think nothing says legitimate business more than having your own branded. Bags and packaging. Be, like that another, test of a great logo is what it looks like on a t-shirt oh but you can't be the only one being branded, so now we'll, make sure that, your clients, are - I love them another, opportunity for them to try it around town with your brand would be these, custom, collars Wow oh. My. Gosh she's got you great, toys, you can sell as well there's. So many things you can brand and then honey to your business. All, right and then we noticed that you, could perhaps use, a few more equipment. Card we. Got you two brand new ones awesome. But. Got, these really great equipment, carriers, you need more, supplies, right right all right so, my, gosh, oh wow. These. Are the best yeah. I. Love. It, any. Small, business owner, wants. To feel, like what they're doing is real you, know like grooming is fun but it's not my hobby like, it's a real job it's a profession, you have to know what you're doing so, anytime someone, like. Acknowledges. That is, amazing. And everyone. At deluxe and small business revolution they've, made. Me feel like what I do is worthwhile so, it's been great we've. Created branded, cards, for you with your logo inside, that. You can send to clients when they get a new dog and then we talked a lot about how hard it is when you. Lose a client and so we've, created sympathy, cards when it's hard to know what to say but, have a really lovely, message, and aside and again where you could write a personal, note. So. While. Filming. My. Family lost our dog of, ten years, my. Daughters grew up with her. She. Was their protector, my, best friend we, miss her every, single day. Every. Day, this. Is Bailey's dog shop. We're, gonna keep Bailey's, remembering. Alive. Yeah. This, now has become a beautiful, tribute to, that extraordinary. Relationship. Because, you, have built this amazing, tribute, that Bailey inspired, and, now, you're gonna share the love that you had with Bailey with other people and other dogs and that's just it's, beautiful thank you.

A Dog, comes into your life to. Teach you about love and they leave your life to teach you about loss. The. Grief that she's feeling is what makes her good at. Her job she, really, cares. Grief. And joy you. Can't have one without the other you can't really love if you, can't really feel that loss and it's. A lot better way to live. Painful. As it is than to live flat. Without those things I. See. The exciting, things that happened to myself and my business but. At the same time I associate. Bayley so much with what I do I wanted, her to be a part of the. Show and, my. Website and she's not. But. It's, a tribute to Bayley, it's a fresh beginning that she wasn't part of but. Still. My. Love of her dogs is because of her. Lovitz is a family-run, restaurant and, a staple in their community, they become so food when, you have their love and that passion for doing it but keeping, it in the neighborhood is keeping, them in the red they're in the light at the top of the hill but at the same time they're not turning, a profit can, the small business, revolution team, help them attract more diners but stay true to the owners vision if you can't be right there with it there will, be Masuda. Down. On. The next episode of small business, revolution Main, Street, Alysha. Started, Shampoo cheese because she loves her canine clients not because she's an expert at logo or website design visit, deluxe comm backslash, and pooches to learn more about how the duloxetine, helped her get online with the brand as friendly as your doggy spa.

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Don't forget to hand out the dog toys to customers that are complaining or asking for a refund. You might make them happier to give them something free as an apology. Why refund $36 when you can offer them an apology with a $19 toy that cost you $8?

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