[한글자막] [REACTION]

[한글자막] [REACTION]

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Hey guys I'm. Here today in a different setting um this, is actually a room in my house that we don't really use anymore, since my brother moved out but I kind of use it as my like quiet. Space, area, so I, just thought you know it'd be a perfect time to listen to their album and look, at the lyrics and really digest, they're, all, fully, beside if that makes any sense I have my beer, this is bloomin, by the way I love bloomin and, I figured you know it'd be great to kind of just sit down relax, listen, to their song but notice it been awesome beer and just really, relaxing. So yeah, I just wanted you guys to join. Me on this so, if y'all are 21. And over whatever. Your legal ages, in your country, get yourself, something, to drink, and enjoy. This so. I'm going to be listening to bts's, new album, map, of the soul persona, and yeah, let's, just get straight into it all right so, I got mom, here, I'm, kind of using him as an armrest right now but. He's alive and well he's doing well but. Yeah let's just get straight into it, I'm. Korean. So I do understand. Korean, yeah I don't really need translations. But I do want to know what they're saying so I'm going to be listening to them on my phone. Through Apple music and let's, go ahead and start with intro persona. We already, heard it but you know you're just gonna listen to it anyways and appreciate. President, Nam Jin's voice let's. Go for it. You. Know I really, realized his flow is very hard. To follow, like. His flow constantly, changes, throughout the song. Yeah. He's an amazing rapper. It's. Like a head. Bopping song. You. Find yourself doing this when you listen to this. Who. The hell of mop tell, me all your names baby, do you want to die. Do. You wanna fly, where's. Your dreams do you think your life, dang. I, love. This song this. Song is so, good the. Next song is boy, with love featuring. Halsey. Now I just watched, the music video today it, was intense, it was crazy, it was, everything, and, more than I could have ever dreamed of and I'm, just, let's. Go ahead and, listen to boy with love featuring, Halsey. This. Intro. Is light and certainly. Catches your attention, she. Means. Jimmy's, voice is very, Angelica. And then, me has to come in which, is milk chocolate boy. Oh. You. Have to learn this ha. Completely. Forgot. Then. Appoint me a fire with love I, love, this song. Alright. Well. I'm. Only two songs in and I'm already like, feeling, like my energy is drained boy. With love is, it's. Really good it's, really good, the next song is micro. Cosmos they, were talking about it on their comeback live a lot, of them chose it as their favorite song so I'm really looking forward to this one so let's go ahead and listen to it. Wow. I. Feel. Like this. Is like a soundtrack, to a movie. Like. I can picture like. A night sky. Filled, with stars with. This. Oh. My. God I love it it's. So good oh. I. Love this song. It's. The song that makes you feel good like in your soul you know what I'm saying like. Micro. Cosmos is, good for the soul that's, what I decided. Today it's, good for the soul okay, so the next song is make, it right I believe this one is the one that was written. Also with Ed Sheeran so, let's, go ahead. It's. So good. Toby. Why. Are you so good, guys. I catches a favorite, it's this whole album is, amazing. So. Far I loved. Everything what song. It's. Very easy to see. The. Songs. You. Sure did you sure did make it right this album, is made right that's for sure oh. Alright, we're, on track number five it is home, this one was the one they said was written, for their. Love for, armies, and felt like their home is, US Army's. So, yeah. I'm. Already seeing along. This, stuff. Where. Does all this geniuses, come from. I. Sure. Do, I love. I love you I love you guys, that's what I love.

Mmm-hmm. Okay. We're, all on track number six, this is John my zoo which is supposed to be the opposite, of DejaVu, so if, you, have deja vu you experience, something that is a familiar. But it's, never happened, before but like, you feel like it's happened before but, jamya boo is actually the complete opposite, where you've, actually had it happen to you but you don't remember I hope. I got every right I'm, getting a little buzzed so, I. Hope I got that right but. Yeah that's going jamya boo opposite, of Cesar. Chavez. Pronunciation. Though. Y'all. Are my rallied. This. Song soda quick I think I stepped out for every song. I. Didn't. Expect, for these. Three to have this type of. Effect. Together I got it's a, combination. That I didn't, expect. But. They, all mesh, together so, well. I love. It. It's. Like two different melodies, going on oh. My. God home needs to sing for. Don't. Give up. That. Song, was so good, j-hope, singing, voice is everything. Right now he's. Saying a lot on these tracks and I, love it and. Wow. Um I, listened, to six songs so far there's, not one song unlike, about. I love every, single song I don't know if it's the beer but I'm feeling a little like sentimental and, feeling a little you know kind, of blue and, just kind of yeah. Definitely. Jo my view is a song to listen to you before bed like. Jenn, and chokes voices, are so, dreamy, and then j-hope, goes there and adds his, singing. Rapping. Melody, over, and it just uh it's, everything, it's so good I love it well. I'm, almost done with this so. The last song is Dianna, --ss this. One I have no idea, what, to expect, um it's the last track so I'm guessing it's gonna end on a like. A kind of memorable note so it's probably gonna be a very memorable song. Somehow. Someway. But. Yeah let's let's get to it I'm so. And if lyrics oh, oh. I. Cannot. Leave this. Another. Love this song is always so good what. The hell. What. In the world I did not expected, what. The hell Oh. Mr.. Charlie. There's. A guy. I'm. So, excited to see this life like oh. My, god. Oh I, love, it. Oh. My. God I. Feel. Like this song would be crazy at Coachella, oh my. God. Dude. He's, curious. Are. You serious right now. Damn, right how the illest. Dude. Wow, I did, not expect, that um I, don't know why when I heard dialysis, I thought it was gonna be like a I. Didn't. Know I got. This vibe, that it might be kind of like peep down the bar where it's a little like kind of like sexy, I don't know but it's far, opposite. From that it's like a complete, like let's, just party like, let's, get down and party type, of song and what a co-inky-dink they're. Talking about like you know sipping, on your drink and stuff and I got my beer, and I'm so glad I, listened. To this album I'm. Feeling, a little sleepy because, that's just how I am when I drink and Wow. Um, this. Whole experience, of drinking, and listening. To their all for the first time I've. Never done anything like this before but, I like. It um I, think it's something about feeling relaxed. And um, I don't know like, I first, of all I don't know what to say this album, is amazing um. Every. Single song on, this album is. Amazing, there's not one song where I'm like it's, okay like, every. Single song is like yes. I love it because you know how when you turn, on an album whatever. Artist, it is there's, always that one go-to song, that you're like let's listen to that this, album, if, somebody, were to tell me hey, I'm a turn-on map, of the soul persona. Album what, do you want to hear I can't choose one I can't, I love every single one of them you, can play, tracks, one through seven that's what I want to hear I want to hear it one, after the other like it's, this, is an album that's like every, single song makes. You feel something you know what I mean like intro. Persona makes you feel like two covering yourself you know finding, out who you are really, starting. That flame, in your heart to really, feel, ambitious. About, being, someone.

Or Achieving, something, becoming. Something, or someone then you listen to boy with love and boy, with love is just kind of like yo, let's just let's, just love the little things we have and, appreciate. Each other and, just love, you, know and then you listen to micro cosmos and, you think wow I'm. Special. I mean like you bright up my universe, like that kind of a feeling and then you go to make it right and then you just feel like, very passionate. About somebody, and you go I can make it right and then you go to home and you go I just want to go home okay first of all home is a song that armies, might love not. Only because it's you know of course it was BTS, this kind of love song for their armies. But at the same time Army's, know what I'm talking about whether you're at work whether you're at school you, always have, that thought right I just want to go home so I feel like home is a good song to listen to when you're at work or school just, anticipating, that moment to go home and of. Course when, you're listening to it you're always thinking, like well BTS. Relies. And, depends, on us just, as much as we rely and depend on them I just I love, that type of relationship, that BTS. Has with their fans it's, it's, very sweet, and I don't think it's common. With, every artist. Out there um I'm. Sure there's another artist that loves their fan um a lot but I just feel like that the type of relationship. That BTS, has with their fans is, definitely. Not. Common, it's not common, their love is so big and. They're. Just so amazing, and then. You go to Jamaa you and, get a little sad and, then you, go to Diana, sis and you go you know what I fit whatever let's just drink and party okay, first of all Diana sis is a song to listen to on a Friday night wait. Today. Is a Friday night oh my. Gosh it's. Friday night and I'm, home it's 10:30, I'm having, a beer and I'm listening to BTS, this. Is this, is actually a really good Friday night like. Usually, Friday, nights not I'm always like oh I want to go out I want to do something but. No, actually, today I didn't even realize, it was Friday oh my god but yeah I mean what can I say you know once, again BTS. Has really. Shown. Us what, love is they're. Really using the platform for good and they're trying so hard to, spread this good, message, that, you, know true, love comes. From loving. Yourself first, and then, it kind of stems out from there and you, know people, tend to try to look for love that's so, big, and like, you, know expensive. I guess people. Tend to think love. Is you.

Know Measured. By money by the price tag but really in the end love is the little things that you really can't put a price on love, is priceless, it's definitely priceless. If. Somebody, were to tell me you know what. Is more valuable to you a Chanel. Bag I don't know a Rolex. Or a, handwritten letter and I, will choose a handwritten, letter over, that because. If, you really think about it if you have the money you. Can buy anything but a sincere. Letter. From, deep, within your heart that you, spill, out your emotions, and your feelings on. That. Paper, is priceless and, it can't be bought anywhere it's. Just you just can't put a price tag on that and so I think those, little things are much more valuable and, much more harder. Actually, to get um you, can be in a relationship, with somebody for. Forever. And you, know they can shower you with a million gifts, with thousands. Of dollars worth of gifts but if their love was never sincere. If they're. Caring. Their thoughtfulness, whatever, it is if it's not there it's that's not really love it really isn't I think it's the alcohol it's making me feel very. Emotional. And sentimental but. But, really what. Beaches is doing you know, writing. These songs that are so, sincere, and that come from their experience, that come from their heart and you. Know in the end they're humans too and those, emotions, are also what, we, feel as well because, all humans, have the same emotions I don't know why I'm tearing up oh. I. Think. I'm tearing up I. Think. It's so because uh, I'm. Someone, who has experienced. You know like, depression and, someone. Who has experienced. Some dark, times and, it's, it's a hard place to get out of and it's I, personally think, it's nothing everybody deals, with you know insecurities. And. You. Know these these thoughts the voices in your head that, tells you, you know you, can't do it negative, voice. In your head that constantly. Tells you that you can't do it you're not good enough you're. Not pretty enough you're not handsome. Enough you're, not strong, enough he, or not then, you know you're, not all, the nose all. The negativities, we don't need it we really don't there's. Always gonna be that one person, that tells, you that, you can't do it but you know you you, yourself have to be strong and you have to overcome it and you've got a really really stand. Up for yourself and, yeah there's no one else in this world that knows yourself, better than, yourself. Your, own self and you. Can't find an, answer within, someone, else. Someone. Else need help you in a way of guiding, you the right direction but ultimately, making. The change and trying to better, yourself that. Ultimate, change comes from you and I. Feel. Like BTS, tries, very hard to, ignite, that flame, in all of us to you, know encourage. Us to work. Harder to to, love ourselves to, you, know be, positive, and to look. At the, happier, things the little things in life because, we, tend to get lost in some things, in. Our daily lives you know, yeah. There's there comes a time when you start to you know lose your, sense, of self and, you start, to question your, purpose, on. This earth but you know in the end our purpose, is to love. And, be. Loved, and spread, love I think that's what our purpose is so, I, hope. You, guys enjoyed this reaction, I, don't. Know why I got a little emotional towards, E and it's not the alcohol I promise I'm not drunk. I'm. Not drunk, it's just you know beaches, sometimes. When I listen, to their songs and sometimes when I really think about the the, hardships that they went through it I, don't, know I can't explain it there's something about me chancer always like hits me really in the heart and makes. Me. Really. I don't know I think it's the sincerity, and, their songs that really gets to me and because. They're so sincere, within their lyrics and because. They, they, rap and sing so passionately, about their. Own lives about their own experiences. That. It just it just bleeds, through to my heart and. I'm. Just gonna. Go back and listen to this whole album all over again before I go to bed and, yes. That's, all I can say I mean, it's amazing what. They did and I'm very, proud of their, achievements I. Really. Love this album I, love every single song, every.

Single Second, every single beat of every single song on this album, like literally I truly, mean it and, all. I can say is BTS, well done to, learn siwash. Very. Bomb no more cool. Modern. Judaism. Odin. Cassidy. Jamal, Murray, Lena, Curran album. Yeah well. Video correct man. After. All pete'll case, of Alana go girl, yeah. Concept. Anova no a normal kid I hope we go yeah. I'm just very looking forward to the, stadium tour I'm, going to be at the Pasadena, May. 4th, showing. The first showing, at Pasadena, I will be at that one and I'm. Super excited I. So. So so, stoked, now that I heard the album is just like okay I can't, wait to see, it live I'm, going to learn all the songs of course, down. To every rap so I can fully. Enjoy, the, concert. Yes. So. I hope you guys enjoyed, my reaction and. As. Always if you guys have not already done so please don't forget to Like subscribe comment. Down below let. Me know what y'all thought about the album, is there a favorite song let me know and I, will see you guys in the next video bye, good, night everybody. Good, night good, fun.

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I think my favourite song in the album is Dionysus that song was lit and it kinda give me Mic drop vibes

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