▶️ Price Action: iq option price action trading explained binary live trading 2018 part 39

▶️ Price Action: iq option price action trading explained binary live trading 2018 part 39

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Okay. Hi traders here's a new video first of all the risk morning the invested capital may be a twist don't - it was money you cannot effort to lose at this video is not a vessel advice so I had to do a put here but, I wait for by the entry point so, let's see yes, okay, because. This, scenario, here is telling me that we, are heating down yes that's, the reason why I'm doing a put here this, candle, is showing a huge selling, pressure yes. And this is a strong, long, extended. Uptrend, and now, here this is area where it's come to an end and that's the reason why I'm doing a put that, comes similar. To this training set up here that we show uses, it's, something, like this, one here so. I, would say something, like this. Where. We got a uptrend. And then we got a drug like a flight also based on doji, and then it, goes, down yes, and you see this kind of area onion, that we show uses, certainly. So let me see, so, we have this here this, kind of area here yes, is the same like this, one what I have explained, in the e-book yes. And there's a reason why this worked, out yes I would I could enter, immediately but, I have seen this too late, yes, but anyway. I understood. Immediately that, this, will be here this is a strong, area here and then, can here close, below this one this. This. Here this weaker showing, huge selling, pressure and the important, was that this was a long uptrend. So you can expect like I have explained in so many videos, let's, a candle will do one or two cases, were lost and you see it's going here you know again gone because this was inaudible and kinda stick and I could enter immediately again, in this in, this trade so okay. That, was this one get as awesome, as. I trade always those things which I explained in my ebook get this evil bitch for free or finds a link in the description this. Emu contains the most important, can see pattern chart pattern binary option to 20 content but also concepts, which. A necessary, and useful for, Forex and limited options, oh I wish, I will show you in the near future especially. The. Swart, - and short, sweet those, kind of training, set up see as this watcher short free and blood, short or two that, will be the, main top of the list when I'm doing the short. Those. Forex, trainings, you will see how this will rot and Freya bollocks, to, make profit, so, but, before, we go into this I have. To tell you there to meet some basic knowledge a part, of all those candlestick. Pattern and chat button which I have explained, in my ebook yes because only because I'm saying that you need the chemist aggress it doesn't meet that meet doesn't. Mean that you don't meet the candlestick, pattern chart pattern for me that, you need the tennis the quadrature, is a thing that is clear you meet them to know them I in and out also. Those kind of here the chart patterns, like the, flags, pennants, ranges. Triangles. Yes that you need to do that, sure. That you have to meet them that you have to understand, it that you have to apply that then to recognize another tops that you recognize, a double, bottom yes when you are trading, this. Is for me normal s this what I telling, you yes only, the fundamental to. Understand, everything and then of Kahless the class yes. Because of all candlestick mass which is important, really important, in, those. Kind of the. Training, set up on what trading. Setup and what is the rejection is that, the training set up is, always. Based, on trend, support, support. Memory support. Key level candlestick, pattern and the. Rejection, and also this trade here look at this trade we, got here there's, a trend, here the trend was here up yes and then we got down. To our closer because, this, kind of scenario here is telling me that we, get a reversal, that is what I'm talking, when I'm talking about trend, yes because like I told you all the trade a continuation, in, between. Us here at 20th oil, trying to reversal training, at the end. When the trend is stalling or finishing and then, the major key level was this one here this area here yes, and the candlestick, pattern yes and then the rejection from this, level here yes, which, I didn't meet because I tried told me to get it better every pot because I saw the rejection, already, and that is what all the. Good training, set up is, based, on yes on those four things you and if you have all those four things and then, you have a reason, to enter to a trade and then, the straight with most probably, going, in the money not always, yes because, marketer, can also fool, you. Because. It's a everyone. Every. Time would be in the money everybody, would would rich so, okay and then the market condition the one of the most important, strain says you have to know. The market, in fact also you have to understand, when you have the healthy market a trend so the straining strong trending market, consolidation. Area, earnest or even.

Or Even the ranging, market that it's, basic, stuff yes that is what you need, to. Understand, yes and, you see obviously, you can't recognize, a strong uptrend when, support, and resistance will be broken often, then. You have a strong trend if, you have, when. You see some kind of such scenarios, here where there will be some, kind of reversal, here then, you'll never have Z market that is how you can recognize them, less and that, is important, to understand, because depending. On which kind of market, condition, you have to adapt. Your trading. Strategy, the trailing tactic on how to market to use loss the training set up and on strong training markets, you use your through. A continuation, trading, setups there is a logic, behind this and that is how it goes so. Then the 2010 TIFF occasion you have to understand, the trend will, end at any point, and. More. Faster you recognize, the ending of the trend whether, it is and mostly. Go, to recognition, to end, of a trend I'm not sayi amazed the events, are also nice own who the main major trend the, good time is, good price is not creating, more an. Actor and higher highs and higher lows and in, the downtrend, lower lows and lower. Highs, yes, then you know the price is the, trend, is by this, ending, net and then you can be aware about a retracement, or reverse and so and, then, after, this again. The rejection, part which is important, this one to make clear that the, rejection is only one, of those four things to get a confirmation you. Need but we need all force to get a good trading setup, with about eighty percent success. Rate and, then, obviously you have to try to do as less as possible great, because. A Manu trade or. Other odds against, you so and, then we got here as a last, two, things where this one's a fake breakout, which got. Somebody. That's often, it's a hit it, by, the way point out, learn. Those kind of select ratings, well it could be also here and instead. Of evenings diet can be also a double, top and double bottom or something like this yet you, have not to imagine that thatis other only so, only while. Infuse. Possible. Methods, of getting, trade without fake quick else could be in every kind of various. Variation. It and, that is what about so and then we get here the reversal, and retracement. The. Replacement. Reversal, in a higher time frame in which placement is in a lower time for the reversal, and durable so in a long time for this often, only retracement. And if, you know this you, can be, aware of this and then you go to the, continuation, instead. Of a reversal, then your higher time frame and then it's what's about so and, then, we get now to the screening setup and the first training setup is all almost. Or suppose that, one which we know already and, that is this kind of encoding cannon and you. See this here again I will show you this we. Enter, I'm merely. To finish all those videos, so. We have here this angle think Anil it's closing the new can you started, yes this catering, course, completely this one here, we have this area.

So. We got here let me show you this we. Got here to uptrend, as. He was up to and this then, we got here, this. Kind of area here this is everyone. You see it almost other, candid, you can, see it is the gist in this area here this area here was a resistant, area yes. Then it got broken then this X legs important, to kind of recognize on this week he is and after. This support, God's broken, by this candle. He is this, candle, here you see this is broken here below yes, you, can expect, that this kind of area now. Is acting, like a resistance, the, major trend, is below, yes you see here it's don't, rend ser from below don't. Rent here all yes so, you do it weighed in favor, of the major trend, this, candlestick, is telling that after. This will be a strong downtrend yes because we, are in favor of the trend and that, is why you can do a foot here without any kind of rejection because it's on the same level and maybe, there will be also a tall rejection so let's see what that happens here so. I entered, without any kind of rejection because there will be no rejection, and you see okay, it will be a rejection, so. Little, good way to also a penetrate and I told you also sometimes. It's better to get the rejection, yes but. That. Is not always possible, mostly. It shoots down yet and then you get a bad entry point but it will help something, like this you can't obviously enter, in the higher entry point how. I explained, in the e-book Autotrader. Engulfing. Candle yes in the e-book I have explained, exactly this. Kind of scenario yes, where price, rejects, from this area idea from this previous candle. Yes and then, you can enter into the straight on the rejection, which is almost, better. Then. Trading. Without rejection but you have to get a good entry point if you get the bed every point also, a rejection, is not worse to wait for yes here. Was doing, some kind of panic but at the end it was in the money because. All these. Four things were so spirited, we have the downtrend, we have the candlestick, pattern we have the support. And resistance area. And we have the rejection, and. Judge is what you, see why this at rate corn in the money so let me see if I can show you another twit. Okay. So the, next scenario is. Again. Something like this here this. Reversal, trading setup here where. We, get your resistance. Area so. Let's see I'm, gonna show you this here you see we got here this kind of scenario. Mm-hmm. So. This, here we have not a strong, trend yes we have your ranging, wrote something. Like this yes we, have here the, 50. The, 50 EMA, and the 20 ma both are acting, like a resistance, area yes like I have explained, that, much it should not be only some kind of weak set but we have you also the wicks yes here's also a wigs which, are showing us what we have a wick here with showing, that we have here some kind of resistance area there, as this candlestick, here close below this the, doji, close below this yes, and got rejected from, the 20 infallibility so, we had a conference here of three things here and then, we, get a doji, here and after. This doji, the, you can enter immediately into, a pot so let's see I entered. Immediately into a pot because, we. Are here the distance between and, you see stopped, getting any kind of rejection because, this, doji. So this 20, ma the 50, ma are really close to the crossing of the doji, and that's a reason why this will work out this evening star, only, because. You. Don't need any kind of projection here because we, had a higher fear everything, in aligned. Near the crossing and so, this kind of area will act as resistance because.

The Previous two candles has shown, this yes, that this resistance, will work SS, to and if it not would be the 20 you, it would be the, 50. Mas. Which would protect, this, bed and then, obviously market. Starts to consolidate. Here in between the, 150. Mhm like the test but already he is that. Is what you have to be care about so, let me see if I can show you another trait based, on those trading setups. So. Okay now this, is this scenario, here let, me see if I can find this yes this is one yeah, so. Let, me see if I can show you this this scenario, here it's looking a little bit different yes, but, this is a scenario which I'm talking about so, we get here this. Kind of Canasta patterns, here you see here this. Kind of rejection. Of this can but this kind of doesn't cause below this closing, price this got a very strong rejection from, the round. Number, he is a strong heart number because you see it to zeros yes that, is a really strong round. Number, whole number and then, we get this kind of scenario here I will show you this here we, got a downtrend, yes here, you see the downtrend, then we get here this kind of, everyone, here this is a support, area this, kinda stick is closing, exactly. And this, kind of I. Would say this is something like a doji. Yes like. A doji, or like a hem ayat is, showing, it. Showing. That. There, will be now, earth. Reversal. Coming up yes because this, camera, doesn't broke, through. This support, area and, that's the reason why you come to here also a call because. This, kind of fix here are showing you that. There, will be a sewer systems, area now and the. Trend was really, strong going, down and now, it's caving coming, to an end yes, and. So, let's. See what happened here at, the end it's the same signal, like this one only that this is this is a pin Bahia yes, but, it can be also a hammer or everything at all so dragonfly, doji. There's a, gravestone, doji everything. Yes everything what, is showing that there will be not every person coming up and, this resistance, is this what comes here and then it's a scenario and gentle reason why I'm showing you this this resistance, here is the. Reason why, I'm going to show you this because now we are going in uptrend. In. The reverse date so let's see and I.

Was, Talking about something, I was explaining something, but. Then I understood, immediately that. We. Are heating up further and, then, I entered into a call let's, see, and. What I don't know what I was waiting I was explaining something, yes. I, should already have to, end time to a trade, but. I didn't, entered maybe. No. I didn't, enter but it was the, same scenario yes. Like we, I have shown you before so. The team holds ended. To see how Christ tries. To get through this level yes but, what, a rejection, again from this area yes, but I don't know what I didn't, enter I think I was explaining, something, else and that's, also a reason why I didn't end up into the street but who could enter into the street where I've seen this would be in the money and I don't, know I assumed. Out okay and so. As I can be stopped in this kind of area and, then you could to another, call here, after, this because. We got here again resistance, area, yes, but, you, have to be carefully. Because we are me as a one. Deviation. Yes and that could be also that there would be a continuation. Of the trend I would, not enter into it right here because, it would not be clear, because this, candlestick, here this. Week here is not confirming, that this will be in a support level and holding, it says, you need almost two s at, least to. Get, this kind of confirmation. Okay. So let me see if I can show you another one. The next one will be again, then cooking candle yes and is. This agamya only. This time a little bit different, from the other one but it's the same concept and. So let's see. Let. Me do a play and when we are so far I can't I will stop the video so, we. Got here this kind of cannon it was going down yes you see after this like I taught you after. This I could, do another chord because this kind of area would. Act as support level but I was not sure yet because. We got all red or still into an uptrend, and I wouldn't attend to the straight but to see that would be also in the money yet because, of this support. Area which, gods and resistance, earlier you see this week here this small week is the sign that this egg bit like a support. Area so, okay that was this one so. And then we get here I. Was. Not I don't know what I was explaining so and then the can close like. This so, yeah we have a really special, part, where, you can enter immediately, to a put because, this, is showing you here really, this will work, out for sure, because, we have here more. Of the confluence first of all we have the doll track then, we got here an uptrend, yes, this uptrend here and then, we got this bearish, engulfing candle. Which is showing that we are heating down further then. We get in the combination, of this engulfing, candle, this kind of hanging, hanging man yes, red bearish aiming man which, is showing that, the continuation, of a downtrend, so, we got here and then you got here this.

Kind Of area. Yes which acted, before as support, level then, got broken, and then resistance, and that is a reason why this this, is a really really really good setup if, you have something like this you can, enter immediately and that will be working out more, than 80%, of the time yes because here you have everything, together like, I have explained, the, trend, the major key level the candlestick, pattern and the rejection is not even me because this kind of set. Up you of this candlesticks. Yes this, engulfing. Candle, in combination, with the bearish, hey Magnus, is telling, you that it's, going down for sure oh yes and that is what about so, let's see and I had recognized. It immediately and. Then I end up immediately into a pot without any kind of rejection because, I understand. Immediately. Because it was in the direction of the, major, trend yes. This wasn't a replacement and this, kind of stick has shown that, we are heating down up further and, that are those candlesticks, had, ups also spreading. Setups, which, are the best one, yes when, you get in one candlestick, holder in. One can stick. In. One candlestick. Pattern. Two. Confirmations, yes, is a good thinking and. Bearish. Hangman. Yes there are two candlesticks, together, in one yes, that. Has a much more power, yes okay market is blooming like always panic but, at. The end this will work out for sure because, this, is really, a nice trading, setup and only, a strong, support, level could. Avoid. Here that this will be in the money but you see if. It would be a later entry, you. Got out of the money because here was some kind of resistance. Support. Every areas there is a one which acted, here already before yes. And that was the reason why I. Attach, here immediately, because, I was already sure, that this will be a red can I expected. That it would go darker sir but there was some kind of support so, that, was this one if you liked this video like if you didn't subscribe subscribe. And if you have something to say that is there : so I would say stay, safe and bye bye.

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