▶️ Price Action: iq option live trading setups examples and live binary trading strategies part 9

▶️ Price Action: iq option live trading setups examples and live binary trading strategies part 9

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Very high trade us here's a new video first, of all the responding, invested, capital may be at least don't wit with money okay like effort to lose and this video is not an investment advice so, this video is another life training explanation. Video or close trading setups which I have shown you that my elope gets this ebook it's for free you'll find a link in the description, this, ebook contains, the most important, tends to quite a chat button binary option towards waiting context not a condition to an identification rejection, and chemist egress and the, blah blah but more more concepts. Which can be used also for Forex, and digital. Options which I'll show you in the near future so, get, this ebook it's for free and you'll, find the link in the description, because I get often, the question, way I do for, I find, this ebook, this ebook is in the description, you'll find the link there it's. A PDF file, so let me see if I can show you now some traits, of. Those things which I have explained those trading setups but before I gonna explain what the training set up I have, to, tell. You first of all the, things. Which are required, required. To understand, those training, set ups which I have explained, as those, things here about the chemist Achmed here. At the top of every page of, this ebook you'll find a link to a YouTube video which explains those concepts. Which is quite near preser get, this ebook, what's the video related to understand. The concept, because, they are all. Correlated. Without. Was together and, that is the reason why it's. So. Distinct, because they. Are really important. And you have to understand, the whole concept, not only one, part you have to understand, everything and that, is once the trend stick mask twice. The. Per. Second, the, rejection, and said, yes also if I'm explaining your training. Set ups without, any kind of rejection you have to understand, that the rejection is still really. Important. Part yes which, is really, important. And. That gives you some, more, odds on your previous. Is, what. About this, so, get. This ebook, watch the related video, CS and, then. Let. Me see if I can show you, so. This about this with a friend the. Support, and resistance area, and chemist. Ik patent then, watch the video about the market condition, because we are talking about two different types. Of training. Set up ones are, the continuation, trading. Set up and the, other ones are. The. Reversal 20 set up and the reversal training, set up so you have to trade almost, here. In that kind of scenario, yes. And this handsome, market seller will up to eight or nine sit down trade the, continuation. Trading. Set absolute, weights and almost, in the strong downtrend or strong up trade and in. This consolidation, area. You do not trade any kind of sauce trading setups I would, not to recommend to anybody to trade at this type of market. When. Market is consolidation, in conservation area, only if, market. Is going to break out of those kind of support, and resistance areas then. You calculate in, direction, of the upcoming trend, then, we have fear, search, saying that the subtract identification. Based on EMA's, yes. And that. Market, this moving, in waves yes and that is what you have to understand, too and then. Last. But not least, the, rejection. Again where I had, explained, her the, importance, of the rejection, and that rejection. Is made only 20%, of, the success, of any kind of trade but, if you have a training set up which has included, all those, four, kinds, of things the trend the, support, and resistance level. The major key level and the, holistic pattern, ends of rejection, you have approximately, 80%. Of, success rate, that your trade will work also, if you don't exist, rate will not work you have, everything, right because market, is unpredictable, sometimes, and so, also if you do everything right to Candace so you don't have to blame yourself as if. You are, doing, so straight based on those four things. You. Have, the right habit, and you, are doing the right things when you trace so then, what's the video about. About. The break out which I can only. Recommend. To anybody that a reason why I'm repeating this over and over again for, those one who sees this video first this, video, this. Break. Out wait wait out saying yeah is showing, the. Only example. Of those things how. A favorite.

Out Could look like yet, but you, have to imagine that this could look like also. A little different but that but. That is what is happening here. What. Happens here you see it's asserted ition I don't, know why it's loading, again. It's. Loading, really I have to stop the video one second, okay, I don't know what happened he is but. No no problem at the end this is what about, this the other thing is that you have to understand. That. This. Favorite, could, look also in, some kind of different, yes it looks will. Not look like this yes it could look really. Different to this but, you have only to understand, the XS are some, kind of apricot, which will happen and then, you are aware of it and when you are aware, of it you can prevent, if. You see some, kind of set. Up coming. Up so, then the last video, which. I can recommend to watch and also, to understand, the concept, behind this is this, video where, I'm going to talk about a, reversal, and retracement. And if you have understood, those five. Six, concepts, which are naming now, you. Have the basic, skill, you have some basic, knowledge about, those. Things how to traits, or setups. Trading, setups which I'm explaining. Now yes because they're here you have the time five minute time frame and, this, rules way to at Westmont on the five minute time frame of, this, uptrend, is in. Reality. In. One minute time frame in the lower time frame we, reverse. It and that, is what you have to see it is a mattress, what you have to understand, that is what's a big boy seat the big boy seizes up Trent was a little, bit Westmont and the small boy sees, this fat kind of reversal, and a, good things it will, go down further but in reality this. Is only a retracement into, the reason why we are going again. That, is the reason yes and that this alert also, what is led, Wave Principle about. About. You. It's. Going one way for, the impulse waves that were corrective, and, a. Pulse wave and the corrective, and the pulls but this is not a valid but you can watch this video about an equip to understand, those concept, me up in closer so, that, now. I'm going to show you some, traits based of those things which I have explained if paint here versus. Trading. Setups, and. Now I'm going to show you here. What. The main. Common part here is if.

You Have this. Continuation. Pattern, yes where the color of this error is similar, to this that means it's a continuation, pattern if. The color is different this is a green arrow uptrend, and then we are going to get a reversal, that, is a reversal. Pattern that, is a reversal, trading setup this is the continuation, twenty set up the scissors a ruler this, is a continuation. Continuation. Continuation. Continuation. Reversal. Curling, setup and a continuation, creates a continuation. Trading, setup we will do also in, always. In some, kind of strong, trend. Yes. And. The. Other one here the reversal, the, reversal, once we do almost. In. The head see market, yes healthy, market means with. With, areas, were way up twice which, ways yes. And. Healthy. Healthy. Market. Healthy, trend I'd say hi cheek went because, at, the end market. Is training or not when important. That it's French because as we would not have this, healthy. Trend so I will. Do this in this manner so a tech analyst also so you, understand, where. You have to apply such, kind of trading setup okay so, let me see. 80/20. And here. I. Have, to show you the other ones here you see them here is the same when it on the other ones here, in this is a reversible, training, set up reversal, continuation. Continuation. Is it the same as minute courses below because they are poorly dressed Arase, this, is a reversal. Reversal reversal. Reversal. And. Here we have. Today. We have a continuation, reversal. Reversal and, continuation, yes that is what's all about so, let me see I will show you now an example here of those one of this one and you, will see that, it will look, different yes. It will not look like this yes, but it, is this, and we're, gonna so this is why I'm doing this kind, of life, trading, examples. Yes because, it's, important, that you understand, that this are only, images, which, are showing the concept, not, that, you have to wait and memorize. Carries. Big four candlestick, pattern yet you have to understand, the concept and when, you understand, that concept you could. Also. Apply. This to, every, kind of chemistry pattern, when they are the, concept, behind understood. So let me see I will show you this a scenario, and you see here we have a long huge, make the rectangle says, but, it's, what is important, is this this area here, which, will create it by, this kind, of channels, yes a red one and the green one, just, a small reversal, here and this will grow so here also. So Trey Smith here is. Is one which creates here some kind of resistance, area so if I'm gonna show you now this and the video and. You. See here the scenario, you, see the Sumerians, as it's this one yes and we. Are talking, about this, scenario here. Yes, this scenario, this candle, and this candle, are those two Leah yes. We, have a downtrend, which started, here this. Candle yes because we touched here some, kind of people, in action level or resistance, area I don't know what it was yes but, this. Was an omission, of an, upcoming downtrend. Yes, because of, it. Doesn't, continue yes, and then this comes a green candle, here yes and we are going away from the two pointing a peg and then, it's coming the red candle, which close, below. This, lever here yes it's closed below this level and that, this is now a new resistance area, is just two weeks equate, in a new resistance, area, and, I will show you this now and. You could enter immediately. Into a foot after some spell kind of. So. You see I will do play now so. We, are switching the end you see we, have this scenario, and it's going down now yes it's going down and. I enter into the straight but you could enter immediately into, straight and you see I entered, into the straight because this, kind of area, will act and you see it act like a resistance. Area, yes, and that's the reason why this will, work out obviously. I have not taken, care about. Exploration. Time the exploration, time was too. Early but, you see here that this. Candlestick, worked, out yes it would. Work out also, if you enter immediately, because, the closing, price of this, candle, is below, the, two weeks of this two candles, here which creates the resistance, area yes, enter. And that. Is why, is this an, immunity, and and you see it's not looking, it's, not looking like this one what I have shown in. The in the e-book but, as it is an. Important, part that you have to understand, the concept, that, those two weeks ik waiting a resistant area because this broke through this area and then you can enter immediately.

Into A put because, this area will act as resistance for, the next candle and that's the reason why this world out here and, that. Is the, first example what I try to show you and, after. This I wanna show. You another, one. So. This, was this one, and. You see how, this area, here worked, as resistance. This you see this week here it, got rejected from, this area, and it's gone down yes that, is why it worked because, you see here first, it was resistance, then. It broke through this resistance. Here it broke through this level and, you see this two bigs created, the resistance, it broke through this rather it. Was broken then this resistance. Here worked as support. Yes, and after, this support, was broken, by this candle, its end again, like, a resistance, and that is the principle of polarity and. Of. Supply, and demand and this is when. You, do those strains they, are always, good because. You, have used, support, and resistance, for, your trade and obviously this kind of loops also life and, it. Was already in some kind of reverse so let me see if I can show you another example this was a nice one because here. You have seen that it could look also different. From those one you see this is what I'm showing you here as images. Yes but the reality, is always looking different, so I will look. For another example to show you this, okay. I'm back, again so, the next example this one what we have seen already and. This. Is this, one here it looks, like this. One, he again yes this what were we know as as. As. Evening. Star yes. Create an evening star, I have shown you already I, think and the last video three or four times this kind, of scenario this, is one really, one really pop it up I use. This really often and. I'm going to show you now this. Kind of scenario, you have to mind, how it works yes we have an uptrend, yes, and by. The way I can show you also too in this crater because. You can see here for, example here. Is also, so, weak as first of all this is a video and you see first of all you see is this kind of scenario yeah, yes, this. Is this one yeah we have the uptrend then, we get here a green candle, a red, candle this. Two candles, are creating, here some kind of support area and, this, candle, breaks through the support, area yes, and then the next candle, would be an int in. The money and you can enter also, immediately, because the distance, between, the. Bussiness, because. The twist distance, between this, kind of optos, in price and this area which was created, by those two candidates, is closed, and you see how this candle, here is, reacting.

On This. Kind of area, and that is why it's works yes you see another the, visa versa yes the other side of this trade. So the. First of all it was this straight yes and now we have this plane and now. I'm going to show you that what I want to show you and that was this great here I again and. Let's. See if I can, show you a this again so you get a feeling. And to understand, how it's. Look like so this candlestick, for example I have to show you this and, this chemistry, is showing some. Kind of huge, huge, and. Great. By, a pressure yes, this, is what but we have here you see here this grey line. This. Is a round number this, round numbers, this whole, number, round number call it like we want is here and exist, X like, the resistance, so, like I have shown you here in this ebook yes. You have here this resistance, and this is what the round number, is about, yet and and. I told you important, is the distance, between the, resistance, area and, the, crossing. Of this doji I will do play and then you will understand, what I'm meaning, so. You see here it's a doji, which we're creating, now as I'm drawing I try to draw something if you were not you never to, understand, if we are going higher, or not yes, and you see it's got a crossing, there so we get the doji, you, got the doji so, I, did now would be already, a point yes to get into, that put but, I was earned, I was, busy by drawing this people not she never and I didn't absent but this is such an area you see how this week is, crossing, the round number this, week is crossing, the whole wrong number, and stop the buff on the same rebel like, I have explained, here in this ebook here so see this week here this. Week and. This week here are closing. To the resistances. And upgrading, some kind of resistance, area yes, and that is what this is about yes, they, are creating, here a resistant, area but, the round number, is closer so. You could to immediately. Here on this trade immediately, put, because this, kind of area will create such. A strong, resistance area, that, it would grow it will go Pete go down stop let see and. The immediately without any rejection, you will see I don't have rated, for rejection price, twice again, to go up but, was not able to this because, we have here a strong resistance created yet and, that's the reason why this foot, will work out at the end, because. Of. This. Kind I don't know what I changed maybe from when, I had to stretch in English so, and, you see it, twice again, to go up but this area is a resistant, area and that's a reason why is end it's going to shoot down because. This. Tears they have created a, strong. Resistant. Area and that is the concept behind this and if, you see some kind of so setup, you, or that, you can enter immediately. All you wait for a rejection. That. You can you. Can also wait for a rejection, because. If, you have the rejection, and I explained, to you, have twenty, twenty. Percent. More, of. Your success, rate because the rejection, is always good to have yes, but. Because. Here, you could do this because of distance from this area, to this doji. Crossing. Doji is a little, bit far more, of more far so you could wait also for rejection but this is the concept behind this and, that is what I tried to explain you so, let, me see if I can this was also, three. Months ago four. Months ago maybe three or four months ago so, okay I would say this would be enough at the video will be too long and no one will watch it so I would say if you like this video do a write if you didn't subscribe subscribe. Get this email practice, those trading. Setups. Understand. The concept, which I have explained, that, I'll maybe fifty five pages of price. Action stuff in the e-book get, this ebook study it yes, there's. Everything. Explained. What you need to get profit out of the market I wish. I had some kind of ebooks, when I have started this that's is the reason why I have done this and so I hope.

You. Will use it wisely and. Practice. It study, and and. I, will say if you like this video to a like it, who didn't subscribe subscribe, obviously, and if you have something to say any comment, let me the comment, I'm happy when, I can answer your questions so I would say stay safe and bye bye.

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