Price Action: How to predict next candlestick w/ support and resistance and price action trading

 Price Action: How to predict next candlestick w/ support and resistance and price action trading

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Okay. Hi. Traders here's a new video, oh yes, its weak and yes and it's, study time and I'm gonna show you all today a new. Mind-blowing. Video, and, this. Video today is really mind-blowing because, it will show you how, simple it. Can be to, make, profit, on the market, by. Only understanding. A few concepts. I can, only say those videos. Which I'm doing here, ah, Ronnie. Making. Machines, if, you know how to apply, that there, are how to protect. Neck server the next candlestick. Video which I have done two weeks ago, about. The trend continuation. Is, really. Dopiest. It's a money-making, machine if, you know how to apply, it but to, apply this you, need to understand, how it's looking and that, it explains, in the blood price action bible because you need some basic, knowledge it's. Not like those kind of YouTube videos where they are showing you the, shtetl strategies, like, for example you, have to wait to cook so in a crossing and when you see the in a cross it and you have the stochastic bla bla bla no it's not something like this we, are talking about price, action training, how. To predict, the next candle, based on price action training, with, those concepts, and I'm telling, you those, kinds, of stuff which I'm giving you here it's, really. Dope and nobody. Is giving this for free those things which I'm showing you they. Are telling you that other secrets. Yes and I tell you something in training, there are no secrets, yes there are no Street trades because. At the end all you know lose your, stuff or you don't know your stuff so easy it is this and those, one who are telling you that there are secrets, that Ania, so, easy they are lying and that. Only, to make profit out of you when. I'm giving you the, way how, you make profit, on your own because, each and every video each, and every, page of my ebook it's, about price action Bible is a, money-making, machine, you. Lose this you apply this and, you will make money and that is guaranteed and, if, you are not able to do this then there is missing, something, you have missing, maybe some some, missing of knowledge. Because you don't understand, that everything is working together and I will show you today also, that. What I'm giving you today and. That is how to predict, the next candlestick. With. Support, and resistance, and price. Action trading. Advanced. Techniques, I show, you today. How, to trade, support. And resistance. Like. A pro. With. This what I'm giving you here, this. Is an arsenal, of weapons. To. Make money, to own the market you have to understand, that it's like a game like a, role-playing. Game you. Have four elementals, verse one, water. Water. Air and earth. Earth, water, and fire, so. You have this four elementals, so, if you are in a role-playing game what do you have as a mo you. Have an ammo with, fire, resistance. With, water, resistance, and so, on and so on so when you are fighting against, a boss yes. I'm up so, see Tagget game yes and you. Fighting against a boss and this, boss is a fire boss yes it's a it's a fire mop, so, do your gonna fight it with fire no.

Obviously. Not and that is what the market is you, cannot, fight the market, as, you cannot be profitable. If you are using only one. Of those, I, would, say concepts, you need all concepts. Yes. To, adapt, to the market because the market is changing every. Time yes, from, ranging, it's growing and trending, from trading it's going or doing. Haitian area yes, and so, in this case yes and sometimes. There, is also low volume markets as high volume market yes there, is a that's, everything. Yes and so you have to have an arsenal and I am giving, you this asana to fight against, the market to make profit, each, of every, my videos they like they just especially. The latest one yes they, are really, dope, I'm, giving, you this information for, free as US are, telling, you that, that our secrets, others. Want money for this information. Yes. And I, am giving you this for free because I can do this I'm a pro, trader you see this on the right upper. Corner I'm given. Yes. About that what other thing and don't, care about what. To say I want to make money with yes I don't care about this I'm giving you this information because, my, mission is to educate you. All I want, to educate you, all and that, I won't prevent you to be as good to be scared yes yesterday, I got an email from somebody he's called and his email was called, Steve, Jobs, yes. The jobs get get out of the grave and he sent. Me an email he bought my bought, price action guide and, he. Never receives, us this. Bought, price action guide and he was complaining. And. Blaming me and I, told, him that he never bought it from me when, you are buying my, stuff from, somebody, else yes. Then. It's, clearly, easy to get scammed you get scared and it's very very. Lot. Of access, and all of the, minutes so, don't do this yes if you want my. Products, but price action buys the Holy Grail, yes, then, you have to contact me or you, buy it from the description, in the description link, then, get it there but, don't buy it from anybody, they will scan you with my products, and then, you come complaining, that at me if I would have a necessary, tool, to, scan you with $10, it's really, this I'm giving, away, they $10, again yes, so. If you want to get to $10, this week. You. Have to comment, below this video so I will give you a really an answer winner, next, week so comment below this video if you wanted that's a chance to get $10, again because I'm giving away the, whole year every, week 10 Donna yes, I'm giving I don't, care about the $10, I would never scare I've sent, him all to the emails that I will send him immediately. The. E-book, if. He can show me that he had bought it from, me if it bought it from somebody else I cannot, help him that's because it's not my fault man I will not pay for, your mistakes, when you are going somewhere else buying, my, stuff that, is not mine that is not good I told, you like us last week about the commas toughest I'm trying everything to, sleep, at night very, well and I can't sleep really well every, night because I'm doing good sexier every, time all the time educating.

You For free giving, you the information where. Other people, are asking, you questions or money for I tell, you something, there are people who, are trying to teach you a lot to trade in one, week with. One hours, a day so. There are seven hours a day how, do you ever want, wanna learn trading, in one week it's impossible. That a, scam, us I can, tell you nothing else don't believe those guys they are asking your money those. Information, which they are giving you you, get from me for free you. Get this information for, free that, what they are calling secrets, that what they are calling chemists in psychology, that they are they are calling how to predict, the next candlestick, you get this information, for, me for free because, that is not the way you have to do this yes. So don't fair, fall, in this trap yes, you have already enough to do it code to fight against the market and the, broker itself, yes with max with. Low. Volume markets, where the big boys ah who are. Destroying. And. Any kind of holistic, psychology, so at the end don't waste your money on those guys who are telling you that you will learn training. And one. Week one, with one hour lessons that is not. That yes that is not the reality they. Are only scamming. You and especially, those, one who are showing you especially. Those, one who, are showing you compounding. Trace no. Good, trader, would do ever compounding. Trades why because. When you lose only, one and everything. Can happen, that's. Because market, is random, yes, also if it sometime looks like this it would be not random, when I show you my trades market. Is random, yes, and that means every, time can happen some kind of out of the money more, you trade more. Will. Your win ratio, reduced. So, easy it is yes and that is and and. Only. One. Thing can prevent to you a good, money, management, plan. Yes, and, only that and not compounding. Trades compounding, traits is something what are doing and us yes, then, you can also start with Martin dealing and then you will see where you ending up yes because if you risk your money and you can lose everything on one trade that is, not, that what, what. A good trader is doing this is only affiliate. Marketing. I cannot say it another way yes those ones who are doing compounding, traits are, trying, to, suggest. You, the. Rich, rich. Get rich scheme yes and don't believe them yes don't believe them don't follow their tracks yes, because, nobody, was a little bit of brain would. Do ever compounding. Traces, that, are doing those ones who are gamblers, we, are not Candice we are trade us yes, and trade us and this is what I'd love you for yes that is why I'm doing this kind of videos because, I know my, audience, my, few subscribers, those. One who are commenting those, one who are liking, my videos, you, are the. Real real. Deal. You are those one. De Loup you, are the lucky ones who get educated. By, a pro trader who, knows what he's talking about I'm doing, this already two years yes. I know what, I'm talking, about I'm a professional, I you'll fight me in the leaderboard, all the, time yes, you can find me there and you, know this I know what, I'm talking so don't fall, in this kind of track of this affiliate, marketers, when you are hearing.

Yes. Some kind of ships in the background, or other. Noises then, you know he is living in some kind of a small. Town yes. And he, never get out of it so at the end don't fall in this kind of trap there are so many who are trying to, do. This kind of stuff and there, are. Yes. We are showing how they trade they are showing their winning winning, trades, don't, believe, them yes that it's no easy to money predict, everything, don't believe, them really, that is what I can tell you so today's, video and now we are going to start because I have for today a really. Big agenda, I have, to explain so many things because today, I gonna show you the advanced techniques, how you can, improve your arsenal. Your weapon S&L, to fight against a market to make profit, yes, and today it's really something what is really, on my heart because, so. Many are asking me how to trade, properly, support, and resistance, and I can you tell you only one thing those. One who are trading, naked. Shot that. Is really complicated, to be honest you have to be really. You have to educate much, more time didn't. Get much more time but I gonna show you it's, not only based on emails and burning, a bank yes you can do this also on naked chat everything, what, I'm going to tell you can be done on naked shot yes but, we, are talking here about having. A national, having, a lot, of, opportunities. Yes and so you can choose the right opportunity, for you because when you are trading on naked short you get only a few. Opportunities. And mostly, you don't need and you don't see, yes what mark is going look at this this, fake. Breakout here this pullback, from the 100, ma what you see this on naked chat obviously. Not you don't see this, so what all you do want to know that this is the end of a trend - don't know this but, when you see the 100, ma you, see this, that. Is what, I'm going to explain here, so okay so. Today's. Video, will. Be about listen. Carefully, how, to put, it next candlestick with. Support, and resistance, and price, action trading, advanced. Techniques, and today you will be, really, it will be really mind below in, mind-blowing. Because you will see how easy it is to. Make your trades because, I have a lot of students, who, are really. Yes. Sometimes. They do not know how to trade and they, are not trading, properly, and I, will show you this today so okay before we gonna start I. Wanna. Announce. Because I have to do this immediately, at the beginning, before I'm gonna start the. Winner of the. Last week. But. Price, action money, for. Specific, but, price, money. I support, price money and, I have to do this today immediately. Because. Last week I have done a mistake I have, given. At the end I have seen this mistake and I have provided to right my right. All our people the right man the right, way that is the money yes, but, I today I don't want, to do this mistake again and so that's the reason why I'm gonna gonna do this, immediately, so, let, me see so, first. Of all here we have the, video yes. Here I have already loaded all. All. The, comments, yes till, now so and, now we are going to start here yes, and I will make. Here find, and then I searched for the goal yes. And we have already the first one, first one went. 124. So. 124. Yes, it's a number so let's see who has won this, bought price X money today as price action money know this what price, today. 124. And. Let's. See. Okay. Number. 70. Okay. Number 70, and now I don't want to make a mistake, if. You want to win the next week, the money so. Put, a comment, below this, video now. Yes and who will be participating. Next. Week, on Saturday, I will, announce, the winner so, I have to name this. One which, is, green. Okay this green one not, the. Other ones because I have always made the other ones yes, so let me see number, 70, we, are number 40. 52. So. 60, and now we are getting close, who, is the winner who. Is the winner who's the winner, let me see let. Me see let, me see yeah, they are coming close, suck. Game are you I've not this one yes but this. One here it's. Branwell. Wet. Tindy yes. Man, you would have won it then you, made it yes, here Bronwen. Let. Me write this down, so, I will contact, you, yes. Bramwell. Yes. You did, it today, so. Nice, that was this one so if you want to win the next week, on Saturday, will be announced the next without office about prize money so, comment below this video don't, forget it so, and yes.

And To have won this $10, you I will contact you so, okay that is this one so, the next one, will. Be the, candlestick, analysis, of this, chart, here so, that I can show you those kind of concepts, which, I'm showing you every, day. Every. Week when, I'm doing these videos how. To predict, the next Candace thing and I tell you about how this next candlestick, will be the, next candlestick. You. Can prove it on Monday because this is London session the. Notice is New York station the evening, session New York session and you can see this on Monday, on Monday, you, can see this the, next candle, yes, and that, is with, over. 90. Percent. Probability. Yes, or. 90, percent probability that. The next candle, which, will appear will, be a week, it's. Important, week. Bearish. One it will be a week Buist. One and I tell you now exactly. Why. We. Have a reversal, pullback here a pullback, from the 100, EMA okay, so. That is engulfed, in candle. Record. A rejection, a retracement, from. The key level we, have ranging, market, after. The retracement, of the, kill Ella yes, what do we get, a trend. Continuation. That is the reason so we have here look at this we. Have fear support, and resistance level yes here the Bollinger Band is showing it one two three four five five minutes. Support and resistance level this. Week here is showing selling pressure please, watch, those, pages from, the Bott price action violet there is explained, those, kind of details that, you get, together you see we are working with. Set pullback, whilst, the candlestick, pattern whistle, reversal, yes miss, trend. Continuation, where's the retracement and all, these concepts, together support. And resistance, yes, get. Down, didn't. Cross it with, determination yes. You. Get the next candle will be a fake record of the support and resistance level, and the Greek bearish, candle, which will get rejected from, the to, deviation, a to. Deviation, lower boiling event, for, sure because we have ranging, market and in ranging, market, what happens, in market, the reversal, will happen attitude, deviation, boiling a bank to deviation boiling a banks there will happen the reversal, first, reverse let's a to deviation, second, reverse led to one deviation, yes that is that what I'm telling you over and over, again you, have only to understand, the market condition, so that is this one next, on. Monday the, first candle, which appears is a week bearish, candle I have explained this here really, pretty pretty, pretty. Good and I have to say yes, I get, this image almost there are people who are making money with this but, this is not an investment advice I have to remember you this yet I'm telling, you only how, this analysis, are working, so, but there are people who are making money with it because they are bending them on this first candle and then they are making money I got a lot of ready-made, sexual, image as of those people, who are betting not. Tell. You more about this okay. That. Is this one yes and now before, we are going to start I have. To make those, four. Products. Which, I'm offering. You and, I have to say that they are really dope yes and let. Me go to through, it yes here Brad well congratulation. To get the money if you want this money to get, a comment, below my video yes. And then, you will participating. Too so we have Subodh price action guide the. Bot price action guides are all these illustrations you'll, find a link in the description, I will not say much more if you want more information about about price action guide you can find this in the description of this product.

Or Even, on them, or, even on. The other videos because I talking too much about three boxes and I'm sick of it yes and I always. When I'm aiming it I get always the same questions, yes so. If, we try to do this as short as possible because, I have to explain, you something is much more important, than this so, again what, price action like you finds us in the description, that, is our that our only illustrations. That, is additional. To the videos so, you. Have to learn all, those. Things which are explained, in the Bott price section guide are, also included. In the bot price action binder you don't, need both, if. You get the boat price action moment, you don't need any boys a bot blah blah. Blah ah yes the bud price action guide because, the but price action guide is included in the mud price action Bible, the bot priceless rabbit, has. Yes. Yes. Explanations. And illustrations. You'll find a link in the description I have to say there, is spare no, translation. Yes, because I get question do you have some bot price action guide the. Bible in Portuguese, no do you have it in Spanish no do you have it in Italy not Italian no I don't have it at the moment I have already a few of my students. Which, are willing, to translate, it but, I have to create still the platform, to, execute, this as soon, there will be a translation. Of this bot price I will let it know you but, this will take a lot of time because I'm still, reviewing, the but price action Bible I'm working. On the. New yes. Or you want and so, it will take a lot of time, till I can, provide you with the translations. Always, a noob with a new ebook yes, because at the end also ends a new edition it will take so much time so don't wait for it yes because it, will take so much time I am so busy with, so many things that I cannot know how to end it I need some kind of time, out maybe, one lines or something and then I will tell produces, but it will take so much time so don't wait for it yes. Try, to get this kind of stuff as long as to a portal as possible, because maybe, also I, will. Leave, this, ebooks, away, yes that means I will. Eliminate. Them, because I'm sick, of this, copyright, infringement. Yes on all this kind of stuff handling. They, are you stealing oath only, my time and I'm, sick, of this yes because I'm getting only, only, those, of emails I have to, do. So much stuff about this and that was really really too much for me and I don't want it I want to have my life. What I had before, when I was doing my tricks and that was, completely. Kind so. Okay so again if you want this you can still get it you'll find a link in the description it's, about price action Bible, this, Bible, is, the Holy Grail there's explained exactly each and every kind of stuff that's important. Is that you understand, and that just want this problem is because there are two hundred seventy. Five pages. To. Translate. 275. Pages will, take so much time so. Much time, you don't understand, how much time this will take I need, an Amy as I, need an army to get this translated in all languages, yes, and then there to find people who are willing to do this I have found somebody if you want to help translating. This mod price action Bible contact, me with, the, subject, translator. Yes, and I will, put, you on the list for those one who want to translate and what, price action pilot so I can, I. Can, when we are going to start to translate the Bible I, will. Contact you so again there's, explain everything critera, we are part and psychology, support and resistance, and rapport and you will see, today. In, this video how important, those kind of stuff which I had explained in the Bott price action Bible is it's, not I try, to say it's not that this English, is such kind of complete complicated, the English is really, simple and everybody. Can understand, it yes it is really easy yes you have only to have some, kind of long as you know you should know what the pattern, is you should know what the trend. Is you should know how, you have to find two entry point yes that are so, easy that you can put this also in the translator, I can put this into a translator, yes. And then, I can give you this ebook. In this kind of language language, but, I want to provide you a good good. Stuff that means I need some kind with, a mother language yes to do so if you want provide, this yes you can do this the same is valid for the sub subtitles.

Faucet For the Beados if you want to provide subtitles you'll, find a link in the description where. You can provide. Subtitles. In your mother, language you, choose only auto translate, and then, much my videos will be translated, in your mother language so. That other people can, see, the, subtitles for the for the cases they do not understand, this so the. Pot price action by the with, all the information if. You have the boat price action pilot, you. Are able to make money already yes that, is like a tour to every. Page here, is a money-making machine, like. Every, video which I'm doing is a money-making, machine you, can do, this immediately, you. Investment. In your, knowledge in yourself, don't, give, money to somebody else, invest, in yourself by, getting the, bought price action by but that is the best thing what you could do if I would have the, but price environment, if I would have had the, bought price action Bible, where I was, starting, with binary options I would, at least saved. Two, years of drifting. Around and, losing. Money. Because. The boat price action Bible, is exactly, that what everybody. Needs, who is going to start binary. Options ethics. Options forex, digital. Options or stock exchange it doesn't matter if it's any instructor change yes it doesn't matter what kind of timeframe five, minutes 10 minutes 50, minutes one hour what, it doesn't matter yes and the same thing it doesn't matter what kind of broker because, that, is working, everywhere. That is what, price action is both, price x environment, the holy grail get, it if you don't have it yes and because, this, will change, your trading and if, you are studying it I promise. You your trading will, become, better, but you have to dedicate time, because, you have to practice, or scream things over. And over again because, no mass, that is falling from the sky, yes you have to practice, so, the. Blood price action Bible is, already. Something, that what to read for sure yes, you need this for sure if you don't want to lose much more money if you want to understand, those things how, the market, is working but. Who's. The blood price action Bible in conjunction, with the video packs that. Are really. Dope that, is Magic, Z is also, money-making. Machine and. The. Thing is this wizard. Blood price action Bible you need to study the theory yes the series explains, there but, mr. bean your pegs you, get, the, practice. Of those. Kind of things on real chart from, my students, my students, have done trades I have, expect, exactly and this, kind of videos are making. You profitable, I have, released yesterday.

Again. Five, of my students all of the bots mentorship, program, there, are now four full-time, and part-time full-time, but, I'm consistently, profitable traders, I'm so, happy that is what I'm doing here that is what makes me proud when. I change, life, in a better way people, become, better, trader people. Are making, to, get financial, free, people. Are getting, an extra, income, in, countries. Where no money is yes, that is a, sad thing as there's no money and I making. Them, financial. Suite with, my, video. Packed one yes. Video pick to read, a picture a video before we do pick one for the beginner video pick two for the many ones will pick three for the advanced, ones. And video pick four for the nearly pro in, conjunction, with the bought price action Bible, and those, one who. Want to accelerate, everything. And who. Do not get the point, yes, of through. The video pegs and the. Bought price action Bible those, one can join yes, and the video packs you can find in the description, for. My information, because, I get this question always, yes you find the link in the description, and if you need another payment option because your debit. Card will be denied midnight, yes and declined that, can happen because it, looks about this kind of, this. Kind of payment system so they, handle this yes and they, tried. Something you can contact me via email we. Will find some other way how you can get your pet order what price action violet contact me yes, and right in the title, what microchip, programs have study module video pick one two three or four that's, all but, what, price action Bible that's so that I know this because I get 200 emails every, day or more, yes, and I have to go through that and if I see the title immediately, I know exactly, what's, about yes, and so I can handle this much faster so you get your response much, faster, yes because. When. You get 200 emails you know I'm working, all the time only to to, work on this image so okay and a part, of this so okay the, video picks you can find it in the description I will do the short the blood price action Bible you can find in the description the, conjunction, of what price action Bible and those, explanations of, the video pack yes that, are dope, that are magic set a money-making machine really and, you. Will see immediately, and I promise, you I promise you, you, will see immediately. And. Dramatically. Change, in, your winning ratio your. Winning ratio will. Get. Dramatically. Increasing. Its increasing dramatically. Yes because those. Things together, has. A theory, and the, Praxis together. Put, together boom. Okay, understand. That is this one so and then for those one who want to accelerate, everything, who, are, want. To get mentored, it by me you I feel listen you have heard this I have, released, yesterday again, types to that I'm releasing every, week five, students, seven, students six, students yes three-fourths. To assess those, one who. Gets through the Bott mentorship, program who become, Swilly. Successful. Consistently. Profitable, five full-time, and part-time trader, yes but I don't. Get, each, and every, student you have to go through, the application, process. Earlier. You start with the application process, yes. And better. You get through the application process the, less will. Be the fee for, the bot mentorship, program and you see it's a four week crash course yes it's not a one week one hour stuff, like, some others are doing as where they are trying only to scam, you in my opinion because nobody, can teach you with one hour a day yes, with a one hour a day in one, week how to trade, that, is that. Is yes. For mister scanning, and like. I told you also before yes, don't, believe somebody who is doing compounding, to it nobody, no trader which a little bit of brain would, do component, to it and risking. The, profit on, one trade that is not what a pro trader is doing that, are doing those one who are trying to, get satisfied. Those people who believe in the get rich scheme yes, who, are believing, to become, millionaire. Yes by compounding, ten times or something belief, not we do not believe those kind of stuff that is gamma, that a scam us, and. That. And like. I told this also before you get from Mises information, for free don't, waste your money with those kind of guys so okay if you want to join the bottom inertia program you have to, enroll the application, process for the application, process you send you need to send me an email an email, an empty email, to. My email. Address boo - boo twitter at with, the subject, what mentorship, program, that, is what you should do and do some poses fast, as possible, because i will, not, do this for long anymore, i get.

Now, Rid, of my, rich, maybe. The wrong the. Wrong. Word. But I try to get my last members. - students, my, last students who's about mentorship program, and. I will, stop so if you want to get enthused about medicine program you should try to get into. It as soon, as possible. Because I will not do this anymore for, long yes I don't know how this, is the same stuff when I have done this with the e-book I have given you all the ebook for free nobody. Cared then, I had, to take money for the e-book because of the copyright infringement. And the use, 'men that all this kind of stuff and everybody. Was complaining so, don't please don't complain. And don't, blame me when I'm, not offering you any, more about mentorship, program program, because, I'm going, to stop it yes I will not do this forever so try to get into it as fast, as possible I, I, try, to, finish. My last students. Yes and after. This I will stop doing this I'm a professional, trader, I'm doing this only to, get both, mentors, yes, who are doing, this kind someday. For me because I want my free time yes that, is what the trader what, the pro trader is a trade pro trader can choose, and do whatever he wants when, he wants and and. That is what, what, makes the difference between. Yes. The free time yes you can do whatever I wanted I want my free time back and that's, a reason why I'm stopping. This kind of boat mentorship program yes, as. Soon I have complete. My, last students. So try to, get into it send me an email with. The subject what, mentorship, program Pro plan has to my email, address butovo twitter at and, as you find the email also, in the description, so again is about price action bible in the description, that, is an investment, in yourself don't, give, money to somebody else, don't, biases, ebook from somebody, else they, will scan you they I have seen everything yes, I'll check, pages, which were change it yes, affiliate, links, in the e-book which were changes, they are trying to, fool you they are trying to, that in this, industry you can really trust nobody. Yes nobody, and so don't, get, this ebook somebody. Somebody. Everywhere it's yes, and the, same with the beer pet when you pick one possible, inner we do pick two for the medium, ones video picks reporter, advanced, video, peg four for, the nearly.

Pros Don't, get them somewhere else that's ridiculous, toughest, they are selling, the, video pegs and the. E-book for the same price, yes. And do instead. Of getting it from me you get it somewhere else you get scams they do not tell about the product, they, do not remember the original product, I have seen really, change. It a half. Obser videos. All. Of this kind of stuff so don't do, this that, is much you will the. Problem is not only that you are wasting, the money with a product which is not read not, original, the problem is you will learn strong sinks when, cost in this ebooks are explains. The things different, because. They want to get to affiliate, money that, what all other people, are doing in this industry there, you cannot believe anybody, so okay that, was this one so and now we are going through the topic because that, is what this video is about, yes. And this topically is how, to predict, the next candlestick. Hole predict XK mystic with support and resistance, and price action partner trading. And in. Advanced techniques so let me see what I have provided, and. What I have done for you but before I gonna do this again you find all this kind of things in the description, also. The. Question, which I get always how. And what are the bot settings, for the bot indicator, yes the EMAs, and the Bollinger Bands, you'll. Find them in the description yes. I cannot, say this often enough because I get. These questions over, and over again, yes, I get it over, and over again I will maybe get this question also today, I don't know yes, but. You'll find everything, in description, you need only to, click below and open. The description and then, you will get it so the. Same thing, valid, for them for. The community page you, can get really. Good insight, and behind-the-scenes. Stuff from. My, community. Page on your plan YouTube channel, oh my you determine, say is the community, next, to the store yes let me see the store I have, not seen this yeah he said um hi my, shirt see I see the bot number one the bot number two and then this this, is really nice yeah I don't care if you like me yes, okay, yes. So, I didn't solve this there are some mother other ones yes, that's. All so nice he is lucky training, shirt do not wash is, really. Funny okay. Get. Them when you want them but the, community, page is that most important this here, I'm posting, all the informations. Behind. Yes. Behind Bhutto traitor here, I giving you a lot of information last, week about it legs here, I'm, giving you all to the bunny management, tools yes because I'm getting this question often here, also the video how to use the manometric Funes, and so, what's. The community, page it's really important, that you get sometimes there, you get the background informations. Which will help. You which, also improve your training, study. Material, yes I'm giving a informations. Here look at this we have here the. Study material, from students, which I was giving away so, in this case try, to. Watch. It take, a look here also copyright infringement. Here are people who are giving, my, information. And they are telling that the zr1 copyright. From, that guy that, is really ridiculous, yes that, is my, ebook, and they are doing, if it would be there there there were of you understand, what I mean yes that is what I'm telling you that is what I what makes me upset, yes, whenever I'm thinking, that I'm sick of continuing. Yes because people are only. Appropriating. And trying. To gain profit, out, of source, work whatever our other has done and then, providing, also bad information because, they are not the original author, as, they are not those one where creditors that are, my, stuff yes, and I do. Every, week, mind-blowing, videos. With this kind of informations. Yes because I know this, itit's, from my experience. I have done this yes I have traded like you I was, starting. Like you yes I have started with a supernova. Strategy. Yes, unlike you option and I have lost my money so. I'm I'm one of you and so in this case I know what, you are going through I know what. To have goes and that's a reason why I can only, suggest. You, from my heart the bought price action Bible in conjunction. With a video, pack they, will, change your, training yes, you will, become a good trainer, and if, you are not. Getting. To the edge and becoming. Consistently, profitable, you, have still the possibility, to join the bot mentorship, program proplem. Yes, and, by. A selling, mean empty email, to my email address both over trader at With. The subject, bought mentorship, programs. So ok that was this one and now we are going into the topic one second I have to glean something. Ok. So. What. Do I have prepared, for you today yes.

And That, is this one that's a really amazing, yes. That is how to predict, the next candlestick, with, support and resistant and. It. Looks a little, bit I would, say it looks really, easy yes. But. It's not so easy because as everybody, would make money so, you have to get the, point, and I, will try to explain, this like I have done as always so, those things which you need to. Understand, is that. What, I have explained, in the Bott price actual Bible on page. 26. And 27, so. That is, really. The, most one of the most important. Pages. Of the e-book of support twice actual Bible and also of the but. It. Was about protection, Bible in, general yes and also when you are able, to the video says. So. Look at. How, the boarding events, are. Acting, the boiling events are giving, you a map they, are telling you where, price is in, relation, to the, market if, you don't have someone in events you don't know if you are in overbought, and oversold area. You, can use the hours I can use the. Stochastic but, that are not like the bowling event because, the multipolar, bowling event has a multi-use, you, can say use a bond in a bank as support. And resistance you. Can use the boiling events to understand, the volatility of the market you, can understand. Based. On the boiling, event if you have a trend you can see regular, a ranging market you, can see when you have a constriction, yes, or when, you have a consolidation, area that, everything. Is given. To you thanks. To the bonding up banks, the Bollinger Bands are a, great tool, to understand. Where, the price is in, relation, to the market it's like a expenses. Before, when. You, are on the ocean you. Have no, medication. Tool you, are drifting, everywhere. That, means you need to wait till. You get a hint and that. Takes time but. When you have the Bollinger Bands, you see immediately. Where, you are what. Will happen next when. You're gonna touch the, enraging market the to deviation, boiling about or the one day be a shinbone event let, us stop which, I have provided, one yet, go, one. Year go ahead provided, this kind of stuff and this, kind of stuff is really dope, and that. Is explained. In the Bott price action by that more in detail so. Then the next one is this one because, we use this indicators, because, there is a science, behind it, this, sense is explained, when I'm showing you here. So. Overboard, area because it's going in range in mark and ball in a squeeze. Consolidation. Area, overboard. Area pullback, from the email, we are using them this is price action nobody, can tell you know who, is not using the EMAs who's. Not using the boiling a bag in training, is blind. He's. Blind, you cannot tell me that anybody can. Create profitable. Yes. So, easy yes. Without, the e base and without the boring event you are blind, because you don't know where the trend will stop. So. And well, well, if there will be a trend continuation, or where the price is in relation, to the market there, is no. One who can tell you this when, he's not trading with the MS and with the boiling event and those, one who are telling you that. It's over complicating. Everything I, have, only to say yes, lose your money just lose your money if it's too complicated for you gonna lose your money because you will not understand, anything so. Ok again so, the emails we are using them so, please make, sure that you understand, what they are telling you here, I've let this ranging. Market, yes you have to trade at the edges, that means more. Far, away it is from the EMA, much, higher as a probability, that's, a trend will reverse, that is where the trend is going to end, yes, more. Closer, they, are our to the EMAs, that, means that is where the trend is going to start so easy that is, East, easy peasy stuffiness. And I don't know why so many are not understanding, this please, get, this eBook what. Price action Bibles this pages, yes about the EMAs, the. 126. And the. 127. And that, is the first year the, second, year is, this stuff which I have explained, on the page, 110. 120. That is this one today how. To draw, a support, and resistance. Based. On, candlestick. Patterns part 1 and part 2. Yes so. Those two are dope, because, today, I gonna show you how, you can, do, this, kind of stuff the, time, this. Kind of stuff on. Market. And trading. And trading. Like, a pro sorry. Trading. Like a pro yes. This, kind of support and resistance this is explained, in the Bott price extreme by the tool yes. How to draw, support and resistance, line based on chemistry pattern you see how everything, is working together and, then, obviously, when, we are going to talk about support and resistance. This. Kind of stuff train, identification. How to trade the momentum, trade how to identify the trend how, to identify. Reversal. How, to identify. Ranging. Yes, it is important, if you don't know this you. Can close. A book and you can go work somewhere, else yes, that, is basic. Stuff that is one of the many, gears which, you need to understand. To make, the machine the money machine, working, yes, so, 105. 106. Major. And minor support and resistance level yes I don't need to say much more so.

107. How, to trade force breakout, because false, records will happen always but. You have to understand, how it works. 108. Change. Of polarity I see. Often students. I see often traders, who, are training support. And resistance, but, they do not understand. The change of polarity they, do not even wait for, a change of polarity they. Are training, them if there, would be always, a change, of polarity that's, not the case and that is why they got out of the money but today I'm going to show you an easy, way a really, easy way how to trade, support, and resistance, like a pro where, other are calling. It a secret technique but, I will show uses and it's not secret because, on trainings, there are no secrets, if there are no secrets, if they are talking about secret say I want only your money so. You see here nice call option on support in an uptrend nice. Put. Option on resistance, in a downtrend. So zet 8 so, now we are going. Into, the topic of today and, this, will be mind-blowing I have, prepared, this already for you and, yes. That, is a page yes so how. To predict, next candlestick, with support and resistance, price action trading yes. And, chemistry psychology obviously, but the didn't fold and then fold in this kind of, last. This. Line, so, what I have prepared, here I have, prepared, here that, what is really, dope what will to change your training immediately. Consistently. You will you will you will you actually increase into, a trading dramatically. Only, by applying this what I'm telling you earlier so. That what, you have to focus about, only. This, six. Reversal. Patterns there, are much more I, have shown you this as a shooting, star there, are the pin bars and all those kind of stuff but don't, do this on the other ones booze is only on this, six, you need only, this six, so. If you. Have. That's. Ranging, market, if, you have ranging, market, if, the. Candlestick, is closing, exactly, on the level and I'm talking about the real bodies, I'm not talking, about the weeks the, weeks I use you can use them also as support and resistance but, it's much more critical, I'm, talking, only about the, real body and that, is what is this that, is selling pressure that, means if the. Candle, here my friend dr. Kaabah if, this camera is showing that this level will be selling, pressure so. Here on this level the same is here on the building wolfing candle here we have selling, pressure here, we have selling. Pressure that. Is what is on the monitor, here we have buying pressure I will show you this on the life chart because the, students, and also my. Subscriber. Asked me to, do this also on live chat and I gonna show you on that chat because I will. Show you exactly, how you can apply this kind of stuff so okay say this buying pressure, buying, pressure, buying pressure, yes we here. By, us entry. Here, comes bias in and they, are stronger. And that, is what supported, resistance, is support. Is where, now by us I am silence so. Resistance, is where are more sellers, than buyers. Here. More, sellers, than buyers. That. Is resistance, more. Buyers, than sellers that. Is support. That is everything. What you need to know now. Now. We. Are talking about how. The kindest. Thing is applying, to the support, and resistance because. I see train us who are training and often. They trade and when, they are training against the support and resistance level, they're, gonna get the break out and then take on and who's the money and they asking me why I did lose this kind of trade I trained it it's a support, level yes, you trade it it's wrong and I will show you today, how, is this work so I have drawn, here a lot of scenarios and I, want to show you these scenarios in.

Life. Child so, let me show you this here. So. That is what I have prepared before so, and, so. The next candle will be a weak village I have expenses, so, let me see I will, show you some some. Special things, yes because I cannot, show you each and every but I want from you I want, from you that to get this, kind of knowledge which I'm giving you yes. And, then set to a prizes. On. The. Past chart see as practice, this kind of stuff because you will see how, this will work and, you, have not to use the mix you, have to use the real body so, let me show you this I will apply this here, so. You see here break. Out of. This. Leather it's before, but you can't see when you go back there, would be most probably another one but it is not important, you see how is it looking he, it looks already but, if, you see this look at this, yes. Here, we see this you draw a line here, then. And that is what I'm taking you need a lot of arm, a, lot often as, weapon, S&L to trade each and every chemist ik or nearly, each and every second, or third kind of thing so that you came to your trades really fast and get, all of the market so I have drawn this here so, look at this we have here an uptrend. And that is important, where to understand, this we have an uptrend, we got the retracement back, to this level here yes, you'll get only this one through, this level and after, this it continues, to going up so you wait for the retracement you can do here one trade two, trades three, traits immediately. I would maybe not to two traits or sweet treats I would do only two traits or only one trade here let's following, after. The retracement that is this one yes you see here you can use here not one here, you get a nice consolidation. Area where you can do put options, like I have explained and after, this you do here put option, yes again, and then you get a nice candle here too that is this one yes I wanted to show you how, the, closing, price can, be used as support. As two resistance and I will show you this after the soil I have prepared another one there are so many you can take each and every one yes I I have prepared only this one to show you this so, you get this one. So. And then you get here to get this one if you have here far away from the two deviation. And to, cut here already a pullback, and you, are in a downtrend and, it's not a no I'm gonna show you this so, that is what I'm gonna show you here because there are two different types the, first one is this one here that is when, the trend is losing momentum that, is mostly when you have exhaustion. Candidate something. Like this and, you have the upper shadow is going to give too much more, confidence, in the trading because I appreciate you showing your selling pressure then, you can go immediately on, the next candle into a post because this cannot stop exactly on the level, the. Second one is when, you do trend continuation. After the, break of this kind of level you do a train culturally when you have a starting, that means when you have a morning stuff if this candle, is for example part of them engulfing. Candle, if. This candle, is part of a morning star. Then you go after the, break out into, a trend, continuation. Yes you, go into a trend continuation. If you have a key lever below it it's, much better then. You have much more confidence because we have contracts, as, confluence. Of a key level is key lever can be ever seen in a Fibonacci, level, round number, something like this because price, after the breakout will, get the rejection, from it that is what the rejection, is about it, has not to be an exhaustion, candidate, can't be every kind of cancer importance. Only that this level gonna break, through, it, much. Better it breaks that. Better is but at a certain point you, need the retracement that, what I have shown you one, minute ago yes when I showed you the retracement that was a tumor, candle signal transmitted back to P level, and. After a to continue, to going up so, and the last one is when. You get close, below this level yes. Then you have to expect and you get a really kinda, after. It then. You have to expect a reversal, if you have a key level above if, you have no key level above then. You have this case then, you have to get the thread continuation.

And To see here also sometimes. This. Candle which gonna stop exactly. On the level can't. Be a trend continuation. - that, is the same case like this but all is that it stopped at the level because, we are here in an uptrend, that is what's going on here so the official uses here on the chart so we have this candle here which. Is closing exactly. On the level you see, that is what this is is exactly. On the level here we have pull. Back this. Candle, is stopping here but why that this can you continue, to going down because, it's, the beginning of a trend to happier Adam goofing Kendall so, expect, that it continues, so, this kind of support and resistance level. Yes. Based on this, and. Dr., al kaba yes, is working. But, only for, one candle. So you can do still put option, here against an oil call option, it doesn't matter but you should try to get into the straight above or below the closing, price and if, it's stopping it simply, here and you, are in this kind of way where, the price is coming from an uptrend, going into arranging, an adult rent then you do a put okay, you understand, so let me show you another one that it's the easiest way to trade, support, and resistance, and that is really mind-blowing because. This will change the training that will and will. Give you much, more, opportunities. But, you have to understand, then. You, have, to understand, the context, the context, where this happens so let me see another one here. We. Have a monastery, end so. Let me draw this and. We came to take also one which I have not taken here yes so it draws on the wheel but it's important that you draw this on the wheel body, we use the real body we are not using the wigs so. Let me see if we, get this here yes, so in, this case you see this, can is stopping there got the upper, shadow so, you do a put option here, you get a break out of it you, use this, as support, and resistance break. Out so easy yes, you get this here it's, close, take break out and to see this can do the retracement and here, you see the key levers and that's a trend continuation. Okay so, let me show you another, one, and then, we are choosing also, somebody else because at the end it doesn't matter where you put your support and resistance level you can put a line wherever, you want yes, because, it doesn't matter so let me show you this here so. We have this one this. One a go. See here, reverse, say yes. Reverse say yes, listen. So, and after this you see also here, stop. Yes. Continuation. Why it's a continuation, here and not a reversal, it's, a continuation, because the trend started here yes, here we have set what I have explained, here in the but price action Bible, that's, the reason why I'm telling you this all went over again that, what I have explained in the Bott price action Bible, I showed you the highest probability trading. Setups yes you get the reversal, and after. This reduces, the trend is starting so, stay. On the minute ranks that is what I'm trying to tell. You here so, inject, the reason why you have this suppose this scenario, yes, that, the, trade started, this is when the train started see is it as when the break when it's not breaking then, it goes continuing. Because the trend started all you have a key level below that is this one yes here we have a key level below look. At this. But. It didn't go to a rejection from it yes this is a key level below here's a berth. Boarding, event but anyway it's not this one important, is that you understand. That you, use this kind of key level yes, and, inject. To go with the trend when there is a trend and when there is no trend you traits a reversal let me see if I can show you another, one here this, for example is it but the problem is obviously when you get get-ups and kept down it will be in a little bit more complicated yes. So in, this case I want for music to take those one where as the opening, price of the new Catlett is close, to the closing price of the previous Kenya and where, are nearly, no weeks yes because, that are those type of areas where as a setup enter, and us yes and you see here you draw this exactly, and when, price is going to touch this level yes it's a huge exhausting cable then you can do, a put, option yes. You can do a put option blindly, yes. Based, on this be on the market condition, yes, after, a long trend because, that key level will whole thing yes that is what this is it's really easy massing. No secret, other, people, are taking money for this information, yes and you see how it's working here you see yeah, who, draws us on this on the Morningstar important, is that you get the real body yes.

And Then, you draw it and then you see how price, is reacting. To it here, you can do some kind of spy hunting, yes here you can do put options, above, the key level and that is what, explain in the bot price action Bible when I'm talking about when. I'm talking about, the. Entry. Points yes where you should enter let me see where. Do I have scissors there are so many things which I have explained, so I, don't know where this was the entry points here this one yeah above, the key level you have to enter above the key level this one here this is a key level if you want to enter, a pathway or if. You have no, key level close to it and above, the closing prices but, you have to get a better entry point especially when you are trading this, kind of support. And resistance advanced. Techniques, so I think that, was clear you, can watch, it on your on. Your path. Chart, practice. This kind of stuff you will see that, this is really dope that, it will change your training dramatically. Because, this. Is really. Dope and this kind of stuff in conjunction, with those things which, I had explained in the Bott price action Bible, because you need obviously, the background, yes it needs a background information about this and the, video pack 1 are, giving. You all the. Weapons, which you need to make profit. In the market, get them that, will change it's a small, fee which. Will change your training dramatically. And you, will see immediately. Results. You, will see because, you get instant, access. You. Get instant access to. My core knowledge which, I have gained in years of experience, and that stuff, which, I have shown you today it's. Really dope you, will see this yes and I will give you next week another, video, yes, which will again, mind-blowing. But, if, you want to get the what price money don't, forget to comment below this video and so, I would say like, always yes. If, you like this video do, like if, you, didn't subscribe to, my channel subscribe, now to my, channel and if, you have something to say all you want to win the both price money, leave. A comment, put, the comment below yes. And so, I would say like always stay, say. And bye-bye.

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